Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 July 8th



Stealing elections and installing a fake king does not change reality



The Khazarian Mafia’s “rules-based world order” is staging a desperate offensive to stay in power and avoid war crimes tribunals. To this end they blatantly stole the UK election and installed blackmailed pedophile Keir Starmer as Prime Minister, MI6 sources say. The next phase will be to try to install either Michelle “Big Mike” Obama or Kamala Harris as President in the US, they say.



Here you can read how Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama mentored the new UK prime minister to help him tell his story





It looks like the memo the media parrots got was:



– throw Biden under the bus



– start preparing the public for Big swinging like a bull Mike





The plan by the KM Zionists is that Obama from his basement will then be able to control both the US and the UK.



As we shall see below, this plan is doomed to fail.



For now though, the KM are on the offensive. In the UK, even official election results show the election was stolen. Starmers’ Labour Party got 412 out of the 650 seats in the UK Parliament with only 33% of the vote. In another sign the election was stolen, Nigel Farage’s Reform party got only 4 seats despite getting 14.3% of the vote while the Liberal Democrats got 71 seats with only 12.3% of the votes. The corporate media is trying to say this was because of the “first past the post” electoral system in the UK, but MI6 confirms the election was stolen outright.



In a sign the KM are playing hardball, our colleague Michael Shrimpton -who provided us with the Starmer KGB file we published last week- has gone missing and it is feared he has been killed. This was to prevent him from writing in detail about how the election was stolen, MI6 says.



In his first speech since becoming the Prime Minister, Starmer fully pledges his allegiance to Ukraine and Zelensky.




Now Starmer is “following the fake Biden show -aka Obama from the basement- by releasing 40,000 criminals on the street to create more crimes and justify martial law down the road. 



The KM need martial law to keep Nigel Farage and his party from power. That is because Farage’s party is the only one to officially call for an investigation into vaccine deaths among other things,



It is also clear most of the British Royal family was killed in order to install a fake King Charles to anoint Starmer.



In France as well, the election on July 7th was stolen to keep Emanuelle Macron Rothschild in power and install a pro-EU, NATO and Ukraine government, French intelligence sources say.



These operations are being run by the Nazi faction of the KM, including most of the surviving members of the Rothschild family. They are now hiding in Holland under the protection of the Dutch Royal family, according to Pentagon sources.



They are going to stage one last and desperate attempt to start World War III or Armageddon, CIA sources say. This is what their big NATO meeting planned in Washington this week is all about, they say.



In preparation for this, Europe is now being heavily sprayed with chemtrails. These are necessary for a major holographic sky event designed to fool the public and cause panic, the sources say.  



As the video below explains, this is supposed to be the grand finale for a plan signed by 160 nations in 1994 to reduce the world’s population by 90% to 800 million by 2030. This was to be accomplished using fluoride, viruses (bioweapons), toxic chemtrails and finally the UFO event. Multiple sources are saying this event is scheduled for August.




This final Hail Mary genocide attempt will fail because most of the world’s military is not going along with the plan, Pentagon sources say. However, they confirm some sort of sky event to scare everyone will take place; just without the mass murder originally planned.



In North America, the white hat military based in Mt. Cheyenne is already taking action on multiple fronts. They have the actor playing “President Joe Biden” on their side. He is deliberately saying things like “I am a black woman” and “I will beat Trump again in 2020.” to discredit the KM who is behind his fake presidency.





Trump has called Biden an “old, broken down pile of crap” and suggested Joe is about to “quit the race”, as he criticized his TV debate performance in a new video.




The election campaign in the United States is a pitiful sight, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov comments. He says “If the system of so-called American democracy produces such results or such a course of the election campaign, everyone could draw their own conclusions about how it’s all orchestrated, how it’s arranged,” he says. He does not seem to fully realize there are two factions fighting to the death behind the scenes.  



In a sign US Commander In Chief Donald Trump is against the Starmer election theft, he said “Congratulations to Nigel Farage on his big WIN of a Parliament Seat Amid Reform UK Election Success…” while ignoring Starmer.



The white hats have also made a big move in Canada. This was seen in the Thursday announcement that David Vigneault, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), is resigning from the spy agency’s top job after seven years. CSIS sources tell us he was forced to resign after he was caught “trying to cause a nuclear disaster in Alberta,” in order to declare martial law and keep Justin Castrudeau in power. This plot has been stopped said the sources, who refused to provide more detail.



However, there can be no doubt Vigneault failed in his duty to protect Canada because he allowed fraudulent elections to install actual real-life Nazis into power in Canada. Hopefully, this will all change with his removal and the Canadian military can do their job of defending Canada by going after the criminals who murdered countless Canadians with toxic vaccines.



We also got information from the Japanese royal family about what is really going on in the UK with Starmer and the fake King Charles. Sources close to Emperor Naruhito say the Japanese imperial family visited the UK in late June in order to sign documents related to “a new rainbow currency” the US government hopes to issue. Emperor Naruhito, who personally knew the original Charles, says the person he met in the UK was a fake. The real Charles died two years ago, he says. He also says that during his visit to the UK, he went to a fake Windsor Castle set to sign the documents.



This is the Amero 2.0 plan, and is backed by Obama and the Nazi faction of the KM holding out in Holland, the sources say.

消息人士称,这是Amero 2.0计划,得到了奥巴马和在荷兰坚持的可萨黑手党纳粹派系的支持。


The original Amero plan from 2008 called for every US dollar in the world to be replaced by two Ameros. The Chinese and other creditors to the US Corporation rejected this plan because it would have meant a 50% reduction in the value of their hard-earned dollars. This is why dollars held outside of the United States were quarantined from new dollars issued by the US Corporation since that time.



Under the new plan, the US will issue a rainbow currency of its own, separate from the overseas US dollar. The overseas US dollar, for its part is soon to be renamed the BRICS currency, Asian secret society sources say.



In any case, the new rainbow currency will fail because the US economy, -which used to account for 50% of world GDP- is in fact tiny now. Even though the Western corporate propaganda media says the US has the biggest economy in the world; this is a blatant lie.

无论如何,新的彩虹货币将失败,因为过去占世界GDP 50%的美国经济,现在实际上很小。尽管西方企业宣传媒体称美国是世界上最大的经济体;但这是一个明目张胆的谎言。


Here are some comparisons with China to show why: 以下是美国与中国的一些比较,以说明原因: 

China generates twice as much electricity as the US 中国的发电量是美国的两倍

It produces 12.6 times more steel and 22 times more cement中国生产的钢材是美国的12.6倍,水泥是美国的22倍

It sells 26 million vehicles per year compared to 15.5 million for the US 中国每年销售2600万辆汽车,而美国每年销售1550万辆汽车。

The Chinese buy 434 million smartphones per year, three times the US amount.中国人每年购买4.34亿部智能手机,是美国的三倍。Etc. 等等


The numbers showing US GDP is larger than China’s are fictional numbers inside of bank computers that are not backed by reality. You cannot eat numbers inside computers.



Asian secret society sources confirm the Obama people have tried to seduce them into supporting the new rainbow currency by promising a black woman as US president who would be subservient to China. The sources say that while they were fooled by Obama in 2008, they are not going to be fooled again and will not accept this new currency.



Another problem with the rainbow currency plan is that it will bankrupt the US military.



The military white hats for their part are proposing issuing $100 trillion worth of gold-backed dollars to help support a new multi-polar world system. Under this system, the military-industrial complex would follow the rule of law and act as enforcers for the International Criminal Court.



Big moves towards a new multi-polar system have already started this month as Russia assumed the Presidency of the UN Security Council. Russia promises “to build a fairer and more democratic world order.”



“The world is going through a rapid and irreversible change…a multipolar world is now a reality,” Russian President Vladimir Putin says.




Putin also says Russia is waiting for the power struggle to end before deciding on resuming strategic dialogue with the US. However, he says Russia is taking seriously Donald Trump’s pledge to end the Ukraine conflict. 




The power struggle is coming to a head this summer.



Be prepared, locked and loaded with an extra dry powder keg. The KM are planning to activate the 30 million illegals in America (not counting how many are in Canada). 



In the latest sign the mayhem has already started, a mob of looters ransacked an Oakland gas station convenience store and caused thousands of dollars in damage as the frustrated store manager claimed police took nine hours to respond to his plea for help.



Just look at the state of the Democrat Party. As a Pentagon source writes:



Their candidate is a mumbling meat-puppet who led us into global conflict on the verge of WW3.



Their only policy ideas are killing babies, men in dresses, and open borders.



They resort to violence when they don’t get their way.



They have infiltrated the media, academia, and tech, using their power to lie, censor, omit, deceive, manipulate, and brainwash.



They have weaponized all levers of government and the private sector to go after their political opponents and citizens who oppose their rule.



They actively interfere in elections, encourage illegals to vote, and outright cheat by harvesting mail-in ballots.



They defend and encourage pedophilia and the sexualization of children.



And now they are calling for Biden to go full-totalitarian military dictatorship, and use force to take out Trump and his allies.



We have been told by our contacts on more than one occasion that SCOTUS has already made a decision on the 2020 voter fraud case brought by the Brunson brothers and the announcement of such could come out at any time – which would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.



That is why the Supreme Court ruled Donald Trump is immune from criminal prosecution when it comes to constitutional powers.



That is why Acting Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan has vacated Donald Trump’s July 11th sentencing date and will delay it until September 18th “if such is still necessary”



It will probably not be necessary as this news item hints:



Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe is rumored to be President Trump’s top pick for Attorney General. If appointed, Ratcliffe reportedly plans to prosecute CIA contractors and employees who allegedly interfered in the 2020 elections.



“This is all a circus show. Everything has been planned for a very long time. This is to keep the sheeple diverted from what is really going on behind the curtain,” a CIA source comments. 



In any case, while the undeclared Western civil war rages, the rest of the world is moving on. A Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit attended by Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin last week said: “Tectonic shifts are taking place in global politics, economics and other spheres of international relations.”



The group calls for:



A comprehensive reform of the UN involving developing countries in its activities



Unconditional implementation of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC)



Condemnation of the actions that have led to numerous civilian casualties in Gaza



An end to double standards in the fight against terrorism, which cannot be justified by anything.



The group also noted the Taliban in Afghanistan is ready to join the fight against terrorism. While they did not say it explicitly, everybody paying attention knows it is the KM that is responsible for terrorism and war around the world.




Turkish President Recep Erdogan hinted at it when he noted “certain Western powers appear hell-bent on turning the Ukraine conflict into an all-out world war…It is obvious that arms dealers need money. And the market for arms dealers is the West.” He added he hopes peace will prevail in spite of this.



In a sign he is working towards a peace agreement of his own Turkish offices, industrial and military facilities are being stormed across northern Syria and Turkish workers and military personnel are leaving northern Syria in large numbers, according to Polish intelligence sources. Meanwhile, Iraq’s capital Baghdad is set to host upcoming talks between Syria and Turkey aimed at normalizing their bilateral relations, according to Arab sources. The decision to resume dialogue and reach reconciliation between Ankara and Damascus was supported by Russia, China and Iran.



In another sign the Middle East is moving decisively against terrorism, Iran’s  president-elect Masoud Pezeshkian says he will “extend the hand of friendship to everyone.” Our sources say he is working with the white hat alliance.



Of course, the elephant in the room is Israel. To understand why regime change is needed there, take a look at this Al Jazeera video about what it’s like to live in Palestine today.  




Next, listen to Stew Peters explain the secular nation-state called Israel chose that particular name so that Scofield Bible readers would think they are actually the Israel of the Bible.




Our sources tell us that Israel will soon be replaced by the Nation-State of Judea and that peace will be imposed.



Behind the scenes, the US military white hats have reached a deal with the SCO whereby they will take charge of security in Eurasia (including Judea) while the Anglo-Saxons keep the ocean free and open.




This is reflected in a policy brief written by Dr. Sumantra Maitra for the Trump-affiliated Center for Renewing America that calls for Europe to defend itself while the US transforms into an “offshore balancer” vis-à-vis Eurasia and “a logistics provider of last resort” for the EU.



Hungarian President Victor Orban, who took over the presidency of the EU on July 1st, is also clearly on board with this plan. He has flown to Kiev and Russia and now China to negotiate an end to the Ukraine conflict.



Our sources say Germany, Hungary and most of Eastern Europe have agreed to join the new Eurasian security arrangement being proposed by Russia. North Korea, Mongolia and India have also agreed to join, Asian secret society sources say. The untold story here is the Russians are promising to prevent China from bullying its neighbors.



Also, in a clear sign Europe has broken from the Rockefellers, they are now getting most of their gas from special Russian tankers via the Arctic.





China and Russia have also been working together to develop Arctic shipping routes as Russia seeks to deliver more oil and gas to China amid Western sanctions while China seeks an alternative shipping route to reduce its dependence on the Strait of Malacca.



There is also an intensifying move in Asia to unify the Korean Peninsula. “[South Korean President]Yoon Suk Yeol and his gang, who are currently in the worst political crisis, try to find an ‘emergency exit’ in an escalation,” Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong Un and de facto leader of North Korea said, pointing out that the petition demanding an impeachment of the South Korean president has already accumulated over one million signatures.



The Koreans do not want to join NATO and fight against their fellow Koreans. The Japanese also oppose NATO expansion into Asia.



Of course, NATO is freaking out about this because they want war. Here is NATO Chief Jens Stoltenbergs’ reply to the Hungarian Prime Minister’s moves for the alliance:



Listen to how he nervously stutters as he says Orbán does not represent NATO following his visit to Russia.




The reality is that despite what KM puppet governments in the UK and France say, the Ukraine and NATO are being thrown under the bus. Today, Ukraine has only a quarter of its energy production capacity at its disposal compared to the situation before Russian aggression, according to Polish intelligence. Now the Rothschild-owned Economist magazine is saying Ukraine has one month to reach an agreement with creditors on debt restructuring and avoiding bankruptcy.



While Ukraine goes bankrupt, Vladimir Zelensky’s wife just bought a brand new Bugatti Tourbillon, one of the most expensive cars in the world,



No wonder Ukraine will be told it is currently too corrupt to join NATO.



However, as things stand now, the West is too corrupt to join the rest of the world.



As an example watch senior KM boss Bill Gates say that we must either stop cows from farting or stop eating beef to save the planet.




Less of a joke is that the “Gates Foundation has been funding all sorts of genetic engineering of mosquitoes, and there’s a lot of talk about using mosquitoes and mosquito bites to vaccinate certain populations,” attorney Tom Renz told the Pennsylvania State Senate.



This sort of misconduct is not new. A CIA medical doctor notes “Pfizer was established in 1849 by Jewish German immigrant Charles Pfizer and has been in business for 175 years without curing one single disease.”




Make no mistake, these people are mass murderers. Here is some of the latest evidence:



A bombshell new study from Germany found that “the more vaccinations were administered in a federal state, the greater the increase in excess mortality.”



In Italy, a newly published peer-reviewed study suggests a 37% reduction in life expectancy for people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. 




A peer-reviewed study in Forensic Science International found that 73.9% of post-COVID-19 vaccination deaths were directly caused by or significantly contributed to by the injections.



In the rereleased video below President Trump says he will investigate Big Pharma for the rise in autism and fertility, allergies, and child illness.




Our sources are telling us Trump will ask Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head the committee that investigates big pharma.



Trump also needs to set up a committee to investigate Big Green.



In the video below a former Australian government official explains how wind turbines are draining $40 billion a year from her country and sending it offshore. She explains power companies get $600,000 per year per turbine but that the turbines do not actually contribute any energy to the power grid.




“This shows how $ billions are laundered globally. Imagine how many countries around the world are doing this. All in the name of Green Energy.  We know the 5 Eyes are all involved,” a Pentagon source comments.


A similar situation exists with agriculture.



UK farmer: “We’ve had enough. For the last 20 years, we have been attacked by the political classes telling us how to farm in the countryside. We’re now being paid to stop growing food and grow wildflowers. It’s insanity.”






Then, of course, there is the still unsolved issue of what to do about all the blackmailed pedophiles running the West.



Elon Musk writes: “Why is there not one – just one – even *attempted* prosecution of that Epstein (Bill Gates & Reid Hoffman come to mind) client list?… Either FBI does their duty or the case for an entire departmental reset or abolishment is strong.”




Since Musk is with the US Space Force, this is a sign military action against the FBI is imminent, It is about time.



Military action against the Vatican is also needed. They just found Archbishop Carlo Vigano guilty of ‘schism’ and excommunicated him from the Church by order of the fake rubber-masked Pope Francis. Viganò says he considers the charges brought against him to be an “honor.”



More than two dozen US bishops issued statements attesting to Vigano’s credibility, including some of the current leadership of the U.S. bishops’ Conference.



Mel Gibson wrote a letter to Archbishop Vigano saying “It’s really a badge of honor that someone kicked you out of a fake, post-conciliar church…I have complete respect for the way you defend Christ and His Church…May God bless you and protect you. If you need anything, just ask, and I will try to help. With admiration and eternal respect.”



We are also expecting real disclosure from the Vatican etc. about aliens. Polish intelligence researched and concluded reptilians, anunaki (also lizardmen, saurians, reptoids, reptilian creatures) are fictional species of humanoid reptiles created by fantasy and science fiction authors. These were then popularized by supporters of conspiracy theories, according to which they are real beings living on earth, endowed with intelligence and the ability to look like humans.



We have personally met people who claimed to be aliens but they certainly looked and acted human.  



However, the Vatican apparently really does have contact with entities from other dimensions they call by names such as angels, devils and Jinn. It would be nice to have full disclosure on this topic.



Finally this week as food for thought, we note Amazon has deployed over 750,000 robots that have replaced over 100,000 people.



Video Player




Clearly AI is a more pressing issue to deal with now than aliens.



However, if there is an alien show this summer, please get out your popcorn and treat it as entertainment.


CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 — 第14章——埃博拉病毒


生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action 


生物战在行动 — Biological Warfare in Action

第14章——埃博拉病毒 — Chapter 14 – EBOLA

By Larry Romanoff




Health care workers wearing full body suits burn infected items at the ELWA Hospital in Monrovia on Aug. 30, 2014. Images Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty

2014年8月30日,在蒙罗维亚的ELWA医院,身穿全身防护服的医护人员焚烧受感染的物品。图片Dominique Faget/法新社/盖蒂


There was also the outbreak of the Ebola virus simultaneously in several African countries in the middle of 2014 that at the time of writing had already killed around 1,000 people. It was surprising to learn that the variety of Ebola that appeared was “an especially powerful mutated strain that had no apparent natural origin and immediately raised questions in many minds of having been engineered.” This caught my attention because the circumstances seemed so familiar – (a) a sudden, inexplicable outbreak of a new, unusual, and deadly disease, (b) in dispersed but focused locations, (c) with nobody searching for the origin, (d) claims that the virus was primarily race-specific, affecting primarily Africans, and (e) the WHO once again in full attendance.



埃博拉病毒起源 — Ebola Origin


Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, the virus has been infecting people from time to time, leading to outbreaks in several African countries. Source



In June of 2003, the Wall Street Journal ran an interesting article (1) titled, “Scientists Search For Human Hand Behind Jungle Virus”, stating that “Some scientists are turning their attention to a question asked all too infrequently once deadly viral outbreaks have been contained: Where did that come from?” The article provided a long list of mostly new diseases resulting from (probably) manufactured retroviruses like Ebola, Hanta, HIV, HTLV-I, HTLV-II, Lassa, Mad Cow Disease, Monkey Pox, Nipah, SARS, and West Nile Virus, as well as other curiosities like Gulf War Illness and Lyme disease, asking, “Where did the pathogens originate?”



Several physicians wrote an article titled, “There is no natural disease called Ebola”, in which they noted that while the main focus was on treatment, an increasing number of people were questioning the disease’s true origin, a decreasing number of investigators being convinced of the official story of Ebola evolving from “infected fruit bats”and much skepticism about how Ebola traveled 6,000 kilometers across Africa – from the site of one US bio-weapons lab to another – without causing infections in the intermediate areas. (2) (3These physicians and virologists insist there is no such natural disease, and believe it is a weaponised virus created in a US military bio-lab. (4) (5One media report, for which I have not yet seen documentation, claims the US Department of Defense was funding Ebola trials on humans in the weeks preceding the outbreaks in Guinea and Sierra Leone. No word on precisely which organisation was physically conducting the trials, but the DOD apparently had a $140 million contract with the Canadian pharma company Tekmira to conduct Ebola research that included infusing humans with the Ebola virus. (6) (7)

几位医生写了一篇题为《没有一种自然疾病叫埃博拉》的文章,他们在文章中指出,虽然主要关注的是治疗,但越来越多的人质疑这种疾病的真实起源,越来越少的调查人员相信埃博拉病毒是从感染的果蝙蝠”进化而来的官方说法,并对埃博拉病毒如何穿越非洲6000公里——从一个美国生物武器实验室到另一个——而不在中间地区造成感染表示怀疑。2) (3这些医生和病毒学家坚持认为不存在这种自然疾病,并认为这是一种在美国军方生物实验室中制造的武器化病毒。没有确切的消息表明是哪个组织在实际进行试验,但国防部显然与加拿大制药公司Tekmira签订了一份价值1.4亿美元的合同,负责进行埃博拉研究,包括为人类注射埃博拉病毒。(6) (7)


The “virus” transfers human-to-human by way of contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids. Source



In an article in the UK Guardian, the US Department of Defense was named as a collaborator in a “First in Human Ebola clinical trial” immediately before the Ebola epidemic appeared in West. The article also noted warnings that had been issued by top scientists from both Harvard and Yale Universities that US government funding of such “trials” risked “triggering a worldwide pandemic”. Dr. Broderick said “It is most disturbing that the U.S. government has been operating a viral hemorrhagic fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Sierra Leone. Are there others? Wherever they exist, it is time to terminate them.” And of course, Dr. Broderick is correct in his conclusions. (8) And there are indeed many other such bio-weapons labs around the world, prior US Congressional testimony suggesting these number in the hundreds.

在英国《卫报》的一篇文章中,就在埃博拉疫情在西方出现之前,美国国防部被任命为“人类首次埃博拉临床试验”的合作者。文章还指出,哈佛大学和耶鲁大学的顶尖科学家发出警告,称美国政府资助此类“试验”有“引发全球大流行”的风险。布罗德里克博士说:“最令人不安的是,美国政府一直在塞拉利昂运营一个病毒性出血热生物恐怖主义研究实验室。还有其他实验室吗?无论它们在哪里,都是时候终止它们了。”当然,布罗德里克博士的结论是正确的。8) 世界各地确实还有许多其他此类生物武器实验室,此前美国国会的证词表明,这些实验室的数量有数百个。


世界卫生组织疫苗接种计划The WHO Vaccination Programs



I managed to locate some records of the WHO’s vaccination programs for the countries in Africa where this Ebola virus erupted, and was not surprised to learn of the correlation with WHO inoculations since there has been a perfect correlation with other similar incidents to date. (9) (10) (11)Shimatsu noted what he calls “the strange coincidence of the earliest breakout in Guinea with major vaccine campaigns conducted by the WHO and UNICEF. [These involved] a cholera oral vaccine effort by Medicins Sans Frontieres under the WHO, and UNICEF-funded prevention programs against meningitis and polio.

我设法找到了世界卫生组织为埃博拉病毒爆发的非洲国家的疫苗接种计划的一些记录,得知与世界卫生组织疫苗接种的相关性并不感到惊讶,因为迄今为止与其他类似事件有着完美的相关性。(9) (10)(11Shimatsu指出,他所说的“几内亚最早爆发疫情与世界卫生组织和联合国儿童基金会开展的重大疫苗接种活动的奇怪巧合。(这些活动包括)世界卫生组织无国界医生组织的霍乱口服疫苗接种工作,以及联合国儿童卫生组织资助的脑膜炎和脊髓灰质炎预防计划。”。


The reason for suspecting a vaccine campaign rather than an individual carrier is due to the fact that the Ebola contagion did not start at a single geographic center and then spread outward along the roads. Instead, simultaneous outbreaks of multiple cases occurred in widely separated parts of rural Guinea …”. Shimatsu wrote, “How one of the deadliest viral strains in human history could have jumped a distance of 4,000 kilometers undetected from Central to West Africa defies logic.”, and I would certainly have to agree with his assessment.



He notes too that the vaccines were produced by Sanofi Pasteur, a French pharmaceutical controlled by the Rothschilds, and others with funding from the Gates Foundation. For the Gates-funded meningitis vaccine, an earlier UNICEF program with this same vaccine in Chad resulted in dozens of dead children. And in all of this, we seem to have an inclusion of all the usual suspects, namely, the WHO, Doctors without Borders (MSF), UNICEF, Tulane University, the Gates Foundation, USAID, the US-based CDC, Chatham House, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Wellcome Trust, UNAIDS, the US-based NIH, the US military’s Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) from Fort Detrick, and what Shimatsu calls “the rest of the alphabet soup of the hypocritical oafs of pharmaco-witchcraft”USAID has also been implicated in many of these disease outbreaks. He claims that “the herd instinct for self-preservation prevents any honest disclosure” of the facts, and I would have to agree.



It’s also worth noting that MSF itself is nowhere near as angelic as it pretends,being financed by what Shimatsu called “a rogue’s gallery of corporate predators” that include Microsoft (Gates again), Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, BlackRock and Bloomberg. MSF’s chief aim, if I want to be cynical, appears to be that of facilitator under the auspices of the WHO and UNICEF to promote (occasionally illegal and often useless) mass vaccination programs that produce huge profits for the big pharma companies. And MSF has been under clouds of suspicion before.(12)



More than one writer has categorised the WHO’s vaccination programs as a “mafia-style protection racket” where poor nations are bullied into spending unaffordable sums of money on often useless vaccines. One such example was Donald Rumsfeld’s prior pharma employer who marketed Tamiflu with enormous success in many countries, to the extent of billions of dollars in cost, with panels of health experts later declaring that Tamiflu had been “largely ineffective” and the money wasted. The UK did the same, spending many hundreds of millions of pounds on useless vaccines for non-existent epidemics. The same happened with the Ukraine, spending half the country’s foreign currency reserves on flu vaccines that proved to be both useless and unnecessary. There are many such stories. (13)(14)(15)(16)(17)(18)



埃博拉作为生物武器 — Ebola as Bioweapon


With this latest move by the Pentagon to help only foreign workers in Liberia, the message from the United States, intended or not, rings loud and clear: African health-care workers and their patients are not our priority. Source



The theory that Ebola is a bioweapon received some media attention when Liberia’s top newspaper, The Liberian Observer, published a report by plant physiologist Dr. Cyril Broderick, who suggested the virus was a genetically modified organism. (19) (20) (21) He quoted Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s book on emerging viruses, in which Horowitz “confirmed the existence of an American military-medical industry that conducts biological weapons tests under the guise of administering vaccinations to control diseases and improve the health of ‘black Africans overseas’.[The] WHO and several other UN agencies have been implicated in selecting and enticing African countries to participate in the testing events, promoting vaccinations, but pursuing various testing programmes.”

当利比里亚顶级报纸《利比里亚观察家报》发表植物生理学家西里尔·布罗德里克博士的一篇报道时,埃博拉病毒是一种生物武器的理论受到了一些媒体的关注,布罗德里克博士认为埃博拉病毒是转基因生物。(19) (20)(21)他引用了Leonard Horowitz博士关于新出现病毒的书,在书中,Horowitz“证实了美国军事医疗行业的存在,该行业以接种疫苗为幌子进行生物武器测试,以控制疾病并改善‘海外非洲黑人’的健康。世界卫生组织和其他几个联合国机构参与了选择和引诱非洲国家参加测试活动,推广疫苗接种,但开展了各种测试计划。”


American law professor Francis A. Boyle claimed the Ebola virus could have originated from American bio-warfare labs in Africa, and revealed that the US had been using West Africa as an offshore bio-weapons lab to circumvent the Convention on Biological Weapons. (22) (23) According to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, it was Dr. Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the US implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. And, according to a map produced by the Center of Disease Controlit does appear the virus victims were located in the same places as the American bio-labs. (24) (25) It is worth noting here that Dr. Boyle is not an easy person to dismiss as a flake or a conspiracy theorist, being a prominent American law professor who was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act and other Biological Weapons conventions. He is well-versed in the subject of bio-warfare and has written at least one book on the US military’s dramatic (and illegal) bio-weapons programs.

美国法学教授Francis A.Boyle声称埃博拉病毒可能起源于美国在非洲的生物战实验室,并透露美国一直在利用西非作为离岸生物武器实验室,以规避《生物武器公约》。(22)(23)根据Paul Craig Roberts博士的说法,是Boyle博士起草了1989年《生物武器反恐怖主义法》,这是美国实施1972年生物武器公约的立法。而且,根据疾病控制中心制作的地图,病毒受害者似乎与美国生物实验室位于同一地点。(24)(25)这里值得注意的是,博伊尔博士是一位著名的美国法学教授,负责起草《生物武器反恐法》和其他《生物武器公约》,他不是一个容易被视为怪人或阴谋论者的人。他精通生物战,至少写过一本关于美军戏剧性(和非法)生物武器计划的书。


One of the issues is that the US bullies smaller nations into rejecting international bio-weapons treaties for the purpose of using those same non-signatory nations as locations for its secret bio-warfare labs. This “offshoring” is just a clever way to violate the Biological Weapons Conventions that the US has signed while at the same time being entirely outside the purview and supervision of Congress (and the media). Often, even the host nations have no clear idea of what transpires in these so-called “health facilities” the US military establishes inside their own countries, this condition often being maintained by large cash disbursements.



There was another disturbing aspect to this entire Ebola enterprise, that being a report in the New York Times that the Zaire Ebola strain was identified or created many years ago (26) (27), and that the WHO ordered it shipped to the UK’s bio-weapons facility at Porton Down, from where it was sent to the US-based CDC who do similar work. (28) (29) Dr. Boyle speculated this virus was then exported to the US military’s bio-labs in West Africa where development was continued. Yoichi Shimatsu noted correctly that “the simultaneous eruptions [of this virus] in widely-separated zones” suggest it was introduced as part of the US military-funded bio-weapons research program.

整个埃博拉企业还有另一个令人不安的方面,那就是《纽约时报》的一篇报道,称扎伊尔埃博拉毒株是多年前发现或创造的(26)(27),世界卫生组下令将其运送到位于Porton Down的英国生物武器设施,然后将其送往美国疾病预防控制中心,后者也在做类似的工作。岛津洋一(Yoichi Shimatsu)正确地指出,“这种病毒在大范围隔离的地区同时爆发”表明,它是作为美国军方资助的生物武器研究计划的一部分引入的。


In the article mentioned above, Broderick claimed the epidemic was the result of work done by the US Department of Defense, among others. Apparently a great many readers praised his article, expressing their own sympathetic concerns for the large number of unexplained ‘coincidences’ of disease outbreak overlaid with US military experimentation on biological pathogens and the seemingly ever-present WHO and its vaccination programs. The US mainstream media attempted to dismiss his comments as relying on information from so-called ‘conspiracy websites’, but he appears to have had many legitimate references on which to base his comments and accusations, published reports he stated were ‘unambiguous’. Dr. Broderick’s main concern was that diseases such as Ebola and others were designed “for culling the world’s black population”, a claim that would be much easier to refute or dismiss out of hand if not for the US military’s proven experiments in designing precisely such race-specific pathogens. To dismiss this without careful thought would seem to be reckless indeed.


On July 24, 2014, in Sierra Leone, Sister Nancy Yoko, a nurse, speaks with colleagues in the office of the Ebola virus disease -EVD- treatment center at Kenema Government Hospital. Staff at the center are devastated by the loss of six nurses and one doctor who contracted EVD while caring for patients. The few nurses who remain are exhausted, overworked and demoralized. “We are known as the ‘Ebola nurses,’” says Ms. Yoko. “No one wants to come close to us. The nurses in the general ward won’t talk to us. Even our families are scared they will catch the virus from us.” Source



The statements of US bio-weapons labs dotting Africa are not imagination. In the midst of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone was privately-owned Tulane University from New Orleans (30) (31) (32), an institution known for conducting bio-weapons research for the US military at USAMRIID. Tulane executives had been boasting of having conducted “the largest and most detailed case [studies] of Ebola patients”, most of whom unfortunately died, and was accused of providing local hospitals with Ebola diagnosis kits that were either useless or fraudulent. (33) (34) In any case, Tulane, the US military, and Doctors without Borders apparently jointly established a hospital at Kenema that provoked local outrage and sent all hospital staff on strike and forcing a government investigation of the nearly 100% death rate. A representative for the group, Dr. Tim Jagatic of Doctors Without Borders, said it was “understandable” that locals believed they would all die if placed in the American hospital: “We created a hospital, and a lot of people [died]. It’s very difficult for them to make a connection that we are here to help”. No kidding. When all the patients die, what is the difference between hospital and no hospital? (35) (36)

美国生物武器实验室散布在非洲的言论并非想象。在塞拉利昂爆发埃博拉疫情期间,新奥尔良私立杜兰大学30)(31)(32是一所以在USAMRIID为美军进行生物武器研究而闻名的机构。杜兰高管一直吹嘘自己对埃博拉患者进行了“最大、最详细的病例[研究]”,其中大多数人不幸死亡,并被指控向当地医院提供无用或欺诈的埃博拉诊断试剂盒。(33)(34)无论如何,杜兰、美国军方和无国界医生组织显然在凯内马联合建立了一家医院,这引起了当地的愤怒,并派遣所有医院工作人员罢工,迫使政府对近100%的死亡率进行调查。该组织的代表、无国界医生组织的Tim Jagatic博士表示,当地人认为如果被安置在美国医院,他们都会死亡,这是“可以理解的”:“我们创建了一家医院,很多人(死亡)。他们很难将我们在这里提供的帮助联系起来”。不开玩笑。当所有的病人都死了,有医院和没有医院有什么区别?(35) (36)


But it wasn’t only the hospital that outraged the locals and caused panic; it was also the fact that the US military was operating a bio-weapons research lab at the same location, with all evidence apparently suggesting a strong connection between that military research lab at Kenema, the Kenema hospital, Tulane’s Ebola research, the Ebola outbreak, and the high death rate. In addition to the closing of the hospital and the ejection of Tulane University, the US military was also forced to shut down its bio-weapons lab in Sierra Leone. The government also ordered the US-based CDC – another bio-weapons-related contractor – to submit all the data from its own labs in Kenema, apparently for a government investigation into this tightly-knit foreign collaboration. Of course the Western media like the Washington Post ignored all of this in their haste to trash anyone who dared contradict the official “Fruit bat – Act of God” theory of origin, dismissing inconvenient truths as “churning out Ebola conspiracy after conspiracy”.



怀疑 — Suspicions




Many nations in Africa, as in South America and Asia, have become increasingly suspicious of US and UN so-called “health” activities within their borders, not forgetting Kissinger’s NSSM paper that said,“The United States economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”, and that called for a huge increase in funding for “creating conditions conducive to fertility decline”. They are also aware of the Rumsfeld-Cheney PNAC paper that stated, “Advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes, may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” (37) (38) (39)

许多非洲国家,如南美和亚洲国家,越来越怀疑美国和联合国在其境内的所谓“健康”活动不要忘记基辛格的NSSM论文,该论文称,“美国经济将需要大量且不断增加的外国矿产,尤其是欠发达国家的矿产。”该论文呼吁大幅增加资金,“创造有利于生育率下降的条件”他们还知道Rumsfeld-Cheney PNAC的论文,论文指出,“可以针对特定基因型的先进形式的生物战,可能会将生物战从恐怖领域转变为政治有用的工具。”(37)(38)(39


To accentuate these, in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreaks, US President Obama announced he would send 3,000 troops to Africa, while Cuba, China and other nations were sending doctors, virologists and medications. The US government and military have been rather cagey about the precise qualifications of the troops being sent to Africa, providing only a nonsensically-vague statement of what appears to be cautionary behavior to protect themselves from infection, the troops receiving vaccinations and “training on medical readiness requirements”. But in fact, the US soldiers being sent to Africa “to fight Ebola” were an elite division of combat troops who have no medical or other training that would be of use to anyone, and Dr. Boyle (as well as many Africans) is convinced they have been sent to establish permanent US military bases on the continent. Africans are naturally asking, “What does Africa need today, troops or doctors?”, with many considering the US effort a “sham” that is simply a prelude to military colonisation of Africa under the pretense of medical security.



The serum cures and vaccinations are being withheld from Africa and utilised for whites only. Source



It has not escaped their notice that, while military personnel are being “shared” generously, the serum cures and vaccinations are being withheld from Africa and utilised for whites only. And of course, the US has a long and irrefutable history of intentionally infecting countless thousands of people in the US itself and in many other nations, including the famous Guatemala and Tuskegee syphilis experiments that continued for 40 years, the mass sterilisations of US citizens including indigenous natives and much of the population of Puerto Rico. West Africans are terrified of international aid programs for fear of another genocide campaign, and no one can blame them for their suspicions. The distrust of foreigners, and of Americans especially, has become so intense in some African locations that foreign clinics and hospitals have been attacked and burned, and some foreign aid workers and medical staff assaulted. It isn’t difficult to understand why. Dr. Broderick went so far as to claim there is sufficient evidence and clearly “the need to pursue criminal and civil redress for damages”, against the US government, Tulane University, the WHO, and at least one pharma company.



The disease was surprisingly hyped in the media. Though Ebola can certainly be lethal, the death rate (kill rate) was nowhere near the publicised ratios and, while 1,000 or more people did die from it in the first year, in the same year there were more than 200 million cases of malaria worldwide, with nearly 500,000 deaths, 90% of these in Africaand mostly children. Yet this rated no attention whatever in the Western media. If 500,000 deaths aren’t sufficient for even a mention, much less a declaration of apocalypse, why would 1,000 deaths qualify? Is it possible that part of this reason is that malaria is treated with simple low-cost medications like quinine, with no opportunity to sell billions of doses of yet another hugely profitable vaccine? The same has been true with many other “epidemic” infections including ZIKA, where very few died, a relative handful suffered birth defects of questionable origin, but where the human toll was insignificant compared to malaria, and yet the world media were flooding the ether with hype and dire prognostications.



Some of AFRICOM’s known permanent and semi-permanent military bases on the African continent, 2019. Source



If the real concern of the WHO or MSF were saving human lives, where is the malaria effort? If Obama really wanted to save the world when he vowed that “We will not stop, we will not relent until we halt this epidemic once and for all”, why wouldn’t he send thousands of troops to Africa to save 500,000 lives from malaria instead of 1,000 from Ebola? It hardly qualifies as a conspiracy theory when observers suggest the US military’s commitment is more about population control and military dominance to ensure access to natural resources than about saving livesIn this context, the US military “commitment” to eradicating Ebola qualifies more as a deprecating insult and bad joke than a humanitarian gesture. Ignore the claims and the media hype, and examine the results. Ignoring malaria makes a significant contribution to population reduction, no doubt warming the cockles of hearts of our well-known Malthusians, while providing a convenient platform for the US militarisation of Africa. Whether or not these are the intentions, they are the result and, in foreign affairs, it is usually an error of simplistic naïveté to assume that obtained results were not those intended.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


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Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 July 1st



Biden Trump debate psy-ops causes Kool Aid drinkers’ heads to explode


Videos of this report = 本报告的视频

First four videos already posted below =  前四段视频已发布如下

In a military-grade psychological warfare operation equivalent to a nuclear bomb, the so-called debate between US President Donald Trump and fake President Joe Biden destroyed the entire Democratic Party paradigm. This caused brainwashed Kool-Aid drinkers believing Joe Biden was actually president to freak out big time. Since this is all over the blogosphere we will not delve too deeply into their reaction. Instead, we have inserted a bunch of clips of Khazarian Mafia talking heads exploding on air. My personal favorite is an obviously drunk Nancy Pelosi appearing on TV to cling to the illusion Biden will somehow stay as president.





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We also noticed the New York Times put out a panicked editorial saying basically “We have got to get someone other than Biden to front for us or else Trump is going to have us all killed.”



The debate psy-ops shows the avatar playing the role of “Biden” was likely coopted by the white hats to deliberately show the world he was mentally incompetent and unfit for office.



Here is a typical example of the sort of reaction this debate has provoked:



Now that “Joe Biden” has been revealed as a hoax president, whole legions of public officials appear liable to criminal charges of the most serious degree: sedition, treason, mass murder, fraud, malfeasance, and in the case of the president himself, influence peddling and bribery. They must be desperate to avoid accounting for all that, losing their accrued fortunes to legal fees and going to prison (or worse). For example, outed just this week: news that then-CIA Director in 2020, Gina Haspel, knew about and participated in the infamous operation using 51 former Intel officers to cover up the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop days before the election. They knew the laptop was real. Their colleagues over at the FBI knew it was real.



The bigger story is this means a defeat for the Rockefeller/Obama/Hitler bloodline of the KM. That is because anybody who is aware knows “Biden” was a front for Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama Hitler.





What they do not realize is just how horrific the plans of this Nazi faction of the KM really were. A German whistleblower, Dr, Aysteha Enukuha Dominykas- an engineer involved in building underground bases throughout Germany- reveals part of the story. She says former Chancellor Angela Merkel Hitler had underground bunkers built in each major German city. A bunker she worked on was set up to house 200,000 soldiers and 16,000 support staff including Wahhabi Muslim preachers and sex workers. The facilities were equipped with Mosques but not Churches, she notes.



This is why the KM paid millions of military-aged Muslim males to enter Germany during and after Merkel’s rule. The plan was to use them to “eliminate at least 15 million Germans, predominantly old and economically weak, without mercy,” she says.



It was probably for her role in implementing this plan that Barack Hitler gave his cousin Angela Hitler the Presidential Medal of Freedom; the highest United States medal that can be awarded to non-American civilians.



It is a safe bet that at least 7.4 military-aged foreign illegal immigrants brought in by the Obama/Biden regime were going to implement a similar mass murder and enslavement operation in the United States.



Although this plan was scheduled to start in 2016, it was delayed by the election of Donald Trump and only restarted with the Obiden regime in 2021.



To understand why the people behind the Obiden administration fear execution with the return of Trump, take a look at the expressions of the Obamas and Clintons at the 2018 funeral of George Bush Sr. They had just been given copies of the confession Bush signed before he was executed and given notice to expect the same.



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This is what prompted the massive KM counter-attack that resulted in the Obiden administration, the attempted democide by vaccine and the rush to hire foreign illegal immigrant bodyguards.



In any case, the implosion of Biden at the debate led to a flurry of back-channel negotiations. The KM offered the white hats a proposal to install Gavin Newsom as an alternative to Biden. However, as far as they can tell, Newsom is an AI avatar used by the Silicon Valley branch of the KM and is not seen as acceptable. US public opinion polls also confirm he is a non-starter.



Attempts to offer Michelle “Big Mike” Obama, a “Hillary Clinton” avatar looking 30 years younger, Kamala Harris, etc. as substitutes for Biden were also all nixed. The bottom line was the KM said they would accept anyone but Trump.






In the end they agreed to accept Colonel Douglas MacGregor as interim head of State. MacGregor himself, in the brilliant speech below, calls for new elections to be held immediately. In it, he notes:



destructive executive orders and policy directives, many of which were likely signed when President Biden was in a rapidly diminished state of mind, inflicted tremendous damage on our nation…It is time to ask, who truly governs this country? Is it we, the people, as our founders intended, or have we surrendered control to unelected bureaucrats, sprawling federal agencies, and affluent donors who do not have the best interests of ordinary Americans at heart?



Video Player




To secure the blessings of liberty for this generation and those to come, we must reclaim the rightful sovereignty of the American people over a dysfunctional and unresponsive political establishment.



With today, July 1st, being Canada Day or Canada’s Independence Day and with US Independence Day on July 4th, the white hat alliance proposes making MacGregor interim leader of the new nation of the United States of North America.



We note the “Q” site is saying a military lockdown is coming on July 4th so maybe this year finally, there will be a real independence day to celebrate for the first time since 1871. A military lockdown is going to be necessary if the swamp is to be drained and a new Republic to be started. 



Take the example of Chicago to understand why the military is needed. In Chicago in 2023, police were unable to respond to more than half of calls made to 911 of a person being shot.



In related news, the number of homeless Chicagoans tripled between January 2023 and January 2024 due to the huge influx of illegal immigrants.



In other words, only the military can deal with the large numbers of armed foreigners imported by the Obiden regime in an attempt to stay in power.



The “Q” people, of course, say Donald Trump is already Commander in Chief and President because he won the 2020 election. They say they would accept MacGregor as Field Marshall in charge of the US military.



What is clear though is that no matter who takes power, a major Satanic infestation needs to be cleaned up. This is where the sudden “release” of whistleblower Julian Assange may play a role.



We know the original Assange used to appear on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he was taking shelter. Then he stopped appearing after the actress Pamela Anderson visited him in 2018 with a “birthday cake.” Later a story was concocted that he was grabbed and put in a UK jail. However, we sent people to visit the actual courts in the UK where Assange was supposed to be facing trial and he never appeared.



Some white hat sources connected to “Q” are saying the person killed in 2018 was a body double and the very different-looking Assange now appearing in the media is the real deal.



As a part of this new show Assange’s supposed wife Stella spoke to the BBC in her Barbie pink sweater.



Video Player




“Have you ever seen a real human blink that much while talking?” a Canadian intelligence source comments.



Regardless, the important thing is to see if they start using the new Assange to release information to the general public about the KM. In particular, we need to see if he is used to disclose information about the industrial-scale murder and torture of children by the KM elite.



Here as a reminder, is an email from John Podesta Rockefeller saying he plans to heat the pool because “Bonnie will be an Uber service to transport Ruby, Emerson and Maeve Luzzato (11, 9 and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment.”


Then there is the frazzledrip video of Hillary Clinton Rockefeller Hitler torturing a young girl to death by ripping the skin off her face etc. This sort of practice is widespread among the KM.



Next, take a look at the expression of Winfrey Oprah in this recently re-released old video of someone discussing adrenochrome on her show.



Video Player




In another example, according to a Pentagon source, the McDonald’s Logo is from the book of Black Magic and the letter ‘M’ in the Logo is a ‘Sigil’ (which is used as a Symbol in Black Magic). 



“The McDonald’s Founder Raymond Albert Kroc was a 33° Freemason. That’s how he got the money to start his business. Kroc was also a High Priest in the Church Of Satan. McDonald’s has always had a close partnership because of the Masonic Brotherhood. Masons are closely connected to all charities involving children. The Golden Arch (in the Logo) itself is Masonic. It also represents the arch of Baal (a Satanic God whom the Cult worships).”


Then of course there is Disney. The Jeffrey Epstein & Disney connection just got more exposed. Here is a picture of a little girl being clutched at Disney next to Epstein who then shows up with Epstein again outside of Disney. Disney staged regular snorkeling trips to Epstein Island and Disney Cruise Ships stopped at Epstein Island



Video Player




These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Since 8 million children disappear worldwide every year, this is a huge problem involving an estimated one million Satanic practitioners.



So, the real reason for the widespread panic among the Obiden supporters is they fear mass execution for these crimes under Trump. That is why they are desperately seeking an alternative like MacGregor who might offer them truth and reconciliation instead of death.



In any case, as Russian President Vladimir Putin notes, the current US Corporate government owes the rest of the world more than $54 trillion. The St. Louis Fed and others also note they owe more than $200 trillion to their own citizens. What it means is the US cannot continue in its current form and must declare bankruptcy and be replaced.



Video Player




In a sign of bankruptcy preparations, “Elon Musk’s SpaceX will build a vehicle to tow the International Space Station back through the atmosphere and crash it into the ocean.” What this really means is NASA (Not A Space Agency) is shutting down its fake space travel movie studio and transitioning to “commercially owned space destinations closer to home.” That is because they know they can no longer use debt to finance their fake space program.



Speaking of debt please take notice of the picture below it says USA Treasury not U.S. Treasury. That shows what is bankrupt is not the U.S. Republic but the USA corporation. 



Needless to say, it is not just the US Corporate government that needs to be replaced.



There is also a huge fight underway in the UK. Here the British faction led by Reform Party leader Nigel Farage is fighting against a KM-controlled Keir Starmer. MI5 sent us copies of Starmer’s visa to visit communist-ruled Czechoslovakia in 1986 and say Slovak authorities refuse to disclose what he was doing there. MI5 says if he was not a communist agent, the files would have been released. MI6 for their part says Starmer is being blackmailed over participation in human sacrifice rituals and will take the UK back into the EU if he takes power after the July 4th election.






There was a related incident involving the UK Royal Family. Princess Anne was beaten and sent to the hospital with serious concussions on June 23rd. Princess Anne is known to be associated with the white hat alliance, MI6 sources say. Princess Anne was designated by Queen Elizabeth to act as regent for Prince George, the eldest son of Crown Prince William, according to royal family sources. This was because King Charles is known to be compromised and blackmailed by the Nazi faction of the KM, the sources say. Crown Prince William is also disqualified for participating in the Satanic sacrifice of his wife Kate Middleton, the sources say.



The attack also came as the Japanese Emperor visited the UK to meet with either King Charles or the avatar who was playing his role. Our own Japanese sources close to the Emperor would not talk much about what happened other than to say Naruhito would be inducted into the Order of the Garter established by Queen Elizabeth I.



The Emperor Naruhito himself is also under siege. He bears ultimate responsibility for the murder of 500,000 Japanese by vaccine. Japanese Neuroscientist Dr. Hiroto Komano says that in addition to this, a study of 550,000 people in Japan reveals the vaccines caused Alzheimer’s disease to increase by 20%.



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Asian Secret Society sources say so many people were involved in the vaccine crimes that there will be a total collapse of the social order unless the clean-up is done in stages. That is what is underway now, they say.



Needless to say, the vaccine murderers have not given up on trying to kill us all before we arrest them.



The Russian military says an Obiden-owned company by the name of Metabiota has relocated its bioweapons operations to various African countries after they were shut down in Ukraine. The Russians say these laboratories are preparing a new pandemic in time for the 2024 US elections.



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For an example, as Republic of the Congo leader Denis Sassou-Nguesso met Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss his country joining the BRICS alliance.



Video Player




This news came out: the “most dangerous strain yet” of monkeypox virus is spreading quickly along the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the WHO says.



It shows the current leadership of the West spreads disease and threats of disease to try to stay in control.



There is a lot of money at stake. As the First Lady of Sierra Leone notes as things stand her country gets paid $10,000 for every $100 million worth of minerals taken from her country. That is 0.0001%. This is why more and more African countries are kicking out Western oligarchs.



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Overall it has been estimated Africa is looted to the tune of $500 billion a year by KM oligarchs.



The KM are also still trying to kill Western populations in a desperate bid to stay in power. They are now planning to use our food supply to vaccinate us. “The next big product being developed is edible vaccines. These are food products like tomatoes and other things, which can have the effect of a vaccination when you eat them. And now a group of Chinese scientists has found that they can relay mRNA vaccines using cow’s milk,” says Jesse Watters.



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The vaccines may be related to a recent epidemic of fake food in the US. Take a look at the examples in the disturbing video below. We recommend you shop at local farmers’ markets if you can. .



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These criminals are also still trying to push the previous types of vaccines. The paid-off puppets at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 27 recommended forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines for virtually all Americans.



This comes as “Five states — Texas, Utah, Kansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana — suing Pfizer for knowing and concealing the vaccine causing myocarditis, pericarditis, failed pregnancies and deaths. That’s 10% of US states…The tide is turning,” US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy notes.



In another sign the tide is turning, the Ashkenazi Jewish Zionist Sackler family has been stripped by the Supreme Court of immunity related to all the opioid deaths their products have caused. This is a sign they will also strip Pfizer, etc. of their supposed immunity from vaccine lawsuits.



In Canada, the Ontario Court of Justice ruled a PCR test is an instrument that is inserted into the body and therefore contravenes section 14 of the Quarantine Act.



It is only a matter of time before they figure out, like the Chinese already have, the tests themselves are fraudulent.



As this sort of truth comes out New Brunswick MP Wayne Long has joined the chorus openly calling for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to resign,



Canada is also being forced to release people who were unlawfully detained for protesting the fake pandemic and associated martial law. This is happening in the US as well. The Supreme Court ruled on June 28 in effect that hundreds of Jan. 6 defendants would have to be released after being bogusly charged under an accounting law.



There is also an ongoing revolt against the KM in Poland. There, according to Polish intelligence “miners have joined farmers, they are fed up with the idiocracy created by the government regarding burning coal for power plants generating electricity and the Green Deal, as well as importing coal from Russia and blocking Polish mining.”

波兰也有一场反对可萨黑手党的持续叛乱。据波兰情报部门称,在那里,“矿工们加入了农民的行列,他们受够了政府针对火电厂的绿色协议,以及从俄罗斯进口煤炭和阻止波兰采矿方面制造的白痴政治。” –


In a positive sign for Europe, Hungary began its six-month presidency of the European Council. Hungarian President Victor Orban’s motto is “Let’s make Europe great again!,” He wants a prompt end to the conflict in the Ukraine and an end to uncontrolled immigration.



Also, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have now both publicly declared NATO will not take part in the Ukraine war.



Russian FSB sources say NATO has secretly agreed to join a new security architecture in Eurasia proposed by Russia. This will force external players to curtail their military presence on the continent, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says.



North Korea has already joined and says it will send troops to Ukraine to fight alongside Russia.



The North Korean News Agency reports “The U.S. strategy for world domination to encircle and contain independent and sovereign states and secure its military hegemony has already crossed the red-line and is bringing about a very negative change in the world security environment and geopolitical mechanical structure.”



India has also joined this Russian military alliance.



With the Obiden regime now collapsing and Europe joining with Russia, the last domino appears to be Israel. However, it looks certain that Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Satanyahu’s days are numbered. Sarah Netanyahu accuses Israel’s army chiefs of seeking to carry out a coup against her husband.



Also, in what may be the final straw to put an end to Benjamin Satanyahu and his cronies “Israel’s Supreme Court rules that the military must draft ultra-Orthodox men in a decision that could lead to the collapse of Netanyahu’s governing coalition.”



In a desperate last-minute gambit to stay in power, Satanyahu is desperately trying to start a war with Lebanon. As a result, the following countries have begun evacuating their civilians from Lebanon:



1) Canada  

1) 加拿大

2) Kuwait 

2) 科威特

3) Germany  

3) 德国

4) Netherlands 

4) 荷兰

5) Saudi Arabia 

5) 沙特阿拉伯

6) North Macedonia 

6) 北马其顿

7) Russia  

7) 俄罗斯

8) USA  

8) 美国

9) Ireland  

9) 爱尔兰

10) Jordan  

10) 约旦

11) Australia 

11) 澳大利亚


In addition to still trying to start war, the KM is also trying to start cyberwar. That is why the World Economic Forum warns “Cyber Attacks Against Car Dealers and the Federal Reserve Put U.S. Economy at the Brink of Failure.”



It is not just the US Economy that is on the brink of failure. China’s home sales have plunged over 30% in the past five months despite government rescue efforts. Since real estate loans account for approximately 40 percent of total Chinese bank credit over the long term “It will severely impact the entire real estate industry and its 56 related industries.”



What this means is that, while China’s problems are not nearly as huge as those facing the US Corporation, it also needs a financial reboot. Our sources say this is coming.



In Mexico meanwhile, it looks like the KM may be winning there. It turns out President-Elect Claudia Steinbaum is a likely KM agent. Remember this cover story about the year ahead in the Rothschild and Agnelli family-owned Economist Magazine. On the top left you see a profile of a woman. Compare that to this profile picture of Steinbaum. A coincidence? 




Our Mexican sources say Mexico was threatened with earthquake and weather weapons and over 30 politicians were killed before they accepted her as president.



Some sources say she was installed by the white hats to clean up the narco and human trafficking there so we will need to see what she actually does after taking office on October 1st.



Finally, in a sign the rabbit hole runs deep, take a look at this commemorative coin issued in 1932, it has a Star of David, a Swastika and an all-seeing eye all in one.






Hopefully, the truth behind all of this will soon set us free. Certainly, the news shows the white hats are close to winning. However, it is not over until it is over so we must keep fighting until humanity is finally freed from millennia of Satanic slavery. 


CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: — 第13章——中东呼吸综合征 — Chapter 13 – MERS

生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action 

生物战在行动 — Biological Warfare in Action

11——艾滋病 — Chapter 13 – MERS

By Larry Romanoff



Au unidentified student is checked her temperature as a precaution against MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) at Gwanghui Elementary School in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. The death toll in South Korea’s MERS outbreak increased Tuesday even as schools reopened and people recovered from the virus. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon). Source


In late 2012, the world experienced the onset of a new mini-epidemic from a novel coronavirus that was named MERS (1) (2) because it supposedly originated in the Middle East, at first infecting small numbers of people in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar. Then England experienced a few cases where individuals apparently became infected during trips to the Middle East.This new virus was similar to SARS but was accused of having mutated and developed an ability to invade human cells more efficiently and therefore kill about 50% of those infected, compared to only about 10% for SARSThe virus was first seen by an Egyptian virologist in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia while doing tests on a patient with unusual symptoms, with the discovery soon after that this ‘patient zero’ and the Qatari man in the UK had been infected by viruses that were 99.5% identical. (3) There was no vaccine or treatment for the disease, and its fatality rate reached over 40% overall.

2012年末,世界经历了一种新的由新型冠状病毒引起的小型流行病的爆发,该病毒被命名为MERS(1)(2,因为它据称起源于中东,最初感染了沙特阿拉伯、约旦和卡塔尔的少数人。随后,英格兰出现了一些病例,其中一些人显然是在前往中东的途中感染的。这种新病毒与SARS相似,但被指控发生了变异,并发展出更有效地入侵人类细胞的能力,因此杀死了约50%的感染者,而SARS仅杀死了约10%。这种病毒是由沙特阿拉伯吉达的一名埃及病毒学家在对一名症状异常的患者进行测试时首次发现的,不久后发现,这位“零号病人”和英国的卡塔尔男子感染了99.5%相同的病毒。3) 这种疾病没有疫苗或治疗方法,总体死亡率达到40%以上。

South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye postpones US visit over MERS outbreak KIM HONG-JI/REUTERS. Source


By early 2013 there had been nearly 100 cases, mostly centered in the Middle East with the others consisting of infected travelers to those regions (4). But two years later, by June of 2015, almost 2,500 cases of MERS had been reported, most of these being in the Middle East with almost the entire remainder being in Korea, apparently centered on the Gyeonggi provincial district. A small number of cases had been reported in about 25 other countries and, while the virus did not appear to spread easily between humans, it produced a fatality rate in some locations of almost 50% of those infected. South Korea eventually experienced almost 200 cases with about 40 deaths. (5) (6)

截至2013年初,已有近100例病例,其中大部分集中在中东,其他病例由前往这些地区的受感染旅客组成(4)。但两年后,截至2015年6月,报告了近2500例MERS病例,其中大部分在中东,其余几乎全部在韩国,显然集中在京畿道。大约25个其他国家也报告了少量病例尽管这种病毒似乎不容易在人与人之间传播,但在一些地区,它的死亡率几乎为感染者的50%。韩国最终出现了近200例病例,约40人死亡。(5) (6)

The outbreak in Korea was the largest manifestation of MERS outside the Middle East, hitting this country quite hard. The public were of course worried and anxious, thousands of individuals were in quarantine, thousands of schools were closed, mostly in Seoul and surrounding Gyeonggi Province, airline flights to and from Korea had been reduced by about 50%, and tourism and travel had been sharply curtailed. A number of countries issued travel advisories, and Korea ordered the screening of all inbound passengers, dealing further damage to tourism and business travel. The effect on South Korea’s economy was quite serious, with most observers expecting the economic damage to be in the billions. Cinemas, supermarket chains, shopping malls and theme parks suffered huge drops in attendance and sales, as did most tourist-related facilities including hotels and restaurants.


The virus appearing to spread virulently and aggressively in a hospital environment.


According to the official narrative in the Western media, South Korea’s infections were apparently all traced to a patient zero who developed MERS after returning from a trip to the Middle East and who came into contact with others before being diagnosed. All subsequent infections occurred in Korea’s health facilities, the virus appearing to spread virulently and aggressively in a hospital environment, much the same as the SARS virus did in the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong, where one patient immediately infected more than 100 medical staff. Apparently about 50% of those with patient contact at the Samsung Medical Centre in Seoul contracted the disease.


Margaret Chan and Keiji Fukuda. Source


The astonishing spread of MERS inside several Korean hospitals invoked images of Margaret Chan stubbornly opposing hospital redesign in Hong Kong during the SARS outbreak there. As many observers noted, “the hard-learned lessons from the SARS pandemic in Hong Kong apparently never reached Seoul or Geneva”. WHO Assistant Director-General Keiji Fukuda, in an attempted explanation of the virus’ rapid progress in Korean hospitals, stated that “Infection prevention and control measures were not optimal” in Korean hospitals, with overcrowding and patients sharing rooms. He also mentioned the South Koreans’ habit of visiting several medical facilities and the “Korean custom” of patients having many visitors. (7) (8) His comments may have been true, but there was no evidence Saudi Arabia’s control measures were any more optimal than those in Seoul, and Korea is not the only country where hospital patients have contact with visitors or medical staff.

MERS在几家韩国医院内的惊人传播,让人想起了在SARS爆发期间,陈冯富珍顽固反对香港医院重新设计的画面。正如许多观察人士指出的那样,“香港SARS疫情的来之不易的教训显然从未到达首尔或日内瓦”。世界卫生组织助理总干事福田敬二(Keiji Fukuda)试图解释该病毒在韩国医院的快速发展,他表示,韩国医院“感染预防和控制措施不是最佳的”,医院人满为患,患者共享房间。他还提到了韩国人参观多个医疗设施的习惯,以及病人来访人数众多的“韩国习俗”。(7) (8)他的评论可能是真的,但没有证据表明沙特阿拉伯的控制措施比首尔的控制措施更为优化,韩国并不是唯一一个医院患者与访客或医护人员接触的国家。

Oddly, the WHO appeared quite unconcerned about this new potential epidemic, specifically stating it did not recommend the screening of passengers to or from Korea, and that no travel restrictions should be imposed. The WHO’s Director-General, Margaret Chan, said she believed South Korea could control the spread of the disease without these restrictions. One would have thought that with the worldwide panic still fresh in everyone’s mind from the SARS experience only a few years prior, they would have taken a more cautious approach. But then the WHO wasn’t entirely cautious during the SARS outbreak either; in Hong Kong, Margaret Chan specifically advised against taking many precautions, including screenings, isolations and quarantines, all advice that was later much resented because those precautions would have spared many lives. In fact, it was Margaret Chan’s curious combination of aloofness and what appeared to be outright incompetence that resulted in two politicians resigning (9) (10) and her leaving Hong Kong in disgrace, only to come to rest as head of the WHO.


While the school boards in Seoul and surrounding Gyeonggi Province announced the extension of existing school closures and recommended the temporary closure of many more, on June 11 of 2015 the WHO advised the country to re-open all of them, stating that “Schools had not been linked to the transmission of the virus in Korea or elsewhere”. The WHO also recommended again that Korea lift all travel restrictions, but then suddenly three days later, a team of WHO “experts” surprisingly stated that “The deadly MERS outbreak in South Korea” was “large and complex”, and that “more cases should be anticipated”.And in fact the disease had been spreading at an increasingly rapid pace, with 150 confirmed infections in less than one month. And suddenly, in defiance of Margaret Chan’s “I eat chicken every day” SARS reassurances, the WHO surprisingly stated the Korean government “should remain vigilant” and should continue “intensified disease surveillance and prevention measures”, praising the country for its “strong quarantine measures”. (11) (12)

虽然首尔和周边京畿道的学校董事会宣布延长现有的学校关闭时间,并建议暂时关闭更多学校,但2015年6月11日,世界卫生组织建议该国重新开放所有学校,并表示“学校与病毒在韩国或其他地方的传播无关”。世界卫生组织还再次建议韩国取消所有旅行限制,但三天后突然,世界卫生组织的一个“专家”小组出人意料地表示,“韩国致命的MERS疫情”“规模巨大且复杂”,“应该预计会有更多病例”事实上,这种疾病的传播速度越来越快,在不到一个月的时间里就有150例确诊感染。突然间,世界卫生组织不顾陈冯富珍“我每天都吃鸡肉”的SARS保证,出人意料地表示,韩国政府“应该保持警惕”,应该继续“加强疾病监测和预防措施”,并赞扬该国的“强有力的隔离措施”。(11) (12)

Interestingly, there was rather sparse coverage of MERS in the Middle East and South Korea, certainly compared to SARS in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and no mention of Saudi Arabia, South Korea, or the WHO delaying, covering up, denying infections and fatality rates, while for Mainland China with SARS we were treated to virulent China-bashing 24/7 for most of a year.Saudi Arabia was heavily criticised internally for its flawed response (13) (14), and the doctor who reported the first MERS patient to the government, was sworn to silence then promptly fired, which rated little mention in the Western media. Soon after, when the outbreak became public, the Saudi Health Minister was also fired. (15) (16)

有趣的是,中东和韩国对MERS的报道相当少,当然与香港和中国大陆的SARS相比,也没有提到沙特阿拉伯、韩国或世界卫生组织推迟、掩盖、否认感染率和死亡率,而对于患有SARS的中国大陆,我们在一年的大部分时间里都接受了致命的中国式流感治疗。沙特阿拉伯因其有缺陷的反应而受到内部的严厉批评(13)(14),向政府报告首例MERS患者的医生发誓要保持沉默,然后立即被解雇,西方媒体对此只字未提。不久之后,当疫情公开后,沙特卫生部长也被解雇了。(15) (16)

There was some muted coverage of the virus, but no clamor for investigation of the source, no genuine search for a patient zero, nor any puzzlement about how a never-before-seen bat-cum-camel virus suddenly appeared, and with a strange preference (and appetite) for residents of the Middle EastNor could I find any studies of genome sequencing that would have identified the various strains of MERS that infected the Middle East and South Korea. Given the minor rates of infections and fatalities in the rest of the world, this appeared more than curious. Also, any suggestion (and there were suggestions) by scientists of MERS perhaps having had a human black hand, were considered verboten by the Western media, and squashed. There were reports of various teams, including one from Canada (17), who traveled to Saudi Arabia to study the spread of MERS, but no discoveries were publicised. Overall, MERS simply died a quiet death.


Researchers Scramble to Understand Camel Connection to MERS. Source


As with SARS, and with COVID-19, the Western media staked out the claim of MERS being (in this case) a ‘camel virus’ which camels, after millennia of friendly cohabitation with man, suddenly decided to share their virology with humans. What is needed is an explanation of the actual source of the new virus in terms of its first human infection. To my knowledge, this was never done, nor was any search for a ‘patient zero’ ever conducted. Instead, the first victim diagnosed was designated as patient zero and the matter dropped. This in itself is bizarre, since normally an extensive and vigorous search is made for this individual. I have no explanation for virologists casually identifying a ‘possible’ original animal source, then ceasing further investigation.


Yoichi Shimatsu.Source


But there was more. I have not managed to independently confirm all of these details, but in June of 2015 Yoichi Shimatsu wrote a quite interesting and detailed article (18) (19) that provided a few enlightening additions to the facts of the MERS outbreak in Korea. For one, he reiterated that, according to the Korean Yonhap News Service, at the onset of the outbreak, 100 South Korean military personnel were quarantined at the USAF Osan Air Base, following the MERS infection of servicemen, indicating that this Korean soldier may well have been the actual Patient ZeroFor those unfamiliar with the geography of South Korea, both Seoul, which suffered the bulk of the MERS cases, and the USAF base at Osan, are both in close proximity in Gyeonggi Province, which was also reported as the home of the (undocumented and quite likely imaginary) “infected businessman” who traveled to the Middle East and contracted the virus. According to Shimatsu, the Osan base is home to the Joint US Forces-Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition advanced technology demonstration (JUPITR ATD), a military biological surveillance program that operates its other lab facility at Fort Detrick, MD. It is also reportedly the home of one of the US military’s bio-weapons research labs.

但还有更多。我未能独立证实所有这些细节,但岛津洋一在2015年6月写了一篇非常有趣和详细的文章18)(19),为韩国爆发MERS的事实提供了一些启发性的补充。首先,他重申,据韩国联合通讯社报道,在疫情爆发时,在军人感染MERS后,100名韩国军人在美国空军奥山空军基地被隔离,这表明这名韩国士兵很可能就是真正的零号病人。对于那些不熟悉韩国地理的人来说,MERS病例最多的首尔和位于奥山的美国空军基地都离京畿道很近,据报道,该省也是前往中东并感染病毒的“受感染商人”(无证且很可能是虚构的)的家。据岛津介绍,奥山基地是美军-韩国联合门户网站和综合威胁识别先进技术演示(JUPITR ATD)的所在地,这是一个军事生物监视项目,在马里兰州德特里克堡运营其另一个实验室设施。据报道,该基地也是美军一个生物武器研究实验室的所在地。

Jerome Kim. Source


Shimatsu also noted that the WHO sponsors the secretive International Vaccine Institute (IVI) in Seoul, which is headed by a US military officer named Jerome Kim who was formerly the head of the Molecular Virology and Pathogenesis Department at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Rockville, Maryland,and that sitting on the Board of Directors of this WHO-IVI chimera is a Dr. Claudio Lanata, the science director of the US Naval “Medical Research Unit 6” in Callao, Peru, which is a leading military center for bioweapons research. It appears that the US military controls the WHO’s main virus laboratory . . . Shimatsu theorised that the MERS outbreak may have been caused by a laboratory accident at the JUPITR biowarfare project which is located very near Seoul. He also quoted the American Forces Press Service as the source of the information that it was a US biological warfare team that deciphered the MERS genetic code, and that this work was supervised by the Pentagon’s top biowarfare laboratory, its Biological Defense Research Directorate at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Certainly there have been numerous independent suggestions that the WHO at least on occasion appears to function as an appendage of the Pentagon.

Shimatsu还指出,世界卫生组织赞助了位于首尔的秘密国际疫苗研究所(IVI),该研究所由一位名叫Jerome Kim的美国军官领导,他曾是马里兰州洛克维尔沃尔特·里德陆军研究所分子病毒学和发病学系主任。看来美国军方控制着世界卫生组织的主要病毒实验室。Shimatsu认为,MERS的爆发可能是由位于首尔附近的JUPITR生物战项目的实验室事故引起的。他还援引美国部队新闻社的消息来源称,是一个美国生物战小组破译了MERS基因密码,这项工作由五角大楼的顶级生物战实验室,即位于马里兰州德特里克堡的生物防御研究局监督。当然,有许多独立的建议认为,世界卫生组织至少有时似乎是五角大楼的附属机构。

Dr. Claudio Lanata. Source


In a thesis on Biological Weapons, Leonard Horowitz and Zygmunt Dembek stated that clear signs of a genetically-engineered bio-warfare agent were (a) a disease caused by an uncommon (unusual, rare, or unique) agent, with (b) lack of an epidemiological explanation, i.e. no clear
idea of source; (c) An “unusual manifestation and/or geographicdistribution”, such as race-specificity; and (d) multiple sources of infection. MERS appeared to satisfy all four criteria. (20)

Leonard HorowitzZygmunt Dembek在一篇关于生物武器的论文中指出,基因工程生物战剂的明显迹象是:(a)由一种不常见(不寻常、罕见或独特)的战剂引起的疾病,(b)缺乏流行病学解释,即不清楚
来源;(c) “不寻常的表现和/或地理分布”,如种族特异性;以及(d)多种感染源。MERS似乎满足所有四个标准。20

I don’t know what conclusions we draw from this assemblage of information, but it appears at least possible there is rather more to this MERS story than the official narrative propagated in the media. One aspect is that MERS fits all the criteria for a biological weapon, and the fact of the explosive outbreak at the US military’s Osan Airbase is not inconsequential. Thus, MERS also qualifies for a forensic investigation as to the source.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


His full archive can be seen at

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注释 — Notes 

(1) ;the original link is no longer active.





(6) South Korea president postpones visit to US as 2 more die from MERS; Shanghai Daily | June 11, 2015;

(6) 韩国总统推迟访美,又有2人死于MERS;上海日报| 2015年6月11日;












(18) (Shimatsu is a free-lance journalist based in Hong Kong, a former Editor of the Japan Times Weekly and a former Tsinghua University lecturer).

(18) (岛津是香港的自由职业记者,曾任《日本时代周刊》编辑和清华大学讲师)


(20) Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare;


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Biological Warfare in ActionCHAPTER 13, CHINESE, LARRY ROMANOFFUS NATO War Agenda


CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 — 第12章——非典型肺炎

    • 生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action

生物战在行动 — Biological Warfare in Action

11——艾滋病 — Chapter 12 – SARS

By Larry Romanoff



In November of 2002, Hong Kong experienced the onset of an outbreak of what is now called SARS (1) (2), an event that appears to have some serious gaps in the logic of the official narrative as reported in the Western media, some elements of which seem either implausible or impossible, and with many unanswered questions as to the phylogenesis and distribution of this virus. It appears that the first identified case was of a farmer in Guangdong Province in Mainland China, who died from what appeared to be an unremarkable flu-type illness, “one of the unfortunate victims who succumb every flu season”. The farmer died soon after admittance to hospital and, so far as I am aware, no definite diagnosis was made as to the cause of his death. However, he has been catalogued as “patient zero”, marking the beginnings of an epidemic of a new and contagious disease that eventually infected over 8,000 people and killed more than 700. Of these deaths, 300 were in Hong Kong (of a population of 7 million) and about the same number in Mainland China (of a population of 1.4 billion). As a percentage of infections, the death rate in Hong Kong was more than three times that of the Mainland, and statistically SARS was a Hong Kong epidemic rather than a Chinese one.


The Chinese government was criticised at the time for failing to quickly enough publicise the outbreak and spread of the illness, but this is irrelevant in a search for answers. It is true that cases were initially under-reported and that perhaps Guangdong officials wanted to contain publicity to avoid a panic but, contrary to persistent reports in the US, the media in other nations were soon reporting that China appeared to have over-reacted to the problem. Their claim was that Mainland China had incurred less than 300 casualties in a population of 1.4 billion, but was acting as if the losses were in the millions, and even the WHO stated that the information provided by Mainland Chinese authorities had been “very detailed”There had to be more to SARS than combating a contagious virus because, while the Chinese authorities quickly engaged in what, even in retrospect, appears to have been an exceptionally powerful response, going so far as to state that deliberate spreading of this infectious agent would be considered a capital offense. (3) We don’t do that for influenza or measles.

当时,中国政府因未能足够快地公布疾病的爆发和传播而受到批评,但这与寻找答案无关。诚然,病例最初被低估了,也许广东官员希望控制宣传以避免恐慌,但与美国的持续报道相反,其他国家的媒体很快报道称,中国似乎对这个问题反应过度。他们声称中国大陆在14亿人口中造成的伤亡不到300人,但表现得好像损失数以百万计,甚至世界卫生组织也表示中国大陆当局提供的信息“非常详细”。SARS除了对抗一种传染性病毒之外,还有更多的事情要做,因为尽管中国当局迅速采取了一种异常有力的应对措施,甚至在回顾过去时,还表示故意传播这种传染源将被视为死罪3) 我们对流感或麻疹不这么做。

By contrast, the Western media profusely praised Hong Kong, the BBC telling us of Hong Kong’s marvelous “transparency in reporting the spread of the disease, in sharp contrast to the cover-up in China”, and the South China Morning Post was almost effervescent in telling readers that “swift moves to quarantine at-risk residents brought the outbreak under control”. But that story was unforgivable nonsense propagated to trash China by comparison in the eyes of the world. In fact, the Hong Kong government, and Margaret Chan, the HK Chief Medical Officer at the time, were heavily criticised, and even condemned, locally for their handling of the outbreak until the matter became very serious. Even when the Amoy Gardens residential complex became infected and its 20,000 residents had to be evacuated and quarantined, the HK government still refused to inform the public of the severity of the situation. No one in Hong Kong knew how or where the disease was spreading.

相比之下,西方媒体对香港赞不绝口,英国广播公司(BBC)告诉我们香港“在报道疾病传播方面的透明度惊人,与中国的掩盖形成了鲜明对比”《南华早报》(South China Morning Post)几乎兴高采烈地告诉读者,“迅速采取措施隔离高危居民,控制了疫情”但相比之下,在全世界看来,这个故事是为了诋毁中国而传播的不可原谅的无稽之谈。事实上,香港政府和当时的香港首席医疗官陈冯富珍在当地对疫情的处理受到了严厉批评,甚至谴责,直到事情变得非常严重。即使淘大花园住宅区感染病毒,2万名居民不得不疏散和隔离,香港政府仍然拒绝向公众通报情况的严重性。香港没有人知道这种疾病是如何传播或在哪里传播的。

City officials in Hong Kong hand out free protective face masks, March 28, 2003.Christian Keenan / Getty Image. Source


Local citizens became so distressed about inadequate information and legitimate fears of an almost certain government cover-up, they created a citizens’ website named “ (4) in which they independently detailed their own information on the progress of SARS, especially on quarantines and new infections. This was more than nothing. The website was quickly attracting more than 500,000 visitors per day – from a population of about 7 million. It was the acute embarrassment from this public action that eventually forced the Hong Kong government (and Margaret Chan) to provide up-to-date information. (5But the Western media, and especially that in the US, avoided any mention of this, deceiving their readers and slandering Mainland China without justification.


The Western media were unanimous in claiming SARS was carried from Mainland China to Hong Kong by one Liu Jianlun, a 64-year-old Chinese doctor who had treated similar cases in Guangdong and who traveled to Hong Kong to attend a wedding. He apparently stayed at the four-star Metropole Hotel in a room on the 9th floor (Room 911, to be precise), where he infected all the guests and visitors on his floor, who then boarded aircraft and spread the disease to nearly 40 other countries. (1) (6) Wikipedia was so exact as to inform us Liu infected precisely 16 hotel visitors. This claim comprises the first of our gaps in logic, rendering much of the remaining official (Western) story implausible at best, the tale appearing reasonable only until we stop to think about the practical logistics.

西方媒体一致声称,SARS是由一名64岁的中国医生刘建伦从中国大陆带到香港的,他曾在广东治疗过类似病例,并前往香港参加婚礼。他显然住在四星级Metropole酒店9楼的一个房间(准确地说是911房间),在那里他感染了他所在楼层的所有客人和访客,然后他们登上飞机,将疾病传播到近40个其他国家。(1) (6)维基百科准确地告诉我们,刘感染了16名酒店访客。这一说法构成了我们逻辑上的第一个缺口,使剩下的大部分官方(西方)故事充其量都是不可信的,只有在我们停下来思考实际的后勤问题之前,这个故事才显得合理。

For one thing, Hong Kong had three of what virologists call “super-spreading events” whose explanations draw nothing rational from that standard narrative. One of these events (or sites) was the Metropole Hotel itself. (7) (8) The SARS virus was not spread like cold germs, where sneezing in a room might infect a dozen people. The contagion required some extended exposure and perhaps physical contact. None of that occurs in a hotel, where residents of a floor seldom even see each other, much less spend time in each other’s company. If infection transmissions were to occur in a hotel, this would almost certainly take place in the elevators or the lobby where people might be in close proximity for at least a period of minutes, thereby spreading the infection to guests from every floor. To suggest this pathogen could have emanated from one infected individual in a corridor and passed through 16 or more closed doors to infect the guests in every room on the entire floor, and ONLY guests with rooms on that floor, is absurd. Prominent virologists claim the infections that occurred at the Metropole “cannot be explained” by their understanding of the behavior of the SARS Coronavirus, where the guests on one floor became infected, but nobody else except due to subsequent contact with those floors.

一方面,香港发生了三起病毒学家所称的“超级传播事件”,其解释与标准叙事毫无道理。其中一个活动(或地点)是Metropole酒店本身。(7) (8)SARS病毒不像感冒细菌那样传播,在房间里打喷嚏可能会感染十几个人。传染病需要长时间接触,也许还需要身体接触。所有这些都不发生在酒店里,一层楼的居民甚至很少见面,更不用说花时间陪伴对方了。如果感染传播发生在酒店,几乎肯定会发生在电梯或大堂,人们可能会在那里近距离接触至少几分钟,从而将感染传播给每一层的客人。认为这种病原体可能来自走廊上的一个感染者,并通过16扇或更多扇紧闭的门感染整个楼层每个房间的客人,而且只有在该楼层有房间的客人才感染是荒谬的。著名病毒学家声称,Metropole发生的感染“无法用他们对SARS冠状病毒行为的理解来解释”,在这种情况下,一层楼的客人被感染了,但除了随后与这些楼层的接触外,没有其他人被感染。

While SARS was widely described as “extremely contagious” the facts of transmission invariably paint a strangely different story. It is true that the virus was transmitted from person to person, but the new infections were primarily either medical personnel or family or friends visiting patients in hospitals, and those others who were in close contact with the victims for an extended time, like sitting next to an infected person on a long flight. While scientists confirmed that the virus could spread via droplets, they discounted the possibility of it spreading through the air. For the great majority of cases, which were again either medical workers or household and other close contacts, the contagion appeared to spread through droplets and physical contact with either the patient or with clothing or medical equipment, perhaps drinking glasses, that had been in contact with the patient. According to all records I have seen, apart from a few initial infections and the large events in Hong Kong, most of the infections occurred in this direct person-to-person manner. This pattern was true with MERS as well, where more than 25% of all infections were among the medical community. Moreover, virologists and the CDC confirmed that Coronaviruses are able to survive on environmental surfaces for a maximum of perhaps three hours. The short life-span and need for direct contact would seem to discount entirely the possibility of the virus spreading widely of its own accord and surviving long enough to infect all hotel guests on one floor.


Another of these unexplained “super-spreading events” occurred at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong, (9) (10) where a young man had apparently visited a friend on the 9th floor of the Metropole Hotel and was shortly thereafter admitted to hospital where he immediately infected more than 100 medical staff. There was no sensible explanation for the logistics of this occurrence. If the SARS virus were really as aggressively contagious as this event would suggest, everyone in the Metropole Hotel would have been infected within days, given that this location was the apparent origin of all infections in and from Hong Kong, and it would certainly have followed the same aggressive infection campaign in Mainland China and the other 40 countries. But it didn’t.


A hospital staff member cares for a suspected SARS victim at the Tan Tock Seng hospital in Singapore, April 14, 2003.Getty Images. Source

2003年4月14日,一名医院工作人员在新加坡Tan Tock Seng医院照顾一名疑似SARS患者。盖蒂图片社。来源

Also, the disease appeared to quickly spread on an international scale, appearing at surprising speed in many parts of the world, yet Mainland China’s cases were limited to a few provinces, with the deaths occurring in primarily only two locations – Guangdong and Beijing. This is not the behavior of an “extremely contagious” virus that otherwise spreads throughout a hospital or, indeed, the world, like wildfire. The disease initially spread by travelers almost exclusively to Beijing, Taipei, Singapore and Toronto in Canada, later emerging to infect small numbers in other nations. About half of Mainland China’s infections and deaths were in Beijing. Toronto, Taiwan and Singapore experienced about 40 deaths each, with only a handful of deaths in the rest of the world.


While SARS did spread around the world, the infections in most countries were few and deaths almost zero. Notable also is that while the SARS virus did spread to about 40 countries, it was almost exclusively Chinese who were infected, those in Hong Kong most seriously, with some parts of Mainland China being next. Taiwan is entirely Chinese, with Singapore composed of Chinese in very large part. And according to my information, the infections and deaths in Toronto affected mostly or entirely the large resident Chinese population. The CDC noted that SARS transmission in Canada appeared to be limited to “a well-defined population of health care workers and close contacts”, i.e. returning Chinese travelers. The SARS virus apparently much preferred Chinese to Caucasians, though it did attack Vietnamese health care workers (who may be similar to Chinese in their genetic susceptibility) in both Vietnam and Canada.


The third “super-spreading event“ was the Amoy Gardens residential complex, (11) home to almost 20,000 people that experienced a massive outbreak of more than 300 cases, and from which all residents had to be removed from the city and placed in quarantine camps, leaving the entire complex a ghost town. Virologists are unanimous in categorising this as “the most spectacular event” of the entire SARS crisis. The official (Western media) narrative tells us the virus was spread through defects in the building complex’s drainage or sewage system, where the S-shaped traps under each of the thousands of sinks or toilets were inexplicably drained of water, the virus then blown into all the apartments through the now-vacant sewage pipes. Wikipedia told us so poetically that the virus “was blown by a gentle maritime breeze” from the toilet sewage pipes into the stairwells and thence to all the homes, but scientists had already discounted the possibility of the virus being airborne. In any case, such an event would be impossible for a multitude of reasons, one being that drainage traps are refilled with water on each use and cannot evaporate unless a home remains vacant and unused, perhaps for years.


The Amoy Gardens was not a place with empty apartments and drained plumbing, but the narrative begs many other important questions, the first being how the SARS virus entered the complex and got itself immersed in the plumbing system in the first instance. The Amoy Gardens is a large complex of 30- and 40-story apartment buildings, with one building suffering about half the infections and the other half spread among four others. How did the SARS virus enter all those buildings? What was the source? There was no immense open sewer full of viruses into which a wind could blow, and how does a wind blowing up through a toilet continue its travel into the corridors and stairwells? A contaminated individual might infect his family, but not 300 families in five different buildings, and to that point Hong Kong didn’t have enough infected individuals to contaminate the entirety of five high-rise buildings. One version was that an infected patient discharged from the Prince of Wales Hospital visited a relative in one of the buildings, bringing the contamination there, but those claims were undocumented and unsubstantiated, becoming increasingly implausible as one examined the precise facts.


Another is the means of locomotion. If a virus is indeed resting in an outdoor sewer somewhere, what is the source of the powerful air currents that would be required to blow it upward throughout the plumbing system of a 40-story apartment complex and enter most or all apartments? There are no air currents blowing upwards through our toilets and sinks, and gravity serves to wash the pipes’ contents down and out of the building, not inward and upward. For another matter, an enormous amount of SARS virus would be necessary, as well as a very powerful magical fan, to blow a sufficient amount of contagion upward through all the drainage pipes and stairwells to reach and contaminate most apartments in a 40-story building. And what would be the source of the required enormous volume of contagion? We would need hundreds of liters of the SARS virus gathering at the (non-existent) sewer entrances of each building, waiting for Wikipedia’s gentle “maritime breeze” to blow them upwards into all the apartments. The virus resides in people and dies quickly without a host.


I am not a plumber, but a “defective sewage system” in a high-end high-rise apartment building does not seem to possess the claimed qualifications to distribute lethal pathogens to all apartments. In any case, aside from the initial – and unsubstantiated – claim, there were no reports either before or after the outbreak to suggest any plumbing defects ever existed, and I was personally told no changes or maintenance of any kind were performed later. Once again, to a casual reader the story sounds plausible until we stop to think about the practical logistics. After all, sewage and drainage pipes are no doubt dirty places which make a happy home for germs of all kinds, but those germs are there because we put them there each time we dispose of waste. They don’t enter a building and seek out the drainage pipes of their own accord, then run around independently like mice looking for a place to hide, and lurking until victims approach. Nor do they spread throughout a building and intentionally enter each home. By whatever method the virus entered the Amoy Gardens and spread throughout the buildings to infect hundreds of individuals, the official story is unlikely to be correct.


In short, the narrative of the progress of the SARS virus from Guangdong to Hong Kong and from there by travelers to other nations appears credible, but support appears to be lacking for other critical portions of the official story, most especially the origin of the virus itself, and its transmission in the hotels, hospitals and building complexes in Hong Kong. Another area with more questions than answers is the contagious aspect of the virus, in part its apparent race selectivity, but also its inexplicably aggressive progress in some circumstances like the Prince of Wales Hospital where it almost immediately infected more than 100 people, or its progress in the Amoy apartment buildings where it quickly infected hundreds, and yet its comparatively selective and almost benign behavior in the Metropole Hotel teeming with travelers where it apparently chose to confine itself to one floor and infect only a handful of people in their rooms instead of lurking in the elevators and lobby that contained hundreds of easily available victims.


SARS was proven to be caused by a strain of the coronavirus, a large family of mostly harmless viruses also responsible for the common cold. Various research studies discovered a similar strain residing in bats, which have been categorised as a kind of warehouse for the virus, with the Western media flogging the undocumented theory that the virus spread from the bats to civets which were then handled and eaten and thus communicated the disease to humans. However, neither the bats nor the civets displayed any sign or symptoms of infection. The Chinese CDC led an investigation that apparently discovered genetic links between the virus strains found in the animals and in humans. This would almost force a conclusion that the virus jumped not only one but two species barriers, but virologists tell us that Coronaviruses do not naturally jump species barriers, and that jumping two barriers would be a rare occurrence indeed. Another immediate problem with the theory is that civets had been handled and eaten in Guangdong for decades prior to the SARS outbreak, and have been handled and eaten subsequent to the outbreak, all with no effect. This doesn’t mean the epidemic couldn’t have occurred this way, but it does mean the simple explanation is not sufficient.


Dr. Alan Cantwell

Alan Cantwell博士

A more serious problem is that the SARS virus exhibited characteristics never before observed in any animal or human virus, did not by any means fully match the animal viruses mentioned above, and contained genetic material that still remains unidentified. Virologist Dr. Alan Cantwell (12) (13) (14) wrote that “the mysterious SARS virus is a new virus never before seen by virologists. The … contagious disease spread by droplets from coughing, is an entirely new illness with devastating effects on the immune system, and there is no known treatment.”

一个更严重的问题是,SARS病毒表现出从未在任何动物或人类病毒中观察到的特征,无论如何都与上述动物病毒不完全匹配,并且含有至今仍未确定的遗传物质。病毒学家Alan Cantwell博士(12)(13)(14)写道:“神秘的SARS病毒是病毒学家从未见过的一种新病毒。这种……通过咳嗽飞沫传播的传染病是一种全新的疾病,对免疫系统具有毁灭性影响,目前还没有已知的治疗方法。”

Dr. Cantwell also noted that the genetic engineering of coronaviruses has been occurring in both medical and military labs for decades. He wrote that when he searched in PubMed for the phrase “coronavirus genetic engineering”, he was referred to 107 scientific experiments dating back to 1987. To quote Dr. Cantwell:


“I quickly confirmed scientists have been genetically engineering animal and human coronaviruses to make disease-producing mutant and recombinant viruses for over a decade. No wonder WHO scientists identified the SARS/coronavirus so quickly. Never emphasised by medical news writers is the fact that for over forty years scientists have been “jumping species” with all sorts of animal and human viruses and creating chimera viruses (viruses composed from viruses of two different species). This unsupervised research produces dangerous man-made viruses, many of which have potential as bioweapons. Certainly SARS has the hallmarks of a bioweapon. After all, aren’t new biological warfare agents designed to produce a new disease with a new infectious agent? As in prior military experiments, all it might take … to spread SARS is an aerosol can or a specially designed suitcase, or a “gloved” box (the type used by anthrax spreaders) to infect an apartment building like the Amoy Gardens or a floor of a hotel likethe Metropole in Hong Kong, which also had a large number of SARS cases.” The easiest way to surreptitiously spread a pathogen in a hotel or apartment building is to don a maintenance uniform and spray each doorknob with an aerosol can.


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho of the Institute for Science in Society cites a Journal of Virology report (Feb 2000) (15) that described a method for inducing desired mutations into coronavirus to create new viruses. “A key feature of the procedure is to make interspecific chimera recombinant viruses. It involves replacing part of the spike protein gene in the feline (cat) infectious peritonitis (corona) virus (FIPV) – which causes invariably fatal infections in cats – with that of the mouse hepatitis (corona) virus. The recombinant mFIPV will no longer infect cat cells, but will infect mouse cells instead, and multiply rapidly in them.”

社会科学研究所的Mae Wan Ho博士引用了《病毒学杂志》的一份报告(2000年2月)(15),该报告描述了一种将所需突变诱导到冠状病毒中以产生新病毒的方法。“这一过程的一个关键特征是制造种间嵌合体重组病毒。它包括用小鼠肝炎病毒替换猫传染性腹膜炎病毒(FIPV)中刺突蛋白基因的一部分,这种病毒会导致猫的致命感染。重组mFIPV不会再感染猫细胞,而是会感染小鼠细胞,并在其中快速繁殖。”

Ho continues: “Manipulating viral genomes is now routine, and it is easy to create new viruses that jump host species in the laboratory in the course of apparently legitimate experiments in genetic engineering. It is not even necessary to intentionally create lethal viruses, if one so wishes. It is actually much faster and much more effective to let random recombination and mutation take place in the test tube. Using a technique called ‘molecular breeding’, millions of recombinants can be generated in a matter of minutes. These can be screened for improved function in the case of enzymes, or increased virulence, in the case of viruses and bacteria. In other words, geneticists can now greatly speed up evolution in the laboratory to create viruses and bacteria that never existed in all the billions of years of evolution on earth.” (16) It wasn’t widely publicised, but Dr. Ho called for a full investigation into the possible genetic engineering and dissemination of the SARS virus. (17)


Dr. Julie Gerberding, then the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, speaks at a news conference about the SARS investigation in Atlanta on April 14, 2003.John Bazemore / AP file. Source

2003年4月14日,时任美国疾病控制与预防中心主任的Julie Gerberding博士在亚特兰大举行的新闻发布会上就SARS调查发表讲话。John Bazemore/美联社文件。来源

And, in a disputation of claims that the SARS virus strain in bats and civets is ‘the same’ as that which infected humans, Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director of the US CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, according to Cantwell, claimed that “the genetic analysis and sequencing of SARS were not helpful in determining the origins of the virus”. Dr. Gerberding wrote further that “Unfortunately the clues from comparing it to the animal viruses have not given us any real leads … We can’t say it’s a mouse virus or a pig virus, or any other animal virus, necessarily, because it just isn’t similar enough to the known species to be able to draw those conclusions.” Dr. Cantwell noted further that “experiments inoculating SARS virus into chickens and pigs were unsuccessful, indicating SARS did not originate in Chinese pigs and chickens, as theorised.”

Cantwell表示,在关于蝙蝠和果子狸中的SARS病毒株与感染人类的病毒株“相同”的说法的争论中,位于佐治亚州亚特兰大的美国疾病控制与预防中心主任Julie Gerberding博士声称,“SARS的基因分析和测序对确定病毒的起源没有帮助”。Gerberding博士进一步写道,“不幸的是,将其与动物病毒进行比较的线索并没有给我们任何真正的线索……我们不能说它一定是小鼠病毒、猪病毒或任何其他动物病毒,因为它与已知物种的相似性不足以得出这些结论。Cantwell博士进一步指出,“将SARS病毒接种到鸡和猪身上的实验没有成功,这表明SARS并非如理论所述起源于中国的猪和鸡。”

To quote Dr. Cantwell again: In 1995, an abstract of an experiment details the species-mixing of mouse coronavirus with cow “mutant” (coronavirus) using these words:


“Targeted RNA recombination was used to construct mouse hepatitis [corona] virus (MHV) mutants containing chimeric nucleocapsid (N) protein genes in which segments of the bovine [cow] coronavirus N gene were substituted in place of their corresponding MHV sequences. Our results demonstrate that targeted recombination can be used to make extensive substitutions in the coronavirus genome and can generate recombinants that could not otherwise be made between two viruses separated by a species barrier.”


In another 1997 gene therapy experiment, scientists mixed cat, human, and pig coronaviruses, and adapted them to human kidney cells. These are just two examples of thousands of gene experiments found on PubMed. One can enter “rat sialoacryoadenitis virus and genetic engineering” and be referred to 1424 experiments. The media constantly associate the SARS virus with a human coronavirus that causes the common cold, apparently in an effort to soothe the public. But they downplay the various coronaviruses which affect different animal and bird species and produce a variety of serious infections and fatal illness in various species of animals and birds. It is mostly these animal coronaviruses that have been genetically engineered.” (18)


Almost immediately upon receiving the genome sequence, several Russian scientists suggested a link between SARS and biowarfare. According to Cantwell and the Washington-based Jamestown Foundation, the Russian Interfax-AVN news service on April 3 quoted Sergei Kolesnikov, a member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, as saying the propagation of the SARS virus might well have been caused by leaking a combat virus grown in bacteriological weapons labs. Kolesnikov claimed that the virus of atypical pneumonia (SARS) was a synthesis of two viruses, the natural compound of which was impossible, that this mix could never appear in nature, stating, “This can be done only in a laboratory.” (19) And Nikolai Filatov, the head of Moscow’s epidemiological services, was quoted in the Gazeta daily as stating he believed SARS was man-made because “there is no vaccine for this virus, its make-up is unclear, it has not been very widespread and the population is not immune to it.” (20) (21)  In response, Dr. Cantwell noted that “This accusation was never reported by the mainstream media, but brings to mind similar accusations Russian scientists made in December 1985 when they concluded the AIDS epidemic was caused by experiments carried out in the USA as part of the development of new biological weapons.”


It wasn’t widely reported, but it seems the final conclusion of the Chinese biochemists was the same, that the SARS virus was man-made. This conclusion wasn’t a secret, but neither was it promoted to the international media since they would simply have used the claim to heap scorn on China, dismissing this as a paranoid conspiracy theory. The Western media totally ignored this aspect, except for ABC news who reported that the SARS “Mystery Virus” was possibly “a Chinese bio-weapon that accidentally escaped the laboratory”. Nice of ABC to notice, but their story, if true, would be the first example of a nation creating and releasing a race-specific biological weapon designed to attack exclusively itself.


In fact, scientists around the world, from Russia to South Africa to Israel, were almost immediately speculating that SARS was a deliberately-seeded bio-weapon. One Israeli doctor, in response to a question, stated (22), “In my heart of hearts I believe that SARS is genetically engineered to target Chinese (Oriental) genetic materials. You may already know that Israel has been working on such a thing, specific to Arab genetic materialKnowing the military-industrial-medical cartel like I do, I would not be surprised if this isn’t a ‘test market’ for something more sinister regarding other populations.”


In a thesis on Biological Weapons, Leonard Horowitz and Zygmunt Dembek stated that one clear sign of a genetically-engineered bio-warfare agent was a disease caused by an uncommon (unusual, rare, or unique) agent, with lack of an epidemiological explanation. I.e. no clear idea of source. They also mentioned an “unusual manifestation and/or geographic distribution”, of which race-specificity would be one. (23)

Leonard HorowitzZygmunt Dembek在一篇关于生物武器的论文中指出,基因工程生物战剂的一个明显迹象是由一种不常见(不寻常、罕见或独特)的战剂引起的疾病,但缺乏流行病学解释。即没有明确的来源。他们还提到了一种不寻常的表现和/或地理分布,种族特异性就是其中之一。(23)

Recent disease outbreaks that would seem to possibly qualify as potential bio-warfare agents are AIDS, SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Hantavirus, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Ebola, Polio (Syria), Foot and Mouth Disease, the Gulf War Syndrome and ZIKA. And in fact thousands of prominent scientists, physicians, virologists and epidemiologists on many continents have concurred that all these viruses were lab-created and their release deliberate. The recent swine flu epidemic in China has the hallmarks as well, with circumstantial evidence of the outbreak raising only questions.


At the same time, the Hong Kong newspaper Wenweipo published an article titled, “Earliest SARS outbreak suspected in U.S.” (24), in which the authors wrote of AP and Reuters reports about a 45-year-old woman who became gravely ill on Feb. 9, 2002 (nine months prior to the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong), while taking part in her mortgage company’s annual sales convention near Philadelphia. She had the typical SARS symptoms of headache, fever, chills, vomiting and shortness of breath. After being hospitalized, she died early the next morning. The entire hospital and more than 80 individuals suspected of close contact, were all quarantined. Wenweipo believed the event had been covered up by authorities and suggested this was actually the original occurrence of SARS, speculating the virus had originated in a US research lab. There were also published reports that Chinese researchers and military experts reached the same conclusions as the Russian virologists, namely that the virus was necessarily man-made and almost certainly originated in a US military lab and subsequently released into China.


It is true that SARS appeared to be tightly-focused to Chinese. We might in other circumstances pass this off as an unfortunate coincidence but for some major circumstantial events that serve to alter our focus. One of these is the history of American universities and NGOs having come into China in years prior to SARS to conduct biological experiments that were so illegal as to leave the Chinese authorities enraged. This was particularly true when it became known that Harvard University had surreptitiously proceeded with experiments in China that had been forbidden by the authorities years earlier, where they collected many hundreds of thousands of Chinese DNA samples and then left the country. (25) (26) (27) (28) (29)

诚然,非典型肺炎似乎紧紧地集中在中国人身上。在其他情况下,我们可能会认为这是一个不幸的巧合,但一些重大的间接事件会改变我们的关注点。其中之一是美国大学和非政府组织在SARS之前几年进入中国进行生物实验的历史,这些实验是如此非法,以至于让中国当局感到愤怒。当人们知道哈佛大学在中国秘密进行了几年前被当局禁止的实验时,情况尤其如此,他们在那里收集了数十万中国人的DNA样本,然后离开了中国。(25) (26) (27) (28) (29)

The Chinese were furious to learn that Americans were collecting Chinese DNA. The government intervened and prohibited the further export of any of the data. The conclusion at the time was that the ‘research’ had been commissioned by the US military with the DNA samples destined for race-specific bio-weapons research.


Also, a Chinese lawyer named Tong Zeng who had participated in various US genetic research programs in China, published a book in which he noted that US researchers in the 1990s had collected hundreds of thousands of samples of blood and DNA from mainland Chinese which were all sent to the US (30) (31), and which could have been used in the development of biological weapons. This would be one explanation for the SARS virus being Chinese-specific.


It seems that Chinese virologists did ascertain that the SARS virus did exist, or could exist, in civets, and indeed they were given a prize in recognition of their work. (32) But if we are examining all possibilities, this isn’t the real issue. There are probably thousands of viruses and other pathogens that might be usefully employed as low-level biological weapons, and none of these are created from whole cloth, that is to say they aren’t created from nothing. Each is separated from a natural host and methods used to encourage it to adapt to humans. We therefore need to ‘work backward’, to ignore initially the ‘animal reservoir’ and focus on locating our true patient zero and determining the method by which he was infected.That, and only that, is the crux of the matter. The specific source animal is of little consequence to us at the initial stage. We must determine precisely how the virus managed to infect our patient zero, and whether it had outside assistance. This is intelligence work; the remainder is basic science.


Nevertheless, the Western media immediately and unanimously staked out the claim about the SARS virus having been traced to bats in China’s Yunnan province, then worked its way to civets as the “natural reservoir”, then infected people in a wet market, although no documentation was ever presented in evidence of the precise transmission method of a virus jumping two species barriers. Nevertheless no other claims or theories were permissible, and the media strenuously avoided discussing the apparent outbreak in the US and the wide speculation that SARS was extracted by the US military in a lab and engineered to prefer Chinese DNA.


Dr. Cantwell stated that we are repeatedly reminded about bioterrorists and bioweapons in the most innocuous situations, yet with SARS there was not a word about terrorists or biowarfare, that entire subject being 100% censored by the Western media. Cantwell concluded this was “Certainly proof the media are controlled by powerful forces that refuse to recognise what many citizens are thinking privately, and posting on the Internet.”


My conclusion at the time was that SARS was intended for China, and it was only an accident of fate that sent patient zero to Hong Kong to do most of his damage there, leaving Mainland China with relatively small remnants to deal with. A serious disruption of China’s economy would be one certain motive.


I have no firm conclusions as to where this confusion of information leaves us. As I wrote at the beginning, portions of the official story seem either implausible or impossible, but without a clear trail in any particular direction. It is distressing that the entire Western media ignored in total the testimony of highly-credible Russian and Chinese scientists that the SARS virus could not have occurred in nature but created only in a lab. This one case would not prove a point, but there have been many of these in the past, where the US government and military have made claims that were overwhelmingly proven false by the Russians, yet flatly ignored by the Western media.


One such case was in Libya where the US repeatedly flooded the media with claims that Khadaffi was waging war against his own civilians, destroying large sections of cities with bombs and artillery and leaving huge numbers of dead bodies everywhere. In that event, Russia produced volumes of high-resolution satellite photos of the affected areas that clearly displayed no damage of any kind whatever and no evidence of either battles or bodies. Following TV reports of the American claims, the Russians produced all their irrefutable evidence to the BBC and other Western media newswires, only to have their evidence ignored.


This is a consistent and provable pattern which has persisted for decades: any evidence contradicting the official (Western) narrative on any topic is thoroughly censored. If the evidence is debatable, it is presented and ridiculed in the media as Communist propaganda or a conspiracy theory. If irrefutable, it is totally censored and appears no place. What then do we do with testimony from world-class virologists who tell us SARS was a man-made chimera, a mixture of pathogens impossible in nature and most likely of military origin? How then do we interpret the events at the Metropole Hotel and the Amoy Gardens in Hong Kong?


My view of this matter is that, even despite the passage of time, the entire SARS event deserves an international forensic investigation.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


His full archive can be seen at

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