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Dumber Than the Average Human








For background, the Boston school system had for many years grappled with the problem of how to assign students to Boston’s public schools that could both let children attend one of the few good schools in the system while also finding one close to their homes. They also wanted to ensure that students from poor neighborhoods had the same chance of attending good schools as those from more affluent neighborhoods. The school system was divided into zones where many students were bused far from home but still attended the lower-quality schools. A newly-appointed 27-member committee tried yet again to find a solution but after months of examination and debate became hopelessly entangled in what were largely irrelevancies, and again could find no solution. But a 24-year-old Chinese student named Peng Shi who was in a Ph.D. program at MIT and who was looking for a thesis topic, attended the meetings, asked a few questions and gave them the obvious solution of eliminating their school zones and applying a different model for selection. After some study, the committee voted overwhelmingly to adopt Shi’s model, calling it “a breakthrough moment” for Boston’s school system.


According to an NYT article reporting on the event: “That it took a dispassionate outsider with … no political agenda to formulate the model is a measure of the complexities facing urban school districts today”, but that is a baldly dishonest statement. Yes, it took a ‘dispassionate outsider with no political agenda’ to solve the problem, but the problem was not “a measure of the complexities facing American school districts” but one more indication that (a) creativity, independent thinking, problem-solving and all the other good words do not in fact exist in the US educational system, and (b) adult Americans really are dumber than the average human.


After multiple repeated attempts over many months, the solution was not only not obvious but non-existent, to the 27 adult American “educators” who “lead the world in innovation and critical thinking”. But after only 30 minutes the solution was obvious to Shi, a 24-year-old Chinese kid, a rote-learning robot whose educational system taught him only to memorise and not to think, who knew only how to produce high scores but not to apply any knowledge, someone with no creativity and no imagination. [2] [3]

 经过几个月的多次反复尝试,对于“在创新和批判性思维方面领导世界”的27位美国成人“教育工作者”来说,解决方案不仅不明显,而且根本不存在。但仅仅30分钟后,解决方案对24岁的中国孩子施正荣来说就很明显了。施正荣是一个死记硬背的学习机器人,他的教育系统只教会他记忆,而不去思考,他只知道如何取得高分,却不应用任何知识,一个没有创造力和想象力的人。[ [2]3]

We know all the criticisms. China’s children are taught only to memorise and not to think or question. They are rote-learning robots without capacity for original thought. They know only how to produce high scores but not to think. They have no creativity, no imagination, no concept of innovation. The classes are too large; there is no individual attention paid to students. The entire Chinese educational system is corrupt and failing. But this is all nonsense, yet one more foolish myth propagated by the Americans. There has never been any evidence to document such claims which, like so many others, are fabricated solely on an imaginary moral superiority.


America Leads the World. Or Does it?


The quality of American education, as we will see, is far lower than the world has been led to believe, and the quality in China is in many cases much superior to that in the US. Americans might care to ask why it is that Chinese elementary or high school students moving to the US are often promoted by one or two grades. The reason is that they know so much more than their American counterparts they would suffer terminal boredom if forced to remain at their prior grade level.


If we refer to the PISA tests, Shanghai’s math scores were 119 above the OECD average, or the equivalent of nearly three years of schooling, with reading and science exceeding the OECD average by about 1.5 years of schooling. And in some cases, the American students were behind the OECD average by approximately the same number of years as the Chinese were ahead. (4) (5)

 如果我们参考PISA测试,上海的数学分数比OECD平均分数高119分,相当于近三年的学校教育,阅读和科学超过OECD平均水平约1.5年。在某些情况下,美国学生落后于经合组织平均水平,与中国学生领先的年数大致相同。 (4) (5)

The myth persists that the US has always led the world in quality of education, but this is nothing more than branding propaganda and part of the indoctrination process of American moral superiority that is wholly unsupported by facts. Consider this quote from an American education expert:


The US has never been first in the world, nor even near the top, on any international tests. Consistently over the past half century, American students have typically scored near the median at best, but most often being in the bottom quartile. The historical record indicates that American elementary students are only average at best, their performance degrading year by year until high school seniors perform last in almost all international tests. The International Science Studies that began in high schools in the late 1960s and early 1970s found that 14-year-olds were below average and seniors scored last of all countries. In the International Mathematics tests that began in the 1960s, American high school seniors scored last of all nations. In the 1982 International Mathematics Study, high school seniors placed at the bottom on almost every test. In terms of the PISA tests, American students – placing last – are simply following the pattern that has been consistent for the past 50 years or more.” [5a] [6] [7]

 美国从来没有在任何国际考试中名列世界第一,甚至也没有接近榜首。在过去的半个世纪里,美国学生通常最多只能取得接近中位数的分数,但大多数情况下都是在四分之一以下。历史记录表明,美国元素y学生充其量只是中等水平,他们的表现逐年下降,直到高中生在几乎所有的国际考试中表现最后。20世纪60年代末和70年代初开始在高中进行的国际科学研究发现,14岁的学生低于平均水平,而且是高年级学生在所有国家中,s得分最后。在20世纪60年代开始的国际数学考试中,美国高中生在所有国家中得分最后。在1982年的《国际数学研究》(International Mathematics Study)中,高中四年级学生几乎在所有考试中都排名垫底。在PISA测试方面,美国排在最后的学生只是遵循了过去50年或更长时间以来一贯的模式。” [ [ [5a]6]7]

The National Assessment of Education Progress, or NAEP — called the Nation’s Report Card — is an exam given to fourth-grade and eighth-grade students throughout the country by the National Center for Education Statistics, a branch of the U.S. Department of Education. Only 36 percent of fourth-grade students and 34 percent of eighth-grade students in 2015 scored high enough to be considered proficient or above in reading. In math, 40 percent of fourth-grade students and 33 percent of eighth-grade students scored proficient or above. Many experts have stated that Americans are “uneducated to a degree unmatched by many third-world countries”. [8]


Recent tests in the New York area show that less than half of all students are proficient in English and Math, and in some areas the number is as low as 13%. This is true in most of the country, literacy being marginal in most American secondary schools. In an article published in the San Jose Mercury in 2001, it was documented that 75% of California high school seniors could not read well enough to pass their exit exams.


A quote from one news report: “In October of 2013 a new global report issued by the OECD found that Americans ranked well below the worldwide average in just about every measure of skill. In math, reading, and technology-driven problem-solving, the United States performed worse than nearly every other country… The US would have looked even worse if China had been included in this study. In basic literacy – the ability to understand and use basic written text – 80% of Americans reached only a level 2 out of 5. And in math and numerical proficiency, using numbers in daily life, they are worse … and 10% scored below level 1. Technological literacy and ability were worse too. In problem-solving in a technological environment and the use of “cognitive skills required to solve problems”, the Americans were at the bottom.” And that bottom is in math, vocabulary, language usage and technology, with Chinese students far surpassing the Americans even when using a language that is not their own. [9] [10]

 引用一篇新闻报道的话:“2013年10月,经合组织发布的一份新的全球报告发现,美国人在几乎所有技能指标上都远低于世界平均水平。在数学、阅读和技术驱动的问题解决方面,美国的表现几乎比其他国家都差呃,国家……如果中国被纳入这项研究,美国看起来会更糟。在基本识字能力(理解和使用基本书面文字的能力)方面,80%的美国人仅达到五分之二的水平。而在数学和数字熟练程度方面,在日常生活中使用数字的情况则更糟…10%的人得分低于1级。技术素养和能力也较差。在技术环境下解决问题和使用“解决问题所需的认知技能”方面,美国人处于最底层。“最底层是数学、词汇、语言使用和技术y、 中国学生甚至在使用非自己的语言时也远远超过了美国人。[9] [10]

In early 2014 the Washington Times reported that new studies and the results of the recent SAT tests demonstrate conclusively that the vast majority of America’s 2012 high school graduates aren’t ready for college, and SAT scores have plummeted to their lowest level in more than 40 years. The results of the exams, released by the College Board, revealed that only about 39% of students planning to attend university are in any way prepared for the world of higher education. More than 60% displayed functional illiteracy by failing the reading portion of the test, with only a slightly better result on math and writing, which means most US university students will achieve C or D grades at best, and that a great many will either fail or be falsely graduated without merit or knowledge. And the dropout rates are fierce. In Washington DC, the nation’s capital, almost 70% of college students fail to graduate. [11] [12] The solution was to abandon the SAT tests for college entry.


I deleted this paragraph, then decided to re-insert it because the topic irritated me. We’re dealing with the English language, and listening to a senior American educator, a Ph.D. from Harvard, explaining why only 39% of all students who took the SAT college admissions test scored well enough to be deemed ready for college. In her little media sound-byte, she said this fact showed American educators where they needed to “hone in”. The correct expression is “to home in on”, as with a homing device, to focus on or bring us to the correct place, in fact to take us home. To “hone” is to sharpen, as to hone a blade, but for Americans who don’t – or can’t – read, the sound is similar and sloppy carelessness accounts for the rest. Critics pounced on this, but she and other ‘educators’ defended such a foolish error by claiming that language is alive and fluid, and it changes. To make matters worse, another shining light, this one an education expert from Duke University, informed us that our criticisms of poor-quality education (and educators) would likely “snuff out democracy”.


In spite of all the branding propaganda and rhetoric, the decreasing quality of American education is well-known in the West. It is not a secret that for many decades the US has been “dumbing-down” its education at all levels, consistently reducing government funding to result in fewer teachers, larger classrooms, poorer facilities, lower salaries and teacher quality, and steadily decreasing learning. One need only do a quick Internet search to find hundreds of studies and alarmed reports of the greatly-deteriorated quality of American education. As John Kozy noted, “In fact, piles of evidence reveal that Americans are getting dumber. People who have graduated from high school since the pocket calculator was invented can’t calculate in their heads, not even simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Many people addicted to the Internet have difficulty reading anything more complicated than a tweet”.

 尽管有各种品牌宣传和花言巧语,但美国教育质量的下降在西方是众所周知的。几十年来,美国一直在“降低”各级教育水平,不断减少政府资助,导致教师人数减少、教室扩大、设施变差、工资和教师素质下降,并不断减少学习,这已不是什么秘密。人们只需在互联网上快速搜索,就能找到数百份关于美国教育质量严重恶化的研究报告和令人担忧的报告。正如约翰·科齐(John Kozy)所指出的那样,“事实上,大量证据表明,美国人变得越来越笨了。袖珍计算器发明以来,高中毕业的人都无法在头脑中计算,甚至连简单的加法、减法和乘法都不能。许多上网成瘾的人很难阅读比推特更复杂的东西”。

The propaganda machine focuses heavily on the mythical superiority of the American education system, but Americans haven’t the critical thinking skills needed to see through the lies presented to them. One author pointed out that American public schooling grinds away at children until they graduate with little creativity or curiosity, stating further that “Such people will never be informed citizens, and most could care less”. All of this has been heavily researched and documented by John Gatto, who was nominated as Teacher of the Year for New York State and New York City, and who has since left teaching, claiming he was no longer willing to harm children by teaching them in the US public school system.[13]

 宣传机器主要关注美国教育系统的神话般的优越性,但美国人没有必要的批判性思维技能来看穿向他们呈现的谎言。一位作者指出,美国公立学校在孩子们毕业之前一直在磨磨蹭蹭,他们几乎没有创造力或好奇心,并进一步指出,“这样的人永远不会成为知情的公民,大多数人也不会太在意”。约翰·加托(John Gatto)对所有这一切进行了大量的研究和记录,他被提名为纽约州和纽约市年度教师,并自那以后离开了教学岗位,声称他不再愿意通过在美国公立学校系统中教孩子来伤害他们。[13]

In 2013, Jeff Schweitzer wrote an article in the UK Guardian titled ‘God created gravity’, in which he deplored the sad state of American education, to quite an extent blaming religion for the lack of intelligent focus, with subjects like science still in the 17th century in US schools. He said that while the rest of the world is becoming educated, Americans spend their time discussing how exceptional and awesome they are, with the result that Americans are number one only in delusion. “Steeped in this wasteland of scientific illiteracy we march ever further toward a theocracy … twisting history to indoctrinate our children with stories about god and gravity”, with educational debates, like all others based on faith rather than logic. He wrote that the only way for Americans to support any position they hold is to simply assert their supremacy as loudly as possible, reduced to childlike tantrums of “I’m right, you’re wrong, I win.” [14]

 2013年,杰夫·施韦策(Jeff Schweitzer)在《英国卫报》(UK Guardian)上发表了一篇题为“上帝创造了重力”的文章,他在文章中对美国教育的悲惨状况表示痛惜,在很大程度上,他将缺乏智慧的焦点归咎于宗教,像科学这样的学科在17世纪的美国学校仍然存在。他说,当世界其他地区都在接受教育的时候,美国人花时间讨论他们有多么与众不同和令人敬畏,结果美国人只是在妄想中排名第一。“在这片科学文盲的荒原上,我们进一步走向神权政治……扭曲历史,向我们的孩子灌输关于上帝和重力的故事”,进行教育辩论,就像所有其他基于信仰而非逻辑的辩论一样。他写道,美国人支持他们所持任何立场的唯一方式就是尽可能大声地宣称自己的至高无上地位,并将其简化为孩子般的发脾气:“我是对的,你错了,我赢了。14

Because American schools do not demand critical thinking and problem-solving from students starting at a young age, the students are lost in university classrooms when they are years behind and struggling with the basics of reading and understanding. Many US educators complain that fewer than one-quarter of their students have any proficiency at all in basic skills like math and reading comprehension, that they are never taught original ideas or methods of learning that will prepare them for higher education. One educator claimed, “My former teachers simply did not push me to think past a basic level, to apply concepts, to move beyond memorizing facts and figures.” And of course the students feel the pressure acutely. One first-year university student said, “I basically thought I was stupid. I just felt like, What’s wrong with me? Maybe I’m not meant to be here.” Another said, “You can’t make it in college by yourself. You just need all the help you can get.” One student who felt blessed by having a good teacher in her final year in high school said, “I feel like it was too late. It just wasn’t enough to have that kind of teacher for one year.” [15]

 因为美国学校不要求学生从小就开始批判性思考和解决问题,所以当他们落后多年,在阅读和理解的基础上苦苦挣扎时,他们就会在大学课堂上迷失。许多美国教育工作者抱怨说他们的学生在数学和阅读理解等基本技能方面都很熟练,从来没有人教过他们为接受高等教育做准备的原创思想或学习方法。一位教育家声称:“我以前的老师根本没有强迫我忘记基本知识c级,应用概念,超越记忆事实和数字。当然,学生们也感受到了巨大的压力。一名一年级大学生说:“我基本上认为自己很愚蠢。”。我只是觉得,我怎么了?也许我不该在这里。另一个说:“你不能在大学里自己做吧。你只需要你能得到的所有帮助。一位高中最后一年有一位好老师的学生说:“我觉得为时已晚。”。仅仅有一年这样的老师是不够的。” []15

And it isn’t only the students who are in this position. The New York Post ran an interesting article titled, “US adults are dumber than the average human“, which stated in part, “It’s long been known that America’s school kids haven’t measured well compared with international peers. [16] Now, there’s a new twist: Adults don’t either. In math, reading and problem-solving using technology – all skills considered critical for global competitiveness and economic strength – American adults scored below the international average on a global test.” The studies also found that it was much more difficult on average to overcome the lack of knowledge, literacy and other barriers in the United States, than in other nations.


The article continued, “It’s not just the kids who require more and more preparation to get access to the economy, it’s more and more the adults don’t have the skills to stay in it. Americans scored toward the bottom in the category of problem solving in a technology rich environment, even in skills such as using a mouse”, creating a kind of “underclass – a large group of people who are basically unemployable“. And again, “A quarter of all Americans never become proficient in math. In Shanghai and Korea, the comparable figure is about 6%. Some 7% of US students reached the top two scientific performance levels, compared with an amazing 27% in Shanghai.” [17] [18] [19]


Rick Shenkman wrote an interesting and enlightening article titled ‘Just How Stupid Are We?’, in which he wrote “Americans generally do not seem to absorb what it is that they are reading and hearing and watching. Americans cannot even name the leaders of their own government. The error can be traced to our mistaking unprecedented access to information with the actual consumption of it.” He said that in the postwar period, social scientists began to systematically measure what Americans actually knew, and even back then the results of their displayed ignorance were devastating. He further claimed that surveys showed Americans’ level of ignorance remaining constant over time, and that by some measures “Americans are dumber today than their parents of a generation ago. Young people … know less today than young people forty years ago.” [20] [20a][21]

 里克·申克曼(Rick Shenkman)写了一篇有趣且富有启发性的文章,题为我们到底有多愚蠢?,他在信中写道:美国人似乎通常无法理解他们正在阅读、聆听和观看的内容。美国人甚至无法说出自己政府的领导人的名字。错误可以追溯到我们错误地将前所未有的信息获取与实际消费相混淆。他说,在战后时期,社会科学家开始系统地测量美国人的实际知识,甚至在那时,他们表现出的无知的结果也是毁灭性的。他进一步声称,调查显示,随着时间的推移,美国人的无知程度保持不变,并且通过一些衡量标准,今天的美国人比他们的父母一代人以前更笨。年轻人……今天的知识比四十年前的年轻人少。”[[20]20]21]

The situation is so bad that in 2003, when the Strategic Task Force on Education investigated Americans’ knowledge of world affairs, they concluded that “Americans’ ignorance … is so great as to constitute a threat to national security.”


But according to the NYT‘s resident jack-of-all-trades Paul Krugman, if you had to “express the greatness of the United States in one word, that word would be ‘education’.” Other more knowledgeable and competent people disagree with Krugman. Donald Kagan, a former president of Yale University gave a final speech in 2013 in which he said that American universities were failing their students, that the curricula were inappropriate and were “unfocused and scattered”, the campuses “a kind of cultural void, with an ignorance of the past”, and that “faculty with atypical views” were rare. Perhaps most importantly, Kagan said, “At the university, there must be intellectual variety. If you don’t have [that], it’s not only that you are deprived of knowing some of the things you might know. It’s that you are deprived of testing the things that you do know or do think you know or believe in, so that your knowledge is superficial.” [22] [23]

 但据《纽约时报》驻纽约各行各业专家保罗·克鲁格曼(Paul Krugman)称,如果你必须“用一个词来表达美国的伟大,那么这个词就是‘教育’。”其他更有知识、更有能力的人不同意克鲁格曼的观点。2013年,耶鲁大学前校长唐纳德·卡根(Donald Kagan)发表了最后一次演讲,他在演讲中说,美国大学让学生们失望了,课程设置不合适,而且“不集中、分散”,校园“是一种文化空白,对过去一无所知”,“具有非典型观点的教师”很少。卡根说,也许最重要的是,“在大学里,必须有各种各样的知识。如果你没有这些知识,不仅你会被剥夺一些你可能知道的知识。还因为你被剥夺了测试你确实知道或认为你知道或相信的东西的权利,所以你的知识是肤浅的。22]

The man was precisely correct in this last statement, reflecting one of the hazards today of being an American, the programmed and propagandised uniformity of thought that deprives Americans of any way to test the validity of their (mostly) foolish beliefs. Such regimented and incessant propaganda provides a uniform reinforcement of ideology, creating impenetrable boundaries of the mind. The simple-minded adherence to a single ideology narrows one’s views and cripples the ability to think clearly or critically. As one author wrote, “a closely adhered-to ideology becomes a mental locality with limits and borders just as real as those of geography. In fact, if we consider (American) nationalism a pervasive modern ideology, there is a direct connection between the boundaries induced in the mind and those on the ground.” [24]


Karl Weiss wrote an excellent and perceptive article that was published in Germany’s Berliner Umschau in October of 2009; I will quote some of his observations here. He began with the decrepit American educational system, stating “.. the education system in America is unlike that of almost any other industrialized country. Free education is available only at primary and secondary levels; beyond that, community and technical colleges and universities are so expensive that children in lower socioeconomic classes have little chance of attending unless they are “gifted” and get scholarships. The education provided by the public school system is often so inferior that graduates who can’t afford better schooling have little chance of ever getting the knowledge and skills necessary to lead fulfilling lives. Instead, the focus is on producing nationalistic dimwits who know nothing but their own country.”

 卡尔·韦斯(Karl Weiss)于200910月在德国柏林大学发表了一篇优秀而敏锐的文章;我将在这里引用他的一些意见。他从破旧的美国教育体系开始,他说:美国的教育制度与几乎任何其他工业化国家的教育制度都不一样。免费教育只在初等和中等教育水平上提供;除此之外,社区和技术学院和大学的学费太高,社会经济地位较低的孩子除非有天赋,否则几乎没有机会入学并获得奖学金。公立学校系统提供的教育往往很差,无法负担更好教育的毕业生几乎没有机会获得过过充实生活所需的知识和技能。相反,重点是培养出只懂自己国家的民族主义傻瓜。

He went on to say that one result is a deeply divided society with the capitalists and bankers on one side and the uneducated and lower class on the other, resulting in what he called “a society of force so shot through with violence that any other value has little or no meaning”, and with everything rooted in the Christianity-based black and white dog-eat-dog competition that creates only winners and losers. Weiss’ allegation of “nationalistic dimwits” is not only accurate for the US educational system, but the process is universal throughout the nation. Educational materials in the US are largely propaganda tools, intended not to educate but to indoctrinate.


In the wonderfully disingenuous but disturbing manner of propagandising in which Americans excel, one educational website made the following claim: “While lawyers, doctors, and teachers typically complete additional schoolwork, computer programmers, nurses, and automotive technicians may be qualified with only one or two years of study”.


Doctors “typically” complete “additional schoolwork”? That sounds like some, but not all, medical students doing a bit of extra homework at the Grade Three level, but doctors in most countries need an undergrad degree plus an additional four years of grueling medical training to become an M.D., and yet this is being equated with an auto mechanic who may be qualified with only one year of study. This re-categorisation may appear trivial to the casual reader, but this anti-intellectual linguistic magic is reprogramming Americans with a much-denigrated appreciation of a university education. Now, an American hairdresser and manicurist is trained to the same level of competence as a gynecologist – except for the bit of “additional schoolwork”. And only in the US can a nurse be “qualified” with only one year of study. Many countries require a 4-year nursing degree.


The amount of mythological propaganda and marketing surrounding American education is stunning. Shailendra Raj Mehta, a visiting professor at Duke University, wrote one of the most nonsensical articles I have seen in years, titled ‘The secret of Harvard’s Success’, in which he wrote “No country dominates any industry as much as the United States dominates higher education”. According to him, in a ranking of world universities, 17 of the world’s 20 best universities are American, with Harvard topping the list by a substantial margin, a feat he attributes to “America’s innovative governance model for higher education“. I have no idea what that would be, but it can’t be good. As I’ve detailed elsewhere, Harvard was established by the Puritans as a religious training camp to produce missionaries for their heresies, not to “educate” anybody. And, as with all rankings everywhere, the Americans choose the game, set all the parameters, lay down the rules, decide the scoring system, then win the game. And the US media promote this nonsensical propaganda literally to the ends of the earth. American universities are not ranked so highly because they are the best; it’s because the Americans determined the ranking rules so they would come out on top.

 围绕美国教育的神话宣传和营销数量惊人。杜克大学客座教授Shailendra Raj Mehta写了几年来我所见过的最荒谬的文章之一,题为“哈佛成功的秘密”,他在其中写道“没有国家域名他说,在世界大学排名中,世界上20所最好的大学中有17所是美国大学,哈佛大学以相当大的优势位居榜首,他将这一壮举归因于“美国创新的治理模式我支持高等教育”。我不知道那会是什么,但这不可能是好的。正如我在其他地方详述的那样,哈佛是清教徒建立的一个宗教训练营,为他们的异端邪说培养传教士,而不是“教育”任何人。而且,与世界各地的排名一样,美国人选择比赛,设置所有参数,制定规则,决定得分系统,然后赢得比赛。美国媒体将这种毫无意义的宣传推广到了天涯海角。美国大学排名不是很高,因为它们是最好的;因为美国人确定了排名规则,这样他们就能名列前茅。

In fact, in a recent, more intelligent and less-biased, examination of higher education systems, China ranked ninth, six places above the US. Universitas 21, a group of 27 research-intensive universities from around the world, created an international ranking system of educational quality based on national purchasing power. A leading Universitas researcher said that despite a relatively low per capita income, China had made a “phenomenal” investment in its top universities, resulting in Chinese universities now being “serious players” in research and other fields.

 事实上,在最近一次更聪明、更不带偏见的高等教育体系考试中,中国排名第九,比美国高出六位。Universitas 21是由来自世界各地的27所研究型大学组成的一个组织,创建了一个基于国家购买力的教育质量国际排名体系。一位知名大学研究员表示,尽管人均收入相对较低,但中国对顶尖大学的投资“惊人”,导致中国大学在研究和其他领域成为“重要参与者”。

Here is an excerpt written by Sarah Brown, taken from Canada’s Globe and Mail, in response to an NYT article about Harvard students always receiving A grades:

 以下是莎拉·布朗(Sarah Brown)撰写的摘录,摘自加拿大《环球邮报》(Globe and Mail),以回应《纽约时报》(NYT)一篇关于哈佛学生总是获得A成绩的文章:

“Having attended both Harvard and the University of Toronto, I can state that there are two differences between the schools: Harvard is much more difficult to get into, whereas the University of Toronto is much more difficult to get out of – with a degree and decent grades, that is. At Harvard, undergraduates have to take only four full-time courses per year to earn a degree, and they have a longer school year in which to prepare for their exams. At U of T, five full-time courses must be taken, and the school year is much more condensed. The atmosphere at Harvard is quite “country-clubish” and leisurely, while at U of T it is a downright pressure-cooker. At U of T there is an unwritten policy that 20 per cent of the students in every class will receive a failing grade. At Harvard, most students receive a minimum of A- grades. In fact, to receive anything less than a B, one would have to miss exams and not hand in assignments. As far as getting into Harvard goes, the most significant factor is whether or not you are a so-called “legacy,” meaning that if your father, mother, or sibling went to Harvard before you, you can still get in, as hundreds do, with mediocre high school grades. I’m not surprised that current Harvard students feel that they deserve A’s for their $100,000 investment; if they were forced to compete with students at the U of T, many would receive only C’s at best.” And many would fail.

 我曾就读于哈佛大学和多伦多大学,我可以说,这两所学校之间有两个不同之处:哈佛大学更难进入,而多伦多大学则更难离开——拥有学位,成绩也不错rgraduates学生每年只需参加四门全日制课程即可获得学位,而且他们有更长的学年来准备考试。在T大学,必须修五门全日制课程,而且学年要紧凑得多。哈佛大学的氛围相当“乡村俱乐部悠闲地说,在U of T,它是一个彻头彻尾的高压锅。在T大学,有一项不成文的政策,即每个班20%的学生都会得不及格分数。在哈佛大学,大多数学生的最低成绩是a。事实上,要得到低于B的任何东西,就必须错过考试,不交作业。就进入哈佛而言,最重要的因素是你是否是所谓的“遗产”,也就是说,如果你的父亲、母亲或兄弟姐妹比你先进入哈佛,你仍然可以像数百人一样以平庸的高中成绩进入哈佛。我一点也不奇怪,现在的哈佛学生觉得他们的10万美元投资值得得A;如果他们被迫与T大学的学生竞争,很多人最多只能获得C。“许多人都会失败。

Dumber Than the Average Human



When I was a university student, there were Americans at my school who had obtained B.A. degrees from UCLA with majors in – and I am not kidding – basket-weaving and ceramics. In America, that’s called an education. Basket-weaving. That’s about the same being granted a Master’s degree if you can learn to knit a sweater. At around the same time, a US polling firm did a nation-wide study and discovered, among other things, that a full 75% of Americans could not find their own country on a map of the world. Similar studies have been repeated many times since then, with essentially the same results among adults and students at all levels including university: about 75% of Americans couldn’t find either their country or Canada. One of the most famous references to this astonishing level of American ignorance occurred on US national television during a Miss Teen USA pageant when one of the finalists, Miss South Carolina, Caitlin Upton, was asked why most Americans couldn’t find their country on a world map. Here is her answer, which was posted on YouTube and received more than 40 million views.


“I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as, uh, South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the US should help the US, uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our children.” [25]

 我个人认为,美籍美国人无法做到这一点,因为,呃,我们国家的一些人没有地图,而且,呃,我相信,我们的教育,比如,呃,南非,呃,伊拉克,世界各地,比如,我相信他们应该,我们在美国的教育应该帮助美国,呃,呃,应该帮助南非,应该帮助伊拉克和亚洲国家,所以我们将能够为我们的孩子建设未来。” [25]

If that doesn’t tell you what you need to know about the quality of American education, I don’t know what would. It isn’t only the ignorance, but the obvious functional illiteracy of such a person, that is so stunning. [26]


The American media flood the nation and the world with the most astonishing propaganda and fabricated fairy-tales about the quality of the nation’s education. The US used to boast that it had the highest percentage of population with university degrees. I don’t know if that claim was ever true, but it eventually became false so the Americans moved the goalposts. Now, in all the statistics, including those by the US government itself, anyone with almost any kind of accreditation above High School, perhaps including even a hairdressing or lawn maintenance diploma – which they call an “associate degree” is listed as a college graduate.


Similarly, the US claims the highest level of literacy in the world – 99%. Truly enviable. But then, reading the small print at the end of a recent highly-regarded “definitive study” purporting to document American educational supremacy, what do we find? Just as with its economic statistics and every other comparison the US produces, we discover manipulated and falsified data. In these so-called studies produced by the US government and its educational institutions, the Americans simply misrepresented the facts so they could place themselves at the top of the list. In the case of functional literacy, the US position is this:


“For highly developed or high-income countries where literacy statistics were not collected, a rate of 99% was assumed.”


We might legitimately ask why the Americans didn’t bother to collect statistics. The reason is that in all studies, researchers have found the rate of functional illiteracy in the US is almost 25% of the total population, with the illiteracy rate for adults in many American cities like Detroit having been documented at almost 50%, a very long way from the fictional 99% literacy ‘assumed’, and in many other major cities like New York large swathes of the population read below a grade three level and have no math or other skills. The highly-regarded National Adult Literacy Survey found a total of almost 25%, or about 50 million of the 200 million American adults functioning at the lowest literacy level. In basic literacy – the ability to understand and use basic written text – 80% of Americans reached only a level 2 out of 5. It is so bad that 75% of the Fortune 500 companies have to provide some level of remedial training for their workers – a large number of whom are college graduates. [27]


Countless books and academic studies have been produced on the severe literacy problem in America, but the media ignore these facts and continue, like Paul Krugman, to feed the world the foolish utopian claim that the US is a world leader in education when nothing could be farther from the truth.


More than 25% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth, but one US columnist wrote that this wasn’t really a bad thing. He claimed, “Firstly, the great majority of humans throughout history have believed this. Secondly, it’s not a problem that impinges on the daily life of anyone. We should pick co-ordinates for convenience, not dogma.”


Talking to Americans


Canada had a popular TV personality named Rick Mercer, who took a camera crew into the US on a crusade to satirise the true educational level of Americans. One of his trademark programs (on Canada’s CBC network) was called ‘Talking to Americans’, in which he would conduct random interviews with average Americans and tell them outrageous stories about Canada which they would inevitably accept as true. In one show, Mercer told Americans that very old or terminally-ill Canadian citizens are put onto ice floes and just pushed out into the Arctic Ocean to die. He pretended to be collecting signatures for a petition to the Canadian government to stop this practice; the signatures he obtained included those of full professors from Harvard and Yale.


In another, he interviewed George W. Bush (who had previously stated “you can’t stump me on world leaders”), conveying to him compliments from Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Poutine, on Bush’s Presidential candidacy, to which Bush responded with the warmest expressions of heartfelt gratitude. [28] [29] The Prime Minister of Canada was Jean Chretien; “poutine” is a French-Canadian dish of French fries with gravy and melted cheese. Bush was so miffed when the program aired, that Canada’s CBC was banned in the US for years.

 在另一次采访中,他采访了乔治·W·布什(他之前曾说过“你不能在世界领导人问题上难倒我”),向他转达了加拿大首相让·鲍廷对布什总统候选人资格的赞扬,布什对此表示了最热烈的感谢。[][加拿大首相是让·克雷蒂恩(Jean Chretien);“poutine”是一道法式加拿大菜,由法式炸薯条、肉汁和融化的奶酪组成。节目播出时,布什非常恼火,以至于加拿大的CBC在美国被禁播多年。2829]

In one of his shows, Mercer asked Americans how many sides a triangle had: One victim of American education said, “None. There are no sides in a triangle.” Another said “Four.” He asked them if the movie “Star Wars” were based on a true story; many Americans answered in the affirmative. It was so bad that Mercer claimed “About 80 per cent of the people give me the right answer, by which of course, I mean the wrong answer.” Mercer convinced tourists at Mount Rushmore that the mineral rights to the mountain had been sold to a Canadian firm that was going to drill for oil in Lincoln’s forehead. “Professors at Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, NYU and Stanford University were consistently fooled by [Mercer’s] absurdities.” [30]


It isn’t only Canadians who mock American ignorance and lack of education. The US late-night talk shows often do this kind of thing, ridiculing the fabled ignorance of their own citizens, claiming that they need to speak to only ten or at most twenty Americans to find 5 stupid ones who know nothing – 25%. This is so well-known that in Europe, ‘American’ equals ‘ignorant’, the two adjectives considered equivalent and synonymous.


Ron Unz wrote an excellent and informative article in The American Conservative titled The Myth of American Meritocracy, in which he detailed issues with admission to top US universities, quoting other studies as well, all of which suggest that various preferences and biases, including the role of cash in this process, with most universities, including Harvard, having a ‘cash price’ of admission, meaning that a substantial donation will obtain admittance even for a dim-witted student with no particular ability. [31]

 罗恩·恩兹(Ron Unz)在《美国保守党》(The American Conservative)上发表了一篇题为《美国精英政治的神话》(The Myth of American Meritocracy)的文章,文章中详细阐述了美国顶尖大学的入学问题,并引用了其他研究,所有这些研究都表明,包括现金在这一过程中的作用在内的各种偏好和偏见,大多数大学,包括哈佛大学,都有入学的“现金价格”,这意味着,即使是没有特殊能力的愚蠢学生,也可以获得大量捐款。[31]

He wrote that the notion of a wealthy family buying their son his entrance into the Grandes Écoles of France or the top Japanese universities would be an absurdity.” He mentioned China as well, confirming that China’s gaokao is strictly based on merit and has never been corrupted by favoritism, and has been kept “remarkably clean for 1300 years”. He confirmed what many of us already know, that this uncorrupted system may be one reason so many wealthy Chinese send their “dim and lazy” offspring to study in the West. In his words, “enrolling them at a third-rate Chinese university would be a tremendous humiliation, while our own corrupt admissions practices get them an easy spot at Harvard or Stanford, sitting side by side with the children of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and George W. Bush.” One of his final comments was that the admissions process at top American universities operates under the principle of “Ideology and Diversity tempered by Corruption”, not what many Chinese have been led to expect from the propaganda machine.


It should be abundantly obvious that there is no way to reconcile these testimonials and experiences, and countless thousands similar, with claims that the US ‘dominates higher education’, at least not in any positive way. And so, with appropriate apologies to Paul Krugman, for those of you who are desperate to “express the greatness of America in one word”, that word would be “bull****”, not education.

 很明显,这些证词和经历,以及无数类似的证词和经验,都无法与美国“主导高等教育”的主张相调和,至少不能以任何积极的方式调和。因此,对保罗·克鲁格曼(Paul Krugman)表示适当的歉意,对于那些急于“用一个词来表达美国的伟大”的人来说,这个词应该是“公牛”,而不是教育。


Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

罗曼诺夫先生的作品已被翻译成32种语言,他的文章发表在30多个国家的150多个外语新闻和政治网站上,以及100多个英语平台上。拉里·罗曼诺夫是一位退休的管理顾问和商人。他曾在国际咨询公司担任高级行政职务,并拥有国际进出口业务。他曾任上海复旦大学客座教授,向高级EMBA班介绍国际事务案例研究。罗曼诺夫先生住在上海,目前正在写一系列与中国和西方有关的十本书。他是辛西娅·麦金尼(Cynthia McKinney)新集《当中国打喷嚏时》(When China Sneeezes)的特约作者之一。(第二章——对付恶魔)。

His full archive can be seen at

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  • Andreas Schleicher who was in charge of the PISA test on behalf of OECD, said “While that’s important, for me the real significance of these results is that they refute the commonly held hypothesis that China just produces rote learning. Large fractions of these students extrapolate from what they know and apply their knowledge very CREATIVELY in novel situations. In my opinion, it’s the American k-12 education which has failed miserably in teaching the American students the solid basics, has to be reformed.”

[1] Andreas Schleicher博士代表OECD负责PISA测试,说“虽然这很重要,但对我来说,这些结果的真正意义在于,它们驳斥了人们普遍认为的中国只会死记硬背的假设。这些学生中有很大一部分是根据他们所掌握的知识进行推断,并创造性地将他们的知识应用到新的情境中。在我看来,美国的k-12教育在教育美国学生学习英语方面失败得很惨。”扎实的基础,必须改革。

He also added this: “I have no respect for a large number of the Chinese students who come to U.S. for UNDERGRADUATE study. Most of these students are from well-off families and academically too weak to get into decent Chinese colleges. The real smart Chinese students are the ones who finish their undergraduate education in China and come to the U.S. for graduate study and beyond.”


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      Many educators called in to say they thought the number was too high..

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[25] Caitlin Upton


[26] In another televised beauty pageant, a high school girl was asked to explain a quote by Confucius. In response, she said: “Confucius was one of the men who invented confusion.”


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The Myth of America Meritocracy



Copyright © Larry RomanoffBlue Moon of Shanghai, Moon of Shanghai, 2022





World revolution looms as the people of the planet wake up


There are signs in multiple countries that some sort of world revolution is underway. These include a power struggle in China, riots in Iran, military mobilization by Russia, a declaration of war by Texas, royal unrest in the UK and much more. What all this points to is some sort of historical worldwide black swan event, possibly in October.


Video Player



Let us start with the events in China. The internet was all abuzz with rumors triggered by the Jennifer Zeng report linked below.


We checked Zeng out, and it turns out she is a member of the Falun Gong cult run out of the US State Department by Khazarian Mafia honcho Elliott Abrams. Nonetheless, the report appeared to be highly credible. It shows a video of an 80-kilometer military convoy moving to surround the capital of Beijing. It notes there was a major meeting of Chinese military commanders that did not include Xi Jinping, the nominal head of the Chinese military. The two military-linked politburo members at the meeting very unusually did not mention Xi in their speeches. Furthermore, a top Northern general, who was supposed to have been fired by Xi, was sitting in a front row seat at the meeting. Also, Xi apparently quickly abandoned the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit meeting in Uzbekistan and hurried back to China but has not been seen in public since.


There is a real power rift in China between the military/intelligence group around Jiang Zemin and the group around Xi Jinping. There can be no doubt a major power struggle is taking place between the two groups.


The one around Xi wants to make him a dictator for life at the big, once-in-five-year Chinese Communist Party meeting taking place in October. The other is violently opposed to Xi and the personality cult surrounding him. An Asian secret society source close to Xi assured us the rumors were false and Xi was fine. Our sources close to Jiang did not return our messages.


The last thing we note is that the move against Xi took place after he refused to meet the Khazarian Mafia agent posing as Pope Francis in Kazakhstan. The Pope was there attending a “world religious conference,” in the would-be KM world capital of Astana. Here is a photograph from a concert at that meeting sent to us by Polish intelligence.


In any case, there can be no doubt the Chinese government is under attack because it has been telling the world inconvenient truths about the real track record of the West, In the latest example, China has accused the US of illegally stealing 80% of Syria’s oil production even as more than 14 million Syrians are in dire need of humanitarian aid, after years of western sanctions. 




中国,1945-1946      秘鲁,1965            伊拉克,1992-1996

叙利亚,1949         希腊,1967            波斯尼亚,1995

韩国,1950-53        危地马拉,1967-69     伊拉克,1998

中国,1950-53        柬埔寨,1969-70       苏丹,1998

伊朗,1953           智利,1970-73         阿富汗,1998

危地马拉,1954       阿根廷,1976          南斯拉夫,1999

西藏,1955-70        安格拉,1976-92       阿富汗,2001

印度尼西亚,1958     土耳其,1980          伊拉克,2002-03

古巴,1959           波兰,1980-81         索马里,2006-07

民主刚果,1960-65    柬埔寨,1980-95       委内瑞拉,2019

多米尼加,1961       黎巴嫩,1982-84       也门,2013-2018

越南,1961-73        格林纳达,1983-84     叙利亚,2019

巴西,1964           利比亚,1986          玻利维亚,2019

共和刚果,1964       菲律宾,1989          伊拉克,2020

危地马拉,1964       巴拿马,1989-90       索马里,2020

老挝,1964-73        伊拉克,1991          阿富汗,2020

多米尼加,1965-66    科威特,1991          叙利亚,2021

                    索马里,1992-94                    》 

Our advice to the Chinese is to find out who is paying massive bribes for the widespread use of fraudulent PCR tests and using them to try to turn China into a giant animal farm. 


Video Player



Whoever they are, they need to be removed from all positions of power and control over money.


We urge the Iranian authorities to do the same and arrest all pandemic pushers. There riots are taking place in over 80 cities as the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini lies critically ill. Iranian royal family sources say Khameini is a Rothschild agent and his death will offer a chance to overthrow KM rule. However, with rioters being shot by policemen on motorcycles, any overthrow is likely to be bloody.


Now let us look at the situation in Russia where Presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin ordered the first military mobilization of civilians since World War II. Russian FSB sources say the mobilization was triggered because a well-armed and well-trained military group led by NATO officers attacked their forces in Ukraine. The Russians say 300,000 additional troops have been mobilized while various Western sources put the number closer to 1 million. Russia also organized plebiscites in order to make the territories in the Ukraine it controls legally part of Russia. This would make an attack on them a legitimate casus belli or reason for war.


Video Player



Polish intelligence confirms large amounts of UK and US troops have been deployed in Poland in response to the Russian move. MI6 sources say “We would never comment upon our troops nor their location [but] the Russo Ukrainian Conflagration is in escalation so there will be general mobilization by NATO in the vicinity of course…this is all highly orchestrated to result in full all-out thermonuclear war by 2025.” 


Next, let us look at the situation in Texas where Governor Greg Abbott today issued an executive order designating Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations and instructing the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to take immediate action to keep Texans safe. “This is very important. How many are aware that a Governor can declare war?” a CIA source notes. “This opens a way for the military to step in. The time has come for action,” the source adds. Our own sources in Arizona note that large amounts of military-age Chinese and Russian men have entered the US under the guise of being members of Mexican cartels which would definitely be a casus belli.


The Governor also sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris requesting federal terrorist classifications for the Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel, as well as other cartels producing and distributing deadly fentanyl. This means that if Biden and the Rockefeller cabalists who pull his strings do not do something about the open border situation, it could trigger a civil war.


Video Player



NSA sources say 70% of Americans are now what used to be called “conspiracy theorists,” making the country ripe for revolution or civil war.


Despite KM attempts to distract people with issues like the Ukraine and Abortion, opinion polls show most Americans are much more concerned about crime and plunging living standards; as well they should be. A recent survey showed inflation has reduced the average American household income by $11,500 over the past year.


A civil war in the US would likely involve troops from the Christian mid-West and Texas moving against KM-dominated states like New York and California.


Such a move would be needed to finally bring justice to the mass murdering pedophiles who control these states as well as the fake regime of Joe Biden.


In the most recent evidence of this, Arizona State Senator David Farnsworth accused the Arizona Department of Child Safety of handing more than 550 children over to global sex traffickers and adrenochrome harvesters.


For reference, see the photo below of Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, John of God, a satanic child abuser and sex slave master. 


The US is not alone. Canada too is close to overthrowing the openly criminal and widely despised Crime minister Justin Castro.


Video Player



There are also signs of some sort of massive struggle going on in the UK between the royalists and the anti-bloodline rule gnostic Illuminati. In echoes of the English civil war, members of Parliament were seen swearing loyalty to King Charles, not King Charles III.


This meant they were referring to King Charles I, who was executed after which England briefly became a Republic.


We also saw many other unusual things happening in the UK, such as television reports saying Queen Elizabeth II has been dead for 4 years and public appearances of “King Charles III” without any royal regalia. Russian FSB sources also noted many actors were spotted at the Queen’s funeral playing the roles of relatives or friends of the Queen.


Video Player



Here is what a secret Royal who has been playing the role of Queen Elizabeth for the past several years had to say about the situation:


“Charles the first advocated the divine right to rule of kings and opposed Constitutional Monarchy, as do I. I advocate Absolute Monarchy and Royal Military Government including The Royal Prerogative. Charles ultimately lost his head in defeat. There is so much I cannot say [but] we have done very extensive vetting on the new King and I can confirm he had no hand, act or part in the death of his late wife Diana.”


Our personal advice to this individual was that to preserve the monarchy, a move to a more likable symbol than Charles would be advisable. In any case, as fuel shortages and other problems mount, increasing instability in the UK looks likely over the coming months.


There is also instability in other parts of Western Europe. In Italy the leader of the post-fascist Brothers of Italy Party, Giorgia Meloni, took power, marking the biggest political change there since the fall of Mussolini. Meloni is close to former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who Italian P3 Freemason sources say was a good friend of Vladimir Putin (from before he was replaced by an avatar). This means Italy, Hungary Poland and Sweden have all fallen from EU control, as already happened with the UK.


Video Player



Ursula Von der Leyen, the unelected leader of the EU, threatened Italy saying “We have the tools” to control disobedient countries “as we showed with Hungary and Poland.”  


Video Player



These “tools,” refer mainly to the control of money. Agustín Carstens, head of the KM-controlled Bank for International Settlements or central banks’ central bank (BIS) is leading the fight to replace all cash with central bank digital currencies (CBCDCs) saying “with cash, we don’t know who is using a $100 bill but with CBDCs, the central bank will have absolute control that will determine the use. 


Video Player




The KM are rushing to increase their control over money in part because of the ongoing fallout from the fake pandemic and the very real vaccine crimes that accompanied it.


This has been reported extensively elsewhere so we will only note that one of the chief vaccine pushers, avatar Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announced he has Covid again, for the second time in 40 days proving the vax is working great.


“He has been detained again by the white hat/alliance it seems. Or his clone has malfunctioned again and needs repair,” a Mossad source comments. 


That may be why cabal central, the World Economic Forum is now trying to spin the entire “pandemic” as an “exercise.” They put out an article saying COVID lockdowns, social distancing, contact tracing, masks and vaccines were all a “test” to see if we will accept the “social responsibility” of “tracking personal carbon emissions”. 


Video Player



Other top KM honchos appear to be admitting defeat. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine “has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades.”


We are also now getting increasing public admissions that what is really going on is a battle against “fallen angels.” Our own esoteric sources have told us we are witnessing the end of a war that has been raging for many thousands of years against a Satanic host that is making its last stand on this planet. This is why the earth is under quarantine.


“The KM puppet masters are trying their best to communicate with fallen angels- the satanic beings,” a Mossad source agrees. “CERN now admits they are communicating with “ENTITIES” from the other side” confirms author Anthony Patch.


Video Player



So on this esoteric note, we end with the latest evidence of off-world visitors to this planet.


UAP seen by a crowd and disappears


Video Player



A possible cloaked mother ship


Area 51 tunnel and live operations of UAP’s


Video Player



Off world craft takes off fast 


Video Player



Hopefully, soon we will all be able to ride flying saucers to visit other planets as the quarantine on our planet is lifted. Until that happens though, concentrate on liberating the real world you experience with your own senses and not the digital worlds seen on screens.  




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis news letter 2022 September 19th


China spurns fake pope while Russian demands abolition of Federal Reserve Board


China spurns fake pope while Russian demands abolition of Federal Reserve Board

The Khazarian Mafia and their slave countries are secretly trying to negotiate peace with the planetary liberation alliance but their offers are being spurned, White Dragon Society sources say. Instead, Russia is demanding the abolition of the Federal Reserve Board while China is preparing to invade Taiwan, Russian FSB and Asian secret society sources say.


Meanwhile, the undeclared civil war in the West has taken an ominous turn as MI6 discovers Queen Elizabeth was murdered with a directed energy weapon by the Khazarian Mafia. That is why the British military and intelligence apparatus have decided to ally themselves with Russia and China against the KM.


There is also major underworld action in Japan, Indonesia and elsewhere as KM rule worldwide continues its collapse.


There is a lot to cover this week so let us start with the offer to Russia made by the KM agent posing as Pope Francis. The fake pope flew last week to the Congress s of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana and begged for meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Archbishop Kiril, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. “Pope” Francis was spurned.


The “pope” offered to “give away the Donetsk and the Luhansk regions and make a peace deal,” according to Russian FSB sources. However, the Russians rejected the new peace offer as “just a manipulation to win time and get gas and oil resources.” They say “the Soros foundation and the Rothschilds are funding activities in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to repeat the Ukraine scenario.”  


The FSB also notes that “the US has already signed off on funding the Ukrainian Nazis’ weapons and military bases until 2025 to prepare for a new round of war with Russia.”


The Russians suggested it was in their interests to “wait until after the winter,” before negotiating saying “Peace will start from ending the Federal Reserve Board and the current financial system as well as forming a new multi-polar world order with equality for all countries.”


The “pope” also repeated his offer to China of control of ASEAN, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Australia and New Zealand and sweetened the pot by offering Taiwan as well, according to Asian secret society sources. All the KM wanted in exchange was continued funding for their UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation beyond September 30th.


The Chinese of course, know the people behind the pope are just trying to buy time so they could continue attempts to stay in power by killing 90% of the world’s population. That is why Xi Jinping refused to meet the pope.


They also have a very justified fear the KM would just use the meeting to kill Xi just like they killed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the Queen.


OK, now let us look at why MI6 is sure the Queen was murdered. The head of MI6 notes her death came just a few days after his private secretary was murdered. “Someone very close to The Queen at the same time reported to us Her Majesty was perfectly well apart from old age problems.” The murder of the Queen came just after the alliance installed Liz Truss as Prime Minister instead of the KM World Economic Forum designated puppet Rishi Sunak, he noted. “The Queen did not die by way of natural causes. I know this because she would have told me beforehand,” he added.


The KM leadership is a “bunch of creeps who now have every MI6 and SAS officer around the world down their backs on a shoot to kill on my orders,” promises the head of British intelligence.  


That is why MI6 opened a back channel with Russia last week. “We know everything about KM and the KM Russo Genocide of near on five million [more like 50 million] Russians. The mass graves are many. The KM is the root cause of all world terrorism,” MI6 notes. “We are not alone. I have had numerous covert contacts in the last few days,” he added. 


That is why the British agree with the following statement put out by the Chinese Foreign Ministry “China is ready to work together with Russia to…promote the development of the international order in a more just and reasonable direction.”


Russia’s Putin reflected similar sentiments when he said: “Attempts to create a unipolar world have recently taken an absolutely ugly shape and are absolutely unacceptable to the overwhelming number of states on the planet.”


The Russian official Tass news agency also announced Russia and China were joining the UK in repudiating the fake Covid pandemic by noting that when “Putin chatted with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping…they did not resort to anti-COVID restrictions: they spoke at close distance, without masks.”  


The Chinese further signaled to the world they knew they were under 5G electromagnetic attack and are responding by destroying the infrastructure involved as can be seen in this video of a massive cell phone facility being burned down. 


Video Player



China and Russia displayed the power of their alliance last week at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan. There Xi issued a declaration of war against the KM by saying “We should prevent external forces from instigating a color revolution.”


Instead, he promoted “mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diversity of civilizations and pursuit of common development.”


The countries allied with or signaling alliance with the SCO now include India, China, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Belarus, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Belarus, Mongolia, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Mongolia,


The fact that Turkey, the nation with the largest NATO army after the United States, has joined this alliance spells military doom for NATO,


There was also a sign that with this huge alliance behind it, China is preparing for a move to take over Taiwan. On Sunday Taiwan was hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake was almost certainly artificial because it took place at a depth of 10 kilometers and its epicenter was the huge airbase in Hualien County on the eastern coast of Taiwan.


The US military is in no position to resist because it is so short of funds that active duty soldiers need food stamps in order to feed themselves and their families.


Also, since the SCO membership includes most of the world’s major oil exporting nations, this means their ongoing cut-off of oil to the EU and the US will cause complete economic havoc.


Indonesia, another major oil-producing nation is also likely to join the anti-KM alliance soon. Indonesian intelligence sources say a civil war is raging within the military and police forces. Indonesian white hats have discovered “gambling syndicates, prostitution, trafficking under age children, drugs and tons of money…specially appointed outside investigators have already tracked several hundred million dollars in offshore banks, located in Singapore and Hong Kong.” The articles linked below reflect a small part of the internal war raging there.


“This will most likely bring down the Indonesian government before the end of October,” the source says.


Japan is also secretly joining the alliance. The fact that Russia is still supplying them with gas and oil shows the Japanese have already reached a secret deal.


Senior members of the Japanese underworld met a WDS representative last week and said an alliance had been reached between all major Japanese ninkyo (the proper way to refer to the widely used derogatory word yakuza) organizations had formed an alliance. This means groups that have sub-contracted to the KM to supply under-age children, murder politicians, etc. will now have to choose between surrender or death


The ninkyo alliance promises to take back control of all Japanese listed companies from the KM and their lackeys.


Polish intelligence sources also contacted the WDS last week to announce they had declared war on the KM. They note:


The world is ruled by four corporations: Black Rock, State Street Corp., Vanguard Group and FMR, owned by several families, including: Rockefeller, Rothschild, Onassis, Kennedy, McDonald, Disney, Bundy, Bush and Collins. These corporations have built their fortune on trafficking in human beings, arms, drugs, prostitution, global terrorism and false flag operations. They are represented on the supervisory boards of the International Monetary Fund, all Central Banks, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve System. They also own oil, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and technological giants.


Video Player




They said the Polish military was poised to take over the KM subsidiary “ALTRIA holdings which manages the Polish economy, politics, political parties, politicians, courts and business.”


A Polish intelligence source noted:


Russia knows it’s leading an exit from the Matrix. It is leaving a corrupt financial system, media and internet behind. They are exposing the New World Order, the EU, USA, NATO, UN, CERN, WHO, CIA and MOSSAD. It is all one big pit with snakes, full of darkness joined together up the evil elite pyramid. It will soon be completely destroyed.”


The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy is also about to take decisive action since most archbishops are aware “Pope Francis” is an agent working for “Mammon.” Archbishop Carlo Vigano says “in the short term, the Church will have to deal with the disasters caused by Bergoglio (“pope Francis”) and his little circle of corrupt associates.”


Of course, the KM, as usual, isn’t planning to go quietly into the night despite the growing opposition. The buzz going around the internet and intelligence agencies is that some sort of massive 911 or Fukushima-type event is being planned for on or around the Jewish New Year starting on September 24th. Whatever they do, though, they are not going to be able to murder or terrorize themselves out of the hole they have dug for themselves.



The big question though is if the long-planned “space/UFO” event will take place on or around then.


On this front, we will conclude, as is our recent practice, with the latest evidence of UFOs and unidentified areal phenomena (UAP).


1)Ancient mosaic found in Palmyra, Syria Ancient alien craft.

1) 在叙利亚帕尔米拉发现的古代马赛克和古代外星飞船。

Video Player



2)UFO seen from a passenger plane

2) 从客机上看到的不明飞行物

Video Player



3)Drones flying over a city with helicopter watching

3) 无人机飞越城市上空,直升机监视

Video Player



4)UFO seen flying by on live TV news

4) 电视直播新闻中看到飞碟飞过

Video Player



5) Military SSP craft fires weapon

5) 军方秘密太空项目飞行物发射武器

Video Player



Finally, in a sign we live in interesting times: “Ukrainian astronomers observe bizarre, unidentified aerial phenomena over Kyiv.”


CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 斯大林的犹太人 — 2022年9月18日


Stalin’s Jews






 几年前,Sever Plocker为以色列的Ynet新闻写了一篇文章,题为“斯大林的犹太人”(1) 他说:“我们不能忘记,现代最伟大的(大规模)杀人犯中有一些是犹太人。”这篇文章是他陈述的证据。

 引用Plocker的话, “我们无法确定切卡在其各种表现形式中造成的死亡人数,但肯定至少有2000万,包括强迫集体化、饥饿、大规模清洗、驱逐、流放、处决和古拉格集中营大规模死亡的受害者RMER、少数民族、资产阶级成员、高级官员、知识分子、艺术家、劳工运动积极分子、“反对派成员”完全随机定义,以及共产党本身的无数成员。


 一名以色列学生高中毕业时从未听过“Genrikh Yagoda”这个名字,他是20世纪最伟大的犹太杀人犯,GPU的副指挥官,也是NKVD的创始人和指挥官。雅戈达勤勉地执行斯大林的集体化命令,并对至少1000万人的死亡负责。他的犹太副手建立并管理古拉格系统。”




 普洛克指的是另一件事,试图混淆和将责任和罪责从犹太人转移到俄罗斯人民。他指出,哈佛大学的所谓“历史学家”尼尔·弗格森(Niall Ferguson)在其《世界战争》一书中写道,“人类历史上没有一场革命像苏联革命那样,以不受限制的胃口吞噬了它的孩子”。普洛克还回忆说,特拉维夫大学的伊加尔·哈芬博士在一本关于斯大林主义清洗的书中写道,“斯大林的暴力是独特的,因为它是内部指挥的”。


A Bit of Historical Background


 在之前一篇关于犹太人和革命的文章中(2) 我注意到,过去曾发生过多次企图革命的浪潮,都是由犹太人煽动的,但大多被这些人埋葬和歪曲。俄罗斯是一个特别的例子。这似乎并不广为人知,但在1917年我们都知道的“俄罗斯革命”事件之前和之后,俄罗斯的革命尝试超过了它的份额。

The Revolutions of 1848



The Revolution of 1881


 俄国在1881年又进行了一次革命 (3) 在这起事件中,一个名叫维拉·菲格纳的犹太人暗杀了沙皇亚历山大二世,她是一个名为“人民意志”的犹太恐怖组织的领导人。这是他们给新沙皇亚历山大三世的通知:(4)


The Revolution of 1890



The Revolution of 1905



The Russo-Japanese War


我在这里不太详细,因为这个主题很大,其他参考文献很容易获得基本事实。(7) 简单地说,俄罗斯希望在朝鲜北部或中国北部建立一个温水海军港口,这些地区由日本控制。这幅画面有点模糊,但很明显,犹太人在极力推动双方的好战性和顽固性,并肯定在推动严肃的军事接触。雅各布·希夫(Jacob Schiff)正在推行一项帮助日本工业化和军事化的(完全虚构的)政策,以保护自己免受“俄罗斯沙皇的基督徒”的伤害。(8)






 日本人并没有忘记这一点,随着更多类似的经历,他们意识到自己永远不会被西方世界接受。因此,当第二次世界大战的风开始吹起时,日本人不希望敌方外星人出现在他们中间,这是可以理解的。他们首先在1926年驱逐了长崎的所有犹太人,后来又驱逐了全日本的所有犹太人。这是我们可以建立更多历史联系的地方。几乎可以肯定的是,当时“美国最有权势的人”犹太人伯纳德·巴鲁克(Bernard Baruch)选择长崎作为原子弹的目标之一。而后来的全面驱逐可以说是巴鲁克选择日本作为美国展示其新的原子力量的目标的原因。



Back to the Revolution of 1905


 当时的沙皇尼古拉斯二世(Nicholas II)态度严重转变,愿意做出重大让步,以维持国家和平,避免内战。他最有效的部长之一彼得·斯托利平(Peter Stolypin)提出了许多改革,这些改革将巩固俄罗斯人民的满意度和安全。据说斯托利平也许是唯一一个能够避免所有流血事件并拯救罗曼诺夫家族的人。因此,Stolypin必须被移除。(9)一位名叫德米特里·博格罗夫的犹太革命家开枪打死了斯托利平。(10)犹太人很快声称博格罗夫“独自行动”,但暗杀的秘密从未解开。无论如何,他的刺杀注定了罗曼诺夫王朝的灭亡。维基百科不知道博格罗夫是犹太人。(11)

The 1917 Russian Revolution



我们感兴趣的不是革命,而是前后的事件应该引起我们的注意。根据全球共产主义控制计划,犹太人迫切希望发生一场剧变来摧毁俄罗斯。这一次,他们计划得更仔细了。这似乎并不广为人知,但托洛茨基和数百名在1905年革命失败后被驱逐出俄罗斯的俄罗斯犹太人都在美国接受下一次尝试的培训,他们接受了多年的培训。雅各布·希夫(Jacob Schiff)和马克斯·沃伯格(Max Warburg)为他们提供了大量资金,他们花费了2000多万美元用于培训和资助革命本身。今天这将是7.5亿美元,在当时是一笔巨大的资金。

 1917年3月,希夫和沃伯格派遣列夫·达维多维奇·布朗斯坦(Lev Davidovich Bronstein,更为人熟知的“托洛茨基”)和他的数百名犹太共产主义者前往俄罗斯,以煽动革命。与此同时,约9万名犹太流亡者从世界各地返回俄罗斯,渗透该国并协助革命,大多数人改变了犹太人的名字,以便更容易融入俄罗斯社会。你可以看到,这不是一项微不足道的任务,而是一项从单一来源进行广泛全球规划的任务-来源是伦敦市。




The Jewish Revolutionists


鲁吉亚人Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili又名约瑟夫·维萨里奥诺维奇·斯大林可能只不过是一个前线王座背后的真正权力来自伦敦市由雅各布·希夫和马克斯·沃伯格策划。一些历史学家认为斯大林只是一个名义上的领袖,真正掌权的是拉扎尔·卡加诺维奇(契卡的犹太首领,斯大林犹太妻子的兄弟)。不止几位历史学家似乎接受了这样的观点,即在斯大林统治下担任重要职务的犹太人实际上做出了决定并决定了政策。

值得注意的是,尽管犹太人在俄罗斯人口中只占很小的比例,但80%到90%的俄罗斯革命者都是犹太人,在古拉格和切卡等一些地区,犹太人的参与率实际上是100%。1917年红色十月革命后,犹太人绝对统治了整个布尔什维克政权。第一届苏联政府中几乎所有的部长都是犹太人,少数不是犹太人的是共济会成员,有犹太妻子,讲意第绪语。“布尔什维克在俄罗斯的革命是犹太人的智慧、犹太人的不满和犹太人的计划,其目标是在世界上建立一个新秩序。”(12) 如上所述,来自许多欧洲地区的约90000名犹太人涌入俄罗斯主要城市,在政府和经济的所有主要部门担任重要的行政职务。


“根据美国国务院的文件,一群强大的犹太金融精英计划在1916年推翻俄罗斯沙皇尼古拉斯二世。这些密谋者包括雅各布·希夫、莫蒂默·希夫(Mortimer Schiff)、菲利克斯·沃伯格(Felix Warburg)、奥托·卡恩(Otto Kahn)和艾萨克·泽尔曼(Isaac Zeelman)。他们决定摧毁俄罗斯,建立一个共产主义独裁政权将被执行,服从国际犹太人的命令。” (14)


温斯·丘吉尔写道 “没有必要夸大这些国际性的,大部分是无神论的犹太人在创造布尔什维克主义和实际促成俄罗斯革命中所起的作用……在苏联机构中,犹太人的优势甚至更令人吃惊。而在这一体系中,最突出的部分,如果不是真正的主要部分,则是打击反革命特别委员会(CHEKA)所适用的恐怖主义em已被犹太人所采用,在一些著名案例中,也被犹太人所使用。(16)


The Jewish CHEKA



拉扎·卡加诺维奇Lazar Kaganovich是契卡的犹太人领袖,他以清洗那些反对犹太人控制国家的人而闻名。任何敢于批评犹太霸权的人都被无情地杀害,因为“反犹太主义”在苏联成为了可判处死刑的罪行。





The Jewish Gulags




斯大林死前,近2000万男女被送往西伯利亚的这些营地和其他前哨,其中许多人再也没有回来。囚犯遭受饥饿、疾病、暴力和寒冷;大量的人死亡。饥饿并不罕见,因为囚犯几乎没有足够的食物来维持如此艰难的劳动。其他囚犯只是被拖到树林里,被警卫无缘无故地枪杀。” (19)

Jewish Collectivisation



 犹太人在俄罗斯造成的饥荒是无法想象的。历史学家尤利娅·赫梅列夫斯卡娅(Yulia Khmelevskaya)写道,“人们几乎吃了所有可以吞下的东西。他们吃屋顶上的稻草。”犹太人故意组织了三次大规模的“人为饥荒”,旨在使乌克兰、白俄罗斯、哈萨克斯坦和俄罗斯的农民挨饿。数以百万计的人缓慢死亡,人们依靠吃草,有些甚至吃人。犹太人对此的态度是什么?托洛茨基曾说过:“你在挨饿吗?”?这还不是饥荒;当你的女人开始吃他们的孩子时,你可能会说:“我们饿了。”(20)

The Jewish Holodomor in the Ukraine




亚历山大·索尔仁尼琴(Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)估计,俄罗斯的犹太政权总共消灭了6000多万人,包括被迫集体化、饥饿和饥荒、清洗、驱逐、流放、处决和古拉格集中营大规模死亡的受害者。我相信他也说过,“像这样的工业规模的谋杀是[犹太]共产主义理论的重要组成部分。

Khazar Jewish Sympathy for the Victims





Stalin’s Jews


Lazar Kaganovich




Yakov Sverdlov


 雅科夫·斯维尔德洛夫(Yakov Sverdlov)被称为“革命恶魔”,是犹太人的执行秘书和犹太政府首脑。正是这个人创造并释放了后来被称为“红色恐怖”的东西。也正是斯维尔德洛夫发起了所谓的“解封”,约有100万堂·哥萨克被残忍杀害,其中包括妇女和婴儿,通常被活埋。1917年后的头几年,似乎每一次针对俄罗斯人民的血腥行动都是由斯维尔德洛夫煽动的,他是“党的头脑”。作家P·帕加努齐(P.Paganuzi)说,“[犹太]布尔什维克犯下的滔天罪行超出了所有残忍的手段,是在中央的命令下犯下的,他们的主要责任在于斯维尔德洛夫斯克。”(25) (26) (27) (28) (29)

是斯维尔德洛夫下令杀死俄罗斯王室。莫斯科剧作家和历史学家埃德瓦尔德·拉津斯基(Edvard Radzinsky)在1990年的一项研究中发现,斯维尔德洛夫在下令处决沙皇尼古拉二世及其家人中扮演了角色犹太人为他感到骄傲,为了纪念他,沙皇及其家人被杀害的叶卡捷琳堡市被重新命名为斯维尔德洛夫斯克。

Genrikh Yagoda (real name: Genakh Gershenovich)


Genrikh Yagoda被描述为“斯大林的主要恐怖头目,负责让他掌权”,他无疑是“20世纪最伟大的犹太大屠杀凶手之一”。他是GPU的副指挥官,也是NKVD的创始人和指挥官。正是雅戈达实施了农民土地和作物的集体化,并对至少1000万人的死亡负责。正是亚戈达的犹太副手建立并管理了古拉格制度,亚历山大·索尔仁尼琴因此而声名鹊起。(30)雅戈达后来被降级,由“嗜血侏儒”尼古拉·耶兹霍夫取代为首席刽子手。


Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria


拉夫伦蒂·贝利亚(Lavrentiy Beria)无疑是斯大林最有权势、最邪恶的犹太中尉,他是一名大规模杀戮农民的凶手,也是一名嗜血的性狂人和恋童癖者,他将儿童埋在地下室,显然许多人还活着。贝里亚是臭名昭著的警察局长和有权势的中尉,他发起了卡廷大屠杀。(31)贝利亚加入了契卡,并成为格鲁吉亚内务部的负责人,最终成为共产党中央委员会的成员,当时是副总理和政治局委员。1953年斯大林去世后,贝利亚试图取代他成为苏联独裁者,但被尼基塔·赫鲁晓夫、莫洛托夫和马林科夫击败。


Ilya Ehrenburg


 还有伊利亚·埃伦伯格(Ilya Ehrenburg),他可能是最著名的犹太人,他教导人们仇恨——“杀死所有德国人,因为他们不是人类”。(32) 正是埃伦堡煽动军队强奸和残害德国、波兰和捷克妇女,作为惩罚的一种形式,这是他煽动对所有德国人进行种族灭绝的一部分。(33)




And Many More


还有莱昂尼德·雷克曼,他是NKVD特别部门的负责人和该组织的首席审问官,也是一个特别残忍的虐待狂。(37) 还有更多的名字对你来说意义不大:亚历山大·帕武斯、所罗门·洛佐夫斯基、莫西·乌里茨基、阿道夫·阿布拉莫维奇·乔夫、德米特里·博格罗夫、列夫·卡梅内夫(真名罗森菲尔德)、马克西姆·利维诺夫(出生于迈尔·赫诺赫·莫泽维奇·瓦拉赫·芬克尔斯坦)、卡尔·拉德克(真名卡罗尔·索贝尔松)、格里戈里·齐诺维夫、伊利亚·埃伦伯格、纳塔菲·弗兰克尔、,马蒂亚斯·伯曼。所有犹太大屠杀凶手都有自己的权利。

The Anonymity of the Jews


由于许多人试图掩盖和混淆事实因此很难确定某些人的犹太身份。仅仅通过频繁地更改姓名,犹太人就很难辨别其种族的真相。列宁(弗拉基米尔·乌里扬诺夫)是犹太人。(38) (39) (40) (41) 现在,人们普遍猜测斯大林是格鲁吉亚犹太人,甚至洛杉矶的B’nai B’rith信使也认为他是犹太人。当然,他讲意第绪语,他有三个犹太妻子,在他的核心圈子里没有任何异教徒。当然,问题的一部分在于,将斯大林认定为犹太人,将消除他作为俄罗斯精神病理学的招牌男孩的作用,也不会让犹太人的暴行受到指责。如上所述,这使得犹太人可以将整个“俄罗斯”革命和所有暴行归类为“斯大林主义”,即,当摧毁俄罗斯和消灭6000多万俄罗斯人完全是犹太人的创造和处决时,这是一个完全的氏族事件。应该指出的是,当时俄罗斯的人口只有1.25亿。


 有一些犹太网站,如犹太人或非犹太人,通常非常有助于确定不同民族的种族,通常人们可以写信询问意见或决定。但有些人在这方面似乎是禁止的。美国国际开发署(USAID)前负责人雷默特·拉文霍特(Reimert Ravenholt)就是其中之一,他无疑是有史以来最伟大的反社会者和精神变态者之一,在不发达国家强行绝育了数亿妇女,造成了只有上帝知道的死亡。我曾试图通过这些犹太网站获取有关拉文霍尔特种族背景的信息或意见,只有在这一次,所有网站一致拒绝回复我。

 “准确理解犹太人问题的困难在于,存在着一种独特的犹太宗教和一个独特的犹太种族。这是一个结束和另一个开始的地方。然而,犹太人会保证他们不是一个种族,而是一种宗教,并将他们与其他宗教区分开来。”死亡是纯粹的偏见和赤裸裸的反犹太主义。” (42)




然而这种努力是必要的因为只有当我们能够作出这种认同时我们才能形成必要的联系把所有的点联系起来了解我们的历史和世界的时事。只有通过这种认同,我们才能意识到色情几乎完全是犹太人的天赋,“性偏好”的字母汤几乎完全是由犹太人推广的。只有通过将犹太人视为一个种族和民族,我们才能认识到,“俄罗斯革命”实际上完全是一场针对俄罗斯的犹太革命,南斯拉夫、伊拉克和利比亚的毁灭和殖民化完全是犹太人的事件,即使是美国军队代表犹太人进行的。例如,保罗·布雷默(Paul Bremer)为伊拉克殖民发布的所谓“临时命令”,当我们得知“伊拉克临时总统”布雷默是犹太人,是亨利·基辛格(Henry Kissinger)的密友时,就有了完全不同的看法。(43) 布雷默显然是从伦敦金融城而不是从乔治·布什那里走出来的。因此,伊拉克也是一场“犹太革命”,南斯拉夫和利比亚也是如此。









The Jewish Pogroms
















罗曼诺夫先生 他的文章被翻译成32种语言,并在30多个国家的150多个外语新闻和政治网站以及100多个英语平台上发表。拉里·罗曼诺夫是一位退休的管理顾问和商人。他曾在国际咨询公司担任高级管理职务,并拥有国际进出口业务。他曾是上海复旦大学的客座教授,向高级EMBA课程介绍国际事务案例研究。罗曼诺夫先生住在上海,目前正在写一系列与中国和西方有关的十本书。他是辛西娅·麦金尼(Cynthia McKinney)的新集《当中国打喷嚏》的撰稿人之一。(第一章。2-对付恶魔).

他的全部文库可以在以下找到:  +





(1) Stalin’s Jews

(1) 斯大林的犹太人,7340,L-3342999,00.html

(2) Jews and Revolutions

(2) 犹太人与革命

(3) 1881 March 13 Czar Alexander II assassinated in St. Petersburg

(3) 1881年3月13日,沙皇亚历山大二世在圣彼得堡遇刺


(4) 亚历山大二世遇刺宣言(1881年)

(5) Russian Famine of 1891-1892

(5) 1891-1892年俄罗斯饥荒

(6) 1905 Russian Revolution

(6) 1905年俄国革命

(7) Russo-Japanese War

(7) 日俄战争

(8) Jacob Schiff would help industrialize and militarize non-Christian Japan to fight against the Christians of Russia’s Tsar.

(8) 雅各布·希夫将帮助非基督教的日本工业化和军事化,以对抗俄罗斯沙皇的基督徒。

(9) Stolypin, Peter

(9) 斯托利平,彼得

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(10) 德米特里·博格罗夫

(11) Dmitry Bogrov

(11) 德米特里·博格罗夫

(12) The American Hebrew, 1920

(12) 美国希伯来人,1920年

(13) Robert Wilton

(13) 罗伯特·威尔顿

(14) The Jewish-Led Russian Revolution

(14) 犹太人领导的俄国革命

(15) The Jewish-Led Russian Revolution

(15) 犹太人领导的俄国革命

(16) The Jewish-Led Russian Revolution

(16) 犹太人领导的俄国革命

(17) Peuple Juif, February 8. 1919.

(17) Peuple Juif,2月8日。1919

(18) Jewish Bolsheviks mass-murdered 66 million Christians in Russia

(18) 犹太布尔什维克在俄罗斯大规模杀害了6600万基督徒

(19) The Jewish-Led Russian Revolution

(19) 犹太人领导的俄国革命

(20) The Jewish-Led Russian Revolution

(20) 犹太人领导的俄国革命

(21) Holodomor Denial — A Crime against Humanity


(22) The Jewish-Led Russian Revolution


(23) Lazar Kaganovich – Stalin’s Mass Murderer


(24) Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich


(25) Yakov Sverdlov. 100 years since the death of the “devil of the revolution”


(26) Yakov Sverdlov: the demon of the Leninist Revolution. 6 facts that are not found in textbooks


(27) Grandson of a merchant and brother of the American banker Y. M. Sverdlov (Gauchmann Aaron Moishevich)


(28) Yakov Sverdlov-biography


(29) The secret of Yakov Sverdlov’s death


(30) The first NKVD commissar to be shot. Genrikh Yagoda


(31) Katyn massacre


(32) Ilya Ehrenburg agitated for genocide against Germans


(33) Ilya Ehrenburg – Kill all Germans because they are not human


(34) Ilya Ehrenberg – The Man Who Invented The ‘Six Million’


(35) Ilya Ehrenburg


(36) Ilya Ehrenburg


(37) Stalin’s Jews


(38) Lenin was a Jew


(39) Lenin’s Jewish roots


(40) (Israel Moses) Blank in Odessa in the early 1800s.


The grandfather of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov — he began to take the pseudonym Lenin when he was around 30 — was born Sril Moiseyevich

(41) Was Lenin Jewish?


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CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 犹太人与世界各国的革命 — 2022年9月12日


Jews and Revolutions


By Larry Romanoff, September 12, 2022






Much of the so-called “history” we were taught in our schools has not been so accurate as we might have believed. In particular, the book publishers, with cunning aforethought, have managed to eliminate much of the most important information necessary to give us a real understanding of the world in which we live. After the elimination of perhaps 50% of the crucial facts, much of the remainder that has been presented to us is factually false. Even worse, they have managed to construct a disconnected historical narrative consisting of sound bytes that appear unrelated and thus prevent us from being able to connect the necessary dots to see the overall picture as it really is (or has been). To make matters worse, our teachers, having been educated in this same system, are themselves ignorant of most of the crucial facts. In this essay, I will attempt to present some major sections of an important segment of our history so the relations can be made and the picture discerned as a whole.


Contrary to our propagandised history texts, revolutions have seldom resulted from a ‘spontaneous combustion of the social order’ as someone wrote. Most often, the match is lit by some “secret agency that conceals itself in the shadowy sanctuaries of certain forms of Freemasonry” that inevitably has “a distinctly Jewish” origin. Our recorded history has in every case omitted the ethnic identities of the instigators and main players and, with few exceptions (France and Russia, most notably), has buried the fact of these revolutions altogether. The European countries had two waves of revolutions about 100 years apart, directed to the overthrow of monarchies, but this was only the beginning. Few seem aware today that the Communist movement was more or less 100% a Jewish creation, one bent on fostering revolutions not only in Europe but throughout the world. We had Trotsky and Lenin in Russia, the Jewish Masonic lodges in France, a successful coup in Mongolia, Bela Kun in Hungary, Rosa Luxembourg in Germany, attempted Communist revolutions in the US (Emma Goldman) and Canada, China (Voitinsky), Bettelheim (Austria), and many more.


Some Historical Background


The paragraphs immediately following are an abbreviated extract from an earlier article titled, “It’s Time to Trash Democracy — Part 1 – The Origin”. (1)


Most everyone knows that the Jews have for centuries been expelled repeatedly from nation after nation, at least for the past 700 or 800 years, the expulsions often occurring every 50 years or so. This much is well-documented, but it is interesting that no one seems to have paid attention to precisely when these expulsions ceased or, more importantly, why they ceased. We need to retrace some history from Eastern Europe.


Many centuries ago, the Eastern confines of Europe between the Caucasus and the Volga were ruled by a Jewish state known as the Khazar Empire, (2) (3) the peak of its power from the seventh to the tenth centuries, AD. The Khazars were a people of Turkish stock who, for reasons unclear, chose to adopt Judaism as their religion in about 750 AD, but of critical importance is that they were not Jews, not in any sense of the meaning of that word. They were entirely Turkic and Eastern European, genetically more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (2 – p. 17)

 许多世纪前,高加索和伏尔加之间的欧洲东部边界由一个名为哈扎尔帝国的犹太国家统治 (2) (3)公元七世纪至十世纪是其权力的顶峰。哈扎尔人是土耳其人,出于不明原因,他们在公元750年左右选择了犹太教作为他们的宗教,但至关重要的是,他们不是犹太人,也不是这个词的任何意义。他们完全是突厥人和东欧人,在基因上与匈奴、维吾尔族和马扎尔部落的关系比与亚伯拉罕、艾萨克和雅各布的后裔更密切。(2 – p、 17)

The Khazars were nomadic warriors, “wild men with hideous faces and the manners of wild beasts, eaters of blood”. An Armenian writer refers to the “horrible multitude”. They were without doubt one of the most violent and cruel of the animal species that have ever inhabited the earth, with no use for life other than their own. The Khazars were so violent, brutal, and savage a people that they are described to be “feared and abhorred above all peoples in that region of the world”. Little is known of their origin because Jewish historians and book publishers have written them out of our history and do their best today to deny even the existence of these people. These Eastern European Khazars were without question the most hated and feared peoples of all Europe at the time, perhaps in all of history. Their blood-thirstiness and cruelty were legendary, to say nothing of their greed. (4) (5) It will be of significance that prior to the time they adopted Judaism, the Khazar religion was one of phallic worship.

 卡扎尔人是游牧战士,“面目狰狞、举止凶猛的野人,食人血”。一位亚美尼亚作家提到“可怕的群众”。毫无疑问,它们是地球上有史以来最暴力和残忍的动物物种之一,除了它们自己的生命之外,它们对生命毫无用处。哈扎尔人是如此暴力、残暴和野蛮,以至于他们被描述为“世界上该地区所有人民最为恐惧和憎恶”。人们对他们的起源知之甚少,因为犹太历史学家和图书出版商把他们从我们的历史中写出来,今天他们尽最大努力否认这些人的存在。毫无疑问,这些东欧哈扎尔人是当时全欧洲最令人憎恨和恐惧的民族,也许是整个历史上最令人憎恨的民族。他们的嗜血和残忍是传奇,更不用说他们的贪婪了。(4) (5)重要的是,在他们接受犹太教之前,哈扎尔宗教是一种阴茎崇拜。

The Khazar Empire came to an end when the peoples of Europe, unable to tolerate their savage brutality, bound together, exterminated the Empire and scattered the surviving Khazars to the four winds. They were defeated primarily by the Russians in about 965 AD but persisted to some significant degree, suffering various additional exterminations until the late 1300s when Genghis Khan cleaned them out and occupied almost all their prior territory. The Khazars simply ‘disappeared’ from history, to be replaced by “Jews” who suddenly appeared almost everywhere at the same time. These dispersed survivors remained nomads, people of no nation and no place – and of no loyalty to any people, nation, or place. And, as Koestler points out, this is “the cradle of the numerically strongest and culturally dominant part of modern Jewry”. And indeed, I have read Jewish publications which state flatly that (to paraphrase, but accurately) “one might as well say there are no more ‘real Jews’ left in the world, that at least 95% of all Jews are European Khazars”. They give real Jews a bad name.


Greed drove this Khazarian diaspora to banking and money, while their native brutality lent itself well to slave-trading, all occupations they have pursued ever since. Their natural homelessness and fundamental dissimilarity with other human tribes were perhaps responsible for their lack of loyalty to any nation or peoples, and their apparently innate cruel brutality, along with their apparently also innate sexual perversions, accounted for their drift to occupations like slave-trading, kidnapping countless young women for sale in harems around the world and for kidnapping and castrating young men to serve as eunuchs in these same harems. The latter may also have accounted for their sudden shift to Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud resonating well with their sexual proclivities, a kind of ‘kindred spirit’ to which they were quite disposed and receptive. Their violent and independent nature also manifested in a powerful unwillingness to accept subjection or subordination to ruling power, and most definitely rejected assimilation.


Their problems were many. These Khazars (now our “so-called” Jews) were also bitterly hated for their tax-farming. The process was simple. They would approach a monarch with a proposition to pay the entire tax revenue of his kingdom annually in advance, in a lump sum, in return for which they would have the right to levy and collect taxes from the citizenry during the ensuing year, to recover their ‘investment’ and make a profit. The theory was sound; the practice brutal. These so-called Jews would create, levy and collect taxes in kind and volume that would stagger the imagination and eventually bankrupt an entire nation. Many a monarch would discover the tax collections progressing without limit until the entire kingdom was on the verge of a revolution, at which point these so-called Jews would be expelled from the country, sometimes permitted to take their booty with them, sometimes it being confiscating on exit. In every case, this “Jewish” diaspora pushed matters to the point where a mass expulsion was considered the only salvation of a country.


We have been for generations exposed to tales of ‘the Jews’ being expelled from various nations for reasons of anti-Semitism, but this was never true. First, and again, these people were not Jews, and they were expelled for their crimes and their greed, unrelated to their (false) ethnic origin. It seems unknown today that the expulsions never really ceased. Cuba expelled all the Jews after the revolution. Japan expelled all the Jews in two waves prior to WWII, and Mao’s first act on assuming power was to expel all the Jews from China. Germany attempted the same (to Madagascar) prior to WWII, but failed. These were all for similar reasons, and many more such exist today.


The Roots of Revolution


We can imagine that these repeated expulsions from dozens of countries perhaps every 50 years or so, for hundreds of years would become inconvenient and tiresome. The primary issue was that people were subject to the whim of a monarch – of one man – who had the power and the might to expel them and confiscate their assets at his pleasure. Subversion and revolution may not have been so difficult when we consider that monarchs were often uncompromising and brutal to their own populations as well.


The Jews produced two rounds of revolutions in Europe when they sensed the expulsion winds blowing, the first set producing no lasting benefit to our Khazars, one unfriendly monarch quickly being replaced by another of similar sentiment and with similar concerns for his own longevity.


The Khazarian Jews found a better way. The conception was brilliant, the process simple, the theory eminently seductive. “We don’t need a king. A country is easy to manage. We can form a government from the people. We can rule ourselves. No more useless wars, no more punishing taxes, no monarch living in luxury while we starve. We can do this ourselves, and be free.” And of course, the Jews could guide the people to the formation of an effective government, primarily by creating two “parties” from which the people could choose, and with the ability to eject one party if unsatisfactory and select the other, thus keeping them “honest”. We know how that turned out.


The peasants were ecstatic with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, while the elites were even more ecstatic because they realised from the outset that government leaders could come only from their group. These so-called Jews were offering the elites total control of their entire country, and were willing to finance the transition. How could you refuse an offer like this? To put this into perspective, the entire story unfolded over 200 or more years, involved thousands of Khazars, sometimes acting independently but often in concert, and with mistakes, lapses and learning before the final product was firmly established. So, in this sense, it is a bit simplistic to simply say “The Jews created democracy”. Nevertheless, this is how it happened. This was the genesis of democracy, at least of the multi-party form of electoral system we have today.


The reason it happened this way is because a multi-party electoral system is the only government system that can be completely corrupted and controlled from behind the scenes with that corruption and control institutionalised in perpetuity. It is true that any kind of government can be corrupt, but the multi-party “democratic” system was created to be corruptible in all its constituent elements and where each individual politician could be bought, with the entire population being exploited, this process having now been developed to a fine art. At first, party leaders developed a machine, each to impress its views on the people, but quickly “the party machine” took charge of the process and all control was assumed by those in charge of that machine. The result was that neither the politicians nor the people today have any influence in the process which is controlled in the background for everything from financing to policy.


This is the reason the Jews, through their control of the media and publishing, have promulgated “democracy” ceaselessly as a religion so holy that even to examine or question it constitutes blasphemy of the highest order. It has been so successful that there are precious few “democracies” today that are not effectively controlled by Jews in the background – our so-called “Deep State”. The US is widely-known as a Jewish state, but Canada, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, the Netherlands, England, France, Italy, Australia, and all the others are not better. Even Japan is factually a Jewish colony.


The Color of Revolutions


Our revolutionary picture is muddy and clouded because we have had several other categories of Jew-induced revolutions, some of which coincided with the removal of a monarch (notably the French Revolution) while others were for a vast social upheaval and the replacement of any government with a Communist elite (Russia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Spain). There is yet another entire category which we can loosely call “Color Revolutions” which were meant to replace existing (non-Jewish) governments with new ones that would be controlled by Jews. One of the greatest such attempts was the violence in China in 1989, the so-called “Tiananmen Square Incident”, which was entirely a (failed) organised attempt by Worldwide Jewry at a Color Revolution in China. If you are interested to know more, I believe this is recognised as the definitive article on the subject. (6) Ukraine was another (successful one), and there were many more such attempts.


There are other categories too. The American Revolution was unrelated to slavery but was really a “War of Financial Disobedience” inflicted on the US by the European Jewish bankers, primarily Rothschild. There are others, as well as wars instigated, Presidential assassinations committed, and other mortal sins, all from the same source and for similar political  reasons.


The truth is that in all the past revolutionary movements there is plain evidence of a common design. This was true of the two series of European revolutions meant to depose existing monarchies, of the long series of Communist revolutions meant to replace the existing social orders, of the series of so-called “Color Revolutions” meant to replace existing governments with new regimes under Jewish control. To this we could add the 50 or so so-called ‘revolutions’ where the European Jewish bankers in the City of London replaced functioning legitimate governments with brutal dictatorships (Latin America, Africa), for both financial and political gain, in all cases using the US CIA and military as the Bankers Private Army. Today, they destroy countries to “make the world safe for democracy”, but first they needed to destroy countries to make the world safe for the Jews.


Prior to and following WWI, there was a long series of serious revolutionary outbreaks in Portugal, Prussia, Bavaria, Hungary, Holland, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Turkey, and many more. In all of these instances, the same “foreign influence” was primarily responsible but history seems to  have deleted not only the instigators but the events themselves.


Benjamin Disraeli, in his book “Coningsby”, written in 1844, wrote “that mighty Revolution which is at this moment preparing in Germany, and which will be, in fact, a second and greater Reformation, and of which so little is yet known in England, is developing entirely under the auspices of Jews.” And of course, the two Jews primarily behind that ‘reformation’ were Ferdinand Lassalle and Karl Marx. “Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to use as a bait to attract the masses of the people so as to crush those in authority.”

 本杰明·迪斯雷利(Benjamin Disraeli)在其写于1844年的《科宁斯比》(Coningsby)一书中写道:“目前正在德国准备的伟大革命,事实上,这将是第二次更伟大的改革,而在英国,人们对其知之甚少,完全是在犹太人的支持下进行的。”当然,主要支持“改革”的两个犹太人是费迪南德·拉萨尔和卡尔·马克思。“政治自由是一种理念,但不是事实。人们必须知道如何利用这种理念作为诱饵,吸引群众,从而粉碎当权者。”

Winston Churchill, Britain’s future Prime Minister, railed against “the schemes of the International Jews” as follows:

 英国未来首相温斯顿·丘吉尔(Winston Churchill)对“国际犹太人的阴谋”进行了如下指责:

“This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer Mrs. (Nesta) Webster has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.” (7)

 “犹太人中的这种运动并不新鲜。从魏肖普时代到卡尔·马克思时代,再到托洛茨基(俄罗斯)、贝拉·昆(匈牙利)、罗莎·卢森堡(德国)和艾玛·戈德曼(美国)这一世界范围的阴谋,旨在推翻文明,并在停滞的发展、嫉妒的恶意和不可能的平等的基础上重建社会,一直在稳步增长。正如现代作家(内斯塔·韦伯斯特夫人)所展示的那样,它在法国大革命的悲剧中扮演了一个明显的角色。它是十九世纪每一次颠覆运动的主要动力;现在,这群来自欧洲和美洲大城市地下世界的杰出人物终于抓住了俄罗斯人民的头发,成为了这个巨大帝国无可争议的主人。” (7)

Many books have been written on this topic from the late 1800s to the middle and late 1900s, but these books are no longer in vogue, are not referenced or cited by anyone, and probably not read by academics anywhere, their attention having been directed to more “approved” topics. Thus, the knowledge falls out of the world’s consciousness. Some people today try to tell us, but few listen. Carroll Quigley uncovered and revealed part of the plot, but the printing plates to his books were destroyed and publishers forbidden to resurrect them.


Henry Ford and The Protocols


Henry Ford’s long series of essays titled “The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem”, (8) written in the early 1920s, tried to bring public attention to the matter of Jewish-instigated revolutions and much more, his writings being of perhaps even more importance today. Benjamin Freedman, who had been an advisor to five US Presidents, wrote some articles that revealed much of the buried history of the Jews. (9) (10). An exceptionally-informed book titled “The Cause of World Unrest” was written by  Howell Arthur Gwynne, the Editor of the London Morning Post from 1911 to 1937, one I have used in part as a reference for this article and which is eminently worth reading. (11)

 亨利·福特(Henry Ford)题为“国际犹太人-世界首要问题”的长篇论文系列(8)写于20世纪20年代初,试图引起公众对犹太人煽动的革命的关注,甚至更多,他的作品在今天可能更为重要。曾担任五位美国总统顾问的本杰明·弗里德曼(Benjamin Freedman)写了一些文章,揭示了犹太人被埋葬的历史。(9) (10). 一本名为《世界动荡的原因》的书是由豪厄尔·阿瑟·格温(英语:Howell Arthur Gwynne)写的,他是1911年至1937年《伦敦晨报》的编辑,我在这篇文章中部分引用了这本书,非常值得一读。(11)

Gwynne wrote:


“Lately there has been published both in America and England a translation of a work entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” It is difficult to say whether or not it is a genuine document. But today, after our experience of the War, the Peace Conference, and the doings of the Jews in Russia, it has received everywhere a great deal of earnest study and consideration. Many of its prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes and, because of this, we are justified in giving to it a greater credence than could have been possible ten years ago. Jewish writers and newspapers have denied with indignation the authenticity of the protocols. But even if indisputable proof were adduced tomorrow that they are a forgery, there would still be asked the same question which the protocols have provoked and are provoking every day. Have the Jews a foreign policy of their own with a definite end in view? It would be difficult to deny to that section of Jewry which is best described as political, a definite national policy.”


“And if we consider the internal evidence fairly it amounts to this: that the document predicts a world revolution, and a world revolution carried out by a Jewish organization, and that the revolution now in progress — the Bolshevist Revolution — is in fact carried on mainly by Jews, and is an attempt at a world revolution. There we must leave it. If our readers believe that such a prophecy could have been made without foreknowledge by some anti-Semitic fanatic, then, of course, they will not accept the document as genuine. If, on the other hand, they believe that such a hypothesis is untenable, then there is only the alternative that the document is genuine.”


Gwynne writes further: “Time and again they have been used with most barefaced effrontery as a means of producing results which they themselves never desired.” This much is certainly true. There is no question the Jews in the City of London wanted to cause the breakup of Yugoslavia, and that they used the auspices of Harvard University’s “Albert Einstein Institution”, Gene Sharp being the facilitator. Sharp’s Otpor Manual, a pathetically-fictitious instruction for “non-violent struggle” that culminated in one of the most violent episodes in our Earth’s recent history, beginning with the destruction of Serbia but ending with countless hundreds of thousands of deaths and one of the greatest programs of ethnic cleansing we have ever seen. When we think of the breakup of Yugoslavia, the deaths and migrations, there is no one who wanted that or foresaw the result, except for the Jews who initiated it. Talking today to those young people in Serbia who so eagerly adopted Sharp’s Satanic mission, none wanted the result that was actually achieved, and in fact were horrified to witness what they had unleashed. They were, as are university students everywhere, merely unwitting and manipulated tools in someone else’s grand scheme.


Gwynne again: “We are seeing today how the exploitation of the people can be achieved with comparative ease because the people throughout the civilised world is enfranchised and there is no one to stand between the exploiters and the exploited. If we look back in history, we shall find that the disappearance of this intermediate influence has not been altogether fortuitous. . . [There are] threads of a conspiracy engineered by people whose main object has been to destroy utterly anything – kings, governments, or institutions – which might stand between them and the people they would exploit.”


“The famous protocols may or may not be genuine, but even the most skeptical must admit that they are the abstract of a philosophy which may be devilish, but which is certainly coherent, and that in many important points they not only anticipate, but explain, some of the ills from which the world is at present suffering.” I would add that the US government and military studied this document extensively at the time (around 1920) and pronounced it genuine.


The World’s Revolutions


This is an enormous topic which would require a library to do it justice. I will simply touch on some of the revolutions and revolutionary attempts, and which can do no more than provide some indication of the vastness, on the content and intent of those plans. I will omit the so-called “Russian Revolution” from this discussion because it deserves its own exposition and, more menacingly, illustrates the enormous savage brutality of the instigators. I say ‘so-called’ Russian Revolution because it was in no sense Russian but instead was entirely a Jewish Revolution against Russia. It may not have escaped the notice of readers that another such ‘revolution’ is in the planning today – and by the same people.


We already know about Iraq and Libya with their now totally Jewish-controlled governments and central banks, and we see what is happening in Syria, Yemen and other nearby nations. The main obstacles still preventing worldwide control are China, Russia and Iran, so it is not a surprise that all current media venom is directed against these three countries which must either be taken over or destroyed. Revolutions would appear to be a non-starter. The Jews tried to launch a “Jasmine Revolution” in China a few years ago, with the only result being then-US Ambassador Jon Huntsman putting his tail between his legs and running for cover from an angry mob in downtown Beijing. Indeed, popular domestic support for the leaders is very high with at least 80% in Russia and 90%-95% in China and Iran. This leaves World War Three as the only possible solution, one that would hopefully destroy these three nations in the process, leaving the field clear for a new World Government.

 我们已经知道伊拉克和利比亚现在完全由犹太人控制的政府和中央银行,我们看到叙利亚、也门和其他周边国家正在发生什么。仍然阻碍全球控制的主要障碍是中国、俄罗斯和伊朗,因此,目前所有媒体的毒液都是针对这三个国家的,必须加以接管或予以摧毁,这并不奇怪。革命似乎不会启动。几年前,犹太人试图在中国发动一场“茉莉花革命”,唯一的结果是当时的美国大使洪博培(Jon Huntsman)把尾巴夹在两腿之间,在北京市中心的一个愤怒的暴徒面前跑向掩护。事实上,国内民众对领导人的支持率非常高,至少80%在俄罗斯,90%-95%在中国和伊朗。这使得第三次世界大战成为唯一可能的解决方案,希望在这一过程中摧毁这三个国家,为新的世界政府留下了空间。

“Let Them Eat Cake” – The French Revolution


Lord Acton, in his Essays on the French Revolution, wrote “The appalling thing is not the tumult but the design. Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed and masked, but there is no doubt about their presence from the first.”

 阿克顿勋爵(Lord Acton)在其关于法国大革命的文章中写道:“令人震惊的不是骚乱,而是设计。通过所有的火灾和烟雾,我们看到了精心组织的证据。管理者们仍然刻意隐藏和蒙面,但毫无疑问,他们从一开始就存在。”

My recollection from High School of this part of history is that the peasants revolted against Royalty and the elite class, for various wrongs that included lack of food bordering on starvation – the most notable propaganda representing which, would be the above comment attributed to Marie Antoinette – and the callous lack of concern thereof.

 我在高中时对这段历史的回忆是,农民反抗皇室和精英阶层,因为他们犯下了各种错误,包括饥饿边缘的食物短缺-最值得注意的宣传是玛丽·安托瓦内特(Marie Antoinette)的上述评论-以及对此事的冷漠。

The above quote supposedly would reflect Queen Marie Antoinette’s obliviousness to the condition of the people but, while it has been commonly attributed to her, there is no record of these words ever having been uttered by her. They appear in Jean-Jacques Rousseau‘s “Confessions”, his autobiography, whose first six books were written in 1765, when Marie Antoinette was nine years of age. (Rousseau was Jewish). It is worth noting that these words were never cited by opponents of the monarchy at the time of the French Revolution, but seemed to acquire great symbolic importance in subsequent histories when pro-revolutionary historians sought to demonstrate the obliviousness and selfishness of the French upper-classes at that time.


However, the French Revolution itself produces serious evidence of not having been a spontaneous event in any sense, but instead having been conspired, planned, and executed by various parties entirely for their own ends. It doesn’t require much cynicism to observe that this really seems, at least superficially, a case of blaming the victims for the crime. There now appears a significant portion of history telling us that the Masonic Lodges and various Jewish groups – both international and in France – actively planned this revolution.


According to the emerging historical evidence, the food shortages in France at the time were intentionally created to trigger the Revolution. The claims are made, and they appear substantial, that grains and other food stocks were purchased by those with money and removed from the market – stored and hidden – to deliberately lead the population to the brink of starvation and thereby promoting a widespread revolt. A group of Jewish bankers bought up and put into storage the entire grain crop of France, and refused to let it onto the market at any price. The people literally had no bread to eat. Hence, our revolution. As Henry Ford wrote in one of his articles: “For five generations the world has lived in a false light supposed to be shed by the French Revolution. It is now known that that revolution was not the Revolution of the French People, but the disorders of a minority who sought to impose upon the French People the very Plan which is now being considered.


It was the French People who ultimately put down the so-called French Revolution. [But] France, as a result of that upheaval of a well-organized minority, has been bound by Jewish control ever since.”


The Little Engine That Couldn’t – Emma Goldman and the Failed US Revolution


Goldman emigrated from Russia as a teen-ager and soon began promulgating various models of society based primarily on the two pillars of political anarchy and promiscuous sex. Her widespread and excessively vocal promotion of these ideals earned Goldman the label of being one of the two most dangerous anarchists in America. Goldman’s actual purpose was to foment a Communist revolution in the US, following the pattern these people had laid with their revolutions in Russia, Hungary, Germany, and other countries. But, in the end, Goldman didn’t accomplish as much anarchy as she might have done, mostly because she discovered she was more interested in sex than politics. (12)


Goldman and her lover Berkman (a kind of political Bonnie and Clyde) conspired to kill then-US President William McKinley. (13) (14) The police were never able to link Goldman directly to McKinley’s murder, though the assassin had frequently met with her and claimed to have acted under her instructions. It wasn’t only a US President who was targeted by Goldman and her group. They attempted to kill several other public figures, their plan to bomb John D. Rockefeller’s mansion in New York City failing only because the bomb exploded prematurely, killing a dozen or so anarchists while destroying much of Goldman’s home in the process. One of Goldman’s anarchists named Carlo Valdinoci blew up the front of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer’s home in Washington, D.C., also blowing himself up in the process when the bomb exploded too early. (15) And some other good tries. (16) (17)

 高盛和她的情人伯克曼(一种政治上的邦妮和克莱德)密谋杀害当时的美国总统威廉·麦金利。(13) (14)警方始终无法将高盛与麦金利的谋杀案直接联系起来,尽管刺客经常与她会面,并声称是按照她的指示行事的。高盛及其集团的目标不仅仅是一位美国总统。他们还试图杀害其他几名公众人物,他们计划炸毁约翰·D·洛克菲勒(John D.Rockefeller)在纽约市的豪宅,但失败的原因仅仅是炸弹过早爆炸,炸死了十几名无政府主义者,同时摧毁了高盛的大部分住宅。高盛的一名无政府主义者卡洛·巴尔迪诺西炸毁了司法部长米切尔·帕尔默位于华盛顿特区的家的正面,在爆炸过程中,炸弹过早爆炸,他也引爆了自己。(15)还有其他一些好的尝试。(16) (17)

The US was at the time panicking over the Russian and other European Revolutions and was not blind to the fact that so many Jewish Communists were migrating to the US – many under pressure from the Jewish lobby which was already powerful enough to demand that only the nationality of these immigrants be recorded and not the fact that they were either Jews or Communists. In any case, the fear of these communists was the starting point of McCarthyism in the US. It is true that McCarthy went too far, but America had very good reasons to have a dread fear of the Communists and their incipient domestic Communist Revolution. But the unforgivable deception was that all this fear and hatred of what were in fact Jewish Communists – mostly from Russia – was subverted and turned onto Russia itself and the USSR, instead of remaining with the primarily Jewish Communists who were responsible for the entire mess of upheavals in Europe for a period of 20 or 30 years.


One article titled, “Fear of Dissent: The Case Against the “Reds”, by the US Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, clearly outlines the dangers being faced to US society, morals and religion, seeking to replace them with the same perverted “values” as done by Bela Kun in Hungary. He states pointedly that “communism in this country was an organization of thousands of aliens who were direct allies of Trotsky”, without mentioning that Trotsky was Jewish and that all these “direct allies” were also Jewish. In the end, everything was blamed on “Russia”, although Russia as a country was innocent of the Bolshevik Revolution imposed upon it by Trotsky and his band of Jewish revolutionaries shipped there from the USA.

 一篇文章的标题是,美国司法部长A·米切尔·帕尔默(A.Mitchell Palmer)的《对异议的恐惧:反对“红军”的案例》清楚地概述了美国社会、道德和宗教面临的危险,试图用贝拉·昆(Bela Kun)在匈牙利所做的同样变态的“价值观”取代它们。他尖锐地指出,“这个国家的共产主义是一个由数千人组成的组织。”外国人是托洛茨基的直接盟友”,但没有提到托洛茨基是犹太人,所有这些“直接盟友”也都是犹太人。最后,一切都归咎于“俄罗斯”,尽管俄罗斯作为一个国家,对托洛茨克及其犹太革命者从美国运到那里的布尔什维克革命是无辜的。

Other American Revolutions


Andrew Jackson was no sooner elected President than he was the target of an assassination attempt by a gunman named Richard Lawrence, who confessed to the police that that he had been “in touch with the powers in Europe”. Despite the obvious danger to his life, Jackson refused to renew the bank’s charter and the US national debt went to zero for the first and last time in the nation’s history. But in retaliation, the Bank’s president Nicholas Biddle, an agent for the Paris-based Jacob Rothschild, immediately cut off all funding to the US government and plunged the country into a deep depression. Simultaneously, the same bankers plunged the US into a war with Mexico, greatly exacerbating the economic hardship and once again offering the US president an opportunity to clarify his thinking. (18)

 安德鲁·杰克逊刚当选总统就成为一名名叫理查德·劳伦斯(Richard Lawrence)的持枪歹徒企图暗杀的目标,他向警方供认,他“与欧洲大国保持联系”。尽管面临着明显的生命危险,杰克逊拒绝续签银行章程,美国国债在美国历史上首次也是最后一次降为零。但作为报复,该银行行长尼古拉斯·比德尔Nicholas Biddle是总部位于巴黎的雅各布·罗斯柴尔德Jacob Rothschild)的代理人,他立即切断了对美国政府的所有资助,使该国陷入深度萧条。与此同时这些银行家让美国陷入了与墨西哥的战争极大地加剧了经济困境并再次为美国总统提供了澄清其想法的机会。(18)

The bankers’ incitement of wars of clarification in America included the US civil war which, contrary to popular belief, was not about slavery but about political and financial control of the US. There is more than ample evidence that the severe divisions within the country which led to the American civil war were deliberately inflicted upon the US by these same bankers, who were fulfilling their warning delivered more than ten years earlier that disobedience would be punished by the crafting and imposition of a civil war. Their plan, which succeeded admirably, was “to exploit the question of slavery and thus to dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic”, thereby throwing the new nation into a bitter civil war with the intent of ending with two weak and easily-controlled republics instead of one strong one.


Germany’s Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck claimed the European bankers were responsible for the American Civil War, stating “The division of the United States was decided by the high financial powers of Europe”, and van Helsing wrote “The reasons leading to this civil war were almost completely due to the Rothschild agents”, one of whom was George Bickly who persuaded the Confederate States of the advantages of secession from the Union, thereby precipitating the American civil war. All American history texts attribute the civil war to slavery disputes, constituting one of the greatest lies and historical revisions existing in any nation.

 德国总理奥托·冯·俾斯麦(Otto Von Bismarck)声称,欧洲银行家应对美国内战负责,称“美国的分裂是由欧洲的金融大国决定的”,而范·赫尔辛写道,“导致这场内战的原因几乎完全是罗斯柴尔德的代理人”,其中一位是乔治·比克利,他说服了邦联各州脱离联邦的好处,从而引发了美国内战。所有美国历史教科书都将内战归因于奴隶制争端,这是任何国家存在的最大谎言和历史修正案之一。

In any case, the bankers did succeed in their incitement to violence, and the Civil War was unleashed on the US, with the London bankers backing the Union and the French bankers backing the South. Everyone made a fortune and by 1861 the US was $100 million in debt. At this time, Abraham Lincoln became the new President and snubbed the bankers by issuing US government currency popularly known as Greenbacks to pay Union Army bills without incurring debt to the Rothschilds.


At the time, the Rothschild-controlled Times of London wrote: “If that mischievous policy, which had its origins in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”




This history has been mostly deleted and few even in Canada are aware of the Jewish Communists’ “program of violence and hypocrisy” in Canada, where the [Communist] movement was very closely connected with the powerful revolutionary organisations in the US. Toronto and  Winnipeg (cities with heavy Jewish populations) had many Bolshevik societies, of which the members were almost entirely Russian Jews. They organised extensive riots in many cities, aligning their revolutionary intent with unrelated protests by war veterans. They created sufficient violence that the protests eventually had to be terminated by considerable force from the Canadian RCMP. Their program was based on a demand for the overthrow of what they called the “damnable trinity of Religion (Christianity), Government, and Capitalism.” (19) (20)

 这段历史大多已被删除,即使在加拿大,也很少有人知道犹太共产主义者在加拿大的“暴力和虚伪计划”,在那里,(共产主义)运动与美国强大的革命组织密切相关。多伦多和温尼伯(犹太人人口众多的城市)有许多布尔什维克社会,其中的成员几乎全部是俄罗斯犹太人。他们在许多城市组织了大规模骚乱,将他们的革命意图与退伍军人的无关抗议活动联系起来。他们制造了足够的暴力,抗议活动最终不得不由加拿大皇家骑警以相当大的力量终止。他们的计划是基于推翻他们所谓的“宗教(基督教)、政府和资本主义的可恶三位一体”的要求(19) (20)

England and World Revolution


“Before a revolution can take place in any country, much preparatory work must be done. A revolutionary situation must first be created, and if the natural conditions of society do not tend in this direction, efforts must be made to force them into the right channel for revolution. This is the purpose of the revolutionary Socialists and Syndicalists in this country. Our revolutionaries, working in conjunction with foreign revolutionaries, who are mainly International Jews, have to find ways and means of creating in Great Britain an industrial crisis of such a magnitude that a revolution will be practically inevitable. This is the immediate problem of the revolutionary movement.” It is notable that much of the direction of these Communist revolutions appears to have come from the Netherlands – which has always been a Jewish colony.


After the Russian Revolution, the Jewish Press displayed an alarming affection for Communist ideology in England, and openly encouraged “a dangerous campaign” of Bolshevik propaganda. “It was admitted by Trotsky and by Dr. Hermann Gorter, author of ‘The World Revolution’, that their plans for a worldwide revolution could not be successful so long as there was a united British Empire. This was also the opinion of Karl Marx. The problem of the international organizers of revolution consists of (a) how to destroy Britain’s industrial prosperity, and (b) how to break up the British Empire.” And of course, the two World Wars accomplished precisely this. In the first war, England lost a full 40% of her Empire, and the second war completed the process with the Empire gone and England facing bankruptcy.


England was spared because of the incestuous relationship between the British Royal Family and the Rothschilds (primarily), who became partners in looting the world – primarily India and China, with Britain’s Royal Family (Queen Victoria, most notably), sharing in the wholesale looting of India and the profits from the opium travesties of Rothschild and Sassoon. Ireland and Scotland also both had periods where the Jews tried to put their Bolshevik theories into practice, but failed.




The Jewish Communists had a strange fixation on Ireland as a focal point for revolution. Marx wrote: “Ireland is the stronghold of English landed aristocracy. The exploitation of this country is not only the main source of the national wealth, it forms likewise England’s greatest mora] strength. It represents, in fact, the domination of England over Ireland. Ireland, therefore, is the great expedient, by means of which the English aristocracy maintains its domination in England itself. On the other hand, withdraw the English Army and police from Ireland tomorrow and you will straightway have an agrarian revolution in Ireland. The fall of the English aristocracy in Ireland, however, needs must imply and inevitably leads to their overthrow in England. Through this the primal condition for the proletarian revolution in England would be fulfilled.”


“For no country is this more true than for Ireland. If Ireland should become independent, Great Britain would be struck to the very foundations. Now, therefore, it is the duty of all British Communists to demand the complete independence of Ireland, and to take all the measures required to bring it about, and for the entire Third International this is of the utmost importance. Again, England is the rock on which Capitalism is firmly rooted, the bulwark of world Capitalism, the hope of all counter-revolution and all reaction. But Ireland is the Achilles’s heel of England. For the revolution on the European continent, therefore for the world revolution, it is a vital question that British Capital should be hit there.” And, of course, Jewish money was pouring into Ireland to encourage a political rebellion that could cause the breakup of Great Britain. The Irish have suffered so much at the hands of the Jews, beginning with the near-depopulation of Ireland due to Jewish white slave-trading – a topic they are now desperately trying to discredit as an “anti-Semitic meme”.




Aside from attempts at a Communist revolution in Scotland, there is the most unusual fact of “Scottish Masonry” which seems to rear its head in the most unusual places, inevitably in connection with Jewish crimes. One such was the creation of the HSBC bank, somehow “created in Scotland” but entirely owned and managed by Jews. David Sassoon was the first Chairman of the Board, the bank created solely to launder the Jews’ drug money – a specialty it still proudly carries today. Another such is Jardine and Matheson, seemingly being ‘Scottish Jews’ and heavily involved in the opium trade which even the Jewish encyclopedias tell us was “entirely a Jewish business”.

 除了试图在苏格兰进行共产主义革命之外,还有一个最不寻常的事实,即“苏格兰砖石”似乎在最不寻常地方抬头,不可避免地与犹太人犯罪有关。其中一个例子是汇丰银行的创建,该银行不知何故“在苏格兰创建”,但完全由犹太人拥有和管理。大卫·萨松(David Sassoon)是该银行董事会的第一任主席,该银行成立的初衷是清洗犹太人的贩毒资金,这一专长至今仍引以为豪。另一个例子是Jardine和Matheson,他们似乎是“苏格兰犹太人”,大量参与鸦片贸易,甚至犹太百科全书都告诉我们,鸦片贸易“完全是犹太人的生意”。

The Austrian Revolution


A Jewish lawyer in Budapest, Ernst Bettelheim, obtained funding from the Comintern to set up an Austrian Communist Party. Bettelheim and his followers planned to seize control of the main nerve centers of Austria’s government, while Bela Kun sent his Communist Hungarian army to the Austrian border (only two hours’ march from Vienna), ready to invade to support their comrades. However, the night before the planned revolution in June of 1919, the Austrian police arrested all of the Austrian Communist leadership except for Bettelheim. They didn’t go down without a fight; a group of about 4000 Communists (mostly Jews) assembled to free the leaders, but withered and ran under police fire. That was the end of the Austrian Communist revolution, essentially strangled at birth. Vienna’s Jews were also at the forefront of the earlier Austrian revolution of 1848, when they had planned massive changes to the social and political structure of the country, as well as to the wealth of Austrian Jews.

 布达佩斯的一名犹太律师恩斯特·贝特尔海姆(Ernst Bettelheim)从共产国际获得资金,成立了奥地利共产党。贝特尔海姆和他的追随者计划夺取奥地利政府主要神经中枢的控制权,而贝拉·昆则将他的匈牙利共产党军队派往奥地利边境(距离维也纳只有两个小时的路程),准备入侵支持他们的同志。然而,1919年6月计划革命的前一天晚上,奥地利警方逮捕了除贝特尔海姆外的所有奥地利共产党领导人。他们不是没有战斗就倒下的;大约4000名共产主义者(主要是犹太人)聚集在一起解放领导人,但在警察的炮火下,这些人逐渐衰败。这是奥地利共产主义革命的结束,基本上在出生时就被扼杀了。维也纳的犹太人也站在1848年奥地利革命的最前沿,当时他们计划对国家的社会和政治结构以及奥地利犹太人的财富进行大规模变革。

The Hungarian Revolution


There is a part of Hungary’s history that seems to receive little attention, and that is the takeover of the country by the Jewish Communists led by Bela Kun who had been heavily involved with the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia.


In November 1918, Bela Kun, with several hundred other Jewish Hungarian Communists, and with huge financing from the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia, returned to Hungary and formed the Hungarian Communist Party. Kun got himself into power in 1919 by feigning a coalition, but then immediately betrayed it and proclaimed a dictatorship of the proletariat with himself as dictator. One of his first decrees was to nationalise almost all private property and to announce that private commerce would be punished with the death penalty. He immediately began by confiscating and nationalising all industry and land, and attacking religion while making great efforts to undermine and in fact to destroy all public morality as well as concepts of God and religion.


Following a popular anti-communist coup attempt a month later, Kun organized a response in the form of a Red Terror, carried out by secret police and mostly Jewish units. Red Tribunals arbitrarily condemned many hundreds prominent Hungarians to death. The Hungarian Jew Georg Lukacs wrote a “History and Class Consciousness” in which he wrote, “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution”.

 在一个月后的一次反共产主义政变中,昆组织了一次红色恐怖袭击,由秘密警察和大部分犹太部队实施。红色法庭任意判处数百名著名匈牙利人死刑。匈牙利犹太人乔治·卢卡奇(Georg Lukacs)在《历史与阶级意识》中写道:“我认为社会的革命破坏是唯一的解决办法”。

“As Deputy commissar for culture in Bela Kun’s regime, Lukacs put his self-described demonic ideas into action in what came to be known as cultural terrorism.” As part of this terrorism, he instituted a radical sex education program in Hungarian schools. Children were instructed in free love, sexual intercourse, the archaic nature of middle-class family codes, the outdatedness of monogamy and the irrelevance of religion, which deprives man of all pleasures. Women too were called to rebel against the sexual mores of the time by engaging in open promiscuity. Lucacs’ purpose in promoting licentiousness among women and children was to destroy the family, the core institution of Christianity and western culture”. These “Communists” knew if they could destroy the West’s traditional sexual morals, they would have taken a giant step toward destroying Western culture itself – and that would appear to have been the definite aim.


According to author and historian Brenton Sanderson, “the Jews involved in these communist regimes were engaged in actions opposed to the traditional peoples and culture of these societies, while typically maintaining their own ethnic commitments.” In other words, the destruction of society, morals and religion was reserved for the Gentiles while the Jews remained as before.

 根据作家兼历史学家布伦顿·桑德森(Brenton Sanderson)的说法,“参与这些共产主义政权的犹太人从事了与这些社会的传统民族和文化相反的行动,同时通常维护自己的种族承诺。”换言之,社会、道德和宗教的破坏是为外邦人保留的,而犹太人则一如既往。

Bela Kun was certainly one of the more despicable Jewish “revolutionists” to have ever appeared anywhere. Fortunately for Hungary, Kun’s Communist regime lost all support when the Romanian army marched into Hungary and occupied Budapest. Kun’s regime collapsed and was removed from power after this, and Kun and his Communist followers fled to Austria, then to Russia, looting numerous art treasures and the entire gold stocks of Hungary’s National Bank when they left. Among the Hungarian population, all these events led to a deep feeling of dislike against the Jews since most members of Kun’s government were Jews. The feelings were so strong they resulted in a wave of reprisals in which many Jewish Communists were executed.


It would be easy, as I believe is too often done, to blame these reprisals on feelings of “anti-Semitism”, but both evidence and logic would indicate the purges were directed against evil and savage oppressors rather than being based on race or religion. I am unaware of evidence that the resentment was against the Jews for being Jews but rather against specific people for the attempted destruction of their country, society, morals and religion.


I once referenced this in another article and was bitterly attacked by the entire Hasbara tribe, one person claiming that Hungary had only “a few months of mild unrest”. Sadly, the Hungarians suffered about two full years of the most intense social attacks, from every quarter, that few countries have experienced.


A former Hungarian Prime Minister, M. Huszar, the editor of the Nenzeti Ujsag, emphatically declared that “Bolshevism in Hungary could be explained alone by the fact that its moving force was the tenacious and secret solidarity of the Jews“. It is worthy of note that Gwynne identified the Khazarian Jews as instigators of the turmoil in Hungary: “A particular race of Jews, the Khozar (Khazar), took a prominent part in this movement. Bela Kun, the leader of the Hungarian Bolsheviks, was a Jew, and nearly all his ministers, like Friedlander, Wertheim, Dorscak, and Kohn, were also Jews.


The campaign led by the Bolsheviks against Hungary was “extraordinarily malevolent and widespread”. “Bela Kun’s Jews, imported from Russia, carried out appalling atrocities during their tenure of power and, on his expulsion, there were some sporadic massacres organized by infuriated Hungarian officers, whose womenfolk had been shamefully maltreated. But the Government did, and is doing, all in its power to check any such excesses. Notwithstanding that fact, the pro-Bolshevik papers in Europe, including those in England, were deluged with lurid accounts of atrocities committed by the anti-Bolshevik Hungarians”. The atrocity tales, like all such stories the Jews promulgate so frequently, were all proven to be false.

 布尔什维克领导的反对匈牙利的运动“极其邪恶和广泛”。“从俄罗斯进口的Bela Kun的犹太人在其执政期间犯下了骇人听闻的暴行,在他被驱逐出境后,愤怒的匈牙利官员组织了一些零星的屠杀,他们的妇女受到了可耻的虐待。但政府过去和现在都在尽其所能制止任何此类暴行g事实上,欧洲的亲布尔什维克报纸,包括英国的报纸,充斥着反布尔什未克匈牙利人所犯暴行的骇人听闻的报道”。暴行故事,就像犹太人经常发布的所有此类故事一样,都被证明是虚假的。

Upheavals in Germany


With the end of World War I, Communist-inspired power seizures were seen all over Germany. Most significant of these were the Spartacist Berlin rising, and the establishment of a Soviet republic in Bavaria. The history books tell us there was a minor event in Germany where a “dissident group” took over the Reichstag, but it is not widely known that the persons involved, led by Rosa Luxembourg, were all Communist Jews. Rosa Luxembourg was a much nastier Revolutionary than typically portrayed. It is true their coup was short-lived and they were evicted and killed after only a few days, but that may indicate only that they overestimated their strength and support and overplayed their hand.


This “revolution” – in reality, a Lenin-style coup d’etat – petered out fairly quickly, although about 1200 people died during a week of street fighting. Luxemburg and Liebknecht went into hiding with a third comrade, Wilhelm Pieck. It was not long before the army tracked them down. Luxemburg and Liebknecht were killed shortly thereafter. A second Communist-inspired coup in Bavaria had far greater success. It began with the seizure of power by one Kurt Eisner. As usual, force was necessary: “a movement of war-tired and anti-Prussian peasant soldiers brought the local leader of the U.S.P., Kurt Eisner, into power” in November of 1918 (Franz Borkenau, World Communism). Elections held in January showed that Eisner’s radical Independent had minimal popular support. Pressure was on Eisner to resign, and it appears that he would have done, were he not assassinated first.

 这场“革命”-实际上是列宁式的政变-很快就消失了,尽管在一周的街头战斗中约有1200人死亡。卢森堡和利布克内赫特与第三位同志威廉·皮克一起躲藏起来。不久军队就追踪到了他们。卢森堡和利布克内赫特随后不久被杀害。巴伐利亚的第二次共产党发动的政变取得了更大的成功。它始于库尔特·艾斯纳(Kurt Eisner)夺权。和往常一样,武力是必要的:“一场厌倦战争的反普鲁士农民士兵运动使美国共产党的地方领导人库尔特·艾斯纳于1918年11月上台”(弗兰兹·博克诺,世界共产主义)。1月份举行的选举显示,艾斯纳的激进独立党获得的民众支持率最低。艾斯纳面临着辞职的压力,如果他不是先被暗杀的话,他似乎会辞职。

The Jewish Bolsheviks were involved in Germany from the start. Lenin “dispatched a team of his most able revolutionaries to infiltrate Germany: Karl Radek, one of the most powerful men in the Comintern; Nikolai Bukharin, second-in-command of the Comintern; Christian Rakovsky, a Bulgarian who was a signatory at the founding of the Comintern; and a mysterious man called Ignatov, who probably was Alexander Shpigelglas, an official of the Cheka’s Foreign Department who had a record of assassinations during the Terror..” Independent Soviet Republics were to be set up all over Germany, and these showed all the signs of the Jews’ world-revolution policy – the disintegration of the State, the subversion of authority, the destruction of society, morals and religion.


The Spanish Civil War – 1936-1939


Nationalist General Francisco Franco led a rebellion against the government in Spain. The country was deeply divided, with Socialists, Communists, and liberals fighting for the government, with Nationalists, conservatives, and the Catholic Church favoring Franco. The war became a proxy war between Nationalism and Globalism. Germany, Portugal and Italy provided military aid to Franco while the Communist Soviets sent arms to the Spanish government.


The Comintern sent volunteers to fight for the Spanish regime. As usual, the Jewish Communist fighters carried out sickening atrocities against civilians, such as setting fire to the wives and children of Nationalist officers after dousing them with petrol. The Communists were so determined to stamp out Christianity that they raped nuns, tortured priests, and set fire to churches with the worshippers locked inside.


Portuguese Revolution


Here, again, there is overwhelming evidence that the force at the back of the Revolution was European Jewish Freemasonry. Dr. Friedrich Wichtl, in his book Weltfreimatterei, Welt Revolution, Welt-republik, says: “Some readers may ask us which were then those circles which contributed the most to the downfall of the Portuguese Royal family? They are the leading families of the Castros, the Costas, Cohens, Pereiras, Ferreiras, Teixeiras, Fonsecas, etc. They have many widespread branches besides Portugal, also in Spain, Holland, England, etc., and in America, where they occupy prominent positions. They are all related to each other, they are all united by the mutual ties of [Jewish] Freemasonry and . . . the Alliance Israelite Universelle.” The violent anti-Christian character of the Republic, particularly in its early days, is too well-known to need recapitulation.

 这里,再次有压倒性的证据表明,革命背后的力量是欧洲犹太共济会。Friedrich Wichtl博士在他的书《Weltfreimaterei,Welt Revolution,Welt republik》中,说:“一些读者可能会问我们,当时哪些圈子对葡萄牙皇室的垮台贡献最大?他们是卡斯特罗家族、科斯塔斯家族、科恩家族、佩雷拉斯家族、费雷拉家族、泰西拉斯家族、丰塞卡斯家族等的主要家族。除了葡萄牙之外,他们在西班牙、荷兰、英国等国以及在美国都有许多广泛的分支机构在那里他们占据着显要的位置。他们都是相互关联的,都是由犹太共济会和。以色列宇宙联盟。“共和国的暴力反基督教性质,特别是在建国初期,众所周知,不需要重演。

The Turkish Revolution


The Turkish Revolution was the real death-knell of the Turkish Empire and was, emphatically, almost entirely the work of a Masonic-Jewish conspiracy. The following quotation from the well-known French Masonic review Acacia (October, 1908, No. 70) explains succinctly what was going on: A secret Young Turk Committee was founded, and the whole movement was directed from Salonika, as the town which has the greatest percentage of Jewish population in Europe – 70,000 Jews out of a total population of 110,000 – was specially qualified for this purpose. There were at the time many Jewish Freemason lodges in Salonika under the protection of European diplomacy. The Sultan was defenseless against them, and he could not prevent his own downfall. The Jews in Constantinople were closely linked with those in Moscow and Budapest, and terrorism and intimidation of every kind followed.


Wikipedia and many history books now term this event the “Turkish War of Independence”, with sufficient slanted historical facts to bury forever the truth of what really happened. But it is clear from the facts of the events that the purpose was the creation of a Judeo-Turkish State which would subjugate the many other populations in the Turkish Empire.


The Mongolian Revolution


Thus, the Jewish Communist revolutions failed in Hungary, Austria, and Germany. They also failed in Russia itself. in Finland and the Baltic countries, separatists defeated Communists and set up independent non-Communist governments. But escaping world notice was the establishment of the world’s second Communist dictatorship in the independent country of Mongolia.


Unlike the haphazard power seizures in Europe, the imposition of Jewish Bolshevik power upon Mongolia was carefully planned. First, a small number of Mongols were trained in Communist theory and practice in Moscow and Irkutsk. These Communist Mongols set up the First Congress of the Mongolian People’s Party in Kyakhta, just north of the Mongolian border, and proclaimed a Provisional Revolution Government. Then the Mongolian Communists formed a minuscule Mongolian army, and in 1921 this tiny force marched into Mongolia. The Red Army followed close behind, which guaranteed victory to what would have otherwise been the movement of a few hundred malcontents. The Red Bolshevik Army was now in Mongolia, and used standard techniques to seize total power under the guise of national self-determination. The Mongolian People’s Republic would be the first Soviet satellite state. It would not be the last.


The incipient Chinese Communist Revolution



The Russian Bolsheviks were intensely interested in China, and Lenin and Trotsky saw China as a place where they could inflict another blow as they had done to Mother Russia. In order to advance their interests, they sent Gregory Voitinsky to China to make contact with leftist intellectuals, especially Chen Duxiu. The actual process of forming the infant Communist Party can be mostly attributed to Voitinsky’s influence.

 俄罗斯布尔什维克人对中国非常感兴趣,列宁和托洛茨基认为中国是一个可以像他们对俄罗斯母亲所做的那样,给他们带来另一次打击的地方。为了增进他们的利益,他们派格雷戈里·沃丁斯基(Gregory Voitinsky)到中国与左翼知识分子,特别是陈独秀(Chen Duxiu)进行接触。组建新生共产党的实际过程主要归功于沃廷斯基的影响。

China did indeed have its own revolution, but in the end it was commanded by its own people who meant to save China rather than destroy it. Happily, they succeeded. What Voitinsky proposed to Mao was essentially the same program that had been followed by the Jews in Russia – which was the extermination of the entire middle class, the educated, the wealthy, the commercial class, leaving only a small (Jewish-controlled) elite and hundreds of millions of hapless peasants.


The reason that the Chinese brand of “Communism” is so different from all others was that Mao rejected more or less in totality the savagery of the Jews. His only point of agreement was in a desire to eliminate much of the class structure, which was the cause of China’s “cultural revolution” and Mao sending educated professors to work on farms. Ever since the failure of the Jews’ version of Communism in China, they have incessantly portrayed Mao as an evil monster, failing to note that his only “crimes” were in following the prescriptions of those same Jews.


Of particular note are the decades-old accusations of Mao killing millions of Chinese, when Mao actually never killed anyone. The Jews later inflicted several worldwide food embargoes on China, then attributed the resultant deaths from famine as indicative of Mao’s inhumanity. Propaganda is easy when you control the media.


One of the acts of that “revolution” was the expulsion of all Jews from China, something that can hardly be criticised when we consider the unconscionable damage and humiliation these same Jews had inflicted on the country. Many tens of thousands of Jews were expelled immediately by Mao after assuming power, these expulsions unrelated to the fact that the victims were ethnic Jews. Instead, it was primarily related to their devastation of China by their exclusive franchise for importing opium into China under the protection of the British military. And subsequently with their using their opium profits to buy up most of Shanghai and many other cities, as well as using those same profits to help finance the Japanese invasion of China.


The Jews may no doubt have felt “persecuted”, but that serves only to trivialise one of the greatest crimes against humanity every inflicted on a country – the persistent evisceration of the social fabric of an entire nation by the forced imposition of a deadly addictive drug – in this case entirely by Jews.


As a closing note on this point, many Jewish websites extol the wealth and virtues of the Sassoons, the Kadoories, the Hartungs and more, without caring to specify the criminally evil source of their great wealth.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

罗曼诺夫先生的 他的文章已被翻译成32种语言,发表在30多个国家的150多个外语新闻和政治网站上,以及100多个英语平台上。拉里·罗曼诺夫是一位退休的管理顾问和商人。他曾在国际咨询公司担任高级行政职务,并拥有国际进出口业务。他曾任上海复旦大学客座教授,向高级EMBA班介绍国际事务案例研究。罗曼诺夫先生住在上海,目前正在写一系列与中国和西方有关的十本书。他是辛西娅·麦金尼(Cynthia McKinney)新集《当中国打喷嚏时》(When China Sneeezes)的特约作者之一。(第章。2-对付恶魔).

His full archive can be seen at

他的完整文库可以在以下找到  +


He can be contacted at:





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(1) 是时候抛弃民主了——第一部分——起源

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(18) Let’s Have a Financial Crisis: First, We Need a Central Bank

(18) 让我们面对金融危机:首先,我们需要一个中央银行

(19) The cause of World unrest

(19) 世界动荡的原因

(20) None Dare Call it Conspiracy

(20) 没有人敢称之为阴谋

Copyright © Larry RomanoffBlue Moon of Shanghai, Moon of Shanghai, 2022



Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis newsletter 2022 September 12th


October Revolution looms in West as Queen Elizabeth II moves on


The death of Queen Elizabeth II is one of many signs some sort of mega black swan event is coming to the West this October. What remains to be seen is if this will be a bloody revolution, anarchy, or a peaceful transition.


First of all, the death of QEII also means the death of the head of the committee of 300, known to many as the secret leadership of the Western world. This follows the removal of the entire top ranks of the Knights of Malta: the military leadership of the West. Gnostic Illuminati sources say the three Egyptian obelisks of Western power are all slated to come down. The first obelisk -located in the city of London- is where financial power resides. With the death of QEII it has fallen, they say. The second obelisk -in Washington DC- is where military power resides. It has fallen with the replacement by the meritocracy of Knights of Malta aristocratic leadership. The third obelisk, symbolizing spiritual power, is in Rome. So, all eyes are on the papacy now. Illuminati sources promise Pope Francis will be removed in a spectacular and public manner over the coming days.


The big changes are not limited to the West, either. China’s communist party has moved forward its big, once in 5-year national congress to October from November. There, amendments will be made to the constitution that will lead to “new strategies of governance.”


Asian secret society sources say a merger with Taiwan and the renaming of the communist party are topics that will come up at the meeting.


There is also an unprecedented gathering of world leaders and power brokers taking place in September.


This week, for example, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, President Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India will be meeting on September 15th and 16th. After that will come the September 19th funeral for the Queen. This will be one of the biggest gatherings of world power brokers in recent world history. For example, the so-called US president Joe Biden and the Japanese Emperor are among the many who will attend.  


We must also bear in mind that all this is happening as the September 30th payments deadline looms for the families that own the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF and other pillars of Western power.


In particular, the fate of the Rockefeller family is set to be decided. Members of this clan include Hillary and Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, John Podesta, David Rockefeller Jr. and many others.



It can be argued that by suppressing many types of energy technology, this family did more to set back humanity than any other group in world history. The rubber masked Biden actor is their servant as is probably the rubber masked impostor now pretending to be Pope Francis.


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The fate of the French and Swiss branches of the Rothschild family -headed by Klaus Schwab (Rothschild) of the World Economic Forum- is also likely to be decided this autumn.  


There is a world boycott against the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their fraudulent fiat money so, they are going to go down for sure. The fact the Vatican bank is cutting off all relations with them as of September 30th is the clearest sign of that. The question is, what or who will replace them?


There is also the bigger fight between the gnostic Illuminati and the British Royal Family that has yet to be decided.


In any case, now that Queen Elizabeth has passed on, we can disclose some secrets and big mysteries surrounding her. For example, according to a cousin of Emperor Hirohito, prior to the 911 attacks on the US, QEII was “killed and replaced with a clone,” because she was violently opposed to the Bush Nazi fascist coup d’état this attack represented. We remain skeptical about “clones” and such talk but, senior MI6 sources also confirm the original Queen left this earth a long time ago. NSA sources also say she has been “dead for 10 years.” This writer can also confirm that Christmas cards signed by Her Majesty stopped arriving several years ago.


However, this writer was in fairly regular contact via e-mail with someone who sure seemed like the real deal. When I once asked her if the movie Roman Holiday was based on a true life useful indiscretions she replied “Some secrets I will carry to my grave” Also, she did appear in public before thousands of people at her recent celebrations of 70 years on the throne.


Whoever she really was, there can be no doubt Her Majesty led the big faction in the Western bloodline elite that was opposed to the KM plan to kill 90% of humanity. Their idea was to save the environment without killing everybody by using a carbon tax to pay world leaders to preserve forests. Her faction lost in the year 2000 when their agent Al Gore failed to become US President despite winning the election. However, they have been fighting ever since and eventually managed to have the entire Bush clan executed.


Also, the entity we knew of as Queen Elizabeth II was responsible for negotiating an agreement with Asian royal families for a better way to manage this planet we all share. It was her, for example, who let the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative go ahead, resulting in trillions of dollars in infrastructure development around the planet. She also left this realm secure in the knowledge that an East/West consensus had been reached to start to do everything possible to increase the amount and variety of life on earth, including human earth. In other words, she left this world safe in the knowledge that future generations will benefit greatly from her words and actions.


People close to her heir, King Charles III, have encouraged him to deploy British special and regular forces to take military action to stop any further destruction of ecosystems around the world. So, for example, corrupt Indonesian leaders responsible for destroying irreplaceable rainforests will now be hunted down along with their henchmen.


In any case, now that the Queen has passed, the gnostic Illuminati will be using the relative unpopularity of her son to mount an unprecedented attack on the monarchy. The key issue of course, will be renewed probes into the murder of Princess Diana.


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According to a cousin of the Queen, Diana was killed because she was pregnant with twins by Dodi Fayed and was planning to convert to Islam. The Queen was not involved but King Charles most certainly was. That is why Qanon is saying he will be arrested. The NSA sources say that in any case Charles has already been “replaced by a double.”


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However, what the Illuminati fail to realize is that the British Monarchy is based on a collective consensus and not on a single individual monarch. The consensus built around QEII cannot be changed by attacks on her heir. Nonetheless, it is a good bet Crown Prince William will become king sooner rather than later.


Rather than attack the monarchy, the gnostic Illuminati would be better off targeting the Rockefeller/Rothschild etc. families that own the fortune 500 companies if they want to do good. They are the ones who planned this entire “pandemic” and the accompanying attempt to turn this planet into a giant animal farm.


In the latest confirmation of the crimes these people have committed, last week a senior member of the Japanese underworld (whose organization sub-contracts for the KM) said that before the “Pandemic” he was told plans had been changed and that, instead of hitting Southern Japan and South East Asia with a mega-earthquake, the KM had decided to go with the “Wuhan flu,” he said.


The people listed at the link below are responsible. This is actionable intelligence.


Then of course there are all their past crimes that they have yet to face justice for. For example, as the 21st anniversary of 911 has just passed, we note what Donald Trump said at the time. 


Video Player



For some reason, he was unable to act on this conviction when he became president.


Even if the West fails to remove the KM from power and carry out Nuremberg-style tribunals, the rest of the world will help liberate the European people.


Russia is in an alliance with China, India, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America to make sure the criminal leadership of the West faces justice for their repeated attempts to kill 90% of humanity.


As things stand, an energy cut-off of Western Europe and the US is going to shut down economic activity starting in October.


In the UK, industry lobby groups say that unless something is done about energy prices that have shot up by 100% over the past year, 60% of factories and 80% of pubs and restaurants will be forced to shut down.


Hopefully, the new UK leader, Elizabeth Truss, -who has joined the planetary liberation alliance- will be able to negotiate a new arrangement with the rest of the world before this comes to pass.


The same sort of thing will happen in the rest of Western Europe as well.


Every day we receive emergency calls from companies that are about to stop production,” said the president of the Central Association of German Crafts


German companies are increasingly unable to access energy supplies on the market, and as energy dries up, the German economy will simply stop running, according to the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK).


That is why Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland and Poland won’t make bilateral energy deals with Berlin because they don’t want to be forced to compensate their suppliers in the event gas gets rerouted to Germany.


If a deal is not reached with Russia and the rest of the world; the coming economic collapse will ensure regime change in most Western countries. This already happened in Italy and Sweden last week. Justin Castro of Canada is also set to be removed this autumn, Canadian intelligence sources say. When Macron of France and Scholz of Germany fall, it will be game over in Europe.


Then of course we are all waiting for the big Kahuna, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, to finally collapse.


Finally, we once again by noting this collapse could be the trigger that finally flushes the secret space program into the open. As then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld noted the day before 911, $2.3 trillion had gone missing from the US defense budget at that time. Multiple sources since then have said the money went to the secret space program. If we paid for all these flying saucers and anti-gravity devices with our taxes, shouldn’t we have the right to use them?


Video Player



Maybe that is why more and more of these craft are appearing in public all over the world these days as the videos below confirm. Maybe, this year’s “October surprise” will be extra-special.


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Translator: Warrior

CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 多米尼克·施特劳斯·汗重访 — 2022年9月2日


Dominique Strauss-Kahn Revisited


By Larry Romanoff, September 02, 2022 







Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) was a former minister in various French governments and most latterly the Managing Director of the IMF. In 2011 he was involved in a sexual scandal in New York, eventually exonerated but ruined nonetheless. This story is of vital importance in understanding and making sense of our current geopolitical circumstances, important not because the event happened but because it was possible for such an event to happen, and that there are people with the power to make it happen.

多米尼克·施特劳斯·汗(Dominique Strauss Khan,DSK)曾任法国多个政府的部长,最近担任国际货币基金组织总裁。2011年,他卷入了纽约的一桩性丑闻,最终被无罪释放,但却遭到了毁灭。这个故事对于理解和理解我们当前的地缘政治环境至关重要,重要的不是因为事件发生了,而是因为这样的事件有可能发生,而且有人有能力让它发生。

The conspiracy theorists should have had a field day with this one, and all indications are that they would have been correct. The general rule is that if a story doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true. As with most fabricated stories, this one has many gaps that cannot easily be plugged, and serious questions that were either not addressed or were riddled with implausible explanations.


This episode began on May 14, 2011, at the Sofitel Hotel in NYC. Around noon, a hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo, a 35-year-old immigrant from Guinea, entered DSK’s room to clean it. Initial reports were that the man emerged naked from the bathroom and sexually assaulted the maid who eventually broke free and notified the authorities. In the meantime, DSK checked out of the hotel and left for the airport to take a flight to Germany. The NYC police took him off the plane, arrested and charged him with seven criminal acts that included four felony charges of attempted rape and sexual abuse, plus misdemeanor offences including unlawful imprisonment. (1) DSK was denied bail on the grounds of being a flight risk, and was incarcerated at Rikers Island. The following day, he was offered bail on condition that he resign his position as Managing Director of the IMF; he agreed a day later and was released into house arrest pending a hearing.

 本集于2011年5月14日在纽约索菲特酒店开始。中午左右,一名来自几内亚的35岁移民,酒店女佣Nafissatou Diallo进入DSK的房间打扫房间。最初的报道称,该男子赤身裸体走出浴室,对女佣进行了性侵犯,女佣最终挣脱并通知了当局。与此同时,DSK离开了酒店,前往机场搭乘飞机前往德国。纽约警方将他从飞机上带走,逮捕并指控他七项犯罪行为,其中包括四项强奸未遂和性虐待的重罪指控,以及包括非法监禁在内的轻罪。(1)DSK被拒绝保释,理由是有飞行风险,并被监禁在莱克斯岛。第二天,他获得保释,条件是他辞去国际货币基金组织总裁职务;一天后,他同意了,并被软禁,等待听证会。

On 19 May, DSK was indicted by a grand jury on all seven charges, and ordered to stand trial. He was required to post a $1 million cash bail, wear an electronic monitoring device, surrender all his passports, and hire armed guards to ensure he didn’t violate his house arrest. He was also required to post a $5 million bond. (2)


The prosecution’s case began to fall apart almost immediately, progressively disintegrated over the following six weeks, and by July 1 prosecutors told the judge that they had “reassessed the strength of their case in the light of the housekeeper’s diminished credibility”, and sent a letter to DSK’s lawyers admitting serious inconsistencies in the maid’s tale. (3)(4) Also on July 1, DSK was freed from house arrest and had his bail dropped because the circumstances of the case had “changed substantially”. (5) However, further hearings were still necessary to determine the extent of the charges to be prosecuted, with the next hearing date set for July 18, an important date as we will see. These hearings lingered until August 23 when all charges against DSK were finally dropped and he was free to return home to France. (6) (7) (8)

 法官,他们“鉴于管家的信誉下降,重新评估了案件的力度”,并致函DSK的律师,承认女佣的故事严重不一致。(3)(4)同样在7月1日,DSK从软禁中获释,并因案件情况“发生了实质性变化”而放弃保释。(5)然而,还需要进一步的听证会来确定起诉的范围,下一次听证会日期定为7月18日,我们将看到这一重要日期。这些听证会一直持续到8月23日,对DSK的所有指控最终被撤销,他可以自由返回法国。(6) (7) (8)

However, the man’s problems weren’t over. Almost immediately upon his return to France, a young woman named Tristane Bannon attempted to file charges against DSK for an “attempted rape” that had occurred some 9 years earlier. In October, after much media publicity, the French prosecutors dropped the investigation from a lack of evidence. (9) (10) But a few months later, in March 2012, French prosecutors announced another investigation on DSK about his “possible connection” to a gang rape that supposedly occurred in Washington, D.C. At about the same time, authorities began yet another investigation in France, this time with allegations about his supposed involvement in hiring prostitutes for sex parties at hotels in Lille, Paris and Washington. (11) (12)

 然而,这名男子的问题并没有结束。几乎就在他回到法国后,一位名叫特里斯汀·班农的年轻女子试图对DSK提起指控,指控其9年前发生的“强奸未遂”。10月,经过媒体的大量宣传,法国检察官因缺乏证据而放弃了调查。(9)(10)但几个月后,2012年3月,法国检察官宣布对DSK进行另一项调查,调查他“可能与”华盛顿特区发生的轮奸案有关。大约在同一时间,法国当局开始了另一次调查,这一次,他被指控涉嫌在里尔、巴黎和华盛顿的酒店雇佣妓女参加性聚会。(11) (12)

By October of 2012, prosecutors announced that they were discontinuing the investigation of the gang rape allegations, (12) but troubles remained. Amid a continuing media frenzy, in July of 2013 French prosecutors announced that DSK was to stand trial on allegations of “aggravated pimping” at the Carlton hotel in Lille. (13) The accusations were that orgies had been held at this hotel and DSK had been instrumental in hiring prostitutes for the events. This court case dragged on for two years, the French media providing weekly details with very specific references to DSK and his conduct, some claiming “he had sex with every girl in the room”. (14) DSK was acquitted of all these charges in June of 2015. (15)


Still more. While the French media were hyperventilating over the juicy details of DSK’s real or imagined sexual exploits, Abel Ferrara produced a feature film titled “Welcome to New York“, starring Gérard Depardieu as DSK and Jacqueline Bisset as his wife Anne Sinclair. (16) The film was built around the story in the Sofitel hotel and apparently “portrayed both characters in an unforgiving light”. Ms. Sinclair, who is by all accounts a thoroughly lovely person, said the film was “disgusting”, and DSK sued the film’s producers for libel. Then still more. In 2020, there was a Netflix “documentary” titled “Room 2806: The Accusation“, based on the Sofitel event and the other alleged accusations against DSK. (17)

还有更多。当法国媒体对DSK真实或想象中的性行为的有趣细节大肆渲染时,艾布尔·费拉拉制作了一部名为《欢迎来到纽约》的故事片,由Gérard Depardieu饰演DSK,杰奎琳·比塞特饰演他的妻子安妮·辛克莱尔。(16)这部电影围绕索菲特酒店的故事展开,显然“以无情的眼光刻画了两个人物”。辛克莱女士是一个完全可爱的人,她说这部电影“令人恶心”,DSK起诉电影制片人诽谤。还有更多。2020年,Netflix制作了一部名为“2806房间:指控”的纪录片,该纪录片基于索菲特事件和对DSK的其他指控。(17)

By this time, after months of unfavorable exposure in the US and nearly four years of the same in France, it could be truly said that Strauss-Khan’s political, public, and social careers were at an end. After years of publicity, investigations and trials, DSK had been acquitted on all charges in all countries. It appears there never was sufficient evidence to support any of the allegations made against him, but the man would never again hold any international positions and was by this time much too toxic to ever re-enter French politics. DSK has since remarried and is doing “financial consulting” and giving speeches. The end. Well, almost the end.


The Handmaid’s Tale – a Futuristic Dystopian Novel (with due apologies to Margaret Atwood)


According to her claims to the police and her testimony at the Grand Jury hearing, and according to the New York Times, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, the Wall Street Journal and many others:


The maid inserted her card-key, opened the door, and called aloud several times to learn if the room were occupied. Receiving no response, she entered and began her tasks. Then, “the married Strauss-Kahn” emerged naked from the bathroom, chased the maid around his suite, “locked the door” so she couldn’t escape, then dragged her into a bathroom and “engaged in a criminal sexual act”. There was much confusion as to whether the criminal sexual act was anal, oral, or none of the above. However, while chasing and dragging her around the suite, DSK was apparently yelling “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know who I am?” When the maid begged the man to desist on grounds she could lose her job, DSK comforted her by saying “Oh, baby, don’t worry baby. You won’t lose your job”. There was also confusion as to injuries incurred by both parties, the maid apparently suffering “a torn shoulder ligament” in her struggles, while DSK was reported to have suffered severe bruises on his back when the maid forcefully shoved him into some furniture.


The maid then fled the man’s suite and cowered in fear in a hallway until a  maintenance supervisor discovered her, after which they notified hotel security who performed an investigation, confirmed the torn pantyhose, discovered DSK’s DNA and semen on the walls and carpet, and eventually notified the police. In the meantime, DSK had dressed, packed his things, checked out of the hotel, and took a taxi to the airport in an attempt to flee the country.


But justice never sleeps. It seems that in his haste to flee the country DSK left behind one of his mobile phones. Taking a great risk, being as guilty as he was, he nevertheless called the hotel to ask if the phone had been left in his room; after some discussion, the hotel staff called him to say they had indeed found his phone and would deliver it to the airport. The NYPD then escorted DSK off the plane as the doors were closing for departure, and arrested him. You know the rest, except that none of “the rest” was as it appeared to be.


Some Chinks in the Armor


Ancillary Hotel Services, Turn-Downs Included


At the outset of this event, before all the wagons had been properly circled, the hotel security staff and the NYPD independently confirmed to DSK’s lawyers that the woman was known to act as a prostitute in the hotel, offering special services and “turn-downs”. That much appears certain, but when the claims became public too quickly, everyone rushed to deny them and a hotel representative said, “We have no knowledge about that”.


The Crime Scene: DNA “linked to Maid”



The first rule of criminal investigations is that you don’t contaminate the crime scene. Yet the maid returned to clean the room, no doubt doing so immaculately as is the standard with Accor Hotels everywhere. And she wasn’t the only one. Syed Haque, a room service employee, came to pick up the breakfast dishes which had already been collected several hours prior. Renata Markozani, the head of housekeeping, entered the room to examine the situation, and also Brian Yearwood, the hotel’s chief engineer, with no explanation as to his purpose. Then the hotel security staff who, with little or no training in criminal investigations, went to the room to perform such. Between all of these, any evidence actually existing would have been either contaminated, destroyed – or planted.

 刑事调查的第一条规则是不要污染犯罪现场。然而女佣回来打扫房间,毫无疑问,这是雅高酒店的标准。她不是唯一一个。客房服务员工赛义德·哈克(Syed Haque)来取几小时前已经收集好的早餐。客房部负责人雷纳塔·马尔科扎尼(Renata Markozani)和酒店总工程师布莱恩·伊尔伍德(Brian Yearwood)进入房间查看情况,但没有解释他的目的。然后,酒店保安人员在刑事调查方面几乎没有或根本没有接受过培训,他们就到房间里去执行这项工作。在所有这些证据中,任何实际存在的证据都可能被污染、销毁或种植。

It should be noted that anyone with access to a hotel guest’s clothing, toiletry, bedding, linen or laundry, has access to everything necessary to spread that guest’s DNA (possibly including sperm and other body secretions) on any surface or clothing anywhere. In this context, it is not irrelevant that DSK apparently had a woman spend the night with him in that room. The simple fact is that nothing found in that room later by police investigators could possibly have qualified as “evidence” of the crime in question.


The mass media flooded the nation with news that DSK’s DNA had been found (almost) everywhere, linking it to ‘the maid’ without noting the method of linkage. (18) (19) (20The New York Times was there first, citing “a person briefed in the matter“, stating DSK’s DNA and semen were found on the maid, on her clothing, on the walls, on the carpet, and perhaps on the ceiling. After this information had been duly digested by the public, the police and prosecutors stated that no such evidence had actually been obtained or released. “A prominent US defense lawyer claimed that there was substantial doubt . . . [about] the so-called DNA evidence and the match . . . since accurate DNA testing normally takes several weeks.” However, the DNA linked to the maid was headline material, the denials not so muchThe Wall Street Journal reported that DSK’s DNA sample and semen were found on the woman’s shirt, quoting “sources close to the investigation” and citing “law enforcement officials” who immediately stated they had never said any such thing. (21)

大众媒体充斥着全国各地的消息,称DSK的DNA(几乎)已被发现,并将其与“女佣”联系起来,但没有提到联系方法。(18) (19) (20)《纽约时报》首先在那里,引用“一位知情人士”的话说,在女佣身上、衣服上、墙壁上、地毯上,甚至天花板上都发现了DSK的DNA和精液。在公众对这一信息进行适当消化后,警方和检察官表示,实际上没有获得或公布这类证据。“一位著名的美国辩护律师声称,对所谓的DNA证据和匹配存在重大怀疑……因为准确的DNA测试通常需要几周。”然而,与女佣有关的DNA是头条新闻材料,否认并不多。《华尔街日报》报道称,在这名妇女的衬衫上发现了DSK的DNA样本和精液,并引用了“接近调查的消息来源”和“执法官员”的话,他们立即表示从未说过这样的话。(21)

In fact, there was never actual confirmation of any of this, and the investigators claimed to have found no traces of semen in the sink where the maid claimed it had been spit. The NYPD and the prosecutors simply let media speculation run wild and did nothing to combat it. All of the claims were based on leaked rumors.


Hotel security officers “conducted an investigation” and claimed to have found semen on the floor and wall. They then called the police, setting off the chain of events that led to the arrest at the airport. We are to believe that the mall-cop wannabes comprising hotel security were competent to perform a criminal investigation, and equipped and able to perform lab tests.


The Perpetrator Flees, Leaving Behind ‘Valuable Items”


The US media, led by the NYT, led us to believe that DSK attacked this woman, then fled to the airport in a panic, evidenced by his leaving behind a mobile phone and “other valuables”, the authorities apprehending him during the last seconds before his “fleeing the country”. But DSK didn’t flee; on the contrary, we have a witness account from a woman who used the elevator with him who said that she found him pleasantly calm. He waited patiently in line and checked out without anybody noticing anything wrong, took a cab to a restaurant where he had lunch with his daughter and then went to the airport to take a flight with a ticket that had been purchased days earlier. DSK was leaving the US for Germany where he had an arranged appointment with Angela Merkel. And, for the record, nothing was “left behind” including “other valuables”. What did happen was that one of his mobile phones was lifted from his room.

 由《纽约时报》领导的美国媒体让我们相信,DSK袭击了这名妇女,然后惊慌失措地逃到机场,证据是他留下了一部手机和“其他贵重物品”,当局在他“逃离该国”前的最后几秒钟逮捕了他。但DSK没有逃跑;相反,我们有一个与他一起使用电梯的女人的证词,她说她发现他很平静。他耐心地排队等候,在没有任何人注意到任何错误的情况下退房,打车到一家餐厅与女儿共进午餐,然后带着几天前购买的机票前往机场乘坐飞机。DSK离开美国前往德国,在那里他与安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)安排了一次会面。而且,为了记录在案,没有任何东西被“留下”,包括“其他贵重物品”。发生的事情是他的一部手机被从房间里拿了出来。

The NYT led us to believe DSK was arrested on, and then removed from, the airplane, just as the doors were closing for departure. But that description was a bald lie. The truth was that the hotel, on instruction, called DSK to tell them they had found his missing phone. Apparently, it was the police who then called to tell him that his phone was at the gate desk, and asked him to exit from the plane to retrieve it. When he deplaned, he was arrested. Leaving the Air France plane to recover the phone was a strong indication of a lack of guilt since while on the aircraft he was technically on French sovereign territory and could not have been taken into custody. If he were concerned, he could have asked a stewardess to get his mobile phone for him or the detectives to deliver it to the steward. All of his behavior suggests the acts of an innocent man.


The NYT seemed eager to leave the impression that DSK left the hotel in a panic, overcome with fear and anxiety, and was in a headlong rush to flee the country. We have this almost certainly fictitious account: “A guest at the hotel, . . . said the livery driver who drove Mr. Strauss-Kahn to Kennedy Airport was also his driver on Saturday night. “He said Strauss-Kahn was in a huge hurry, . . . He wanted to leave as soon as possible. He looked upset and stressed.” (22) The BBC claimed this “was not the first time Mr. Strauss-Kahn had been involved in such an incident” (even though it was the first time), and further that “he had been arrested attempting to flee the country”, which of course was not true. (23)


The Mysterious Telephone Call


“Investigators with the Manhattan district attorney’s office learned that the woman made a recorded call to a prison inmate on May 15, the day after DSK’s arrest, with words to the effect of, “Don’t worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I’m doing”. (24) This would seem to confirm claims by DSK’s lawyers that the encounter (if indeed there had been an encounter) was consensual and that the woman was attempting extortion. The woman later claimed her words had been “mistranslated”. In a 3-hour interview with Newsweek, the woman said she hopes God punishes him. “We are poor, but we are good,” she said. “I don’t think about money.” (25)  Diallo’s lawyer said she mentioned Strauss-Kahn’s money in the telephone call only to say that her alleged attacker was influential. (26)


More interesting was that the authorities required a full 6 weeks to translate the conversation because, according to them, it was in a “unique dialect of Fulani,” a language from the woman’s native country, Guinea. But there are no ‘unique dialects’ of the language, Fulani being one of the three major West African languages and extremely common, with the NYC area having more than 100,000 Fulani speakers. Moreover, the courts knew this, the police knew it, and local interpreting agencies claimed they had many occasions to provide Fulani interpreters, often on a daily basis. The New York Times was one of the principal promoters of this falsehood (and of many more). It is obvious the authorities lied about needing 6 weeks to arrange the translation, and it is just as obvious that they withheld the information until DSK was out of the running for the French Presidential Primaries.


The Money and the Phones


One of the threads running through the media presentations was that the prosecutors discovered flaws in the woman’s testimony and evidence of criminal activity, immediately notifying DSK’s lawyers. The NYT particularly pushed this narrative, stating “Still, it was the prosecutor’s investigators who found the information about the woman.” (27) Their claim appeared to have been almost entirely untrue. DSK’s legal team hired a private investigation company, Guidepost Solutions, which uncovered the claimant’s criminal background and reported that to the DA’s office, and which eventually exonerated DSK. Such investigations are rarely if ever done by police to help a defendant who has already been indicted.

媒体报道中的一条线索是,检察官发现该名妇女的证词和犯罪活动证据存在缺陷,立即通知了DSK的律师。《纽约时报》特别强调了这一说法,称“尽管如此,还是检察官的调查人员发现了有关这名妇女的信息。”(27)他们的说法似乎完全不真实。DSK的法律团队聘请了一家名为Guidepost Solutions的私人调查公司,该公司发现了原告的犯罪背景,并向DA办公室报告了这一情况,最终为DSK开脱了罪责。警方很少进行此类调查来帮助已经被起诉的被告。

The first discovery made by the private investigators was that someone had opened five different bank accounts in the woman’s name, with five different banks, in five different states (Arizona, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, and one unidentified) (28) and had deposited US$20,000 in each one. Standard CIA practice for payoffs. (29) (30) (31) Given that the woman’s ‘friend’ was in prison for minor drug offenses, the US media, led by the NYT at full volume, tried to relate the payments partially to her friend’s drug dealing, but the depositors were never identified, another sure sign of a CIA payoff. This apparently wasn’t enough of an issue for the media to question. We will never know where the money came from, but the simple fact that the media refused to touch this part of the story makes the conclusion almost certain. The NYT made a small concession to reality, stating there had been “unusual activity in her bank accounts”. (32)

私人调查人员的第一个发现是,有人在五个州(亚利桑那州、乔治亚州、纽约州、宾夕法尼亚州和一个身份不明的州)的五家不同的银行以该名妇女的名义开设了五个不同的银行账户(28)并在每一张中存入20000美元。中情局支付的标准做法。(29) (30) (31)鉴于这名女性的“朋友”因轻微的毒品犯罪而入狱,美国媒体在纽约时报的全力领导下,试图将这笔款项部分地与她朋友的毒品交易联系起来,但储户从未被确认,这是中情局获得回报的另一个明确迹象。这显然不足以引起媒体的质疑。我们永远不会知道这笔钱是从哪里来的,但媒体拒绝触及故事的这一部分这一简单事实几乎可以确定结论。《纽约时报》对现实做出了一个小小的让步,称“她的银行账户出现了异常活动”。(32)

The private investigators also discovered that the woman had at least 3 mobile phones with three different phone companies and was spending over $500 every month on calls. On a maid’s salary? On calls to whom? As a reporter, that’s the first question I would ask. Another almost sure sign of CIA involvement. The media reported every other trivial detail but weren’t interested in this one.


The Timeline


The maid’s account and the prosecution’s case began to unravel in many other directions at the same time. The maid initially told investigators she had hidden after the attack until she saw her alleged attacker leave, after which she reported the assault to a supervisor. But the hotel’s card key register proved that she first mysteriously entered another room for a few minutes, then cleaned a nearby room, then returned to the room in which the alleged attack took place, cleaned it, then spoke to supervisors. (33) There is another curiosity here: the maid’s cleaning assignments until that day had always involved rooms scattered on various floors, but on this day was given the 28th floor exclusively, so there would be no other hotel staff on that floor that day. The story was that she assumed duties of a colleague on leave, but the lawyers believed this was a method to give her access to DSK “for some nefarious reason.”


According to the card key records, the maid entered another room adjacent to that of DSK three times prior to entering his room, and again immediately when leaving his room after the alleged assault occurred. This information was omitted from her police reports and her Grand Jury testimony. The hotel refused to identify the (probably CIA) occupant of that room. All indications are that she was reporting to her handlers for last-minute instructions, then reporting her success afterward. The media omitted the fact of the second hotel employee entering the room while the maid was still there. This appears to be when DSK’s mobile phone went missing.


Edward Jay Epstein wrote an excellent article that was published in the NYT’s Review of Books. (34) The full version is available here on the Financial Times; (35) I urge you to read it; it contains scores of questionable details, excellently-researched and documented, that cast a very dirty light on everything that occurred. Also, an article in the Business Insider (36) is excellent, asking “So is Strauss-Kahn the target of some form of political plot? Even if the alleged victim isn’t a witting part of a honey trap, what has been released so far by the New York police looks like railroad job, with a rush to discredit the target for the rest of his life. Even the latest pictures are designed to make the Frenchman look guilty?” The Guardian (37) and Forbes (38) also have excellent articles that identify the inconsistencies. And two others you may care to read. (39) (40)

爱德华·杰伊·爱泼斯坦写了一篇优秀的文章,发表在《纽约时报》的书评上。(34)完整版本可在英国《金融时报》上找到;(35)我敦促你阅读它;它包含了大量有问题的细节,经过了出色的研究和记录,对发生的一切都投下了非常肮脏的光。此外,《商业内幕》的一篇文章(36)非常好,询问“那幺,斯特劳斯·卡恩是某种形式的政治阴谋的目标吗?即使被指控的受害者不是一个甜蜜陷阱的一部分,但迄今为止,纽约警方发布的消息看起来像是一份铁路工作,急于在他余生中抹黑这个目标。甚至最新的照片都是为了让法国人看起来有罪。”卫报(37)福布斯(38)还有一些优秀的文章可以识别不一致之处。还有两个你可能想读的。(39) (40)

A Few More Inconsistencies


The woman’s account is riddled with inconsistent statements. She told the grand jury in sworn testimony that she left the room, waited in the corridor until DSK left and then reported the incident, and only when confronted with electronic card key evidence, did she admit she cleaned another room and then returned to the scene of the crime before reporting the incident. She told investigators that she fled the room as soon as she could, but she told the rape counselor at the hospital that she waited in the room for DSK to get dressed. Why would she do that, after having been raped? She claimed in testimony that the two never spoke, then told ABC-TV anchor Robin Roberts that they spoke at some length. In fact, she had three completely different versions of the events that transpired and of her activity following.


If the woman had sustained injuries – including a “torn shoulder ligament” as authorities claimed, how would she then proceed to clean rooms? If the woman had been raped and injured, why wouldn’t she would seek help and medical attention immediately? A “torn ligament” would be painful and require immediate treatment.


There was much more. It was discovered that the woman had “had practice at this kind of storytelling before”. “Further investigation revealed that the [maid] had lied on her 2004 asylum claim about being gang-raped in her home country of Guinea. More damaging still, she had rehearsed the narrative of lies for asylum so often, listening to them over and over on an audiotape supplied by a male accomplice, that even years later she would break down crying as she told the story—until, finally, under very tough questioning by assistant district attorneys, she admitted the asylum narrative was a fabrication.” (41) Her stories were apparently so well-told that listeners would often be driven to tears as well.

还有更多。人们发现,这名妇女“以前有过这种讲故事的习惯”。“进一步调查显示,[女佣]她在2004年的庇护申请中谎称在她的祖国几内亚遭到轮奸。更具破坏性的是,她经常排练庇护谎言的故事,在一个男性同谋提供的录音带上一遍又一遍地听,甚至几年后,当她讲述这个故事时,她会哭得崩溃,直到最后,在助理地方检察官非常严厉的询问下,她承认庇护故事是捏造的。” (41)她的故事显然讲得很好,听众也常常会被催泪。

“The most seasoned professionals in the office working on this case were brought to tears by this woman’s life story. I mean literally brought to tears,” says Linda Fairstein, former chief of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit. “She was so convincing that cops, advocates, professionals, bought the story. And then the prosecutors got to work.” But with the Arizona phone call and the asylum stories as background, the more investigators examined the accuser’s story, the more anomalies began to multiply.” (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47)

 “办公室里最有经验的专业人士都为这名女性的生活故事而流泪。我的意思是,她真的哭了,”性犯罪起诉部门前主管琳达·费尔斯坦(Linda Fairstein)说。“她非常令人信服,警察、律师和专业人士都相信了这个故事。然后检察官开始工作。”但以亚利桑那州的电话和庇护故事为背景,调查人员对原告的故事审查得越多,异常现象就越多。” (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47)

There were also questions raised about the physical possibilities of such an assault being able to take place. The maid was young with DSK in his 60s, at 5’10” much taller than DSK and more heavily-built, with one observer stating “She could have kicked the crap out of him”. “. . she’s a big woman, how could he have overpowered her?” (48) Many news reports from Europe claim the woman agreed (or offered) to perform oral sex, then attempted blackmail and extortion. Olivier Mazerolle, a senior political journalist at France’s BFM television, claimed to have obtained details from sources in the US, and maintains this is what actually occurred. (49)

也有人对可能发生这种袭击的物理可能性提出了问题。这名女佣年轻,60多岁,身高5英尺10英寸,比DSK高出很多,身材也更结实,一位观察家说“她本可以把他踢出去的。”。她是个大女人,他怎么能压倒她?” (48) 许多来自欧洲的新闻报道称,这名女子同意(或主动提出)进行口交,然后试图敲诈和勒索。法国BFM电视台的高级政治记者奥利维尔·马泽洛尔(Olivier Mazerolle)声称从美国的消息来源获得了详细信息,并坚称这是实际发生的情况。(49)

“Is it reasonable to believe that a 62-year-old man, even one as oversexed as DSK is supposed to be, would emerge naked from the bathroom of his hotel suite sexually to confront a maid whom he had never met before, and whom he did not expect? Is it reasonable to believe that stark naked and wielding no weapon he could have forced a taller, younger and more muscular woman to commit oral sex twice [in 6 minutes], and that the transaction would have resulted without some level of participation on her part? And is it believable that she didn’t offer any resistance, cry out or flee when she presumably knew where the door was, having worked in the hotel for three and one-half years?” (50)

“有理由相信,一个62岁的男人,即使是像DSK那样性欲过度的人,会从酒店套房的浴室里裸体出现,与一个他从未见过的女佣发生性关系,而他也没有预料到。有理由相信赤裸裸,没有武器,他可以强迫一个更高、更年轻的人吗?”而更多肌肉发达的女性(在6分钟内)进行两次口交,如果她没有一定程度的参与,交易会产生吗?当她在酒店工作了三年半,大概知道门在哪里时,她没有提出任何抵抗、喊叫或逃跑,这可信吗?” (50)

“It strains credulity to think an internationally respected financial leader would hurl himself naked from his hotel bathroom onto a decidedly unattractive maid who happened to be cleaning his room, then force her to perform oral sex on him. It’s all made to sound like the actions of a psychopath more than a lustful Frenchman.” It would seem absurd for a man who can hire young models or woo women from higher brackets, to forcibly rape a woman, then have a leisurely lunch with his daughter and finally get caught only because he himself gave away his whereabouts in multiple calls when trying to recover his mobile phone.


In the final version of events, the alleged victim committed multiple counts of perjury, tax fraud, visa and passport fraud, conspiracy to commit extortion, possible drug-related offenses, but neither the police nor the media appear to have any interest in pursuing these details. Nor was there any interest in the five bank accounts. The woman told 37 substantial lies, mostly under oath but, according to her lawyer, “She made some mistakes here, but that doesn’t mean she is not a rape victim.” Mistakes? It will be almost certain proof that this entire bizarre event was a political fraud organised at the highest levels, when we realise that no action was ever taken against the woman for her string of crimes and the unexplained cash.


The Missing Blackberry


This is exceptionally curious and one of the keys to the entire entrapment process. One of DSK’s mobile phones, a Blackberry that he used for IMF work and very personal calls, went missing. It seems that DSK had already packed his things, including his phones, prior to taking a shower and dressing to leave the hotel. After the encounter with the maid, he used this phone to call his daughter and confirm their lunch appointment. The maid admitted to remaining in the room at that time, and perhaps the other hotel employee was there at the same time. DSK then apparently placed the phone in his briefcase, after which it disappeared, and was never found. (51)


DSK had already been warned that his phone had been hacked. A friend working in Sarkozy’s election office notified him that personal messages sent to his wife from that phone had been intercepted and read at Sarkozy’s office. The records obtained from BlackBerry show that the missing phone’s GPS circuitry was disabled at 12.51, preventing the phone from sending out signals identifying its location. It appears the phone never left the Sofitel. “Evidently unaware of what was happening at the Sofitel, he called the hotel from the taxi, asking if his phone had been found. When he was called back 13 minutes later, he told a hotel employee that he was at JFK airport. The police rushed there and, at 4:45, called him off the flight and took him into custody.” (52) Blackberry could not explain how the phone had been disabled, being something requiring extreme technical knowledge.

 DSK已经被警告他的手机被黑客入侵。一位在萨科齐选举办公室工作的朋友通知他,萨科齐办公室截获并阅读了从该电话发送给他妻子的个人信息。从黑莓获得的记录显示,失踪手机的GPS电路在12点51分被禁用,阻止手机发出识别其位置的信号。电话似乎从未离开过索菲特酒店。“显然不知道索菲特酒店发生了什么,他从计程车上打电话给酒店,询问他的手机是否被找到。13分钟后,当他被打电话回来时,他告诉一名酒店员工,他在肯尼迪机场。警察赶到那里,在4点45分叫他下飞机,并将他拘留。”(52) 黑莓无法解释手机是如何被禁用的,因为这需要极端的技术知识。

The “Dancing Israelis”


After the maid alleged that DSK sexually harassed her, the security team called John Sheehan, the security director for Accor, the French company that owns the Sofitel. His boss has ties to Ange Mancini, who was then Sarkozy’s coordinator for intelligence. Sheehan was seen on surveillance footage with an unidentified man who accompanied Diallo to the hotel security celebrating shortly before the police arrived: “The two men high-five each other, clap their hands, and do what looks like an extraordinary dance of celebration that lasts for three minutes.” One of DSK’s attorneys, William Taylor, who claims to have seen the footage, tells the Post, “They could have won the lottery. It seems directly related to speaking with Diallo and calling the police.” (53) (54) (55)

 在女佣指控DSK对她进行性骚扰后,安全团队打电话给索菲特酒店的法国公司雅高(Accor)的安全总监约翰·希恩(John Sheehan)。他的老板与当时萨科齐的情报协调员安吉·曼奇尼有关系。监控录像显示,希恩与一名身份不明的男子在警察到达前不久陪同迪亚洛前往酒店保安处庆祝:“这两名男子相互击掌,拍手,并跳了一个看似非凡的庆祝舞蹈,持续了三分钟。”DSK的一名律师威廉·泰勒(William Taylor)声称看到了这段视频,他告诉《邮报》:“他们可能中了彩票。这似乎与与迪亚洛通话和报警直接相关。”(53) (54) (55)

Media Frenzy and Speculation


“When police and prosecutors convict a suspect in the media before he is even charged, it typically means that there is no evidence against him and that demonisation is serving as the substitute.” Everything about this story has a stink of conspiracy, of sexual entrapment of the kind that got Julian Assange, Mordechai Vanunu and many others. Even more curious was that none of the mainstream media cared to connect the dots to see where they led.

“当警察和检察官在嫌疑人被指控之前就在媒体上对其定罪时,这通常意味着没有证据证明他有罪,而妖魔化正起着替代作用。”关于这个故事的一切都充满了阴谋的味道,充满了让朱利安·阿桑奇(Julian Assange)、莫德凯·瓦努努(Mordechai Vanunu)和其他许多人陷入的性陷阱。更奇怪的是,没有一家主流媒体愿意把这些点联系起来,看看它们的走向。

When reviewing the accounts of this tale, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the mass media, at least in the English-speaking world, had been instructed to speculate as wildly as possible and to fabricate any details they considered useful or titillating. “James Cox, law professor at Duke University, said: he was surprised that the prosecution had not done more homework on their witness before making such strong statements about the case and the strength of its witness.” (56) There were many serious questions over their handling of the case, especially the notorious “perp walk”, which saw DSK paraded in front of press cameras.

当回顾这个故事的叙述时,我无法摆脱这样一种感觉:大众媒体,至少在英语世界,被要求尽可能疯狂地猜测,并捏造他们认为有用或刺激的任何细节。“杜克大学法学教授詹姆斯·考克斯(James Cox)表示:他感到惊讶的是,检方在对案件和证人的力量做出如此有力的陈述之前,没有对证人做更多的功课。”(56)他们对案件的处理有很多严重的问题,特别是臭名昭著的“罪犯行走”,DSK在新闻摄像机前游行。

The media focus centered on the story of the alleged victim rather than on who was pulling the strings behind the scenes in what visibly appears to have been a political frame-up. The NYPD, the prosecutor, the CIA, were letting the media speculate publicly. The entire story, based only on speculation and a complete absence of facts, has the look and feel of giving the gullible public just enough information to come to the wrong conclusion.




In fact, the most likely hypothesis, which is that DSK was deliberately set up, was not only totally avoided by the mainstream media, but any reader comments at the time were either not posted (NYT) or were deleted immediately after posting. There is ample evidence that the media – especially in the US – had been instructed to monitor and control all comment on this issue.


At the time, it was fascinating to watch the NYT during the three months of this episode. There was no way to avoid the conclusion that the editors were firmly controlling the reader comments on all their DSK articles. Not even a hint of a suggestion of a setup was permitted until one article on July 6, long after all the damage had been done. The comment threads were constantly led to topics like “rich white man, poor black woman”, or the US legal system, or how money can buy freedom or how even liars can be raped. Whenever a comment was posted that was “off-topic”, more correct ones were inserted to bring readers back into focus.


There seemed little doubt that the NYT was on the same page as the NYPD, the DA and, we must assume, the CIA and the City of London. Not only did the editors control the posts, they added some of their own, to the “Highlights”, to help readers focus. Among them was this gem: “While France will now criticize us, we should remember that French people enjoy few of the rights we do when accused. French “authorities” can hold people for up to one year without charges in an attempt to pressure them for cooperation in a criminal case. In Europe, the presumption generally is that the person accused is guilty and he must prove otherwise.”


It is astonishing that the Times had the gall to do this. France can retain a person for no more than 24 to 48 hours before release, and the NYT editors would surely be aware of this. (57) No newspaper would make such a claim without checking its accuracy, so we must conclude they knowingly made a false statement, seriously maligning France in the process and leaving a disturbingly dishonest impression on the 80% of Americans who are sufficiently uninformed and gullible to believe anything.


The “Settlement”


The New York Times first reported that DSK had agreed to pay the maid $6 million as a settlement, attributing the news to “French media sources”, (58) while the same French media sources attributed the claim to the NYT. Other media claimed that “friends of Strauss-Kahn” offered the chambermaid’s impoverished family in Guinea, West Africa, a ‘seven-figure’ sum to convince her to drop the charges. Then almost everyone joined in with the identical claim, (59) (60) (61) even posting a (surely) fictitious photo of the maid’s “family”. (62) It became a circus, with DSK’s lawyers stating the claims as “flatly false”.

《纽约时报》首次报道称,DSK同意向女佣支付600万美元作为和解,并将该消息归因于“法国媒体来源”(58)而同样的法国媒体来源将这一说法归咎于《纽约时报》。其他媒体称,“斯特劳斯-卡恩的朋友”向这位女服务员在西非几内亚的贫困家庭提供了一笔“七位数”的金额,以说服她放弃指控。然后几乎每个人都加入了相同的主张(59) (60) (61)甚至发布了一张女佣“家庭”的虚构照片。(62)它变成了一场马戏,DSK的律师称这些指控“完全错误”。

Perhaps another WHO Worldwide Pandemic



One of the more entertaining bits of the media having fun was the “evidence” suddenly surfacing from every corner that DSK was only one of perhaps thousands of such. My favorite was the UK Daily Mail’s claim that maids at the New York Hilton and “in various other hotels around the U.S.” were having to hide from male guests running around naked in the hotel corridors, screaming “I need sex”. (63) The newspaper helpfully suggested all hotel maids needed to wear ‘panic buttons’.

 媒体最有趣的一点是,突然从每个角落出现的“证据”表明,DSK可能只是数千家这样的公司中的一家。我最喜欢的是英国《每日邮报》(UK Daily Mail)的一篇报道,称纽约希尔顿酒店(New York Hilton)和“美国其他多家酒店”的女佣不得不躲开在酒店走廊裸奔的男客人,大喊“我需要性爱”(63)该报很有帮助地建议,所有酒店女佣都需要佩戴“紧急按钮”。

The Question of Diplomatic Immunity



This was curious. As Managing Director of the IMF, DSK should have had full diplomatic immunity, not that the US would honor it, and in fact the judge in the hearing dismissed this. But it appears the IMF had the power to demand immunity for its CEO, and in fact the IMF Board had at least one meeting to discuss the matter. (64) (65) No information was released, but IMF rules stipulate an 85% agreement on all decisions and, with the US controlling 18% of the vote, we can assume the US exercised its veto and killed DSK’s one chance to escape the trap. He would still have full immunity from civil suits, however. This aspect was totally ignored by all the media, and should not have been.

 这很奇怪。作为国际货币基金组织总裁,DSK本应享有完全的外交豁免权,而不是美国会尊重这一豁免权。事实上,法官在听证会上驳回了这一要求。但IMF似乎有权要求其首席执行官获得豁免权,事实上,IMF董事会至少召开了一次会议讨论此事。(64) (65)没有发布任何信息,但国际货币基金组织的规则规定了所有决定的85%一致性,而美国控制了18%的投票权,我们可以假设美国行使了否决权,扼杀了DSK逃脱陷阱的机会。然而,他仍然享有民事诉讼的完全豁免权。所有媒体都完全忽视了这一点,本不应如此。

Rikers Island


Rikers Island is widely-known as one of the most brutal and dangerous prisons in the world. It “has always been a place of exceptional violence”, with weapons everywhere, with rival gangs ruling the cellblocks, a place notorious for the brutality of the prison guards and the deranged mental instability of most inmates, 1,000 of which are stabbed or killed each year. (66) (67) Only the dregs of society are sent there, and incarceration for a civilised person would be terrifying to say the least – which would have been the entire point of sending DSK there. The prospect of remaining there for months until trial, coupled with the slim prospects of survival, would encourage a man to comply with any conditions demanded for bail and removal – including resigning his job as MD of the IMF. DSK was sent to Rikers on May 17, presented with his options the next morning, and his official resignation processed on the following day, May 19, when he was released on bail.


Persons of Interest


In order to properly connect the dots, we need to identify some of the main players and their relations to each other.


Frank G. Wisner Sr.


Frank Wisner has been described as a “master diplomat” (Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Dean Acheson) and also a “master spy”, (America’s least-known but most famous spy). He was none of those things. Wisner was a criminally-insane Jewish psychopath, (68) the co-founder of the CIA and the designer and operator of Operation Gladio in Europe (69) which he ran together