CN — LARRY ROMANOFF — 生物战在行动 — 3. 第3章 – 美国爆发可疑疫情

December 02, 2023
  Biological Warfare in Action — 生物战在行动
    • Chapter 1  — Introduction                                                                     第1章—— 引言
    • Chapter 2 — US Domestic Projects and Experiments                       第2章——美国国内项目和实验
    • Chapter 3 — US Suspicious Outbreaks                                                第3章——美国可疑疫情
    • Chapter 4 — US Foreign Deployment                                                  第4章——美国海外部署
    • Chapter 5 — The WHO – Depopulation is Reality                             第5章-世界卫生组织-人口减少是现实
    • Chapter 6 — Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic                                  第6章——辉瑞公司对流行病把握的恰到好处
    • Chapter 7 — US Bird flu                                                                            第7章——美国禽流感
    • Chapter 8 — UK Foot and Mouth Disease                                             第8章——英国口蹄疫
    • Chapter 9 —  Italy’s Olive Trees                                                               第9章——意大利的橄榄树
    • Chapter 10 – Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks                                          第10章——最近的生物武器袭击
    • Chapter 11 – AIDS                                                                                      第11章——艾滋病
    • Chapter 12 – SARS                                                                                     第12章——非典型肺炎
    • Chapter 13 – MERS                                                                                    第13章——中东呼吸综合征
    • Chapter 14 – EBOLA                                                                                  第14章——埃博拉病毒
    • Chapter 15 –  ZIKA                                                                                     第15 寨——卡病毒
    • Chapter 16 – COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes”  第16章——新冠肺炎疫苗和Oxitec的“飞行注射器”
    • Chapter 17 – Epilogue                                                                                第17章——尾声

Biological Warfare in Action — 3. Chapter 3 – Suspicious US Outbreaks

生物战在行动 — 3. 第3章 – 美国爆发可疑疫情

BLarry Romanoff 拉里·罗曼诺夫著

译: 珍珠



3.1. Identifying Biological Warfare Attacks — 3.1. 识别生物战攻击

3.2. Project Bacchus – A Conspiracy Theory for you — 3.2. 巴克斯项目——你的阴谋论

3.3. Suspicious Outbreaks — 3.3. 可疑爆发

3.1. Identifying Biological Warfare Attacks — 3.1. 识别生物战攻击


We are in the middle of a world-changing war. This is no ordinary war, however. Most of the victims of this warfare aren’t even able to identify it as war, nor do they understand that they are combatants in it. It’s called fifth-generation warfare. Source

我们正处于一场改变世界的战争之中。然而,这不是一场普通的战争。大多数 这场战争的受害者甚至无法将其视为战争,也不明白这一点 他们是这场战争的战斗者。这场战争被称为第五代战争。来源


In reading the following examples, I would ask that you keep in mind the treatise by Leonard Horowitz and Zygmunt Dembek on the common signs used to identify a bio-warfare agent:



1- Disease caused by an unusual, rare,or uncommon pathogen, or an unusual strain of a common pathogen, indicating it was potentially genetically engineered — 由不寻常、罕见或不常见的病原体,或常见病原体的不寻常菌株引起的疾病,表明它可能是基因工程制造的

2Lack of an epidemiological explanation, i.e., no clear idea of source or origin — 缺乏流行病学解释,即不清楚来源或起源

3 – Unusual presentation or manifestation of the disease, i.e., race-specific疾病的异常表现或症状,即种族特异性

4 – Unusual geographic or seasonal distribution — 异常的地理或季节分布

5 – Multiple epidemics.Simultaneous outbreaks at different locations with the same organism — 多重流行病 在不同地点同时爆发同一种生物

6 – Reverse or simultaneous spread. Diseases typically occur first among a susceptible animal population, then spread to humans. If these two are simultaneous or if the human disease precedes animal infections, we can be suspicious — 反向或同时传播疾病通常首先在易感动物种群中发生,然后传播给人类。如果这两者是同时发生的,或者如果人类疾病先于动物感染我们就可以怀疑


According to the brief description above, there are a few recent disease outbreaks that would seem to properly qualify as potential bio-warfare agents. The first that come to mind are AIDS, SARS, MERS, US Bird Flu, US Swine Flu, China bird flu. China swine flu, Hantavirus, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Ebola, Polio, Foot and Mouth Disease, the Gulf War Syndromeand ZIKA. And COVID, if you’re inclined to think that way.

根据上面的简要描述,最近爆发的一些疾病似乎有资格成为潜在的生物战剂。首先想到的是艾滋病、SARS、MERS、美国禽流感、美国猪流感、中国禽流感。中国猪流感、汉坦病毒、莱姆病、西尼罗病毒、埃博拉病毒、脊髓灰质炎、口蹄疫、海湾战争综合症和寨卡病毒。如果你这么想,那么 COVID 也是。


3.2. Project Bacchus – A Conspiracy Theory for you

3.2. 巴克斯项目——为你准备的阴谋论


No listing such as this would be complete without a good conspiracy theory, and we are fortunate to have one. For background, Project Bacchus was an exceptionally secret project by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency intended to see if it were possible to construct a biowarfare facility – specifically to produce anthrax – “in a foreign country”, using off-the-shelf equipment and doing so without arousing suspicion or being discovered. It seemed obvious the CIA wanted to produce such facilities in foreign countries and disperse the anthrax, leaving the local government without a clue as to how it happened. However, the “official story” was that this was an attempt to learn if foreign terrorists on US soil might be able to accomplish such an effort. But, if this were really the case, there would have been no need for the extreme secrecy. [110] [111]

如果没有一个好的阴谋论,这样的名单就不会完整,我们很幸运有一个。背景信息是,巴克斯计划是美国国防威胁降低局的一个极其秘密的项目旨在研究是否有可能在“外国”建造生物战设施,特别是生产炭疽热,“使用现成的设备,这样做不会引起怀疑或被发现”。显然,中央情报局想在外国建造这样的设施并散布炭疽热,让当地政府不知道它是怎么发生的。然而,“官方说法”是,这是为了了解美国领土上的外国恐怖分子是否能够完成这项工作。但是,如果真是这样,就没有必要进行极端保密。 [110] [111]


In any case, the “scientists” did manage to find an abandoned building where they could work without scrutiny, and they did manage to build their mini anthrax factory and produce several kilograms of anthrax. Part of what turns this story into a conspiracy theory is all the inconsistencies in the story, and how the official narrative changed with each new discovery and revelation of details. Part of the initial story was that the scientists produced not a biological pathogen but merely a few kilograms of a harmless pesticide. [112]

无论如何,“科学家”确实设法找到了一座废弃的建筑,他们可以在这里不受审查地工作,他们确实设法建造了他们的迷你炭疽工厂并生产了几公斤炭疽。 这个故事变成阴谋论的部分原因是故事中的所有不一致之处,以及官方叙事如何随着每个新发现和细节的揭示而改变。 最初的故事的一部分是,科学家们没有生产生物病原体,而只是生产了几公斤无害的杀虫剂。[112]



The project was discovered and revealed by New York Times reporters Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg and William J. Broad. [113] Shortly after this, they published a book containing further details. The book, Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War that also covered Bacchus’ two sister projects, Clear Vision [114] and Jefferson[115]  which also came to light at about the same time. The book attracted much attention. [116] [117] [118] [119] [120] It is available for download on [121]

该项目是由《纽约时报》记者朱迪斯·米勒、斯蒂芬·恩格尔伯格和威廉·J·布罗德发现并披露的。[113] 此后不久,他们出版了一本包含更多细节的书。这本书《细菌:生物武器和美国的秘密战争》还涵盖了巴克斯的两个姊妹项目,《清晰视野》[114] 和《杰斐逊》[115],这两个项目也在大约同一时间曝光。这本书引起了广泛关注[116] [117] [118] [119] [120]  可以在archive.org上下载。[121]


This is where things become interesting. First, the original stated purpose would have to be fraudulent – the idea that “foreign terrorists” might be able to enter the US, build an anthrax factory, and distribute the pathogen among the population. It might as well be stated bluntly that a few disaffected Uzbeks with AK-47s and big ambitions might well be able to enter the US, find a suitable location, and maybe construct something, but how would they obtain the seed anthrax needed to begin production?You can’t make anthrax from sunshine and dandelions; you need the actual pathogen. Can you picture foreign terrorists walking into Fort Detrick and saying, “Good morning. We would like to buy a few pounds of anthrax, please.”? On the other hand, if they brought the seed anthrax with them, they would have no need to build a factory, would they? They needed only enough to mail a few letters. And if all I want to do is to poison a few US senators and the Editors of the New York Times, why not just mail the letters from whatever country I’m in?Why go to all the trouble and expense of coming to the US and building a factory for something I can conveniently do from my home in Geneva? And with much less risk. The original stated purpose may appear superficially plausible, but, with a bit of thought, the entire idea is ridiculous.



Project Bacchus ran in 1999 and 2000, and news of it escaped confinement and was revealed to the public on September 4, 2001. It was only a few days later that a series of letters containing anthrax spores were sent through the mail to various locations in the US, addressed to two senators, several news media offices, and various other public locations. The attacks resulted in five deaths, 17 illnesses and a nationwide scare.



Dr. Stephen Hatfill. Scientist Is Paid Millions by U.S. in Anthrax Suit. Source



Naturally, the FBI launched an investigation into the attacks, which apparently became one of the largest and most complex investigations in the agency’s history. After a lengthy investigation, The FBI concluded that Dr. Stephen Hatfill, an American physician and biological weapons expert, was the sole culprit who perpetrated the attacks. He became the subject of extensive media coverage, he lost his job, his home was repeatedly raided, his phone tapped, he was apparently under surveillance for years. In 2008, after seven years of harassment, the government officially exonerated Hatfill of any involvement in the anthrax attacks and settled with a $5.8 million payment. [122] [123] It should be noted that the courts railed against the FBI for their incompetent and malicious investigation, saying that no one should have been subjected to such an obvious personal atrocity for seven years.



Dr. Bruce E. Ivins at work in the laboratory in 2001. Source



Having failed with Hatfield, the FBI then decided the culprit was Bruce E. Ivins, a scientist at AMRIID, the Fort Detrick source of all the highly-weaponised anthrax in the US. However, Ivins conveniently committed suicide before the FBI had a chance to prove their case or to indict him. [124] The “overdose of pain killers” is not as good as MOSSAD’s “surprise heart attack”, but we must work with whatever tools we have available. I should note here that apparent suicides are much too plentiful in the US whenever such an event would be politically expedient. Think of Gary Webb, who was about to reveal evidence connecting the CIA to extensive cocaine-dealing in the US, and who conveniently “committed suicide” a day before he was to reveal his evidence – the only man in history to have committed suicide by shooting himself in the head twice. Or think of Steve Kangas, or Karen Silkwood. Or, for variety, think of Pat Tillman who was accidentally killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan. We don’t normally think of “friendly fire” as including three closely-grouped shots to the forehead at close range, but then this is America and maybe things are different here. [125]

在哈特菲尔德失败后,联邦调查局认定罪魁祸首是布鲁斯·E·艾文斯,他是德特里克堡所有高度武器化炭疽菌的来源AMRIID的科学家。然而,艾文斯在联邦调查局有机会证明他们的案件或起诉他之前就自杀了。[124]“过量止痛药”不如摩萨德的“突发性心脏病发作”,但我们必须使用我们现有的任何工具。在这里我应当指出,每当这种事件在政治上是有利的,美国显然自杀事件太多了。想想加里·韦伯他即将揭露中央情报局与美国广泛的可卡因交易有关的证据,他在揭露证据的前一天就“自杀”了——历史上唯一一个两次用枪自杀的人。或者想想史蒂夫·卡加斯或凯伦·西尔克伍德。或者,为了多样化,想想在阿富汗被“友军炮火”意外杀死的帕特·蒂尔曼。我们通常认为“友军炮火”包括近距离三次近距离射击前额,但这是美国,也许这里的情况有所不同。 [125]


The FBI investigators claim to have concluded that Ivins had the means, motive, and opportunity to carry out the attacks, had been in possession of the various strains of anthrax used in the letters, and had a grudge against the United States government. But immediately, various scientists and media reporters dismissed the FBI claims against Ivins, stating they were not only inconclusive but possibly fraudulent. [126] [127] To make matters even more interesting, “it was determined that the spores in the letters were derived from a batch of the Ames strain of anthrax that had been created and maintained at USAMRIID”. Now we know where the “terrorists” obtained their seed anthrax for their factory.

联邦调查局调查人员声称已经得出结论,艾文斯有实施袭击的手段、动机和机会,并且拥有信件中使用的各种炭疽菌株,并对美国政府怀恨在心。但很快,许多科学家和媒体记者驳斥了联邦调查局对艾文斯的指控,称他们不仅没有确凿的证据,而且可能是欺诈行为。 [126] [127] 更有趣的是,“据确定,信件中的孢子来自美国陆军传染病医学研究所创建和维护的一批艾姆斯炭疽菌株”。现在我们知道“恐怖分子”从哪里获得工厂的种子炭疽菌。


Then, to assist in the “post-mortem” investigation, the FBI and the CDC gave permission to destroy the Iowa anthrax archive. This was not only described as “an enormous surprise”, but it served to make further investigation impossible since the crucial evidence had been destroyed. Of course, the case was then never solved. What a surprise.



The media and many people connected the anthrax attacks with 9/11, which served immeasurably to smoke up the room. However, a few others who were paying attention, made different connections. First, the actual scheme seems to have been an experiment to determine (1) if a small anthrax lab could be built in absolute secrecy, but more importantly (2) to disperse that pathogen and determine whether it could be traced back to that secret lab, or to Fort Detrick or Dugway where the seed originated. And that would require, despite the exposure by the New York Times reporters, the “terrorists” to still distribute those anthrax letters and see if the secrecy would hold. However, the public exposure of the plot required a change in plans – to find someone to blame. Thus, Hatfill and Ivins were chosen as the sacrificial lambs to take away the focus from the CIA and/or military – and Project Bacchus. And, for seven years, it seems to have accomplished precisely that: everyone forgot about the CIA and their mini-anthrax lab, and focused on two innocent men until the story was old news and no one cared any more. And the “suicide” provided closure to the story.


The conspiracy conclusion of course is that the CIA not only manufactured the anthrax but also distributed it through the letters. In case you are tempted to say, “They would never do that”, there is no shortage of real examples of the US government (and other governments) deliberately staging terrorist activities to further political aims. Think of Operation Gladio the US sponsored in Europe, causing multiple terrorist attacks, and killing a great many people, simply to frighten European populations into electing Right-Wing governments. [128] This is real, and there are many other such examples. You may recall Operation Northwoods[129] where the CIA wanted to fill an American airliner with college students on holiday, send the aircraft off-course near Cuba, shoot it down, then use that as an excuse to declare war on Cuba. It was only President Kennedy’s infuriation that prevented this from actually taking place. The US military, the CIA, and the US government establishment itself, have never had much hesitation in killing American civilians or anyone else if a desired political aim could be thereby achieved. That’s reality, and you have to live with it. I don’t know the truth of this, but it is certainly the kind of thing the US military and CIA would do, proven by the fact that they have done similar things on many occasions.

阴谋论的结论当然是中情局不仅制造了炭疽,还通过信件传播了它。如果你想说,“他们永远不会这样做”,那么美国政府(和其他政府)故意策划恐怖活动以实现进一步政治目的的真实例子并不少见。想想美国在欧洲发起的“格拉迪奥行动”,造成多起恐怖袭击,造成许多人死亡,仅仅是为了吓唬欧洲人民选举右翼政府。 [128] 这是真实的,还有许多其他这样的例子。你可能还记得“诺斯伍德行动”,[129]中情局想要让一架美国客机装满度假的大学生,将飞机驶向古巴附近的航线,将其击落,然后以此为借口向古巴宣战。这只是肯尼迪总统的愤怒阻止了这一切的发生。美国军方、中情局和美国政府机构本身,如果可以实现预期的政治目标,在杀害美国平民或其他任何人方面从来都没有犹豫过。这就是现实,你必须接受它。我不知道这件事的真相,但这肯定是美国军方和中央情报局会做的事情,他们多次做过类似的事情证明了这一点。

As further proof, let me remind you of the callous and obscene nature which has always pervaded the US government: Kodak’s discovery of radiation:





Kodak began receiving customer complaints about fogged film, the cause of which was quickly traced to corn husks from Indiana that Kodak used as packaging material for its film. A Kodak physicist discovered that all corn husks were heavily contaminated with radioactivity. After this, the US government agreed to secretly provide Kodak with advance information on all future nuclear tests, including “expected distribution of radioactive material in order to anticipate local contamination”. Unfortunately, the population were not provided with the same ‘advance notification’ as were Kodak’s corn husks, the people not being relevant to corporate profits. The victims now tell us, “In fact, the Government warned the entire photographic industry and provided maps and forecasts of potential contamination. Where, I ask, were the maps for dairy farmers? Where were the warnings to parents of children in these areas? The Government protected rolls of film, but not the lives of our kids. Why did they do that when they had all the information about hot spots and fallout, and yet they did not warn the people of this country about the dangers inherent in radioactive fallout? Why has the government withheld information until now?” It is reprehensible that our citizens were intentionally exposed to radioactivity and yet those who knew remained silent – even in the face of evidence that said if we provided treatment and information early, we might alleviate suffering or prevent diseases.” We really must pity these Americans who, despite the overwhelming evidence, cannot bring themselves to accept the truth that their government didn’t inform them of the radioactivity because they were the guinea pigs in the tests. The painful deaths of those millions of children were not accidents from above-ground nuclear tests; they were the purpose of the tests. [130]



Nevertheless, this is a good conspiracy theory. You decide.



3.3. Suspicious Outbreaks — 3.3. 可疑爆发

3.3.1. Hantavirus — 3.3.1. 汉坦病毒

The Ptinus fur beetle, also known as the Whitemarked Spider Beetle, alleged to be used as an insect vector for delivery of anthrax spores during the Korean War (picture from the report of International Scientific Commission, 1952). This Source provides shocking details and facts about the U.S. biological warfare campaign undertaken during the Korean War, and in particular, the use of anthrax as a biological weapon against China, which had entered the Korean War in late 1950.



In mid-1993, a strange disease emerged in the US, the infections concentrated in a four-state area. In this case, the virus appeared to attack only native Indians who developed sudden respiratory problems and were often dead within hours. [131] Most victims reported “not feeling well” one day, and were dead the next, from what appeared as a very mysterious pathogen with an undeterminable source.  “In his 30-plus years as a doctor, Bruce Tempest had never seen anything like it. A Navajo man having trouble breathing showed up at the emergency room of a small hospital in Gallup, N.M. Less than an hour later, he was dead. The man had been young, athletic and otherwise healthy. His fiancee had died days before, also from sudden breathing problems. Tempest remembers thinking “This is something different. It just doesn’t fit”.”



Then on September 10, 2012, the Los Angeles Times ran an article discussing the topic of doctors “still trying to diagnose mysteries of the Hantavirus” more than 20 years after this deadly pathogen was first identified in the US in 1993. [132]  But then, “a lucky clue” arose from a television viewer, a physician who stated this illness seemed very similar to that caused by a virus he had observed the US military using in Korea in the 1950s. And sure enough, tests proved the illness to be caused by a variation of the same Hantavirus that attacked troops in Korea. The virus attracted attention because some American troops were accidentally exposed to it in Korea, most of whom died very suddenly. Two facts that were eliminated from the public reports of the time: (1) the virus attacked North Koreans and Chinese in greater numbers, and (2) this Hantavirus was one item in the treasure trove of biological weapons the Americans inherited from Dr. Ishii and his Unit 731. The Japanese were light-years ahead of the Americans and the Western Allies in virus research and had isolated the lethal Hantavirus by the late 1930s, with much evidence it was used against China by the Japanese and later against both China and North Korea by the Americans. It seems that some of this weaponised material escaped containment and exposed American and South Korean soldiers to their own handiwork.

然后,2012年9月10日,《洛杉矶时报》发表了一篇文章,讨论了医生在1993年美国首次发现这种致命病原体20多年后“仍在试图诊断汉坦病毒的奥秘”的话题。 [132] 但随后,一位电视观众提供了一条“幸运线索”,他是一名医生,他说这种疾病似乎与他观察到美国军方在20世纪50年代在韩国使用的病毒非常相似。 果然,测试证明这种疾病是由袭击韩国军队的同一汉坦病毒变异引起的。 这种病毒引起了人们的注意,因为一些美国军队在韩国意外接触到它,其中大多数人突然死亡。 当时公众报道中删除了两个事实:(1)这种病毒袭击了更多的朝鲜人和中国人,以及(2)这种汉坦病毒是美国人从石井博士和他的731部队继承的生物武器宝库中的一件物品。 日本人在病毒研究方面比美国人和西方盟友领先数光年,并在20世纪30年代末分离出致命的汉坦病毒,有大量证据表明日本人和美国人曾用它来对付中国。 似乎这些武器化的物质中有一些逃脱了控制,使美国和韩国士兵暴露在他们自己的手中。


Now think about this in terms of the common signs used to identify a bio-warfare agent:



1 – Disease caused by an unusual, rare, or uncommon pathogen, or an unusual strain of a common pathogen, indicating it was potentially genetically engineered. Check. Unusual and rare indeed. And nearly identical to the strain the US used in Korea, except that this variety attacked the respiratory system instead of the renal system. 1- 由异常、罕见或不常见的病原体,或常见病原体的异常菌株引起的疾病,表明其可能经过基因工程改造。检查确实不同寻常,也十分罕见。而且与美国在韩国使用的菌株几乎完全相同,除了这种菌株攻击的是呼吸系统而不是肾脏系统。

2Lack of an epidemiological explanation. i.e., no clear idea of source or origin. Check. This virus seemed to come from nowhere, and no source was identified, nor was a patient zero. 2 – 缺乏流行病学解释。即,不清楚来源或起源。检查这种病毒似乎来自任何地方,没有确定来源,也没有零号病人。

3 – Unusual presentation or manifestation of the disease, i.e., race-specific. Check. There were no reports of the virus attacking anyone other than native aboriginals, leading to speculation the US military had isolated certain genes in natives that made them susceptible to a particular strain of this virus, and then produced it. 3 – 疾病的异常表现或症状,即种族特异性。检查除了土著居民外,没有关于该病毒攻击其他人的报道,这引发了人们的猜测,即美国军方在土著居民中分离出某些基因,使他们对这种病毒的特定菌株易感,然后产生了这种病毒。

4 – Unusual geographic or seasonal distribution. Check. The virus appeared only an the confluence of four states, an area heavily populated with natives. 4 – 不寻常的地理或季节分布。检查这种病毒只出现在四个州的交界处,这是一个人口稠密的土著地区。

5 – Multiple epidemics.Simultaneous outbreaks at different locations with the same organism. Check. The virus appeared in different locations at the same time. and then spread. 5 – 多种流行病。同一生物体在不同地点同时爆发。检查病毒在同一时间出现在不同的地方,然后传播

6 – Reverse or simultaneous spread.Diseases typically occur first among a susceptible animal population, then spread to humans. If these two are simultaneous or if the human disease precedes animal infections, we can be suspicious. Check. No animal source. 6 – 反向或同时传播。疾病通常首先在易感动物种群中发生,然后传播给人类。如果这两者是同时发生的,或者如果人类疾病先于动物感染,我们就可以怀疑。检查没有动物来源。


In 2006, a disingenuous apologist named Robert Neff wrote an article stating that “a few members of the United Nations forces” in Korea fell ill from a mysterious disease. (Note that the partitioning of, and genocide in, North Korea is now attributed to ‘the United Nations’ rather than US meddling.) Mr. Neff does admit the disease that struck his “United Nations forces” did indeed resemble the hemorrhagic fever which the Japanese “had encountered” in Manchuria. It’s hardly a surprise the Japanese “encountered” it, since they created it. But Mr. Neff, in his rush to exonerate the US from culpability, fails to make the obvious connection that was made by every other medical researcher – namely that from all the facts on the ground, it appears that the US put to almost immediate use Ishii’s weaponisation of the hantavirus. Many reputable medical researchers have stated this disease did not originate in Korea but was introduced by the Americans as a biological weapon.



Back to the outbreak in the US in 1993 that appeared to affect only North American aboriginals: Barbara Knust, a CDC epidemiologist, said, “The biggest mystery is we don’t have a good explanation [as to the cause].” I have an explanation. All she needs to do is ask.



3.3.2. Lyme Disease — 3.3.2. 莱姆病



In 2004, Michael C. Carroll published a book titled, “Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory”. Amazon carries two versions of the book, the original, [133] and an update. [134] The book is available to read on [135] Plum Island is located off the coast of Long Island, New York, and is the US military’s main repository for some of the world’s most dangerous animal pathogens being researched for use as bio-warfare materials. It was first a military base, then turned into a government animal disease laboratory operated by the US Department of Agriculture, then transferred to the Department of Homeland Security where it still resides – [136] [137] and we should ask ourselves why Homeland Security is operating BSL-4 animal pathogen labs instead of terrorising American citizens by its more usual methods.

2004年,迈克尔·卡罗尔出版了一本名为《实验室257:政府秘密的普拉姆岛细菌实验室的令人不安的故事》的书。亚马逊网站上有这本书的两个版本,分别是原版和更新版。[133][134] 这本书可以在archive.org上阅读。[135] 普拉姆岛位于纽约长岛海岸外,是美国军方研究用于生物战材料的一些世界上最危险的动物病原体的主要储存库。它最初是一个军事基地,然后变成了一个由美国农业部运营的政府动物疾病实验室,然后转移到国土安全部,它仍然在那里——[136] [137] 我们应该问自己,为什么国土安全部正在运营BSL-4动物病原体实验室,而不是用更常见的方法恐吓美国公民。

Lyme disease has a gradual onset, often with flu-like symptoms. Individual can have unexplained fevers or hot and cold spells. Memory, planning, reading, brain processing, and judgment may be impaired. Fatigue and exhaustion are common as well as sleep problems and headaches. Sensitivity to light and sounds is increased so people can feel assaulted by the world around them. Source.

莱姆病有一个渐进的发病过程,通常伴随着流感样症状。个人可能无法解释发烧或忽冷忽热。记忆、计划、阅读、大脑处理和判断可能会受损。疲劳和疲惫是常见的,睡眠问题和头痛也是如此。对光和声音的敏感度增加,所以人们会感到被周围的世界所攻击 来源


Our main current interest in Plum Island relates to an outbreak of Lyme disease[138] [139] which many believe originated here since the island is only a few kilometers from the coast of Lyme, Connecticut, where the disease first appeared in 1970 then exploded around 1975. This is basically a fatal disease, though it kills slowly and painfully. Our interest in Lyme Disease is primarily because it is a mycoplasma-type of illness, the specific strain being ‘mycoplasma fermentens’ which is the same strain that infected the soldiers suffering from the Gulf War Syndromeboth Lyme Disease victims and Gulf War veterans mostly suffering precisely the same symptoms“At a cancer center in Houston, Texas, Dr. Garth Nicholson discovered that many of those returning soldiers were infected with a genetically-altered strain of Mycoplasma that was clearly man-made and commonly used in the production of biological weapons.” [140] Not only that, this particular mycoplasma strain was created at Plum Island, and later patented by the US military (U.S. Patent 5,242,820 issued Sept. 7, 1993). A further connection with Plum Island is that this mycoplasma is most commonly transmitted through insects – ticks, in this case – which were the specialties of both Erich Traub and Dr. Ishii’s Unit 731 and entrenched in Plum Island laboratories.

我们目前对梅花岛的主要兴趣与莱姆病的爆发有关, [138] [139] 许多人认为莱姆病起源于这里,因为该岛距离康涅狄格州莱姆病海岸只有几公里,1970年莱姆病首次出现在那里,1975年左右爆发。这基本上是一种致命的疾病,尽管它的死亡缓慢而痛苦。我们对莱姆病的兴趣主要是因为它是一种支原体类型的疾病,特定的菌株是“发酵支原体”,这与感染患有海湾战争综合征的士兵的菌株相同,莱姆病患者和海湾战争退伍军人大多患有完全相同的症状。“在得克萨斯州休斯顿的癌症中心,Garth Nicholson博士发现,许多回国士兵感染了一种经基因改变的支原体,这种支原体显然是人为的,通常用于生产生物武器。” [140] 。1993年9月7日公布的专利5242820)。与梅岛的进一步联系是,这种支原体最常见的传播途径是昆虫——在这种情况下是蜱——这是Erich Traub和石井博士的731部队的专长,并在梅岛实验室根深蒂固。


MSNBC ran an article stating the CDC had admitted Lyme Disease was a biological weapon, but the page is at times unavailable. [141] This is a quote from the article: US Government Admits Lyme Disease Is A Bioweapon: “SAN ANTONIO (AP) — The $10.6 million Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratory Building will provide a 22,000-square-foot facility to study such diseases as anthrax, tularemia, cholera, lyme disease, desert valley fever and other parasitic and fungal diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified these diseases as potential bioterrorism agents. [142]

MSNBC 发表了一篇文章,称 CDC 承认莱姆病是一种生物武器,但该页面有时不可用。[141] 这是引用自这篇文章:美国政府承认莱姆病是一种生物武器:“圣安东尼奥(美联社)-耗资 1060 万美元的玛格丽特·巴茨·托宾实验室大楼将提供 22000 平方英尺的设施,用于研究炭疽、兔热病、霍乱、莱姆病、沙漠谷热和其他寄生虫和真菌疾病。疾病控制和预防中心将这些疾病确定为潜在的生物恐怖主义制剂。”  [142]


One author noted that Lyme Disease is “an ideal bio-war agent because it evades detection on routine tests, has an enormous range of different presentations, and can mimic everything … Enemy medical staff would never know what had hit them, nor even that ONE illness had hit their population, rather than an unexplained rise in dozens of known conditions.”



A truly odd condition, even after many years, is that this subject is apparently forbidden for discussion. The government refuses to discuss the matter, physicians are apparently afraid to diagnose or treat the illness, and health insurance companies refuse to cover the treatment, apparently on the basis that the disease doesn’t really exist. These are precisely the same issues existing with the soldiers suffering from Gulf War Syndromethe topic is essentially forbidden, the government and the military refuse to talk about it or admit its very existence, and insurance companies refuse to cover “non-existent” illnesses. In keeping with this attitude, medical professionals who attempt to treat or discuss the issue are harassed and sanctioned, intimidated into silence.



Barbara Andrews stated in an article in the August 6, 2002 Journal of Degenerative Diseases, that Plum Island was definitely the source of Lyme Disease, [143] and that the disease contains the same pathogen (mycoplasma fermentens) found in Gulf War Illness. More than this, it described “a university-based effort to discourage doctors from diagnosis and treatment for chronic Lyme Disease and to thwart insurance coverage” for the disease. Andrews reported the case of a Dr. Joseph Burrascano, who performed intensive and highly-respected research on Lyme disease and who in 1993 testified before a Senate Committee on the topic. Andrews said Dr. Burrascano risked his career by stating publicly what others had been afraid to discuss, and by criticising academics who apparently published flawed and misleading papers to prevent the real truth from emerging. According to Andrews, Burrascano stated in his testimony:



 “… state health departments have begun to investigate, in a very threatening way, physicians who [diagnose and treat the disease] … Indeed, I must confess that I feel I am taking a large risk here today by publicly stating these views, for fear that I may suffer some negative repercussions, despite the fact that many hundreds of physicians all over the world agree with what I am saying here.” Burrascano characterised Lyme as a “political disease” and indeed, he was made an example, charged with professional misconduct. It took seven years before he was finally exonerated and during that long ordeal, Dr. Burrascano’s case was watched surreptitiously but carefully by the medical community.” Andrews noted finally that physicians consider Lyme Disease in the same way as the Gulf War Syndrome – a “red-flag” illness.




Karl Grossman, a full-time professor of journalism at the State University of New York, spent five decades investigating the U.S. government laboratory on Plum Island, which is “shrouded in secrecy.” Grossman was the first journalist who exposed the U.S. government’s admission to doing biological warfare work on Plum Island in 1971, and is convinced also this is the source of Lyme disease. [144]



Lastly, I should note that the CIA and US military must have hundreds of people (at least) working the media to publish huge volumes of irrelevant trivia, misleading statements, false information, and much more, solely to confuse the public mind and remove the ability to focus on the main issues. One so-called “medical paper” claimed that Lyme Disease was not new, that it had been “first documented as a skin rash in Europe in 1883”. Approaches like this are very clever, but they avoid discussing how the citizens of Lyme, Connecticut and soldiers in Kuwait ended up infected with the same strain of mycoplasma that the US government patented, and that caused “skin rashes” in Europe in 1883″.



The establishment is fighting back in other ways too. With every such event, there are many people (who are often paid) who write disclaimers and “prove” all doubters are conspiracy theorists. Tufts University tells us that the “Lyme Bacterium Predates the U.S. Lab That Conspiracy Theorists Say Unleashed Ticks on Public” [145] And of course, Snopes is always there to “debunk” the truth. [146] Others disagree: [147] Kris Newby published “Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons” [148] in which he says, “if a scientist named Willy Burgdorfer had not made a confession in 2013, the secret that Lyme disease came from a biological weapons program would have died with him”. And Dr. Leonard Horowitz agreed with Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee investigating this, that the outbreak of Lyme Disease was a deliberate attack. [148a]

建制派也在以其他方式进行反击。在每一次这样的事件中,都有许多人(他们经常得到报酬)写下免责声明,并“证明”所有怀疑者都是阴谋论者。塔夫茨大学告诉我们,“莱姆病细菌捕食美国实验室,阴谋论者说在公共场合释放虱子”[145]当然,Snopes总是在那里“揭露”真相。[146] 其他人不同意:[147]Kris Newby发表了《Bitten:莱姆病和生物武器的秘密历史》[148],他在书中说,“如果一位名叫Willy Burgdorfer的科学家没有在2013年认罪,莱姆病来自生物武器项目的秘密就会和他一起死去”。还有Dr。Leonard Horowitz同意调查此事的参议院司法委员会主席Patrick Leahy的观点,即莱姆病的爆发是蓄意袭击。[148a]


Again, think about this in terms of the common signs used to identify a bio-warfare agent:



1.Disease caused by an unusual, rare, or uncommon pathogen, or an unusual strain of a common pathogen, indicating it was potentially genetically engineered. Yes. Unusual and rare indeed. — 1.由异常、罕见或不常见的病原体,或常见病原体的异常菌株引起的疾病,表明其可能经过基因工程改造。对确实很罕见。

2.Lack of an epidemiological explanation. i.e., no clear idea of source or origin. Yes. This virus seemed to come from nowhere, and no source was identified, nor was a patient zero. — 2.缺乏流行病学解释。即,不清楚来源或起源。对这种病毒似乎来自任何地方,没有确定来源,也没有零号病人。

3.Unusual presentation or manifestation of the disease, i.e., race-specific. Yes. Lyme disease infected only people living in Lyme, Connecticut – from where it spread. 3 — 疾病的异常表现或症状,即种族特异性。对莱姆病只感染居住在康涅狄格州莱姆市的人,莱姆病就是从那里传播的。

4.Unusual geographic or seasonal distribution. Yes. The virus appeared only at the mainland, a stone’s throw from the Plum Island lab where it had been created and patented. 4.异常的地理或季节分布。对这种病毒只出现在大陆,距离制造和获得专利的梅花岛实验室只有一箭之遥。

5.Multiple epidemics. Not in this case, but the disease is spread by infected ticks, and weaponising ticks was a specialty at Plum Island.5.多发性流行病。虽然不是这种情况,但这种疾病是由受感染的蜱虫传播的,而将蜱虫武器化是普拉姆岛的专长。


3.3.3. Mycoplasma – The Gulf War Syndrome — 3.3.3. 支原体 – 海湾战争综合症


It doesn’t seem well-known, but hundreds of thousands of US troops from the first Gulf War in Kuwait have suffered from exposure to depleted uranium (DU) shells that were used against Iraq, resulting in widespread cancers and leukemia, badly-deformed childbirths and a variety of other illnesses. It is even less well-known that there was a second problem. At a cancer center in Houston, Texas, Dr. Garth Nicholson discovered that many of those returning soldiers were infected with a genetically-altered strain of Mycoplasma that was clearly man-made and commonly used in the production of biological weapons. [149] In spite of this, and other overwhelming evidence, the US government denied the use of any of these war materials, and refused either medical treatment or compensation to its soldiers. There appears to be little question that the severely debilitating illnesses and cancers these men experienced, were a direct result of this exposure, but the US military denied not only responsibility but the existence of the disease itself.

这似乎并不为人所知,但第一次海湾战争中在科威特的数十万美军暴露在用于对抗伊拉克的贫铀炮弹中,导致了广泛的癌症和白血病、严重畸形的分娩和各种其他疾病。更不为人所知的是,还有第二个问题。在得克萨斯州休斯敦的癌症中心。Garth Nicholson发现,许多返回的士兵感染了一种经过基因改造的支原体,这种支原体显然是人造的,通常用于生产生物武器。[149]尽管如此,以及其他压倒性的证据,美国政府否认使用了任何这些战争物资,并拒绝向其士兵提供医疗或赔偿。毫无疑问,这些人所经历的严重衰弱的疾病和癌症是这种暴露的直接结果,但美国军方不仅否认对此负责,而且否认疾病本身的存在


US soldiers during the Gulf Wars were forced under federal law to take experimental vaccines, the law stipulating that soldiers cannot refuse participation in the military’s medical experiments. Jessica Horjus, a member of the US Air Force, refused to take an anthrax vaccine before being sent to Kuwait, because the vaccine had accumulated thousands of reports of adverse reactions ranging from headaches and vomiting to severe autoimmune and neurological problems. [150] [151] [152] Despite this and despite four years’ service and commendations and Good Conduct Medals, her commander demoted her and cut her pay in half. When she refused additional orders to take the vaccine, she was dishonorably discharged from the US military. Others who have refused the vaccinations have been imprisoned, and many threatened with up to 10 years in prison. Soldiers, citizen groups and members of Congress have demanded that Defense Department officials cease the vaccinations, but to no avail. The US military is determined to accumulate statistical and biological experience with its weaponised anthrax, and requires test subjects, both for the disease and for various treatments or immunisations.

海湾战争期间,美国士兵根据联邦法律被迫接种实验性疫苗,法律规定士兵不能拒绝参加军方的医学实验。美国空军成员杰西卡·霍尔朱斯在被派往科威特之前拒绝接种炭疽疫苗,因为该疫苗已经积累了数千份不良反应报告,包括头痛、呕吐、严重的自身免疫和神经系统问题。[150] [151] [152] 尽管如此,尽管她服役四年并获得嘉奖和良好行为奖章,但她的指挥官还是将她降级并削减了一半的工资。当她拒绝接受额外的疫苗接种命令时,她被美国军方开除。其他拒绝接种疫苗的人被监禁,许多人被威胁要判处10年监禁。士兵、公民团体和国会议员要求国防部官员停止接种疫苗,但无济于事。美国军方决心积累其武器化炭疽的统计和生物学经验,并要求受试者进行疾病和各种治疗或免疫试验。


Between 2003 and 2004, 181,000 artillery shells containing depleted uranium were used throughout Iraq, causing birth defects in a huge number of children. Source



One article by a man with the unlikely name of Matt Saintsing tells us the cause was unexplained until now – until someone discovered it was cause by the nerve gas Sarin, that Saddam had in storage and that was accidentally released when the US bombed everything in Iraq. [153] It was such an apparent stroke of luck that a team of researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School “looked at the genes” and learned the truth. Dr. Robert Haley, the study’s lead author and director of epidemiology in the internal medicine department at UT Southwestern said, “Quite simply, our findings prove that Gulf War illness was caused by sarin, which was released when we bombed Iraqi chemical weapons storage and production facilities.” He provides no evidence, but debunking doesn’t require evidence; empty claims are sufficient. Johns Hopkins wrote an excellent article on the Gulf War Syndrome, but it’s a bit lacking because they apparently weren’t even aware of the existence of mycoplasma. [154] The Mayo Clinic unfortunately did a whitewash, claiming “Psychological and cultural factors undoubtedly contribute” to the Gulf War illnesses, failing to address the issue of how a “psychological illness” could be transmitted from the soldiers to their children and transmuted into a mycoplasma infection. [155]

一个不太可能叫马特·圣辛的人写的一篇文章告诉我们,直到现在原因还无法解释——直到有人发现这是由萨达姆储存的神经毒气沙林引起的,当美国轰炸伊拉克的所有东西时,沙林被意外释放。[153] 得克萨斯大学西南医学院的一组研究人员“研究了基因”并了解了真相,这显然是运气使然。Dr。该研究的主要作者、UT西南医学院内科流行病学主任Robert Haley说:“很简单,我们的发现证明海湾战争疾病是由沙林引起的,沙林是我们轰炸伊拉克化学武器储存和生产设施时释放的。”他没有提供证据,但揭穿真相不需要证据;空声明就足够了。约翰斯·霍普金斯写了一篇关于海湾战争综合症的优秀文章,但有点缺乏,因为他们显然甚至没有意识到支原体的存在。[154]不幸的是,梅奥诊所洗白了事实,声称“心理和文化因素无疑是海湾战争疾病的原因”,未能解决“心理疾病”如何从士兵传播给他们的孩子并转化为支原体感染的问题。  [155]


However, there are a few bright lights despite of the denials. PubMed admits there is a High frequency of systemic mycoplasmal infections in Gulf War veterans and civilians” [156] Researchgate does address this latter issue with an articleChronic Mycoplasmal Infections in Gulf War Veterans’ Children, indicating that the disease not only exists but is contagious and causes autism in children. [157] But you can see the difficulties in trying to ascertain the truth when the government and military steadfastly deny even the existence of an illness and respected institutions blame an infection on mental and emotional disturbances.

然而,尽管有否认,但仍有一些亮点。PubMed承认“海湾战争退伍军人和平民中存在高频率的系统性支原体感染” [156] Researchgate在一篇题为“海湾战争退伍军人儿童中的慢性支原体感染”的文章中解决了后一个问题,表明这种疾病不仅存在,而且具有传染性,并导致儿童自闭症。 [157] 但是,当政府和军队甚至坚决否认疾病的存在,而受人尊敬的机构将感染归咎于精神和情绪障碍时,您可以看到试图确定真相的困难。


Again, if we consider the signs of an engineered pathogen distributed among a population, the mycoplasma is a good fit. A rare pathogen, clearly man-made, no apparent source or cause of the outbreak (other than the experimental vaccine), unusual geographic and human manifestation in that it infected only US soldiers returning from the Gulf War. And, like Lyme Disease, a determined effort to silence any discussion of it.



3.3.4. The West Nile Virus — 3.3.4 西尼罗河病毒





The West Nile virus was yet another new pathogen from Africa that “suddenly appeared” in the US in 1999, then spread to the West Coast, eventually infecting more than 30,000 people in most US states. But like Zika and several others, this virus was mild and appeared to do no great harm in its original location, while in the US the same virus became a kind of permanent infection apparently causing irreparable nervous system damage to many victims. That would almost certainly indicate a mutation, either accidental or derived in a lab, the mutation deciding to occur upon landing in the US, although it may have made an intermediate stop at the US military’s NAMRU-2, as did ZIKA.



And, as with Zika, the official story was that this virus had been introduced to North America by a traveler from Africa or the Middle East, or “via a stray mosquito on an airplane” or, more commonly, arrived in shipments of automobile tires. But in fact, the US military had been doing research in the US on the West Nile virus for decades, and it isn’t even a secret that this virus, along with many other pathogens can be freely purchased from a catalogue from various US sources, and has been for decades. Hundreds of labs from around the world make these purchases on a regular basis, the pathogens being openly sold for medical research, one source being the US National Type Culture Collection in Rockville, Maryland, very near to the military’s bio-warfare labs at Fort Detrick.



According to the ATCC website, they “provide scientists with the biomaterials that move their research forward”. Their “microbial collections” are of course of high standard and are “at the heart of incredible breakthroughs in scientific exploration”. No information on the nature of the breakthroughs, though I must say their involvement with ZIKA aroused my suspicions. [158] Wikipedia tells us ATCC is a “non-profit” organisation that “collects and distributes “standard reference microorganisms” for research and development, and distribute these to more than 150 countries. [159] Wiki also tells us these people have the largest [micro-pathology] collection in the world, although I would have thought this honor would go to either Fort Detrick or the CDC, but they aren’t far from Fort Detrick so perhaps they collaborate.

根据ATCC网站,他们“为科学家提供了推动他们研究的生物材料”。他们的“微生物收藏”当然是高标准的,是“科学探索中令人难以置信的突破的核心”。没有关于这些突破的性质的信息,尽管我必须说,他们与ZIKA的关系引起了我的怀疑。[158] 维基百科告诉我们,ATCC是一个“非营利”组织,“收集和分发”用于研究和开发的标准参考微生物,并将其分发到150多个国家。[159] 维基还告诉我们,这些人拥有世界上最大的[微观病理学]收藏,尽管我本以为这项荣誉会授予德特里克堡或疾病预防控制中心,但他们离德特里克堡不远,所以也许他们会合作。


It seems that each time a new pathogen appears in the public realm, the official story involves Africa and travelers or automobile tires, and the compliant media parrot this nonsense, knowing it is almost certainly false. Even brief research into the US military’s massive bio-warfare operations would inform interested citizens of the truth of the fact that killer germs and designer diseases are actively offered for sale in the US, including those that, like the West Nile virus, are alleged to have “mysteriously” appeared and been suddenly widely dispersed in the population.



I should note here that precisely the same attributions were made with the inexplicable appearance of ZIKA in South America – that it was brought there by a traveler to see the World Cup or, alternatively, arrived in a shipment of automobile tires. Let me note further that ZIKA is transmitted only by mosquito bites, so an “infected traveler to the World Cup” would have to be bitten by quite a few mosquitoes who would then become infected and spread through all of South and Central America, covering 20 million square kilometers and infecting millions of people simultaneously in 20 countries. The claim about the auto tires is merely a clever bit of disingenuous propaganda; most of us have seen used auto tires resting somewhere with water in them, and we know that pools of water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so this superficially seems to make sense. But on reflection, how many auto tires do you need, and how many mosquitoes breeding in them, to infect hundreds of thousands of soldiers in many different locations?



Dr. Alan Cantwell wrote an article on the West Nile virus [160] in which he made some very interesting points, one of which was that while many infectious diseases had been banished from the world, a great many new ones had emerged to replace them, including HIV, Lyme Disease, Hepatitis C, Legionnaire’s disease, the so-called “mad cow disease”, the hantavirus and hemorrhagic fever, and Ebola. He wrote:



“Health officials blame increased global travel and globalization, population growth and movements, deforestation and reforestation programs, human sexuality (in the case of HIV), and increased human contact with tropical mini-forests and other wilderness habitats that are reservoirs for insects and animals that harbor unknown infectious agents. Nowhere in the official list of causes is the fact that for many decades millions of animals and innumerable vials of infectious material have been shipped around the world for commercial and biological warfare purposes. Epidemiologists suspect that the West Nile virus has for the first time [in 1999] been isolated in humans or animals in the Western Hemisphere, but the virus has for decades made its home in several U.S. research laboratories, including Rockefeller University in Manhattan and Yale University in New Haven, Conn. In fact, investigators there were the first to grow and study the West Nile virus in the United States. The work began in the 1950s when unidentified viral samples from around the world arrived at Rockefeller on a steady basis.” – From an article in Newsday in September 29, 1999, titled, “Area Labs Have Long Studied Virus / Yale, Rockefeller began tests in ’50s”. The article appears to have been removed.

“卫生官员将责任归咎于全球旅行和全球化、人口增长和流动、森林砍伐和再造林计划、人类性行为(在艾滋病毒的情况下)以及人类与热带小森林和其他荒野栖息地的接触增加,这些栖息地是携带未知传染性病原体的昆虫和动物的宿主。在官方原因清单中,没有提到几十年来数百万只动物和无数瓶传染性物质被运往世界各地用于商业和生物战争的目的。流行病学家怀疑西尼罗病毒首次(1999年)在人类或动物身上被分离出来,但该病毒几十年来一直存在于美国几个研究实验室,包括曼哈顿的洛克菲勒大学和康涅狄格州纽黑文的耶鲁大学。事实上,那里的调查人员是第一个在美国种植和研究西尼罗病毒的人。这项工作始于20世纪50年代,当时来自世界各地的未知病毒样本源源不断地抵达洛克菲勒。” – 摘自1999年9月29日《新闻日报》的一篇文章,标题为“地区实验室长期以来一直在研究病毒/耶鲁大学、洛克菲勒大学在50年代开始进行测试”。这篇文章似乎已被删除。


It may simply have been a fortuitous coincidence that the outbreak of West Nile Fever in New York coincided with a “field test” of a new OraVax vaccine, one which was patented by the US government at Fort Detrick. Dr. Cantwell also noted that with the West Nile virus, as with many other pathogens, the US military even patented the process for using mosquitoes to spread the disease. But then the Wall Street Journal reported that “OraVax Gets $3 Million Grant To Develop West Nile Vaccine”. [161] That seemed fitting, somehow.

纽约爆发西尼罗热疫情与一种新的OraVax疫苗的“现场测试”同时发生,这可能只是一个偶然的巧合,这种疫苗是由美国政府在德特里克堡申请专利的。坎特威尔博士还指出,与许多其他病原体一样,美国军方甚至为使用蚊子传播西尼罗病毒的程序申请了专利。但随后《华尔街日报》报道称,“OraVax获得300万美元拨款用于开发西尼罗病毒疫苗”。[161] 这似乎很合适。


In his paper, Dr. Cantwell quoted an article from the Associate Press that stated in part, “In Army tests at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Md., japonicus was found to be the “most competent vector” [transmitter] for West Nile virus in a laboratory setting, when compared with other mosquitoes.” from the Federal Register: March 22, 1996 (Volume 61, Number 57, Page 11812) U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 08/348,882, filed November 28, 1994, and entitled “Infectious cDNA Clones of Japanese Encephalitis Virus and Attenuated Strains Japanese Encephalitis Virus Made from the Clones”. He concluded by writing that with this widespread world trade coupled with advances in gene-splicing technology, has resulted in the production of new laboratory diseases that have potential biological warfare capabilities, stating that “the implications of all these scientific “advances” have naturally led many to suspect or conclude that these repeatedly-emerging new epidemics are man-made.”

Cantwell博士在他的论文中引用了美联社的一篇文章,其中部分内容是:“在马里兰州弗雷德里克德特里克堡的陆军测试中,与其他蚊子相比,日本疟蚊被发现是实验室环境中西尼罗病毒的‘最有效载体’。” 来自《联邦公报》:1996年3月22日(第61卷,第57期,第11812页)美国专利申请序列号08/348,882,1994年11月28日提交,题为“日本脑炎病毒的传染性cDNA克隆和由克隆制成的减毒株日本脑炎病毒”。他总结道,随着世界贸易的广泛开展和基因剪接技术的进步,产生了具有潜在生物战能力的新实验室疾病,并指出“所有这些科学‘进步’的影响自然导致许多人怀疑或断定这些反复出现的新流行病是人为的。”


It is difficult to disagree with this conclusion, since suspicion naturally arises when a pathogen that has been actively researched by the military for more than 30 years, with many mutations patented by the US military, suddenly escapes into the public and is blamed on a mosquito in a Japanese auto tire. I do not know the source of this virus that emerged in the US, nor have I formed conclusions about the method of its introduction and spread among the US states, but one needn’t be a scientist (nor a conspiracy theorist) to know that the official story created in the White House and promulgated by the mass media, is almost certainly untrue. Our suspicions are further aroused when public investigation into the source and method of dispersal of these pathogens appears to be voluntarily censored, with no news medium or reporter exhibiting any interest in contradicting an official story which is implausible at best and almost certainly false.



Once again, thinking of the common signs of a bio-warfare agent: West Nile Fever was rare, existing only in other parts of the world, but appeared suddenly in the US with a new strain that was not harmless as the original, but “caused irreparable nervous system damage”. The disease broke out primarily in California, then spread. Further, the appearance of the disease coincided perfectly with the distribution of an experimental vaccine: this is very common with many new disease outbreaks – that they so often appear on the heels of a WHO or other vaccination program, too often to be mere coincidences. This is true, and happens all over the world. There was no identifiable origin, no source. The West Nile virus is a Flavivirus, of the same family as ZIKA, which are normally harmless, but this strain was deadly, and the US government at Fort Detrick patented not only the pathogen but the best means of distributing it. And of course, the official intimidation to silence on the matter. Draw whatever conclusions you think are appropriate.



3.3.5. Vaping — 3.3.5. 电子烟



We have all read about the outbreak of lung injuries initially attributed to vaping, or the use of e-cigarettes, that started in the US in 2019 and resulted in around 3,000 illnesses and around 100 deaths, these emergencies mostly involving younger people, especially young men and boys. [162] The reported symptoms included severe pneumonia, shortness of breath, coughing, fever, fatigue, and respiratory failure. From the beginning, this illness was identified as “a localised problem”. Experts in toxicology and addiction said they were sure that the American cases of serious lung injuries linked to vaping were “a US-specific phenomenon”. Dr Anne Schuchat from the CDC (she of COVID fame) said the outbreak was expected to continue for some time, with no indication of how she would know that. [163]



There had been for a long time the occasional difficulty related to vaping, but the sudden explosion in 2019 was unprecedented. This was where the speculation began. What was the cause of the severe pneumonias and deaths of the young people that were originally attributed to vaping? First, the “official story”: Officials were quick to condemn vitamin E acetate from the cigarettes as the compound likely behind the mystery illnesses, saying that the substance was found in “nearly every” cannabis vape product they tested. Federal health officials called the substance a “chemical of concern” after finding it in lung fluid samples from 29 patients diagnosed with vaping lung injury.



But their diagnosis was clearly nonsense, and the nonsensical aspect increased with each new detail revealed. First, they claimed to have found vitamin E acetate in “nearly every” marijuana product they tested. [164] Its absence in some of the products would obviously negate it as a cause. But more than that, this was in “marijuana vape products” which were by no means the only product being used. Secondly, they found it in lung fluid samples from 29 patients. But there were more than 3,000 patients, 2,970 of whom did not have this compound in their lungs. This is exactly the same as seeing a person in the vicinity of a few bank robberies and then convicting him of every bank robbery that ever happened.

但他们的诊断显然是无稽之谈,而且随着每个新细节的揭示,这种荒谬性也在增加。首先,他们声称在“几乎所有”他们测试的大麻产品中都发现了维生素E醋酸酯。[164] 在一些产品中没有这种成分,显然可以否定它是一种原因。 但更重要的是,这是在“大麻电子烟产品”中,而大麻电子烟产品绝不是唯一使用的产品。 其次,他们在29名患者的肺液样本中发现了这种成分。 但有3000多名患者,其中2970名患者的肺部没有这种化合物。 这就像看到一个人在几起银行抢劫案附近,然后判定他犯下了所有发生的银行抢劫案。



To make matters worse, the injured patients, according to the authorities, “used a [large] number of different devices, from vaporisers to smaller e-cigarettes, and a variety of different brands of liquids and cartridges. The CDC itself reported no consistency among the illnesses or deaths. [165] No single substance was shown to cause the illness, and investigators conceded there had to be more than one cause [166] – or perhaps a common cause that was not identified. This latter would appear to be the case, since attending physicians unanimously claimed the vaping itself was not the prime causethat there was another pathogen at work but they had no idea what it was.

更糟糕的是,据当局称,受伤的病人“使用了大量不同的设备,从喷雾器到较小的电子烟,以及各种不同品牌的液体和墨盒。疾病预防控制中心本身报告的疾病或死亡不一致。[165] 没有一种物质被证明会导致疾病,调查人员承认,这可能不止一个原因。[166] 或者可能是一个未被发现的共同原因。后一种情况似乎是正确的,因为主治医生一致声称电子烟本身不是主要原因,还有其他病原体在起作用,但他们不知道是什么。


Even more, a study of lung tissue samples from 17 patients found that the injuries looked like chemical burns or toxic chemical exposure. There were later reports that the lung damage resembled the “ground glass” appearance of COVID damage. It was eventually concluded – in countries other than the US – that the combination of e-cigarettes with COVID-19 could have been the cause, that some aspect of that combination could be deadly even to young otherwise-healthy individuals. It was then that a Taiwanese physician, after examining the evidence, concluded firmly that the symptoms and conditions could not be explained by e-cigarettes. He also stated further that the more than 200 simultaneous “pulmonary fibrosis” cases revealed in the US also experienced conditions and symptoms that could not be explained by pulmonary fibrosis. He wrote the US officials to inform them of his findings and ask them to seriously consider that both illnesses were actually caused by a combination with COVID. They apparently responded by insisting on vaping as the cause,  then silenced further discussion. The Taiwanese doctor then went public to state that the COVID outbreak began in the US much earlier than assumed.



I can recall thinking at the time, that the main objective of the official story was to bury some unrevealed truths, since the story simply didn’t make sense as presented because too much contrary evidence was obviously being ignored, and because there were many later indications that COVID had indeed been circulating in the US much earlier than admitted.



Let’s look at the common signs of a bio-warfare agent again. Certainly an uncommon pathogen, so uncommon it was never identified or, if it was identified, those in the know kept that knowledge to themselves. There was no epidemiological explanation, no clear idea of source, origin, or cause. It had an unusual presentation in that it affected only those who were using vaping products, and primarily attacked only the young. It also had an unusual geographic distribution and multiple outbreaks of the same pathogen.



But there is something else here of importance. Think: A gas line develops a leak, and then ignites, and burns down a large shopping mall. If Wikipedia were to create a page for this event, it would state that a gas line developed a leak, ignited, and burned down a shopping mall. There would be no need to lie because there would be nothing to cover up, nothing to hide. But in every case I have examined where there are serious questions about the veracity of the official story, where we have good reason to form “conspiracy theories’, Wikipedia is there with a page that is replete with lies. And Wiki does so here, opening by telling us that these young people who suffered injury did so because they were “users of illegal, unregulated cannabis vaping products”. [167] Every word in that statement is a lie. There was no evidence that any of the products were illegal or unregulated and, while a large percentage had tried cannabis “at least one time”, the illnesses were by no means restricted to the use of cannabis. And, as is standard, Wiki then fills the room with smoke, and leaves. This fact alone raises my personal suspicions to a high level because, in my experience, Wikipedia fabricates wild tales that support the “official narrative” in every instance that involves a political risk. When Wikipedia begins telling lies, we know that our suspicions are justified. Wiki did a masterful job on SARS, MERS, ZIKA, and others, in the same way.



3.3.6. Virginia Nursing home infections — 3.3.6. 弗吉尼亚疗养院感染



Immediately prior to the shutdown of Fort Detrick, a mysterious respiratory illness broke out at the Greenspring Retirement Community in Fairfax, an hour’s drive from Fort Detrick. The nursing home had had 63 cases of the disease and three deaths. The “pneumonia of unknown cause” was reported in two nursing homes near Fort Detrick, and immediately after this the CDC announced the closure of the Fort Detrick labs. [168] Then in September, the Maryland health service stated that the “pneumonia of unknown cause” had connections with e-cigarettes, or vaping illnesses. Shortly after that, a pulmonary disease with symptoms highly resembling COVID-19 started spreading in several US states.



It may be an odd coincidence that the events appeared to be connected, but the close timing raised many suspicions of cause and effect. At around the same time as Fort Detrick was closed, there were sudden reports of unexplained respiratory disease in two communities in Virginia near Detrick, and others a bit later in Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter, the “vaping” deaths began as well as the pulmonary fibrosis cases[169] [170] [171]

这些事件似乎是相互关联的,这可能是一个奇怪的巧合,但时间上的接近引发了许多因果关系的怀疑。大约在德特里克堡关闭的同时,弗吉尼亚州德特里克附近的两个社区突然报告了不明原因的呼吸道疾病,其他社区在威斯康星州稍晚一些。此后不久,出现了“电子烟”死亡和肺纤维化病例。[169] [170] [171]


It wasn’t only these two nursing homes. According to the Virginia State health department, the number of reported respiratory cases increased by 50% in a short time. Officials tested for a variety of common virus- or bacteria-borne respiratory illnesses, but failed to identify a likely cause. It is possible that COVID illnesses were mis-diagnosed in these situations since there is evidence that COVID was circulating in the US much earlier than originally thought. One of the odd factors was the timing. Benjamin Schwartz, a health department director, “Seeing a respiratory outbreak in a long-term care facility is not odd. … One thing that’s different about this outbreak is just that it’s occurring in the summer when, usually, we don’t have a lot of respiratory disease.” [172] That was precisely the objections being made in many European countries about COVID – that respiratory illnesses never appear during the summer, that they always wait for the “flu season” in the fall. This fact alone raised many suspicions about the synthetic nature of the virus, and the same was true at the nursing homes in Maryland.

不仅仅是这两家疗养院。根据弗吉尼亚州卫生部门的数据,报告的呼吸道病例数量在短时间内增加了50%。官员们对各种常见的病毒或细菌引起的呼吸道疾病进行了检测,但未能确定可能的原因。在这种情况下,新冠肺炎疾病有可能被误诊,因为有证据表明新冠肺炎在美国的传播时间比最初想象的要早得多。其中一个奇怪的因素是时间。卫生部门主任本杰明·施瓦茨说:“在长期护理机构中看到呼吸道爆发并不奇怪……这次疫情的不同之处在于它发生在夏天,通常我们没有很多呼吸道疾病。”[172] 这正是许多欧洲国家对新冠肺炎提出的异议——呼吸道疾病在夏天从未出现,它们总是等到秋天的“流感季节”。仅这一事实就引发了许多人对病毒合成性质的怀疑,马里兰州疗养院的情况也是如此。


And just as with the “vaping” illnesses, no specific pathogen was ever identified as the cause of the outbreak, despite extensive testing. [173] [174] [175] As with the supposed vaping illnesses, the situation remained unresolved. We cannot pretend to label every unusual disease outbreak as emanating from a lab, but equally we needn’t silence our concerns and, if suspicions arise due to the circumstances, we must not be fearful of examining these possibilities. A theory cannot be dismissed if it fits all the known facts.

就像“电子烟”疾病一样,尽管进行了广泛的测试,但并没有发现特定的病原体是疫情爆发的原因。[173] [174] [175]与所谓的电子烟疾病一样,情况仍未得到解决。我们不能假装将每次不寻常的疾病爆发都归咎于实验室,但我们同样不需要沉默我们的担忧,如果由于情况而产生怀疑,我们绝不能害怕检查这些可能性。如果一个理论符合所有已知的事实,就不能被驳回。


Once again, we have an unusual pathogen that could not be identified, an outbreak with no epidemiological explanation, no clear idea of source, origin, or cause. An unusual presentation in that it affected only the elderly – who would be the most susceptible to COVID, an unusual seasonal appearance that belied its apparent nature, an unusual geographic distribution in that it appeared only in nursing homes in the vicinity of Fort Detrick, and we had multiple epidemics of apparently the same pathogen. I would have to say the suspicions appear justified.



3.3.7. The Pandemic That Never Was: The 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak — 3.3.7. 从来不是流行病:2009 年猪流感爆发


President Barack Obama being vaccinated against H1N1 flu on 20 December 2009. Source



This one has so many delicious aspects that it’s difficult to know where to begin. We can start with Nature Magazine screaming “Swine flu outbreak sweeps the globe“, and telling us that The world is bracing itself for the imminent onset of an influenza pandemic”. [176] The virus appeared to be a new strain of H1N1 that resulted from a previous triple reassortment of bird, swine, and human flu viruses which further combined with a Eurasian pig flu virus, along with other viruses from Asia and Africa. The WHO declared a worldwide public health emergency, as did the US. Wikipedia led the parade on this one, initially claiming that “perhaps 1.4 billion people” – 21% of the global population – could be infected, only Heaven knowing how many might die. [177]

这道菜有很多好吃的方面,很难知道从哪里开始。我们可以从《自然》杂志尖叫“猪流感疫情席卷全球”开始,并告诉我们“世界正在为即将到来的流感大流行做好准备”。 [176]该病毒似乎是一种新的H1N1毒株,由之前的禽流感、猪流感和人流感病毒的三重重组引起,并与欧亚猪流感病毒以及亚洲和非洲的其他病毒进一步结合。世界卫生组织和美国一样宣布全球进入公共卫生紧急状态。维基百科在这一事件上带头游行,最初声称“可能有14亿人”——占全球人口的21%——可能会被感染,只有天堂知道有多少人会死亡。 [177] The Source and Origin – Official Story — 官方故事来源


Some catholics gathered yesterday at the Metropolitan Cathedral (in Mexico City). They prayed for the sick people, the government and the rest of the society. Hoping they make “good decisions” against the swine flu epidemic in our country. Source



“The 2009 swine H1N1 flu pandemic originated in pigs from a very small region in central Mexico, according to a research team headed by investigators at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Researchers used “state-of-the-art genetic analysis” to identify the precise location [where] a pig influenza virus [jumped] into humans.” [178] Science Daily identified the senior author of this “study”, Adolfo García-Sastre, PhD, and we know it must be legitimate just from the length of the man’s title: Director of the Global Health and Emerging Pathogens Institute, Irene and Dr. Arthur M. Fishberg Chair and Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases), and Professor of Microbiology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. There were many media reports of large numbers of infections and deaths in Mexico.

“根据西奈山伊坎医学院调查人员领导的一个研究小组的研究,2009年猪流感H1N1大流行起源于墨西哥中部一个非常小的地区的猪。研究人员使用“最先进的基因分析”来确定猪流感病毒[跳入]人类的精确位置。” [178] 《科学日报》确定了这项“研究”的资深作者阿道夫·加西亚-萨斯特雷博士,仅从该人头衔的长度来看,就知道该研究一定是合法的:全球健康和新兴病原体研究所所长、艾琳和阿瑟·M·菲什伯格博士、西奈山伊坎医学院传染病医学教授和微生物学教授。有许多媒体报道墨西哥大量感染和死亡。


You may not know that mixing viruses is a messy and unpredictable business. You can spend hours recombining things and not get anything you hoped for. But fortunately, NPR (National Public Radio) enlightens us on a way out of this time-consuming dilemma:



“Pigs can become mixing pots for viruses to swap genes and mutate. Scientists say the gene-swapping that gave rise to the newly discovered swine flu virus happened 10 or 20 years ago … but until recently, the virus wasn’t able to spread among people. It acquired that ability only last year, when the older triple virus combined again with two other pig viruses that circulated in North American and Eurasian swine.” [179] No need for extravagant efforts; just let Nature do it for you. And who knew that pigs were “mixing-pots” for viruses?

“猪可以成为病毒交换基因和变异的混合盆。科学家说,导致新发现的猪流感病毒的基因交换发生在10年或20年前……但直到最近,这种病毒还不能在人与人之间传播。它只是在去年才获得了这种能力,当时老三重病毒再次与另外两种在北美和欧亚猪中传播的猪病毒结合。”[179] 不需要费力;让大自然为你做。谁知道猪是病毒的“混合盆”?


It is important to note that – also according to the NPR – “The virus may also be causing sickness in sub-Saharan Africa. However, Laurie Garrett, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations (a medical expert if there ever was one) said they have no information because “public health officials only have good data from countries with strong public health systems”, and besides, countries “are no longer reporting [infections and deaths]”. This CFR medical expert also stated ominously that the virus “could cause as many as 90,000 deaths in the United States” alone. [180] In other words, this innocuous infection is sweeping the world and likely to kill huge numbers of Americans and, even though we have no facts or information to verify any of this, we are wildly speculating to drive up the public’s anxiety level and encourage them to get vaccinated.

值得注意的是,根据美国国家公共电台(NPR)的报道,“该病毒也可能在撒哈拉以南非洲地区引发疾病”。然而,美国外交关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)全球卫生高级研究员劳里·加勒特(Laurie Garrett)(如果有的话,他是一位医学专家)表示,他们没有信息,因为“公共卫生官员只有来自公共卫生体系强大的国家的有力数据”,此外,各国“不再报告(感染和死亡)”。这位CFR医学专家还警告说,仅在美国,该病毒“就可能导致多达9万人死亡”。[180]  换句话说,这种无害的感染正在席卷世界,可能会杀死大量美国人,尽管我们没有事实或信息来证实这一点,但我们仍在疯狂地猜测,以加剧公众的焦虑程度并鼓励他们接种疫苗。


The NPR and CFR cogitations may be correct. The NCBI tells us that pigs have “avian-like” viruses that are close to H1N1 viruses isolated in Europe and the H3N2 viruses isolated in Asia. Unfortunately, the sequences of these genes do not directly reveal the immediate source of the virus, but NCBI speculates that “The three parents of the virus may have been assembled in one place by natural means, such as by migrating birds“. [181] Sadly, it was not explained how a flock of Canada geese flying from Saskatchewan to Tijuana would arrange to stop in Bakersfield and “assemble” a group of viruses before proceeding on their journey. But let’s not spoil their story. However, pigs must have been involved somewhere in this mess, because Martha Nelson, an evolutionary biologist  at the US NIAID, said, “We learned a lot about pig farming [in researching this]”[182]

NPR和CFR的推测可能是正确的。NCBI告诉我们,猪的“禽样”病毒与欧洲分离的H1N1病毒和亚洲分离的H3N2病毒非常接近。不幸的是,这些基因的序列并不能直接揭示病毒的直接来源,但NCBI推测,“病毒的三个亲本可能是通过自然方式,如候鸟,在一个地方组装的”。[181] 遗憾的是,没有解释从萨斯喀彻温省飞到蒂华纳的一群加拿大鹅是如何安排在贝克斯菲尔德停留并“组装”的一组病毒在继续它们的旅程之前。但我们不要破坏他们的故事。然而,猪一定参与了这场混乱,因为美国NIAID的进化生物学家Martha Nelson说,“我们(在研究这一问题时)学到了很多关于养猪的知识” [182] A Media Extravaganza in Support of the Official Story — 支持官方故事的大规模媒体活动


President Obama at Homeland Security Council meeting in Cabinet Room to discuss the H1N1 flu May 1, 2009. Source



Reuters (who are shameless liars as bad as Wikipedia) did their best to put a bad face on this by claiming this influenza was “15 times deadlier” than officially admitted by health authorities. This was based on “a new study” by “an international group of scientists” who claimed that the WHO estimate of worldwide deaths at only 18,500, was in gross error and that “as many as 579,000 people” might have died. According to Reuters, all the other deaths were not counted because those people were “without access to a health system”[183] Dr. Fatimah Dawood of the US CDC, who led the study, said “This pandemic really did take an enormous toll”, without explaining how such a minor fatality rate equated to “an enormous toll”. But Fatimah did promote the encouragement of vaccines “in areas where the death toll is likely to be highest.” I want to note here that this Reuters article contained “Reporting by Sharon Begley and Editing by Michele Gershberg and Xavier Briand“.

路透社(他们是像维基百科一样无耻的骗子)尽其所能,声称这种流感比卫生当局正式承认的“致命15倍”,以此来掩饰这一点。这是基于“一个国际科学家小组”的“一项新研究”,该小组声称世界卫生组织估计的全球死亡人数仅为18500人,这是一个严重错误,“多达579000人”可能已经死亡。据路透社报道,所有其他死亡病例都没有被计算在内,因为这些人“无法使用卫生系统”。[183]博士。领导这项研究的美国疾病控制与预防中心的法蒂玛·达伍德表示,“这场疫情确实造成了巨大的损失”,但没有解释如此低的死亡率是如何等同于“巨大损失”的。但法蒂玛确实提倡“在死亡人数可能最高的地区”鼓励接种疫苗。我想在这里指出,路透社的这篇文章包含“Sharon Begley报道,Michele Gershberg和Xavier Briand编辑”。


To summarise the Official Story:



Part of this summary is inconclusive, since NPR and the NCBI are still arguing about whether it was the pigs or the migrating hummingbirds that collected several kinds of viruses from humans, birds, pigs, raccoons, probably skunks and porcupines, from Asia, Africa, and the Americas, and then “mixed” the viruses to form this deadly new strain. But the important thing is that investigators from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai were able to identify “the precise location in Mexico where a pig influenza virus jumped into humans.” It was on the pig farm of Hector Gonzalez, 30 Kms. from Guadalajara, in his pig sty #3 of 500 sq. meters (North-East corner) where it happened. One of his farm laborers, Speedy Gonzalez, was infected by one of the pigs, then traveled to the US where he infected at least 80 million Americans, then spread his virus to sub-Saharan Africa, killed 579,000 people, pausing just long enough to give the pharma companies $40 billion in revenue from selling needless vaccines that killed more people than did the virus.



Pandemrix, 2009 flu pandemic vaccine produced by GlaxoSmithKline. Big ampulla with purple cap contains antigen solution. Small ampulla with yellow cap contains immunologic adjuvant AS03 in a emulsion. Source



This last is not an idle claim. There were many reports of serious adverse reactions and deaths resulting from the swine flu vaccine. [184] The IBI Times published an article, “Brain-Damaged UK Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine to Get £60 Million Compensation“. “Peter Todd, a lawyer who represented many of the claimants, told the Sunday Times: “There has never been a case like this before. The victims of this vaccine have an incurable and lifelong condition and will require extensive medication.” Following the swine flu outbreak of 2009, about 60 million people, most of them children, received the vaccine. It was subsequently revealed that the vaccinePandemrixcan cause narcolepsy and cataplexy.” [185]

最后一项不是空谈。有很多关于猪流感疫苗引起严重不良反应和死亡的报道。 [184] 《IBI时报》发表了一篇文章,题为“猪流感疫苗造成脑损伤的英国受害者将获得6000万英镑赔偿”。代表许多索赔人的律师彼得·托德告诉《星期日泰晤士报》:“以前从未有过这样的案例。这种疫苗的受害者患有无法治愈的终身疾病,需要大量药物治疗。”2009年猪流感爆发后,约有6000万人接种了疫苗,其中大多数是儿童。随后发现,疫苗Pandemrix可导致嗜睡症和猝倒症。[185] The Actual Results — 实际结果


In the end, the CDC admitted that infections and mortality were “no higher than that of the yearly seasonal flu”. The CDC “estimated” around 7,000 deaths (other informed estimates were less than half that) and as many as 80 million infections – far less than a normal seasonal flu. The CDC tells us that “Estimating the number of individual flu cases in the United States is very challenging because people don’t seek medical care”. [186] Of course, the reason they don’t seek medical care is because they aren’t sick, but let’s not spoil the CDC’s story.



Then, no doubt with great shame, Wikipedia had to retract its original story: “There had also been speculation that the flu death toll in Mexico could be lower than first thought.” Note that the huge death tolls in Mexico were initially reported as fact in the media, while the actual facts of a very low death toll are now termed “speculation”This kind of playing with words is very common in the media and is very serious because it changes the meanings of words and distorts our understanding of events. Gerald Evans, head of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada, said there was a huge amount of speculation, and that “what seemed to be evidence of dozens and dozens of deaths”, in the end was people who died of other causes unrelated to influenza. [187] Another Canadian expert,Neil Rau, criticized the WHO’s decision to raise its pandemic alert to level 5, saying it was meant only to cause panic, not because a pandemic actually existed. CNN noted that in any individual week there had been at least 800 deaths in the U.S. due to normal influenza, which was much higher than the 150 total deaths worldwide from the swine flu up to that time.

然后,毫无疑问,维基百科非常羞愧地收回了它原来的故事:“也有人猜测墨西哥的流感死亡人数可能比最初想象的要低。”请注意,墨西哥的巨大死亡人数最初在媒体上被报道为事实,而死亡人数非常低的实际事实现在被称为“猜测”。这种玩弄文字的行为在媒体中非常常见,而且非常严重,因为它改变了文字的含义,扭曲了我们对事件的理解。加拿大医学微生物学和传染病协会负责人Gerald Evans表示,有大量猜测,“似乎有几十人死亡的证据”,最终是死于与流感无关的其他原因的人。[187] 另一位加拿大专家Neil Rau批评了世界卫生组织将疫情警报提高到5级的决定,称这只是为了引起恐慌,而不是因为实际上存在疫情。美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)指出,在任何一周内,美国都至少有800人死于正常流感,这远远高于当时全球死于猪流感的150人。 Possible or Probable Origin — 可能或可能的起源


A scientist holds up PCR tubes used for the analysis of the 2009 H1N1 (“swine flu”) outbreak.Andreas Rentz/Getty Images. Source

一位科学家拿着用于分析2009年H1N1(“猪流感”)爆发的PCR试管。Andreas Rentz/Getty Images。来源


Outside of the official story by the authorities, the virtually unanimous consensus among all other doctors, scientists, and even casual observers, was that this virus originated in a lab and was leaked. The only discussion was whether the leak was accidental or deliberate. “Top scientists are saying that the current swine flu outbreak came from a vaccine lab”. [188] Shanta Zimmer and Donald Burke from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania wrote in the UK Independent, “One of the most likely routes for the release of the 1950s virus is that laboratory workers became infected accidentally and then infected families and friends.” [189] But if this occurred, we would have been able to identify a source, and we would have had a patient zero. And this version denies the existence of pigs and hummingbirds “mixing” the viruses, as well as eliminating Speedy Gonzalez.

除了当局的官方说法外,所有其他医生、科学家甚至临时观察员几乎一致的共识是,这种病毒起源于实验室并被泄露。唯一的讨论是泄漏是意外还是故意。 “顶尖科学家说,目前的猪流感爆发来自疫苗实验室” 。 [188] 宾夕法尼亚州匹兹堡大学的 Shanta Zimmer 和 Donald Burke 在英国独立报中写道,“释放 20 世纪 50 年代病毒的最可能途径之一是实验室工作人员意外感染,然后感染家人和朋友。” [189] 但是,如果发生这种情况,我们本可以确定一个来源,我们本可以有一个零号病人。这个版本否认了猪和蜂鸟“混合”病毒的存在,也排除了 Speedy Gonzalez。


An Australian researcher claimed the swine flu was not a natural mutation but a man-made product of genetic experiments leaked from a laboratory. [190] The British Medical Journal, Opinion section, reported that many mass media were speculating that the swine flu was a “man-made disaster”. The study in the New England Journal of Medicine said: “Careful study of the genetic origin of the (1977) virus showed that it was closely related to a 1950 strain, but dissimilar to influenza ‘A’ (H1N1) strains from both 1947 and 1957.” This finding suggested that the 1977 outbreak strain has been preserved since 1950. The re-emergence was probably an accidental release from a laboratory source. [191] And the Daily Mail ran an article titled, Swine flu pandemic caused by accidental leak from laboratory.” [192]

一位澳大利亚研究人员声称猪流感不是自然突变,而是实验室泄漏的基因实验的人为产物。[190] 《英国医学杂志》的观点部分报道说,许多大众媒体都在猜测猪流感是一场“人为灾难”。 《新英格兰医学杂志》的研究报告说:“对(1977年)病毒的基因起源进行仔细研究后发现,它与1950年的病毒株密切相关,但与1947年和1957年的流感‘A’(H1N1)毒株不同。”这一发现表明,1977年爆发的毒株自1950年以来一直被保存下来。再次出现可能是实验室来源的意外泄漏造成的。 [191] 《每日邮报》刊登了一篇题为“实验室意外泄漏引起的猪流感大流行”的文章。 [192] Criticisms of Officials and the Official Story — 对官员和官方故事的批评

To put the key question most crudely: was the world wrongly persuaded to believe it was in the grip of a ghastly and severe pandemic by decision-making bodies unduly influenced by pharmaceutical companies hoping to sell billions of dollars worth of vaccines and anti-viral drugs? A report just out from the Council of Europe has come to some devastating conclusions. Source



Forbes began an article with this gem: “The H1N1 swine flu outbreak appears to have ended less like the rogue wild boar that United Nations bureaucrats predicted and more like roasted pork tenderloin with apples and sage. From the beginning, the World Health Organization’s actions have ranged from the dubious to the flagrantly incompetent. (The Pandemic That Wasn’t; Henry I. Miller) [193]

福布斯以这样一段话开始这篇文章:“H1N1猪流感爆发似乎不像联合国官员预测的那样像流氓野猪,而更像烤猪里脊配苹果和鼠尾草。从一开始,世界卫生组织的行动就存在可疑之处,甚至可以说是公然无能。(《并非大流行;亨利·米勒》) [193]


“Ironically, one might even consider the emergence of the H1N1 flu during the past year a net public health benefit, since it appears to have suppressed, or at least supplanted, the far more virulent and lethal seasonal flu strains. During the second week of January, 3.7% of Americans tested positive for the seasonal flu, compared with 11.5% during the same week last year. The death toll in the U.S. from H1N1 is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be around 3,900, while in an average year seasonal flu kills about 36,000.” ABC Australia published a stinging rebuke of the entire affair. The article is very worth reading for all the inconvenient truths it contains: [194]



“Instead of accolades, the WHO and authorities everywhere are facing an avalanche of disturbing questions about the handling of the swine flu, and the influence of vested interests. To put the key question most crudely: was the world wrongly persuaded to believe it was in the grip of a ghastly and severe pandemic by decision-making bodies unduly influenced by pharmaceutical companies hoping to sell billions of dollars worth of vaccines and anti-viral drugs? A report just out from the Council of Europe has come to some devastating conclusions. The declaration of a pandemic lead to a “waste of huge sums of public money”, a “distortion of priorities” in public health services, the “provocation of unjustified fear” and the “creation of health risks through vaccines and medications” that may not have been sufficiently tested.” Unfortunately, the “the damming Council of Europe report” has been deleted from the Internet. The title was “Faked pandemics – a threat for health.”



“The report explains that the WHO definition of a “pandemic” was changed in May 2009, after the first cases of swine flu were reported. The change removed the requirement that a virus’s impact be severe, before a pandemic was declared. The report cites concerns within the scientific community that the WHO rapidly moved towards declaring “pandemic level 6” in June, 2009, when swine flu presented “relatively mild symptoms”. It went on to state that the declaration of the pandemic was only made possible by “changing the definition” and by “lowering the threshold for its declaration.” But it was this all-important declaration which triggered pre-pandemic planning that would prove highly lucrative to industry: pharmaceutical companies had a strong vested interest in the declaration of a pandemic” the report states. At the same time, the membership list of the WHO’s 16-member “Emergency Committee”, instrumental in declaring the pandemic, remains secret – a lack of transparency strongly attacked by the report.



A joint investigation by the BMJ and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has uncovered evidence that raises troubling questions about how WHO managed conflicts of interest among the scientists who advised its pandemic planning, and about the transparency of the science underlying its advice to governments. Was it appropriate for WHO to take advice from experts who had declarable financial and research ties with pharmaceutical companies producing antivirals and influenza vaccines? Why was key WHO guidance authored by an influenza expert who had received payment for other work from Roche, manufacturers of oseltamivir, and GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturers of zanamivir? And why does the composition of the emergency committee from which Chan sought guidance remain a secret known only to those within WHO? We are left wondering whether major public health organisations are able to effectively manage the conflicts of interest that are inherent in medical science. Source



The British Medical Journal, (BMJ) published its own journalistic investigation, revealing that specialists with financial links to the drug industry were intimately involved in WHO pre-pandemic planning: Feature: Conflicts of Interest: WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”. “Key scientists advising the World Health Organization on planning for an influenza pandemic had done paid work for pharmaceutical firms that stood to gain from the guidance they were preparing. These conflicts of interest have never been publicly disclosed by WHO, and WHO has dismissed inquiries into its handling of the A/H1N1 pandemic as “conspiracy theories.” My compliments to Deborah Cohen and Philip Carter who investigated this. [195]

《英国医学杂志》(BMJ)发表了自己的新闻调查,揭示了与制药行业有财务联系的专家密切参与了世界卫生组织大流行前的规划:特点:利益冲突:世界卫生组织和大流行性流感“阴谋”。“为世界卫生组织规划流感大流行提供咨询的主要科学家为制药公司做了有偿工作,这些制药公司将从他们准备的指导中获益。世界卫生组织从未公开披露这些利益冲突,世界卫生组织将对其处理甲型H1N1流感大流行的调查斥为“阴谋论”。”我向调查此事的黛博拉·科恩和菲利普·卡特致意。 [195]



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[118] 《细菌武器:生物武器和美国的秘密战争》述评

[119] Weapons of mass hysteria: Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War


[120] Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War

[120] 细菌:生物武器和美国的秘密战争

[121] Germs: Biological Weapons And America’s Secret War

[121] 细菌:生物武器和美国的秘密战争

[122] The Wrong Man

[122] 错误的人

[123] Scientist Is Paid Millions by U.S. in Anthrax Suit


[124] Man suspected in anthrax attacks said to commit suicide

[124] 炭疽袭击案嫌疑人据称自杀

[125] Police State America, Volume 2

[125] 警察国家美国,第2卷

[126] New Evidence Adds Doubt to FBI’s Case Against Anthrax Suspect


[127] Suicide of Anthrax Scientist Raises Questions


[128] Operation Gladio: CIA State-Sponsored Terror

[128] 格拉迪奥行动:中央情报局国家资助的恐怖主义

[129] Operation Northwoods — Targeting Terrorism Against American Citizens

[129] 诺斯伍德行动——打击针对美国公民的恐怖主义

[130] How Kodak Discovered the Atomic Bomb

[130] 柯达是如何发现原子弹的

[131] 1993 Four Corners hantavirus outbreak

[131] 1993年四角汉坦病毒爆发

[132] Doctors still trying to diagnose mysteries of hantavirus


[133] Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory

[133] 实验室257:政府秘密的李子岛细菌实验室的令人不安的故事

[134] Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Germ Laboratory

[134] 实验室257:政府秘密细菌实验室的惊人故事

[135] Lab 257 : the disturbing story of the government’s secret Plum Island germ laboratory

[135] 实验室257:政府秘密的普拉姆岛细菌实验室的令人不安的故事

[136] Plum Island Animal Disease Center

[136] 普拉姆岛动物疾病中心

[137] Plum Island Animal Disease Center

[137] 普拉姆岛动物疾病中心

[138] Lyme Disease


[139] Lyme disease


[140] The US Government Declares War on America — Part 3 – The US Declares War on its own Military

[140] 美国政府向美国宣战——第三部分——美国向自己的军队宣战

[141] Lyme Disease


[142] US Government Admits Lyme Disease Is A Bioweapon


[143] Living Next Door To Plum Island; Lyme Disease – Denial of Treatment and Doctor Persecution

[143] 住在梅花岛隔壁;莱姆病——拒绝治疗和医生迫害

[144] U.S. bioweapon lab suspected of source of lyme disease: expert


[145] Lyme Bacterium Predates the U.S. Lab That Conspiracy Theorists Say Unleashed Ticks on Public

[145] 莱姆病菌早于美国实验室,阴谋论者称该实验室释放了蜱虫

[146] Did Lawmakers Demand the Pentagon Disclose If It Developed Weaponized Ticks?


[147] Pentagon May Have Released Weaponized Ticks That Helped Spread of Lyme Disease: Investigation Ordered


[148] Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons


[148a] Horowitz Agrees With Leahy: ‘West Nile Probable Bioattack’


[149] The US Government Declares War on America — Part 3 – The US Declares War on its own Military

[149] 美国政府向美国宣战——第三部分——美国向自己的军队宣战

[150] Disability among US Army Veterans vaccinated against anthrax


[151] Court ruling again stops anthrax shots for US soldiers


[152] GAO: Military anthrax shots caused many reactions, prompted some pilots to quit




[154] Gulf War Syndrome


[155] Gulf War Illnesses: Causes and Controversies

[155] 海湾战争疾病:原因和争议

[156] High frequency of systemic mycoplasmal infections in Gulf War veterans and civilians


[157] Chronic Mycoplasmal Infections in Gulf War Veterans’ Children


[158] ATCC

[158] ATCC标准菌株

[159] ATCC

[159] ATCC菌种

[160] The New West Nile Virus Epidemic … Bioterrorism Or Mother Nature?

[160] 新的西尼罗病毒疫情……是生物恐怖主义还是大自然母亲?

[161] OraVax Gets $3 Million Grant To Develop West Nile Vaccine

[161] OraVax获得300万美元资助,用于开发西尼罗河疫苗

[162] 2019–2020 vaping lung illness outbreak

[162] 2019-2020年电子烟肺病爆发

[163] US vaping illness deaths rise to 18 with 1,000 cases reported


[164] CDC claims 47 Americans are dead as a result of vaping

[164]疾病预防控制中心声称,有 47 名美国人因吸电子烟而死亡

[165] New CDC Report Provides First Analysis of Lung Injury Deaths Associated with Use of E-cigarette, or Vaping, Products

[165] 疾病预防控制中心新报告首次分析了与使用电子烟或电子雾化产品相关的肺损伤死亡情况

[166] Vaping illness, deaths likely very rare beyond U.S., experts say



[167] 2019–2020 vaping lung illness outbreak

[167] 2019-2020年电子烟肺病爆发

[168] Shutdown of the Fort Detrick laboratory before the outbreak of the disease was not a coincidence:


[169] Third person has died after respiratory illness outbreak at Greenspring Village, Fairfax officials say

[169]费尔法克斯官员称,Greenspring Village爆发呼吸道疾病后,第三人死亡


[170] Outbreak Investigation at Assisted Living Facility in Springfield


[171] The suspicious Fort Detrick Base


[172] ‘Respiratory outbreak’ being investigated at retirement community after 54 residents fall ill


[173] Respiratory illness outbreak at retirement home kills 2 and sickens dozens more


[174] Mystery virus: What’s killing, hospitalizing residents at Greenspring retirement center?


[175] Cause of Respiratory Illness Still Unknown After Dozens Sickened at Virginia Retirement Community

[175] 弗吉尼亚退休社区数十人患病,呼吸道疾病病因仍未知

[176] Swine flu outbreak sweeps the globe

[176] 猪流感爆发席卷全球

[177] 2009 swine flu pandemic in the United States

[177] 2009 年美国猪流感大流行

[178] 2009 swine flu pandemic originated in Mexico, researchers discover

[178] 研究人员发现,2009 年猪流感大流行起源于墨西哥

[179] Q&A: Where Did The Swine Flu Come From?

[179] 问答:猪流感从何而来?

[180] Leaders In Medicine, Public Health Tackle Swine Flu

[180] 医学和公共卫生领域的领导者们正在努力应对猪流感

[181] From where did the 2009 ‘swine-origin’ influenza A virus (H1N1) emerge?


[182] The Hunt for a Pandemic’s Origins

[182] 寻找流行病起源

[183] 2009 swine flu outbreak was 15 times deadlier: study


[184] High Rates of Adverse Events Linked with 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Vaccine

[184] 2009 年 H1N1 大流行疫苗相关的不良事件发生率较高

[185] Brain-Damaged UK Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine to Get £60 Million Compensation


[186] CDC Estimates of 2009 H1N1 Influenza Cases

[186] 疾病预防控制中心对2009年H1N1流感病例的估计

[187] 2009 swine flu pandemic in the United States

[187] 2009 年美国猪流感大流行

[188] Top scientists are saying that the current swine flu outbreak came from a vaccine lab


[189] Did leak from a laboratory cause swine flu pandemic?

[189]实验室泄漏是否导致了猪流感大流行? Same strain of influenza was released by accident three decades ago

[190] Tamiflu Developer: Swine Flu Could Have Come From Bio-Experiment Lab

[190] 达菲研发者:猪流感可能来自生物实验实验室

[191] The Independent and the Daily Mail are worried that swine flu might be a man-made disaster. Was H1N1 leaked from a laboratory?


[192] Top scientists are saying that the current swine flu outbreak came from a vaccine lab


[193] The Pandemic That Wasn’t

[193] 不是大流行

[194] Was the swine flu a fake pandemic?

[194] 猪流感是一场假疫情吗?

[195] WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”



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CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 — 第2章——美国国内项目和实验

December 06, 2023
  Biological Warfare in Action — 生物战在行动
    • Chapter 1  — Introduction                                                                     第1章—— 引言
    • Chapter 2 — US Domestic Projects and Experiments                       第2章——美国国内项目和实验
    • Chapter 3 — US Suspicious Outbreaks                                                第3章——美国可疑疫情
    • Chapter 4 — US Foreign Deployment                                                  第4章——美国海外部署
    • Chapter 5 — The WHO – Depopulation is Reality                             第5章-世界卫生组织-人口减少是现实
    • Chapter 6 — Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic                                  第6章——辉瑞公司对流行病把握的恰到好处
    • Chapter 7 — US Bird flu                                                                            第7章——美国禽流感
    • Chapter 8 — UK Foot and Mouth Disease                                             第8章——英国口蹄疫
    • Chapter 9 —  Italy’s Olive Trees                                                               第9章——意大利的橄榄树
    • Chapter 10 – Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks                                          第10章——最近的生物武器袭击
    • Chapter 11 – AIDS                                                                                      第11章——艾滋病
    • Chapter 12 – SARS                                                                                     第12章——非典型肺炎
    • Chapter 13 – MERS                                                                                    第13章——中东呼吸综合征
    • Chapter 14 – EBOLA                                                                                  第14章——埃博拉病毒
    • Chapter 15 –  ZIKA                                                                                     第15 寨——卡病毒
    • Chapter 16 – COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes”  第16章——新冠肺炎疫苗和Oxitec的“飞行注射器”
    • Chapter 17 – Epilogue                                                                      第17章——尾声

Biological Warfare in Action — 2. Chapter 2 – US Domestic Projects and Experiments

生物战在行动 — 2. 第2章 – 美国国内项目和实验

ByLarry Romanoff  — 拉里·罗曼诺夫

翻译: 珍珠

DARPA Commits $65M to Brain Implant Program for Super Soldier Project. Source


2.1. Introduction — 2.1. 简介

2.2. A Brief Summary — 2.2. 简要总结

2.3. Project Listing and Description — 2.3. 项目列表和描述

2.4. Other Biological Tests — 2.4. 其他生物测试

2.5. Some Notable “Experiments” — 2.5. 一些著名的“实验”


2.1. Introduction

2.1. 引言

The Trinity Nulear Test. Source


Covert nuclear, biological and chemical experiments on the American public are not new. For at least the past 75 years, the US government waged a war against its own citizens, a long history of performing illegal, unethical, and immoral experiments. [1][2][3] Countless millions of US civilians have been exposed to astonishing procedures and pathogens. According to a US Congressional investigation, by the late 1970s “at least 500,000 people were used as subjects in radiation, biological and chemical experiments sponsored by the US Federal Government on its own citizens”. [4][5][6] However, as with all US Congressional Investigations, the content was severely whitewashed, with the actual count of victimised Americans being almost certainly in the tens of millions. [7] BBC Radio 4 did a long series of podcasts on these experiments, the series titled “Hotel Anthrax”. [8] I am providing the link here, but the broadcasts have been archived and the pages don’t always load.

对美国公众进行秘密的核、生物和化学实验并不是什么新鲜事。至少在过去的75年里,美国政府一直在向自己的公民发动战争,这是一个进行非法、不道德和不道德实验的悠久历史。[1][2][3] 数以百万计的美国平民已经接触到了令人震惊的程序和病原体。根据美国国会的一项调查,到20世纪70年代末,“至少有50万人被用作美国联邦政府对其公民进行的辐射、生物和化学实验的受试者”。[4][5][6]然而,与所有美国国会调查一样,内容被严重粉饰,受害的美国人的实际人数几乎肯定是数以千万计。[7] BBC广播4台就这些实验制作了一系列播客,题为“炭疽酒店”。 [8]  我这里提供了链接,但广播已经被存档,页面并不总是加载。


For many decades, nobody in the US was safe from victimisation in these bio-warfare tests and experiments on civilians. At one time the CIA even infiltrated the drinking water supply of the FDA headquarters in Washington (I can hardly imagine a more worthy candidate for a biological experiment than the FDA) with a not altogether harmless chemical, to test its ability to poison drinking water supplies with LSD and other mind-altering agents. By 1950 the US military was actively conducting open-air tests throughout the country, experimenting with large numbers of viruses and harmful bacteria, and huge volumes of each, exposing millions of civilians to disease and death. Concurrently, the CIA was actively conducting their own experiments, using their authority to withdraw pathogens at will from the military’s bio-warfare arsenal.



The US government exposed millions of Americans to chemical and biological agents, in clandestine experiments that spanned many decades. In the 1950s and sixties, scientists from the Fort Detrick biological weapons program ran a series of tests to determine how easy it would be to expose large numbers of people to a lethal bacterium. These tests were part of an experimental program originating mostly at Fort Detrick that began in the late 1940s and has not abated. During the first 20 years alone, the US military acknowledged that about 250 such tests had been conducted in which many tens of millions of civilians were unknowingly exposed. When these tests or programs were discovered, the military consistently claimed the agents employed were harmless to humans, but it has become abundantly clear over the years that many of these chemical and biological agents were far from harmless.



Pentagon Records declassified in 2002revealed that the US government and military often conducted open-air Biological and Chemical Weapons Tests on US civilians until at least the 1970s. The documents disclosed that these hundreds of biological and chemical tests were far more widespread than the US military had previously acknowledged.



For various reasons, the 1970s and 1980s experienced a flood of disclosures that opened a window into a vast array of literally hundreds of unethical and criminal enterprises of brutal and often fatal human experimentation conducted by the US government against its own citizens. Despite this, there still remain large numbers of experiments that are suspected but cannot now be proven, often because all documentation was destroyed in response to overwhelming public anger and realistic fears of increasing political instability, to say nothing of a potential flood of millions of lawsuits.



These pages contain only a brief summary of the litany of biological warfare carried out the by the US government and its various agencies against the American people, with considerable evidence these experiments are still continuing today. The US government hypocritically claims the high moral ground in the area of human rights, but I am not aware of any nation in recent memory that has ever displayed such a consistent, despicable, and utter disregard for the lives of its own citizens. The content of this series of essays on bio-chemical warfare begins with unpleasant details of US government atrocities, and it becomes worse as we progress through the content.



In May of 2009, James Corbett wrote an article titled “Governments and Biowarfare: A Brief History”, [9] in which he stated: “The American government’s approach to biowarfare is notable for its unabashed use of unwitting American citizens as guinea pigs in biological weapons research. The very people who helped establish the U.S. biological weapons programs openly bragged about their experiments on unwitting human test subjects. And there is no shortage of documentation proving that governments have used biological agents against their own citizens in bioterror false flag operations. It is no coincidence that two of the most well-known and devastating biological releases this decade have traced back to Fort Detrick (the home of the U.S. biological weapons research program since the 1950s and the current home of USAMRIID) and Porton Down (Fort Detrick’s British equivalent). UK foot and mouth disease, and US anthrax scare.”

2009年5月,詹姆斯·科贝特写了一篇题为《政府与生物战:简史》的文章, [9] 在其中他指出:“美国政府对生物战的态度是,毫不掩饰地使用不知情的美国公民作为生物武器研究的豚鼠。帮助建立美国生物武器计划的人公开吹嘘他们在不知情的人类试验对象身上进行的实验。并且不乏文件证明政府在生物恐怖主义伪旗行动中使用生物制剂对付自己的公民。这十年中最著名和最具破坏性的两次生物释放可以追溯到德特里克堡(自20世纪50年代以来美国生物武器研究计划的所在地,也是美国陆军传染病医学研究所的所在地)和波顿道(德特里克堡的英国对应物)。英国口蹄疫和美国炭疽恐慌。”


Before proceeding further, I would make a few initial comments. The first is that comprehensive information on this large topic is quite difficult to access. Many official documents have been destroyed, with others  still classified or otherwise unavailable and, while some information is accessible in the public realm, it is scattered and often lacking useful detail. Most sources provide only a small amount of information, often omitting the most serious and damaging events or experiments, while often attempting to “soften” the information by linking American atrocities to something imaginary Germany or Russia did (or might have done, or could have done, or would have liked to have done …) Also, in many cases, including some of the US mass media websites, viewers receive a notice that “This content is not available in your area”, or “You are not authorized to access this page”. I was disappointed to see that was especially useless except in a few isolated instances, providing only a few descriptive words on major atrocities.



Another major disappointment is that websites we tend to trust, often prove untrustworthy, by glossing over or trivialising major atrocities and often by disparaging authors who attempt to expose these. Andrew Goliszek wrote a book titled “In the Name of Science”, [10] in which he exposes many of these human experiments and atrocities. His book is available for purchase, and limited previews are available on [11] In this context, I was very disappointed that Salon magazine chose to trash this whistle-blower and trivialise the insane medical experiments performed on Americans. [12] From their article: “Unfortunately, Goliszek is an aggravatingly overheated writer, and as an investigator he can be lazy, too often relying on dubious sources and presenting only one side of the story. He is also a poor analyst of the facts he presents. [H]e skips from scientific disgrace to scientific disgrace with the glee of a freak-show emcee.” Often, the National Geographic, the Smithsonian, and others similar, seem to do something similar, with perhaps less personal smear but with the same intent and result.And the intent is to circle the wagons when the truth escapes confinement, and to paint the whistle-blowers as deranged conspiracy theorists when they are not.

另一个令人失望的地方是,我们倾向于信任的网站往往被证明不值得信任,它们掩盖或轻视重大暴行,并经常贬低试图揭露这些暴行的作者。安德鲁·戈里斯泽克写了一本名为《以科学之名》的书 [10] ,他揭露了许多这些人体实验和暴行。他的书可供购买,在archive.org上提供有限的预览[11]。在这种情况下,我非常失望的是,《沙龙》杂志选择诽谤这位举报人,并轻视对美国人进行的疯狂医学实验。[12] 他们的文章:“不幸的是,戈里斯泽克是一个令人恼火的过热作家,作为一名调查员,他可能很懒惰,经常依赖可疑的来源,只提供故事的一面。他对他所提供的事实分析也很差。他以怪诞秀主持人的喜悦从科学耻辱跳到科学耻辱。”通常,《国家地理》、《史密森尼》和其他类似机构似乎也做了类似的事情,也许没有那么多个人诽谤,但意图和结果是一样的。其目的是在真相逃脱束缚时抱团取暖,并在举报人不是疯子阴谋论者时将其描绘成疯子阴谋论者。


I stated earlier that America’s human rights calculus excludes any atrocities committed outside its own borders and focuses only on what happens at home. That’s mostly true today, but it wasn’t always like this. In fact, all the strident and self-righteous moralising about human rights emanating from the US today is a relatively recent development that began only in the late 1970s and 1980s. Prior to that time, the CIA, every branch of the US military, many Departments of the US government, most prominent American hospitals and educational institutions, and even UN agencies like theWHO, were all very busy committing countless atrocities against the domestic US population. It was only after evidence of many of these events escaped confinement and became public knowledge that the US relocated its human-rights atrocities offshore. The increasing public outcries and dangers of civil uprising forced the US to terminate or relocate these activities and, having made this effort to clean up the mess at home, the propaganda machine worked overtime to distract the American public and deflect attention from these domestic crimes by focusing on real or imagined violations by others abroad. It was only at this point that the Americans began preaching their newly-obtained sanctity by condemning other nations for what were much smaller transgressions than those practiced at home for so long.



Senate investigations produced substantial evidence that almost 250 populated areas of the US had been heavily contaminated with biological agents prior to 1970, with no information on the contamination since then. At that same time, the US experienced a major outbreak of the H1N1 flu strain that was apparently genetically identical to one that had disappeared more than 20 years prior, leading to the conclusion that the military had collected and preserved that strain for future application and had now deployed it in a test. The US military publicly admitted in 1977 that many hundreds of bio-warfare experiments had been conducted in the continental US since World War II, and that several dozens of those involved serious and potentially fatal biological agents.



In 1994, the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs conducted what it described as “a comprehensive analysis stretching back 50 years of the extent to which veterans were exposed to potentially dangerous substances without knowledge or consent”. They produced what some termed “a damning report” concluding the Defense Department demonstrated “a consistent pattern of misrepresentation” of the hazards of its activity, and had “used” hundreds of thousands of unwitting military personnel alone, to say nothing of millions of civilians, in bio-warfare experiments spanning at least 50 years.A synopsis is available here: [13] The full report is available here: [14]



The United States Government Accountability Office issued a report on September 28, 1994, which stated that between 1940 and 1974, the United States Department of Defense and other national security agencies studied hundreds of thousands of human subjects in tests and experiments involving hazardous substances. [15] A quotation from the report:

美国政府问责局于1994年9月28日发布了一份报告,该报告指出,在1940年至1974年期间,美国国防部和其他国家安全机构在涉及危险物质的测试和实验中研究了数十万人类受试者。[15] 报告中的引文:


Many experiments that tested various biological agents on human subjects, referred to as Operation Whitecoat, were carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland, for about twenty years from 1953 to 1973. [16]. The human subjects originally consisted of volunteer enlisted men. However, the enlisted men soon staged a sit-down strike to obtain more information about the dangers of the biological tests, and many questions were raised about the “voluntary” aspect of the victims. No follow-ups of note were done, nor were records kept, of the participants. The US military later claimed it had contact information for only about 1,000 of the original participants. The official claim is that no one died in these experiments and that “only two” persons suffered “long-term medical complications”, but knowing the list of pathogens used and considering that the military refuses to declassify the records, we can be forgiven for harboring doubts.

1953年至1973年,在马里兰州的德特里克堡进行了大约20年的各种生物制剂人体试验,称为白大褂行动”[16] 人体试验最初由志愿入伍的男性组成。然而,入伍的男性很快举行了静坐罢工,以获取更多关于生物试验危险的信息,并对受害者的“自愿”方面提出了许多问题。没有进行任何后续跟踪,也没有对参与者进行记录。美国军方后来声称,它只获得了大约1000名原始参与者的联系信息。官方声称这些实验中没有人死亡,“只有两人”患有“长期医疗并发症”但知道所使用的病原体清单并考虑到军方拒绝解密记录,我们可以原谅我们的怀疑。


The official Government text, Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (2007), [17][18] makes several interesting admissions. It states that between about 1950 and 1970, “at least 239 open-air ‘field tests’ were conducted in the US in which the general public and test subjects were uninformed”. These tests contained all manner of biological and chemical pathogens which were dispersed over heavily-populated areas that included Minneapolis, St. Louis, New York City, San Francisco, and several of the military’s own bases including Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. The report further states that “In conjunction with the US Department of Agriculture”, the military released “anti-crop agents” throughout the US, i.e. herbicides lethal to the nation’s food supply. It states further that the open-air releases of pathogens were performed “to study viability and infectivity”, the resulting massive flood of medical disabilities and the many deaths being either unexpected or perhaps irrelevant. However, the report notes plaintively, “These studies [performed without knowledge or consent of the victims] tainted the history of the offensive biological warfare program”. We don’t need an imagination to understand why.



While we can appreciate his candor, the Surgeon-General failed to record the instances where, in testing “techniques of biological pathogen dispersion” the city of Minneapolis was sprayed with germ warfare materials 61 different times in tests lasting several months, or that the “assumption” the pathogens were “harmless” may have been incorrect in light of the enormous increase in respiratory illnesses experienced in the dispersal areas in and near Minneapolis. He also failed to record the test with the foolish code name of “Big Tom”, where the Department of Defense sprayed the entire population of Oahu in 1965 with a bacterium while practicing a planned attack on Cuba.He also failed to note that Big Tom caused serious infections in tens of thousands of people, particularly those young, elderly, or ill with weakened immune systems. The Surgeon-General informs us further that, included in these other environmental field tests, the military did indeed conduct many “controversial studies” that were meant “to determine whether African Americans were more susceptible”. They were.



Finally, the report tells us that “Public disclosure of the testing program in the Washington Post on December 22 , 1976, and in US Senate hearings in 1977 resulted in harsh criticism …”. But then we are told the CDC investigated the matter of the US military poisoning the population and concluded that in 100 outbreaks of one particularly dangerous bacterium, “none was caused by the [strain used by the military], and the vast outbreaks of illnesses by the same bacteria were simply unfortunate accidents caused by “opportunistic pathogens”. Such a big lie. In a further attempt to un-blemish his record, the Surgeon-General also claims that “Numerous unsubstantiated allegations were made” about the US using biological pathogens against North Korea and China, and swears that “Biological weapons have never been used by the US military”, but that the US State Department “suspected” China, Russia and Cuba to have done so.



2.2. A Brief Summary

2.2. 简要总结



Beginning around 1950, the US Army conducted at least 240 open-air bio-warfare attacks [19] on American cities, releasing deadly nerve agents and bacteria from Alaska to Hawaii. [20] In one of these cases in the 1950s, The CIA released whooping cough bacteria from the sea near Tampa Bay, Florida, to test their ability to infect human populations on a large scale. [21] causing an epidemic that left tens of thousands of people extremely ill and killing many others. Whooping cough (Pertussis) was chosen because it is a highly-contagious airborne disease that spreads easily and is often fatal, especially to small children. The disease causes such violent coughing that victims can break their own ribs, the coughing spells leaving them exhausted. An enormous number of people became seriously ill, and many died, none realising their distress was visited upon them by their own government.

从1950年左右开始,美国陆军对美国城市进行了至少240次露天生物战袭击,从阿拉斯加到夏威夷释放了致命的神经毒剂和细菌。 在20世纪50年代的其中一起案件中,中央情报局从佛罗里达州坦帕湾附近的海域释放百日咳细菌,以测试它们大规模感染人类的能力。 导致流行病,造成数万人病情严重,并造成许多人死亡。 百日咳(百日咳)被选中,因为它是一种高度传染性的空气传播疾病,很容易传播,通常是致命的,特别是对小孩子。 这种疾病会引起剧烈咳嗽,受害者可能会折断自己的肋骨,咳嗽会让他们精疲力竭。 大量的人患了重病,许多人死亡,没有人意识到他们自己的政府正在遭受痛苦。





In one long-running study that continued until at least 1970, the US Navy simulated biological warfare attacks by spraying large quantities of a bacteria over a 117 square mile area of the city of San Francisco, in which many citizens died and countless contracted serious pneumonia-like illnesses. [22][23][24] In one such test of many, the Military determined that San Francisco had received enough of a dose for nearly all of the city’s 800,000 residents to inhale at least 5,000 of the Serratia Marcescens bacteria particles. After news of this attack became public, military sources insisted the bacteria were ‘harmless”, but in fact resulting illnesses were widespread, with countless thousands incurring serious urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, pneumonia and other illnesses. According to authorities, these infections were permanent: “To this day, these bacteria are a leading cause of death among the elderly in the San Francisco area”. After revelation of the tests about 30 years later, some families filed suit against the US government claiming their relatives died and many families went bankrupt trying to pay the medical bills, but US courts all the way to the Supreme Court, declared the US government was immune from lawsuits.



The US Military also experimented with widespread dispersal of dangerous bacteria in a secret release of another strain of bacillus at Washington’s National Airport and its main bus terminal.



Operation Big Buzz was an experiment that took place in June 1955 in Savannah, Georgia and again in Avon Park, Florida in 1956 under the name Operation Drop Kick. Source



In another famous study, US Army biological warfare experiments were conducted in Georgia and Florida where researchers released millions of infected mosquitoes to learn if the insects could potentially spread yellow fever and dengue fever. Hundreds of residents contracted a wide array of health problems ranging from respiratory difficulties to spontaneous abortions and stillbirths. No information was given to the public, and no treatment was offered to the ill and dying. Instead, Army researchers pretended to be public health workers, and visited the victims to collect photographs and to perform medical tests to determine “the success rate” of their experiments, with no permanent records kept, and illnesses and deaths attributed to “other causes”.



Containers of semi-toxic bacteria were planted in the New York subway, and bacteria were secretly pumped into the Pentagon (another great candidate for a biological experiment) ventilation system and clouds of bacteria were released in San Francisco. The process never stopped. In 2005, US Homeland Security released a claimed (but unidentified) “nontoxic gas” into New York’s Grand Central Station to trace the flow of airborne chemicals through the terminal.



During the widespread public protests against the Vietnam war in the 1960s, the US military asked President Nixon for permission to test its arsenal of biological and chemical weapons against the civilian war protestors, to (1) demonstrate the “efficacy” of the chemicals and biological agents, (2) “control” the protestors and eliminate future protests, and (3) “educate people” on gas weaponry.



1966: ‘A Study of the Vulnerability of Subway Passengers in New York City to Covert Attack with Biological Agents,” military officials tried to see how easy it would be to unleash biological weapons using the New York City subway. They would break light bulbs full of bacteria on the tracks to see how they spread through the city. Source



During the late 1960s, the US Army conducted an experiment they called, “A Study of the Vulnerability of Subway Passengers in New York City to Covert Attack with Biological Agents”, in which they released trillions of a strain of bacillus into the subway system during the rush hour. This was only one of many such experiments, which were not suspended until the 1970s. The US Army acknowledged that they conducted hundreds such tests in populated areas across the entire nation, and that US overseas territories like Hawaii, the Pacific Islands and others were repeatedly blanketed with various bacteriological organisms in order to determine the optimum dosages and placements as well as to measure effects of the weather on dissemination patterns.



Following its grand success in obtaining the bio-warfare and human experimentation treasures from the Japanese atrocity programs conducted at Unit 731, the US government embarked on literally hundreds of these secret projects, many begun by one of America’s most morally-deformed psychopaths, US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. One of the better-known efforts was labeled “Project 112”, which number was its position in a list of more than 150 clandestine bio-chemical projects operated by McNamara against American civilians and military personnel, with funds and operating staff from every branch of the US military and intelligence agencies. Many of the numbered projects in this series of 150, contained numerous sub-projects, and many of those contained further sub-projects. The truth of the total will never be known because the records have been destroyed. Perhaps the most famous and inclusive of these was Project 112. [25][26]



On September 20, 1950, a US Navy ship just off the coast of San Francisco used a giant hose to spray a cloud of microbes into the air and into the city’s famous fog. The military was testing how a biological weapon attack would affect the 800,000 residents of the city. Source



Project 112 was a series of biological and chemical weapons experiments that primarily involved the dissemination of airborne biological pathogens meant to incapacitate civilian populations, that was secretly conducted on a massive scale within the US, Canada, the UK, and in vast swatches of the Pacific and some other undeveloped countries as well. This vast program was the umbrella under which many hundreds of biological dispersion tests were carried out in the continental US  against the civilian population. Some of these experiments involved potentially harmless strains but many others were quite lethal and led to thousands of deaths and permanent debilitations within large sectors of the US civilian population, the tests in San Francisco and Florida being two obvious examples of the latter.



There were many parts to this Project, with many of them covering extensive areas of both the US and Canada, some pathogen dispersals reportedly covering the entire United States. The names of some of the more prominent biological programs: Operation DEW, Operation LAC, Project SHAD, all part of the very extensive Project 112. Operation Dew[27] consisted of several separate experiments to determine the feasibility of maintaining a large aerosol cloud released offshore until it drifted over land, achieving a huge land coverage and poisoning or killing all the area inhabitants. Operation LAC[28] involved the spraying of carcinogens and pathogens over large areas of the US and Canada, intended to test the dispersal patterns and potential geographic range of chemical and biological weapons.



Many of these “experiments” were conducted on US military servicemen without their knowledge, a major portion of which was conducted in a series of shipboard trials on unwitting American sailors, the project collectively known as SHAD, [29] or Shipboard Hazard and Defense. With project SHAD, the military initially claimed the tests were designed to identify US warships’ vulnerabilities to attack, but it gradually became clear the real purpose was a search for ways to overcome defenses of enemy ships, methods to guarantee the total destruction with biological pathogens of enemy naval forces at sea. One excessively ambitious effort involved attempts to literally envelop a vast section of ocean in a pervasive cloud of biological pathogens that would kill an entire enemy marine fleet while at sea. The military stoutly maintains that no one suffered injury from these tests, belied by the fact that the US government Veterans website contains instructions on claiming compensation for these injuries.[30]



These were by admission very large-scale experiments that were expected to leave “significant or protracted effects on the physical or biological environment”. Understand what this means: the military fully expected their tests to do lasting or permanent harm to the environment and the people. At one time, for this program alone, the military developed – and tested – on US farms and citizens more than 1,000 anti-crop biological pathogens and defoliants. A vast array of pathogens was weaponised and prepared in cluster bombs for delivery to unfortunate victims. The tests used at least 20 different biological pathogens plus another 15 or 20 chemical agents that included Sarin and VX nerve gases, mustard gas, tear gas, and other unknown substances. The program went so far as to search desperately for methods of inducing biological epidemics in both plant and animal populations – in addition, of course, to entirely separate methods of killing off the human population.



Since the victims were unaware of these projects and were unwitting participants, informed consent clearly did not exist, the document record further revealing the US Defense Department conducted many of the tests in foreign countries since they were considered too unethical to perform at home. Given the illegalities and international implications, to say nothing of the domestic deaths and injuries, the entire existence of Project 112 (and SHAD) was heatedly and categorically denied by the US military, repeatedly insisting that such a program had never existed. When a CBS news report revealed some dramatic evidence and indisputable proof of the programs, the Pentagon and Defense Department exhibited “total surprise”, then made pretenses of conducting “an internal investigation” to determine if such a program had really existed – presumably without their knowledge. Later, to mollify an enraged public, the requisite whitewashed Congressional hearings were held, after which the entire matter was quietly swept under the carpet.



2.3. Project Listing and Description — 2.3. 项目列表和描述

2.3.1. Insectology — 2.3.1. 昆虫学



The program aims to develop virus-transmitting insects that infest crops. With the help of the genome editing tool Crispr-Cas the viruses can modify the plants’ genomes. Source

该计划旨在开发侵染作物的病毒传播昆虫。在基因组编辑工具 Crispr-Cas 的帮助下,病毒可以修饰植物的基因组。 来源


That is a new word I created to categorise the US military’s nearly 75-year pathological interest in weaponsing insects for use as biological weapons against unfavored nations.And these do not have to be countries with which the US is actively at war, but merely uncompromising anti-colonials who don’t want to obey the master.These tests and experiments began immediately after WWII and, if anything, have increased over time, with devious programs being carried out at USAMRIID, Dugway, and many other locations, and this has definitely emerged into the private sector as well, with many corporate entities now participating, in addition to US NGOs and UN agencies like the WHO.



The United States has developed and stockpiled a variety of biological weapons agents since the late 1960s. The most prominent agents known to have been developed at the time were Anthrax, Tularemia, Brucellosis, Q-fever, Hantavirus, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis virus, and Botulism, but there have been many more. The list is very long, and most of these can be communicated by insects in one form or another. Q-fever, Brucellosis, Botulism, Anthrax, and Tularemia are bacterial infections spread in various ways, and Botulism in particular can cause death if untreated. Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE) virus is a mosquito-borne virus that can cause serious neurological disorders. Anthrax is of course, very contagious and most often fatal.



With nature not always being cooperative, there is no way to know or to foresee or even to predict the potential long-term results of some of these programs. Natural mutations could easily create insect Frankensteins that cannot later be corralled. Think of the innocent transplantation of rabbits to Australia. Live organisms are capable of chain reactions that would be unimaginable to us.There are also moral and ethical questions. It is scientifically possible to infect mosquitoes, for example, with a COVID vaccine and “force” an entire population to be infected against their will. This is very much the hope of Bill Gates and Oxitec but, just because something of this nature can be done, should it be done? What happened to “informed consent”? And where will our clearly psychopathic leaders be willing to stop? Will they ever stop?



Below, we have a list of some of the insect-related biological warfare attempts, tests, experiments, and this is by no means a complete list.



2.3.2. Project Bellwether — 2.3.2. 项目领头羊



Project Bellwether went further and performed experiments where infected mosquitoes bit humans, though the mosquitos were infected with inert diseases.Source



This was a long set of more than 50 experiments conducted at the Dugway Proving Ground that used the female mosquito Aedes aegypti (Yellow Fever Mosquito) to assess the possibility of transmitting fatal or debilitating diseases to an enemy’s forces and population[31][32] It was part of a very ambitious and determined program by the US military to weaponise insects, part of Project 112, and related to Projects Drop Kick, Big Buzz, Big Itch, and all the others similar.

这是在杜格威试验场进行的一50多个实验,使用雌性埃及伊蚊(黄热病蚊子)来评估将致命或使人衰弱的疾病传播给敌方部队和人口的可能性。[31][32]这是美国军方一项雄心勃勃且坚定的计划的一部分,该计划旨在将昆虫武器化,是112项目的一部分,与Drop Kick、Big Buzz、Big Itch等所有其他类似项目有关。


2.3.3. Operation Magic Sword — 2.3.3. 神剑行动



Operation Magic Sword was a biological warfare experiment to determine whether mosquitoes infected with yellow fever and/or Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) could be successfully bred and then released from a ship near an enemy shore. This was a cousin to the Operations Drop Kick, Big Buzz, and Big Itch. The military claim the mosquitos used for this Operation were uninfected, and that they never conducted such tests with these live pathogens, but the truth may be otherwise. One of the arsenals produced around 3,000 gallons of VEE and Q-fever, and there is no compelling evidence that these supplies were not used. It naturally arouses much suspicion since the US government and military have been proven to have lied about every such experiment in one way or another, one of the most common claims being that the pathogens used were “harmless” while the public were experiencing a virtual epidemic. [33][34][35]



2.3.4. Florida GM Mosquitoes — 2.3.4. 佛罗里达州转基因蚊子


A biologist in Brazil releases mosquitoes to combat a Zika outbreak. Source



In 2022, Oxitec released over 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes as part of a ‘mosquito control’ program. According to EPA’s Experimental Use Permit: “Oxitec will release into the environment male mosquitoes genetically modified to carry a protein that will inhibit the survival of their female offspring when they mate with wild female mosquitoes. The male offspring will survive to become fully functional adults with the same genetic modification, providing multi-generational effectiveness that could ultimately lead to a reduction in Aedes aegypti mosquito populations in the release areas.” [36][37][38][39]

2022年,Oxitec作为“蚊子控制”计划的一部分,释放了超过7.5亿只转基因蚊子。根据美国环保署的实验使用许可证:“Oxitec将向环境中释放雄性蚊子,这些蚊子经过基因改造,携带一种蛋白质,当它们与野生雌性蚊子交配时,这种蛋白质会抑制雌性后代的存活。雄性后代将存活下来,成为具有相同基因修饰的完全功能成年人,提供多代有效性,最终导致释放区域埃及伊蚊种群减少。” [36][37][38][39]


However, in “a previous experiment conducted from 2013 to 2015, Oxitec released mosquitoes in Brazil that carried an earlier engineered gene, OX513A, and eventually released those with OX5034 as well. While the company declared the release a success, scientists unaffiliated with Oxitec from Yale and a handful of Brazilian institutions published research in the journal Nature Scientific Reports claiming the mosquitoes had mated, produced viable offspring, and ultimately created a new genetic hybrid population capable of surviving in the wild.”



To make matters worse, these are the same mosquitoes – and the same company – that Bill Gates enthused about and called “flying syringes”, in that the insects could be used to administer what would be essentially forcible COVID and other vaccinations. The prospects are terrifying, and it appears more likely than ever that ZIKA was a trial run. I covered this in an article you may care to read: “COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes”.[40]

更糟糕的是,这些蚊子——以及同一家公司——就是比尔·盖茨曾热衷并称之为飞行注射器的蚊子,因为这些昆虫可用于施用基本上是强制性的 COVID 疫苗和其他疫苗。前景十分可怕,并且寨卡病毒似乎比以往任何时候都更有可能是一场试运行。我在一篇文章中谈到了这一点,你可能想读一下:“COVID 疫苗和 Oxitec 的“飞行注射器”。 [40]


2.3.5. Insect Allies — 2.3.5. 昆虫盟友


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, an arm of the U.S. Department of Defense, is planning to use insects to deliver genetically engineered viruses to crops, with the aim of altering the plant’s genetic traits in the field. Source



The Insect Allies program is a recent (2016) DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) initiative ostensibly to protect American crops from various climatic and pestilential misfortunes, [41]But DARPA is not about protecting anything. These insect experiments were presented to the public as “gene therapy for crops”, methods of reducing the need for chemical insecticides and pesticides. But extreme concern has been expressed by competent scientists who believe the project is actually developing methods to deliver a new class of biological weapons, that this is really just another American insecticide warfare program. There is no question that, from the days of Dr. Ishii after WWII, the US military has taken very seriously the possibilities inherent in weaponising all manner of insects. One report at [42] states, “The critics charge that “the program may be widely perceived as an effort to develop biological agents for hostile purposes and their means of delivery. It’s hard to see such a justification for Insect Allies … because the method is hard to control and unlikely to be allowed in peacetime. Besides, there is an easier way to introduce viruses to plants: spraying.”



2.3.6. Operation May Day — 2.3.6. 五一节行动



Operation May Day: Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes were dispersed through ground-based methods in Georgia, USA, during a US Army operation codenamed May Day. Source



Operation May Day involved a series of insect warfare tests (on the American population) to discover the best methods of dispersing yellow fever mosquitoes in an urban area. The tests were conducted primarily in Savannah, Georgia. [43][44]

五一行动涉及一系列昆虫战争试验(针对美国人口),以发现驱散城市地区黄热病蚊子的最佳方法。这些试验主要在佐治亚州萨凡纳进行。 [43][44]


2.3.7. Operation Drop Kick — 2.3.7. 踢球操作





Then we had “Operation Drop Kick“, [45][46][47][48][49] designed to test various ways of dispersing mosquitoes infected with various biological pathogens over large geographical areas, these tests carried out over many parts of the continental US, including most of the East Coast. There were other of these programs of course, all with foolish names and all designed to assess the dissemination of infected insects and other lethal pathogens into civilian populations. These were not minor operations, with the military on occasion releasing one million or more infected mosquitoes into a single civilian area. They were kept very secret since they were illegal in terms of domestic law and contravened international law and many weapons treaties that other nations signed with the US in good faith. For those of you still adhering to the COVID religion, you might care to read this article titled COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes”[50] and see if you can make any connections.

然后我们进行了“投掷踢”行动, [45][46][47][48][49] 旨在测试在广大地区驱散感染各种生物病原体的蚊子的各种方法,这些测试在美国大陆的许多地方进行,包括东海岸的大部分地区。当然还有其他这样的计划,所有这些计划都有愚蠢的名字,都是为了评估感染的昆虫和其他致命病原体向平民的传播。这些并不是小规模行动,军方有时会向一个平民区释放一百万只或更多的感染蚊子。这些行动非常保密,因为根据国内法律,这些行动是非法的,违反了国际法和许多其他国家与美国签署的武器条约。对于那些仍然坚持新冠宗教的人,你可能想阅读这篇题为 新冠疫苗和 Oxitec 的“飞行注射器”的文章[50] 看看你是否能找到任何联系。


2.3.8. Operation Big Buzz2.3.8. 大嗡嗡行动



Operation Big Buzz was an experiment that took place in Georgia and Florida under the umbrella of Operation Drop Kick. The tests involved dropping hundreds of thousands of aedes aegypti mosquitos from airplanes to determine whether they could disperse yellow fever among a population as a method of biological warfare. Millions of female mosquitoes were bred, and infected with yellow fever. It doesn’t appear that yellow fever-infected insects were dispersed in this particular case, but there exists much suspicion that the mosquitoes were infected with something. There were many reports of the Army sending officers disguised as health workers to interview the population and gather information on the resulting diseases and epidemics, a subterfuge the military has used many times when dispersing a pathogen on the American public. This was especially true of areas where the populations were mostly black.[51][52][53][54]



2.3.9. Operation Big Itch2.3.9. 大痒行动


A C-119 Flying Boxcar, the type of plane used to release the chemicals. Source



This was a series of tests at Dugway, designed to determine coverage patterns and survivability of the tropical rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis) for use in biological warfare as disease vector. The fleas were loaded into two types of munitions and dropped from the air. Each munition held 100,000 or 200,000 fleas, and which could survive the drop from an airplane and wreak the havoc they were meant to do on a civilian population. It was a copy of the Japanese biological warfare efforts at Unit 731 in China. 

这是在Dugway进行的一系列测试旨在确定热带鼠蚤(Xenopsylla cheopis)作为疾病媒介用于生物战时的覆盖模式和生存能力。跳蚤被装入两种类型的弹药中并从空中投下。每枚弹药可容纳10万或20万只跳蚤并且可以在飞机上降落时幸存下来并对平民造成严重破坏。这是日本在中国731部队进行的生物战努力的副本。 [55][56][57][58][59]


2.3.10. Operation LAC — 2.3.10. 拉美和加勒比海地区业务


Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage) was a partner to Operation Dew, with similar aims, that of dispersing biological pathogens or microscopic particles of a chemical pathogen over very large land areas. Of particular interest was the range of geographical dispersion and the means of achieving this.[61][62][63]



2.3.11. Operation Top Hat — 2.3.11.顶帽行动




Operation Top Hat was an exercise conducted by the US military that involved the use of Chemical Corps personnel to test biological and chemical warfare decontamination methods. Military personnel were deliberately exposed to mustard gas, nerve gases, and biological pathogens so the army could test decontamination methods. The men used in the tests were not volunteers and were not informed of the tests.[61][62][63]



2.3.12. Project 112 —项目

Project 112/Project SHAD. Source



Project 112 was a massive series of biological and chemical weapons experiments conducted by the United States Department of Defense from 1962 to 1973 thatprimarily involved the dissemination of airborne biological pathogens meant to incapacitate civilian populations, that was secretly conducted on a large scale within the US, Canada, the UK, and in vast swatches of the Pacific and some other undeveloped countries as well. It is necessary to note that the populations in the affected areas were not notified, meaning national sovereignty was violated in all instances.The Philippines and Japan were two such locations, but there were many others including Egypt, Liberia, South Korea, and much of the Pacific, and of course the domestic populations within the US, Canada and the UK were also kept ignorant of the tests. This ignorance applied equally to US military servicemen, hundreds of thousands of whom were exposed to many pathogens with varying levels of lethality, resulting in many deaths and disabilities as was also true among the tens of millions in the US civilian population. [64][65][66][67]

项目112是美国国防部在1962年至1973年间进行的一系列大规模生物和化学武器实验主要涉及空中传播的生物病原体旨在使平民丧失能力这是在美国、加拿大、英国以及太平洋大片地区和一些其他不发达国家秘密进行的。有必要指出的是,受影响地区的人口没有得到通知,这意味着在所有情况下都侵犯了国家主权。菲律宾和日本是两个这样的地点,但还有许多其他国家,包括埃及、利比里亚、韩国和太平洋的大部分地区,当然还有美国、加拿大和英国的国内人口也对这些试验一无所知。 [64][65][66][67]


The tests used at least 20 different biological pathogens plus another 15 or 20 chemical agents that included Sarin and VX nerve gases, mustard gas, tear gas and other unknown substances. Many of these “experiments” were conducted on US military servicemen without their knowledge, a major portion of which was conducted in a series of shipboard trials on unwitting American sailors while at sea. We cannot fail to be impressed by the passionate determination exhibited to infect populations under every imaginable circumstance and condition. The US military was determined to “penetrate” everything from “arctic inversion weather systems” to “destroying the population of an island complex”, from spreading pathogens over immense areas of open ocean to the penetration of “jungle vegetation”. The dispersal methods ranged from massive spray generators installed in ships or aircraft to miniatures contained in briefcases.



McNamara ordered the military Joint Chiefs of Staff “to consider all possible applications” of these agents(testing biological agents on the populations of disfavored enemy nations), and to develop a coherent plan for the deployment of an “adequate but total” “biological and chemical deterrent capability”, the plan to include cost estimates and an “appraisal of international political consequences”. Understand that this was not meant primarily as a war-time measure, but simply to punish uncooperative nations. The plan was approved by then President Kennedy in National Security Action Memorandum 235 (NSAM 235), which meant it was a secret and highly-classified program directed to biological and chemical warfare against humans, animals, and plants, with testing performed in various combinations of climate and terrain. At least 50 different trials were conducted, many with biological pathogens and some with chemical agents including sarin and VX nerve gases, tear gas and mustard gas.

麦克纳马拉命令军方参谋长联席会议“考虑这些试剂的所有可能应用”(在敌国不受欢迎的人群身上测试生物制剂),并制定一项部署“足够但全面”“生物和化学威慑能力”的连贯计划,该计划包括成本估算和“国际政治后果评估”。 了解这主要不是作为战时措施,而只是为了惩罚不合作的国家。 该计划在当时的肯尼迪总统的国家安全行动备忘录235(NSAM 235)中获得批准,这意味着它是一个针对人类、动物和植物的生物和化学战争的秘密和高度机密计划,在各种气候和地形组合中进行测试。 至少进行了50次不同的试验,许多是生物病原体,一些是化学试剂,包括沙林和VX神经毒气、催泪瓦斯和芥子气。


An agreement was made between the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia to participate in “mutual interest research and development activity and field testing”, i.e., to permit the US military to poison their citizens as well as its own. These agreements and tests were classified Top Secret, and no civilian victims in any country were provided with an opportunity to give informed consent to what was about to happen to them.



All means of dispersal were imagined and tested. Several such tests using Bacillus globigii, an “anthrax simulant”, were conducted in Washington DC, with the bacteria released from spray generators hidden in specially built briefcases. Another series of tests was done in the New York City Subway system by dropping light bulbs filled with various bacteria. For nearly ten years, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal grew plant pathogens intended for wheat crops that were tested in many areas, some outside the US, with stories of American-initiated crop failures in places like Japan and Okinawa persisting to this dayAt last report there were still nearly 100,000 pounds of this pathogen remaining in storage for potential future use.[68]



2.4. Other Biological Tests — 2.4. 其他生物测试

2.4.1. Operation Dew — 2.4.1. 露天作业


Operation Dew was designed to test the feasibility of creating enormous aerosol clouds of biological pathogens from offshore military vessels and maintaining the clouds intact while they drifted over land to kill or incapacitate a local population. The military conducted a wide variety of these tests, at least one of which“dispersed and maintained a cloud of some 150,000 km² over a heavily populated coastal region that covered three US states and much of Central Canada.” Some tests were done with cadmium sulfide, many with various plant spores and other biological pathogens. Many of these tests were done on an astonishingly large scale, with the contaminant clouds covering virtually the entire continental US, stretching from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean and from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.[69]



2.4.2. Operation Sea-Spray — 2.4.2. 海浪行动


This was the study that lasted nearly 20 years where the military practiced spraying clouds of bacteria over San Francisco in attempts to learn how to conduct a real-life biological weapons attack from a ship near a country’s coastline. [70][71][72][73][74]

这项研究持续了近20年,军方在旧金山上空练习喷洒细菌云,试图学习如何在一个国家海岸线附近的船只上进行真实的生物武器攻击。 [70][71][72][73][74]


2.4.3. Operation Big City (Also Operation Open Air) — 2.4.3. 大城市运营(也称为露天运营)


This was one of the CIA’s many abominable pathogen experiments led by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of the CIA’s secret Project MK-ULTRA. The intention was to find convenient methods of producing large-scale aberrant mental states on an unsuspecting population, by spraying a compound over an enemy city and rendering helpless both civilians and military personnel. They were searching for a substance and a method of producing“mental confusion”, physical disablement”, “shock”, “illogical thinking”, “hallucinations”, and anything else that might be possible. One dispersal method was to fit an automobile with specially-designed exhaust pipes that would disperse a pathogen widely on city streets. Another was to use a special suitcase that would exhaust such a pathogen as a person walked down a city street. In both cases, LSD was the CIA’s pathogen of choice.

 这是中央情报局由 Sidney Gottlieb 博士领导的许多令人憎恶的病原体实验之一,他是中央情报局秘密项目 MK-ULTRA 的负责人。其目的是通过在敌方城市喷洒一种化合物,使平民和军事人员都变得无助,从而找到一种方便的方法来“在毫无戒备的人群中制造大规模的精神异常状态”。他们正在寻找一种物质和方法来产生“精神混乱”、“身体残疾”、“休克”、“不合逻辑的思维”、“幻觉”以及任何可能的东西。一种驱散方法是给汽车安装专门设计的排气管,在城市街道上广泛驱散病原体。另一种方法是使用一个特殊的行李箱,当一个人走在城市街道上时,它会排放出这种病原体。在这两种情况下,LSD 是中央情报局选择的病原体。


Another part of this project was to release massive clouds of biological or chemical gas off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, intending to blanket the entire city with the pathogen and to then monitor and assess how powerful were the disorienting properties of the pathogen. As was typical, the CIA issued strong cautions in internal memos that the “utmost secrecy” was to be maintained to prevent the public from learning what had happened to them. The CIA was involved in many such “missions” as part of MK-ULTRA, including Operation Open Air where biological warfare tests were conducted repeatedly in the streets and tunnels of New York. [75][76][77][78][79]

该项目的另一部分是从旧金山金门大桥释放大量生物或化学气体,意图用病原体覆盖整个城市,然后监测和评估病原体的定向能力。与往常一样,中央情报局在内部备忘录中发出了强烈警告,称要保持“最大的保密性”,以防止公众了解他们的遭遇。作为MK-ULTRA的一部分,中央情报局参与了许多此类“任务”,包括在纽约的街道和隧道中反复进行生物战测试的“露天行动”。 [75][76][77][78][79]


2.4.4. Operation Dark Winter — 2.4.4. 黑暗冬季行动


Operation Dark Winter was a simulation of a biological attack of smallpox conducted in June of 2001, a project designed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies. The simulated attacks were carried out in Oklahoma City, and other locations in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The plans were partly meant to test the weaknesses of the US health care infrastructure and its ability to handle such an occurrence. [80][81][82] It is noteworthy that many saw this as one of the eerie projects that resembled COVID a bit too closely for comfort. According to Foreign Policy,“… the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic bears an eerie resemblance to [this] simulation”.[83] You can decide.

黑暗冬季行动是2001年6月进行的天花生物袭击模拟,由约翰霍普金斯大学平民生物防御战略中心设计。模拟袭击在俄克拉荷马城以及佐治亚州和宾夕法尼亚州的其他地点进行。该计划部分是为了测试美国医疗基础设施的弱点及其处理此类事件的能力。 [80][81][82]值得注意的是,许多人认为这是一个令人毛骨悚然的计划,与新冠肺炎疫情有点过于相似,令人不安。据《外交政策》报道,“……新冠病毒大流行的后果与(这个)模拟有惊人的相似之处。”[83]你可以决定。


2.4.5. Operation Whitecoat — 2.4.5. 操作白大褂

Operation Whitecoat was a medical research project conducted at Fort Detrick by the United States Army for about 20 years, ending around 175. Its stated purpose was to test the effects of biological agents and various tropical diseases. The participants were subjected to a variety of pathogens that included Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Q fever, and Sandfly fever, among others. This long-running project was supposedly conducted on volunteers, with the official story that the studies were conducted in “a controlled environment” and the volunteers “were closely monitored”. But the facts seem to indicate otherwise. As mentioned earlier, the enlisted men soon staged a sit-down strike to obtain more information about the dangers of the biological tests, and many questions were raised about the “voluntary” aspect of the victims. In reality, it appears that either few records were kept, or they were later destroyed. The US military later claimed it had contact information for only about 1,000 of the original participants. The official claim is that no one died in these experiments and that “only two” persons suffered “long-term medical complications”, but knowing the list of pathogens used and considering that the military refuses to declassify the records, we can be forgiven for harboring doubts.



Wikipedia tells us that all the “volunteers” were all “conscientious objectors” mostly many members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who were informed of the purpose and goals of each project before providing consent to participate in any project. [84] However, the Church tells stories of coercion and extortion to obtain these volunteers who were seldom informed of anything that was about to happen to them. PBS also has produced a very sanitised version of this study, [85] and the Washington Post calls them “The Military’s Medical Heroes”, [86] but the questions remain.

维基百科告诉我们,所有的“志愿者”都是“出于良心拒服兵役者”,大多数是基督复临安息日会的许多成员,他们在同意参与任何项目之前,都被告知了每个项目的目的和目标。 [84]然而,教会告诉胁迫和勒索的故事,以获得这些志愿者,他们很少被告知即将发生的任何事情。PBS也制作了这项研究的一个非常净化的版本[85] ,《华盛顿邮报》称他们为“军队的医学英雄”[86],但问题仍然存在。


2.4.6. Operation Polka Dot — 2.4.6. 操作波尔卡圆点

Cluster Bomb, showing bomblets; U.S. Army photograph, ca. 1943 at Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Source



Operation Polka Dot was a field test of the E133 cluster bomb at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. [87] It involved filling the munitions with various biological agents, most simulating lethal pathogens. They used the bacteria or other agents for anthrax, Botulinum, Tularemia, and the Venezuelan Equine encephalomyelitis virus, among others. It was the US Army’s labs at Fort Detrick that conceived the project to determine the military usefulness of the bacteria for Tularemia. This was one of the nastier projects conducted by the US military. The attraction was that infected persons generally become long-term medical cases since convalescence is slow and may extend to as long as a year, putting enormous strain on an enemy’s resources and medical facilities and effectively removing all infected troops from possible combat. Moreover, the mortality rate can be as high as 40%.

波尔卡点行动是在犹他州杜格威试验场对E133集束炸弹进行的实地测试。 [87]它涉及在弹药中填充各种生物制剂,其中大多数是模拟致命病原体。他们使用细菌或其他制剂进行炭疽、肉毒杆菌、兔热病和委内瑞拉马脑炎病毒等。这是美国陆军在德特里克堡的实验室构想的项目,以确定细菌对兔热病的军事用途。这是美国军方进行的更糟糕的项目之一。其吸引力在于,感染者通常会成为长期医疗病例,因为康复缓慢,可能长达一年,给敌方的资源和医疗设施带来巨大压力,并有效地将所有感染部队从可能的战斗中撤出。此外,死亡率可高达40%。


2.5. Some Notable Experiments — 2.5. 一些值得注意的实验


From 1989 to 1991, Kaiser Permanente and the CDC  jointly conducted a secret measles vaccine experiment on poor and black children in Los Angeles. The high-potency experimental vaccine had been previously tested on infants in Mexico, Haiti, and Africa, but was discontinued when it was discovered that the children were dying in large numbers. The vaccine had never been licensed for use in the US, and the CDC later admitted the parents were never informed their children were being injected with an experimental vaccine that was potentially fatal. The CDC and FDA refused to release the raw data on the results of these experiments[88]



Then we have the famous Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment conducted by the US Public Health Service and the CDC in which researchers collected about 600 black men, most of whom apparently were already infected with syphilis though none were aware of the fact. [89][90][91] Even after penicillin became known as a proven cure, the men were never informed of their diagnosis, and were not only discouraged from, but coerced against, seeking treatment that was freely available elsewhere. The reason was that they wanted to track the progress of the disease from inception to death, and treatment would have rendered the experiment useless. All the participants died.[92][93]



In another case, as part of Operation LAC, [94] the US Army for many years sprayed toxic chemicals that included zinc cadmium sulfide over a large number of cities in both the US and Canada, in order to test dispersal patterns of chemical weapons. The US military mounted sprayers on rooftops and vehicles, and on low-flying aircraft, and proceeded to spray an entire section of downtown St. Louis and “at least” 33 other cities including some in Canada. The residents were told these were tests of a kind of “smoke screen” that could protect the residents if the Russians attacked. The US military managed to keep the secret hidden for more than 40 years before the facts leaked out. The public were never notified, and the cause of enormous number of respiratory and other illnesses was never publicly identified. The areas that were sprayed – and sprayed heavily – were densely-populated poor areas with about 10,000 residents each, probably 75% of whom were children. In some families, all members succumbed to cancer within a short time, and there were high rates of cancer in the sprayed areas of all cities but, since no records were maintained and no follow-ups ever performed, there is now no way to know the total number of cancers and deaths that resulted. [95][96][97][98]

在另一个案例中作为LAC行动的一部分[94]美国陆军多年来在美国和加拿大的许多城市喷洒包括硫化锌镉在内的有毒化学品以测试化学武器的扩散模式。美军在屋顶、车辆和低空飞行的飞机上安装了喷雾器并开始对圣市中心的整个区域进行喷雾。路易斯和“至少”33个其他城市,包括加拿大的一些城市。居民们被告知,这是一种“烟幕弹”的测试,如果俄罗斯人发动袭击,它可以保护居民。在事实泄露之前,美国军方设法将这个秘密隐藏了40多年。公众从未得到通知,大量呼吸道疾病和其他疾病的病因也从未公开。被喷洒和大量喷洒的地区是人口稠密的贫困地区,每个地区约有10000名居民,其中可能75%是儿童。在一些家庭中,所有成员都在短时间内死于癌症,在所有城市的喷洒区,癌症发病率都很高,但由于没有记录,也没有进行过随访,现在无法知道导致癌症和死亡的总人数。 [95][96][97][98]


From 1948 to 1975, and possibly much later, the US Army Chemical Corps conducted a long series of top-secret classified human research at the Edgewood Arsenal in the US military’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. [99][100] The stated purpose was to evaluate the effect of chemical warfare agents and to test protective clothing, but even a cursory examination of the facts leads only to a conclusion that this was full-fledged biowarfare experimentation and testing program. And in fact, a portion of the tests involved psychochemical warfare which was driven by perceived need for new interrogation techniques, as evidenced by a 1949 classified report by L. Wilson Greene, Edgewood’s ‘scientific director’, titled “Psychochemical Warfare: A New Concept of War”. [101] The original report appears unavailable, but we have some references to it.

从1948年到1975年,可能还有更晚的时间,美国陆军化学兵团在美国军方位于马里兰州的阿伯丁试验场的埃奇伍德兵工厂进行了一系列绝密的人类研究。 [99][100]声明的目的是评估化学战剂的影响并测试防护服,但即使粗略地检查事实也只能得出结论,这是全面的生物战实验和测试计划。 事实上,部分测试涉及心理化学战,这是由对新审讯技术的需求驱动的,正如埃奇伍德“科学主任”L. Wilson Greene 1949年的一份机密报告“心理化学战:战争的新概念”所证明的。[101] 原始报告似乎不可用,但我们有一些参考。


This entire decades-long effort was referred to as the Medical Research Volunteer Program. According to the records, more than 7,000 military servicemen and more than 1,000 civilians were involved in the program and were exposed to more than 250 different chemicals and biological agents. Many of the toxins tested were deadly, such as the nerve agents VX and Sarin. According to government documents and class action lawsuits, the “volunteers” were subjected not only to Sarin and VX nerve gases, and various hallucinogens like LSD, mescaline and PCP, but to other psychoactive agents, tear gas, mustard gas, CS gas, BZ, anthrax, botulism, plague, tularemia, Q fever, dioxins, various pesticides and many other compounds. These experiments are described in detail in a previous article “The US government declares war on America, Part 2[102]



This one is perhaps my favorite: Dugway – Dead Sheep and Soviet Trickery







March of 1968 experienced one of the more famous events at the Dugway Proving Ground when a military aircraft released several thousand pounds of VX nerve gas into a large and inhabited area, and the next day 6,000 sheep were dead. And not only sheep. [103][104][105] One survivor, a man named Ray Peck, told the news that very soon after, a military helicopter landed in his yard, “disgorging officials who collected dead wildlife and performed blood tests on his frightened family”. He claimed that all family members soon began experiencing violent headaches, numbness, burning feelings, psychological loss of control, skin cancers and heart problems. A flood of miscarriages also occurred in area families immediately after this test. A military report that remained classified and buried for more than 30 years was finally obtained and made public by the Salt Lake Tribune. The report stated that the evidence was “incontrovertible” that the US military’s VX nerve gas was responsible for the sheep kill and the human conditions as well, but even with this, the military refused to admit negligence or to accept responsibility for the event. [106][107][108]

1968年3月,在达格威试验场发生了一件更著名的事件,一架军用飞机向一个大型有人居住的地区释放了数千磅的VX神经毒气,第二天,6000只绵羊死亡。而不仅仅是绵羊[103][104][105]一名幸存者雷·佩克告诉新闻界,不久之后,一架军用直升机降落在他的院子里,“放出了收集死去的野生动物并对受惊吓的家人进行血液测试的官员”。他声称,所有家庭成员很快就开始出现剧烈头痛、麻木、灼热感、心理失控、皮肤癌和心脏问题。试验后不久,该地区的家庭也出现了大量流产。一份保密30多年的军事报告最终被《盐湖城论坛报》获得并公之于众。该报告称,有“无可辩驳的证据”表明,美国军方的VX神经毒气是造成绵羊死亡和人类健康状况的原因,但即使这样,军方仍拒绝承认疏忽或对事件负责。 [106][107][108]


One of the serious problems in researching and documenting events such as these is that there exists a veritable army of individuals, many financed by the military or various of the sociopathic “Think Tanks” but others of indeterminate provenance, all of whom appear desperately determined to discredit the revelations of these atrocities. One such person is a Dr. Steven J. Allen, an apparent editor of something called the Capital Research Center – which receives funding from the Koch Brothers – and which is all you need to know. This so-called independent research center became famous some years back for its published “studies” condemning anti-tobacco lobbyists when it was revealed that substantial funding had been received from tobacco companies.



In any case, our Dr. Allen, who appears to be an expert on almost everything, wrote an article on the US military’s VX nerve gas sheep-kill adventure, titled “Nerve gas, six thousand dead sheep, and Soviet trickery”.[109] To say he was desperately determined to exonerate the military is a bit of an understatement since he produced at least one monograph of about 50 pages to deal with an event that required a few paragraphs at best. Mostly, he attributed the “totally false” accusations against the US military to “muckraking journalists”, to various civilian criminals disguising their sins by blaming the US military, and to various other well-meaning but incompetent individuals. As one example, he noted that “A government official connected with the (biological weapons) program stated that after the VX nerve gas test the “roadsides were just covered with carcasses”, but dismissed this testimony as he did with others by stating that the man “wasn’t a scientist”. We are therefore to conclude that only ‘scientists’, by Dr. Allen’s definition, are competent to notice large numbers of dead animals littering a roadside.

无论如何,我们的艾伦博士似乎是几乎所有领域的专家,他写了一篇关于美国军方VX神经毒气杀羊冒险的文章,题为“神经毒气、六千只死羊和苏联诡计”。[109] 说他拼命想要为军方开脱有点言过其实,因为他至少写了一本约50页的专着来处理一个最多需要几段文字的事件。他主要将针对美军的“完全错误的”指控归咎于“揭发丑闻的记者”,各种平民罪犯通过指责美军来掩饰自己的罪行,以及其他各种善意但不称职的人。举个例子,他指出,“一名与(生物武器)计划有关的政府官员表示,在VX神经毒气测试后,“路边到处都是尸体”,但他和其他人一样,通过声明该男子“不是科学家”来驳斥这一证词。因此,我们可以得出结论,只有艾伦博士定义的“科学家”才有能力注意到路边散落的大量死动物。

The best part of Allen’s dissertation was his conviction that only the Russians had anything to gain by blaming a massive sheep kill on the US military, claiming that a couple of Russian saboteurs equipped with simple tools they could acquire on the local American market could have pulled off the entire sheep episode – and in fact did so. The benefit to the Russians, of course, would be that “the nationwide outburst of protest” (about the dead sheep) “shocked President Richard Nixon into putting a hold on the entire U.S. chemical weapons program”, leaving only the Russians with this military advantage. So, in Allen’s delusional world, two Russians brought into the US several thousand pounds of VX nerve gas (or purchased it at the local 7-11), then distributed it over a few thousand square kilometers, perhaps using water pistols, killed all the sheep (and people) while magically escaping contamination themselves, then caught the next plane to Moscow. All without being detected.



Allen informs us that if US military involvement had been “at all plausible”, the Army “would have accepted responsibility in a timely manner”. And of course, we all know that to be true since neither the US government, the US military, nor the CIA have ever, ever denied their involvement in anything. Yes, that’s sarcasm. Unfortunately, our Dr. Allen is only one of a great many individuals who feverishly pounce on any and all revelations of US government misconduct and do their best to confuse, obfuscate, overwhelm with irrelevancies, and otherwise contaminate the historical record for the sole purpose of misleading the public. The mass media generally fall into this category, seldom engaging in what we used to call investigative journalism and instead most often producing overt propaganda to parrot the official – and generally unbelievable – story.




Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


His full archive can be seen at

他的全部文章库可以在以下找到 +

He can be contacted at:





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Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 February 26th 本杰明•富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2024年2月26日

Forget about the elections and let’s end this now! 别管美国大选那些事了,让我们现在就结束这一切吧!

Forget about the elections and let’s end this now!

This video was sent to us as we were about to go live. It appears to be in preparation for an official announcement of the death of King Charles. 以下这段视频,是在我们即将发表文章时,发送给我们的。它似乎是为正式宣布查尔斯国王去世而准备的。

The White Dragon Society has a message for US President Donald Trump: Put up or shut up. If Trump is commander in chief of the US military and the 2020 election was stolen, then what is he doing promising change in November instead of now? Why is the Biden horror show still going on? Many people like Steve Bannon and Field Marshall in waiting for Douglas MacGregor are asking similar questions. 白龙会向美国总统唐纳德•川普发出信息:要么行动,要么闭嘴。如果川普还算是美国军队的总司令的话,那么他2020年的选举被窃取,为什么现在才承诺改变,而不是在2021年11月?为什么拜登的恐怖表演还在继续?史蒂夫•班农和等待道格拉斯•麦克格雷格的陆军上将等人,都在问类似的问题。

MacGregor warns the US Congress wants to let illegal migrants serve 道格拉斯•麦克格雷格警告,美国国会想让非法移民在美军服役

in the US Military. “When your potential enemies infiltrate your own defense mechanism, you’re basically screwed,” a Pentagon source warns. 五角大楼的消息来源警告称:“当你的潜在敌人渗透到你的防御机制中时,你基本上就完蛋了。”

From Field Marshal Macgregor: 陆军上将麦克格雷格说:







Also, Rep. Byron Donalds is calling for President Biden to retire or face removal, stating that “Kamala Harris needs to lead the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment.” 此外,众议员拜伦•多纳尔兹,呼吁拜登总统退休或面临免职,他表示“卡玛拉•哈里斯需要根据美国宪法第25修正案领导内阁。”

Now Italian TV is openly mocking Joe Biden…. 现在意大利电视台公开嘲笑乔•拜登……

So why is he still there? The answer is the Khazarian Mafia is playing for time, saying “Trump will get the bad guys in November so please wait until then.” 那么他为什么还当着美国总统?答案是可萨黑手党在拖延时间,说“川普将在2024年11月抓到坏人,所以请等到那个时候。”

Here for example you can watch Dem. Senator Chuck Schumer get caught on a hot mic saying, “I know I can blame Republicans and MAGA, I’m a pro.” He is talking with the fake masked Biden about delaying legislation. 例如,在以下这个视频中,你可以看到民主党参议员查克•舒默被麦克风捕捉到说:“我知道我可以责怪共和党和MAGA,我是专业的。”他正在与橡胶面具的拜登谈论推迟立法。

If you see someone claiming to be Donald Trump, ask him why he does not arrest Biden immediately. Also ask: Will you be holding war crimes tribunals for the vaccine criminals? Also, ask him if he is going to stage a jubilee and return the $363,000 that was stolen from each and every American via central bank fraud. If he answers yes, then he is the real deal. If he answers no or evades the question, then he is an actor playing Pied Piper to the patriots by leading them away from real action. 如果你看到有人声称自己是唐纳德•川普,请你问他为什么不立即逮捕拜登。你还应该问:你会为疫苗犯罪开设战争罪法庭吗?还要问他是否会举行一场天下大赦喜年运动,归还通过中央银行欺诈从每个美国人那里偷走的363,000美元。如果他回答是,那么他就是真川普。如果他回答不是或回避这个问题,那么他就是一个演员,将美国爱国者的注意力,从真正的行动上引开。

Remember, there is a fake Trump out there trying to ruin the reputation of the real deal and a real patriot. 记住,有一个假的川普试图破坏真正的川普和真正的美国爱国者的声誉。

We need to act now because multiple sources warn the KM have some sort of horrific slaughter planned for April which they will try to blame on a meteorite. That means we need to finish them off before then. Who is them? Here is a partial list of people who need to be arrested immediately: 我们现在需要采取行动,因为多个消息来源警告说,高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,计划在2024年4月份,进行某种可怕的大屠杀,他们将试图把这场大屠杀归咎于陨石。这意味着,我们需要在那之前消灭可萨黑手党。他们是谁?以下是需要立即逮捕的人员的部分名单:

1. Hillary Clinton Rockefeller希拉里•克林顿•洛克菲勒 2. Bill Clinton Rockefeller 比尔•克林顿•洛克菲勒 3. Nancy Pelosi 南希•佩洛西 4. John Podesta Rockefeller 约翰•波德斯塔•洛克菲勒 5. John Brennan 约翰•布伦南 6. James Comey 詹姆斯•科米 7. Maxine Waters 玛克辛•沃特斯 8. Adam Schiff 亚当•希夫 9. Hunter Biden 亨特•拜登 10. George W. Bush 乔治•W•小布什 11. Dr. Anthony Fauci 安东尼•福奇博士 12. Huma Abedin 胡玛•阿贝丁 13. Bill Gates 比尔•盖茨 14. Anthony Wiener 安东尼•维纳 15. Alex Soros 亚历克斯•索罗斯 16. Lindsey Graham 林赛•格雷厄姆 17. Mitch McConnell 米奇•麦康奈尔 18. Kevin McCarthy 凯文•麦卡锡 19. Chuck Schumer 查克•舒默 20. Kamala Harris 卡玛拉•哈里斯 21. Robert Mueller 罗伯特•米勒 22. Mike Pence 迈克•彭斯 23. Joe Biden 乔•拜登 24. James Clapper 詹姆斯•克拉珀 24. Lloyd Austin 劳埃德•奥斯汀 25. Liz Cheney 莉兹•切尼 26. John Kerry 约翰•克里 27. Justin Castrudeau 贾斯汀•特鲁多•卡斯特罗 28. Loretta Lynch 洛蕾塔•林奇 29. Andrew McCabe 安德鲁•麦卡贝 30. Peter Strzok 彼得•斯特佐克 31. Lisa Page 丽莎•佩奇 32. James Baker 詹姆斯•贝克 33. Eric Holder 埃里克•霍尔德 34. Tony Podesta Rockefeller 托尼•波德斯塔•洛克菲勒 35. Susan Rice 苏珊•赖斯 36. Harry Reid 哈里•里德 37. Paul Ryan 保罗•瑞安 38. Debbie Wasserman Schultz 黛比•沃瑟曼•舒尔茨 39. Sally Yates 莎莉•耶茨 40. Mitt Romney 米特•罗姆尼 41. Jerry Nadler 杰里•纳德勒 42. Klaus Schwab Rothschild 克劳斯•施瓦布•罗斯柴尔德 43. Michelle Obama 米歇尔•奥巴马 44. Barack Obama 巴拉克•奥巴马 45 Sally Yates 莎莉•耶茨 46. Andrew Cuomo 安德鲁•科莫 47. Herbert Raymond McMaster 赫伯特•雷蒙德•麦克马斯特 48. Deborah Birx 黛博拉•伯克斯 48. Mark Zuckerberg 马克•扎克伯格 49. Nikki Haley 尼基•黑利 50. Vladimir Zelensky 弗拉基米尔•泽连斯基 51. David Rockefeller Jr. 小戴维•洛克菲勒 52. Chrystia Freeland 克里斯蒂娅•弗里兰 53 Ursula von der Leyen 乌尔苏拉•冯德莱恩 54. Olaf Sholz 奥拉夫•肖尔茨 55. Emanuelle Macron Rothschild埃马纽埃尔•马克龙•罗斯柴尔德 56. Brigitte Macron Rothschild 布丽吉特•马克龙•罗斯柴尔德 57. Rishi Sunak 里斯•苏纳克 58. Rahm Emanuel 拉姆•伊曼纽尔

This is just a partial list. Any politician or public figure who supports the provenly genocidal and Satanic regimes of Ukraine (=Khazaria)

and Netanyahu Israel has self-identified as a war criminal. These people must be arrested immediately. Also, if any company like Google, Apple or Microsoft is caught putting out computer graphics to make it look like these people still hold positions of power, then the executives of these companies need to be arrested. 这只是部分名单。任何支持乌克兰(=可萨汗国)和内塔尼亚胡以色列的种族灭绝和撒旦政权的政治家或公众人物,都是战犯。这些人必须立即被逮捕。此外,如果谷歌、苹果或微软等公司被发现发布计算机图形,使其看起来像这些人仍然掌权,那么这些公司的高管需要被逮捕。

《乌克兰国徽 撒旦教邪神“魔罗”的标志 可萨汗国的印章》

We did not include Illuminati council member and head of the Rothschild clan David Rene de Rothschild on this list because he promised to hand over Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street. This would hand control of 90% of corporations worldwide back to the people. However, when we contacted him last week to ask when this was going to happen, we got the answer “he was unavailable because he was on a skiing vacation.” In other words, he went into hiding in a Swiss Bunker. 我们没有将光明会理事会成员和罗斯柴尔德家族的大卫•雷内•罗斯柴尔德列入这份名单,因为他承诺将先锋集团、黑石贝莱德集团和道富集团移交给人民。这将使全球90%的公司的控制权交还给人民。然而,当我们上周联系他询问何时会发生这种情况时,我们得到的答案是“他不在,因为他正在度假滑雪”。换句话说,他躲到了瑞士地堡里。

So this may be related to the announcement of the death of Lord Jacob Rothschild. 所以这可能与宣布雅各布•罗斯柴尔德勋爵去世有关。

Another family member, Emanuel Macron de Rothschild, the so-called president of France, meanwhile, cannot appear in public without being grabbed by a lynch mob and hanged on the spot. This is exactly what the French farmers in the video below tried to do when they heard he was going to appear at an agricultural fair. 与此同时,另一位家族成员、所谓的法国总统埃曼纽埃尔•马克龙•德•罗斯柴尔德,只要出现在公共场合,就会被私刑暴徒抓住,当场绞死。这正是下面视频中的法国农民,在听说他要去农产品展览会时,试图做的事。

We are hearing a lot of other so-called Western leaders have also gone into hiding in fear of lynch mobs. Any leader who is now supposedly in Ukraine is probably in hiding. These include Canadian Crime Minister Justin Castrudeau, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, and the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. 我们听说很多其他所谓的西方领导人,因为害怕私刑暴徒而躲了起来。任何据称现在在乌克兰的领导人,可能都在躲藏。其中包括加麻大犯罪总理贾斯汀•特鲁多•卡斯特罗、欧盟委员会主席乌尔苏拉•冯德莱恩、意大利总理乔治娅•梅洛尼和比利时首相亚历山大•德克罗。

They may be hiding because our white hat sources in the Western agencies and Asian secret societies say some sort of huge event is imminent,For example, a member of the White Dragon Society who met with Japanese Emperor Naruhito last week was told a major financial/political announcement was due to take place on March 15th. Asian Red and Green secret society sources also promised a jubilee-type event in China around the same time. 他们可能已经躲藏起来了,因为西方各种机构和亚洲秘密社团当中,都有我们的白帽子地球解放军事联盟消息来源。这些消息来源说,某种巨大的事件即将来临。比如:一名白龙会的消息来源,上周会见了日本德仁天皇。他被告知,一个重大的金融/政治公告,即将在2024年3月15日宣布。中国秘密社团青红帮的消息来源同样也承诺,3月15日左右,中国将会发生一场天下大赦喜年运动。

Dates have come and gone in the past so only believe it when you see it but, for sure high-level sources are making big promises. 在以前,天下大赦喜年运动日期变来变去,所以只有当你看到它真的发生时,你才能相信它,但可以肯定的是,高级消息来源做出了很大的承诺。

Readers can do their part by not paying taxes. The IRS is a privately owned company based out of Puerto Rico. Not only is there no law that requires most Americans to file an individual tax return, but the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wasn’t even created by an act of Congress! 读者朋友们可以通过不纳税来尽自己的一份力量。美国国税局是一家总部位于波多黎各的私营公司。不仅没有法律要求大多数美国人提交个人纳税申报表,而且美国国税局(IRS)甚至不是由美国国会法案创建的!

Alex Mena, an IRS official tells O’Keefe Media Group Reporter the IRS is “going after the small people” and “destroying people’s lives” using artificial intelligence technology to spy on American citizens and company bank accounts without a warrant or evidence 美国国税局官员亚历克斯•梅纳,告诉欧基夫传媒集团的记者说,美国国税局正在利用人工智能技术,在没有搜查令或证据的情况下,监视美国公民和公司的银行账户,“盘剥小商小贩”并“摧毁人们的生活”

WATCH: O’Keefe Strikes Again – IRS Official Tells O’Keefe Media Group Reporter That the IRS uses AI to Spy on Americans’ Bank Accounts: Is It Constitutional? “I doubt it,” says IRS Official Alex Mena

Cutting off their taxes will help force a jubilee. If some sort of jubilee announcement is not made, then civilizational collapse is certain. 切断他们的税收,将有助于迫使他们举行天下大赦喜年运动。如果不宣布某种形式的天下大赦喜年运动,那么人类文明的崩溃,是肯定的。

Let us start with evidence of political criminality now in full public view. Here we saw an obviously fake Donald Trump meet Argentine President Javier Milei (whose name means Mileik=Moloch=Satan) and praise him for stealing money from poor Argentines in order to pay the KM. He just ran a budget surplus to pay bankers by cutting off money for food kitchens for the poor, sending half of Argentina below the poverty level. 让我们从目前完全公开的政治犯罪证据开始。在这里,我们看到一个明显是假的唐纳德•川普,会见阿根廷总统哈维尔•米莱(他的名字的意思是Mileik=Moloch=Satan),并称赞他从贫穷的阿根廷人那里偷钱来支付给可萨黑手党。他只是通过削减贫困人口食物厨房的资金,来削减预算支出,从而向银行家支付资金,使阿根廷一半人口陷入贫困。

Speaking about Moloch/Mileik, Israeli crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s real name is Benzion Mileikovsky which means: Son of Moloch or Son of Satan. 说到摩洛赫/米莱克,以色列犯罪总理本雅明•内塔尼亚胡的真名是本齐昂•米莱科夫斯基,意思是:摩洛赫之子或撒旦之子。

Netanyahu held an “Israel Victory Conference” with Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf a Jewish Supremacist who was mysteriously released despite being sentenced to life imprisonment for the mass murder of Palestinians. These people are closely associated with the mass murdering Nazis who also support the genocidal Vladimir Zelensky. 内塔尼亚胡兼犹太至上主义者拉比——乌兹•沙尔巴夫举行了“以色列胜利大会”,尽管他因大规模谋杀巴勒斯坦人而被判处终身监禁,但他却神秘地被释放。这些人与纳粹大屠杀有着密切的联系,他们也支持种族灭绝的弗拉基米尔•泽连斯基。

Meanwhile, as thousands of children are killed in Gaza former CIA head Mike Pompeo dances with Israeli soldiers. What exactly are they celebrating? 与此同时,数千名儿童在加沙地带被杀害,美国中央情报局前局长迈克•蓬佩奥,却与以色列士兵共舞。他们到底在庆祝什么?

This is the same Pompeo who said “I was the CIA Director and we lied, we cheated and we stole…” 正是这个蓬佩奥说过“我曾是中情局局长,我们撒谎、我们欺骗、我们偷窃……”

Another person who is not bothering to hide his criminality is Congressman Andy Ogles who said “We should kill them all,” in reaction to photos of children’s casualties in Gaza. 另一个不愿掩饰其罪行的人,是美国国会议员安迪•奥格尔斯,他在看到加沙儿童伤亡的照片后说:“我们应该把他们全都杀了。”

Here is another example of a poisoned mind. 以下是另一个毒心灵鸡汤的例子。

Meanwhile, the KM-controlled fake Biden circus show vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire. 与此同时,由“哈马斯”控制的假拜登马戏团,否决了联合国安理会要求立即停火的决议草案。

Thanks to his ongoing Gaza genocide Israel’s Gross domestic product (GDP) plunged an annualized 19.4% in the last quarter of 2023. It is down even more now as shipping to the country has been stopped by the Houthis. As an example, here you can watch a sinking British tanker attacked by the Houthis in the Gulf of Aden. 由于以色列正在进行的加沙种族灭绝,其国内生产总值在2023年最后一个季度,年化下降了19.4%。由于胡塞武装封锁了驶向以色列的货轮,因此以色列的国内生产总值现在下降得更多。例如,您可以在以下这个视频里,观看英国油轮在亚丁湾被胡塞武装击沉。

The International Court of Justice has been told “Israel is applying an even more extreme version of apartheid in the Palestinian territories than experienced in South Africa before 1994.” 国际法院被告知,“以色列在巴勒斯坦领土上实施的种族隔离比1994年前的南非更加极端。”

Pretoria says Israel ‘apartheid’ against Palestinians worse than in South Africa

The Jews are in uproar and vast civil disturbances now taking place in Israel mean the Nazi son of satan and his Biden puppets’ days are numbered. 犹太人现在一片哗然,以色列正在发生的巨大内乱,意味着纳粹撒旦的儿子和他的拜登傀儡的日子所剩无几。

The other big Satanic nest in Ukraine is also in big trouble. It has once again been confirmed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) illegally deposited funds intended for Ukraine in the personal banks of Victor Pinchuk and Ukrainian Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. A lot of this ended up in the Clinton Foundation where it was used to bribe politicians. 另一个大撒旦巢穴——乌克兰也遇到了大麻烦。国际货币基金组织再次暴露出,他们非法将乌克兰的资金存入维克托•平丘克和乌克兰寡头伊戈尔•科洛莫伊斯基的个人银行。其中很多最终落入克林顿基金会,用于贿赂政客。

IMF fund to Ukraine lands into Clinton Foundation

We also know the Zelensky regime has been slaughtering Ukrainians and selling their organs. 我们也知道泽连斯基政权一直在屠杀乌克兰人并出售他们的器官。








Now Polish intelligence informs us the vampire Zelensky sold over a million liters of blood from Ukrainian donors to the West. 现在,波兰情报部门告诉我们,吸血鬼泽连斯基向西方出售了来自乌克兰捐献者的100多万升血液。

Also, Russia has found more documents showing thousands of people have been involved in experiments carried out for major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, and others. Blood and other samples were collected and then sent to labs and clinics in Europe and the US for testing. This was almost certainly for the production of bio-weapons. 此外,俄罗斯还发现了更多文件,显示有数千人参与了为辉瑞、阿斯利康、赛诺菲、葛兰素史克等大型制药公司进行的实验。血液和其他样本被收集起来,然后送往欧洲和美国的实验室和诊所进行检测。这几乎肯定是用于生产生物武器。

More torture chambers and human experiment facilities have also now been uncovered at the fallen Ukrainian fortress of Avdeyevka, Russian sources tell us. 俄罗斯消息来源告诉我们,在乌克兰阿夫杰耶夫卡堡垒的废墟中,还发现了更多的酷刑室和人体实验设施。

The fall of Avdeyevka means Russia is now close to its goal of taking Odessa, connecting Russia with Transnistria; reaching Transcarpathia and handing it over to Hungary, thus sharing the border with Hungary, Polish intelligence sources say. 波兰情报机构的消息来源说,阿夫杰耶夫卡的陷落,意味着俄罗斯现在很可能要完成其占领敖德萨的目标,将俄罗斯与德涅斯特河沿岸地区连接起来;到达喀尔巴阡山脉,并将其移交给匈牙利,从而与匈牙利共享边境。

Russia will have to continue fighting Ukraine until it takes Kyiv, former President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed. Medvedev identified the source of the threat as an “international brigade of the opponents of Russia, led by the US,” who he claimed are in control of Kyiv. 前总统德米特里•梅德韦杰夫声称,俄罗斯将不得不继续与乌克兰作战,直到它占领基辅。梅德韦杰夫将威胁的来源确定为“由美国领导的俄罗斯反对者的国际旅,这些人控制着基辅。”

No wonder “a dispirited atmosphere…permeated the meeting [with] no trace of the former optimism among the Western [cheerleaders for Ukraine],” At the 60th Munich Security Conference held on February 16-18, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said 难怪“会议弥漫着沮丧的气氛,西方(乌克兰的欢呼者)中没有一丝往日的乐观情绪”,在2024年2月16日至18日举行的第60届慕尼黑安全会议上,俄罗斯外交部发言人玛丽亚•扎哈罗娃说

“Germany really wants out of this KM Deep State Cluster fuck,” a CIA source comments on this headline: 一位美国中央情报局的消息来源,对这条新闻评论道:“德国真的想退出这个可萨黑手党深层国家派系。”

German Bundestag rejected the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine; 182 voted in favor, and 480 against. 德国联邦议院拒绝向乌克兰运送“金牛座”巡航导弹;182票赞成,480票反对。

Farmers from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France are contributing to the downfall of the Satanic Zelenskly regime by carrying out a complete blockade of traffic from Ukraine. The protesters are being supported by the police and have demanded that the Polish Prime Minister and other politicians who profit from Ukrainian grain dumping, personally appear at the border to listen to their demands. 来自德国、比利时、荷兰和法国的农民们,正在通过全面封锁乌克兰的交通来,帮助推翻撒旦教泽连斯基政权。抗议者得到了警方的支持,并要求波兰总理和其他从乌克兰粮食倾销中获利的政客们,亲自出现在边境,听取他们的要求。

In Spain, too huge crowds have taken over key streets in the Spanish capital Wednesday in support of domestic farmers. 在西班牙,大批人群周三占领了西班牙首都的主要街道,以支持国内农民。

This will affect Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street who own 40% of Ukraine’s arable land. China will also be affected since it bought 3 million hectares of Ukrainian land — land the size of Belgium 这将影响先锋集团、黑石贝莱德集团和道富银行,它们拥有乌克兰40%的耕地。中国也将受到影响,因为它购买了300万公顷的乌克兰土地——比利时大小的土地

The fall of Ukraine will also lead to more exposure of the pandemic and vaccine mass murder campaign carried out by the KM via biolabs there. 乌克兰的倒台,也将导致可萨黑手党通过那里的生物实验室进行的疫情和疫苗大规模谋杀活动,被更多地曝光出来。

These were some of the worst war crimes in human history. The Global Vaccine Data Network found 100 million vaccine-injured people in just 8 countries. 这些是人类历史上最严重的战争罪行。全球疫苗数据网络,在8个国家发现了1亿疫苗受害者。

Also in what one scientist described as an “admission of epic proportions,” Health Canada on Thursday confirmed the presence of DNA contamination in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines and also confirmed that Pfizer did not disclose the contamination to the public health authority. 此外,加麻大卫生部周四证实了辉瑞新冠疫苗中存在DNA污染,并证实辉瑞公司没有向公共卫生当局披露污染情况,一位科学家称这是一次“史诗般的披露”。

‘An Admission of Epic Proportions’: Health Canada Confirms DNA Plasmid Contamination of COVID Vaccines

Never Forget: Bayer Pharmaceuticals President, Stefan Oelrich admits mRNA vaccines are cell and gene therapy and the public would not have agreed to take them if it were not for pandemic coercion. 永远不要忘记:拜耳制药公司总裁斯特凡•奥尔里奇承认mRNA疫苗是细胞和基因疗法,如果不是因为疫情大流行而被迫接种,公众是不会同意接种的。

Now they have started putting vaccines in our food supply. A Lettuce Vaccine Bill was just introduced. Tennessee Rep Scott Cepicky says “University of California Riverside has already perfected the ability to put human vaccines into our lettuce right now. Also, tomatoes have the ability to do that for UC Berkeley. — Big Tobacco, RJ Reynolds and stuff have perfected the ability to put a human vaccine in the tobacco products.” 现在他们已经开始在我们的食物供应中加入疫苗。刚刚推出了《生菜疫苗法案》。田纳西州众议员斯科特•切皮奇说:“加州大学河滨分校已经完善了将人类疫苗加入我们的生菜中的能力。此外,加州大学伯克利分校的西红柿也有这种能力。 — 大烟草公司、雷诺烟草公司等已经完善了将人类疫苗加入烟草制品中的能力。”

“Just take the vaccine, it’s for your own good” “接种疫苗,这是为了你好”

Now listen and watch the World’s biggest parasite Bill Gates on tour at the world’s largest parasite Museum. Did this give him morbid ideas? 现在,请倾听并观看世界上最大的寄生虫比尔•盖茨,在世界最大的寄生虫博物馆的巡回演出。这给了他病态的想法吗?

The KM are also trying to keep us scared enough to take these products. The latest fear porn they are spewing is about a fatal “Zombie” deer disease. 高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,现在也试图让我们害怕到足以接受这些产品。他们最近传播的恐惧色情片是关于致命的“僵尸”鹿病。

“Scientists fear 100% fatal ‘zombie deer disease’ will mutate to infect humans: ‘There are no contingency plans’” So is this going to be The Walking Dead 2.0 ? “科学家担心100%致命的‘僵尸鹿病’会变异并感染人类:‘没有应急计划’”那么,这会是《行尸走肉2.0》吗?

Now France is proposing a one year in prison and a fine of €15,000 for criticizing medicine. 现在法国提议,对批评医学的人处以一年监禁和15,000欧元的罚款。

This comes as French health insurance (Assurance Maladie) is considering making part of doctors’ fixed remuneration dependent on the number of vaccinations performed on each patient. 法国医疗保险公司,正在考虑将医生固定薪酬的一部分与每位患者的疫苗接种数量挂钩。

L’Assurance Maladie veut transformer les médecins en VRP de la vaccination

The KM are also now trying to deny any involvement in vaccine crimes. In a case of next-level gaslighting, terrorist Tedros says the WHO didn’t impose anything on anybody, anywhere. They think everyone has forgotten. Even the sheeple are waking up. 可萨黑手党,现在也试图否认与疫苗犯罪有任何牵连。恐怖分子谭德赛说,在下一级煤气灯事件中,世界卫生组织没有对任何人、任何地方施加任何东西。他们以为每个人都已经忘记了,可是现在,就连最傻的民众都已经觉醒了。


It also turns out half of the WHO’s transgender health committee members have no medical background and the majority are activists. 此外,世界卫生组织跨性别健康委员会成员中,有一半没有医学背景,大多数是社会活动家。

Meanwhile, Eduard Pröls Director in Germany for the pro-life group CitizenGO is facing criminal charges for sharing the following image 与此同时,反堕胎组织 CitizenGO 的德国负责人爱德华•普洛尔斯,因分享以下图片而面临刑事指控

And yet no criminal charges are being filed against people who are actually trafficking children into sex slavery. In the video below Dr. Phil Interviews Border Patrol Showing American Taxpayers Are Funding the Trafficking of Migrant Children Into Sex Slavery. 然而,并没有对实际贩卖儿童成为性奴隶的人提出刑事指控。在下面的视频中,菲尔博士采访了边境巡逻队,显示美国纳税人正在资助贩卖移民儿童成为性奴隶。

Homer Simpson knows the truth 荷马•辛普森知道真相


By the way, sex slavery has been going on for a long time as this Pinocchio clip from 1940 shows. 顺便说一下,性奴役有悠久的历史,正如1940年这段皮诺曹的片段所显示的那样。

From the moment refugees arrive at the airport, resettlement partners pick them up and provide food, housing and employment services thanks to HIAS, a Jewish American NPO Spread across the US. 从难民抵达机场的那一刻起,安置合作伙伴就会迎接他们并提供食物、住房和就业服务,这要归功于美国犹太人非营利组织 HIAS,该组织遍布美国各地。

This is definitely a government-run operation. The former director of Panama’s border patrol the “invasion” at the U.S. southern border is “strategic engineered migration” paid for by the US government via the UN. 这绝对是一个政府运作的行动。巴拿马边境巡逻队前主任称,美国南部边境的“入侵”,是由美国政府通过联合国支付费用的“战略工程移民”。

New York Mayor Adams’ plan is to give Illegals $10,000 each with No ID check required, No Fraud control and No Restrictions. 纽约市长亚当斯的计划,是给非法移民每人1万美元,无需身份证件,没有反诈骗审核,没有任何限制。

Top: you are at the airport being triple-searched. Bottom: millions of random fully grown men crossing the US-Mexico border who are undocumented and illegal….How does this make any sense? 上图:你在机场接受三重搜查。下图:数百万随机长大的男性穿越美墨边境,他们没有合法证件,是非法的……这有什么意义?

Now Missouri Governor Mike Parsons has announced the deployment of troops and patrol officers to join Texas in shutting the border. 密苏里州州长迈克•帕森斯宣布,将部署军队和巡逻人员,与德克萨斯州一道关闭边境。

It seems the KM Deep State is trying to use the migrants to start a civil war to avoid the hangman’s noose, firing squads or pitchforks. 看来,可萨黑手党深层国家派系,正在试图利用移民发动内战,以避免面对绞刑、枪毙或农民的干草叉。

In an example of predictive programming at its best…Another trailer from Obama’s film “Civil War” has been trolled out. 在预测性编程的最好例子中……奥巴马资助的电影《内战》的另一个预告片被泄露了。

This is the same Obama who financed a movie about a major cyber attack. Now on cue Reports of mobile service outages of AT&T, Verizon, etc. are being blamed on a “major solar flare according to Meteorologists.” 奥巴马还出资拍摄了一部关于重大网络攻击的电影。现在,正如报告所指出的,AT&T、Verizon等手机运营商信号中断的原因,被归咎于“气象学家所说的重大太阳耀斑”。

Yeah right as if the sun can only choose to hit certain corporations. 是的,就像太阳只能选择击中某些公司一样。

At the same time apparently, Mr, Sun also targeted pharmacies. 同时,孙正义也把目标对准了药店。

Meanwhile, GOP Sen. Marco “Rubio warns Chinese cyberattack “will be 100 times worse” than AT&T outage: “Your power, your water.” 与此同时,共和党参议员马可•卢比奥警告称,中国的网络攻击“将比AT&T停电事件严重100倍:“你的电力、你的供水。”

The KM Deep State are laying the groundwork, the narrative, for now, two possible “Black Swan” events: 可萨黑手党深层国家派系,正在为目前两个可能的“黑天鹅”事件,奠定基础和叙事:

A Major Solar Flare (Carrington event) 1. 一次大型太阳耀斑(卡林顿事件)

2. Cyber Pandemic (caused by China or Russia of course) 2. 网络攻击(当然是由中国或俄罗斯引起的)

We don’t know what role Elon Musk has in all of this but this news report confirms Russian claims that Elon Musk is a front for the US National Reconnaissance Office: 我们不知道埃隆•马斯克在这其中扮演了什么角色,但这篇新闻报道证实了俄罗斯的说法,那就是,埃隆•马斯克是美国国家侦察局的一个前台面子工程:

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is expanding a secretive satellite program called Starshield used by the Pentagon as it quietly forges links with US spy and military agencies…SpaceX’s involvement with defense clients also includes launching classified and military satellites 埃隆•马斯克的 SpaceX系列火箭,正在扩大一个名为“星盾”的秘密卫星项目,该项目由五角大楼使用,因为它悄悄地与美国间谍和军事机构建立了联系……SpaceX 与国防客户的合作,还包括发射机密和军事卫星。

(By the way, Mr. Musk if you happen to be reading this, the P3 Freemasons have asked me for your mobile number so could you please send it to me via Thank you). (顺便说一句,马斯克先生,如果你碰巧在读本篇文章,那么意大利P3共济会已经向我索要你的手机号码,所以请你通过support@benjaminfulford.net发给我。谢谢)。

It may be they want to ask Musk with his Antarctica connections what he knows about the recent spaced-based laser attacks around the world. 意大利P3共济会可能想问问马斯克,他对最近世界各地发生的基于太空的激光袭击有什么了解。

The latest was a huge mountain fire that broke out in Bijie, located in southwest China’s Guizhou province, on February 18. 最近一次是2024年2月18日在中国西南部贵州省毕节市爆发的一场巨大的山火。

Another one was filmed over Mexico & captured on camera from a different location. 另一个是在墨西哥拍摄的,是从另一个地点用相机捕捉到的。

This follows similar attacks on Maui and Chile. Is it the beginning of the KMs long-planned fake alien invasion? 在此之前,夏威夷毛伊岛和智利,均遭受了类似的袭击。难道这是可萨黑手党长期计划中的假外星人入侵的开始吗?

Finally this week, we noted yet another Boeing mishap. There are too many such technical negligence accidents lately… something is up, this is not a coincidence. 本周,我们注意到波音公司又发生了另一起事故。最近发生了太多此类技术疏忽事故……事情有点不对劲,这不是巧合。

This is just a guess but it might be part of an underground marketing campaign related to this: 这只是一个猜测,但可能是与此相关的地下营销活动的一部分:

Visitors to last week’s Singapore Airshow witnessed a landmark moment: the international debut of China’s C919 passenger jet. Beijing is betting big that the new plane will shake up the dominance of Airbus and Boeing. 上周的新加坡航展的参观者,见证了一个具有里程碑意义的时刻:中国C919客机的国际首秀。北京方面押注这架新飞机将动摇空客和波音的主导地位。


CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 《生物战行动》——第1章——导言


Biological Warfare in Action — 生物战在行动

    • Chapter 1  — Introduction                                                                     第1章—— 引言
    • Chapter 2 — US Domestic Projects and Experiments                       第2章——美国国内项目和实验
    • Chapter 3 — US Suspicious Outbreaks                                                第3章——美国可疑疫情
    • Chapter 4 — US Foreign Deployment                                                  第4章——美国海外部署
    • Chapter 5 — The WHO – Depopulation is Reality                             第5章-世界卫生组织-人口减少是现实
    • Chapter 6 — Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic                                  第6章——辉瑞公司对流行病把握的恰到好处
    • Chapter 7 — US Bird flu                                                                            第7章——美国禽流感
    • Chapter 8 — UK Foot and Mouth Disease                                             第8章——英国口蹄疫
    • Chapter 9 —  Italy’s Olive Trees                                                               第9章——意大利的橄榄树
    • Chapter 10 – Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks                                          第10章——最近的生物武器袭击
    • Chapter 11 – AIDS                                                                                      第11章——艾滋病
    • Chapter 12 – SARS                                                                                     第12章——非典型肺炎
    • Chapter 13 – MERS                                                                                    第13章——中东呼吸综合征
    • Chapter 14 – EBOLA                                                                                  第14章——埃博拉病毒
    • Chapter 15 –  ZIKA                                                                                     第15 寨——卡病毒
    • Chapter 16 – COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes”  第16章——新冠肺炎疫苗和Oxitec的“飞行注射器”
    • Chapter 17 – Epilogue                                                                      第17章——尾声

Biological Warfare in Action — Chapter 1 — Introduction


BLarry Romanoff  拉里·罗曼诺夫著