Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 November 27th


The Khazarian Mafia wants to surrender, asks for amnesty


The Khazarian Mafia wants to surrender, asks for amnesty

The Khazarian mafia is trying to negotiate a surrender, according to high-level intelligence agency sources. David de Rothschild, chairman of the board of directors of the World Jewish Congress, the first thing you need to know is that he was indicted in Spain in 2015 for defrauding pensioners, as well as the head of the British and French branches of the Rothschild family, is offering to hand over control of the Western financial system to the Planetary Liberation Alliance. They are asking for amnesty in return. This offer came via the new head of the committee of 300 (who replaced Queen Elizabeth and is not Charles). The Illuminati council has granted this individual the power to negotiate with the alliance.


The alliance has responded with the following demands:


A jubilee, as in a one-off cancellation of all debts, public and private, must be carried out.


The wealth of the world -stolen by creating money out of nothing and charging “interest” on it- must be returned to the people.


The post-war Western-led institutions like the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, etc. must be replaced by something that actually serves the people of the planet.


All the technologies, such as hydrogen and anti-gravity, that have been suppressed by the KM must be released to the public


A massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction must be started.


Democracy, freedom of the press and the rule of law must be restored in the Western countries hijacked by the KM.


The true hidden history of the planet must be disclosed to the people on all the major media.


As far as the amnesty is concerned, the alliance itself will not take any aggressive actions against the KM. However, the various legal actions against them for massive crimes against humanity, such as mass murder by vaccine, will proceed in accordance with the law.


The next step will be meetings in person between representatives of the alliance and those of the Illuminati council. This will take time as travel arrangements etc. need to be made.


The KM are trying to surrender now because they fear a pogrom to end all pogroms will be carried out by the backers of US President Donald Trump.,


Furthermore, the Russian army has arrived at the borders of Israel and threatened to invade unless they stop their genocide in Gaza.


The KM is also trying to cut a deal because there is a group apparently planning to shut down the entire digital banking system. They claim to represent the US Treasury Department but say they are not connected to supposed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the fake “President” Joe Biden.


This group is currently buying up, or trying to buy up all the physical dollars being held in mostly Asian warehouses.


As background whenever the US runs a trade deficit, the equivalent amount of dollars is physically delivered to or printed in that country.


Since the US has run a total trade deficit of 12.143 trillion dollars since 2000, that means a lot of cash dollars are sitting shrink-wrapped in warehouses. This is what a trillion dollars looks like.


Here is what a representative of this group had to say:


“This has nothing to do with Biden or Rockefeller. It’s a process related to the new financial system aka QFS. There has to be at least 1T of cash in pallets. In order for them to move.”


Representatives of Asian royal families said they were willing to provide the dollars but not if it was going to the Rothschilds. They are waiting for a reply.


This situation is the biggest geopolitical move since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Here is what the creator of the Quantum Financial System had to say:


The idea of the new financial system is to place all these off ledger assets onto one global repository which has a dual control of the world central banker and the collective (unanimous) agreement of the world sovereign heads of state. The various currencies, commodities, securities and general wealth would be denominated in the secure single digital currency and in time all the fiat currencies would be wound down. It replicates what Adnan Sakli tried to do and failed and also acts as the strategic structural reform of the UN, WB & BIS Basel. The disbursal of wealth to the general population by way of various structural projects is then handled on the new mainframe so a new international banking platform and all digital and very secure with control held by military intelligence. Years of work gone into it and mind-blowing stuff. Little wonder The Rothschilds attempted to have me assassinated – near carbon copy of JFK. 


The KM are now trying to deny any involvement in the assassination of Kennedy by the way. They sent the following denial of allegations from Dick Cheney that it was Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion who ordered Kennedy killed:


 “You may tell the source that it was Admiral Canaris! Mossad was not involved, it was a DVD (German intelligence) operation using assets inside CIA and FBI….Mr. Cheney will have been under the thumb of Mr. Bush Senior (DVD) who was later terminated for the murder of Adnan Sakli at BIS Basel – I did the case with a certain François Deloche in Switzerland who was Adnan’s lawyer and we remain in contact to this day.”


However, a Mossad source sent us the following video full of evidence Israel and Mossad were behind the assassination of JFK. It is explained clearly. 


Video Player



Here is what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Colonel Douglas MacGregor about the situation:


Everybody wants to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power. They want our regulatory agencies not to be sock puppets for the industries they are supposed to regulate; to actually protect the public interest. People want to end the warfare state. The intelligence agencies have become captured. The Pentagon is a captive agency. The Fed is a captive agency. Its capacity to create money has now been deployed on behalf of …the corporate kleptocracy into which our democracy has devolved.


He blames the CIA for the assassinations of his uncle and father. Readers can make their own decision.


What is clear is that Kennedy’s new asset-backed US dollar was immediately rescinded by his successor Lyndon Johnson. If you look at all the Satanic hand signs at his widow Lady Bird Johnson’s funeral you can see who was responsible for the murder. It was the Satanists, not the Jews.


Now let’s talk about David de Rothschild, the so-called head of the World Jewish Congress.


French patriots who have been studying him for years provided us with the following information:


David de Rothschild controls France with his cousin Éric. They took over from David’s father, Guy de Rothschild who organized Satanist balls at the Château de Ferrières.


David de Rothschild controls France by placing his men in key positions. Jacques Attali under François Mitterrand, Nicolas Bazire and François Pérol under Nicolas Sarkozy, Emmanuel Macron under François Hollande, etc. The key man in the system is Alain Minc who manages the French economy on behalf of David de Rothschild. A similar system is also very established in Spain, Italy and the US (Carlo de Benedetti, Agnelli family, Rockefeller family etc.).


David de Rothschild’s cousin, Nathalie Rheims, explained in 2013 at the Museum of Art and History of Judaism that the entire family was governed by incest saying “Vice is nice but incest is best because it stays in the family.”


David de Rothschild’s bodyguard, Christian Girouds was involved in a case of human trafficking and prostitution of minors (kidnapping of a victim of child sex trafficking).


David de Rothschild and his inner circle live in the conviction that France is biblical Israel and that the real Jerusalem is Paris and that all of this belongs to them and they must rule the world. They don’t care about Palestine and send poor Jews there to the slaughterhouse. 


Macron himself comes directly from the Rothschild family (Fould Springer branch) through his mother and “Brigitte” is his father. Emmanuel Macron’s role is to fulfill their fantasy based on the prophecy of Isaiah.


For a quick bible lesson, Isaiah 9:19 says “Through the wrath of the LORD of hosts is the land darkened, and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire.”


The French patriots say “We are looking for anything that could contribute to destabilizing the Macron regime.” 


What will end the Macron regime is the situation to the East of France. Ukraine is now being quarantined. Thousands of vehicles are piled up in lines stretching as far as 40 kilometers (25 miles) as drivers wait in freezing temperatures to cross the border into Ukraine due to blockades staged by protesting truckers. The truckers have the support of the Polish government. The Slovakian and Hungarian governments are also moving to shut the border.


The Germans are also cutting off Ukraine by stopping the flow of weapons and money there. The Ukraine is now an openly criminal regime. Ukrainian soldiers are getting “strange vaccinations from Western doctors in what are probable biological experiments,” Russian expert Anatoliy Matviychuk says


KM Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky is using a Stalin-like secret police to round people up, force them into uniform, or disappear them, says Colonel Douglas MacGregor.


The EU is also cutting ties to the Zelensky supporting fake Biden regime. Talking about fake listen to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin standing with an out-of-focus CGI background behind him saying he is in Kyiv and supports Zelensky. No military takes orders from this clown.  


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The EU canceled a trade meeting with the US because of a deadlock in talks about steel and critical minerals. They are also now buying Russian and not Rockefeller oil.


László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament is among many openly saying things like the US ambassador does not exist, the UN is a propaganda tool and Hungarian opposition politicians are all traitors.


Germany is also fighting for independence. Their top court just ruled that 60bn Euros in unspent Covid-funds were unconstitutionally relocated to a climate action fund. This is a painful blow to the coalition led by Olaf Scholz because they have lost access to funny money created out of nothing. Bank of Japan officials say Germany is getting ready to revive the Deutschemark.


Germany is also joining Japan in launching the hydrogen revolution. Italy and Germany have just announced they want to circumvent the Alps by turning gas pipelines into hydrogen pipelines.


The Rothschild interests in Switzerland are also now being threatened because access to African and other resources is being cut off. In a sign of this, the CEO of UBS, one of the world’s largest banks, says he wants a private buyer in a potential rescue operation scenario.

罗斯柴尔德家族在瑞士的家业,现在也受到了威胁,因为非洲和其他地方的资源掠夺被切断了。有一个迹像显示出了这一点,世界最大的银行之一 —— 瑞银集团的首席执行官表示,他希望在潜在的救助银行行动中,有一个私人买家。,scrutiny%2C%20situations%20that%20UBS%20would%20prefer%20to%20avoid

“It is a clear sign UBS is in serious trouble. Their takeover of [bankrupt] Credit Suisse doesn’t take effect until 2024,” a CIA source notes. As we have previously reported most major US banks are also insolvent.


Also going down are the pharmaceutical corporations. Here is a partial snapshot of the legal tsunami headed their way: 


CDC Keeping a Second, Hidden vaccine side effect database


Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Sues Pfiz­er and Tris Phar­ma for Defraud­ing Texas Med­ic­aid and Pro­vid­ing Adul­ter­at­ed Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Drugs to Children


The Philippines government committee has voted to launch an investigation into over 327,000 unexplained excess deaths between 2021 and 2022.


Video Player



Former Troops Seek Billions in Damages: Lawsuits Against U.S. Government Over Military Vaccine Mandate.


Canadian soldiers are also taking legal action. 


Video Player



The public prosecutor of Rome, Francesco Lo Voi has charged former Health Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and others with ideological falsehood, multiple manslaughter, and marketing of an imperfect dangerous drug.


KM stooges like President of the European Research Council Professor Maria Leptin have even been caught publicly saying things like: “It’s not necessary for governments to persuade their citizens into taking mRNA vaccines using science”


The situation has made unelected world health czar Bill Gates blast “conspiracy theorists” for making his “super important work” of vaccinating children in developing countries “much harder,”


Completely unhinged: Bill Gates calls for punishment for critics of face masks and vaccines


There is also a growing avalanche of pedophilia convictions against KM minions.


For example, Biden Pentagon official Stephen Francis Hovanic was just busted in a massive human trafficking sting in Georgia. One of his jobs was to oversee elementary schools for the Pentagon.


In Australia former MP and twice-convicted pedophile Milton Orkopoulos has been jailed for twenty years for ‘calculated, predatory, and manipulative’ child sex offences.


In Canada Billionaire Robert Miller dubbed as ‘Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein’ has been accused of horrific sex acts with minors.


The list goes on.


The stolen US election is also now looking like it is about to be overturned.


A federal judge just ruled against voting machines in Georgia saying: “The machines’ cybersecurity flaws violate the constitutional rights of voters.”


Also, Arizona’s totally corrupt Attorney General Chris Mayes who stole her 2022 election has been caught in the crime of threatening officials who are trying to use paper ballots to ensure honest elections.


Now we find the January 6 committee conveniently destroyed nearly 50% of the evidence before the tapes were released. 


Video Player



In yet another sign the KM are mortally afraid of Donald Trump former Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill says Trump is “more dangerous” than Hitler and Mussolini


Video Player



The KM are also being increasingly exposed as murderous and racist.


Tzipi Navon, chief of staff to Prime Minister Netanyahu called for Hamas members to have not just their foreskins – but their entire genitals cut off and then force them to eat them. This was after they had been tortured and smeared with ‘pig fat’ and after their nails and skin had been torn from their bodies.


US State Department veteran Stuart Seldowitz meanwhile gets caught harassing a street vendor in New York saying: “If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, it wasn’t enough…” Mr. Seldowitz is a Zionist who worked for Langley as well using the revolving door, according to CIA sources. 


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Real Jews are revolting against this filth. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says “The minister of national security (Itamar Ben Gvir) in this government is a person who was convicted in the Israeli court for terrorism against Palestinians. This is a government which is a shame to the basic values of the Jewish people and the people of Israel.”


An estimated 100,000 people have gathered around the house of crime minister Benyamin Netanyahu to demand his resignation.


The world has their back. The BRICS filed a complaint against the Israeli Defense Force and told the Secretary General of the United Nations the Gaza genocide must stop IMMEDIATELY.


Chinese President Xi Jinping outlined the three urgent imperatives:


  1. The end of hostilities and the achievement of an immediate ceasefire.
  2. 结束敌对行动,立即实现停火。
  1. The cessation of all forms of violence and attacks against civilians and the release of civilians held in captivity.
  2. 停止一切形式的暴力和对平民的袭击,释放被关押的平民。
  1. The end of collective punishment targeting the population of Gaza.
  2. 结束针对加沙民众的集体惩罚。

They backed this demand with Russian tanks. That is the real reason the fighting stopped in Gaza.


The Turks and Iranians are also filing war crimes charges against Israeli government officials. War crimes tribunals are now a certainty. Criminal officials of the Israeli regime must be tried Iran’s top human rights official Kazem Gharibabadi says.


Now you know why the KM is suing for peace and begging for amnesty.





Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 November 20th


Satan has been defeated and now his minions are being rounded up


Satan has been defeated and now his minions are being rounded up

Something fundamental has happened at the highest levels of world power. Satan -as in an ancient cult of human slavers- has been defeated and now a mopping-up operation is underway. The signs are everywhere. First, though, let us look at what has been defeated.


When Asian secret societies first approached me in 2006 they gave me the following hand-drawn chart of their power structure (sorry about the coffee stains). 


At the top is the star of Satan (misleadingly called the Star of David) and directly underneath you find Switzerland and the Federal Reserve Board. The Babylonian god-king at the top of this structure was David Rockefeller. Under his direct control, you see Japan, Mexico, Canada, Africa, America, Iran, Greece, England, Russia and Mongolia.


On the left side, you see Queen Elizabeth and the European Commission (now the EU). Beneath her, you find the City of London and something called properties (presumably Crown land including most of Australia and Canada). On the right, you see France and hanging next to it the Fortune 500.


What you do not find under their control is Germany (then headed by Fuhrer George Bush Sr.). You also do not find the Middle Eastern Monarchies like Saudi Arabia, China, ASEAN and South America under their control.


Ok, so now let us zoom forward to 2023 and see what has happened. England under Queen Elizabeth split off, hence Brexit. Since her consort Philip was the monarch of Denmark and Greece, they also split off. Even though Elizabeth was murdered, England, Ireland and Scotland are now under the control of someone loyal to her spirit. It is not the fake King Charles III. This individual says he will make a public appearance in the New Year.


France has also split off. It is now under the control of Pierre De Gaulle, the grandson of Charles De Gaulle. At the Saint Petersburg Forum, De Gaulle raised the possibility of France joining the BRICS. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if France presented its candidacy, he would consider it.


Russia, of course, also split off when Czarists loyal to the Orthodox Church killed 200 Satanist oligarchs and exiled many others before placing the Avatar Vladimir Putin in charge.  


Africa has also split off, which is why almost nobody submitted to vaccinations on that continent. The Russians have been providing military support for newly independent African countries. The Chinese have provided economic support. The British Commonwealth African countries are also independent.


Next, let us look at Germany. After George Bush Sr. and most of his family were executed for treason, the new Fuhrer became, according to the elders of the Black Sun Organization, Elon Musk. Donald Trump (the real one, not the fake one), is allied with this group.


Japan and the Korean Peninsula are now a battleground with the Rockefeller clan fighting (and losing) a rear-guard action to stay in control.


So, that leaves David Rockefeller Jr. an inheritance that now consists of the United States Corporation under the fake President Joe Biden, Canada under Castrudeau and many of the Fortune 500 companies. His politburo is the Swiss-based Octagon group. Politburo member Klaus Schwab Rothschild may have been trying to oust Jr. with his “great reset” plan. He failed.  


In other words, much of the news events of the past several years can be seen as the Rockefeller clan fighting to stay in power. This is why the first thing they did when they stole the 2020 election was cancel the Keystone pipeline to stop the US from buying non-Rockefeller oil from Canada. They also blew up the Nordstream II pipeline in order to force the Europeans to buy Rockefeller oil and gas at twice the Russian price.


Now it turns out one of the big reasons for the ongoing genocide in Gaza is to secure the huge gas reserves found there. The map above illustrates this.


Nonetheless, despite impoverishing the Americans and Europeans to stay in power, the Rockefellers are still facing bankruptcy.


As points out “Russia, the most sanctioned country in the world ends 2023 with a $75 billion profit…The US, the most indebted country in the world will end 2023 with a loss of $2 trillion.” 


Last week the Rockefellers hoped to stay in business by offering the Chinese pretty much anything they wanted in exchange for more money. They offered California to the Chinese and lined the streets of San Francisco with Chinese flags saying, “Oh look, San Francisco turned into China for President Xi’s arrival. Finally revealing its’ true colors.”


However, if you look at the expression of Rockefeller bagman Anthony Blinken after talks with his Chinese counterparts, you can see sheer terror. We asked Asian Secret Society sources what they told him and they said they told him the Chinese would NOT lend any more money to the US Corporation. They also said they were going to insist the Rockefellers and others responsible for the vaccine mass murder war face war crimes tribunals.


Video Player



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After the meeting, the Chinese government press confirmed “The dysfunction of the US political system will continue to coexist as long as the country is still able to use the dollar to rein in the world economy.


This came even though “Biden” promised “the United States does not seek a new Cold War, it does not seek to change China’s system, it does not seek to revitalize alliances against China, it does not support ‘Taiwan independence,’ and that it has no intention to have a conflict with China,” according to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.


The failure to get money is why “Biden” disparaged Xi as a dictator of a communist government after the meeting.


Video Player



In any case, without Chinese money, the Biden show is doomed for sure because they will have no money to bribe generals and actors pretending to be politicians.


The signs that the Rockefellers are losing control of the US are everywhere now.


The biggest sign is a letter going out to soldiers that says, “Former soldiers who were involuntarily separated for refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination may request a correction of their military records.” What this means is the vaccine mafia has lost control of the US military.


They are also losing control of the US bureaucracy. More than 500 U.S. officials have signed a letter protesting Rockefeller surrogate Biden’s Israel policy


Donald Trump supporter Kash Patel, meanwhile, has sued Rockefeller enforcer FBI director Christopher Wray & and other members of the FBI & DOJ for unlawful surveillance. They will be grilled about this under oath. 


Video Player



Also, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) confronted Wray over “nefarious” buses “filled with FBI informants dressed as Trump supporters deployed unto our Capitol on Jan. 6.”


Video Player



Now the January 6th tapes have been made public proving this event was a giant fraud facilitated and coordinated by elements within the US government.


Ever since Friday’s release of more than 40,000 hours of Jan. 6 Capitol Police security video, dozens of clips debunking the Jan. 6 committee’s ‘violent insurrection’ narrative have been floating around X.


The other thing that is happening is the snowballing evidence of the vaccine crimes committed by the Khazarian mafia pharmacidical corporations. For example, Japanese researchers have confirmed the vaccines were designed to make heart muscles produce spike proteins. These in turn caused the immune system to attack them, leading to all those heart deaths. Pfizer meanwhile has admitted privileged populations received special safe Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ in different batches. In other words, vaccines were used to selectively cull the population of “undesirables.”


We also see a lawsuit has been filed against New Jersey for secretly harvesting babies’ blood for elite VIPs:


The Institute for Justice has filed a lawsuit against the State of New Jersey, alleging that a secret program is allowing for the harvesting and saving of newborn blood without the knowledge or consent of the babies’ parents.


Now Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is pursuing federal criminal action against Dr. Anthony Fauci for perjury before Congress.


“Virtually everything they said in private, they said the opposite in the public at the same time,” Dr. Paul said.


He should be pursuing war crimes and mass murder charges.


A document by the “Secretariat for World Order” from September 20, 1991, for example calls for:

例如,1991 年 9 月 20 日“世界秩序秘书处”的一份文件呼吁:

The immediate reduction of world population…This must be done by whatever means necessary…. Compulsory cooperation is not debatable with 166 nations, The Security Council of the UN led by the Anglo-Saxon Major Nation Powers, will decree that henceforth, the Security Council will inform all nations that its sufferance on population has ended, that all nations have quotas for population reduction on a yearly basis, which will be enforced by the Security Council by selective or total embargo of credit, items of trade including food and medicine, or by military force, when required.


Donald Trump, the real one, is certainly planning to file criminal charges against the Rockefellers and their hatchet men.



That is why the Rothschild-controlled Economist calls Trump “the biggest danger to the world in 2024.”


Jen Psaki Rockefeller for her part speaks about the fear of Trump “prosecuting anyone he deems an enemy” and how “this time he plans to line his administration with people who will actually do it.”


The Rockefellers are using a fake Trump to try to derail this. Here you can see a photo of the fake Donald Trump being used by the KM to back the fake story about “the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump to extend into early 2025.


Even if Trump turns out to be a pied piper, the rest of the world is taking action.


“The United States and Israel, who have long since joined forces, will both be held responsible for the mass massacres in Gaza. Within a few years, Israel and the ‘American Empire’ will disappear. Those who fight against the direction of history will provoke wars and unnecessary deaths in their numbers,” writes French journalist Thierry Meyssan, reflecting the dominant view in most of the world.


South Africa, Turkey and Russia are among the countries who have filed war crimes charges against the US and its Israel and Swiss-based Octagon leaders with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate war crimes committed in Gaza.


Turkish President Recep Erdogan says Turkey will make sure the world “recognizes Israel as a terrorist state.” Hundreds of lawyers are going to the Hague Court to take measures against it, promises. The West is “going beyond morality and law” and “violating international legal norms,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says. 


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says these actions are now possible because “The West was calling the shots in the world for more than 500 years, more than five centuries. And this era is over.”


Video Player



In the latest example of this, Libertarian outsider Javier Milei pulled off a resounding win in Argentina’s presidential election, a stinging rebuke of the traditional parties that have overseen decades of economic decline. Milei promises to make drastic budget cuts, replace the battered peso with the US dollar and shut down the central bank. He will also abolish ministries including Women, Gender and Diversity and Environment. 


The Khazarian Mafia is now in a panic mode as their centuries-old plan to rule the world from Khazaria is crumbling following their defeat in the Ukraine.


This has cut off a huge political bribe network. Polish intelligence calculates Ukraine has received more than $230 billion in aid since the Russian invasion in 2022. Between 20% and 36% of all financial aid, provided to Kyiv by the West, has been misappropriated by Ukrainian officials, the Russian Foreign Ministry says.


Most of the rest was misappropriated by US and Israeli officials or used to finance genocide in Ukraine and Gaza.


Now, according to Mossad sources, Ukrainian president “Vladimir Zelensky will be hunted down, as he is already long gone from Ukraine. His wife knew this was inevitable when they were in Canada.” 


Polish intelligence agrees saying “The only thing about which there is no longer any doubt is that Zelensky will soon join the collection of friends of the United States who were sacrificed when they were no longer needed or could no longer be easily remotely controlled for some reason.”


In a clear sign of this, the Wall Street Journal now claims it’s time to end “magical thinking” about Russia’s defeat in Ukraine.


This attached photo reading “Have you seen this man? He is wanted for scamming an elderly man out of 100 billion dollars,” is an example of true words said in jest.


Even the Jewish people are waking up. As an example, the formerly KM-controlled BBC is starting to question the Israeli narrative on Gaza reporting “Israel is yet to produce evidence of the tunnels [used as an excuse to destroy a hospital].”


Video Player



Thanks to survivors like Henry Makow most Jews also now know it was the Satanists who were responsible for the Holocaust. That is why the KM are about to lose control even of their slave colony Israel. Opposition Leader Yair Lapid has joined the chorus of calls to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from his job. Netanyahu is being actively hunted by Israeli special forces now, Mossad sources report.


Other proxy leaders like Justin Castrudeau are also on their way out. He cannot appear in public now without being attacked by mobs.   


Of course, the KM are freaking out and are now threatening to destroy the world.


They are still clinging to the illusion they will be able to carry out their plan to start World War III in order to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.


Here you can watch an Israeli Channel 14 announcer say;


“Can you guess how many people we are going to slaughter? We are prepared to fight the United States and the entire world.”


CIA sources warn:


“The fleet stationed in the Mediterranean Sea only has a skeleton crew…. This is for a reason. Be prepared for a False Flag Op as Israel sends an underwater drone hits and sinks one of the carriers. Just like the Gulf of Tonkin incident. They will blame Iran. They need Iran in the conflict. Russia is already aware of this”.


However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirms neither Iran, Lebanon, nor the militant group Hezbollah are going to be fooled by the genocide in Gaza into starting the KMs’ wish for WWIII.


There also seems to be some sort of otherworldly force at work to ensure the planet is not destroyed. Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Frank Kendal says “There are unknown unknowns,” preventing the US from making ICBMs. Now apparently the US only has more than a half-century-old Minuteman III missiles that nobody alive understands how to operate.


Maybe there is something wrong with my memory but, I am pretty sure the US had many other missiles after the Minuteman series. It is almost as if reality itself is being altered.


Also, the Pentagon itself remains a black box. It just yet again failed an annual audit of $3.8 trillion in military assets.


Of course, the KM has not run out of tricks just yet. The KM Rothschild-controlled Economist magazine THE WORLD AHEAD 2024 cover has many hints in it.


It has pictures of ICBMs and hints of weather warfare and AI mind control in it.


However, it is the graph on the right showing their fiat US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and British Pound plunging that grabbed my attention. To me, it is a hint that after years of suckering investors into stock markets by goosing them with fiat funny money, they are going to cash in by selling their shares and crashing everything. We shall see.


The other thing they are definitely planning is weather warfare in order to try to get money to fight “climate change.”


Here you can watch KM “Climate Czar” John Kerry spout BS about climate change “science” produced by their paid shills: “This transition is much bigger than any one party in the county… it’s not ideological.”


Video Player



Next, you can watch the fake masked BIDEN (heavily slurring): “I’m working with our Congress to dramatically increase international climate financing”


More money laundering, only another $100 billion.


Video Player



Finally, in what may be a sign we are really facing biblical events (or biblical computer graphics) it appears the Nile River is running red.





Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 November 13th



UNITED STATES CORP., Israel, Poland and Ukraine may cease to exist as KM defeated



The geopolitical situation is in the middle of a collapse of the USASR-type situation. This will lead to many countries disappearing from the map in their current form. Countries likely to disappear include Israel, the United States, Ukraine and Poland. This comes as Rockefeller stooge president Joe Biden is set to sign surrender documents in San Francisco this week to the greater planetary liberation alliance, Western White hat and Asian secret society sources say.



What is happening is that a centuries-old Satanic plan to use three world wars to turn the planet into a giant slave plantation has ended in failure. The Khazarian Mafia hoped to use this plan to rule the world from Israel and greater Khazaria (Ukraine+Khazakhstan etc.). Instead, as we shall see below, the KM have been decisively defeated in the Ukraine and will soon be in Israel.



Video Player




“Ukraine is an essential piece that we cannot afford to lose on the geopolitical chessboard…our current path…means that our global order is dead on its’ feet,” admits Nathaniel Rothschild who has taken over the KM now that much of the Octagon group has been neutralized.








The defeat of this plan means many borders may return to a situation similar to what existed before the KM engineered World War I, the sources say.



In other words, Germany will return to something of its’ First Reich borders, the Austro-Hungarian Empire may re-emerge as a republic and the Turkish Ottoman Empire may once again turn Judea (misleadingly called Palestine or Israel) into a protectorate. Needless the say the rights and autonomy of the Poles, Jews and Judeans (“Palestinians”), etc. would be protected under such a scenario. 



However, the changes may be more far-reaching than that because the satanic UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION is set to be dismantled as a result of the victory of the American people in their second revolution. The Republic of the United States of North America is likely to emerge as a replacement for the corporation when all the dust settles.



This may all sound far-fetched but facts in the real world make this the most likely scenario.



Let us start with the situation surrounding IS (ISIS the moon goddess) RA (the Egyptian sun god) EL (the creator).



The Jews know their own government attacked them to justify war in the Gaza Strip. A leaked video from the Israeli Air Force shows that it was the Israeli Apache helicopters that bombed its citizens during the “Delirium” festival on October 7, not Hamas!

犹太人心里非常清楚,他们所遭受到的袭击,其实是以色列政府策划的,目的是作为对加沙地带发动战争的借口。以色列空军泄露的一段视频显示,在2023年 10 月 7 日的“精神错乱”节日期间,轰炸以色列公民的,是以色列阿帕奇直升机,而不是哈马斯!


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Also, now even Jewish holocaust survivors are getting arrested for antisemitism [anti-satanism].



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No wonder Haaretz, a major mainstream Israeli Newspaper said:



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is meant to be leading the country, is a haunted politician facing the end of his career, with the present troubles compounding the serious criminal entanglement into which he maneuvered himself with his own hands. Netanyahu does not enjoy the public’s confidence, and most of his efforts are invested in his personal survival.



Last week leaders of all the Muslim countries gathered in response to the Satanic massacre of Judeans in Gaza ordered by the Satanist Netanyahu.



At the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (IOC) in Saudi Arabia last weekend a consensus was reached to end Israeli mischief once and for all. The IOC countries agreed they would not be fooled by the KM into starting World War III. Instead, they will follow the playbook of the neighbors of the original Khazaria.



The IOC will issue an ultimatum to Israel and its’ KM overlords to stop their criminal and anti-social behavior around the world. They will threaten to attack Israel with an army of over 5 million that outnumbers them by 10 to 1 unless they arrest the war criminals in their government and subject themselves to Turkish guardianship.



This is why Tass reports Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning a “global initiative” to resolve the Gaza crisis.



Also, look at how Rockefeller slave Anthony Blinken gets the cold shoulder in Turkey as he tries to forestall this move. The current US regime has no credibility in the region.



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Furthermore, any nuclear blackmail attempt by the Israelis will be countered by Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.



The Chinese and Russians also support such a plan.



No matter what though, this is not going to turn into the KM’s long-planned Gog (the G7) versus Magog (The SCO) all-out nuclear war scenario to kill 90% of humanity. The US, Chinese and Russian militaries will not go along. The US military is no longer under the control of the KM, Pentagon sources explain. Even if compromised leaders try to order such a scenario, 72% of Americans say they will not support their armed forces in the event of a major war. The military rank and file is with the American people and not the KM.



Take a look at how CNN tries to suppress real US military views by cutting off this soldier. 



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In any case, we are getting reports the US mainland itself is now under attack, meaning no troops would be available to fight in the Middle East. The most dramatic evidence of this is coming from Los Angeles. “Every night around 2 AM US military troops are arriving by truck along the main boulevards of Long Beach California. The troops are going underground and loud explosions that are not earthquakes are being heard. When I asked a soldier at the cafeteria of the port facility who they were fighting he said they were fighting Mexican Narcos and Chinese troops,” a logistics officer at the Long Beach port facility told highly respected Jim Willie of the Hat Trick Newsletter.



The fighting is centered around the Getty Museum cage center, Willie says.  



We also got confirmation from a senior Mexican cartel official that revenge for the Directed Energy Weapon attack on Acapulco was under way. “Chinese troops have landed there,” he says adding “I envisage an attack on Las Vegas in the form of a tragedy.” The cartels vow there will be a “Reconquista” of the parts of Mexico taken from them in the Mexican-American war.



These reports are partially confirmed by massive mysterious fires breaking out in Los Angeles.



Also “a rare magnitude 5.2 earthquake” hit Mentone, Texas near the Mexican border last week. A shallow depth of 4.34 miles, according to the USGS means “this was a DUMB taken out for sure,” according to a CIA official.



Other sources implicate the KM in all this saying At least a million, possibly two million terrorists are already here from Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, etc., etc., and they are extremely well funded and get this, the Biden Administration working with the UN has given them debit cards that are reloaded every month.” The KM most likely hopes to use these fifth columnists to defend themselves from the American people.



There is also financial warfare taking place against the US Corporation. The Chinese have been dumping US Treasuries in an attempt to collapse the FRB and their Washington DC subsidiary. This prompted the KM to retaliate by hacking Chinese bank computer systems. Reuters reported this attack as follows:



A ransomware attack on the industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) disrupted some trades in the U.S. Treasury market on Thursday, the Treasury Department said.



A Canadian intelligence agency says what really happened was:



“The Fed put out a $24 TRILLION bond for countries to buy to cover the debt- NO ONE BOUGHT EVEN A PENNY. China bought oil futures from IRAN and paid 33 TRILLION BUT NOT IN US $ – what does that tell you about the USA in world affairs; THEY ARE FINISHED”



These battles are taking place in the run-up to the summit meeting between “President” Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping on November 15th. Our sources tell us “Biden” (the Rockefellers) will try to appease Xi by offering the State of California to China.



However, the Chinese have made it clear the US has to “let go of its arrogance and prejudice, and quit its hegemonic, domineering and bullying practices.”



The Chinese foreign ministry notes “the United States has fought or been militarily involved with almost all the 190-odd countries recognized by the United Nations with only three exceptions. The three countries were ‘spared’ because the United States did not find them on the map.”



The KM also use propaganda to demonize leaders they overthrow. As an example, listen to Ugandan leader Idi Amin who was overthrown and portrayed as a madman because he kicked out the Zionist Jews 



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As an alternative to this kind of activity China is proposing “a new model of state-to-state relations featuring dialogue and partnership, not confrontation or alliance.”



The White Dragon Society has warned the Chinese not to make any deal whatsoever with the KM and their US Corporate subsidiary. The KM will tell the Chinese whatever they want to hear and then stab their backs as soon as they get the opportunity. Instead, they have been advised to let the current KM system implode and wait for the white hats to clean up the mess.



As American patriot leader Colonel Douglas MacGregor says: “do not trust anyone inside the [Washington DC] beltway.”


The visual below is just one illustration of how the so-called politicians do not represent the American people.






















In another sign of how out of touch North American politicians are, watch this video posted by CasTrudeau to his social media declaring it’s him getting his “booster” while wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “vaccines cause adults.”



She gave the injection in his left arm and put a band-aid on his right arm, Duh 



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The implosion is not far off. If the US Corporation does not go bankrupt before winter, about 180 million Americans and Canadians are going to freeze because of “insufficient energy supply” during extreme cold spells due to “a lack of fuel for Bulk Power System (BPS) and the availability of fuel for natural gas-fired generators,”according to 2023-24 Winter Reliability Assessment (WRA).



Now Moody’s has just downgraded US debt. In my experience, when Moody’s downgrades, it is way too little, way too late. The US is already below junk and saying its aaa rating is in danger of a downgrade is a joke.



Let us all hope the Chinese are not fooled into handing over more money and the US government fails to extend its debt ceiling beyond November 15th.



If they do keep in business, we are in real danger of digital imprisonment. The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, admits the EU’s new CBDC—the digital euro—will be used to impose control. EU citizens already face imprisonment or fines for engaging in cash transactions above €1000, but the introduction of the digital euro will facilitate financial totalitarianism. It is the same with the FRB.



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The KM is also begging to have its’ Ukrainian political bribery money laundering operation reopened. Here you can watch a hilarious video of Russian KM agent Vladimir Zelinsky basically saying his laundry is still open for business.  Listen to how he words it:



“If you can’t give us some financial support, okay please give us credit and we will give you back money.”



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This is one of the worst war criminals in history. Organized child trafficking in Ukraine “spans the entire spectrum from getting a new family somewhere in Western Europe, without the consent or even knowledge of the biological parents, to sex-trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia and how these children are murdered and, among other things, their hearts, kidneys and livers, are sold on an international black market for organ trafficking,” Polish intelligence reports.



Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirms noting “representatives of a health ministry in a NATO country struck a deal with some ‘private businessmen’ who were assisted by Ukraine’s Health Ministry and Presidential Office to deliver a refrigerated train car full of human organs and body parts.”



No wonder the so-called King Charles III of England has been deposed, according to MI6 after making a speech claiming among other things:



“My Ministers will work closely with international partners to support Ukraine.”



This will be shut down soon. General Valerii Zaluzhny, commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, launched a military coup in Ukraine. In the video below he says, among other things: “Understand, there were fifty million of us, now there are less than twenty of us left. If we don’t stop Zelensky, then he will send all Ukrainians to slaughter…I order all military personnel to immediately leave the combat zone and take power in the cities under the control of the military.”



No wonder the KM-controlled Biden show is distancing itself from this. The Washington Post has published a report accusing Ukraine of blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline. “It looks like Zelensky and his officials are being tossed under the bus. Interesting that this comes out now,” a Mossad official comments.



Germany, meanwhile, is making moves to take over not just Ukraine but Poland and Latvia as well. Germany’s former ambassador to Warsaw, Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven, suggested in a German newspaper that German troops should be stationed in Poland permanently.



The European Union is seeking to introduce a “German plan” that would result in “the annihilation of the Polish state”, Jarosław Kaczyński, the chairman of Poland’s ruling party, warns.



“A ‘Defense Union’ is also to be established, which will be able to use Polish armed forces without the consent of the government in Warsaw,” warns Jerzy Kwaśniewski – President of the Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture. “The European treaties do not contain a definition of the rule of law,” he adds.  



The KM meanwhile, for their part, have issued a “10-point peace plan.” This plan includes “radiation and nuclear safety,” “food security,” “energy security” and “immediate protection of the environment.” Translation: “If you do not hand us over money we will cut off your food and energy as well as cause nuclear poisoning and environmental destruction.”



This to me, for example, looks like a veiled threat to cause starvation:



Sara Menker, founder and CEO of Gro Intelligence, cautioned that the current food crisis surpassed the one in 2007-08, in Syria, food inflation is up 2,000%, 1,200% in Lebonan, and 700% in Argentina. She said the food crisis “is far from over for most people in the world.” 

Gro Intelligence的创始人兼首席执行官萨拉·门克警告说,当前的粮食危机超过了2007-2008年的粮食危机,叙利亚的粮食通胀率高达2000%,黎巴嫩为1200%,阿根廷为700%。她说,粮食危机“对世界上大多数人来说还远未结束。”


They are also making DEW threats. Look what they are doing with HAARP. They are creating an artificial airglow in the sky for four days



This was followed by news leaks such as the following:



Solar superstorm could ‘wipe out the internet’ for weeks or months, scientist says…We may marvel at the Northern Lights, but that same solar storm energy could one day create what one researcher described as an “internet apocalypse….The power grid, satellites, underground fiber optic cable with copper sheaths, navigation and GPS systems, radio transmitters and communications equipment are all vulnerable” says Peter Becker of the US Naval Research Laboratory



Then we see some 24,000 tremors in Iceland since late October that could trigger some sort of volcanic super eruption.



“What else are they doing without informing the public?  Quite a bit…. Earthquakes, volcanoes and weather modification,” a Pentagon source comments.



The Chinese and Russians, however, are not going to be intimidated though because they have similar weapons.



The Chinese and Russians, though, need to look into their own medical establishments because they have been as thoroughly infiltrated as Western ones by the pharamacidical part of the KM.



For example, we now have proof Graphene Oxide used for mind control via electronics was inside the COVID-19 vaccines.



Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has responded to a call for the prosecution of Dr. Anthony Fauci and other architects of the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Dr. David E. Martin is calling for the complete destruction of the World Health Organization (WHO) for crimes against humanity and bioterrorism (speech September 13, 2023: @DrDMartinWorld)



“Until we treat this as a criminal conspiracy by criminal fraudsters, resulting in global terrorism for profiteering and murder; until we have this conversation, we are having the wrong conversation.”



The Chinese and Russians need to take similar action. Also, we would like to ask the Chinese to do something about these fake eggs.



Video Player




The whole world just wants a return to truth and sanity. The sooner the better.




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 November 6th


US and Israel headed for some sort of mega black swan event


All pictures in the PDF included

Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geopolitical PDF

US and Israel headed for some sort of mega black swan event

The signs are multiplying that the US and Israel are headed for some sort of mega black swan event. The result will be that both countries cease to exist in their present format. That is because the Federal Reserve Board -the fountain of power for the Satanists- is on the verge of collapse. If it goes, then everything under it, such as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and 90% of the world’s transnational corporations will also collapse and come under new management.


The signs of FRB collapse are manifold. As we have previously noted, the FRB interest rate of 5.25% has mathematically doomed at least half of all US Banks because it has devalued all the zero or close to zero interest stuff on their books. The FRB is now resorting to fraudulent accounting to hide the resulting bank run.





This was seen when deposits at most of the big US banks (owners of the FRB) were “delayed” by the FRBs Automated Clearing House (ACH), network.


This apparently allowed the FRB to use “seasonal adjustment” fakery to turn a $33 billion deposit outflow (bank run) into a $52 billion inflow. This trickery has magically boosted deposits by $168 billion since April. Since FRB rules allow 1000 times leverage, these fake deposits back $168 trillion worth of “financial instruments.” In other words, the whole financial house of cards rests on a foundation of fraud.


The US banks are also now stealing people’s money outright as well. Many bank customers are getting letters saying all of their checking and savings accounts are being closed. The explanation, if there is one, is something like “Per your account agreement, we can close your account for any reason at any time.”


This is happening in Australia and other KM-controlled countries as well.


The KM are also now pushing desperately to outlaw cash and force us into a digital prison. The new FedNow inter-banking communication system is “possibly unconstitutional” and “threatens the very freedoms that all liberty-loving American citizens should hold dear,” says Bitcoin Magazine Editor Mark Goodwin in response to an FRB attempt to silence his publications’ criticism of this system.



These moves are connected to the upcoming November 15th deadline for the US government to “raise the debt limit.” We are hearing the Chinese and other creditors to the US are determined not to let the US “government” circus show continue any longer.

这些举措与即将到来的2023年 11 月 15 日美国政府“提高债务上限”的最后期限有关。我们听说,中国和其他的美国债权人已经下定决心,不让美国“政府”马戏团继续表演下去。

This financial trouble is why a political or military-type mega black swan event is probable. In the past, the FRB has responded to crises of this nature with events like 911, Fukushima and most recently the pandemic and vaccine global genocide attempt.


One possibility is some sort of holocaust or mass sacrifice to Satan is being planned for Israel. We are getting credible reports from foreign diplomats based there that large portions of the country have been evacuated to Ukraine. These coincide with reports from Russia that roadblocks have been set up in the Ukraine and only people who can prove they are Jewish are being allowed past them.


Mossad sources further claim Israel as a corporation has expired on October 31st. Also, China has removed Israel from its maps.


In response, Netanyahu has appeared showing a map of Israel minus the Gaza strip. The last thing left for Israel to do is wage a Great War.


“Israel is a global terrorist organization. That’s exactly what they are, but It is better to refer to them as the cancer of planet Earth,” a Mossad source says.



In another sign Jews still in Israel are being prepared for another Holocaust, Satanic thugs in Israel are violently attacking genuine Jews who are protesting the genocidal acts of their government.



According to MI6, the people behind this are Crime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and “a group of extremist Israeli nationalists who assassinated various international characters over the years including a Swedish count by all accounts so to speak and also had a go at a certain Mr. Winston Churchill back in the day. They style their vision of a modern Israel on the fascist states of Spain, Italy and Germany…The joint Israel and Gaza Strip incursions are indeed a slaughterhouse of blood sacrifice and now genocide. Left unchecked they will level the entire place to the ground and all in it.”


Netanyahu himself refers to his Jewish and Palestinian enemies as Amalek:


“The Lord ordered King Saul to destroy the enemy and all his people: ‘Now go and defeat Amalek and destroy all that he has; and give him no mercy: but put to death both Husband and wife; from youth to infant; from ox to sheep; from camel to donkey.” Book of Samuel 15:3.


Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu agrees saying “One of Israel’s options in the war in Gaza is to drop a nuclear bomb on the strip,”


In a sign they know something is about to happen there, the Pentagon will no longer allow its senior military leaders to travel to Israel and will discourage members of Congress from making trips. “Israel will not recover from this mistake,” a senior CIA source warns.


In other words, unless action is taken, the KM are about to stage a murder-suicide of Israel rather than accept Jewish liberation from millennia of Satanic control.


Turkey might step in by reasserting control over Israel. “It is Türkiye’s duty to stop the bloodshed in Gaza,” President Recep Erdogan said on Sunday. “We are doing and will continue to do more than what is visible,” he said implying NATO’s largest army might intervene.


There is also evidence some sort of truly horrific event is being planned for the US as well. “The fear porn is really flowing. Get ready for a massive False Flag event. They are setting the stage for it,” a CIA source agrees.


So does Senator Ted Cruz who says “I believe we are at greater risk today for a major terrorist attack in the United States than we have been at any time since September 11.”



Our sources say now that their attempts to kill us with all-out nuclear war, vaccines and bioweapons have failed they are likely to bring out their Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs).


It seems the recent obvious DEW attacks on Maui and Acapulco were just rehearsals for something much worse.


Local witnesses in Acapulco say the storm that hit it was a 20 kilometer wide tornado that was not accompanied by rain as would be the case with a real hurricane.

阿卡普尔科的当地目击者表示,袭击该地区的暴风雨是一场 20 公里宽的龙卷风,它没有像真正的飓风那样伴随着降雨。

Just like in Maui, poor areas located on prime real estate were hit. Witnesses say “There are screams and gunshots” coming from Acapulco’s poor districts indicating children are being taken for adrenachrome harvesting just as happened in Maui.


Also, as in Maui, the military is stopping private sector aid from entering Acapulco.


In another parallel, Acapulco, like Maui, was planned to become a “smart city.”





The other coincidence is Mountain DEW put out a soft drink called Maui Burst before the Maui attack. They have also put out products called Baja Blast and Baja Flash.


This may sound like a stretch of the imagination but the same series has something called VOO Blast. VOO is the Vanguard S&P Exchange Traded Fund. And, coincidentally, Mountain Dew is a subsidiary of PepsiCo whose main shareholders are The Vanguard Group (8.9%) and BlackRock (7.6%).

尽管这听起来可能有些天马行空,但激浪系列饮料中,有个叫 “VOO Blast” 的东西。而“VOO” 是先锋集团在美国标准普尔交易所的名称代号。巧合的是,激浪是百事可乐的子公司,而百事可乐公司的主要股东,是先锋集团(8.9%)和黑石贝莱德集团(7.6%)。

These are Rockefeller and KM fronts for controlling most listed companies.


With a little bit of digging, it is probable you will find these entities are the ones investing in the “smart cities.”


Mexican cartel sources tell us the attack on Acapulco also destroyed much of their poppy crop. They say it was to destroy what they call “natural competition” to the KM’s synthetic and deadly fentanyl.


The KM have always used inside jokes telegraphing their planned attacks so, maybe it is just a coincidence but another Mountain DEW product is called Code Red, possibly indicating some major widespread disaster planned for the US.


The Donald Trump-related Q drop NOT EVERYTHING WILL BE CLEAN


[SCARE] NECESSARY EVENT also hints some disaster event will be staged to justify a military intervention inside the US.



The entire planet is sick of this sort of behavior. As Former Malaysian President Mahathir says of the West:


“Invasions and aggressions are justified as efforts to combat terrorism and militancy [or deal with disasters] but we know they were mere camouflage to hide their lust for oil and territory apart from their love of war.”


We are also getting signs they are heating up Project Blue Beam again. The Pentagon has just launched a new portal where current and former service members, government employees and contractors can report UFO sightings. 


The statement is here :


If they finally pull the alien invasion card it is likely to be their last because the walls are closing in on them.


For one thing, the vaccine lawsuits are snowballing and war crimes trials are now a certainty. In the latest on this front, the South Korean Government has begun compensating families if a member dies within 90 days of receiving the mRNA jab, even if an autopsy cannot determine the cause. The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said these measures apply retroactively.


“Korea had a higher inoculation rate than the rest of the world because people trusted the state and got vaccinated,” People Power Party Rep. Park Dae-chul stated at a National Assembly meeting between the party and the administration….In this regard, the state must address the blind spot in helping those harmed by the vaccination policy….Korea has recognized 11 COVID-19 vaccine side effects, including anaphylaxis, myocarditis, and pericarditis,


Once a government officially acknowledges such a thing, the floodgates are open. Most leaders in the West are going down hard on this one.


The funny satire video with Klaus Schwab Rothschild below is factually correct. 



The vaccine is only one way the KM tried to murder us all. Polish intelligence reports they were also trying to kill us by forcing us to eat bugs.



A 2017 study on chitin in insects says it “stimulates the human innate immune system to generate a flood of inflammatory cytokines that damage organs (leading to asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc.) and in persistent situations lead to death (multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), cancer, etc.).”


Even beer has been poisoned. In 2016, the Munich Environmental Institute examined the 14 most popular beer brands for glyphosate. It was detected in all of them. In the most extreme case, it was 300 times the legal limit for drinking water. The lowest concentration was found in the Augustiner Helles brand and even that at 0.46 micrograms of per liter was more than four times the 0.1 microgram legal limit for water.


This sort of thing is true for a huge percentage of the products corporations have been saturating us with. Justice is long overdue.


There are signs senior KM members are being taken down.


For example, the Dalai Lama is no longer the head of Tibetan Buddhism, according to sources in the Japanese imperial family. He is likely to be executed for murder, they say.


Also, it sure looks like the white hat alliance has Zuckerberg Rockefeller under arrest. He uses a leg injury and has a photo shoot in a hospital to sway the sheeple. Zuckerberg Rockefeller had an injury on his foot/leg and will be wearing a medical boot or is it a GPS monitor?



There are also reports Bill Gates is facing life behind bars on child rape charges:


Bill Gates has already lost his marriage due to his friendship with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but he is about to lose a whole lot more, according to investigators who revealed the globalist billionaire is about to be thrown under the bus and prosecuted on child rape charges.


Child rape is the least of the charges that could be made against Gates. How about mass murder?


“Gates isn’t the only global elite facing charges. A whole host of household names, including members of the US House and Senate, are currently sweating as the walls close in on them,” Mossad sources promise.


Victoria Nuland and Vladimir Zelensky are also going to face justice. A court in Kyiv has ruled the Maidan massacre in February 2014 began with the killing and wounding of both policemen and protesters by snipers from Hotel Ukraina, controlled by the US State Department.


The Russian government says Ukrainian neo-Nazis will be tried in an international court for “attempts to annihilate the Russian people in Donbas, as well as for the deaths of Ukrainians in a fratricidal war.”


In a sign the war is over, Russia is selling off Zelensky’s former Ukrainian house at an auction. 



Also, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denies the Wagner paramilitary group transferred air defense systems to the Hezbollah in Lebanon because: “De facto such a group (Wagner) does not exist.” In other words, it was the KM that sold missiles to Hezbollah in the hope they would use them to chase Jews out of Israel.


It is now clear the entire Wagner versus the Ukraine story was a Satanist cover for the wholesale slaughter of Ukrainians. As we have previously reported Yevgeny Prigozhin the head of Wagner and Zelensky both worked for the KM to depopulate the Ukraine and pave the way for the rebirth of Khazaria. Instead, their KM bosses will be facing war crimes charges.


Now over 50 countries supporting Ukraine, including NATO members, decided to negotiate peace with Russia after meeting in Malta. Even KM news fronts like Time and CNN are admitting the Ukraine war was a failure.






This is because the West has run out of money and has burned through all of its weapons stocks, according to Colonel Douglas MacGregor and Polish intelligence sources,


There is also growing evidence the brainwashed sheeple are waking up en masse. “They lied about the World Trade Center They lied about the war in Iraq They lied about the banking crisis They lied about Libya They lied about Syria They lie about Ukraine They lied about the pandemic But now they’re definitely not lying. Well, now they’re definitely telling the truth. So many years, so many lies, and the cattle still fall for the same things,” a Polish commentator said, reflecting the views of many.



For example, a Bild newspaper poll shows two-thirds of Germans oppose letting in more migrants from Islamic countries with many explaining they no longer feel safe in their own country and believe an increasing number of new arrivals despise German society.


In another sign of popular revolt, a “Blade Runners” in the UK have made the news by destroying 1000 surveillance cameras.



It is not over yet though. WEF puppet UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been given his orders. 


Britain Agrees To Relinquish Its Tax Sovereignty to the WEF


The British government has agreed to hand over full control of its tax sovereignty to the World Economic Forum.


The new rules mean that unelected bureaucrats headquartered in Davos will be in charge of collecting taxes from British subjects.


The WEF-run OECD is set to introduce a “global minimum tax” on firms in both the US and UK under a program called “Pillar 2.”


Also Klaus Schwab Rothschild brags


“The technologies at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” have the “potential to concentrate privilege and challenge existing governance systems.”


Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2018


In a sign of just how horrific these technologies can be: “Recent advances in electrogenetics by scientists at ETH Zurich suggest the tantalizing possibility of wearable devices that can directly control human DNA.”


In other words, if we do not overthrow these Satanic oligarchs we will be condemned to an eternity in a human animal farm.




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 October 30th



Fake President Biden declares World War III but he has no army



The theater of the absurd that now passes for “government” in the United States is sinking to new lows as money and time run out. The latest black joke is a so-called official “White House” declaration of war. It reads in part as follows:



…militia groups have conducted numerous attacks using unmanned aerial systems and indirect fire… A United States contractor suffered a fatal cardiac incident while moving to a shelter during one of these attacks. …



In response…United States forces conducted targeted strikes against facilities in eastern Syria…I directed this military action…pursuant to my constitutional authority as Commander in Chief.”



So, someone died of a heart attack because he got scared by drones and this is an excuse to declare war.



The only problem is the fake Biden does not control the US or any military. The real military is not going to be fooled by the Satanists into destroying the planet by starting an all-out nuclear war.



This last desperate attempt to start World War III comes as white hats score major victories on multiple fronts.



The biggest is probably the announced resignation of Swiss President Alain Berset, one of the leaders of the Octagon group. according to Mossad and other sources. His removal means the World Economic Forum, the WHO and Gavi are all about to lose the diplomatic immunity given to them by the Swiss government. This will open the way for war crimes tribunals for mass murder via vaccination.  



Video Player





The other thing that is going on is that white hat special forces are fighting a fierce war in the network of tunnels underneath Israel and the Gaza Strip. It is only a matter of time before they get to the person many say is the head of the snake: Benyamin Netanyahu. The photographs below show, that most of his public appearances are by an avatar, However, the real Netanyahu is still around and hiding deep underground. He is being hunted down by anti-Satanic Israeli and US special forces, Mossad and Pentagon sources claim. 



The rabbit hole in Israel apparently runs very deep. “Clear records of tunneling operations extend back more than 4,000 years – Assyrian carvings show engineering units belonging to Sargon of Akkad (who reigned between 2,334 and 2,279 BCE) undermining the walls of enemy cities,” Prof. Joel Roskin, a geomorphologist and geologist at Bar-Ilan University told the Jerusalem Post.



That is very interesting because Sargon credited the Anunnaki for his success in building the world’s first Empire, centered around where the fighting is now taking place. 



Professor Roskin says the area is home to “complex, multi-story underground caverns and tunnels with rooms, halls and warehouses.” MI6 reports fierce fighting now going on in these complexes. We will let readers know if we get any credible reports of the capture of “Anunnaki” controlling the Netanyahu, Biden, Putin, etc. avatars.



There are certainly many credible reports of underground bases being taken out around the world. The sign of this is earthquakes with depths of 8 and 10 km, bearing the hallmarks of having been caused by explosives. These indicate a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) has been taken out. Many such quakes have been reported in Iran, Australia and elsewhere in recent days. There was also one with an epicenter under San Francisco’s international airport on October 27th, the United States Geological Survey said. The quake struck about eight miles beneath the airport at 6:38 p.m. local time, it said.



Satanists are also being removed above ground. One who is being taken out is EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. European Council President Charles Michel is leading the attack against her because she refutes EU calls to end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.



The Hungarian and Slovak Presidents are also attacking her by blocking efforts to launder countless billions of Euros in bribe money via the Ukraine.



Readers can help speed the removal of this Nazi Satanist by signing the petition linked below.



In Canada meanwhile, the traitor Justin Castrudeau cannot appear in public without being attacked. If you look at his bodyguards in the video below you can see by their demeanor they are most likely not Canadians.



Video Player




Here is a message to the real Canadian military and intelligence community: If you do not arrest this mass murdering criminal it is only a matter of time before you will be court-martialed for treason and executed by firing squad. 



Speaking about execution by firing squad, there is a major purge going on in China that is slipping under most people’s radars. Chinese intelligence sources say “very many” top leaders were killed at a hotel before, during and after the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party that ended on October 22nd.

说到行刑队处决,中国正在进行一场大多数人没有察觉到的重大清洗。中国情报机构的消息来源称,在2023年 10 月 22 日结束的中国共产党第二十次全国代表大会之前、期间和之后,有“很多”高层领导人在一家酒店被杀害。


Most notably Li Keqiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of Communist Party of China central committees and former Premier was killed because he was responsible for the mass murder of many Chinese via vaccine, the intelligence agency sources say. The official cause of death was “sudden heart attack” at age 68.



His death follows the firing of China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu, another member of the Tang dynasty Li family. Their symbol is the green dragon.



The Chinese intelligence source warned though to not read too much into all this because “purges happen all the time in China.”



Regardless, the Chinese are still not planning to fork over any more money to keep the Rockefeller-run Biden circus afloat. That is why fake US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is looking so unhappy in this photo taken after his meeting last week with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Blinken knows his Rockefeller bosses are headed for the gallows and him along with them. Without more Chinese bribe money they won’t be able to pay their FBI protective goons.




Video Player




Colonel Douglas MacGregor says Blinken,is now trying to push the US into war with Iran with promises the US will support Israel in destroying Hamas. Blinken is leading us into “Armageddon,” he warns.



Of course, as mentioned above, the US military is not taking the bait.



That is why the US political puppet theater is trying to move away from the entire Biden show. The Satanists are now trying to stay in charge with a Trojan horse known as the new speaker of the house Mike Johnson.



Video Player




At first glance, Johnson appears to tick off all the right-wing boxes. He has consistently voted against aid to Ukraine. He is a staunch ally of President Donald Trump. He says the 2020 election was rigged. He has been actively involved in investigations into Biden’s crime family. Also, the corporate propaganda media attacks him viciously. 



Video Player





“They are crying, they are hand-wringing, they are bed-wetting over [in the swamp] because we have an honorable, righteous man…He’s going to do great things for the country,” representative Matt Gaetz says of him.



Sounds good right? The only problem is that he failed to tick the biggest box and that is to be against the Satanic plan to kill 90% of humanity. As soon as he got in office this Zionist fanatic told Sean Hannity: – “We can’t allow Putin to prevail in Ukraine” – US “boots on the ground” may be required to “stand with Israel” – Supports Israel directly attacking Iran and calls Russia, China, and Iran “the new Axis of Evil.”




In a related move, the Satanists are running Ukraine talks in Malta using “all means, including fraud, blackmail and threats, in order to lure in as many countries as possible, especially those who have a neutral position on the Ukrainian crisis,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.



We also see multiple reports Vladimir Putin is preparing a “massive” retaliatory nuclear strike to wipe out Russia’s enemies.



In other words, the entire Washington DC circus is still trying to pull a Hail Mary pass and usher in Armageddon by starting a Gog versus Magog war between the G7 and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.



The Russians are having none of it. “Putin died on Thursday at around 8:40 p.m. and is now in a freezer in Valdai,” Russian political scientist Valery Soloviei told Polish intelligence. Let us see if that means they finally give up the Putin avatar show.



The other point to make is that the whole political show is just a movie being played on our screens. The US Army has fenced off the entire DC Government District with metal fencing & concertina wire. 



The Washington Times, which is actually based there, reports the  Government Accountability Office surveyed two dozen federal agencies and found they averaged a roughly 80% vacancy rate during the study period earlier this year.



Just how long the fake show will continue on our screens is questionable, CNN has just announced it will be closing its headquarters in Atlanta in the wake of plunging viewership and a lack of money. This means the entire AT&T communications center there is being taken over by white hats.



Something has also happened at Google which has now stopped criminally censoring the truth about such things as toxic vaccines and stolen elections.



There is also massive debunking of Zionist propaganda lies going on now:



30+ Israel lies debunked in 3 weeks



No dead babies



No burnt babies



No beheaded babies



No children in cages



No raped women



No ripped breasts



No paraded captives



No tortured captives



No mutilating dead bodies



No “Global Day of Jihad” No planned cyanide attacks



No Hamas coming through US border



No all-female Israeli unit killing 100 Hamas



No October 7 was not “unprovoked”



No Biden did not see pictures of dead babies



No Pro-Palestine are not “pro-Hamas” rallies



No small blasts do not prove Israel did not bomb the hospital



No “misfired” rocket was destroyed by Iron Dome before the hospital bombing



No “misfired” rocket trajectory does not align with the IDF version of events



No “misfired” rocket can’t be both fired from the cemetery and southwest of the hospital



No Hamas charter published in 2017 is anti-Zionist,



not anti-Jewish Fake baby crib photo



Fake blood splatter photo



Fake booby-trapped school bags



Fake Al Jazeera journalist twitter account



Fake audio tape about bombing hospital



Fake AI-generated images of Hamas leaders



Fake “official Al Qaeda material” on dead Hamas fighters



Fake antisemitic controversy over Greta’s toy octopus



False titles for Palestine protest chants



False labels on a Gaza 4-year-old baby martyred in airstrike as a doll



False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of West Bank raid survivor



False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of Thai children in ghost costumes Yes many Israeli civilians were killed by crossfire at the festival, not by mass shooting



Yes many Israeli civilians said Hamas was kind to them during attacks and as captives



Yes many Israeli civilians were killed by Israeli tanks at kibbutz



Now Mosab Hassan Yousef -the son of the founding leader of Hamas- says it is not Muslim but is rather a globalist psy-op designed to “terrorize the world into accepting forever wars in the Middle East.”



Hamas is also sitting on a stockpile of Western weapons that had previously been shipped to Ukraine.



Revelations like this mean so many Jews have woken up to the truth that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been forced to admit he would “have to give answers” for security lapses exposed in the deadly October 7 attacks by Hamas. 



Video Player




The answer he will be forced to give is that “Israel’s 9/11” was an attempt to avoid bankruptcy by starting a war just like the original 911 was for the US,



“Israel was created by The Khazarian Rothschild Mafia Banksters in 1948 but their contract as an independent sovereign nation expires at the end of October 2023. (the day after the eclipse no coincidence) That means that the timing of the war is completely planned strategically to coincide with the time they could be dissolved with the rest of the central bankers and all the other bankrupt corporations,” Mossad sources explain. 

以色列摩萨德的消息来源解释说:“以色列是由可萨罗斯柴尔德黑手党银行家在1948年创建的,但是,以色列作为一个独立主权国家的合同,将在2023年10月底到期。 (日食后的第二天,并非巧合)这意味着战争的时机完全是在战略上计划好的,以配合他们与其他中央银行家和所有其他破产公司解散的时间。”


An Asian royal offered this explanation:



The reason why the Zionist bankers must take over Persia is that they need the Central Bank of Iran in order to save their financial system. The Central Bank of Iran has untold reserves in gold and holds the Imperial Crown jewels, both of which the country has been accumulating for eons. The modern version of the Central Bank was created in 1960. This is why they keep antagonizing Persia, the latest is to get the country involved in the Gaza-Israeli conflict. The Zionist bankers need a war. It won’t happen. Russia and Persia are protecting each other.

犹太复国主义银行家必须接管波斯的原因是,他们需要伊朗中央银行来拯救他们的金融体系。伊朗中央银行拥有数不清的黄金储备,并持有皇冠珠宝,这两个国家都积累了数百万年。现代版本的中央银行,成立于1960年。这就是为什么他们一直对抗波斯的原因,而现在,他们又想让伊朗卷入加沙 – 以色列冲突。犹太复国主义银行家需要战争。但是这是不会发生的。俄罗斯和波斯正在互相保护。


Israel is now incorporated and registered in the UK. They filed as a new business entity in February of this year. Their registered address is the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, London. The beneficial owner of the company is the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem.




We have talked to the Jewish head of MI6 who claims to be the new owner. He says they will soon rebuild the third Temple on the site of the original temple built by King David. They say the site is nowhere near the Al Aqsa Mosque.



If this is true it means the Jews have are being liberated from thousands of years of slavery. We shall soon see.



Regardless, there are countless signs the old order is collapsing. Last week the world’s oldest central bank, Sweden’s Riksbank went bankrupt. The now insolvent central bank needs at least SEK80 billion or US $7 billion (about 1% of Swedes’ GDP) to get back in business. The Swedes would be better off to just pull the plug.



Another central bank struggling to survive is the one in Argentina. Their puppet economy minister Massa, who was responsible for 140% inflation, has “defied expectations” and beaten libertarian candidate Javier Milei. Milei promised to scrap the peso and close the central bank. In other words, the Khazarian mafia is trying to steal the Argentine election in order to keep their debt slavery racket going there.



Something similar is happening in Mexico. Last week it was hit with a weather modification weapon. 



Video Player




President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador accused his opponents of trying to exploit Hurricane Otis ahead of next year’s presidential election.



A Senior Mexican source says the KM is trying to impose a “Jewish” woman as president. He says he met her and “She did not look like a human being.”



Similar struggles are taking place in many countries as the KM fight a losing battle to keep their puppets in power as their rule collapses.



We are also seeing major corporate collapses. This is especially true of the pharmaceutical industry.



Johnson & Johnson is planning for bankruptcy as it faces over 500,000 thousand lawsuits linking baby powder to cancer. Other pharmaceutical companies are facing similar lawsuits for other cancer-causing products. 




Now the vaccine lawsuits and war crimes trials are coming.



New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were COVID-19 injected and all 30 have died.



Similar stories are emerging from Canada, the US and many other countries.



“They will all be tried found guilty of crimes against humanity and executed,” CIA sources promise. 



It’s class action lawsuit time. Here’s a list of 90 lawyers that you can contact if you want to sue the vaccine manufacturers: 




There are also going to be lawsuits over missing children. Polish intelligence informs us:



We know a lot about various models of “child protection” because Ordo Iuris experts have been saving families from the hands of heartless Norwegian, German, Dutch, Belgian and Swedish officials for years. Even newborns are separated from their breastfeeding mothers if officials notice behavior that they consider disturbing, such as an irregular lifestyle, frequent trips abroad of the child with its mother, or… a baby’s diaper being too wet. Each of these stories has been documented in litigation.

我们对各种“儿童保护”模式了解很多,因为Ordo Iuris的专家多年来一直在拯救家庭,使其免受无情的挪威、德国、荷兰、比利时和瑞典官员的伤害。如果官员注意到婴儿父母有“令人不安”的行为,即使是新生儿也会与哺乳母亲分开,例如不规律的生活方式、孩子经常随母亲出国旅行,或者……婴儿的尿布太湿。这些故事中的每一个,都被记录在诉讼中。


This sort of thing has been going on in the US as well to the tune of 40,000 missing children every year. It is time for a reckoning over this too.



The days where they can drag people out of Hillary Clinton rallies for asking about Bill’s trips to Epstein Island are ending.



There is also an electric vehicle purge coming. In a victory for auto workers, Ford is halting $12 billion in EV investment, saying they are too expensive




“People are finally seeing reality,” Toyota Motor Chairman Akio Toyoda said.



Speaking about reality, we are also now getting closer to the truth about mass shootings staged by the KM in an ongoing attempt to seize firearms from Americans.



It seems the tinfoil hat people were on to something. Look at how many shooters heard voices before taking action.




The technology to make people hear voices in their heads that nobody else can hear has been around at least since the 1970s. In the video below you can watch a college professor bounce sound waves carrying music that can’t be heard aloud but can be heard in your head. This experiment was carried out at a university using equipment that cost a few hundred dollars, Look at the students’ reactions. 



Video Player




Of course, governments have been using this technology. Now I feel bad I dismissed all those people who came to me with such reports in the past as delusional.



Finally, here is a video sent to me by the Russians just as this report was about to go live. It shows Donald Trump being obsequious to the Crown Prince of Morocco Moulay Hassan. Morocco controls 70% of the world’s phosphate supply needed for all agriculture. The Moroccan Royal Family crest features two lions of Judah, meaning they are crypto-Jews. If the Hassan family tries (God forbid) to engineer a starvation crisis, they will be eliminated permanently from the human gene pool.



Video Player



Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 October 23rd


While the West struggles with mental illness; the world moves on


While the West struggles with mental illness; the world moves on

Like a squid shooting ink to avoid predation, the Khazarian Mafia is spreading Palestinian fear and loathing porn in order to avoid bankruptcy and arrest. It won’t work. Most of the world is not paying attention to the hysteria the KM are trying to generate. They know exactly where the real problem lies.


The real war going is not between Israelis and Palestinians, but between white hats and Satanists. White hat special forces are now in Israel with shoot-to-kill orders against any person who goes against the rules of war and chivalry by attacking non-combatants. They understand very well that the Satanists are pretending to be both Hamas and Israeli soldiers. The Satanists’ job is to stage horrific incidents on both sides in order to incite Israelis and Arabs into killing each other.


This is the age-old method of trauma-based mind control. Members of slave races are traumatized and then misdirected by their tormentors into attacking the Satanists’ intended targets.


Listen to Emir Weitmann, a member of Israel’s ruling Likud Party, threaten Russia on RT television to see an example. He is a classic victim of the sort of trauma-based mind control the Jews have been subjected to for thousands of years. After witnessing atrocities against people he loves, he has been fooled into thinking Russia was at fault. He cannot see the real perpetrators hiding in his own society.


Video Player



The Satanists also use lies, computer graphics, theatre and other tricks to amplify the effect of their crimes. However, they do carry out real crimes. We are getting credible reports of truly gruesome events taking place in underground tunnels built by the Satanists beneath the Gaza Strip and inside Israel. It has reached the point where even the corporate media is now talking about fighting inside tunnels.


Video Player



The head of Mi6 says he was shown evidence of (warning graphic report):


“Mutilated bodies from Israel which had all been severely tortured and burnt and it appears to be Satanic blood sacrifices….Babies were disgorged with their intestines cut out –in front of the bonded with plastic zips hand behind their backs parents and they were all shot dead after their bodies were hacked with sheer brute force.”


Another very real crime was the destruction of a hospital in Gaza by an Israeli missile. A comparison between the sound of a US-made JDAM bomb and the sound of the Al-Ahli Hospital strike in Gaza proves this.


Video Player



Destroying hospitals is an old Satanic trick calculated to provoke outrage and a reaction.


Rest assured the perpetrators of these crimes are being put down like rabid dogs by special forces. That is the real reason elite US troops are in Gaza and Israel.


At the same time, most Jews are now fully aware of the criminals who have been tormenting them for so long.


Listen to the following two orthodox Jews speaking for the majority of their people when they say they want to live in peace and friendship with their Arab and other neighbors. Unlike Satanists and their brainwashed slaves, this is how real Jews think.


Video Player



Video Player



The mass protests by Jews in Israel against their own Satanic government is another sign of the Jewish awakening. Last week at least 500,000 Israelis protested outside the Defense Ministry shouting “Bibi is a Murderer” and calling for Netanyahu to resign.


Video Player



The Corporate propaganda media is also being called out. Here you can see CNN reporting from Palestine being told, “You are not welcome here, genocide supporters! FUCK CNN.”


Video Player



As a result of this awakening the bigger goal of the Satanists or Khazarian Mafia, to start World War III, is failing miserably.


Despite all the provocations and psychodrama taking place in the Western corporate media, Israel’s neighbors are not being fooled.


Iran is a case in point. As evidence, the KM are trying to use the Gaza show to start WWIII, the fake Biden administration ended a missile embargo on Iran last week. They say Iran will now be able to freely sell missiles to other countries, including Russia, and import spare parts for missile development and production. How suspiciously timely



We have previously reported how -according to the sons of the Shah of Iran- the Bush administration sold neutron bomb-tipped missiles to Iran and encouraged their use against Israel. So, you can see the KM are hoping to make another holocaust or mass sacrifice of Jews to Satan to then blame on Iran.


The Iranians are not taking the bait. Iranian government sources contacted us to say they will not play into the Satanist’s hands by having Hezbollah and Iran attack Israel. Instead, they will wait for the West to begin war crimes tribunals against the perpetrators of the atrocities. They know full well the Satanists pretend to be Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, etc, and that none of these entities represents Islam.


“The Arab world has long accepted Israel’s existence and is no longer seeking to destroy it…. even Iran does not question Israel’s existence and the Palestinian issue is no longer a key agenda item in terms of Arab-Israeli relations,” Russian expert Sergey Demidenko notes.


That does not mean the Arabs will do nothing. Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani joined Iranian officials last week in threatening to cut off oil to the US and Western Europe unless they end the Israeli/Palestinian terror show.


“Instead of actively working at Palestinian-Israeli settlement, these [KM] morons are providing the neo-Nazis with full-scale aid, pitting the two closely related peoples against each other. What can stop America’s manic obsession with inciting conflicts all over the planet? Looks like, nothing short of a civil war on the US territory,” says Russian power broker Dmitry Medvedev


The other aim of the Satanic hysteria being generated over Gaza is to distract from many much more important real news events that are taking place.


For example, a huge piece of news the KM is hoping to distract us from is the revival of the pre-World War I German Empire. The news that German agent Donald Tusk has taken over Poland is not being reported by most major outlets. 


What this means is that Germany is poised to take over Latvia, Poland and the non-Russian part of the Ukraine. In other words, the old agreement between the Czar of Russia and Frederick the Great to divide Europe along the Dnieper River is being implemented again.


However, the biggest piece of news they want to distract us from, of course, is the end of Babylonian debt slavery and the implosion of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION.


As the corporate media tried to divert everyone’s attention to Israel, the US CORPORATION announced it ran a deficit of $1.695 trillion, up about $320 billion, in the fiscal year that ended September 30th.


As the chart below shows, investors outside of the US are dumping US Treasuries even as the Corporation offers junk bond interest payments of over 5%.


The American people aren’t buying either so, all that is left to the corporation is to cook its books with imaginary numbers.


The same is happening with banks that have been forced to shut over 2000 branches in the past year. That pace is now accelerating rapidly. The fact is the big banks that own the Federal Reserve Board are now bankrupt as is the FRB itself. 


If you still do not understand about Babylonian debt slavery, listen to this expert explain why the banks are con artists who fooled people into selling them debt slavery contracts disguised as loans.


Video Player



The funny money the FRB created by enslaving the American (and other) people went to a giant casino where each dollar of “real money” (ie backed by a debt slavery contract) was turned into a thousand dollars of “derivatives.” This sucked the livelihood away from 99% of Americans and turned the USA into a third-world hell hole. Look at this 6-minute video (start at 2:25) of a deserted Beverly Hills etc. to see for yourself what the US is like now.


Take a look at what the Chinese financial system is planning in order to understand what a government that actually works to strengthen its’ own country does.


China’s financial system will continue to…serve the real economy…, loans that supported the manufacturing sector expanded by 38.2 percent year on year, while…loans to small and medium-sized technology companies rose 22.6 percent year on year. More efforts will be made to increase financial supply in…advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, and science and technology enterprises… to accelerate the development of a modern industrial system.


As things stand now, China is about the win the battle for control of the planet. While the West was dealing with mental illness in the ruling class 


China was hosting 75% of the world’s countries at a victory celebration on the tenth anniversary of its’ belt and road initiative. The Chinese brag “More than 150 countries and over 30 international organizations have signed Belt and Road cooperation agreements” that invested $1 trillion for more than 3000 projects that created 420,000 jobs, lifted 40 million people out of poverty, and is expected to boost world GDP by 7.1 trillion dollars per annum.


Even the Taliban have signed up now for the BRI initiative showing that China won the Afghan war without firing a single bullet. “We have everything they need, such as lithium, copper, and iron. Afghanistan is now, more than ever, ready for investment,” said acting Afghan Commerce Minister Haji Nooruddin Azizi.


Now California wants to secede from the US and join China. Governor Gavin Newsom just went to China on Monday saying “California and China hold the keys to solving the climate crisis. As two of the world’s largest economies, our partnership is essential to delivering climate action for our communities and beyond….Our decades-long work together proves what we can accomplish together – cleaning the air, accelerating the transition to electric vehicles, protecting people from extreme weather and conserving lands and oceans.”


“There is definitely something going on behind the scenes. You have heard the rumor that China is or may have already taken over California,” CIA sources comment.


Of course, the KM is still trying to convince the rest of the world to put money into institutions they control like the World Bank and the IMF, but they are being rightfully ignored by the vast majority of countries.


The U.S. is now warning nearly 100 countries that Russian intelligence is opening a new front in its efforts to destabilize democracies by amplifying doubts about the legitimacy of vote counting and elections, senior government officials said Friday.


Translation: the US is trying to counter isolation by installing puppet governments around the world.


“They cannot come to terms with the fact that they are not achieving their proclaimed goals and are losing their position as hegemon,” Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov comments.


We keep hearing the US military white hats will declare martial law to restore order, freedom of the press, democracy and the rule of law. They also need to return control of the financial system to the elected representatives of the people, meritocratically selected public SERVANTS and genuine capitalist entrepreneurs. So what are they waiting for? The time is ripe.


A leaked US Military email shows they are worried that the troops aren’t siding with Israel. Also, by a spread of 52% to 48%, a majority of all Americans oppose giving weapons and supplies to Israel. 


The American public is also ready since 68% of them do not trust the news meaning the KM cool aid drinkers are now down to only 32%.

美国公众也准备好了,因为68%的美国公众不相信新闻,这意味着喝着廉价饮料的无知屁民们,现在只有32%。 ..

This percentage is shrinking. Tucker Carlson, for example, is teaching the sheeple stuff like the fact George Floyd was not murdered. This is old news for us, but it is waking up plenty of cool aid drinkers. 


Many are in a state of open and anarchic revolt. For example, after House Republicans held a two-hour hearing on the rise of violent crime in Washington, DC, a staffer for Sen. Katie Britt (R-Alabama) was robbed at gunpoint. Before that Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) was carjacked in the Navy Yard neighborhood, about a mile from the US Capitol Complex. And in March, a staffer for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) was stabbed multiple times in the crime-ridden metro area.


Also, even though Jim Jordan was unable to get the position of speaker of the house and thus be in a position to unseat the fake Joe Biden, he apparently has the support of 95% of the people.


Then there is strong evidence Donald Trump is the Commander in Chief of the US armed forces. Take a look at CIC Donald Trump’s security team in the sky. You don’t see the fake masked Biden fly protected like this. 


Video Player



So why doesn’t he act?


The story we are being told is: more about the KM crimes still needs to be revealed.


For example, the CIA sent us a video of Barack Obama handing out government rewards to various swamp creatures. Every award recipient is on Epstein’s flight log… including Obama.  


Video Player



They also sent us a of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son, Yair, taken at a luxury hotel in Miami. He’s Just chillin…


More importantly, the excuse we are being given is that the white hats are waiting for full exposure of the KM vaccine mass murder before the situation will be ripe for martial law.


That exposure is now impossible to hide. In the US patriot activists report that “After 2+ years we achieved the nearly impossible feat of getting a court with authority to stop the shots to hear IOJ and our Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon (former VP of Pfizer) out about the WHO, FDA and States many violations of Nuremberg Code from the illegal use of the Covid-19 nonvaccine biological agents.


In Canada, Ontario resident Dan Hartman filed a $35.6 million lawsuit against Pfizer over their son Sean’s vaccine death 


This comes as Health Canada confirms that SV40 simian virus (removed from Polio jab for causing cancer) is in the Pfizer Covid vaccine! 


The Swiss are also now taking action against the Satanic entities around Lake Geneva incuding the WHO, Gavi and the World Economic Forum.


The lawsuits keep piling up. Soon Pfizer executives will be hunted down in the streets and executed by the people. 


The market has worked it out – Unsafe, ineffective & unnecessary and carrying a huge liability. At the height of the Covid Vaccine Mania – on 10 Sept 2021 – Moderna shares were trading at US$449.38. Last week they closed at just $82.37 – down 4.23% on the day, and down 54% this year and down 81.7% since their peak. 


The criminals are trying to pretend it never happened. For example, real-life Bond villain Bill Gates got caught in a major lie when he claimed last week that he never promoted slave masks. 


Video Player



His real crimes go way beyond that.


The US food supply has been flooded with depopulation drugs with the intention of quietly and deceitfully sterilizing the majority of the human race, according to a Gates Foundation insider who has admitted that Bill Gates’ mRNA vaccines, mosquitoes and food production are part of a multi-pronged eugenics attack on the human race.


Not only are the KM trying to kill us, but they have been suppressing our technological advancement for more than a century.


Although Elon Musk appears to be working with the white hats these says, his electric cars are an example.


It has been revealed that the world’s largest electric vehicle charging station, owned by Tesla at the Harris Ranch in California, is powered by diesel generators. You see it is still all about centralized control of energy and the fight seems to be about who is in control at the center.


What they don’t want is decentralized free energy. That is why I expect they will try to suppress the following recent technological break-through;


The road-legal world’s first off-road solar-powered vehicle has a top speed of 145 kilometers (90 miles) per hour. On a sunny day, its battery range is around 710 kilometers (441 miles) on roads, and around 550 kilometers (342 miles) off-road, depending on the surface. In cloudy conditions, the team estimates the range could be 50 kilometers less.


Ask yourself, who benefits every time you fill your gas tank or charge your electric car? They are offering us a good shepherd instead of one who is planning to slaughter us right away. What we really want is to be released from the human-animal farm our ruling class has locked us into.




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 October 16th


Due to the great number of pictures please see here this report in PDF

由于图片数量庞大,请参见本报告的 PDF 版本

Benjamin Fulford October 16 2023

Like failed bank robbers, the Khazarian Mafia seize hostages in desperate bid to avoid justice


Like failed bank robbers, the Khazarian Mafia seize hostages in desperate bid to avoid justice

The events in Israel are in every sense a hostage-taking event by Khazarian Mafia criminals seeking to avoid arrest and war crimes tribunals. They are also trying to start World War III as their get-out-of-jail-free card. They are doomed to fail.


To understand what is really happening though, we need to step back and look at the big picture because what is going on is truly biblical. It is the end of a multi-thousand-year attempt by a Satanic cult to enslave humanity. It is also about the liberation of the Jewish people from thousands of years of Babylonian slavery.


Let us start by pointing out that nowhere in the Bible do they mention the Star of David. Calling it that is an insult to the true descendants of King David. That is because in Acts 7:43 and Amos 5:26, it is mentioned as the star of the sacrificial cult of Molech and Satan, the sworn enemies of King David.


Clear evidence we are dealing with an ancient Satanic cult came when Turkish police confiscated Torah Scrolls decorated with Satanic Illuminati symbolism that were stolen from the 2000-year-old Synagogues of Satan in Syria.


After investigators carefully unraveled one scroll they discovered a picture of a ram’s head inside what appears to be a pentagram. There are more Torahs found in Syria in 2018 featuring Satanic symbolism such as the demon Baphomet, Illuminati triangles with the all-seeing eye, blood libel, serpents, kabbalah hand signs, owls and many other things. It is interesting to note, by the way, that the Rockefellers are descended from Syrian Jews.




This cult takes over societies and forces them to work against the interests of their own people. To understand what happened to Western Christian society and to the Jews long ago, please watch this 8-minute video of a parasitic wasp at work.


The wasps start by taking over the brain of their host by injecting pleasure-causing chemicals to make them accept their parasites. The parasites then start by enriching their hosts until they are ready to subvert them and suck them dry before moving on to another host.


It is an exact metaphor for what happened to the United States and many other Western countries.


When I first asked Asian Secret Societies to help liberate the West I told them “You would never have surpassed us (in GDP) if we had not become infected by these parasites.” They were warned they were being groomed as the next host.


Polish intelligence provides us with a good case study from S. Wysocki’s book “Jews in the history of Poland” of how a society is subverted.


The carving out of the Jewish state from Polish lands was proposed by, among others, Jakub Frank already in the 18th century. “Brothers and fellow believers! We need the country to become our kingdom (…). Try to remove Poles little by little from all the more important positions and concentrate all threads of social power in our hands. Everything that belongs to Christians should become our property, The Israeli union will provide you with the necessary means for this. In order to carry out the plan to wrest Galicia decisively from the Christians, all our rich people have signed up for considerable sums. Baron Hirsch will give, the Rothschilds, the Bleichreds and the Mendelsons and others will give (…).” 


The other thing to understand is they are willing to take many centuries if necessary to take over a society in order to prevent their host from realizing what is going on.


The recent pandemic and vaccine crimes, for example, were planned for more than a century in advance. It started with the Rockefellers taking over the medical associations back in the 19th century. There was also a report describing the planned pandemic by the Rockefeller-controlled World Bank in 1975.


What is now happening in Israel, Gaza and elsewhere has been planned for at least a century. Freemason Albert Pike wrote this BEFORE WWI:


The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences…between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other….We shall…provoke a formidable social cataclysm…Then everywhere, the citizens…will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity,…will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer.



So the events in Gaza, the mass murder via vaccination, the huge influx of military-aged male migrants into the West, the collapse of social order in the US, etc. are all part of a long-term plan to enslave humanity.




That plan is now failing because the people are waking up. They know there is no American Government, nor any other Western government. There is only the Khazarian Mafia and the world governments they control.


This is definitely coming to an end. High-level intelligence agency officials from Mossad, MI6, the P3 Freemasons, etc. have reached an agreement to prevent the planned World War III with pinpoint assassinations and arrests of top Satanists. People like Klaus Schwab Rothschild, David Rockefeller Jr. Bill Gates are merely the public faces of secret controllers. It is those secret controllers, whose names we are withholding for operational security reasons, who are being targeted along with their Bill Gates-type frontmen. 



This is being said publicly as well. Russian President Vladimir Putin called Schwab a “globalist terrorist” who is holding humanity hostage. In a speech in Sochi, he warned that the days of this elite were numbered. Putin believes that globalists, including Schwab, are “legitimate military targets” because they are trying to illegally seize power.


Schwab, of course, is freaking out. His World Economic Forum is calling on world governments to make the viewing or sharing of alternative media online a ‘criminal offense’.



A memo issued by the WEF calls on its Young Global Leaders to lay the foundations for coercing the public into trusting the mainstream media again. Part of that coercion includes criminalizing the consumption of non-mainstream sources.



In other words, they have lost the ability to control the world narrative and know this means their doom.


The events in Israel are also to distract from KM’s defeats on all fronts.


Hunter is out of the news


Border is out of the news


Ukraine is out of the news


Speaker drama out of the news


Biden Crime Family is out of the news


Worldwide illegal immigrant invasion is out of the news


Horrible economy is out of the news




Another point to mention is that we contacted Japanese diplomats and Israeli citizens who are actually in Israel and they agree that most of what we are seeing in the news is fake and is being orchestrated from outside of Israel.


Here is what a Mossad source had to say: “The Israeli-Gaza situation is on hold….There must be a lot of high-level negotiations taking place outside the country as you said, this Op is being run from outside Israel.” 


Here is some of the evidence we are dealing with a massive BS storm:


Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed “Hamas terrorists bound, burned, and executed children…“They are savages. Hamas is ISIS,”


In case you didn’t know, ISIS stands for Israeli Satanic Intelligence Service; not to be confused with the Jewish Mossad.


Next Israel’s President Herzog says: “Not Since the Holocaust [burnt offering to Satan] Have so Many Jews Been Killed in One Day”


Then Israel’s Minister of Defense Yaov Gallant, told troops massing for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip “We have abolished all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts.” Even Adolph Hitler didn’t go that far . . . .


No wonder a sign that says “Israeli gov’t putting Hitler to shame” was spotted among anti-Israel protestors.




Video Player



The KM hypocrisy is now out there for all to see. In case there is a misunderstanding, when Russia does it to Ukraine, it’s a war crime. But when Israel does it to Gaza, it’s all okay? Nothing to see here folks. Just the Satanic KM at work.


The Corporate propaganda media has also lost all restraint. The New York Times posted a photo of a “crucified child” to justify killing Palestinian children! This was instantly debunked: Look at the American/Canadian electrical outlet in the image.



Also, CNN journalist Sara Sinder who announced on air that “babies and toddlers were found with their heads decapitated” has now apologized for spreading false information.


In another example, a fake photo of the “horrors of Hamas” made by artificial intelligence, shared by American columnist Ben Shapiro and the PM of Israel himself, originally showed a dog.



We also see a fake video of people supposedly trying to break into Israel on the Lebanese-Israeli border.


Video Player



In another fake, Ursula von der Leyen of the EU rushed to a “bomb shelter in Israel” as part of fear porn being staged for the sheeple.


Video Player



The thing is, like we mentioned last week, the KM have cried wolf so often that nobody believes them anymore.


A poll by the Jerusalem Post shows 86% of Israelis blame the government for the Hamas massacre and say Netanyahu must resign.


“We know that Egypt has warned the Israelis three days prior that an event like this could happen,” Michael McCaul, the chair of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee said.


Now it has been confirmed Netanyahu ordered the Israeli military to STAND DOWN for 7 HOURS during the Hamas invasion.


The Israeli military knows that these attempts to provoke a war with Israel’s neighbors would be suicidal. Israel would be in big trouble in the event of a Middle East war. Its 170,000 active soldiers would face about 1.6 million soldiers from Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iran.


Fortunately for Israel, its’ neighbors are not buying into the KM lying psychodrama. Even Hezbollah, Hamas’s closest ally, has not made any attempts to “open a second front.”


Instead, the Jews are going to finally take long-overdue revenge on their Satanic overlords. Pulitzer Prize-winning veteran US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh citing an unnamed “veteran of Israel’s national security apparatus with inside knowledge” says “Netanyahu “is finished. He is a walking dead man. He will stay in office only until the shooting stops… Maybe another month or two.”


This is up on US President Donald Trump’s Truth Social: 


Bibi Netanyahu is the Operational Head of the Khazarian Mafia.


The Khazarian Mafia (KM) is a worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate that has deeply infiltrated and hijacked the political institutions of the United States of America.


Our own Mossad sources say the original Netanyahu is long gone and that his avatar and those controlling it will be gone “very soon.”


We are hearing the Joe Biden presidential avatar and its’ controllers are also on their way out “within a month,” according to CIA sources.


The other thing we need to be reminded of is that the Ukrainian war has ended in total defeat for the KM. There are now mass surrenders of Ukrainian troops as the plan to create greater Khazaria implodes.


Now Oleksii Mykolaiovych Arestovych. former officer of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine admits “The national idea of Ukraine is built on lies.”


Video Player



This map by the way, shows what the KM had planned for Russia. They should have learned from Hitler and Napoleon not to mess with Russia.



The American people have now stopped financing these lies. As Colonel Douglas MacGregor says of the large popular movement he heads: “We are tired of listening to this business about Republicans and Democrats. We are tired of the uni party. We are bringing together Americans who share our larger traditional values such as fact-based news, God, country and family. We want to end these pointless interventions overseas and restore the rule of law. We are indulging criminals and it is destroying our society.”


The US military has your back Colonel.


So do the United Auto Workers. On Wednesday they shut down Ford’s (F.N) biggest plant globally, halting production of lucrative pickup trucks with little warning in blow to Ford that could quickly undermine the automaker’s full-year profits.


They are fighting against the theft by the KM of hard-working Americans’ money. In the past four years, car companies’ profits were up 65% while autoworkers’ pay failed to keep up with inflation and rose only 6%. GM CEO Mary Barra made nearly 29 million U.S. dollars in 2022, 362 times the median GM employee’s paycheck. “There is a feeling that the system is fundamentally unfair to the workforce that is doing all the hard work,” Harry Katz, a professor of collective bargaining at Cornell University, told CBS News.


The KM debt slavery system is crashing. Major US banks are continuing to close branches across the US, Bank of America axed 21 branches in the first week of October, Wells Fargo shuttered 15, while US Bank and Chase reported closing nine and three respectively. In total, some 54 locations had either closed or were scheduled to close in JUST ONE WEEK between October 1 and October 7.


The pharmacidical industry is also imploding. Only 2 percent of Americans have taken the new “Covid” vaccine. Pfizer stock has hit a 10-year low and it is a good bet that the company will soon cease to exist while its managers are sent to jail for war crimes. 



013/013 A

Secret documents obtained by the Russian military clearly reveal a paper trail linking the Doherty Institute in Australia to Ukrainian biological weapons laboratories.


An official new study out of Japan has concluded that all Covid variants were engineered in biolabs and intentionally released into the public.


014/014 A

Japanese police are now investigating war crimes by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Pharmacidical corporations and their KM controllers. The same is happening in the UK. War crimes trials are a certainty now.


Of course, the KM will not go quietly into the night. There are secret armies of hundreds of thousands of military aged males standing by to wreak havoc in the US and Europe. ISIS has a huge presence in Venezuela and many Venezuelans crossing the wide open US border are actually ISIS militants. 


A British army veteran says mysterious UN-supplied containers are being supplied to migrant hotels around the UK. 


Video Player



Now the fake rubber-masked KM Pope Francis is also pushing for mayhem by saying Israel has a right to defend itself. What he fails to mention is that Israel needs to defend itself from Satanists not from its’ Arab neighbors. .


Now the Christians are fighting back. Archbishop Carlo Vigano has called out the fake Pope’s heretical Papacy and the infiltration of the Authentic Catholic Church by the Deep State Freemasons who plan to separate into a “New Church” to go with its’ New World Order. They have completely gone against all of the moral teachings and are now allowing the marriage of “sodomites” as well as keeping their pedophiles from prosecution.


Meanwhile, as the West struggles with its’ Satanic infestation, the rest of the world is leaving them eating dust by, among other things, starting the hydrogen age of virtually free energy.


India and Saudi Arabia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for grid interconnections, green/clean hydrogen, and the supply chain for the same.


China has just launched the hydrogen fuel cell power demonstration ship Sanxia Qingzhou 1 (Three Gorges Hydrogen Boat No 1) completed its maiden voyage


Most of the world is getting in on the action by attending China’s Belt and Road Forum this week,


So unless the West removes its Satanic parasites, it is only a matter of time before we all report to Chinese bosses.





Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 October 9th


Cult of Ba’al stages mass sacrifice of Jews and Palestinians in doomed attempt to get money


Cult of Ba’al stages mass sacrifice of Jews and Palestinians in doomed attempt to get money

The massive so-called attack by Hamas against Israel last week proves the Khazarian Mafia just don’t get it. Like the boy who cried wolf, they have lost the ability to fool and manipulate the world with staged incidents.


The mass sacrifice to Satan last week of Jews and Palestinians by would-be God King Benyamin Netanyahu is a glaring example. Despite posting horrific and heart-wrenching images of suffering Israelis in their corporate propaganda press, nobody was fooled (except for a small remaining pocket of cool aid drinkers).


Here is the real story of what happened behind the scenes according to Mossad, MI6 and Russian FSB sources.


The head of MI6, who happens to be Jewish, said “The KM have always used the Jewish people and Judaism as a human shield for their satanic and nefarious purposes. They are a deeply rotten, well-known and well hated bunch of creeps. We went on false flag footing nearly instantly after hearing about it.”


Mossad sources agreed noting the Gaza Strip and West Bank were so thoroughly monitored by the Israelis that not even a grain of rice can enter there without them knowing about it. In other words, the massive attack on Israel by Hamas had to have been orchestrated by Netanyahu and his minions.




Video Player



Video Player



A Russian FSB source described the situation as follows:


About 60 people including Biden and his son, Hillary and her team, they all know they will go to jail if they lose the Ukrainian war. So, to save their asses they need some “victory” and Ukraine is not suitable for that while China-Taiwan is too risky so, they chose to destroy the Palestinians…Hamas is part of the plan of moving Israel to the land of Ukraine. Basically, the war in Israel and Ukraine is one. The Zionists want to have a bigger land far away from Iran and other Muslim countries so the Ukrainian territory was chosen to relocate Jews there after the destruction of Israel…In the past 18 months, about half a million Ukrainians died. In the war 3.5 million Ukrainians migrated to Europe and 2.5 million to Russia. So in total, the population has been reduced by 6.5 million. The population of Israel is 9.3 million so the war in Ukraine will be over in 2025 when another 3 million die. Then the new Khazaria will be built on the spilled blood.







This will not be allowed to happen. The UN Security Council had an emergency meeting about the attack and, even though they did not issue a statement, they agreed Israel did not have a casus belli (justification for war).


The reason the attack was staged at this time is because the KM money laundering via Ukraine has been cut off. The KM were hoping to use this Gaza show to get sympathy money to buy time until 2025 when they are planning to stage some sort of horrific atrocity, MI6 sources say.


Video Player



Another reason Netanyahu rushed the attack was because Iranian intelligence scored a major coup. Iranian intelligence sources inform us “The confidential information of Netanyahu’s office is in the hands of Iranians,” As a part of their intelligence hoard they obtained a “list of personal information and pictures of Netanyahu’s opponents that he kept with him, including Ehud Barak, Benny Gantz and Ehud Olmert,” the sources said. “We have also obtained special information from the list of foreign journalists who received bribes from Netanyahu’s office; This list includes European, American and Israeli journalists, and all the special information and amounts they have received are stated in it. All personal pictures and confidential files were removed from Netanyahu’s office through an electronic memory and are now with Iran’s security institutions and will be published,” they add.


So in other words, Netanyahu needed to fake an emergency in order to anoint himself as God king of Israel before this embarrassing information leak became widely known.


The real question, of course, is why that mass murderer Netanyahu is in charge of Israel instead of in jail or hell where he belongs.


Another bit of embarrassing information is that Hamas is claiming Ukraine sold them the weapons (US-funded) that they used in the attack against Israel.


Then for some reason, they are putting out a story about $6 billion that went to Iran and was then used to fund the attacks in Israel. Since the fake coup in Russia by Yevgeny Prigozhin was also a $6 billion show, it is a good bet to predict there will be one more $6 billion show in the near future to complete the Satanic 666 number the KM like so much.


Regardless, now that the big Hamas performance has ended in failure, there has been a lot of backpedaling by the Israelis. Just as this report was about to go live, for example, we were sent this video of an attack being staged like a movie.


Video Player



Video Player



We also got contacted by an Israeli whistleblower who told us their entire Iron Dome anti-missile defense was a fraud. Israeli scientist and award-winning security expert Dr Motty Scheffer says “Today, there is no missile which can intercept other missiles or rocket-propelled grenades, and the Iron Dome is a light audio system which blocks Israeli public opinion and, of course, itself. In fact, all the explosions that we have seen in the atmosphere are self-destruction. The Iron Dome did not launch any rocket that could intercept at least one missile fired from Gaza.”  


Video Player



So the Israelis are trying to say it was all fake. Unfortunately, their track record shows they do real mass murder along with the theatrics.


Next, the corporate propaganda press in the West started coming out with crocodile-tear “feel sorry for the Palestinian stories” coupled with calls for a two-state solution.


The map below of ever-shrinking Palestinian land shows you this has always been lip service meant to buy time.


The real motive for this call is to try to derail the deal Gulf monarchies like Saudi Arabia are reaching to fund the US military in exchange for protection. This deal involves Israel absorbing the Palestinians into the Israeli state. Doing so would cut off the big money laundry of “aid for Palestine” that the KM has been using for years.


Speaking about money laundering, Ukrainian officials are now starting to release exact bribe numbers received by US officials as kickbacks for Ukrainian aid. The list is below:


《乔·拜登 9200万美元

米奇·麦康耐尔 8900万美元

南希·配洛西 8600万美元

查克·舒默 6600万美元

林赛·格雷厄姆 8200万美元

米特·罗姆尼 7100万美元

约翰·科宁 4100万美元

亚当·希夫 6200万美元

丹·克伦肖 2000万美元

伊丽莎白·切尼 7700万美元

凯文·麦卡锡 4200万美元

杰米·拉斯金 3800万美元

迈克·彭斯 6100万美元

格雷格·彭斯 1700万美元

里克·斯科特 6300万美元

哈基姆·杰弗里斯 7400万美元

伊尔汗·奥马尔 3300万美元

伊丽莎白·沃伦 4200万美元》

Note that former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy allegedly got $42 million. This would explain why he betrayed his fellow Republicans and allowed the Washington DC circus to finance itself for another 45 days. I guess the DC clowns were hoping the Hamas show would then fool the world into letting the whole farce continue even longer.


There is another Ukraine angle that is starting to emerge: cocaine. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin says the FSB [Federal Security Service] found five kilograms of cocaine along with ten billion rubles during an investigation into a plane crash that killed top Wagner commanders.


Recall that Wagner Chief Prigozhins’ Chabad death cult partner Vladimir Zelensky is famous for his cocaine use. Then recall that another supporter of the Ukraine genocide, Justin Castrudeau of Canada, was also found with large amounts of cocaine in his plane at a recent G20 meeting in India.


Cocaine from South America has been one of the main sources of income for the Nazis since the end of World War II. The former head of MI6 told us the KM Nazis bought 1000 miles of coastline in Patagonia where they plan to hide out after they destroy the Northern Hemisphere in an all-out nuclear war. That war is now planned for 2025, multiple sources agree.


That is why cutting off the money laundering via the Ukraine and shutting down the US Corporation before then is so important.


The Ukraine has definitely been cut off. The US Congress has ended all new funding for Ukraine.


Then the UK government followed by announcing it would no longer send either arms or money to the Zelensky regime.


Next in line came Poland with their government also cutting the criminal state of the Ukraine off from all support.


Another Ukrainian neighbor, Slovakia, joined the club by putting pro-Russia Prime Minister Robert Fico’s populist party back into power vowing to stop sending weapons to Ukraine


Finally, the Nazi EU was also forced to admit it could no longer support the crime regime that is the Ukraine.


This prompted Putin to declare that Ukraine will “only last a week,” without foreign help.


The last place to support the mass murdering criminal Zelensky is his fellow mass murderer Justin Castrudeau of Canada.


He is not expected to last long either. The man is so hated he cannot appear in public in Canada without being attacked.


He is also flaunting his corruption. Look at him wink at the new Speaker of the House at the Canadian Parliament to see what a creep he is.


Video Player



No wonder Putin calls Castrudeau an idiot or a villain.  


Video Player



Video Player



Even the ladies in his regime appear to know better. Look at the faces of his Nazi handler Christia Freeland and Zelensky’s wife Olena in the video below.


Video Player



“She knows exactly what kind of corruption, the slaughter of innocent men, trafficking of innocent children and other monstrosities her husband is involved in… she knows it’s coming to an end and they will pay the ultimate price,” a Mossad source comments.


By the way, Olena recently spent $1.1 million in a single shopping spree at Cartier according to Polish intelligence. So, this is apparently where at least some of the aid money went. This information was leaked after she had a Cartier employee fired for “having a bad attitude,” the sources say.


“It’s already game over for Zelensky. Where will he go and hide? There is about a 98 % chance he will have an accident. He has already been tossed under the bus,” the Mossad source says.


There is a similar chance the US Corporation itself will get tossed under the bus. The numbers say it all.


The chart below shows total US Debt hit a record $33.442 Trillion, up $275 Billion in ONE DAY.


Financial institutions are also mathematically doomed. US Treasury bonds with maturities of 10 and 30 years have fallen respectively by 46 and 53% since March 2020.


That sort of loss explains why just four banks: JPMorgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup’s Citibank accounted for $4.185 trillion of uninsured deposits, or 59 percent of all uninsured deposits at all 4,645 federally insured institutions.


Citibank, after getting the largest bailout in US history in 2008 now has $1.34 trillion in uninsured deposits.


Since these banks own the Federal Reserve Board and the US Treasury, this might explain why their headquarters are now covered up in white plastic.


The financial crisis is also affecting Main Street. US commercial Chapter 11 bankruptcies have gone up 61% in the first nine months of 2023, according to Epiq Bankruptcy, which provides U.S. bankruptcy filing data.


No wonder the fake Joe Biden is no longer even pretending to be president as you can see from the exchange below:


Journalist: “What’s your advice to the next house speaker.”


Joe Biden: “That’s above my pay grade.” 


He’s telling you he is an actor without telling you.


Video Player



Note his eyes and the line of the mask.


Of course, going bankrupt is the least of the worries for the families that own the US Corporation. Getting hanged is their real worry.


For example, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Klaus Schwab Rothschild is a “globalist terrorist” who is holding humanity hostage. During a speech in Sochi, he warned that the days of this elite are numbered.


In the US, Senator Rand Paul says Anthony Fauci should be in prison for being a traitor.


Video Player



That is too kind. The corpses of thousands of children killed by Dr. Anthony Fauci in illegal medical experiments have been uncovered in Hawthorne, New York, strengthening the case to have the former NIH director charged with crimes against humanity and crimes against children.


The details are in the video linked below.


It is not just Fauci.


A Russian government spokeswoman says Coca Coca-Cola company is implicated in the purchase of children from Ukraine. They also claim black market organ harvesting has taken place on a large scale there.


Video Player



All Deep-State minions will be publicly exposed and prosecuted. Mass murder by vaccine will the crime will most likely get them executed. Here is a fraction of the evidence for this. 


Official data released by Canada’s government shows that 74% of triple-vaxxed Canadians now have Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). Yes, that’s AIDS caused by the vaccine.


Compared to the natural immune system of their unvaccinated counterparts, the data reveals that the double-vaccinated population across Canada has now lost on average 73% of their immune system capability.


The triple-vaccinated population across Canada has now lost on average 74% of their immune system capability.


So much damage has now been done that the figures show the double vaccinated population are on average 3.8 times more likely to be infected with COVID-19 and 3.3 times more likely to die of COVID-19 than the unvaccinated population, The Exposé reports.

根据the Exposé新闻网报道,疫苗现在已经造成了如此大的破坏,数据显示,接种两针疫苗的人群,平均感染新冠肺炎的可能性,是未接种疫苗人群的3.8倍,死于新冠肺炎的可能性是后者的3.3倍。

In the UK as well, 92% of deaths were due to COVID-19 in 2022 was among the triple vaccinated, government data shows.


The data is available on the ONS website


Russia is also involved. Sputnik V vaccines with a substance other than the one tested were delivered to Slovakia “The Russian Fund is of the opinion that Slovaks had no right to test the vaccine in laboratories that are not part of official European Union facilities.”

俄罗斯也参与其中。含有非测试物质的Sputnik V疫苗已交付斯洛伐克。“俄罗斯基金会认为,斯洛伐克无权在不属于欧盟官方设施的实验室测试疫苗。”

Now it turns out the elite themselves were not taking the vaccine they were forcing on everyone else. This has been proven in New Zealand and elsewhere.


Here you can watch WHO Terrorist boss Tedros (who says he did not take the vaccine) congratulate the Nobel Prize winners whose mRNA tech has enabled “safe and effective” injections against COVID. 


Video Player



He is going to regret these words and the Nobel Committee will be held responsible for rewarding mass murder.


Many are already trying to weasel their way out of responsibility.


“The Biden Administration is rewriting the history of COVID. Today, the head of OSHA claimed “We didn’t demand that anyone be fired” despite issuing a worker vaccine mandate for 84 million Americans that was struck down by the Supreme Court. “


Oh so much backpedaling going on now. They are slippery eels trying to wiggle their way out of the noose which awaits them. WE WON’T FORGET – YOU WILL ALL HANG


You can be sure the KM will try some more horrific stunts to try to avoid justice. One stunt is sure to involve all those military-aged men they have smuggled into the US and Europe.


In the video below an Uber driver says a middle-aged male migrant told him he is a soldier whose salary is paid by the UN. He was given a credit card, ID and told to live in the US and wait for further instructions.


Video Player



Next, look closely at all the invaders found in Europe recently. They all have the same clothes and shoes. None of them paid for their ‘boat trip’ passage to Europe. It’s all financed directly by the U.N via the NGO’s.


These men need to be rounded up and placed in detention before they get their UN “further instructions.”


The other thing the KM is doing is threatening the world with their weather and earthquake weapons.


We have been informed a high-energy neutrino device in Antarctica caused three major earthquakes on October 6 and 7, 2023


Maybe someone should remind the KM that nuclear weapons can reach Antarctica.


There is much that we cannot report yet but, keep an eye out for public arrests and resignations of very senior people. If you see the likes of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab being paraded in handcuffs in front of the cameras you will know justice is finally being done.




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 October 2nd


Khazarian Mafia takedown intensifies despite 45 day US budget truce


Khazarian Mafia takedown intensifies despite 45 day US budget truce

The undeclared civil war in the West is intensifying despite a 45-day budget truce that keeps the US Corporation in business for now. The important point to note is that no money is being sent to Ukraine; meaning the Khazarian mafia has no political bribe money from that source.


“Now that the fake Biden show won’t be sending more funds to the Ukrainian laundry, this may end rather quickly. Without the US aid, Europe will fold very fast. They want out as well,” CIA sources say. 


In any case, MI6, CIA white hats and Asian secret societies are now fully on the warpath.


Here for example is the MI6 reaction to reports Meghan Markle,-who sources say replaced Hillary Clinton as “Queen” of the Satanists in the US- was going to be “appointed” Senator for California to replace the deceased Diane Feinstein:


“We don’t have any interest in her because the interregnum means the British Royal family is all fired. A common bitch who along with all of the Queen’s family contributed to her death amongst many…They are all up for the chop and good riddance to bad rubbish. A bunch of money-grabbing creeps.”


It turns out Markle, who denies being a Satanist, turned down the job. Nonetheless, public confirmation of a change in UK power can be seen in British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak countermanding orders to send British troops to Ukraine.


We are also hearing from Asian secret societies that a purge has begun in Japan and other parts of East Asia. Here is a message from the Asians:


The Asians’ goal for 2024 is to put a definitive end to the indescribable evils and chaos generated by the polluting cacophony of men whose insatiable appetite is only matched by their propensity to destroy everything around them.


Let us start with the situation with the US budget. The first thing people need to understand is the current US system is broken and cannot be fixed, only replaced. The US government has, according to the St. Louis Fed and others, about $250 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. That is $735,000 for each man, woman and child in the country. It means if everybody spent their entire income without eating, paying rent etc, to pay down the debt, it would take 23 years.

关于上周的国际局势,让我们先从美国的预算纷争开始说起。人们需要首先理解的是, 美国现行的政治经济体制已经病入膏肓、无法修复,只能被替换掉。根据美国圣路易斯联邦储备银行和其他人说,美国政府已经有250万亿美元的无抵压债务。相当于每个美国人都欠了73万5千美元。这意味着,每个美国人不吃不喝,用收入来还清这些债务的话,需要23年。

The chart below illustrates how Americans have been living in debt, ie out of touch with physical reality since 2006.


This next chart shows that only 22% of US economic activity is based on physical reality. The rest are YouTubers, “financial advisers,” lawyers, etc.


My own experience is a metaphor for what the American and other Western people will go through as the bankruptcy of the corporate dictatorship takes place. At Forbes, I was given a high salary and only had to produce 18 stories per year. The combination of high wages and low work quota was soul-destroying and I was a decadent hedonist as a result. Last year as a freelancer I wrote well over 100 articles and published four books and felt great with plenty of time for play. This is what the entire West is about to go through as the fiat money heroin is cut off.


In case you don’t think it will be cut off, take a look that what is happening to the Federal Reserve Board fountain of fiat. They are being forced to lay off hundreds of staff due to unprecedented losses.


This means all the political kabuki theater in Washington DC is going to end soon.


The other thing to note is the fiat system has been sucking money out of the average American since 1971 when the US dollar was taken off the gold standard. In those days, before the KM took over the auto workers union, the average car assembler earned enough money to own a house and car plus support a family.


Now, the average income earner, who makes $71,214 a year, cannot afford the median-priced home in 99% of the 575 counties examined.


That is why nothing short of a revolution, followed by a jubilee, will restore prosperity and order to the average American and other Western debt slaves.


Make no mistake, a revolution has already begun in the worst way possible, with chaos and disorder as mobs rampage. In some recent signs of this Target has been forced to close nine stores across four states because of theft and crime. Meanwhile, mass looting is taking place in most US cities with Philadelphia being the most recent example. 


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The only hope seems to be martial law. However, the other thing to understand is the US military is now in fact working for the Chinese, whether they realize it or not. This is because the Chinese are paying to support US military operations around the world. In the real world, it is mostly Chinese, Japanese and Saudi Arabian money that is financing the US government and its operations around the world. “We decided it is cheaper to feed a guard dog than it is to fight a hungry wolf,” Asian secret society sources explain.


In a sign of this world military change, China and Saudi Arabia will hold joint military drills next month “aiming to deepen practical and friendly cooperation between the two militaries and improve the level of practical training for the troops.”


By the way, if anybody thinks the US would win a war against China, the US military just leaked the news China can build new naval vessels at a rate 232 times greater than the United States. The same applies to tanks, missiles, etc.


Also, the sudden floods that hit New York City after the fake Joe Biden threatened the world with weather warfare is a clear sign the US military does not have a monopoly on weather weapons.


Of course, the presence of nuclear weapons means that in reality any total war between China, Russia and the US would just destroy the planet so neither side expects to fight the other. Instead, they are likely to reach some sort of deal.


The US military under the new leadership of General Charles Q Brown is now expected to transform itself from an enforcer for Satan-worshipping oligarchs into a planetary protection force. Their new job will be to protect the weak and the vulnerable.



Of course, there is going to be a reckoning first. The US military under the traitor Mark Milley tried its’ hardest to kill 90% of humanity in order to keep its’ satanic overlords in power.


It has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the US military carried out a bio-weapon and electromagnetic attack followed by the use of toxic vaccines in an attempt at genocide on a planetary scale.


The graphs below show excess mortality in Germany and Japan following the forced injection campaign. Similar numbers are being seen in other countries like Canada and the Untied (deliberate typo) States.


The link below connects you to over 2000 peer-reviewed scientific papers proving the toxicity of the gene-altering toxic injections.


Public prosecutors around the world are encouraged to use them when filing charges against local vaccine criminals.


This is mass murder on a scale not seen since World War II.


In Japan Professor Takayuki Miyazawa from Kyoto University -one of Japan’s leading virologists- is raising the alarm after discovering evidence strains of Covid have been manufactured. Other scientists have pointed out the mass deaths caused by vaccines. Underworld figures and right-wingers are planning to take matters into their own hands if the police do not prosecute the proven vaccine mass murderers there, various sources say.

日本领先的病毒学家之一 ——京都大学的宫泽隆之教授——在发现新冠病毒的毒株是被人工制造的证据后,发出了警报。其他科学家指出了疫苗造成的大规模死亡。各个消息来源称,如果警方不起诉那里已被证实的疫苗大规模杀人犯,日本黑社会人士和右翼势力,正计划自行处理此事。

A lot of oligarchs are also going to be facing justice soon. In one of many signs Google is criminally responsible, YouTube removed a very good video with Mike Tyson where Robert F Kennedy Jr. says “The real money is not in the vaccines. It’s in the remedies being sold for the injuries from the vaccines”. 


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Another proven criminal is Bill Gates who asked President Trump ( 2017) to not investigate his ‘vaccines’…(quote)…“That’s a dead end…that would be a bad thing…don’t do that…” he showed his guilt. Now that the truth is out – get the nooses out


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“The Vax weakened the immune system and 50% of them died through bacterial pneumonia building up in the mouth and lungs due to the masks.


The remaining deaths were caused by other vax side effects… zero people died directly of the Spanish Flu. Sound familiar?”


By the way, Polish intelligence have informed us about a certain Dr. Demetre Daskalakis the “simianpox coordinator” in the White House. He is Biden’s highest-paid employee, known for his desecration of Christ and obsession with Satan and the occult. Daskalakis, who turns 50 later this year, joined Biden’s staff less than a year ago. In that short period of time, he earned $260,718 – the highest salary in the White House, not including the president himself. Why haven’t we heard of him before?


Also, Elon Musk just posted this video on X about vaccines not being effective. Another video shows all the vaccine companies moving their headquarters to Ukraine.


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The evidence is no longer deniable. War crimes tribunals are now inevitable.


The individuals illustrated below will all face the death penalty if found guilty by these tribunals.


These people know they are doomed now that their plan to kill 90% of humanity and permanently enslave the rest has failed.


This probably explains the following description by an Indian diplomat of Justin Castrudeau’s behavior while he was in India in September:


“My wife saw him at the Delhi airport and said that Trudeau looked depressed and stressed. We don’t know the reason. I don’t know the reality, but social media and some ‘credible rumors’ suggest that his plane was full of cocaine. He also missed the President’s dinner as some people say that he was not in his senses due to the drug consumption. So, seeing this nothing can be said about what goes on in his mind.”  


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What is almost certainly going on in his mind is his upcoming death by firing squad.


Trudeau, true to Nazi custom has been “burning” all books published in 2008 or earlier because they do not fit his regime’s propaganda standards for public materials.


Trudeau further proved his guilt by inviting Yaroslav Hunka -an SS Galicia Nazi- to speak to great applause to the Canadian Parliament. Hunka’s forces were responsible for at least 1.5 million deaths in the Ukraine during World War II.


In case you do not know, Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf about enslaving and then killing 90% of humanity. In other words, the Nazis were Sabbatean Frankist Jews, or what is now referred to as the Khazarian Mafia.


The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, which represents Jewish federations across the country, said it is deeply troubled by the incident.


However, in a sign many of them are still brainwashed, they added “Canada’s Jewish community stands firmly with Ukraine in its war against Russian aggression.”


Here is the thing, the so-called leader of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, has proven time and time again through his actions that he is a Nazi. Look at this stamp he issued commemorating Hunka as just one small piece in a mountain of evidence.


The Jewish organizations now need to denounce, on the record, the genocide of Ukrainian men carried out by Zelensky in cooperation with Yevgeny Prigozhin of the Wagner group and others.


Zelensky’s men forcibly grabbed hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men off the streets and sent them to be killed by artillery. Russian FSB sources confirm Zelensky and his generals gave precise artillery coordinates to Prighozhin in order to ensure the Ukrainian men were killed within four hours of arriving at the front.


The defenseless Ukrainian women and children left behind were then sold off as sex slaves or for organ harvesting. Over 60,000 children were tortured to death in order to harvest adrenachrome.


The Russian Foreign Ministry is actively collecting information on Kyiv’s crimes against minors, the Ministry’s Ambassador-at-Large in charge of overseeing the Kyiv regime’s crimes Rodion Miroshnik has said.


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the State Bureau of Investigation are scrutinizing General Valerii Zaluzhny.


commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for high treason. High-ranking officers have already been interrogated, including Joint Forces commander Lieutenant General Sergei Naev, and Andreii Kovalchuk, former commander of the Southern Zone.


Zelensky cannot return to the Ukraine because he faces certain arrest and execution.




There is also now a reckoning about to take place in the former Yugoslavia, where similar crimes were carried out decades ago by Bill Clinton Rockefeller.


Fake US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby confirms a “large Serbian military deployment along the border with Kosovo” has been taking place over the past week. It includes advanced artillery, tanks, and mechanized infantry units, he said.


Since most countries in the world do not recognize the criminal state Kosovo, nothing is going to stop the Serbians from destroying the Satanist nest there, Serbian intelligence agency sources say.


Human slavers are also being rounded up in the West.


For example, a school coach and three Disney employees were among 219 people arrested in a human trafficking sting in Polk County, Florida.


Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Australia, who presided over some of the world’s longest and most draconian COVID lockdowns, has officially resigned. In reality, he is under arrest and will disappear from the scene, according to Australian intelligence.


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There is also a mass populist revolt against the Satanic ruling oligarchy and their slave political actors.


In Slovakia, Russian-leaning populist Robert Fico just won another election. Fico tapped into anti-mask sentiment, as well as halting military aid for Ukraine


In Germany two-thirds of the population want the country to accept fewer migrants as skepticism about immigration is growing


No wonder they want to ban the AFD party in Germany. Imagine MP Bernd Baumann, having the balls to stand up and say this here.


Video Player



In Poland, an estimated 1.5-2 million people staged massive protests in favor of changes in the management of Poland, organized by the Civic Coalition, with slogans like “We want normality and we will hold fraudsters and thieves accountable.”


In Israel, tens of thousands of people rallied nationwide on Saturday night against the government’s judicial overhaul for the 39th week,


In Sweden, the prime minister summoned the head of the military to discuss how the armed forces can help police deal with an unprecedented crime wave caused by hundreds of thousands of military-aged male “asylum seekers” from the Middle East and Africa.


The Swedes are starting to take the law into their own hands. A 26-year-old taxi driver from the Middle East was reported for raping a 14-year-old girl in Sweden – then he was found hanged in a nature reserve. Now the girl, her boyfriend and three of his brothers are suspected of the very painful murder.


This is not about economic refugees seeking a better life. As evidence, The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken control of several American military bases in Panama and is orchestrating the flood of migrants that are heading toward the U.S. southern border in their millions.


It also sure looks like England has been conquered by migrants. All a part of the KM-WEF agenda. 


Video Player



that’s a lot of Muslim immigrants.


This has nothing to do with race, by the way, it is about immigrants obeying local rules and laws as you can see from UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman saying: “Multiculturalism has failed.”


Video Player



As we mentioned at the top of this report, military white hats in the Pentagon, the CIA and MI6 are promising they will finally take action. The baton is in your hand now General Charles Q Brown. If you disappoint us, the consequences will be the greatest disaster for Western civilization since it began all those thousands of years ago. All you need to do is obey the law and arrest the mass murderers, no matter how powerful or influential they are.


LARRY ROMANOFF: 关于中国的论文 — 第三卷 — ESSAYS ON CHINA Volume Three

  关于中国的论文 — 第一卷 –Essays on China Volume One 关于中国的论文 Essays on China Volume Two

关于中国的论文 — 第三卷 — ESSAYS ON CHINA Volume Three





以免 pdf 版本访问该书



1 为资本主义欢呼三

2 胁合

3 杀中国品牌

4 变文化价值观

5 外国欺诈在中国蔓延

6 西方在中国的价格欺

7 外国汽车工业在中国的欺诈行为

8 在中国不合标准的外国商品

9 中国不合标准的外国食品

10 在中国被玷污的美国慈善事

 中文档案    该作者的另一本免费电子书 请点击这里 BOOKS  这本书的样本: 4 变文化价值观  

  大多数国内商品都是一个国家的文化和基于价值的遗产的产物,并包含其中的大部分。在圆珠笔中可能很难找到多少文化,但中国月饼都是文化。在一个国家中成为知名、受欢迎甚至受人喜爱的品牌和产品之所以能获得这一地位,是因为它们具有内在的文化遗产。它们与人民的文化、传统和价值观产生共鸣。在国际贸易的买卖中,这些无数的产品穿越大洋,带着它们的文化包袱周游世界各大洲,这些包袱在其他国家卸下,部分或全部被这些社会从有意识或无意识地接受其固有的文化价值中同化。   这种文化包袱大多是中性的为它不会减损土著文化元素但可能会增加土著文化元素,甚至从积极的意义上说。西方人喜欢筷子、点心和龙舟竞赛,而中国人喜欢情人节和圣诞装饰,但这些都是对迷人迷人的外国习俗的表面适应,并没有取代当地文化,事实上,人们甚至不了解其背后的文化传统,更不用说被采纳了。美国人可能喜欢在中国春节期间观看中国舞狮和鞭炮,但人们欣赏的只是它们丰富多彩的视觉吸引力,其内在价值已经被剥去,其背后的文化和哲学毫无意义。它与中国的圣诞节相似,只因其丰富多彩的视觉吸引力和给朋友的礼物而受到赞赏,其背后的巨大文化和宗教传统被剥去而毫不相干。将这些项目插入当地文化只是表面现象,是当地社会本能地以非侵入性方式完成的,不会造成伤害,也不会取代当地文化。     如果当地民众认为外国价值观和态度在某种程度上优越或者提供了额外的实用性那么外国价值观和态度有时会在当地受到欢迎。瑜伽可能是一种外国产品的一个例子,这种产品被许多文化的人自愿采用,并且至少部分融入了基本的哲学和价值观,这一过程是通过自然同化而不是推广来完成的。这与中国传统医学在西方的应用是相似的。但外国公司进入一个国家的市场也存在风险,因为这些文化因素具有强大的能力,可以改变和控制国内社会价值观,通常是以有害的方式。正如我们常说的,“细节是魔鬼”,在这种情况下,在市场营销中。   美国的文化包袱、美国产品所蕴含的价值观和其他国家的价值观之间有三大差异。首先,美国的文化价值观是错误的。它们并不存在于现实生活中,但正如我们已经看到的,它们只是乌托邦式的理想,与美国世界的现实没有任何关系。第二,美国价值观严重政治化,其基础是构成美国政治宗教意识形态基础的虚构神话。第三,他们具有掠夺性、侵略性和好战性。   美国产品中的文化价值观不仅是虚假的和深刻的政治性的,而且是一种搜索和摧的使命。他们不会进入其他国家,而是像病毒一样入侵它们,意图灭绝种族。美国人传播他们的文化信仰不是为了与你们分享,而是想让他们的文化和信仰取代你们的文化和信仰。他们希望你拒绝你的信仰、文化和价值观,接受他们的信仰、文化和价值观,包括美国霸权和道德优越的明显错误的观念,这些观念是每一种美国产品、政策和制度的文化价值观所固有的。  

Robert Kagan

  美国人对自己天生的优越感和天赐的例外论深信不疑,以至于他们拒绝接受其他文化的合法性,甚至拒绝接受其他文化存在的权利。这些根深蒂固的错误信念,再加上天生的好战性,以及彻底感染了原始扭曲的福音派道德优越感,不仅导致了对其他文化的公然蔑视,而且导致了不计后果甚至宗教决心消灭它们。由于其密集的政治、宗教灌输和规划,美国人根本无法忍受与自己不同的文化或政治经济体系,简单地说,他们要么皈依,要么杀死与自己不同的任何东西。当美国人在与自己国家之外的世界打交道时,他们的内心和思想中并不存在“活下去,让自己活下去”的概念。美国商业和美国宗教与美国军队一样,都是掠夺性的、侵略性的、渴望征服和殖民的。   美国商业产品附带的文化包袱对其他国家和社会是危险的,正是因为它是政治性的、白人至上主义的、掠夺性的,并且积极寻求殖民。美国是唯一实行这种掠夺性政策的国家,这就是为什么大多数国家认为美国的产品和价值观是有毒的。《美国黑客帝国》摧毁了它所接触到的每一种文化。这个过程不是偶然的,而是经过深思熟虑和精心编写的。美国一家工业协会的一位高管最近代表美国人声称“我们将通过产品殖民中国”,这并不是由于粗心的言论造成的。那人确切地知道他在说什么。美国犹太裔新保守主义政策制定者罗伯特·卡根公开承认,西方的目标是推翻中国政府。他写道,“通过拥抱中国人,通过我们的西方产品出口我们的西方方式,我们将把他们打倒。”这些都不是空洞的主张,其中包含的政治不稳定和控制因素不容忽视。   一位美国人写道:“中国有一个选择:要么接受西方价值观,要么试图开辟一个东亚圈,使自己与西方价值观隔绝。后一种做法不仅会引发与美国的冲突,还会引发与其他亚洲大国的冲突。因此,中国最好的未来可能在于接受西方规范,同时尝试赋予它们“中国特色”。“这一观点本质上表明,没有其他可能的选择,中国人可以选择成为美国人,接受所有美国人的‘价值观’,或者冒着美国向中国宣战拒绝同化的风险。   通过他们巨大的营销能力,这些公司正试图把世界变成一个同质的美国克隆人群体,所有这些人都有着同样肤浅的、人为制造的、毫无价值的欲望。通过灌输捏造的外国价值观来改变一个国家的人民的思想,使他们抛弃自己的遗产,压制自己的理智,采纳外国的、往往是愚蠢的、几乎总是空洞的价值观,在这种对一个国家的秘密殖民中潜伏着严重的危险。美国企业不想在中国盈利;它想主宰中国市场。美国商业进入中国不是为了做生意,而是为了殖民中国,征服和支配每一个细分市场,控制市场、产品和定价,最终控制文化。这一切都是关于霸权和统治。   我在其他地方讨论过美国对菲律宾的殖民,美国人开始将他们的语言强加给人民,然后是文学、虚假历史和宣传,最后是美国产品。他们花了几十年的时间来确定一种最好的方式来宣传整个国家的人民忘记他们自己的过去,尊重他们现在的殖民地位,并学习崇拜美国人。美国人随后改写了历史教科书,从人们的意识中抹去这些国家的英雄、传统和摆脱美帝国主义的希望。如果说美国人成功了,那就太轻描淡写了。今天读到美国对菲律宾的评论几乎让人心碎,几乎将该国归类为一个失败的国家,指出该国缺乏进步和明显的社会凝聚力,并将这些失败归咎于该国的文化。几年前,詹姆斯·法洛斯(James Fallows)写了一篇关于菲律宾的文章,标题是“受损的文化”,这篇文章令人惊讶地麻木不仁和无知。在我看来,这是一种典型的盲目和白人至上的美国意识形态,伪装成洞察力和智慧。法洛斯用典型的责怪受害者的傲慢态度评论了这个国家的“暗淡前景”。美国尽了一切可能摧毁和改写该国的整个文化,但法洛斯从他令人厌恶的道德优越感中看不到这一点。2014年初,理查德·贾瓦德·海德里安(Richard Javad Heydarian)撰写了另一篇题为《菲律宾为何失败》(Why the Philippine Faile)的文章,文章的态度大致相同,指责人民及其文化。他告诉我们,其他国家“摆脱了坏习惯”并继续繁荣,但这些国家摆脱的不是坏习惯,而是美国文化殖民的压力。今天的日本之所以成功,是因为它是日本人而不是“美国人”,韩国和其他提到的国家也是如此。这两个人都指责一切可以想象得到的事情,除了真正的原因——美国对菲律宾进行文化殖民的野蛮企图,以及蓄意破坏和过度书写其文化遗产的共同努力。  

1637 年,”和平的 “清教徒在康涅狄格州斯托宁顿附近屠杀了佩科特人并摧毁了他们的堡垒。一幅 19 世纪的木版画(上图)描绘了这场屠杀。纽约市格兰杰收藏馆 美国和加拿大的土著人口也经历了同样的过程当前位置无知、鲁莽和不人道地试图改写一个民族的文化,所有这些都以惨败告终,留下了一个曾经独立和骄傲的民族的残余,只剩下烂醉如泥的醉汉。旧的文化在很大程度上被摧毁了,但新的版本没有被接受,使整个国家的人民以无法修复的方式失去了部分灵魂。澳大利亚人对他们的土著民族也采取了同样的做法,当西方文化显然无法被适当吸收时,他们很快就采取了杀戮手段。只有幸运才能阻止这些人被彻底消灭。新西兰做得更好,面对现实并与之共存,但几乎没有一个西方民族愿意这样做。 在某个地方,有思想的人肯定会明白,一个国家的文化不可能被过度书写而不以可能永远无法修复的方式永久性地损害民族心理。美国入侵了菲律宾的灵魂,这是他们在其他任何国家都没有做过的,这是一个荒诞的实验,失败惨重,现在把所有责任都归咎于“人民文化”的缺陷。中国人和俄罗斯人,德国人和意大利人,荷兰人和越南人,由于他们的文化,在本质上是完全不同的人。作为一个国家文化中根深蒂固和微妙价值观的体现,这是一条公理,英国人声称在结婚25年后才开始了解他们的法国妻子。 试图强行用德国文化过度书写意大利文化或用美国文化过度书写中国文化只会留下一个民族心理那就是一个精神分裂的社会混乱可能永远无法自愈。人们会活下来,但对他们来说,没有什么是自然的或正常的。简单地说,他们不知道该走哪条路,最终社会将停止正常运转。然而,这正是美国人和他们的犹太复国主义同僚如此故意和不自觉地对其他国家所做的,他们的贪婪和他们地狱般的道德优越感助长了他们的统治欲。更糟糕的是,真正的悲剧是美国人没有文化。他们试图用完全虚假、肤浅和虚伪的虚构乌托邦混合物,以及美国人自己在实践中完全忽视的所谓“价值观”,强行取代一个真实国家的真实文化遗产。英国人也和印度一样,这就是为什么我们的国家有精神分裂症的原因,印度人现在不知道他们是西方还是东方,这是当今香港的主要问题之一。 在Amazon.com上对伊桑·沃特斯(Ethan Watters)的书《像我们一样疯狂:美国精神的全球化》的评论指出“美国文化在全球传播的最具毁灭性的后果不是我们的金色拱门或弹坑,而是我们对人类心灵本身的推倒。。。在教导世界其他人像我们一样思考的过程中,我们一直在使世界变得疯狂。”卡罗尔·奎格利在其长篇巨著《悲剧与希望》中写道: “西方文明对许多其他社会的破坏性影响取决于它是否有能力挫败其思想和精神文化的士气,也取决于它是否有能力用枪支在物质上摧毁它们。美国人擅长两者兼而有之。当一个社会被另一个社会的冲击所摧毁时,人们就被留在了一堆文化元素的碎片中,这些文化元素来自于他们自己破碎的文化以及入侵的文化。这些要素通常为满足这些人的物质需求提供了工具,但由于缺乏意识形态和精神凝聚力,它们无法组织成一个正常运转的社会。这些人要么灭亡,要么作为个人和小团体融入其他文化,他们采用了其他文化的意识形态……”。  

人权运动的犹太复国主义创始人 -《纽约时报. 资料来源

  奎格利应该更清楚地指出,在这一过程中,社会本身被摧毁,没有复活的可能性。他还应该清楚地指出,这一有计划的对各国文化的破坏是欧洲犹太复国主义者设计的模板,并通过(最初)的力量强加给世界英国军方和美国的炮舰外交。 我在这里提到了一个补充的理由,一个我将在后面的文章中更详细地论述,这涉及到香港,那里的英国人对美国人所做的事情恰好像美国人对菲律宾人口所做的那样:他们试图殖民人民的灵魂,但失败了。今天,翁的问题和症状,尤其是政治因素,是长达一个世纪的文化灭绝计划,这一计划在其之后留下了精神分裂症的情感焦虑,美国政府今天正在榨取一切值得的东西。首先,英国人和美国人一样彻底地遵循了利普曼和伯奈斯的教导强迫民族语言的改变,然后尽力迫使香港人民忘掉他们的过去,崇敬他们的殖民地位,学会崇拜大英帝国。香港有一个绊脚石,是美国人在菲律宾避免的,这是20世纪60年代末的香港内战。中国人的粗暴的文化破坏直接导致了今天香港的许多中国老人能告诉你被白人小孩接近,被唾弃并称为“肮脏的黄狗”。“一个世纪的耻辱和文化袭击的愤怒,引发了一场长达八个月的战争,这场战争使香港无法控制,中国军队集结在边境,防止涌入大陆。  

在香港,很少有人,也没有年轻人知道他们历史的这一部分,因为英国人做了美国人所做的事——们烧毁了所有的历史书,重写了香港的历史试图抹去他们污秽的过去摆脱了香港人民的意识。今天,香港大多数人都相信他们的内战仅仅是“左翼分子”从中国大陆创造的“骚动”,是他们讲述自己历史的谎言之一。今天,看看香港,看到原因和影响,以及缺乏对感染这个城市的存在主义恐惧的理解,在美国煽动和资助的幼稚的政治示威活动中表现出的不确定性、焦虑和恐惧,是令人心碎的,种族主义,甚至是对中国大陆人的仇恨——对他们自己的人民的仇恨——精神分裂症泛滥于一个世纪以来几乎失败的心理重新编程。为了廉价的政治利益,香港整体上正被美国和犹太拥有的媒体非常努力地抛弃自己的文明和民族身份,并采用令人畏惧的虚假美国价值观。今天的香港人对这一点几乎一无所知,他们被迫做出最终会在感情上分裂的选择。所有这些都是为了给国际主义者一个平台,让他们可以从下面刺杀中国。 正如我在其他地方提到的,美国的教育系统是将这些有害价值观传播给其他国家公民的主要渠道之一,甚至包括考试系统本身。2014年末,中国SAT教练杨凯莉(Kelly Yang)写道,“新的SAT考试非常强调对国家建国文件和公民自由的了解,有可能改变整整一代中国年轻人的心态和世界观。”。她的评估是绝对正确的,我发现许多人选择忽视像她这样的知情警告,这让我深感不安。特别是,大学董事会副主席王向波愚蠢地试图消除人们对重新设计的SAT将灌输中国学生的担忧,声称“这些评估测试的基本要求之一‘不显示任何偏见’”,这显然是不诚实的,令人反感。但更糟糕的是,整个美国教育课程,无论是在美国还是通过居住在中国的美国教育机构,都充满了政治意识形态,以至于常常难以呼吸。 这也是皮尤、盖洛普、埃德尔曼和尼尔森等美国民调公司在中国进行民意调查和研究的原因之一; 他们被雇佣来寻找能产生最有效的文化共鸣的关键。皮尤和埃德尔曼尤其在中国进行定期调查,试图发现中国公众情绪中的任何弱点,以便美国政府机构能够更好地知道他们的殖民箭头指向何处。他们一再质疑中国人对未来的希望、对国家的忠诚、对中国政府的满意度、对教育、家庭忠诚、社会保障、医疗的看法,这些都是文化同化的潜在目标。你不应该低估这一点,你不应该参与他们的任何投票,因为如果你这样做,你将给他们绞死你的绳子。 这些美国民调公司并不是在所有国家都进行这样的研究,但几乎只在中国和俄罗斯等国家进行,原因是中国和俄罗斯都是不稳定和崩溃的目标,而这些公司的任务是找出弱点。这是利普曼和伯奈斯发现和教导的又一个结果。正如宝洁对他们的宠儿所做的那样,美国政府的无数部门、机构和非政府组织正在寻找隐藏的恐惧或弱点,然后编造能与中国人民产生共鸣的关键主题,并宣传“美国价值观”,以凌驾于中国自身的价值观和文化之上。贝恩公司(Bain&Company)和坎塔零售(Kantar retail)等公司也做了类似的事情,从当地中国人那里收集信息,告诉美国公司在将国内快速消费品和其他产品排除在自己市场份额之外方面做得有多好。再一次,中国公民没有任何必要参与美国公司进行的这些个人调查,因为政治影响几乎是不存在的。 2014年,加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)发表了一份研究报告,对过去40年中国文化价值观的变化进行了考察,并对中国人的美国化程度进行了评估。这项研究的作者、加州大学洛杉矶分校教授帕特里夏·格林菲尔德(Patricia Greenfield)和中国北京师范大学研究生、加州大学洛杉矶分校访问研究员曾荣(Zeng Rong)使用谷歌的Ngram Viewer(一种扫描数字化图书词频的工具)对近30万本中文图书进行了检查,确定“选择、占有、竞争、私有、创新”等术语的使用频率,将这些词语的使用频率等同于中国人变得更加个人主义、物质主义、资本主义,更少关注社会、家庭和国家整体利益。换句话说,经历了个人价值观向美国消费者杀手模式的戏剧性转变。如果研究的目的纯粹是学术研究,那么这一点就不那么令人担忧了,但美国的一切都被严重政治化了,这项研究的结果将进入广告界、国务院和中央情报局、非政府组织以及许多其他关注的地方。 无论这项研究的目的是什么,它最终将被用作评估美国宣传成功与否的工具。美国宣传充斥中国,其唯一目的是改变中国的文化价值观。这不是一件小事。你可能会注意到这些美国人的严肃态度和决心,他们检查了50多万本中国书籍,然后挑选、扫描和检查了近30万本,试图了解中国价值观的变化程度,以符合美国人的期望。曾庆红应该更清楚地知道,不要参与这样的活动,它只是一个工具,让中国进一步暴露于美国的文化殖民之下。 即使在中国国内,也很少有人意识到这一点的深度。美国人观察并记录所有中国领导人所说的每一句话然后搜索关键词来评估他们在中国境内的宣传效果。例如,每当中国领导人使用“创新”、“重组”、“再平衡”或“私有化”等词时,他们都会记录和发布,并对中国媒体进行记录和发布,以确定其宣传信息的传播程度。他们数一数单词,并将总数与上个月和上一年的总数进行比较。与此同时,几乎每一位在中国的美国人都在向每一位政府官员充耳不闻,说有必要停止中国的发展,成为美国的克隆人。 Neilson最近在中国进行的一项调查(可能是花旗银行的调查)显示,只有13%的中国人曾经获得过银行贷款,主要障碍是中国人“不喜欢负债的感觉”。中国人也不愿意为债务支付利息,因为很多人在家里借款是无息的。你不需要非常聪明地想象一家花旗银行将用什么样的广告角度来提高贷款利润。第一项任务是改变你的价值体系,通过将债务重新命名为“自由”、“独立”和“掌控你的生活”来美化债务。但你所要做的就是思考。负债的人都不是“自由的”。如果房子或其他资产的价值会上升,并且债务只占总价值的一小部分,那么欠债是一回事。虽然你很安全,但你仍然不是自由的。但听花旗银行的话,为了消费而借钱,比如买车,或者最大限度地使用信用卡,“自由”在哪里?赊购的商品要么被消费掉,要么没有剩余价值,汽车的转售价值正在像石头一样下降,只留下负债而没有相应的资产。确切地说,这是如何代表自由或独立,还是花旗银行所有其他的好字眼? 《人民日报》刊登了一篇关于这项调查的文章,模仿尼尔森首席执行官的话,告诉我们“成功需要对改变消费者习惯的深刻理解”。是的,但改变的不是消费者的“习惯”,而是中国的文化价值观和美国人,多亏了伯奈斯,确实对如何改变你的价值观有着“敏锐的理解”。文章接着愚蠢地宣称,“中国消费者将对贷款有新的认识,他们的消费将受到刺激”。我对这一说法有两个极端的例外。首先,含沙射影的是,中国人不够老练,无法正确理解美国的债务价值,因此必须让他们“理解”欠债超过偿还能力的宗教好处。第二种说法是,在接受了债务作为一种新的“价值”之后,中国人将借钱到极限,并将钱花在无用的美国消费品上。作为回应,我认为有必要直截了当地说,借钱投资是明智的;借钱消费,包括汽车,通常是一种判断错误的行为。文章最后提出了充满希望的建议:如果中国人愚蠢到被美国宣传个人消费债务作为一种社会价值观所诱惑,“这将加速中国的经济转型”,事实上,这将加速中国向美国这样一个以消费为导向、挥霍无度、无家可归的无用社会的转型。这是你想要孩子的未来还是中国?我对《人民日报》非常失望,与其说是因为发表了这篇文章,还不如说是因为它令人震惊地展示了我的天真无知。 花旗银行的工作人员对中国年轻人的心理构成进行了研究,特别是“新兴富裕阶层”中的25至35岁的年轻人,他们的心态是“我是国王”,这些年轻人构成了“我,我,我”一代,要求“更多,更多”。根据花旗银行的说法,他们的声望不是来自于拥有东西,而是来自于拥有其他人所没有的经验,这意味着通过信用卡给他们“一种高级地位感”。花旗银行对这些年轻人的“关键洞察”是,他们希望得到认可和尊重,因此这句口号,“你已经为世界准备好了,世界也为你准备好了。世界各地的贵宾室随时准备接待您。顶级美食餐厅随时为您提供座位。所有的航空公司都准备好让你登机了。世界在你认识你之前就认识了你。你所需要的只是。。。花旗银行正准备向年轻人灌输一种迷人的诱惑,那就是“你今天应该拥有一切”,“世界在等你”。        

  尽管我对花旗银行持不同意见感到非常痛苦,但你今天不应该拥有这一切。除非你为花旗银行工作并存钱买单,否则你不应该拥有这一切。也许更令人失望的是,世界并没有真正在等你。世界甚至不知道你的存在,如果它知道,它也不会在乎。不仅如此,还有信用卡不管花旗银行怎么告诉你,都不会让你成为VIP。你只是一个拿着信用卡的傻孩子,在中国还有3亿人和你一样。这是事实。接受现实吧。 花旗银行和汽车金融公司只想要你的钱,如果你破产或在这个过程中失去房子,那就太糟糕了。在2008年经济和社会崩溃之前,花旗银行一直站在鼓励美国人提取和消费房屋增值的最前沿,这在很大程度上是数千万人失去住房的原因市场价格暴跌时的房屋。这是花旗银行在美国的计划,也是花旗银行在中国的计划。在美国,银行家和宣传家成功地使美国人成为世界上负债最多的人,他们的信用卡和其他消费债务是年收入的几倍。  



  为了避免你认为我夸大了对社会和价值观的威胁,让我讲一个来自加拿大的故事。几年前,加拿大各大银行相互勾结,通过(非法)获取该国所有大学生的个人信息(包括邮寄地址),并向每个学生发送信用卡,他们认为这是通往财富的捷径。这是在没有学生要求、没有申请、没有信用检查的情况下完成的;只要把银行的信用卡从邮箱里拿出来,就像是上天的礼物一样。你可以想象结果。   成千上万的孩子,年轻,不成熟,没有思想,没有财务经验,没有处理债务的教育,没有监督或监督。很快,成千上万的年轻学生和毕业生在破产法庭开始了他们的职业生涯,他们的信用评级被粉碎,而且常常被取消学业。这将是自由市场资本主义和“由市场决定”的一个很好的案例研究。当结果公之于众时,加拿大政府试图让银行控制这一显然具有社会破坏性的过程,但没有成功。   这一过程不仅有害地改变了整个新一代的文化和价值观,而且还破坏了大量年轻人的生活。随后,政府通过了一项法律,规定任何未经请求和适当签名申请而收到的信用卡都可以被最大限度地使用,用户无需承担偿还债务的责任,这令人震惊地表明了政府的理智和责任。所有学生信用卡都被银行注销,一夜之间消失了,生活慢慢恢复正常。如今,这一“社会主义”政府行为将是不可能的壮举,因为没有哪个西方政客有勇气对大银行或大型跨国公司采取如此激进的挑衅立场。早在任何此类提案提交立法机关之前,他们就会受到欺凌、贿赂、收买、恐吓和人身毁灭的威胁。   看到中国的汽车业已经出现了这种情况,我感到很害怕。年轻的中国学生和毕业生越来越多地成为目标,并被说服放弃他们的文化梦想:为结婚做准备买房,接受成为现代世界公民的诱惑,通过今天买车“拥有一切”——而且大部分是借债。这是当今美国的标准模式,80%到90%的汽车大部分或全部是借来的钱购买的,而且这种介绍确实吸引了几乎每个有第一份工作和第一笔钱的年轻人,因为他还不成熟。美国汽车公司推动债务融资购买汽车,因为它是如此有利可图。通用汽车的融资收入是其汽车销售收入的三倍。外国汽车在中国的价格已经被严重高估,融资将使成本增加20%左右,而大多数汽车融资计划仅处于法律边缘,主要包括欺诈性广告。在中国,将消费债务推给几乎没有或根本没有债务经历的年轻人的做法应该受到严格控制或彻底禁止,绝对不考虑放债人,因为消费债务是美国所有“价值观”中最具掠夺性和社会破坏性的一种。尤其令人不安的是,汽车经销商将重点放在大学生身上,他们最不了解情况,最容易受到伤害,最有可能表现出判断力差,最容易被欺骗。   在一份媒体报道中,宝马和Mini品牌经销商上海繁德汽车有限公司(Shanghai Fande Automotive)总经理曹翔表示,该公司销售的10辆汽车中至少有4辆是融资的。“汽车金融对那些更年轻、更了解国际趋势的消费者来说很有吸引力。这些人要么没有足够的时间储蓄,要么想以更灵活的方式管理现金流。”事实并非如此。对年轻人来说,吸引年轻人的不是汽车金融,而是汽车本身,这种吸引不是因为更“了解国际趋势”,而是因为年轻、愚蠢、没有钱。声称一名大学生或一名新毕业生购买了第一辆汽车,因为他想根据“复杂的国际标准”以更灵活的方式管理现金流,而利用债务是如此复杂,这是一个谎言,应该受到公开鞭打。在中国学生充分认识到“汽车经销商”和“不可救药的普通小偷”是可以互换的同义词之前,不应允许他从大学毕业。类似地,任何中国学生都不应在没有明确认识到消费者债务是一种疾病而非治愈方法的情况下毕业。  

  中国最重要的一套价值观是与大家庭相关的价值观但在美国和大部分西方国家家庭价值观和对家庭的态度截然不同。在西方国家,父母和亲戚通常都不会帮孩子买房。当孩子们毕业后离开家时,他们只能依靠自己,并被期望尽可能地照顾好自己。一个富裕的家庭可能会在金钱上帮助他们的孩子,但这在其他圈子里并不常见。在美国和大部分西方国家,我们永远不会期望,也几乎不会要求父母、兄弟姐妹、叔叔或堂兄弟姐妹借钱帮助我们买房。我们不会借钱给家人,就像我们不会借钱给朋友或陌生人一样。如果你需要钱,去银行。同样,我们对自己的孩子负责,大家庭不参与这一进程。父母很少参与照看我们的孩子,也许偶尔会一次照看几个小时或几天,但做得更多是不寻常的。这通常意味着雇佣全职保姆或带孩子去日托中心,通常从几个月大开始,这样母亲就可以回去工作。我们的孩子通常是由陌生人抚养长大的,这些人可能是好母亲,也可能不是好母亲,他们的态度或价值观可能与我们的非常不同。这些日托中心是企业而非社会服务机构,通常雇佣成本最低的劳动力,通常来自新移民、难民和最低阶层。危险和困难是显而易见的。在讲英语的西方国家,家庭生活在一起或父母与子女生活在一起的情况极为罕见,这在一定程度上与主权和个人主义有关,而这些特征本身就是家庭价值观差异的主要原因。这种安排几乎总是导致对抗和冲突。此外,西方对父母或祖父母的责任感与中国传统的子女照料和赡养年迈父母的传统大不相同,在这方面,美国文化价值观将对中国人造成破坏。   由于潜在利润巨大,美国医疗保健公司正在中国大力推广养老院。但要想在中国取得成功,他们必须首先着手实施一项计划,改变中国年轻人的价值观,让他们明白放弃对父母的责任是实现这一目标的最佳途径。如果我们考虑美国公司在中国的雄心壮志,并认真审视他们的做法,我们将看到大规模的文化殖民的大胆尝试,几乎所有的文化包袱对中国都是有毒的,对中国的文化和家庭是毁灭性的。这些传统和态度在西方很多地方都不存在,它们是中国文化宝库的一部分,也是中国文化遗产的重要组成部分。美国公司想要攻击和破坏的正是这些家庭价值观,因为只要这些家庭忠诚存在,就不会有利润。美国公司的高管非常了解中国的文化价值观,在如何攻击和改变社会价值观方面,他们从心理学家和其他人那里获得了很多帮助。他们将在责任和“自由”的基础上展示他们的产品,所有这些都是在他们希望你接受他们的文化价值观和“美国生活方式”之前,他们需要你接受和内化的美国价值观。如果你允许,他们会成功的。