Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 April 8st 本杰明•富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2024年4月8日

The battle of the eclipse will decide the future of humanity 日食期间发生的战斗,将决定人类的未来

The battle of the eclipse will decide the future of humanity

The secret war for the planet raging between Satanists and the forces of light is headed for a decisive battle centered on the eclipse due to start shortly after this report goes live. 撒旦教徒和光明势力之间为争夺地球而展开的秘密战争,将在本篇新闻通讯上线不久后展开,这场战争将围绕如何利用日食而展开。

There can be no doubt this eclipse is not an ordinary event. It passes over seven towns called Nineveh, a Babylonian city mentioned in the bible as the center of sin and depravity. It also passes through seven towns called Salem, known in the bible as the dwelling place of god. 毫无疑问,这次日食不是一次普通的事件。它经过七个名为尼尼微的城镇,这是一座巴比伦城市,在《圣经》中,这些城市是罪恶和堕落的中心。日食还经过七个叫塞勒姆的城镇,在圣经中被称为上帝的居住地。

We also note there was a 4.8 earthquake in New York just days before 4/8 and that the Statue of Liberty was hit by lightning. It is also the case that states of emergency have been declared along the whole path of the eclipse. 我们还注意到,就在2024年4越8日前几天,纽约发生了4.8级地震,自由女神像被闪电击中。同样的情况是,在日食的整个过程中都宣布了紧急状态。

There is a lot more that is being covered extensively elsewhere but it is clear something very unusual is going on. This 7:17-minute video covers a lot of it. 其它地方正在广泛报道更多的内容,但很明显,一些非常不寻常的事情正在发生。以下这段7分17秒的视频,涵盖了很多内容。

Also of interest is Simpson’s take on the eclipse. 同样令人感兴趣的是,动画片《辛普森一家》对日食的看法。

More and more people are now aware of the war between Satanists who want to enslave us and white hats who want to free us. If the Satanists win, humanity will be enslaved forever in horrific conditions. If the forces of light win, humanity will preside over the evolutionary equivalent of a big bang that will make the Cambrian explosion look like a champagne bubble by comparison. 现在,越来越多的人,已经意识到想要奴役我们的撒旦教徒和想要解放我们的白帽子之间的战争。如果撒旦教徒获胜,人类将在可怕的高科技反乌托邦下永远被奴役。如果光明势力获胜,人类将发生一场相当于寒武纪大爆发的进化,甚至使寒武纪大爆发看起来仅仅像一个香槟气泡。

Let us start by looking at what the dark side is up to. According to a report sent to us by German intelligence, the Satanists’ plan for the eclipse is as follows: 让我们先来看看黑暗势力在干什么。根据德国情报部门发给我们的一份报告,撒旦教徒对日食的计划如下:

They are planning a biological attack on April 8th, just before the totality of the eclipse. This is how it’s going to go down. Planes will be delivering their payload at three intervals. The first will be 2 hours before totality, 1 hour before totality, and final one 30 mins before totality. The planes will be deploying a dry powder (bacterial bioweapon). It will not be visible…Symptoms will begin appearing 7 – 10 days after infection. 30 days after infection the media will notice. 60 days after infection the panic will be at all-time highs. 90 days after infection the newly agreed upon UN/WHO pandemic powers will be enacted. 他们计划在2024年4月8日,也就是日全食之前进行生物武器攻击。这就是它的走向。飞机将每隔三段时间运送有效载荷。第一次是在日食前2小时,日食前1小时,最后一次是在日食前30分钟。这些飞机将部署一种干粉(细菌生物武器)。它将不可见……症状将在感染后7-10天开始出现。感染后30天,媒体会注意到。感染60天后,恐慌将达到历史最高水平。感染90天后,将颁布新商定的联合国/世界卫生组织流行病权力。

That is why the “Q” site warns: “Do not look at the eclipse.” 这就是为什么“Q”网站警告说:“不要看日食。”的原因。

Satanist “Climate Czar” John Kerry’s daughter Vanessa says “billions of people must die for ‘New World Order’” and that “the time is ripe for a globalist coup that uses the control mechanisms of the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty to create a world government that is not accountable to anyone.” “They” scrubbed the video of her saying this at the WEF from the internet but both German and Polish intelligence confirm she said it. 撒旦主义者“气候沙皇”约翰•克里的女儿瓦妮莎表示,“数十亿人必须为‘世界新秩序’而死”,“利用世界卫生组织疫情条约的控制机制,建立一个不对任何人负责的世界政府的全球主义政变时机已经成熟。”。

John Kerrys Tochter sagt, dass Milliarden Menschen für die „Neue Weltordnung“ sterben müssen (Video)

The WHO is not a government entity but is privately owned by mass murderers like Bill Gates. The treaty they are trying to impose will allow for such things as: “Forced vaccinations” “Forced Medical procedures” “Forced Lockdowns” 世界卫生组织不是一个政府实体,而是比尔•盖茨等大屠杀凶手的私人组织。他们试图强加的条约将允许以下内容: “强制接种疫苗” “强制医疗程序”

Russian FSB intelligence has already warned the vaccines they will be forced on the vast majority of the people will make them dumb, passive and unable to resist Khazarian mafia authority. 俄罗斯联邦安全局情报部门已经警告说,他们将强制给绝大多数人接种疫苗,这将使他们变得愚蠢、被动,无法抵抗可萨黑手党的权威。

This process of turning us into mistreated farm animals has already started in Ukraine. EU MP Marcel de Graaf confirms the Satanic Ukraine is the largest supplier of children to pedophile networks and human and organ traffickers. It has set up nurseries with foster mothers for this purpose. These forced fertilization facilities get women to give birth to both “super soldiers,” and children to be used for adrenachrome “harvesting.” 把我们变成被虐待的农场动物的过程,已经在乌克兰开始了。欧盟议员马塞尔•格拉夫证实,犹如撒旦国度的乌克兰,是恋童癖网络、人口和器官贩运者的最大儿童供应国。为此,它设立了有养母的托儿所。这些强制受精设施可以让妇女生下“超级士兵”,也可以用孩子来“收割”肾上腺红色素。

New Evidence Emerges of Ukraine’s Horrific “Forced Fertilization” Program, Inspired by Nazi Lebensborn

By the way want to know where a lot of your Ukraine tax money went other than for building child torture facilities: Nice new mansions for corrupt Zelensky cronies. 顺便说一句,你想知道除了建造儿童酷刑设施外,你在乌克兰的很多税款都去了哪里:为腐败的泽连斯基亲信建造了漂亮的新豪宅。

Of course, they are also drug dealers and not just child torturers. Interpol reportedly intercepted a conversation between two Argentine drug traffickers regarding the delivery of a large consignment of drugs, at least 300 kg of cocaine, which was to take place at the Buenos Aires airport on the day Zelensky and his delegation arrived in Argentina to attend the presidential inauguration Milei. 当然,他们也是毒贩,而不仅仅是虐待儿童的人。据报道,国际刑警组织截获了两名阿根廷毒贩之间的一次谈话,内容涉及泽连斯基及其代表团,趁着参加阿根廷总统米莱的就职典礼时,运送一大批毒品到布宜诺斯艾利斯机场,至少300公斤可卡因。

The worst part of it is the Satanists admit they take orders to do such things from non-human entities. 最糟糕的是,撒旦教徒承认他们听命于非人类实体。

If this enslavement is allowed to go ahead, humans will suffer the fate of the T Rex. It went from a long-lived apex predator to battery farmed chicken whose lifespan is often measured in months. 如果这种奴役被允许继续下去,人类将遭受霸王龙的命运——那就是,从一种长寿的顶级捕食者,变成在一间又一间牢房中养殖的鸡,寿命通常以月为单位。

The white hats are NOT GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN. A major offensive is underway that will permanently remove this Satanic threat from this planet. We assume for example the disease spraying planes will be shot down. 白帽子地球解放军事联盟不会让这种事情发生的。一场重大攻势正在进行,这场攻势将永久消除这个星球上的撒旦教威胁。例如,我们假设喷洒病原体的飞机会被击落。

Once the Satanists are defeated the planetary liberation alliance plans to help the creator by increasing the amount and variety of life in an exponential manner. This will be based on the 3,6,9 sequence that the genius Nikola Tesla was obsessed with. It will be combined with the Fibonacci sequences of previous evolution to create entirely new paradigms of life. 一旦撒旦教徒被击败,白帽子地球解放军事联盟紧接着就会计划通过以指数方式增加生命的数量和种类来帮助造物主。这将基于天才尼古拉•特斯拉痴迷的3,6,9序列。它将与先前进化的斐波那契序列相结合,创造出全新的生命演化模式。

But, we jump ahead of ourselves. In the here and now Pentagon white hats, Russian military and Asian royals have just finished a meeting where they concluded the Vatican paid Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu $100 billion to attack the Iranian embassy in Syria. The plan was to provoke Iran to retaliate. After the Iranian retaliation, the Israelis plan to destroy every major city in Iran with Nuclear missiles. The aim would be to destroy Persia (what they call Iran) in order to get their hands on the Persian treasure hoard. 但是,我们超越了自己。在此时此地的五角大楼白帽子中,俄罗斯军方和亚洲王室刚刚结束了一次会议,他们在会上得出结论,梵蒂冈向以色列犯罪总理本雅明•内塔尼亚胡支付了1000亿美元,以袭击伊朗驻叙利亚大使馆。该计划旨在激怒伊朗进行报复。在伊朗的报复之后,以色列人计划用核导弹摧毁伊朗的每一个主要城市。其目的是摧毁波斯(他们称之为伊朗),以获得波斯的宝藏。

What the Israelis and their Vatican backers fail to understand is that Iran and Russia have secret weapons that will vaporize the missiles before they reach Iran. 以色列人和他们的梵蒂冈支持者不明白的是,伊朗和俄罗斯拥有秘密武器,可以在导弹到达伊朗之前将其蒸发。

The meeting also revealed that while the Arctic was completely under white hat and Russian control, a fierce secret war is raging in Antarctica. The white hats are winning but it is far from over, a meeting participant says. 会议还透露,当北极完全处于白帽子地球解放军事联盟和俄罗斯的控制之下时,一场激烈的秘密战争正在南极洲肆虐。一位与会者表示,白帽子地球解放军事联盟正在获胜,但还远远没有结束。

There has also been a fierce war raging in Japan. Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama and his flunky fake ambassador to Japan Rahm Emmanuel tried to force the Japanese government to hand over control of the telecommunications giant NTT. They want to get their hands on it because they are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel: the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is down to 17 days of supply and “Biden” just canceled the refill order. 日本也爆发了一场激烈的战争。“撒旦之雷”奥巴马和他的走狗——假驻日大使拉姆•埃曼纽尔,试图迫使日本政府交出电信巨头NTT的控制权。他们想得到它,因为撒旦教的资源和资金真的正在枯竭:美国战略石油储备已经减少到17天的供应,而“拜登”刚刚取消了补充订单。

A mass revolt by both Japanese industry and the Japanese military put an end to this plan. 日本工业界和日本军方的大规模反抗阻止了抢占日本电信公司的计划。

In addition to this, Obama and his Rockefeller/Rothschild puppet masters also tried to get “2.5 quadrillion dollars” based on fictitious Philippine gold hoards, according to White Dragon Foundation sources. 根据白龙会的消息来源透露,除此之外,奥巴马和他的洛克菲勒家族/罗斯柴尔德家族木偶操纵者们,还试图根据虚构的菲律宾黄金储备,凭空印钞“2.5万亿美元”。

That is why the slave Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan and President Bongbong Marcos of the Philippines were summoned to Washington this week. 这就是为什么日本奴才首相岸田文雄和菲律宾总统邦邦•马科斯,本周被传唤到华盛顿的原因。

The US military in Japan also provoked the Japanese military to threaten to attack their New Sano Hotel headquarters when they tried to revive the osprey-linked military bribery network, the sources say. 消息来源称,驻日美军还挑衅日本军方,威胁要袭击他们的新三野酒店总部,因为他们试图重振与鱼鹰有关的军事贿赂网络。

The US military dark hats further tried to start a war with China using their base in Taiwan. The base was destroyed. This was what was behind the 7.5 Richter scale magnitude earthquake in Taiwan. “The Chiashan Air Force base near Hualien was the epicenter of the quake. The depth of the explosion (earthquake) was 9 miles. This was a WH military alliance Op. A DUMB was taken out. There are many deep underground facilities at the base with tunnels going in several directions,” Pentagon sources say. 美国军方的黑暗势力,进一步试图利用他们在台湾的基地与中国开战。基地被摧毁了。这就是台湾发生里氏7.5级地震的原因。五角大楼的消息来源称:“台湾花莲县附近的嘉善空军基地是地震的震中。爆炸(地震)深度为9英里。这是白帽子地球解放军事联盟的一次行动。一座深层地下军事基地被炸毁。基地有许多深层地下设施,隧道通向多个方向。”

The alliance has also been given actionable intelligence by the Japanese military that exposes the real owners of the Bank of Japan. The Japanese government document in the picture below shows the BOJ is not Japanese but is instead owned by: Edmond de Rothschild based in Luxembourg. 日本军方还向白帽子地球解放军事联盟提供了可行动的情报,揭露了日本央行的真正所有者。下图中的日本政府文件显示,日本央行不属于日本人,而是由总部位于卢森堡的埃德蒙德•德•罗斯柴尔德所有。

APSA Bank aka the IOR or Vatican Bank and Barclays Bank based in the United States. APSA银行,又称IOR或梵蒂冈银行和巴克莱银行,总部设在美国。

This intelligence will be acted on by the Asian secret societies unless control of the BOJ is returned to Japan. Restoring the BOJ to the Japanese imperial family will end the Khazarian Mafia’s control of the world’s financial system. 除非日本央行的控制权归还给日本,否则亚洲秘密社团将会采取行动。将日本央行恢复为日本皇室所有,将会结束可萨黑手党对世界金融体系的控制。

By the way, Japanese imperial family sources tell us someone has been forging the signature of a certain Edmond de Rothchild who died 15 years ago to pay off certain imperial family members. The Edmond de Rothschild bank is now headed by Ariane de Rothschild. 顺便说一句,日本皇室得消息来源告诉我们,有人伪造了15年前去世的埃德蒙德•德•罗斯柴尔德的签名,以偿还某些皇室成员的债务。埃德蒙德•德•罗斯柴尔德银行,现在由阿里安•德•罗斯柴尔德领导。

As far as the Vatican Bank is concerned, we also know someone is using a rubber-masked fake Pope Francis to keep control of the Vatican Bank. This would be the Satanic P2 Freemasons who just paid Netanyahu the $100 billion to try to start nuclear Armageddon. 就梵蒂冈银行而言,我们也知道有人正在使用一个戴着橡胶面具的假教皇弗朗西斯来控制梵蒂冈银行。这肯定是撒旦教意大利P2共济会,他们刚刚向内塔尼亚胡支付了1000亿美元,试图启动核末日。

As far as Barclays is concerned, MI6 informs us “Barclays collapsed into a bankruptcy agreement with a law firm in London called Allen and Overy.” The head of MI6 claims they now own Barclays which has an “asset sheet of $2 trillion and the Times Square former Lehman Brothers building.” 就巴克莱银行而言,英国军情六处告诉我们:“巴克莱银行与伦敦一家名为‘阿伦欧沃瑞’的律师事务所签订了破产协议。”

These are likely the people behind BlackRock and Vanguard who are now being outed by many people including Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić. 这些人很可能是黑石贝莱德金融集团和罗斯柴尔德先锋集团背后的人,他们现在正被包括克罗地亚MEP Mislav Kolakušić在内的许多人揭露。


Regardless, MI6 says they support the WDS plan for a future planning organization. Hopefully, this means the white hat plan can now be implemented. However, believe it when you see it. 无论如何,英国军情六处表示,他们支持白龙会的计划,建立一个未来规划组织。希望这意味着白帽子地球解放军事联盟的计划现在可以实施了。然而,我们还是老生常谈地说,眼见为实。

Something big is definitely going down though. Both Russia’s FSB and Pentagon sources sent us a video clip from 2017 of Donald Trump saying a storm was coming. They sent it together with this April 3 cover of the Tehran Times saying “We shall pray in Quds [Jerusalem] soon. Storm is Coming.” 不过,一些大事肯定会发生。俄罗斯联邦安全局和五角大楼的消息来源,都向我们发送了一段2017年唐纳德•川普说风暴即将来临的视频片段。他们将这段视频与《德黑兰时报》在2024年4月3日的封面一起发送,并表示“我们将很快在圣城(耶路撒冷)祈祷。风暴即将来临。”

We assume the fall of the Satanic Israeli regime of Netanyahu is part of this storm. The situation there is definitely critical. Last week demonstrators in Israel broke through security barriers and entered both the Parliament and Netanyahu’s house looking for him. You can be sure he would have been hung on the spot if they found him. 我们认为内塔尼亚胡的撒旦以色列政权的倒台,将会成为这场风暴的一部分。那里的情况肯定很危急。上周,以色列的示威者冲破安全屏障,进入议会和内塔尼亚胡的家中寻找他。你可以肯定,如果他们找到他,他会被当场绞死的。

Mossad sources tell us there is “NO WORD ABOUT THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE AVATAR NETANYAHU. Is he allegedly still in the hospital, Recovering from the hernia operation? All is silent.” 以色列摩萨德的消息来源告诉我们:“没有关于内塔尼亚胡的阿凡达替身下落的消息。据称他还在医院里,正在从疝气手术中恢复吗?一切都沉默了。”

With or without Netanyahu Israel is completely isolated internationally. “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm put the Israeli regime on the brink of extinction and dealt an irreparable blow to the Zionist project in Palestine,” says Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah the secretary-general of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah. 无论有没有内塔尼亚胡,以色列在国际上都是完全孤立的。黎巴嫩真主党抵抗运动秘书长赛义德•哈桑•纳斯鲁拉表示:“阿克萨风暴行动,已经使以色列政权濒临灭绝,并对巴勒斯坦的犹太复国主义项目造成了不可挽回的打击。”

The Iranians make it clear they will not be conned into an all-out attack against Israel but instead will insist the entire world deal with the Israeli, Ukrainian and US rogue states. 伊朗人明确表示,他们不会上当受骗,对以色列发动全面袭击,而是会团结整个世界都去对付以色列、乌克兰和美国等流氓国家。

“Russia and China have had enough of the KM Satanic Israeli attacks. Israel will be no more, as we know,” a Mossad source says. 摩萨德的消息来源表示:“俄罗斯和中国已经受够了高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党和以色列的袭击。我们所熟知的那个以色列,将不复存在。”

The US Corporation’s days are also numbered. These reports are a snapshot of the collapse: 美利坚合众国企业公司的日子也屈指可数。以下这些报告是崩溃的征兆:

Since March 2023, the number of full-time workers has collapsed by 1.347 million while the number of part-time workers exploded by 1.888 million! All the job gains since 2018 have gone to immigrants, mostly illegal immigrants 自2023年3月以来,全职员工数量暴跌了134.7万,而临时工数量激增了188.8万!自2018年以来,所有的就业机会都流向了移民,其中大部分是非法移民。

A combination of failed ‘Bidenomics,’ i.e., elevated inflation, disastrous progressive social justice reforms that ignited a tsunami of retail theft nationwide, and snarled supply chains left over from the Covid era have led to the demise of “99 Cents Only” stores nationwide, which began the liquidation process on Friday. 失败的“双基因组学”,即通货膨胀加剧,灾难性的渐进式社会正义改革,在全国范围内引发了针对零售商店的打杂抢海啸,以及新冠疫情大流行时代遗留下来的混乱供应链,导致“99美分”商店在全美国范围内倒闭,并于周五开始清算程序。

In answer to their incompetence, the US Corporation sent Janet Yellen and others to China to politely ask them to both deindustrialize and buy more from the US. 他们接下来的所做所为,显示出他们的无能,美国公司派遣珍妮特•耶伦和其他人前往中国,礼貌地要求中国去工业化,并从美国购买更多商品。

Yellen obviously got the polite thumbs down to her begging mission because she turned from polite to hostile and “is now demanding China stop selling components to Russia because Russia might use those components to make weapons and defeat U.S. / NATO weapons which are often a decade behind the Russians in terms of design and engineering,” a Pentagon source comments. 一位五角大楼的消息来源评论道,耶伦的乞讨任务显然遭到了礼貌的拒绝,因为她从礼貌变成了敌意:“现在要求中国停止向俄罗斯出售各种零部件,因为俄罗斯可能会使用这些部件制造武器,并击败美国/北约的武器,而这些武器在设计和工程方面往往落后于俄罗斯人十年”。

“The U.S. still thinks it can dictate all global trade, finance and technology. It is wrong. China and Russia have already proved that U.S. sanctions only make them STRONGER. The U.S. empire is collapsing, and that’s why the U.S. is trying to take us to war,” the source says. 消息来源表示:“美国仍然认为自己可以支配所有全球贸易、金融和技术。这是错误的。中国和俄罗斯已经证明,美国的制裁只会让他们更加强大。美帝国正在崩溃,这就是美国试图将全人类托入战争中的原因。”

US Corporation representatives are clearly being snubbed. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan just postponed a trip to the Middle East because of a “cracked rib.” 美利坚合众国企业公司的代表团,显然受到了中国的冷落。白宫国家安全顾问杰克•沙利文因“肋骨破裂”而推迟了中东之行。

Then, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and an American delegation were forced to drive from Paris to Brussels to attend a NATO meeting Wednesday after his plane was again grounded due to a “mechanical issue,” the State Department said. 随后,美国国务院表示,国务卿安东尼•布林肯的飞机因“机械问题”再次停飞,美国代表团被迫于周三从巴黎驱车前往布鲁塞尔参加北约会议。

The US has also surrendered to Yemen militarily and is not asking for a “diplomatic solution” to Red Sea crisis. They will be told to pull the plug on Israel for sure. 美国也在军事上向也门投降,并没有要求“外交解决”红海危机。也门肯定会要求美国停止援助以色列。

The French are also freaking out as their international anti-Russia coalition collapses and Russian justice looms. French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu called Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to try to convince him Kiev and the West weren’t involved in the Crocus City Hall attack, blaming ISIS. The problem is Russia knows ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. 随着国际反俄联盟的崩溃和俄罗斯的正义制裁迫在眉睫,法国人也吓坏了。法国国防部长赛巴斯蒂安•莱科努致电俄罗斯国防部长谢尔盖•绍伊古,试图说服他基辅和西方没有参与对莫斯科音乐会的袭击,并指责伊斯兰国。但问题是俄罗斯知道伊斯兰国的背后是以色列秘密情报局。

They also know France is the main backer of the Ukraine regime now and that “Ukraine’s involvement in numerous acts of terrorism carried out in Russia, including the attack on Crocus City Hall, is beyond doubt.” 俄罗斯人还知道,法国现在是乌克兰政权的主要支持者:“毫无疑问,乌克兰参与了在俄罗斯实施的许多恐怖主义行为,包括对克罗库斯市政厅的袭击。”

In a sign French President Emanuelle Macron Rothschild is terrified of the Russians, he says “France needs to cooperate with any country facing the risk of terrorist attacks,” in comments on the recent phone talks between French and Russian defense ministers. 法国总统埃曼纽埃尔•马克龙•罗斯柴尔德,在评论法国和俄罗斯国防部长最近的电话会谈时表示:“法国需要与任何面临恐怖袭击风险的国家合作”,这表明他对俄罗斯人感到恐惧。

“I instructed the minister and the relevant services to have a technical exchange of information with their [Russian] counterparts to communicate a message of solidarity, and also because we had useful information, which I will not disclose here, about who was behind this terrorist attack,” Macron said. 马克龙说:“我指示部长和相关部门与(俄罗斯)同行进行技术信息交流,以传达团结的信息,也因为我们掌握了关于这次恐怖袭击幕后黑手的有用信息,我不会在这里透露。”

The Russians are now working behind the scenes with French resistance to end the Macron regime. The French patriots know Macron himself is the highest-ranking member of the Rothschild family to hold a formal political office and that his overthrow would help end KM rule. 俄罗斯人现在正在幕后与法国抵抗力量合作,以结束马克龙政权。法国爱国者知道,马克龙本人是罗斯柴尔德家族中担任正式政治职务的最高级别成员,一旦他被推翻,将有助于结束可萨黑手党的统治。

The Russians are also getting closer to the truth. “International terrorism supported by shadowy sponsors remains a global threat to the entire world,” Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov says. 俄罗斯人也越来越接近真相。俄罗斯武装部队总参谋长兼国防部副部长瓦列里•格拉西莫夫表示:“由幕后赞助者支持的国际恐怖主义仍然是对整个世界的全球威胁。”

He is referring to the Cult of Ba’al or the Satanists. 他指的是崇拜巴尔的邪教或撒旦教徒。

This diagram reveals the history of a powerful Death Cult that has ruled Earth for all recorded human history. The timeline is trisected and proceeds from top to bottom. 以下这张图,揭示了一个强大的亡命邪教的历史,它统治了地球所有有记录的人类历史。时间线是三等分的,从上到下依次进行。

At present this group is represented by the movement traced by the Russians to the theosophical writer Alice Bailey. She claims her books were dictated telepathically to her by “a Master of Wisdom.” These are the Satanic thought-forms able to hijack human minds that Pentagon sources discovered in their own research into the New Age movements. 目前,这一群体以俄罗斯人追踪到神智作家爱丽丝•贝利的运动为代表。她声称自己的书是由“智慧大师”通过心灵感应口述给她的。五角大楼消息来源在自己对“新时代运动”的研究中,发现了能够劫持人类思想的撒旦思想形态。

Anyway, the Russians say that, spurred by these thought forms, Bailey founded the Lucis [Lucifer] trust. It’s located in the UN headquarters building and “is actually the root of all globalist agendas.” The trust controls the program for 90% of the US educational system via the Fetzer Institute, the FSB says. “The trust is the origin of language used by the WEF, Schwab, Harari, along with Tavistock Institute, MI6 and CIA, and they have the same masonic occult bosses/or boss,” they add. Their aim is to “replace, interpret all religions.” 无论如何,俄罗斯人说,在这些思想形式的刺激下,贝利创立了路西法信托基金。它位于联合国总部大楼内,“实际上是所有全球主义议程的根源”。俄罗斯联邦安全局表示,该信托基金通过费策研究所,控制着美国90%的教育系统。他们补充道:“这个信托基金会是世界经济论坛、施瓦布、哈拉里、塔维斯托克研究所、英国军情六处和美国中央情报局使用语言的起源,他们有着相同的共济会神秘主义老板。”他们的目标是“取代、解释所有宗教”。

They are trying desperately to ramp things up. In the US Marjorie Taylor Greene says “Mike Johnson Plans to Suspend Rules and not Place the Bill through the Rules Committee.” In other words impose a totalitarian dictatorship. 他们拼命想把事情搞上去。在美国,玛乔丽•泰勒•格林说:“迈克•约翰逊计划暂停规则,而不是将法案提交规则委员会。”换言之,实施极权独裁。

In Germany the domestic intelligence chief is trying to police the “thought & speech patterns” of citizens and introduce the the novel offence of “systematic delegitimization of state conduct.” In other words, he wants to punish thought crimes. 在德国,国内情报局长正在试图监督公民的“思想和言论模式”,并引入“系统性地剥夺国家行为合法性”这一新颖罪行。换句话说,他想惩罚思想犯罪。

This is an example of this sort of policy at work: 以下是这类政策的一个例子:

Jesse Watters: “Trump is banned from talking about the judge’s family. Why? Because the judge’s family was paid by the Biden campaign. The judge’s family is currently being paid by Adam Schiff over $10 million.” 杰西•沃特斯:“川普被禁止谈论法官的家人。为什么?因为法官的家人是由拜登竞选团队支付的。法官的家人目前由亚当•希夫支付超过1000万美元。”

Elon Musk describes how killer AI drones could punish thought criminals. 埃隆•马斯克描述了杀手级人工智能无人机如何惩罚思想罪犯。

Is this some sort of threat to compensate for a 20% drop in Tesla sales and a 43% decline in BYD sales from the previous quarter? This is not year on year meaning sales have fallen off a cliff and his company is no longer viable. He must be secretly feeling desperate. 这是为了弥补特斯拉销量比上一季度下降20%和比亚迪销量下降43%的某种威胁吗?这并不意味着销售额已经跌落悬崖,他的公司不再赚钱。他心里一定很绝望。

This killer AI drone technology is already being used. “Israel’s Lavender artificial intelligence system is automatically identifying potential targets in the Gaza Strip based on alleged links to Hamas. As a result, tens of thousands of civilians are in mortal danger! Alarmingly, life and death decisions were made by machines, with human staff taking just 20 seconds to authorize the bombing. This brutal digitization of the killing process, where people are reduced to a set of data, is a threat to humanity and our civilization,” Polish intelligence warns 这种杀手级的人工智能无人机技术已经在使用。波兰情报部门警告称:“以色列的拉文德人工智能系统,正在根据与哈马斯的数据链自动识别加沙地带的潜在目标。因此,数以万计的平民处于致命危险之中!令人担忧的是,生杀大权的决定是由机器做出的,人类工作人员只需20秒就可以批准轰炸。这种残酷的杀戮过程数字化,人们被简化为一组数据,对人类和我们的文明构成威胁。”

It would also be criminal to doubt government stories such as these: 怀疑政府的故事也将被列为犯罪行为,比如:

Reuters has published perhaps the most bizarre article ever, warning that climate change is having a detrimental impact on the income of Indonesian transgender sex workers. Yes, really. 路透社发表了可能是有史以来最奇怪的一篇文章,警告气候变化正在对印尼变性性工作者的收入产生不利影响。是的,真的。

Here is another one that is not an April fools’ article: 以下是另一篇不是愚人节的文章:

“Now scientists say wearing JEANS is bad for the environment.” “现在科学家们说穿牛仔裤对环境有害。”

There are many such bizarre articles appearing saying such things as “water vapor is a greenhouse gas,” and not just cow farts anymore. It is all a sign of some sort of mental breakdown. But we are supposed to believe it all or else. 出现了许多这样奇怪的文章说,不仅牛放屁,就连“水蒸气也是一种温室气体”。这一切都是某种精神崩溃的迹象。

We are also supposed to believe the fear porn they are pumping out at record rates such as the following: 我们也在以创纪录的速度推出恐惧色情片,比如:

Next epidemic to spill out of China could be SUPER GONORRHEA – where the rate of antibiotic-resistant STIs are 40x higher than US and UK. 下一个从中国蔓延出来的流行病可能是超级淋病——那里的抗生素耐药性性传播感染率是美国和英国的40倍

Then we have this: “Bird flu pandemic could be ‘100 times worse’ than COVID, scientists warn.” 然后我们还看到报道说:“科学家警告说,禽流感大流行可能比新冠肺炎‘严重100倍’。”

And if that isn’t enough, here is more Fear Porn being released. 如果这还不够的话,还有更多的恐惧色情正在上映。

Bird flu dairy cow outbreak widens in Ohio, Kansas, New Mexico…The spread to an increasing number of species and its widening geographic reach have raised the risks of humans being infected, the head of the World Organization for Animal Health said on Thursday. 世界动物卫生组织负责人周四表示,禽流感奶牛疫情正在俄亥俄州、堪萨斯州和新墨西哥州扩大……传播到越来越多的物种及其不断扩大的地理范围,增加了人类被感染的风险。

It seems they are desperately looking for cover stories for vaccine damage. On this front the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released 780,000 reports received shortly after the COVID-19 vaccines were pushed showing “people experienced a wide range of post-vaccination problems, including heart inflammation, miscarriages, and seizures.” 他们似乎在拼命寻找一些故事,来掩盖疫苗对各国人民造成的重大伤害。在这方面,美国疾病控制与预防中心发布了在新冠疫苗推出后不久收到的78万份报告,显示“人们在接种后出现了广泛的问题,包括心脏炎症、流产和癫痫发作。”

Justice is coming. A criminal complaint has s been filed against European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for “usurpation of functions and title, destruction of public documents, illegal interests-taking and corruption.” 正义的制裁即将到来。欧盟委员会主席乌尔苏拉•冯德莱恩,因“篡夺职能和头衔、破坏公共文件、非法获取利益和腐败”被提起刑事诉讼。

This is about a €35 billion contract between the EU and Pfizer. Her husband Heiko von der Leyen, was a director of Orgenesis, a company that has played a central role in the EU’s vaccination campaign. Orgenesis and Pfizer have the same major shareholders. Also, the EC awarded €320 million in grants to Orgenesis in 2022. On top of that millions of doses of anti-Covid mRNA drugs (mislabeled as “vaccines”) worth $4 billion were lost. 这是欧盟和辉瑞公司之间约350亿欧元的合同。她的丈夫海科•冯德莱恩是Orggenesis公司的董事,该公司在欧盟的疫苗接种运动中发挥了核心作用。Orggenesis和辉瑞公司拥有相同的控股股东。此外,欧盟委员会在2022年向Orggenesis提供了3.2亿欧元的捐款。除此之外,价值40亿美元的数百万剂抗新冠mRNA药物(被误称为“疫苗”)损失。

In Italy, former Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who enforced vaccinations, can no longer move without police protection. The Italians are waiting for him everywhere and shouting “Murderer” 在意大利,强制接种疫苗的前卫生部长罗伯托•斯佩兰扎,在没有警察保护的情况下,无法出现在公开场合。意大利人到处等着他,高喊“杀人犯”。

In Canada, Justin Castrudeau cannot appear in public without being chased by and angry mob. Here is a recent example from Hamilton, Canada 在加麻大,贾斯汀•特鲁多•卡斯特罗,在公共场合露面时会被愤怒的暴徒追赶。以下是加麻大汉密尔顿最近的一个例子。

Also, Bill Gates was just called a pedophile on LIVE television. Watch the attached video with Clay Clark saying the truth as it should be, on Newsmax 此外,比尔•盖茨刚刚在电视直播中被称为恋童癖。观看以下视频,克莱•克拉克在Newsmax上说了实话。

In a sign action is being taken, more evidence is emerging that something happened to the British Royal family. Where have they all gone? Kate, the kids, her parents, and her sister are MIA!! 有迹象表明正在采取行动,越来越多的证据表明,英国王室发生了一些事情。他们都去哪儿了?凯特王妃,孩子们,她的父母,还有她的妹妹都失踪了!!

Credit: cristinabrunothemusecreation75 来源:cristinabrouthmusecreation75

If I was a senior KM leader, I would not be sleeping very well. Justice is coming. 如果我是可萨黑手党的一名高级领导人,我就会睡不着觉。正义即将到来。



Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 April 1st 本杰明•富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2024年4月1日

Western governments are a sick April fools’ joke even as war looms 战争一触即发,西方政府却成了愚人节笑话

Western governments are a sick April fools’ joke even as war looms

With this week’s report appearing on April 1st, we thought about writing an April Fools’ joke article. However, the real situation is already like a sick joke so we didn’t bother. Just think about so-called President Joe Biden officially declaring Easter as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This appears to be either a twisted April Fools’ joke or a direct middle finger to Christians, from the allegedly Catholic, Joe Biden. 随着本周的新闻通讯于2024年4月1日发布,我们本想写一篇愚人节笑话文章。然而,现实情况已经像是一个病态的笑话,所以我们没有费心去写这种文章。想想所谓的乔•拜登总统正式宣布复活节为“变性人可见日”。这似乎是一个扭曲的愚人节笑话,或者是一个来自所谓的天主教徒乔•拜登对基督徒的直接中指。

In reality what is happening is no joke but a prelude to a very likely massive military move by Russia, North Korea and China to take Western Europe, South Korea and Taiwan out of Western control. The West is so paralyzed by criminally incompetent governments that this will not be a war so much as a walkover. 事实上,正在发生的事情并非玩笑,而是俄罗斯、朝鲜和中国极有可能采取大规模军事行动的前奏,以使西欧、韩国和台湾脱离西方的控制。西方被无能的政府所麻痹,这与其说是一场战争,不如说是一次罢工。

Let us start with Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church issued an “order” to the Russian people saying the special military operation in Ukraine is “a new stage in the national liberation struggle…to fulfill the mission of those who defend the world from the onslaught of globalism and the victory of the West, which has fallen into Satanism”. 让我们从俄罗斯的情况开始说起。俄罗斯东正教会向俄罗斯人民发出“命令”,称在乌克兰的特别军事行动是“民族解放斗争的新阶段……以完成那些保卫世界免受全球主义冲击和西方胜利的人的使命,西方已经陷入撒旦主义”。

Let’s make it clear, Russia is run by the Orthodox Church and you don’t declare Holy War unless you are deadly serious. The Russian FSB has made it known they consider the Federal Reserve Board and the families that own it to be their real enemy. 让我们明确一点,俄罗斯是由东正教会管理的,除非你非常严肃,否则你不会宣布圣战。俄罗斯联邦安全局已经宣布,他们认为美联储以及拥有它的那些家族,是他们的真正敌人。

That is why FRB puppet Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk warns of the “real” threat of conflict in Europe, saying “literally any scenario is possible. We haven’t seen a situation like this since 1945.” 这就是为什么美联储的傀儡——波兰总理唐纳德•图斯克,警告欧洲冲突的“真实”威胁,他说:“实际上任何情况都有可能发生。自1945年以来,我们还没有见过这样的情况。”

Polish PM Tusk warns Europe has entered ‘pre-war era’

If Russia moves into Western Europe, the French and German military high command have admitted they could not resist for more than a few weeks. 法国和德国的军事指挥部承认,如果俄罗斯打到了西欧,他们无法抵抗超过几个星期。

Lieutenant General Rob Magowan, deputy chief of the country’s defense staff admitted in Parliament the UK would be unable to “fight a full-scale war against Vladimir Putin” for more than two months due to a lack of ammunition and equipment reserves. 英国国防部副部长罗布•马戈万中将,在议会上承认,由于缺乏弹药和设备储备,英国在面对“对弗拉基米尔•普京发动的全面战争”时,将无法抵抗超过两个月。

The US military is no longer going to be able to help either. The demolition of the bridge in Baltimore has ensured that. 美国军方也将不再能够提供帮助。巴尔的摩大桥的拆除已经确保了这一点。

By the way, if you are one of the few remaining cool aid drinkers who still believe the “official” story this was an accident, please look at the videos and visuals below. 顺便说一句,如果你仍然是少数不明真相的群众,仍然相信轮船撞桥是一场意外事故,那么就请观看下面的视频和图像。

My initial suspect for this attack was Barack Obama because his Netflix movie predicted a similar event. 我最初怀疑这次袭击是巴拉克•奥巴马发动的,因为他的网飞电影预测了类似的事件。

However, if you ask the question qui bono or who benefits from this, it has to be Russia. The bridge collapse trapped four ships the US military would absolutely need to transport equipment quickly across the Atlantic in the event of a war in Western Europe. These are: The Cape Washington, a Cape W Class roll-on/roll-off vessel. The Gary I. Gordon, a Gordon-class roll-on/roll-off vessel. The SS Antares (T-AKR-294), an Algol-class fast sealift vehicle cargo ship. The SS Denebola (T-AKR-294), another Algol-class fast sealift vehicle cargo ship.

然而,如果你想要问谁从中受益最大,那一定是俄罗斯。这座桥的倒塌使四艘船被困,如果西欧发生战争,美国军方绝对需要这些船只迅速将设备运过大西洋。这些船只包括: 华盛顿角号,一艘W级滚装船。 加里•I•戈登号,一艘戈登级滚装船。 SS Antares(T-AKR-294),是一艘大陵五级快速密封运输车货船。 SS Denebola(T-AKR-294),另一艘大陵五级快速海运车辆货船。

These Are the Ships Stuck Behind the Baltimore Key Bridge

This means if Russia moved into Western Europe the US would not be able to transport enough military equipment on time to be able to do anything about it. Field Marshall Douglas MacGregor says Russian submarines could take out any remaining US transport ships. 这意味着,如果俄罗斯进入西欧,美国将无法及时运送足够的军事装备,无法对此采取任何行动。美军上将道格拉斯•麦克格雷格表示,俄罗斯潜艇可以摧毁任何剩余的美国运输船。

In any case, we know from our own Pentagon contacts the US military does not intend to fight to protect KM puppet governments in Europe anyway. 无论如何,我们从五角大楼的线人那里得知,美国军方无论如何都不打算保护可萨黑手党的欧洲傀儡政府。

This matters because Russia has all but declared war. The Russian Foreign Ministry is demanding the arrest and extradition to Russia of all people involved in the March 22 (322) terrorist attacks on Russian territory, including Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) head Vasyl Malyuk. 这很重要,因为俄罗斯几乎已经宣战。俄罗斯外交部要求逮捕并引渡所有参与2024年3月22日(322)俄罗斯领土恐怖袭击的人,包括乌克兰安全局局长瓦西里•马柳克。

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made it very clear the US government incriminated itself by immediately blaming ISIS despite it being well-known ISIS etc. are US and British creations. 俄罗斯外交部发言人玛丽亚•扎哈罗娃明确表示,尽管众所周知,伊斯兰国等组织是美国和英国的产物,但美国政府立即指责伊斯兰国,这使美国和英国逃不了干系。

Alexander Bortnikov the chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has also publicly accused the United States, Britain and Ukraine for the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall. 俄罗斯联邦安全局局长亚历山大•博尔特尼科夫,也公开指责美国、英国和乌克兰对克洛库斯市政厅的恐怖袭击。

Our own FSB sources say Russia is further demanding the arrest of fake US President Joe Biden and his boss Barack Obama. They are also asking for the arrest of Charles Mountbatten Windsor. 我们自己的FSB消息来源说,俄罗斯进一步要求逮捕假美国总统乔•拜登和他的老板巴拉克•奥巴马。他们还要求逮捕查尔斯•蒙巴顿•温莎。

That is why Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov says improving relations with Washington under President Joe Biden is “impossible”. 这就是为什么俄罗斯驻美国大使阿纳托利•安东诺夫说,只要华盛顿特区还在乔•拜登总统的领导下,俄罗斯改善与华盛顿特区的关系就是“不可能的”。

There are also signs that any attack by Russia would take place simultaneously with a North Korean move on South Korea. 还有迹象表明,俄罗斯的任何大规模攻击都将与朝鲜对韩国的行动同时发生。

In what looks like preparation for war, North Korea is importing huge amounts of fuel for military vehicles from Russia. At least five North Korean tankers sailed this month with oil products from the port of Vostochny in the Russian Far East. 朝鲜正在从俄罗斯进口大量军用车辆燃料,这似乎是在为战争做准备。本月至少有五艘朝鲜油轮从俄罗斯远东地区的沃斯托尼港运送石油产品。

North Korean tankers may have delivered more than 1.5 mln barrels of oil products between January 1 and September 15, 2023, the Russian Tass News Agency reports. “Moscow and Pyongyang have promised to strengthen their military-technical cooperation,” it adds. 跟据俄罗斯塔斯社报道,朝鲜油轮可能在2023年1月1日至9月15日期间,运送了超过150万桶石油产品。“莫斯科和平壤已承诺加强军事技术合作。”

Russia also used its veto power last week to stop UN monitoring of arms transfers between Moscow and Pyongyang. 俄罗斯上周还利用其否决权,阻止联合国监督莫斯科与平壤之间的武器转让。

Amid this tension Japan has been desperately trying to talk to North Korea but North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui reiterated Pyongyang’s stance Friday that it will reject any contact with Japan 在这种紧张局势中,日本一直在拼命试图与朝鲜进行对话,但朝鲜外交部长崔善姬周五重申了平壤的立场,即朝鲜将拒绝与日本进行任何接触。

Our own North Korean sources say they control the Japanese underground and are preparing to remove the slave government in Japan because it murdered over 400,000 people with vaccines. 我们自己的朝鲜消息来源说,朝鲜人控制着日本的地下组织,并准备推翻日本的奴才政府,因为它用《圣经•启示录》“兽的印迹”氧化石墨烯微芯片转基因绝育“疫苗”谋杀了40多万人。

Another sign something fundamental has changed is that Goldman Sachs is shutting down its’ banking business in Japan. 还另一个迹象,表明某些根本性变化正在发生,那就是高盛正在关闭其在日本的银行业务。

When I was working for Forbes I remember going to GS parties where the likes of former US Vice President Walter Mondale were employees. It was the de facto government of Japan. Their leaving is big news. 当我在福布斯工作时,我记得去外国记者俱乐部聚会,在那里,前美国副总统沃尔特•蒙代尔等人是员工。 这是日本事实上的政府。 他们的离开是个大新闻。

Japan is about to have a new Emperor and a new government according to my own sources connected to the greater (Fujiwara) imperial family. 根据我自己的消息来源说,日本即将有一位新天皇和一个新政府,他们与大(藤原)皇室有关。

“I’ve described the security environment as the most dangerous I’ve seen in 40 years in uniform,” said U.S. Adm. John Aquilino, head of Indo-Pacific Command, before the House Armed Services Committee this month. 美国海军上将、印太司令部司令约翰•阿基利诺,在本月众议院军事委员会上表示:“我将安全环境描述为我在40年军旅生涯中见过的最危险的环境。”

Rising global threats force ‘epoch-making’ shift in world order

China and Taiwan though, will reunify without any war, Asian secret society sources say. They say a deal has already been made for peaceful reunification. 亚洲秘密社团的消息来源说,中国和台湾将会在没有任何战争的情况下统一。他们说,为了和平统一,一项协议已经达成。

In any case, the situation is so tense an emergency meeting has been called this week with representatives of the Habsburg family (European Royalty), the Pentagon, the CIA, the Russian FSB, the people in Antarctica and Asian royals. A person who will be attending the meeting says they will discuss replacing the WEF and UN-based Khazarian mafia-controlled international system. They say construction has already begun in South East Asia for a new headquarters for a UN replacement organization. 无论如何,局势如此紧张,哈布斯堡家族(欧洲皇室)、五角大楼、中央情报局、俄罗斯联邦安全局、南极洲人民和亚洲皇室的代表,本周召开了紧急会议。一位将出席会议的人表示,他们将讨论取代世界经济论坛和可萨黑手党控制的联合国国际体系。他们说,一个新的组织即将替代联合国,总部大楼已经在东南亚开始建设。

The meeting will also discuss a White Dragon Society proposal to issue $100 trillion worth of bonds to kick-start a new age. As mentioned before, the process would start with a jubilee involving a one-off cancellation of all debt, public and private. It would also involve a one-off redistribution of assets stolen over the decades by fraudulent central banking. After this meritocratically staffed future planning organizations (one global and seven regional) would figure out how best to deploy the $100 trillion. 会议还将讨论白龙会提出的发行价值100万亿美元债券以启动新时代的提议。如前所述,这一过程将以天下大赦喜年运动开始,包括一笔勾销所有公共和私人债务。这也将涉及一次性重新分配欺诈性中央银行几十年来窃取的资产。在此之后,精英管理的未来规划组织(一个全球性组织和七个地区性组织)将找出如何最好地部署这100万亿美元。

The WDS proposal also calls for the Western military-industrial complex to stop stealing resources for Satan-worshipping KM oligarchs and start protecting the living creatures of this planet. Generous funding will be made for this purpose in order to prevent war. 白龙会的提案还呼吁,西方军工复合体停止帮助崇拜撒旦的可萨黑手党寡头窃取资源,并开始保护这个星球上的生物。为了防止战争,将为此目的提供慷慨的资金。

The West will also start making amends for centuries of pillage, conquest and murder around the world by carrying out a massive campaign to end poverty, disease and environmental destruction. It will also release technology that will allow us all to live like millionaires for thousands of years. 西方也将开始对几个世纪以来在世界各地的掠夺、征服和谋杀进行补偿,开展大规模运动,消除贫困、疾病和环境破坏。西方还将发布技术,使我们所有人都能像百万富翁一样生活数千年。

No matter what comes of this meeting, the current Western-led financial system is mathematically doomed. 无论这次会议的结果如何,当前的西方主导的金融体系,在数学上是注定要崩盘的。

The National Bureau of Economic Research estimates up to 385 American banks could fail over commercial real estate loans alone. “Major cities such as San Francisco are already sporting zombie-apocalypse downtowns, with abandoned office buildings baking in the sun.” Half of downtown Pittsburgh office space is expected to be vacant in four years. 美国国家经济研究局估计,仅商业房地产贷款一项,就有多达385家美国银行可能倒闭。“像旧金山这样的大城市,已经在市中心上演僵尸末日,废弃的办公楼在阳光下炙烤。”匹兹堡市中心一半的写字楼,预计将在四年后空置。

This real estate apocalypse comes on top of the 45% devaluation of all bond holdings caused when the Fed panic-hiked interest rates. 在这场房地产大灾难发生之前,美联储恐慌性的加息,已经导致所有人手中的债券贬值了45%。

The US Stock market is also a giant hallucination with such things as the tiny car company Tesla supposedly worth more than all the other car companies in the world combined. 美国股市也是一个巨大的幻觉,比如小汽车公司特斯拉的股票市值,据称已经超过了世界上所有其他汽车公司的总和。

More and more pundits are coming to the conclusion that “America may be on the brink of its Minsky moment…This process, which moves from slowly, slowly, to suddenly and now, goes back decades.” 越来越多的专家得出结论:“美国可能正处于明斯基时刻的边缘……这个过程慢慢地、慢慢地……然后突然、现在发生,使经济倒退到几十年前。”

The FRB is in no position to bail out banks, it hasn’t printed new money since 2019 and lost a record $114 billion last year. 美联储没有能力救助银行,自2019年以来,它没有印制新的钞票,去年损失了创纪录的1140亿美元。

High-level insiders know it is all coming to an end. For example, Bill Gates Bill Gates just sold off all of his “Magnificent Seven,” (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla) stock holdings. 高层内部人士都知道这一切即将结束。例如,比尔•盖茨刚刚卖掉了他持有的所有“七巨头”股票(Alphabet、亚马逊、苹果、Meta、微软、英伟达和特斯拉)。

It looks like the people controlling the fake Biden administration have been looting all they can before the collapse. 看起来,控制假拜登政府的人,在崩溃前一直在掠夺他们所能掠夺的一切。

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates the Biden administration made off with $236 billion last year. Furthermore, the GAO believes the $236 billion estimate “potentially does not represent the full extent of improper payments.” 美国政府问责局估计,拜登政府去年的收入为2360亿美元。此外,美国政府问责局认为,2360亿美元的估计“可能不能代表不当付款的全部程度”

The amount of such payments under the Biden administration since 2021 totaled more than $764 billion. GAO estimates the cumulative incorrect payments since fiscal year 2003 to total around $2.7 trillion………. 自2021年以来,拜登政府的此类付款总额超过7640亿美元。美国政府问责局估计,自2003财年以来,累计错误付款总额约为2.7万亿美元………。

Similar waste is being seen in Canada. A Canadian intelligence agent sent us the video below with the following comment: 加麻大也出现了类似的废物。一名加麻大情报人员向我们发送了下面的视频,并发表了以下评论:

Watch and listen to how arrogant this KM – WEF Nazi puppet is as she evades the question again and again. Chrystia Freeland refuses to answer how much the government has collected in carbon tax when called out on $2 billion that has not been accounted for. 观察并倾听这个可萨黑手党世界经济论坛纳粹傀儡是多么傲慢,因为她一次又一次地回避这个问题。克里斯蒂娅•弗里兰拒绝回答政府对20亿美元的碳税征收了多少。

The Nazi Feeland will be tried for treason and crimes against humanity. Found guilty and the rope will be waiting. 纳粹弗里兰将以叛国罪和反人类罪受审。被判有罪,绞刑将等待着她。

This is the sort of thing that happens at the end of a regime. 这是一个政权结束时发生的事情。

The KM thought they got funding until September after FRB’s US slave government promised a UN “Summit of the Future” in September to create a “better more fair and peaceful world.” The problem is they just tried to murder us all with vaccines and bioweapons so nobody trusts their promises to suddenly do good. 在美联储的美国奴隶政府承诺,在2024年9月举行联合国“未来峰会”,以创造一个“更美好、更公平、更和平的世界”后,可萨黑手党以为他们将会在2024年9月得到资金。但问题是,他们只是试图用疫苗和生物武器谋杀我们所有人,所以没有人相信他们的承诺会突然带来好处。

The Asians, for good reason, don’t want to finance the people behind Ukraine’s criminal regime. Secretary General of the National Defense and Security Council, Oleksiy Danilov says Russians are “less human” than other people because they are “Asian”. Last week, he provoked a very serious diplomatic incident with China when made an obscene pun on the name of China’s special envoy, Li Hui. 亚洲人有充分的理由不想资助乌克兰犯罪政权背后的人。乌克兰国防和安全委员会秘书长奥列克谢•丹尼洛夫表示,俄罗斯人比其他人“不那么人性化”,因为他们是“亚洲人”。上周,他对中国特使李辉的名字使用了下流的双关语,引发了一场非常严重的对华外交事件。

Not only that, more and more government-run media are reporting now on the organ trafficking and killing of babies being carried out by that regime. 不仅如此,现在越来越多的政府媒体,报道了乌克兰政权贩卖器官和杀害婴儿的行为。

Even the BBC is reporting healthy newborn babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells. 就连英国广播公司也报道称,健康的新生儿可能在乌克兰被杀害,以喂养蓬勃发展的干细胞国际贸易。

The Russians should have eliminated the criminal Ukrainian regime a long time ago. It will fall soon for sure. 俄罗斯人早就应该消灭犯罪的乌克兰政权。这个政权肯定很快就会倒台。

The Nazi government of Benyamin Netanyahu in Israel is also about to fall. The public genocide in Gaza has made sure of that. So have comments by the likes of Michigan Republican Congressman Tim Walberg that, instead of sending aid to Gaza, the US government should consider using a nuclear bomb on the region. 以色列本雅明•内塔尼亚胡的纳粹政府也即将倒台。加沙的公开种族灭绝确保了这一点。密歇根州共和党众议员蒂姆•沃尔伯格等也发表了评论,认为美国政府不应该向加沙提供援助,而应该考虑在该地区使用核弹。

We have Trump’s Zionist Son-in-Law Jared Kushner calling for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza to ‘Finish the Job’…Kushner, who served as a key Middle East adviser to Trump, said that Gaza’s “waterfront property could be very valuable” and urged Israel to “clean it up.” 我们有川普的犹太复国主义女婿贾里德•库什纳,呼吁对加沙进行种族清洗,以“完成任务”…库什纳曾担任川普的关键中东顾问,他表示,加沙的“海滨财产可能非常有价值”,并敦促以色列“清理它”。

“What we are seeing in Gaza now, represents the blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale,” Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin said as he announced his country would help South Africa with its war crimes charges against Israel. 爱尔兰外交部长米歇尔•马丁在宣布爱尔兰将帮助南非解决对以色列的战争罪指控时表示:“我们现在在加沙看到的情况,代表着大规模公然违反国际人道主义法。”

Under threat of an international trade boycott, the US government refused to veto a call by 14 members of the United Nations Security Council for an “immediate ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas and the “unconditional release of all hostages”. 在国际贸易抵制的威胁下,美国政府在联合国安理会14个成员国关于以色列和哈马斯之间“立即停火”和“无条件释放所有人质”的决议案中,投了弃权票。

US politicians who still support the current Israeli cannot appear in public without triggering riots as this scene outside President Biden’s re-election fundraiser in Manhattan shows. 正如拜登总统在曼哈顿举行的连任筹款活动外的这一幕所显示的那样,仍然支持以色列人的现任美国政客,在公开场合露面时,总是会遭遇骚乱。

In Israel “Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated Saturday night in front of the military’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, in the biggest protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the terrorist attack of Oct. 7.” 在以色列,“周六晚上,数万名以色列人在特拉维夫军方总部前举行示威,这是自2023年10月7日恐怖袭击以来针对总理本雅明•内塔尼亚胡的最大抗议活动。”

Now an Israeli Supreme Court ruling that freezes funding to ultra-Orthodox seminaries unless their students serve in the military is forcing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to contend with its survival as the war in Gaza deepens the country’s political divisions. 现在,以色列最高法院的一项裁决,冻结了对极端正统派神学院的资助,除非这些神学院的学生在军队服役,这显示出本雅明•内塔尼亚胡总理的政府,在加沙战争加深该国政治分裂之际,正在为生存而挣扎。

Also now Netanyahu “has been diagnosed with a severe hernia, and he will undergo emergency surgery tonight under full anesthesia; his deputy will take his duties.” 同样现在,内塔尼亚胡“被诊断出患有严重的疝气,今晚他将在全身麻醉下接受紧急手术;他的副手将履行职责。”

A Mossad source comments: “Is this the end of the Avatar Netanyahu? The ole gone to the hospital story. Maybe he is planning his escape? I doubt if the same man comes out of sick bay. If he comes out?” 摩萨德的一位消息来源评论道:“这是内塔尼亚胡的阿凡达替身的结局吗?这个人去了医院。也许他正在计划逃跑?我怀疑康复出院的,还是不是原来的他。”

No matter what though, Israel is bankrupt because its’ US sponsor is no longer getting Asian money to waste on it. 不管怎样,以色列已经破产了,因为它的美国赞助商再也没有亚洲的钱浪费在它身上了。

The US government has been using Asian money for many other immoral causes as well. For example, the National Science Foundation has been spending taxpayer money to create AI tools for censoring Americans on various social media platforms. They targeted conservatives, minorities, rural Americans, older adults, and military families. This censorship, for example, targeted people, such as this writer, who cite scientific evidence showing COVID-19 vaccines are harmful. In other words, the government was using AI to hide the fact they have been trying to kill us. 美国政府还将亚洲的资金用于许多其他不道德的事业。例如,美国国家科学基金会,一直在花费纳税人的钱,来创建人工智能工具,用于审查各种社交媒体平台上的美国人。他们针对的是保守派、主体民族、美国农村、老年人和军人家庭。例如,这种审查针对的是像笔者本人这样的人,我们这些人引用科学证据,表明新冠疫苗是有害的。换句话说,政府正在使用人工智能来掩盖他们一直试图杀死我们的事实。

NSF paid universities to develop AI censorship tools for social media, House report alleges

This fact-based report on massive Covid-linked corruption is the sort of thing they have been trying to censor. 以上这份基于事实的关于与新冠肺炎有关的大规模腐败的报告,正是他们试图全网封杀的事情。

Billions spent on Covid deals….. Innova Medical Group a US company gets 9 contracts for lateral flow tests worth £3.7 Billion. Of course an inside deal. Number 10 Downing Street was involved of course. 在新冠肺炎交易上花费了数十亿美元…。Innova Medical Group是一家美国公司,获得了9份价值37亿英镑的侧流测试合同。当然是内部交易。英国政府当然也参与其中。

Meanwhile, Scottish Police are planning to stop investigating crimes like theft and criminal damage so they can investigate every report they receive under the new Hate Crime Act, such as posting an anti-LGTB comment on Facebook. 与此同时,苏格兰警方计划停止调查盗窃和刑事损害等犯罪,以便根据新的《仇恨犯罪法》调查他们收到的每一份报告,例如在脸书上发布反LGTB的评论。

Pro LGTB speech is another thing. During a speech at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in LA Sunday, Jill Biden suggested that not having gay porno books available in children’s libraries in schools is akin to Nazi Germany. 支持LGTB的言论是另一回事。周日,吉尔•拜登在洛杉矶举行的人权运动晚宴上发表演讲时表示,学校的儿童图书馆里没有同性恋色情书籍,这类似于纳粹德国。

We are further not supposed to criticize illegal immigrants. For example, we are not supposed to say foreigners are responsible for 100% of serious sexual assault cases and 57.4% of all crimes in Frankfurt, Germany. 我们在网上批评非法移民也遭到了更多的限制。例如,我们不应该说外国人对德国法兰克福100%的严重性侵案件和57.4%的所有犯罪负有责任。

Germany: Foreigners responsible for 100% of serious sexual assault cases in Frankfurt, 57.4% of all crimes

The KM media is also trying to silence things like this riot that broke out at Paris airport as illegals try to stop deportation. 可萨黑手党媒体也试图平息巴黎机场爆发的骚乱,因为非法移民试图阻止被驱逐出境。

As the guy in the image below says, people are realizing the Moloch-worshipping, blood-drinking pedophiles who run Western governments do not have the people’s best interests in mind. 正如下图中的那个人所说,人们意识到,管理西方政府的崇拜邪神莫洛赫、嗜血的恋童癖者,并没有考虑到人民的最大利益。

Despite this awakening, the KM is desperately trying to make it seem it is business as usual by trotting out “King Charles” and “Pope Francis” in public after long disappearances. 尽管人民已经意识到了这一点,但可萨黑手党仍在尽力让人们觉得一切如常,在“查尔斯国王”和“教皇弗朗西斯”长期失踪后,可萨黑手党仍在公开场合推出他们的替身。

Also judging from the German Press report linked below it looks like all the British Royals have been trotted out after not being seen in public for months. It is impossible to confirm if they are real or not in this age of digital fakery and rubber masks. What we can confirm is that while we got analog confirmation from Queen Elizabeth in the form of signed letters, no such thing has been received since her murder. 同样,从下面链接的德国媒体报道来看,似乎所有的英国皇室成员,在几个月没有公开露面后都被赶了出去。在这个数字图像技术造假和橡胶面具盛行的时代,人们无法确认它们是真是假。我们可以确认的是,虽然我们以签名信的形式从伊丽莎白女王那里得到了类似的确认,但自她被谋杀以来,还没有收到这样的消息。

Our own MI6 sources say King Charles or whoever controls his avatar has been charged with high treason. Something fundamental has changed. Guillotines are being called for and with good reason. 我们自己的军情六处消息来源称,查尔斯国王或控制其阿凡达替身的人,已被指控犯有叛国罪。一些根本的东西已经改变了。人们要求使用断头台,这是有充分理由的。

Criminality and corruption aside, the KM are incompetent managers of the countries they control. 撇开犯罪和腐败不谈,可萨黑手党是他们所控制国家的无能管理者。

An Ipsos survey shows widespread distrust of government in most Western countries. In France, the UK and Canada 82%, 79% and 70% respectively of citizens believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, a new historic low. 益普索的一项调查显示,大多数西方国家普遍不信任政府。在法国、英国和加麻大,分别有82%、79%和70%的公民认为,国家正朝着错误的方向前进,这是历史新低。

KM-controlled governments are very worried. A secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are. The report notes for example many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live.” 可萨黑手党控制的政府非常担心。加麻大皇家骑警的一份秘密报告警告说,一旦加麻大人意识到自己有多破产,他们可能会反抗。例如,报告指出,许多35岁以下的加拿大人不太可能买得起房子。”

Think about that, in a country with the second biggest land area on earth (after Russia) a small population and huge lumber supplies, the government is so incompetent it cannot even provide basic housing. 想想看,在一个拥有地球上第二大土地面积(仅次于俄罗斯)、人口少、木材供应量大的国家,政府非常无能,甚至无法提供基本住房。

Another Canadian government report says: 另一份加麻大政府报告说:

Threats against politicians have become “increasingly normalized” due to extremist narratives prompted by personal grievances and fuelled by misinformation or deliberate lies…[Canada] has seen the proliferation of conspiracy theories, a growing lack of trust in the integrity of the state and more political polarization…Baseless theories, disinformation and misinformation have spread to larger audiences, exposing online users to a vast network of narratives that undermine science, systems of government and traditional figures of authority, the report says. 由于个人不满引发的极端主义叙事,以及错误信息或蓄意谎言的助长,对政客的威胁已经“越来越正常化”……报告称,[加麻大]已经看到阴谋论的泛滥,对国家完整性越来越缺乏信任,政治两极分化加剧……毫无根据的理论、虚假信息和错误信息已经传播到更多的受众,使在线用户暴露在一个庞大的叙事网络中,这些叙事网络破坏了科学、政府体系和传统权威人物。

Never mind that the Castrudeau government embezzled billions of dollars while trying to kill people with toxic vaccines eh. 别介意,特鲁多•卡斯特罗政府在试图用《圣经•启示录》“兽的印迹”氧化石墨烯微芯片转基因绝育“疫苗”杀人时,贪污了数十亿美元。

People are starting to take direct action. For example, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson is telling citizens to shoot to kill home invaders to ‘save taxpayers money’ 人们开始采取直接行动。例如,圣罗莎县警长鲍勃•约翰逊,要求市民直接开枪杀死占据自己房屋的人,以“节省纳税人的钱”。

During a press conference in April 2022, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said, “If someone is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot. We prefer you to do that, actually.” The comments have gone viral again in juxtaposition to a story in New York where a woman was arrested for trying to remove squatters from her property. 在2022年4月的一次新闻发布会上,圣罗莎县警长鲍勃•约翰逊说:“如果有人闯入你的房子,我们非常欢迎你开枪。事实上,我们更希望你这么做。”这些评论再次在网上疯传,与纽约的一个故事并列,一名女子因试图将擅自占用者从她的房子里赶走而被捕。

“I said [at the press conference] if you shoot accurately, and you kill the guy, you save taxpayers money. And I also said that if somebody gets killed during a home invasion, the odds of them re-offending are zero. And we like those odds, which we do,” he told Fox News Digital. 他告诉福克斯新闻数字频道:“我(在新闻发布会上)说过,如果你开枪准确,杀死了那个人,你就可以节省纳税人的钱。我还说过,如果有人在入室盗窃中被杀,他们再次犯罪的几率为零。我们喜欢这种几率,我们确实喜欢。”

And in Santa Rosa County, we have a very high percentage of the population that have weapons, and I promote the use of them if you’re in your house. And somebody kicks your door in because they’re not coming in to give you a hug or to give you cookies, they’re coming in to commit felonies,” he continued. 他继续说道。:“在圣罗莎县,我们有很高比例的人口拥有武器,如果你在家里,我提倡使用武器。有人踢你的门,因为他们不是来拥抱你或给你饼干的,他们是来犯重罪的,”

Since he made the remarks, he claims there has not been a single home invasion. “You don’t have to retreat. You don’t have to give them a warning. You don’t have to go barricade yourself in a room. You can shoot and kill them. And in the state of Florida, that’s perfectly legal,” he said. “And in these other states where they don’t have that, people are afraid to own guns, and they’re afraid to protect themselves. That’s why you have the crime rate in New York, in California.” 自他发表上述言论以来,他声称没有发生过一起入室盗窃事件。他说:“你不必退让。你不必警告他们。你不需要在房间里设置路障。你可以开枪打死他们。在佛罗里达州,这是完全合法的。在其他没有枪支的州,人们害怕拥有枪支,也害怕保护自己。这就是为什么纽约和加利福尼亚的犯罪率如此之高。”

The KM are looking for an escape. It might even involve an attempt to escape from this universe. 可萨黑手党正在寻找逃亡路线。甚至可能涉及试图逃离这个宇宙。

CERN has restarted the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -the world’s most powerful particle accelerator- after a two-year hibernation to “search for ‘invisible’ matter that secretly powers our universe” during April’s solar eclipse. 欧洲核子研究中心重启了大型强子对撞机(LHC)——世界上最强大的粒子加速器——在经历了两年的冬眠后,在2024年4月的日食期间“寻找秘密为我们的宇宙提供动力的‘隐形’物质”。

“Activating CERN is a Huge Deal. Yeah you know the one they say is looking for the God particle while in reality it has been opening portals and crashing timelines,” a US Space Force official comments. 一位美国太空军官员评论说:“激活欧洲核子研究中心是一笔巨大的交易。是的,你知道他们说的是在寻找上帝粒子,而实际上它一直在打开门户,破坏时间线。”

Also, is it a mere coincidence that NASA chose the April 8 solar eclipse to unveil Mission APEP? 此外,美国国家航空航天局选择2024年4月8日的日食来公布APEP任务,这仅仅是巧合吗?

APEP is also the name of the serpent deity from ancient Egyptian mythology, the nemesis of the Sun deity Ra. It was said that Apep pursued Ra and every so often nearly consumed him, resulting in an eclipse. APEP也是古埃及神话中大蛇神的名字,是太阳神Ra的克星。据说Apep追杀Ra,并且每隔一段时间就会吃掉他,导致日食。

NASA is launching 3 rockets into this eclipse: Ra, Ba, and Sekhmet. 美国国家航空航天局向这次日食发射了3枚火箭:Ra、Ba和Sekhmet。

1. Ra leads the charge, launching 45 minutes before the eclipse. 1.Ra在日食前45分钟率先起飞。

Ra, the Sun god in ancient Egyptian mythology, represents light, warmth, and vitality. Ra’s interactions with Apep, the serpent deity, were often depicted as a battle between light and darkness. Ra,古埃及神话中的太阳神,代表光明、温暖和活力。Ra与蛇神Apep的互动经常被描绘成光明与黑暗之间的战斗。

2. Ba will be launched into the darkness of the peak of this eclipse. 2.Ba将被发射到这次日食高峰的黑暗中。

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ba represents the individual’s personality or soul, often depicted as a bird with a human head. Ba was believed to be a part of a person’s identity that could separate from the body after death and journey to the afterlife. 在古埃及神话中,巴代表个人的个性或灵魂,通常被描绘成一只长着人头的鸟。Ba被认为是一个人身份的一部分,可以在死后和死后的旅程中与身体分离。

3. Sekhmet will trail the eclipse by 45 minutes. 3.塞克米特将在日食后45分钟出现。

Sekhmet was another ancient Egyptian deity, often associated with fire, war, and healing. She was believed to have the power to repel Apep and protect Ra during his journey through the underworld. Sekhmet是另一位古埃及神,经常与火、战争和治疗联系在一起。她被认为有能力击退阿普,并在拉穿越冥界的旅程中保护他。

Next week’s report will go live immediately before the eclipse but we will try to give you heads up on what to expect. All we know for sure is the world is about to change dramatically. We will fight hard to make sure the change is one of vast improvement. 下周的新闻通讯将在日食前立即上线,但我们将尽力让您了解预期情况。我们所确信的是,世界即将发生巨大变化。我们将努力确保这一变化是一个巨大的进步。



Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 March 25th 本杰明•富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2024年3月25日

The Khazarian Mafia is planning a holocaust for April 8th; they will be stopped 可萨黑手党计划在2024年4月8日上演大规模谋杀事件;他们将被阻止

The Khazarian mafia is planning a holocaust or mass murder event for the US Christian heartland on April 8th. The entire April 8th solar eclipse event has been forensically traced to the (kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest) Chabad death cult. 可萨黑手党计划在2024年4月8日为美国基督教中心地带策划一场大屠杀或大规模谋杀事件。整个2024年4月8日的日食事件已被探员追踪到(杀死90%的人类并奴役其余的人)的查巴德死亡邪教。

They are also telegraphing a “black swan event” through people like the fake General Mike Flynn and the politician Ron Paul. 他们还通过像假迈克•弗林将军和政客罗恩•保罗这样的人来传达“黑天鹅事件”。

There is also widespread preparation for mass casualties, as can be seen for example in this emergency hospital being set up in Calgary, Canada. 对于大规模伤亡的准备也很普遍,例如在加麻大卡尔加里建立的这家应急医院。

Let us be perfectly clear, solar eclipses are when the moon blocks the sun and have never been associated with mass casualties. This means what is planned is not a solar eclipse. 让我们把这完全说清楚,日食其实就是月亮挡住太阳的时候,从来没有与大规模伤亡有关。这意味着权贵社会精英正在计划的,并不是日食。

Our US Space Force sources tell us the KM are planning to use Reagan-era Star Wars satellite-based weapons, laser firing planes and other methods to kill as many people as possible in a burnt offering to Moloch, aka Satan. The mark used by the cult of Moloch is the official insignia of the Satanic Nazi government of Ukraine. 我们的美国太空部队消息来源告诉我们,高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,正计划使用里根时代的星球大战卫星武器、激光飞机和其他方法,尽可能多地杀死人,作为对邪神摩洛的供奉,又名撒旦。摩洛崇拜所使用的标记,是乌克兰撒旦纳粹政府的官方徽章。

These Messianic fanatical criminals want to carry out this event as a preliminary for a planned sacrifice of a red heifer to Moloch. 这些狂热的弥赛亚罪犯,希望将这一事件作为计划中的献祭红母牛给摩洛的初步行动。

This would be followed by the construction of the third temple. Since the time of Moses, only nine red heifers have been sacrificed. Now, a “massive altar” for the tenth red heifer sacrifice has been built in Israel, and there is a tremendous amount of speculation that it could happen soon…there was “a practice run of the purification ceremony” in 2023. But an official ceremony must be conducted before the heifers get too old to be used for such a sacrifice…according to Temple Institute rabbis, they hope to carry out the ceremony before [the April 22nd] Passover 2024. 随后他们将建造第三圣殿。自摩西时代以来,只有九头红母牛被献祭。现在,以色列已经为第十头红母牛的牺牲建造了一个“巨大的祭坛”,并且有大量猜测认为它可能很快就会发生……2023年进行了“净化仪式的试运行”。但是,在母牛变得太老而不能用于这种牺牲之前,必须举行正式仪式……根据圣殿研究所拉比的说法,他们希望在[4月22日]2024年逾越节之前举行仪式。

A “Massive Altar” For The Red Heifer Sacrifice Has Been Constructed In Israel

The holocaust planned for this sacrifice WILL BE STOPPED. The US Space Force and white hat military will shoot down these satellites and other weapons if they are deployed. 为这场献祭而计划的大屠杀,将会被阻止。如果部署了这些卫星和其他武器,美国太空部队和白帽子地球解放军事联盟将把它们击落。

Also, if they carry out a mass murder event in the US heartland then Jerusalem, Geneva, Kiev and the Norwegian Antarctic base will be wiped out by intercontinental nuclear missiles, US Space Force sources promise. 此外,美国太空部队的消息来源承诺,如果他们在美国心脏地带实施大规模谋杀事件,那么耶路撒冷、日内瓦、基辅和挪威南极基地将被洲际核导弹摧毁。

The reason the KM are desperate to carry out a mass murder event is because they are losing power and know they will be facing war crimes tribunals and the death penalty when that happens. 高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,迫切想要进行大规模谋杀事件的原因是,他们正在失去权力,并且知道一旦发生这种情况,他们将面临战争罪法庭和死刑。

The events surrounding the British Royal family are a sign of this imminent collapse. King Charles, his wife Camilla, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Crown Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have vanished from public view. Our MI6 sources tell us they were all killed by white hats after they sacrificed Kate Middleton to Satan. 英国王室周围的事件,是这种即将崩溃的迹象。查尔斯国王、他的妻子卡米拉、安德鲁王子、爱德华王子、威廉王子和他的妻子凯特•米德尔顿,已经从公众视野中消失了。我们的英国军情六处消息来源告诉我们,在他们将凯特•米德尔顿用于活人献祭仪式之后,他们都被白帽子地球解放军事联盟杀掉了。

Regardless of whether or not this is true, the public events surrounding the royals indicate something highly unusual is going on. There was the parade of the royal guards with a flag covered in black cloth and a white horse without a king on it. This is a traditional sign the king has died. Also, Kate Middleton failed to reappear after her “abdominal surgery.” 无论这是否属实,围绕王室成员的公共事件表明,正在发生一些非常不寻常的事情。皇家卫队游行时,旗上覆盖着黑布,白马后面没有拉着国王的马车。这是国王去世的传统标志。此外,凯特•米德尔顿在“腹部手术”后未能重新露面。

After this, there were clumsy attempts to make it seem all was normal. A photograph of Kate released by the royal family was quickly exposed as fake. Then a video purported to be of her with Prince William was released. 在此之后,英国王室笨拙地试图让一切看起来都很正常。王室发布的一张凯特的照片很快被曝出是假的。然后,一段据称是她和威廉王子在一起的视频被发布。

BBC reporter Sonja McLaughlan among others said the woman photographed and seen in a video with Prince William is “clearly not” Princess Kate. 英国广播公司记者索尼娅•麦克劳伦等人表示,在一段视频中与威廉王子一起拍照,但是被看到的女子“显然不是”凯特王妃。

Then we hear the person in the video was professional Middleton impersonator Heidi Agan. 然后我们听说视频中的人,是专业的米德尔顿模仿者海蒂•阿甘。

Next in this drama, BBC told people to expect a major announcement from the Royal Family. Flags were seen at half-mast on UK government buildings, leading to speculation the death of King Charles was about to be announced. 接下来,英国广播公司告诉人们,皇室将宣布一项重大消息。英国政府大楼上的旗帜降半旗,人们猜测查尔斯国王的死讯即将公布。

All this happened after the public announcement of the death of Jacob Rothschild (Roth=Red, Schild=shield of Satan), who many claim was the real father of Prince William (our own MI6 sources say the father is the King of Spain). 所有这一切都发生在雅各布•罗斯柴尔德(Roth=Red,Schild=撒旦的盾牌)去世的公开宣布之后,许多人声称他是威廉王子真正的父亲(我们自己的军情六处消息来源说,威廉王子真正的父亲是西班牙国王)。

The MI6 sources say what really happened was a major white hat operation against the Satanists at the top of the UK government. With the red shield of Satan having been removed from the scene, a public announcement was going to be made that Kate Middleton had been killed in a Satanic sacrifice and that the royals involved had been executed. 英国军情六处的消息来源说,真正发生的事情,是一场针对英国政府高层撒旦主义者的重大白帽子行动。随着撒旦的红盾家族从现场被移除,一份公开声明将会发布,宣布凯特•米德尔顿在撒旦教的活人献祭仪式中被杀害,涉案王室成员已被处决。

That is why the flags were at half-mast and a major announcement was about to be made, the sources say. 消息来源说,这就是为什么降半旗,以及即将发布重大公告的原因。

However, before this could happen, Barack Obama, the Thunder of Satan (Luke writes in chapter 10, verse 18 that Jesus said: “I saw Satan ‘fall like lightning.’ The Hebrew translation is “baraq o bamah.”) shows up at the British Prime Ministers’ residence. 然而,在这之前,撒旦教的巴拉克•奥巴马(路加福音10章18节写道,耶稣说:“我看见撒旦像闪电一样坠落。”希伯来语翻译为“baraq o bamah”)出现在英国首相官邸。

Following this, a new video was released by BBC showing Kate Middleton saying she had cancer. 在此之后,英国广播公司发布了一段新的视频,显示凯特•米德尔顿说她患有癌症。

They also released a photograph showing King Charles was still alive. 他们还发布了一张照片,显示查尔斯国王还活着。

The problem is the Kate Middleton video released was a deep fake. You can tell because the ring on her hand disappears and then reappears. Also if she is on chemo, why does she have a full head of hair? 问题是,发布的凯特•米德尔顿视频,是人工智能进行深度学习后伪造的。你可以看出,因为她手上的戒指消失了,然后又出现了。此外,如果她正在化疗,为什么她有一头浓密的头发?

As for the picture of Charles, a Canadian intelligence agency source comments: “They can read the name on a soldier’s uniform from a satellite in space but they can’t take a clear picture from the side of the road. The circus continues.” 至于查尔斯的照片,加麻大情报机构的消息来源评论道:“他们可以从太空中的卫星上读取士兵制服上的名字,但他们无法从路边拍到清晰的照片。马戏团还在继续。”

The reality is a public announcement Kate Middleton had been sacrificed to Satan would lead to a complete collapse of KM rule in the West, which is why they are trying so hard to cover it up. 现实是,公开宣布凯特•米德尔顿被活人献祭给撒旦教,将导致可萨黑手党对西方国家的统治的彻底崩溃,这就是为什么他们如此努力地掩盖这件事的原因。

The troubles surrounding the Rothschilds and the British Royals are connected to the murder of NSA Agent Robert David Steele. The head of MI6 tells us Steele was murdered because he discovered a financial dark net that was based in Antarctica. Steele was investigating the financial backing of the KM international pedophile networks when he stumbled onto a supercomputer based in Antarctica. This computer was used by former Pope Maledict (“Benedict XVI”), Evelyn de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, US Presidents, Dick Cheney, “and all of that generation of the Western establishment.” 围绕罗斯柴尔德家族和英国皇室的麻烦,与美国国家安全局特工罗伯特•大卫•斯蒂尔的谋杀案有关。英国军情六处负责人告诉我们,斯蒂尔被谋杀,是因为他发现了一个位于南极洲的金融暗网。罗伯特•大卫•斯蒂尔在调查可萨黑手党国际恋童癖网络的资金支持时,偶然发现了一台位于南极洲的超级计算机。这台电脑曾被前教皇马利迪克特(“本笃十六世”)、伊夫林•德•罗斯柴尔德、大卫•洛克菲勒、美国总统迪克•切尼和“那一代西方监制派”使用。

This was how various terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda were financed. It was used to trade adrenochrome, launder drug money, pay for arms, etc. 这就是伊斯兰国和基地组织等恐怖组织获得资金的方式。它被用来交易肾上腺红色素、洗黑钱、支付武器等。

At the time Steele and the NSA were zeroing in on this financial dark net Steele was approached by an individual by the name of Sacha Stone, aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams. The articles linked below show Stone to be a Rockefeller deep state-connected agent charged with infiltrating truther movements. 当时,罗伯特•大卫•斯蒂尔和美国国家安全局正在关注这个金融暗网,一个名叫萨莎•斯通的人,又名西蒙•让•保罗•萨夏•亚当斯,联系了罗伯特•大卫•斯蒂尔。以下链接的文章显示,萨莎•斯通是一名与洛克菲勒家族有深厚联系的代理人,负责渗透真相运动。

Sacha Stone: Failed Musician Turned Esoteric Fraudster(with rebuttal)
Is Sacha Stone the new Kevin Annett? A journey down the rabbit-hole

Stone offered to finance Steele in a run for President of the United States. Steele was taken on a bus tour of the US heartland as a part of this. It seems Steele was offered this in exchange for his silence about the dark net. However, Steele told me he had a falling out with Stone. After that, he was taken to a Florida hospital, intubated and killed. When I asked my MI6 and CIA contacts at the time to intervene and help him, they told me he had been rescued and given a nice retirement pension. 萨莎•斯通提议资助罗伯特•大卫•斯蒂尔竞选美国总统。作为其中的一部分,罗伯特•大卫•斯蒂尔被带到了美国中心地带的一次巴士之旅。似乎罗伯特•大卫•斯蒂尔得到了这个提议,以换取他对暗影网络的沉默。然而,罗伯特•大卫•斯蒂尔告诉我,他与萨莎•斯通闹翻了。在那之后,他被带到了佛罗里达州的一家医院,插管并死亡。当笔者本人请求英国军情六处和美国中央情报局联系人介入并帮助他时,他们告诉我他已经获救并获得了一份不错的退休金。

These same sources now admit they lied and that he was killed to keep the Antarctica-based financial dark net intact. 这些消息来源现在承认他们撒了谎,并且为了保持以南极洲为基础的金融暗网完好无损,他被杀害了。

Our US Space Force sources tell us “There is a war going on in Antarctica between the light and dark forces, they both have very advanced technology.” He adds “The place is on lockdown.” It is all connected to the mass sacrifice event planned for April 8th. “Keep your eyes on the sky,” the source says somewhat cryptically. 我们的美国太空部队消息来源告诉我们,“光明势力与黑暗势力之间正在南极洲进行一场战争,他们都有非常先进的技术。”他补充说,“这个地方被封锁了。”这一切都与计划于2024年4月8日举行的大规模活人献祭事件有关。消息来源有些隐晦地说:“请密切关注天空。”

It looks like Obama’s visit to slave Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was designed to buy time for some sort of Hail Mary move by the KM. In addition to whatever is planned for April 8th we saw a major push to start World War III with Russia via a mass murder attack in Moscow. 看起来奥巴马对奴才首相里希•苏纳克的访问,是为了给克里姆林宫某种“圣母玛利亚”行动争取时间。除了计划于2024年4月8日进行的任何行动外,我们还看到,通过在莫斯科发动大规模谋杀袭击,俄罗斯正大力推动第三次世界大战的爆发。

Obama obviously knew about the planned attack on the concert venue in Moscow and was hoping this would trigger the KMs’ long-awaited Armageddon. That is why he was trying to buy time by delaying revelations about King Charles etc. 奥巴马显然知道计划袭击莫斯科音乐会的消息,并希望这会引发克里姆林宫期待已久的末日善恶大决战。这就是为什么他试图通过推迟揭露查尔斯国王等人的身份来争取时间的原因。

Credit for the attack was claimed by ISIS (Israeli Satanic Intelligence Service). US President Donald Trump says Obama founded ISIS. In the video below you can also see Obama himself admit to supporting this group. 伊斯兰国 (以色列撒旦情报局) 声称对此次袭击负责。美国总统唐纳德•川普说奥巴马创立了伊斯兰国。在下面的视频中,您还可以看到奥巴马本人承认支持该组织。

“Today, ISIS took credit for the terror attack in Moscow. Obama’s CIA created ISIS. Obama is the shadow POTUS. The CIA/MI6 already committed terrorism in the European theater by sabotaging Nordstream, There are no coincidences,” a Pentagon source says. 五角大楼的消息来源称:“今天,伊斯兰国为莫斯科的恐怖袭击事件负责。奥巴马的美国中央情报局创建了伊斯兰国。奥巴马是影子总统。美国中央情报局/英国军情六处已经通过破坏北溪天然气管道在欧洲战区实施恐怖主义。这都不是巧合。”

Polish and French intelligence sources both note ISIS and Hamas have been fighting against Russia in Syria. Russian FSB sources know the terrorist attack on them ultimately originated in Tel Aviv. 波兰和法国情报机构均指出,伊斯兰国和哈马斯一直在叙利亚与俄罗斯作战。俄罗斯联邦安全局的消息来源知道,他们遭受的恐怖袭击,最终追查到特拉维夫。

Israel is run by the followers of Volodymyr Jabotinsky, a historic ally of Benito Mussolini and therefore a “fascist” in the full sense of the word, comments French journalist Thierry Meyssan. 法国记者蒂埃里•梅桑评论说,以色列是由沃洛基米尔•雅博廷斯基的追随者管理的,他是贝尼托•墨索里尼的历史盟友,因此是十足意义上的“法西斯”。

Speaking about fascists, we had KM Satanist Victoria Nuland say one month ago that “Putin faces some nasty surprises.” Furthermore, on 8 March, the US embassy in Moscow wrote it was “monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts and US citizens should be advised to avoid large gatherings over the next 48 hours.” 谈到法西斯分子,一个月前,可萨黑手党总统顾问维多利亚•努兰德曾说“普京面临一些令人讨厌的意外”。此外,2024年3月8日,美国驻莫斯科大使馆写道,“有报道称极端分子即将计划针对莫斯科的大型集会,包括音乐会,建议美国公民在未来48小时内避免大型集会。”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to track down and punish those behind the “bloody and barbaric” terrorist attack in a concert hall outside Moscow as the death toll has soared to 137, according to Russian authorities. 根据俄罗斯当局称,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔•普京已承诺追查并惩罚莫斯科郊外音乐厅“血腥野蛮”恐怖袭击事件背后的主谋,目前死亡人数已飙升至137人。

Putin said that “all the perpetrators, organizers and those who ordered this crime will be justly and inevitably punished…Whoever they are, whoever is guiding them,” Putin added. 普京表示,“所有肇事者、组织者和下令实施这一罪行的人,都将受到公正和不可避免的惩罚……无论他们是谁,无论谁在指导他们,”普京补充道。

A Russian FSB source says the CIA has 12 bases in the Ukraine where they train terrorists. 俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB)的一名消息来源表示,美国中央情报局在乌克兰有12个基地,在那里训练恐怖分子。

This is all connected to some massive and secret NATO build-up of forces in Ukraine and Romania. 这一切,都与北约在乌克兰和罗马尼亚大规模秘密集结军队有关。

French military white hat sources tell us General Jean-Louis Georgelin, the Chief of the French Defense Staff, was killed by the Russians in Ukraine late last year. The official story is he fell off a mountain and died. 法国军方的白帽子地球解放军事联盟消息来源告诉我们,法国国防参谋长让-路易斯•格奥尔基林将军,去年年底在乌克兰被俄罗斯人杀害。官方说法是他从山上摔下来死了。

Georgelin was head of a 50,000-strong secret NATO force based in the Danube Delta in Romania on the Ukraine border, they say. 他们说,让-路易斯•格奥尔基林将军是驻扎在乌克兰边境罗马尼亚多瑙河三角洲的北约秘密部队的负责人,该部队有5万多人。

In confirmation, Polish intelligence sources report: 作为确认,波兰情报部门向我报告说:

It’s definitely heating up. So Israel & England just attacked Russia via their proxy. Now REGULAR TROOPS from France, Germany and Poland have arrived, by rail and air, to Cherkasy, south of Kyiv. A substantial force. No numbers have been leaked. They are being housed in schools. For all practical purposes, this is a NATO force. 局势肯定正在升级。所以以色列和英国通过他们的代理人袭击了俄罗斯。现在法国、德国和波兰的正规部队,已经通过铁路和飞机抵达基辅以南的切尔卡瑟。这是一支庞大的部队。没有泄露任何数字。他们被部署在学校里。实际上,这是一支北约部队。

The deployment of regular forces comes as former Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces Rajmund Andrzejczak says “[Ukraine’s actual] losses should be counted in the millions, not the hundreds of thousands.” “There are no resources in this country, no one left to fight,” the general added. 波兰武装部队前总参谋长拉吉蒙德•安德热恰克表示:“乌克兰的实际损失应该以百万计,而不是以数十万计。乌克兰的资源已经耗尽,人口也死的差不多了。”

Russia is also now talking about French troops in Ukraine. The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin says “French President Emmanuel Macron is hiding the truth about the number of French soldiers already killed in Ukraine for fear of mass protests in his country.” 俄罗斯现在也在谈论法国军队在乌克兰的问题。俄罗斯对外情报局局长谢尔盖•纳雷什金表示:“法国总统埃曼纽埃尔•马克龙隐瞒了法国士兵在乌克兰死亡人数的真相,因为他担心法国会发生大规模抗议活动。”

Naryshkin adds French military leadership “fears discontent” among active mid-level officers. “Among the dead, there are ‘disproportionately many’ of them, and already at the current stage there are problems with finding ‘volunteers’ for rotation and ‘replacing those who have dropped out’ in the Ukrainian theater of military operations,” he said. 纳雷什金补充说,法国军事领导层“担心现役中级军官的不满。阵亡的法国中级军官‘不成比例地多’,并且在现阶段,在乌克兰军事行动中寻找‘志愿者’进行轮换和‘替换那些撤下来的人’已经存在问题。”

Our French military sources agree. They say the killed General Georgelin “was a Freemason (not the nice Freemasons) homosexual and with pedo crime records kept under the rug to be able to control him.” 我们的法国军方消息来源同意这一点。他们说,被杀的让•路易斯•格奥尔基林将军“是一名共济会成员(不是那种好心的共济会成员),是一名同性恋者,有恋童癖犯罪记录,为了能够控制他,这些记录被掩盖了起来。”

With the death of Georgelin the French military is now under the control of the white hats, the sources say. That is why the French military refused to obey orders from President Emmanuelle Macron Rothschild to kill French farmer protestors and declare war on Russia. 消息来源说,随着让•路易斯•格奥尔基林将军的死亡,法国军队现在处于白帽子地球解放军事联盟的控制之下。这就是为什么法国军队拒绝服从总统埃曼纽埃尔•马克龙•罗斯柴尔德的命令,去杀死法国农民抗议者,并向俄罗斯宣战的原因。

Last week the French white hats dealt a further blow against Macron by killing former French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand, nephew of former President Francois Mitterand, they say. He was a top pedophile Satanist supporter of Macron, the sources say. They told us several other Macron backers would also be dying soon. 他们说,上周,法国白帽子地球解放军事联盟,通过杀害前总统弗朗索瓦•密特朗的侄子——前法国文化部长弗雷德里克•密特朗,对马克龙造成了进一步的打击。消息来源说,他是马克龙的一个顶级恋童癖撒旦主义支持者。他们告诉我们,其他几个马克龙的支持者,也将很快死去。

The same sources also told us the Satanic Haitian Gangster Barbeque who appeared in our report last week has been killed along with his henchmen. They say the KM has now lost access to adrenochrome from Haiti. 这名消息来源还告诉我们,上周出现在我们报道中的海地黑帮烧烤恶魔和他的追随者已被杀害。他们说,可萨黑手党现在已经无法从海地获得肾上腺红色素。

French President Macron himself admitted “Ukraine could fall very quickly,” during a political event at the Elysee Palace 法国总统马克龙,在爱丽舍宫举行的政治活动中承认:“乌克兰可能很快就会倒下”

Macron is the most senior bloodline family member in a formal position of power in the West so his fall would lead to the collapse of KM rule in Europe, the French patriots say. Certainly, since the British and French branches of the Rothschilds are run by David Rene de Rothschild, a loss of control of France would be a huge blow to the KM. 法国爱国者说,马克龙是西方正式掌权职位上最高级的血脉家族成员,因此,他的倒台,将导致可萨黑手党在欧洲统治的崩溃。当然,由于罗斯柴尔德家族的英国和法国分支由大卫•雷内•罗斯柴尔德经营,因此,失去对法国的控制,将对可萨黑手党造成巨大打击。

This would leave only Klaus Schwab Rothchild in Switzerland with his WEF, WHO and UN forces. 这将只剩下瑞士的克劳斯•施瓦布•罗斯柴尔德和他的世界经济论坛、世界卫生组织和联合国部队。

The WEF is a fanatical political organization that uses fear and manipulation, like Covid hysteria, like the hoax of global warming, to really facilitate people thinking that somehow they’re the saviors, but really all you’re doing is helping them accomplish their goal, which really is a global public-private fascist movement, and fusion of big government, big tech [and] big money, to create a technocratic ruling elite, which conveniently is them.” 世界经济论坛是一个狂热的政治组织,它利用恐惧和操纵,比如新冠疫情大流行,比如全球变暖的骗局,来让人民大众误以为他们在某种程度上是救世主,但实际上你所做的,只是帮助他们实现自己的目标,这实际上是一场全球公私法西斯运动,融合了大政府、科技巨头和大资本,创造出一个技术官僚统治精英,这一看就是他们。”

They want to create feudalism 2.0, in which we are serfs, and they are the lords ruling over us… That’s what they’re aiming for. 他们想创造封建主义2.0,我们就是农奴,而他们是统治我们的贵族……这就是他们的目标。

Schwab and his fellow goons are still trying to kill us with vaccines and bioweapons. 克劳斯•施瓦布和他的暴徒们,仍然在试图用《圣经•启示录》“兽的印迹”氧化石墨烯微芯片转基因绝育“疫苗”和生物武器杀死我们。

Polish intelligence informs us: 波兰情报部门通知我们:

Communists in aprons sitting in the Silesian Medical Chamber in Katowice two days ago organized a rally of witches called a “scientific conference.” At the meeting, they announced a draft of a “statutory ban on expressing views contrary to current medical knowledge.” Let’s start by deciphering the term “current medical knowledge”. This is the “knowledge” coming from the very medical Central Committee of the Bolshevik Genocide Party, better known as the World Health Organization (WHO). This communist international, this medical Comintern, determines what is “current medical knowledge” on the basis of instructions it receives from the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the five greatest global murderers forming the crime syndicate called Big Pharma. 两天前,身着围裙的共产党人坐在卡托维兹的西里西亚医学院组织了一场名为“科学会议”的女巫集会。在会议上,他们宣布了一项“禁止发表与当前医学知识相悖的观点的法定禁令”草案。让我们从解读“当前医学知识”一词开始。这是来自布尔什维克种族灭绝党医学中心委员会的“知识”,该委员会更为人所知的是世界卫生组织。这个共产国际,这个医学共产国际,根据盖茨基金会、洛克菲勒基金会和组成名为“大型制药公司”的犯罪集团的五位全球最大的杀人犯的指示,确定什么是“当前的医学知识”。

Let us remind you that the framework of “current medical knowledge” has been set for years by a representative of a terror organization – the People’s Front for the Defense of Tiger – an Ethiopian murderer who heads the WHO. 我想提醒读者朋友们,“当前医学知识”的框架,多年来一直由恐怖组织——保卫老虎人民阵线——的一名代表制定,他是世界卫生组织负责人、埃塞俄比亚杀人犯。

Tedros’ boss, Bill Gates, is a raving idiot: 谭德塞的老板比尔•盖茨是个疯子:

NYT Interviewer: “Some people would even say that if you just planted enough trees, it could take care of the climate issue altogether.” 《纽约时报》记者:“有些人甚至会说,如果你种了足够的树,它就可以完全解决气候问题。”

Bill Gates: “And that’s complete nonsense.” 比尔•盖茨:“这完全是胡说八道。”

“I mean, are we the science people, or are we the idiots? Which one do we want to be?” “我的意思是,我们是科学家,还是白痴?我们想成为哪一种人?”

Even if you assume that CO2 is somehow a “pollutant” that needs to be sucked out of the air (it’s not, and it doesn’t), you’d think trees—which suck CO2 out of the air for free—would make the ideal candidate. But no, apparently we need to impoverish ourselves into squalor building hideous, expensive and totally unnecessary carbon capture technology, attempting to solve a non-existent problem. 即使你假设二氧化碳是一种需要从空气中吸收的“污染物”(事实并非如此),你也会认为种树是理想的解决方案。但事实并非如此,显然我们需要让自己变得贫穷,才能建造丑陋、昂贵且完全不必要的碳捕获技术,试图解决一个根本不存在的问题。

Gates and Schwab’s Pharmacidical terrorists just got the fake rubber-masked Pope Francis to say “opposition to COVID-19 shots “distressed” him since “being against the antidote is an almost suicidal act of denial.” 比尔•盖茨和克劳斯•施瓦布的制药集团恐怖分子们,刚刚让乳胶面具教皇弗朗西斯说:“反对新冠疫苗”让他感到“痛苦”,因为“反对解药几乎是自杀式的否认行为。”

This is what “Pope” Francis is pushing: 以下就是“教皇”弗朗西斯所推动的:

The vaccinated will soon begin dying in their hundreds of millions according to British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen who revealed a Senior Cabinet Minister told him details of the plan to use turbo cancer to depopulate the world. 英国国会议员安德鲁•布里根透露,一位高级内阁部长告诉他,使用涡轮癌症来减少世界人口的计划细节,接种疫苗的人很快将开始死亡,人数将达到数亿。

“You can speak out all you want,” the Minister told Bridgen. “It doesn’t matter. You are vaccinated. You will be dead of cancer soon.” 部长告诉布里根:“你想说什么就说什么,没关系。你接种了疫苗。你很快就会死于癌症。”

British MP Reveals Elite Told Him ‘Vaccinated Will All Die of Turbo Cancer Soon’

Britain is suffering its longest sick note epidemic for 25 years as 2.7MILLION people claim they are too ill to work and holding back the country’s economic growth in the process 英国正经历25年来最长的疫情大流行,270万人声称他们病得太重无法工作,并在此过程中阻碍了该国的经济增长

England’s vaccinated population had close to one million deaths in 23 months; the unvaccinated population had less than 61,000 deaths over the same period 英格兰接种疫苗的人口,在23个月内死亡人数接近100万;同期未接种疫苗的人口,死亡人数不到6.1万

Here is a person of interest in this case. German intelligence has warned us about Nicole Junkerman, a bond girl of Jeffery Epsteins’ “who entered the NHS through the UK Department of Health and Social Affairs through the help of Matt Hancock, MP, and her presence represents a major threat to the data security of all UK citizens. Each individual piece of information about you, your health problems, your blood group, the model of the wireless pacemaker keeps you alive, every detail of every embarrassing medical problem to sell, every embarrassing medical problem in the hands of the Israeli state apparatus and potentially to the highest bidder.” 以下是本案中的一名嫌疑人。德国情报部门向我们发出警告,杰弗里•爱泼斯坦的“邦女郎”妮可•容克曼,在议员马特•汉考克的帮助下,通过英国卫生与社会事务部,进入了英国国家医疗服务体系,她的存在,对所有英国公民的数据安全,构成了重大威胁。关于你、你的健康问题、你的血型、无线起搏器模型的每一条信息,让你活着的每一个细节,每一个尴尬的医疗问题的每一个细节,都可能被卖掉,每一个尴尬的医疗问题都掌握在以色列国家机器手中,并可能被最高出价者获得。”

Not only are these Nazis still trying to vaccinate us to death, but now they are pushing pills that will transmit a message confirming it has been obediently taken by the sheeple. Here you can watch Satanic Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (Bourla is a veterinarian not a medical doctor) say the FDA approved a digital pill that contains a microchip that transmits information once swallowed. 这些纳粹分子不仅仍在试图让我们接种疫苗致死,而且现在他们正在推动一种药丸,这种药丸会传输一条信息,确认它已经被“愚民”乖乖地服用了。在这里你可以看到撒旦教辉瑞公司首席执行官阿尔伯特•布劳拉(布劳拉是一名兽医,不是医生)说,美国食品和药物管理局批准了一种含有微芯片的数字药丸,一旦吞下就会传输信息。

These criminals are also still trying to create a food and water crisis. 这些罪犯还在试图制造食物和水危机。

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan warned that “disabling cyberattacks are striking water and wastewater systems throughout the United States.” 国家安全顾问杰克•沙利文和环境保护局局长迈克尔•里根警告说:“网络攻击正在袭击美国各地的供水和污水处理系统。”

They are trying to blame it on “Chinese and Iranian hackers” but everybody knows it is part of the KM plan to create a food and water crisis by 2025. 他们试图将其归咎于“中国和伊朗黑客”,但每个人都知道这是可萨黑手党计划的一部分,该计划目的是到2025年制造粮食和水危机。

Now Bharati (Indian) activist Vandana Shiva warns us four companies are trying to take over control of all seeds used by farmers around the world and make sure they cannot reproduce on their own. “They treat farmers having their own seeds as violating their monopoly rights,” she says. 现在,印度活动家凡达纳•希瓦警告我们:“有四家公司正试图接管世界各地农民使用的所有种子,并确保这些种子无法重复使用。他们认为农民拥有自己的种子是侵犯了他们的垄断权。”

These same KM Satanic gangsters are also still bringing criminals into the US by the millions. Venezuela is emptying its prisons and taking advantage of Biden’s open border. “Americans need to know, they’re coming to the border” Speaking to by phone Monday, Miami immigration attorney Rolando Vazquez warned, ‘These are killers.’ 正是这群撒旦教犯罪分子,还在将数以百万计的罪犯放进美国。委内瑞拉正在清空监狱,并滥用拜登的开放边境政策。“美国人需要知道,他们正在来到边境”迈阿密移民律师罗兰多•瓦兹克斯周一通过电话对《每日邮报》说,“这些人是职业杀手。”

So how does the Biden circus show respond, you can’t make this up: 140 democrats are demanding that US veterans be disarmed 那么拜登的演员团队会如何回应呢,你不能编造:140名民主党人要求解除美国退伍军人的武装

They are arming the illegal aliens and disarming veterans, this tells you everything. 他们正在武装非法外国人和解除退伍军人的武装,这告诉你一切。

“It’s almost impossible to imagine a future where there is not going to be significant violence as a result of this, given our fragile financial position,” says Field Marshall Douglas MacGregor. 陆军上将道格拉斯•麦克格雷格说:“鉴于我们脆弱的财政状况,很难想象未来不会因此发生重大暴力事件。”

We also note the criminal government behind this just kicked the financial can down the road a little longer. “It is anticipated to unravel by starting in June and really going full downward spiral around August,” a Pentagon source says. 我们还注意到,这场阴谋背后的罪恶政府,将金融问题拖延了更长时间。五角大楼的消息来源称,“美国的金融体系,预计将从2024年6月开始瓦解,并在8月左右真正进入全面下行螺旋。”

If you do not think this is deliberate; look at what Justin Castrudeau has done to Canada. How in the world did we get to the point where lettuce is $7 in Toronto? 如果你认为这不是故意的,那么看看贾斯汀•特鲁多•卡斯特罗对加麻大做了什么。多伦多的生菜已经涨价到7美元,我们到底是怎么走到的这个地步的?

Look at the video below to see how Castrudeau has ruined Canada. 看看下面的视频,看看特鲁多•卡斯特罗是如何破坏加麻大的。

Now compare that to what Putin has accomplished for Russia. 现在,将普京为俄罗斯所取得的成就与之相比。

What happened to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar shows current leaders in the West are not free to follow their hearts even if they want to. 爱尔兰总理利奥•瓦拉德卡的遭遇表明,西方现任领导人即使想随心所欲,也无法自由地追随自己的内心。

In the first video, Varadkar tells Joe Biden his country stands with Palestine. 在第一段视频中,瓦拉德卡告诉乔•拜登,他的国家与巴勒斯坦站在一起。

Then he abruptly resigns (He was forced to resign by the KM Zionists) 然后他突然辞职(他被迫由以色列犹太复国主义者驱逐)

As Archbishop Carlo Vigano notes, all Western leaders are controlled through blackmail, mostly related to pedophilia so they are not free to act on their own. 正如梵蒂冈大主教卡洛•维加诺所指出的那样,所有西方国家领导人,都是通过黑材料来被控制的,这些黑材料大多与恋童癖有关,因此他们不能自由地采取行动。

By contrast here you can watch a person who follows his conscience. It is a Jewish man bravely denouncing how ‘settlement’ real estate properties in the West Bank are being illegally sold in American Synagogues. 相比之下,在以下这里,你可以看到一个遵循自己良心的人。这是一个犹太人,勇敢地谴责约旦河西岸的“定居点”房地产是如何在美国犹太教堂非法出售的。

We hope Donald Trump (the real one) will return to power soon and end this nightmare. The Secret Space force sources say there are now two Donald Trump avatars appearing in public along with the real one who is still at the Mt. Cheyenne military base in Colorado. “They each have a role to play in the scenario that is now unfolding,” he says. 我们希望(真正的那个)唐纳德•川普能尽快重新掌权,结束这场噩梦。秘密太空部队的消息来源说,现在有两个唐纳德•川普的阿凡达替身出现在公众面前,而真正的那个川普仍然在科罗拉多州的夏延山军事基地。他说:“他们每个人都在正在展开的情景中扮演着角色。”

Whatever that may be; KM Zionist minions are losing it when it comes to Trump. 不管他们正在计划什么;当涉及到川普时,可萨黑手党犹太复国主义者的员工们都正在失败。

Here you can watch Bernie Sanders say: 在这里你可以看到伯尼•桑德斯说:

Trump’s next term is so dangerous that climate change will kill all of us if we allow him to come into office, he will use the military against citizens, he hates the mainstream media, he is a conspiracy theorist, he doesn’t believe in elections where water pipes burst in the middle of the night. 川普的下一个任期非常危险,如果我们允许他上台,气候变化将杀死我们所有人,他将动用军队对付公民,他讨厌主流媒体,他是一个阴谋论者,他不相信水管在半夜破裂的选举。

Now look at what his former opponent Hillary Clinton Rockefeller did in 1975. 现在看看他的前对手希拉里•克林顿•洛克菲勒在1975年做了什么。

This is what the KM has done to our civilization: 这就是可萨黑手党对我们文明所做的:


HEALTHCARE it is dictated by elites who are not doctors at all. 医疗保健是由那些根本不是医生的权贵社会精英们决定的。

SCIENCE it is dictated by elites who are not scientists. 科学是由非科学家的权贵社会精英决定的。

THE NEWS is dictated by elites who are not journalists. 新闻是由不是记者的权贵社会精英们口述的。

EDUCATION is dictated by elites who are not educators at all. HISTORIOGRAPHY is dictated by elites who are not historians. GOVERNMENT is dictated by the elites, who are not representatives of the people. 教育是由根本不是教育者的权贵社会精英决定的。历史是由不是历史学家的权贵社会精英决定的。政府是由不是人民代表的权贵社会精英决定的。

AGRICULTURE is dictated by the elites, who are not farmers. 农业是由非农民的权贵社会精英们决定的。

THEOLOGY is dictated by the elites, who are not scholars at all 神学是由权贵社会精英决定的,他们根本不是学者

SERVICES are dictated only to the elites, not the population. CONSTITUTION is an artificial legal creation in which, only you are punished, not the elites.” 服务只针对权贵社会精英,而不是普通民众。宪法是一种人为的法律创造,只有你受到惩罚,而不是权贵社会精英。”

While the West deals with Messianic parasites, China is leaving us in the dust (or vapor). 当西方国家正在忙于对付那些想要发动世界末日的寄生虫时,中国的发展,正在让我们望尘莫及。

This article shows China has formally begun the hydrogen age: 以下这篇文章显示,中国已正式进入氢能时代:

China’s first homegrown hydrogen-powered train completed its full-load running test at the speed of 160 kph on Thursday, it is a groundbreaking record for achieving performance verification of a full-system, full-scenario, and multi-level test of the hydrogen train. 周四,中国首列国产氢动力列车以160公里/小时的速度完成了满载运行测试,这是实现氢动力列车全系统、全场景、多层次测试性能验证的开创性记录。

Equipped with a built-in hydrogen power system, the average energy consumption per kilometer of the train is 5 kWh during the test, which is on par with world-leading levels, and the maximum mileage of this train can reach more than 1,000 kilometers. 该列车配备有内置的氢动力系统,在测试期间,每公里的平均能耗为5千瓦时,与世界领先水平相当,该列车的最大里程可达1000多公里。

If we don’t all want to end up as Chinese slaves, we need to remove the KM. 如果我们不想都沦为中国奴隶,我们需要干掉高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党。



Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 March 19th 本杰明•富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2024年3月19日

The “Rules Based World Order” faction has surrendered “基于规则的世界秩序”派已经投降

The “Rules Based World Order” faction has surrendered

The mega black swan event predicted for March 15th actually did take place as will become increasingly obvious over the coming days and months. The Khazarian Mafia’s so-called “Rules Based World Order,” has surrendered, according to Asian Secret Society and White Dragon sources. The hybrid war for control of the planet Earth that has been raging at least since September 11, 2001, is thus ending. 预计在2024年3月15日发生的特大黑天鹅事件,实际上确实发生了,并且将在未来几天和几个月内变得越来越明显。根据亚洲秘密社团和白龙会的消息来源说,可萨黑手党所谓的“基于规则的世界秩序派系”已经投降。因此,至少自2001年9月11日以来,为控制地球而进行的混合战争已经结束。

This came as a White Dragon Society representative hand-delivered a declaration of war against the Japanese government. The declaration said the government was controlled by foreign gangsters who murdered over 400,000 Japanese citizens with vaccines. Demands include the expulsion of fake US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and all foreign “Japan handlers.” It calls for the formation of an emergency government under the Japanese royal family, It also calls for the nationalization of the Bank of Japan, a jubilee, the reinstatement of the Economic Planning Agency and more. 此前,一名白龙会代表向日本政府递交了一份宣战书。宣战书称,日本政府由外国歹徒控制,他们用疫苗谋杀了40多万日本公民。要求驱逐美国假大使拉姆•伊曼纽尔和所有外国“日本代理人”。它呼吁在日本皇室领导下成立紧急政府,还呼吁将日本央行国有化、举行天下大赦喜年运动、恢复经济企划厅等。

The imminent move in Japan comes after Chinese authorities arrested 726,000 people last year, a jump of 47.1% from the previous year… amid a crackdown on crimes linked to “hostile foreign forces.” 日本即将采取行动之前,中国政府去年逮捕了72.6万人,比上一年增加了47.1%,原因是打击与“敌对外国势力”有关的犯罪。

In a public sign the Khazarian Mafia is surrendering, “Pope Francis” said Ukraine should have the courage to wave the “white flag” of surrender to Russia and the planetary liberation alliance. 在一个公开的迹象中,可萨黑手党正在投降,“教皇弗朗西斯”说,乌克兰应该鼓起勇气,向俄罗斯和白帽子地球解放军事联盟“举白旗”投降。

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell also confirmed the KM surrender when he wrote on his blog: 欧盟外交与安全政策高级代表约瑟普•博雷尔,也在其博客中证实了,高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,已经投降:

“If the current global geopolitical tensions continue to evolve in the direction of ‘the West against the Rest,’ Europe’s future risks to be bleak. The era of Western dominance has indeed definitively ended.” “如果当前的全球地缘政治紧张局势继续朝着‘西方反对其他国家’的方向发展,那么欧洲的未来将面临黯淡的风险。西方主导的时代确实已经彻底结束了。”

In further sign the KM-controlled US regime is finished, Russian President Vladimir Putin says Washington has become a laughing stock of the rest of the world. “I think it’s obvious to everyone that the American political system cannot claim to be democratic in any sense of the word…and is becoming “increasingly uncivilized.” 有进一步的迹象表明,由可萨黑手党控制的美国政权已经走到了尽头,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔•普京表示:“华盛顿特区已经成为世界其他国家的笑柄。我认为每个人都很清楚,美国的政治体系无论如何都不能声称是民主的……而且正变得越来越不文明。”

Yet another sign came on March 11th -the anniversary of the Fukushima terror attack- when the Federal Reserve Board stopped bailing out banks. 2024年3月11日,即福岛恐怖袭击周年纪念日,美联储停止对银行的救助,这是另一个迹象。

This means most of the major Western banks are now de facto bankrupt. 这意味着大多数西方主要银行现在实际上已经破产。

That is why “All Major CEO’s are selling their stocks,” many commentators agree. 许多评论家都同意,这就是为什么“所有主要的首席执行官都在出售他们的股票的原因”。

Oops, even ole Warren Buffet wants out before the collapse: IRS data reportedly shows Buffett traded Berkshire stocks in personal account, according to ProPublica 哎呀,就连沃伦•巴菲特也想在崩盘前套现离场:根据ProPublica报道,美国国税局的数据显示,巴菲特用个人账户交易伯克希尔的股票

Warren Buffett was allegedly front-running or trading stocks in his personal account that his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway was buying and selling. This is a practice that he himself in the past deemed a conflict of interest, according to ProPublica on Thursday. It’s more than that, it is illegal. 根据据ProPublica周四报道,沃伦•巴菲特涉嫌在其个人账户中提前交易或买卖其企业集团伯克希尔•哈撒韦公司正在买入和卖出的股票。根据ProPublica的说法,这种做法与他自己过去所鼓吹的投资理念相冲突。不仅如此,这是非法的。

All this is happening because behind the scenes on March 15th an Asian royal was officially designated as the new M1 or controller of the financial system, according to Asian secret society sources. Christine Lagarde is President of the European Central Bank because she agreed to take orders from the new M1, they add. 根据亚洲秘密社团的消息,所有这一切都是因为2024年3月15日,一位亚洲王室成员被正式指定为新的M1或金融系统控制者。他们补充说,克里斯蒂娜•拉加德之所以成为欧洲中央银行行长,是因为她同意听命于新的M1。

The sources say confirmation of change will come when Goldman Sachs announces their departure from Japan on April 15th. 消息来源称,高盛将于2024年4月15日宣布离开日本,届时将确认这一变化。

This is a mega black swan event for many reasons. A change in control of the financial system is a change in control of the process of deciding what humanity will do in the future. 这是一个巨大的黑天鹅事件,原因有很多。金融体系控制权的改变,是决定人类未来将如何发展的过程控制权的改变。

For one thing, it marks the end of a millennia-old project by the families who control monotheism to impose a god king of their lineage on the entire planet. On a shorter time span, it marks the end of a Freemason project started in 1717 to destroy Russia as a prelude to subjugating China. 一方面,它标志着控制一神论的家族在千年间将他们血统的神王强加给整个星球的计划的终结。在较短的时间跨度内,它标志着1717年开始的共济会摧毁俄罗斯以征服中国的计划的终结。

It also marks the end of 80 years of the post-World War II Western-dominated international system. On an even closer focus, it marks the end of the unipolar world dominance the US enjoyed since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. 这也标志着二战后西方主导了80多年的国际体系的终结。更确切地说,它标志着美国自1991年苏联解体以来享有的单极世界主导地位的终结。

Gnostic Illuminati sources say what has happened is beyond biblical in scale because it means the end of a war against fallen angels that has been raging for 26,000 years. 诺斯底光明会的消息来源说,现在所发生的事情,已经超出了《圣经》的规模,因为它意味着一场对抗堕落天使的战争的结束,这场战争已经持续了26000年。

However, on a here-and-now level, change will appear more slowly because turning around a plan that has been in motion for at least decades is not something that can be done overnight, 然而,就目前而言,变化将显得更加缓慢,因为想要扭转一个已经运行了至少几十年的计划,不是一夜之间就能完成的。

For example, the planning for the 2020-2023 scamdemic started 45 years earlier as can be seen by World Bank reports from 1975. The hunger crisis the elites are now trying to create also dates back at least as far. This means decades of laws, preparation by corporations and brainwashing of elite servants need to be dealt with. 例如,从世界银行1975年的报告可以看出,2020-2023年疫情大流行的规划,早在45年前就开始制定了。权贵社会精英们现在试图制造的饥饿危机至少可以追溯到那个时候。这意味着,需要处理数十年的法律、公司准备和精英仆人的洗脑。

Nonetheless, meetings are being held to determine how to spend trillions of dollars for the benefit of humanity and the planet’s other living creatures. 尽管如此,目前正在召开会议,以确定如何花费数万亿美元来造福人类和地球上的其他生物。

Representatives of the WDS, Asian Royals and the CEO of a major international bank are meeting this week to discuss plans to release at least a trillion dollars for setting up a future planning organization. There will be a press conference to announce this as soon as the funds are confirmed. 白龙会的代表、亚洲皇室成员和一家大型国际银行的CEO,将在本周举行会议,讨论释放至少一万亿美元的计划,以建立一个未来的规划机构。一旦资金得到确认,将举行新闻发布会宣布此事。

In the meanwhile, the current Western political/economic system continues to circle the drain. 与此同时,当前的西方政治/经济体系继续在恶性循环。

For example, recent discussions at the UN and the World Health Organization display depopulation plans disguised as things like “LGTB rights” and “women’s health.” 例如,联合国和世界卫生组织最近的讨论显示,人口减少计划伪装成“LGBT权利”和“女性健康”等内容。

WHO guidelines for the “health of transgender and gender diverse people,” are being decided by commission members who almost all have financial ties to organizations that profit from the gender reassignment procedure, according to the CitizenGo pro-life group. These guidelines promote harmful drugs and irreversible gender reassignment surgery (castration and sterilization) for children and young people. 根据CitizenGo项目生活小组称,世界卫生组织关于“跨性别者和性别多样化者健康”的指导方针由委员会成员决定,他们几乎都与从性别重新分配程序中获利的组织有财务联系。这些指导方针提倡对儿童和年轻人使用有害药物和不可逆转的变性手术(阉割和绝育)。

Meanwhile, the goals of the “UN Commission on the Status of Women” this year are the promotion of trans ideology and the pursuit of universal access to abortion. “They continually promote the extreme ideas that women cannot be defined by biology and that gender is a social construct. Doing so, they significantly harm women around the world and put many of them at risk,” Polish intelligence sources say. 与此同时,波兰情报机构称,“联合国妇女地位委员会”今年的目标是促进跨性别意识形态,追求普遍堕胎。“他们不断宣传极端观点,即妇女不能由生物学定义,性别是一种社会建构。这样做会严重伤害世界各地的妇女,使她们中的许多人面临风险。”

This is not new. The excerpt below from a mid-1950s Disney cartoon shows a restrained male prisoner being literally “groomed” into a female. 这并不新鲜。下面这段来自1950年代中期迪士尼动画片的摘录,展示了一个被束缚的男性囚犯被“打扮”成女性。

The result is women in KM-controlled countries like Sweden, Japan and South Korea have never had so few children as in 2023. In Sweden, based on the childbearing gap, Yasir Qadhi, a Pakistani-born American theologian, predicts that in just one generation, half the population will be Muslim. 其结果是,受可萨黑手党影响的国家,比如瑞典、日本和韩国等地的女性,从未像2023年这样少生孩子。在瑞典,根据生育率差距,巴基斯坦裔美国神学家亚瑟•卡迪预测,仅仅一代人,瑞典一半的人口将是穆斯林。

This is the result of long-term KM plans to reduce the world population, especially the European population. Their plan calls for dumbing down the majority of the world’s population to turn them into farm animals for members of their tribe. 这是可萨黑手党长期计划的结果,该计划旨在减少世界人口,特别是欧洲人口。他们的计划要求降低世界大多数主体民族的人口,将他们变成部落成员的农场动物。

There is serious blowback coming. 严重的后果即将到来。

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S Army War College says, “The system we live in today is completely dominated by the Zionists from every angle be that Politics, Education, Finance or Media. This is the reality and something that the masses need to come to terms with…The Zionists are behind the creation of nearly every worldwide problem. For Centuries they’ve been trying to control nations for their own benefit.” 美国陆军战争学院前研究主任艾伦•萨布罗斯基博士说:“我们今天生活的系统,完全由犹太复国主义者从政治、教育、金融或媒体等各个角度主导。这是现实,也是大众需要接受的事实……犹太复国主义者是几乎所有全球性问题的幕后黑手。几个世纪以来,他们一直在试图控制国家为自己谋利。”

That control is ending, The attempt to use Ukraine to subjugate Russia has ended in defeat, failure and bankruptcy. 这种控制正在结束,利用乌克兰征服俄罗斯的企图以失败、破产告终。

Now it’s Israel’s turn. The recent genocide in Gaza was the last straw: 现在轮到以色列了。最近在加沙发生的种族灭绝事件,是压垮骆驼的最后一根稻草:

Israel’s power, based on the myth that Jews are incompatible with fascism, has collapsed. From now on, it will be possible to exhume all the crimes committed by this tiny group, on behalf of the CIA, during the Cold War, in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, writes French journalist Thierry Meyssan. 以色列的力量来源,建立在犹太人与法西斯主义格格不入的神话之上,现在这种神话已经崩溃。法国记者蒂埃里•梅桑写道,从现在起,将有可能挖掘出这个小团体代表美国中央情报局在冷战期间在中东、非洲和拉丁美洲犯下的所有罪行。

War crimes tribunals are coming. Some 650 Chilean lawyers have filed a legal complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu for committing genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip. 战争罪法庭即将到来。约650名智利律师向国际刑事法院提起法律诉讼,指控以色列领导人本雅明•内塔尼亚胡在被围困的加沙地带犯有种族灭绝罪。

The US government has been forced to stop its’ support of Israel after the BRICS coalition of more than 80% of the worlds’ people threatened it with sanctions and a boycott. 在拥有全球80%以上人口的“金砖国家”联盟以制裁和抵制相威胁后,美国政府被迫停止对以色列的支持。

In a sign of this boycott BRICS is considering creating a form of mutual settlements similar to that of the early European Union, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Russia’s Sherpa in the BRICS Sergey Ryabkov said 作为抵制的一种表现,俄罗斯副外长、金砖国家中的俄罗斯协调人谢尔盖•里亚布科夫表示,金砖国家正在考虑创建一种类似于早期欧盟的共同结算形式。

That’s why the US government said in the annual Threat Assessment report “Netanyahu’s viability as [a] leader as well as his governing collation of far-right and ultra-orthodox parties that pursue hardline policies on Palestinian and security issues may be in doubt.” 这就是为什么美国政府在年度威胁评估报告中说:“内塔尼亚胡作为领导人的可行性,以及他在巴勒斯坦和安全问题上奉行强硬政策的极右翼和极端正统党派的执政整合,可能存在疑问。”

Even Zionist Jewish American leaders are abandoning the Netanyahu regime. As a Mossad source comments “Wow, Zionist Chuck Schumer is calling for new elections. It seems that Bibi’s days are about over,” after Schumer said “Israel cannot survive if it becomes a pariah,” 甚至犹太复国主义犹太裔美国领导人,也在抛弃内塔尼亚胡政权。正如以色列摩萨德的消息来源所评论的那样:“哇,犹太复国主义查克•舒默呼吁举行新的选举。似乎哔哔叨的内塔尼亚胡的日子已经结束了”,此前,查克•舒默表示“如果以色列成为贱民,它将无法生存。”

US Senate leader calls for ‘new election’ in Israel

A final confrontation is coming. US officials are saying an Israeli military operation in Rafah would likely lead to an end to US defense of Israel at the United Nations 最后的对峙即将到来。美国官员表示,以色列在拉法的军事行动,可能会导致美国在联合国停止为以色列辩护

Netanyahu, meanwhile has effectively said his red line is that Israel must go into Rafah. In other words he will fight to the death and it will be his death. 与此同时,内塔尼亚胡已经明确表示,他的红线是以色列必须进入拉法。换句话说,他会战斗到死,但是死的人将会是他。

Russian FSB sources tell us Iran and Russia have cleared the airspace over Syria in preparation for more direct action against Israel and the US. Iran has suspended. all flights to Syria indefinitely. 俄罗斯联邦安全局的消息来源告诉我们,伊朗和俄罗斯已经清空叙利亚上空的空域,为的是做准备,去对以色列和美国采取更直接的行动。伊朗已无限期暂停所有飞往叙利亚的航班。

The current fake US government is in no position to stop this since it does not control the military and is itself circling the drain. 当前的美国假政府无法阻止这一切,因为它并不控制军队,而且自身也在走向衰败。

Here is the latest from the walking dead fake US President Joe Biden. 以下是“行尸走肉”般的美国假总统乔•拜登的最新消息。

He is spouting nonsense like “We have among the lowest inflation rates of any country in America,” and that his government has added a “record 15 million new jobs.” 他滔滔不绝地说着废话,比如“我们拥有美国所有国家中最低的通货膨胀率”,以及他的政府已经创造了“历史纪录1500万个新工作岗位。”

This Biden actor is apparently is wearing GPS shoes. 这位拜登演员显然穿着GPS鞋。

Meanwhile this screen shot from a now deleted website shows the real Biden is lying dead in his grave. 与此同时,这张来自现已删除的网站的截图显示,真正的拜登已经躺在坟墓里死了。

And yet, the US government shit show continues. The latest about the staged January 6 KM Deep State event is that 88 pages of ATF records from the DOJ in a lawsuit show the CIA deployed personnel to Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021. 然而,美国政府的拙劣表演仍在继续。关于2024年1月6日可萨黑手党深层国家派系事件上演的最新消息是,美国司法部在诉讼中提交的88页ATF记录显示,美国中央情报局于2021年1月6日向华盛顿特区部署人员。

Judicial Watch: Records Show CIA Deployed Bomb Techs, Dog Teams to DC on January 6

Then there is the ongoing farce of legal cases against US President Donald Trump: Georgia Judge McAfee Rules Fani Willis Can Continue Her Racketeering Case Against President Trump Despite Lying in Court About Her Affair. 然后是针对美国总统唐纳德•川普的持续闹剧:尽管在法庭上谎报自己的私事,但乔治亚州法官迈克菲还是裁定法妮•威利斯可以继续起诉川普总统的敲诈勒索案。

“The KM controlled Deep State Dems are really scared that Trump will do to them what they have been doing to him and many of his supporters,” a Pentagon source comments. 五角大楼的消息来源评论说:“可萨黑手党控制的深层国家派系民主党人,真的很害怕川普会像他们对待川普及其支持者那样对待他们。”

“The former president has openly said he intends to weaponize the Department of Justice against his enemies,” VP Harris said about Trump. 哈里斯副总统这样评价川普:“这位前总统曾公开表示,他打算将司法部武器化,以对抗他的敌人。”

The fact is the vast majority of Americans don’t want to have anything to do with either faction. Recent polls snow only 16% of Americans have confidence in the federal government. This is down from 77% in 1964 and 54% in 2001. No surprise. 事实上,绝大多数美国人不想与任何一派扯上关系,无论是民主党还是共和党。最近的民意调查显示,只有16%的美国人信任联邦政府。这与1964年的77%和2001年的54%相比有所下降。这并不奇怪。

The 16% support is also around the percentage of US military jets that are combat ready. A September 2023 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on the F-35 revealed that only 15 to 30 percent of F-35s may be capable of combat. 16%的支持率也与美国喷气式战斗机的准备战斗百分比差不多。2023年9月,美国政府问责局关于F-35的报告显示,只有15%到30%的F-35能够进行战斗。

No wonder there’s a big movement of people refusing to pay their taxes 难怪会有很多美国人拒绝纳税

The situation is leading to heavy infighting amongst the oligarchs who de facto run the US Corporation. 这种情况,导致实际控制美利坚合众国企业公司的寡头们之间,发生了严重的内斗。

This is seen in what appears to be a campaign to destroy Boeing Aircraft. In the latest John Barnett, a whistleblower who had been involved in a lawsuit against Boeing, Lawyers for a Boeing whistleblower found dead on the day he was due to testify against the jetliner giant are questioning that he killed himself in a South Carolina parking lot — and calling for an investigation. 这种迹象,可以从一场似乎想要摧毁波音公司的运动中看出来。在最近的一起案件中,曾经参与起诉波音公司的举报人约翰•巴内特,被发现死于他原定出庭作证反对这家喷气式飞机巨头的当天,波音公司举报人的律师提出质疑,认为他不可能在南卡罗来纳州的一个停车场自杀,并呼吁进行调查。

There is also a huge war to control cyberspace in the US. This pits Larry Ellison (CIA white hats) behind TikTok plus Elon Musk (US military white hates) and X versus Larry Page, the Rockefellers and Bill Gates behind Google. Meta, Instagram and Messenger. 在美国的互联网舆论场上,也有一场巨大的战争。这场战争是抖音背后的拉里•埃里森(美国中央情报局中的白帽子地球解放军事联盟)与埃隆•马斯克(美国军方白帽子地球解放军事联盟)和X对抗谷歌背后的拉里•佩奇、洛克菲勒家族和比尔•盖茨。Meta、Instagram和Messenger。

In confirmation of what Russian FSB sources told us about Musk being a front for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, is in the process of building hundreds of spy satellites. 为了证实俄罗斯联邦安全局消息来源告诉我们的——关于马斯克是美国国家侦察局的前台代理人的消息,埃隆•马斯克领导的SpaceX正在建造数百颗间谍卫星。

While the US oligarchs duke it out, Russia is on the offensive. “The Western elites have a great desire to freeze the current, injust situation in international affairs – for centuries, they’ve become used to stuffing their stomachs with human flesh and their pockets with money…”The vampire ball is coming to an end…” says Putin. 当美国寡头们争得不可开交时,俄罗斯正在进攻。“西方精英们非常渴望冻结当前国际事务中的不公正局面——几个世纪以来,他们已经习惯了用人的肉填饱肚子,用钱塞满口袋……”普京说,“吸血鬼舞会即将结束……”

Polish intelligence informs us Russia is about to send an ultimatum to 7 capitals. This apparently includes a demand for the return to Russia of the Baltic States. 波兰情报部门通知我们,俄罗斯即将向7个国家发出最后通牒。这显然包括要求波罗的海国家重新并入俄罗斯版图。

Meanwhile an undeclared civil war is raging in Poland. The government there just used agents provocateurs throwing stones at police as a pretext for a brutal attack on a farmers’ protest in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland. 与此同时,波兰国内爆发了一场不宣而战的战争。波兰政府以间谍向警察投掷石块为借口,对波兰共和国议会前的一场农民抗议活动进行了残酷的袭击。

“A civil war is coming, farmers will attack the government,” Polish sources say. “A farmer knows better how to cultivate the land, not an official in Brussels who wants to impose on him how to take care of his soil and the environment. If a farmer did not take care of his land, he would not be today agriculture in Poland and in the European Union,” says the farmer, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Michał Kołodziejczak. 农业部副部长米哈乌•科罗杰查克表示:“内战即将到来,农民将攻击政府。”“农民更懂得如何耕种土地,而不是布鲁塞尔的官员想强加给他如何照顾他的土壤和环境。如果农民不照顾他的土地,他就不会是今天的波兰和欧盟农业。”

There is also a revolution fully under way in the French speaking world. 法语地区也正在进行一场革命。

The change of elites in francophone West Africa, which began in 2021, has stripped Paris of much of its traditional political and economic influence in the region, not to mention its prominent military presence. The French military has now pulled out of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and the Central African Republic. Meanwhile, the Russian Armed Forces established its “African Corps.” 2021年开始的西非法语区精英的变化,使巴黎在该地区失去了大部分传统的政治和经济影响力,更不用说其突出的军事存在了。法国军队现已撤出马里、布基纳法索、尼日尔和中非共和国。与此同时,俄罗斯武装部队建立了“非洲军团”。

Apparently it is the loss of looted African resources that has led French President Emmanuelle Macron to tell his people “French intervention in Ukraine cannot be ruled out, and France will do everything to make sure Russia doesn’t win.” 显然,正是由于非洲资源被掠夺,法国总统埃曼纽埃尔•马克龙才会告诉他的国民“不能排除法国对乌克兰的干预,法国将尽一切努力确保俄罗斯不会获胜”。

Of course the French all know Macron is a former male prostitute married to his uncle “Brigitte.” 当然,法国人都知道,马克龙以前是一名男妓,娶了他的叔叔“布丽吉特”。

Now the rest of the world is catching on. Conservative commentator Candace Owens says “I would stake my entire professional reputation on the fact that Brigitte Macron is in fact a man,” 现在,世界其他国家正在追赶。保守派评论员坎迪斯•欧文斯说:“我会把我的整个职业声誉押在布丽吉特•马克龙实际上是个男人这一事实之上。”

Here is Macron desperately trying to defend himself. 以下是马克龙拼命为自己辩护的发言。

Meanwhile the Satanists are making another last stand on the Francophone Island of Haiti. 与此同时,撒旦主义者正在海地法语岛进行最后的抵抗。

A major Satanist, who has been hidden, came out in full view there. Gilbert Bigio Haiti’s only billionaire oligarch -a Syrian Jew- has emerged as the mastermind behind all the mayhem and misery now unfolding on that Island. 一个一直隐藏着的撒旦主义者的主要人物在那里被公之于众。吉尔伯特•比吉奥是海地唯一的亿万富翁寡头,他是一名叙利亚犹太人,现已成为该岛目前发生的所有混乱和痛苦的幕后策划者。

By the way, the Rockefellers are also Syrian or rather Assyrian “Jews.” The Assyrians worship Ashur, the God of War also known as Ba’al or Satan. In a sign of how deep and ancient this is, look at the ancient graven images for this god found in places as far apart as Mesopotamia and Ecuador. 顺便说一句,洛克菲勒家族也是叙利亚人,或者更确切地说,是亚述“犹太人”。亚述人崇拜阿舒尔,这位战争之神也被称为巴尔或撒旦。这表明这个宗教邪神有多么深远和古老,看看在美索不达米亚和厄瓜多尔等地发现的这位神的古老雕刻图像。

The Rockefeller controlled Clinton Foundation were in charge of the $13+ billion in aid to rebuild Haiti back when it was hit with an earthquake weapon in 2010. Bill Clinton used the phrase “build Haiti back better”. The Haitian People never saw that money, and now their country is ruled by cannibal gangs. This is what the Dems mean when they say “build back better”. They do not care about helping the needy. They are only interested in enriching themselves under the guise of “foreign aid”. 洛克菲勒家族控制的克林顿基金会,负责在2010年海地遭受地震袭击时提供130多亿美元的援助,帮助海地重建。比尔•克林顿使用“让海地重建得更好”这一短语。海地人民从来没有见过这些钱,现在他们的国家被食人族帮派统治。这就是民主党人所说的“重建得更好”的意思。他们不关心帮助有需要的人。他们只对在“外国援助”的幌子下致富感兴趣。

French military sources tell us Rockefeller agent Bibio has hired US special forces to grab children and harvest adrenachrome in Haiti. In corroborating evidence, the Miami Herald tells us Bibio bought Jeffrey Epstein’s $132,000 Mercedes. 法国军方的消息来源告诉我们,洛克菲勒家族的特工比比奥雇佣了美国特种部队在海地抓孩子并采集肾上腺红色素。《迈阿密先驱报》告诉我们说,比比奥以13.2万美元购买了杰弗里•爱泼斯坦的梅赛德斯轿车。

He has been accused by the Canadian foreign ministry -along with two other superwealthy Haitians- of using economic power ‘to protect and enable the illegal activities of the armed criminal gangs’ that are tearing the country apart. 加麻大外交部指控他和其他两名海地超级富豪,利用经济实力,“保护和助长武装犯罪团伙的非法活动”,这些团伙正在使国家四分五裂。

The Jewish Billionaire & Oligarch who created the murderous and criminal underground in Haiti

Canadian special forces are now in Haiti fighting against the Rockefeller Satanic proxies, according to French military intelligence sources. 根据法国军事情报机构的来源称,加麻大特种部队现在正在海地与洛克菲勒家族的撒旦教代理人作战。

Here is the Rockefellers’ man Barbecue: the new leader of Haiti after the real leader was forced to step down. Notice his hand signal and necklace of course. 这是洛克菲勒的活人烧烤:真正的领导人被迫下台后,海地的新领导人。注意他的手势和项链,当然。

To understand just how evil these people are here you can see a cannibal eating a human barbecue Haiti. (warning graphic) 要了解这些人有多邪恶,你可以看看海地的一场吃人烧烤(恐怖血腥图片警告)。

Now they plan to send these cannibals to the US. DoD officials say they are “alerted” about a potential maritime “mass migration” from Haiti into the United States. 现在他们计划将这些食人族送往美国。美国国防部官员表示,他们已“警告”可能发生从海地到美国的潜在海上“大规模移民”。

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is deploying law enforcement officers and an air-and-sea fleet to Florida’s southern waters to help curb a potential wave of these Haitian immigrants. 佛罗里达州州长罗恩•德桑蒂斯,正在向佛罗里达州南部水域部署执法人员和一支海空舰队,以帮助遏制这些海地移民的潜在浪潮。

It turns out that another reason for the Rockefeller & UN on-going occupation in Haiti & the collapse of the State is to go after Iridium deposits there. “One ton of Iridium is worth $45 BILLION & Haiti has mountains of it” says Haiti expert Ezili Danto. 事实证明,洛克菲勒和联合国在海地持续占领和海地国家崩溃的另一个原因,是夺取那里的铱矿。海地专家埃兹利•丹托说:“一吨铱元素价值450亿美元,而海地有成堆的铱。”

Apparently Iridium is essential for space activity which apparently the KM hopes to use to prevent themselves from being hung for their medical and other crimes. 显然,铱元素对于太空活动至关重要,高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,希望利用这一点来防止他们因医疗和其他罪行而被绞死。

They are getting desperate as more and more people figure out “First they inject you with a cancer causing experimental jab and then they profit from charging you for cancer treatments…” 他们越来越绝望,因为越来越多的人发现“首先他们给你注射癌症实验性疫苗,然后他们向你收取癌症治疗费用获利……”

Now J&J will acquire cancer drug developer Ambrx Biopharma for $2 billion 现在,强生公司将以20亿美元收购癌症药物开发商Ambrx Biopharma

And this: 还有这个:

Pfizer has also jumped into the cancer business. This is to harvest $ 33.3 Billion revenues from excess cancer caused by the the Covid vaccine. 辉瑞公司也进军癌症业务。这将从新冠肺炎疫苗导致的癌症病例过剩中获得333亿美元的收入。

This sort of crime has prompted British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen to call for Bill Gates and the elite “Covid cabal” to face the death penalty for alleged “crimes against humanity” during the Covid pandemic. “Can we have a debate on crimes against humanity, and the appropriate punishment for those who perpetuate, collude and cover up for these atrocities,” continued Bridgen. “Atrocities and crimes that are so severe, that the ultimate punishment may be required.” 这种罪行,促使英国国会议员安德鲁•布里根,呼吁比尔•盖茨和权贵社会精英们“新冠肺炎阴谋集团”因涉嫌在新冠肺炎大流行期间犯下“反人类罪”而面临死刑。布里根继续说道:“我们能就反人类罪进行辩论吗?以及对那些延续、勾结和掩盖这些暴行的人的适当惩罚吗?暴行和罪行如此严重,可能需要最终惩罚。”

One of these criminals, Canadian crime minister Pierre Castrudeau is so scared he is trying to pass a law to make online hate (ie truth) punishable up to life in prison. 其中一名罪犯,加麻大犯罪部长皮埃尔•卡斯特鲁多非常害怕,他正试图通过一项法律,使网络仇恨(网络曝光真相)可判处终身监禁。

This came after 20 plaintiffs filed a $2.2 MILLION class-action lawsuit against Trudeau, the RCMP and various other entities for violating their charter rights by illegally invoking and enforcing the Emergencies Act and seizing theirbank accounts. 此前,20名原告对特鲁多、皇家骑警和其他各种实体提起了220万美元的集体诉讼,指控他们通过非法援引和执行《紧急状态法》并扣押他们的银行账户,侵犯了他们的宪法权利。

It looks like many British royals have already faced the ultimate penalty. The BBC has reportedly been notified to watch out for an “extremely important” royal announcement “at any moment.” 看起来很多英国王室成员已经面临最终的惩罚。据报道,英国广播公司已接到通知,随时关注“极其重要”的王室公告。

As we have already reported, a whole slew of British royals have vanished. 正如我们已经报道的那样,一大批英国王室成员已经消失了。

Now just as this report was about to go live Canadian intelligence sent us the following: 就在本篇新闻通讯即将发布时,加麻大情报部门向我们发来了以下信息:

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton was murdered in an Illuminati blood sacrifice, according to Princess Diana’s best friend who also revealed the ritual killing had long been been planned as part of the royal family’s dark occult traditions. 戴安娜王妃最好的朋友称,威尔士王妃凯特•米德尔顿,最近在光明会的活人献祭仪式中被谋杀,他还透露,这种仪式杀人,早已被计划为王室黑暗神秘传统的一部分。

The fact that Kate would be offed has been an open secret among the British aristocracy for years, according to Christine Fitzgerald, who claims that just like her friend Princess Diana, Middleton was carefully chosen for the sacrificial role due to her personality and bloodline. 根据克里斯汀•菲茨杰拉德称,多年来,凯特王妃将被处决的事实,一直是英国贵族的公开秘密,她声称,就像她的朋友戴安娜王妃一样,米德尔顿因其个性和血统而被精心挑选为牺牲品。

As the public in Britain and around the world demand the royal family release proof of life, the woman who was once Diana’s best friend is urging the world to wake up to the dark truth about the Luciferian House of Windsor. 随着英国和世界各地公众要求皇室公布戴安娜生前的证据,这位曾经是戴安娜最好的朋友的女人,正敦促全世界意识到路西法温莎王朝的黑暗真相。

As this happens, the British reveal their Directed Energy Weapon technology to the world. The declassified footage below reveals Britain’s DragonFire laser weapon. It can destroy drones and hypersonic missiles instantly at £10 per shot. 当这种情况发生时,英国向世界展示了他们的定向能武器技术。下面解密的录像显示了英国的龙火激光武器。它能够以每发10英镑的价格立即摧毁无人机和高超音速导弹。

Footage reveals Britain’s DragonFire laser weapon, that can destroy drones and hypersonic missiles instantly at £10 per shot

It also looks like even more fearsome things are being planned by the KM for April. 看起来,高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,还计划在2024年4月份干出一些更可怕的事情。

It turns out the Oklahoma National Guard will deploy guardsmen for the total solar eclipse on April 8, which is an important Jewish holy day. 事实证明,俄克拉荷马州国民警卫队将为2024年4月8日的日全食部署警卫,这是一个重要的犹太日子。

On that day a team of 22 elite members from the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear units will be stationed. 当天,来自化学、生物、放射和核部门的22名精英成员将驻扎于此。

Residents are advised to prepare by stocking up on one to two weeks’ worth of food ahead of the event. 建议居民在事件发生前储备一到两周的食物。

Due to the potential for communication facilities to become “overloaded”, making cell phone calls might be challenging. 由于通信设施可能“超载”,打电话可能具有挑战性。

Hundreds of schools in path of total solar eclipse cancel classes over safety concerns…this eclipse cuts across the United States of America, Mexico & Canada; it will go over more metropolitan areas in one path than any other eclipse in the history of the Western Hemisphere. 日全食路径上的数百所学校出于安全考虑取消了课程……这次日全食横跨美国、墨西哥和加麻大;它将在一条路径上覆盖比西半球历史上任何其他日食更多的都市区。

Schools in path of total solar eclipse cancel classes over safety concerns

As a CIA source comments “There is definitely something going on here. Will the power grid go down? All cell phone services going off line. April 8 is a total solar eclipse.” 正如一名美国中央情报局的消息来源所说的那样:“这里肯定发生了什么事。电网会停运吗?所有手机服务会中断吗?2024年4 月 8 日是日全食。”

Also it turns out “We are currently in the ‘322nd’ year of Yale (college of Skull and Bones 322)” and this solar eclipse will last “3 Minutes and 22 seconds” 此外,事实证明“我们目前处于耶鲁大学(骷髅会322)的第322年”,这次日食将持续“3分22秒”


To add icing to the cake they are telling us a “Devil comet” will be visible to the naked eye during the solar eclipse. 为了给蛋糕加糖霜,他们告诉我们,在日食期间,肉眼可以看到“恶魔彗星”。

Operation Blue Beam anyone? 有人会启动“蓝光计划”吗?



Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 March 12th 本杰明•富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2024年3月12日

Mega Black Swan Expected As Western Civil War Nears Climax 随着西方国家的内战接近高潮,预计会出现超级黑天鹅事件

Mega Black Swan Expected As Western Civil War Nears Climax

The undeclared civil war raging in the West is headed for some sort of mega black swan event climax. The white hats are trying to bankrupt the Satanists and their entire fake US government show. The Satanists are planning some sort of mass murder event to try to stay in power. Both sides might use earthquake weapons and other electromagnetic forms of warfare. The only thing for sure is major fireworks. 目前正在西方肆虐的不宣而战的内战,正走向高潮,很可能即将发生某种巨型黑天鹅事件。白帽子地球解放军事联盟正试图让撒旦主义者及其整个假美国政府的表演破产。撒旦主义者正计划某种大规模屠杀事件,以试图继续掌权。双方都可能使用地震武器和其他电磁形式的战争。唯一可以肯定的是,将会有大规模交火。

The previous attempts to bankrupt the US Corporation were delayed by events like 911 and the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass murder event. This time signs are either a massive earthquake or some kind of electro-magnetic attack to be blamed on a solar flare are being planned. That is why decisive action against the Khazarian Mafia leadership must be taken before they can stage another mass murder sacrifice to Satan. 之前企图让美利坚合众国企业公司破产的行动,被911事件和2011年3月11日福岛核电站和海啸大屠杀事件所推迟。这次,有迹象表明,一场大规模的地震或某种电磁攻击正在计划中,然后在把它嫁祸给太阳耀斑。这就是为什么,必须在可萨黑手党领导层为邪神撒旦上演另一场大屠杀献祭仪式之前,对他们采取果断行动的原因。

Speaking about which today is the 13th anniversary of the Fukushima attack. Most of the perpetrators like top Jesuit Hanz Kolvenbach were hunted down and killed shortly afterwards. However, two of the masterminds, self-described top Satanist Leo Zagami and Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Satanyahu are still at large. They are being hunted down and will be brought to justice. 今天是福岛核事故13周年,这场核事故的大多数肇事者,如耶稣会成员汉斯•科尔文巴赫,在不久后被追捕并杀死。然而,两名主谋,自称是顶级撒旦主义者的利奥•扎加米和以色列犯罪总理本雅明•萨塔尼亚胡仍然在逃。他们正在被追捕,并将被绳之以法。

However, the war between the two factions is complicated by the presence of a rogue AI. This allows the Khazarian Mafia to use their control of the Silicon Valley computer complex to generate CGI leaders and not rely on surgically altered avatars. Here is an example of how easy it is for AI to generate fake people these days. 然而,这两个派系之间的战争,因一个流氓人工智能的存在,而变得更加复杂。这使得可萨黑手党,能够利用他们对硅谷计算机综合体的控制,来生成电脑特效领导人,而不依赖于手术改变的阿凡达替身。以下是一个例子,说明人工智能如今生成假人是多么容易。

California Governor Adam Newsom is an AI-generated GGI according to CIA sources. Computers can now elect these fakes into office by electronically stealing elections. As another example here you can watch a fake Adam Schiff stealing votes from his opponent. 根据美国中央情报局的消息来源说,加利福尼亚州州长亚当•纽瑟姆,是一个人工智能生成的电脑特效画面。电脑现在可以通过电子窃取选举来选举这些假人上台。作为另一个例子,你可以观看一个假亚当•希夫从他的对手那里窃取选票。

In another example here you can see Speaker Johnson Speaks To Reporters After White House Meeting With Biden, Schumer 在另一个例子中,您可以看到,约翰逊议长在白宫与拜登、舒默会晤后对记者发表讲话

This is Tyler Perry’s White House TV set, in Atlanta. There are no close buildings next to the real White House. 以下是泰勒•佩里在假白宫的电视画面,这个假白宫在亚特兰大。真正的白宫旁边没有紧挨着的建筑。

The people aren’t buying it anymore. That is why less than 10% of Americans watched fake Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. For good reason, this is what happens when the fake masked Biden starts rambling: 人们不再相信它了。这就是为什么只有不到10%的美国人看了乔•拜登的假国情咨文的原因。这是有充分理由的,当戴口罩的假拜登开始胡言乱语时,就会发生这种情况:

“We added more to the national debt than any president in his term in all of history!” “我们为国债增加的债务比历史上任何一位总统任期内都要多!”

In the background is a fake masked Kamala Harris. You can see it looks like the mask is literally breathing on its own. (In the video) 背景中是戴面具的假卡玛拉•哈里斯。你可以看到面具似乎真的在呼吸。(在视频中)

The most glaring example of AI abuse is the existence of two Donald Trumps. The fake one handled by Leo Zagami at Mar a Largo brags about vaccinating Americans and promotes Bud Light. The real one is located at the underground military base in Mt. Cheyenne, Colorado and is leading a military campaign against the Satanists. 人工智能被滥用的最明显例子,是两个唐纳德•川普的存在。在海湖庄园,由里奥•扎加米操纵的假川普,吹嘘为美国人接种疫苗,并推广百威低度啤酒。真正的川普位于科罗拉多州夏延山的地下军事基地,正在领导一场打击撒旦教徒的军事行动。

Here you can see a video of the fake Trump meeting Hungarian leader Victor Orban. Apparently, they have now also come up with a fake Melania. This is the Trump actor who appears at all the fake show trials. 在以下这个视频中,你可以看到一段川普与匈牙利领导人维克托•奥尔班会面的假视频。显然,他们现在也制作了一个假的梅拉尼娅。这是出现在所有假场景中的川普演员。

Next, take a look at the real Trump Trump who says it quite clearly. 接下来,看看真正的川普,他说的很清楚。

“Quick trials for fentanyl dealers, child traffickers and Treason followed by immediate execution (It is called military tribunal).” “对芬太尼经销商、儿童贩子和叛国者进行快速审判,然后立即处决(这被称为军事法庭)。

This is what happened to Victoria Nuland, the de-facto president of the Ukraine. Official announcements say she resigned but our CIA sources say she was executed along with her husband Robert Kagan, architect of the Iraq war. 这就是发生在乌克兰事实上的总统维多利亚•努兰德身上的事情。官方宣布她辞职了,但我们的美国中央情报局消息来源说,她和她的丈夫、伊拉克战争的策划者罗伯特•卡根一起被处决了。

Vladimir Zelensky may also have been taken out by a missile in Odessa but regardless, he is finished and everybody knows it. 弗拉基米尔•泽连斯基也可能在敖德萨被导弹击毙,但无论如何,他是否活着已经无关紧要了,每个人都知道这一点。

Also, just as this report was about to go live, the White Dragon Society was contacted by French Generals to say a military coup d’etat was underway against French President Emannuelle Macron Rothschild. This was triggered when Macron ordered the military to start shooting civilians and to send troops to Ukraine. 此外,就在本篇新闻通讯即将发布时,法国将军联系了白龙会,称他们正在对法国总统埃曼纽埃尔•马克龙•罗斯柴尔德发动军事政变。这是在马克龙下令军队开始向平民开枪并派兵前往乌克兰时引发的。

Here you can watch General André Coustou call Macron an enemy of the country, 在以下这个链接中,你可以看到安德烈•库斯图将军称马克龙为国家的敌人,

Coustou was then threatened with a heart attack device by Macron. Killing Coustou would make no difference though because no French Generals are obeying Macron; they are with the Farmers and the French people. The fall of Macron will end Rothschild rule of France. 然后,马克龙用心脏病发作装置威胁库斯图。杀死库斯图没有意义,因为没有任何法国将军服从马克龙;他们与农民和法国人民站在一起。马克龙的倒台,将结束罗斯柴尔德家族对法国的统治。

No matter what though, the entire fake US Presidential and European political theater is about to be shut down. 无论如何,整个虚假的美国总统和欧洲政治表演即将被关闭。

A hint of this came when the new Financial Report of the United States Government (February 2024) admitted Social Security and Medicare are under funded by $175 Trillion. If you add that to the $34 trillion in debt you see the US government is $209 trillion under water. 当新的美国政府财务报告(2024年2月)承认社会保障和医疗保险资金不足175万亿美元时,就暗示了这一点。如果你把这笔钱加到34万亿美元的债务上,你就会看到美国政府负债209万亿美元。

This number has been put out before by private economists and the St. Louis US Fed. The important point is the Treasury Department is formally admitting the US Corporation is de facto bankrupt. 这一数字此前已被独立经济学家和圣路易斯联邦储备银行公布。重要的是,现在财政部正式承认美利坚合众国企业公司事实上已经破产。

Combine this with the fact the Fed Bank bailout program is ending this month. Also, note that moves to keep the US government running only last until the middle of this month. Then add that billionaires are all selling their stocks and buying underground shelters. From this, you can deduce some sort of major financial announcement is coming. 将这一事实与美联储银行救助计划本月结束这一事实结合起来。此外,请注意,美国政府仅能勉强维持到本月中旬。然后,亿万富翁们都在出售他们的股票并购买地下避难所。由此,你可以推断出某种重大金融公告即将到来。

Our own sources in the Japanese royal family say a financial black swan is scheduled for March 15th. Rothschild family sources say all bank accounts will be reset with each person getting a one-time deposit of $500,000. Billionaires and millionaires will lose money but for 90% of the people it will be a bonanza. 我们自己在日本皇室内部的消息来源说,金融黑天鹅事件计划于2024年3月15日发生。罗斯柴尔德家族的消息来源说,所有银行账户将被重置,每个人将获得50万美元的一次性存款。亿万富翁和百万富翁将会失去钱财,但对于90%的人来说,这将是一笔财富。

Such an event is necessary because the income needed to afford a home in the US has leapt 80% since 2020. Home buyers today need to make more than $106,000 a year, up $47,000 from 2020, a change driven largely by higher prices and borrowing costs. This is just another confirmation the current financial system has ceased to function and needs to be rebooted. 这一事件是必要的,因为自从2020年以来,在美国买房所需的收入已经上涨了80%。今天的购房者每年需要赚取超过106,000美元,比2020年增加了47,000美元,这一变化主要是由更高的价格和借贷成本驱动的。这再次证实了当前的金融体系已经失灵,需要重新启动。

However, we are not sure the Rothschilds are in any position to stage such an event. The Japanese royal family sources say when Princess Mako left the royal family, she was given a severance check that was signed by David Rothschild who died 15 years ago. The creator of the Quantum financial system says “Someone is attempting to defraud my estate.” 然而,我们不确定罗斯柴尔德家族是否有能力主持这样的运动。日本皇室的消息来源说,当真子公主离开皇室时,她收到了一份由15年前去世的大卫•罗斯柴尔德签署的遣散费支票。量子金融系统的创始人说:“有人试图骗取我的财产。”

Clearly, there is still a fight going on over who will control the financial system. All we know for sure is the United States cannot continue as it is. 显然,关于谁将控制金融体系的斗争仍在继续。我们唯一可以确定的是,美国不能继续这样下去。

It is probably going to take military action to solve this. On this front, we have evidence a massive attack is planned to target Silicon Valley. The gnostic Illuminati say they have no choice but to destroy the computer nexus at Silicon Valley with a massive earthquake to sink it into the ocean. 这可能需要采取军事行动来解决。在这方面,我们有证据表明,一场针对硅谷的大规模袭击正在计划中。诺斯底派光明会说,他们别无选择,只能通过一场大地震摧毁硅谷的计算机网络,将其沉入大海。

There can be no doubt Silicon Valley is being attacked. There have been swarms of earthquakes there recently as well as unusual massive waves hitting the California coastline. 毫无疑问,硅谷正在遭受袭击。最近那里发生了多次地震,以及袭击加利福尼亚海岸线的异常巨浪。

There have also been massive internet outages affecting the entire US West Coast, especially Mark Zuckerberg Rockefellers’ Meta (Facebook), Instagram and Messenger. 此外,美国西海岸还出现了大规模的互联网中断,特别是马克•扎克伯格•洛克菲勒的Meta(脸书)、Instagram和Messenger。

The White Dragon Society is arguing that sending in special forces to seize the headquarters of Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. would have far less collateral damage than using earthquake or electromagnetic weapons. 白龙会认为,派遣特种部队夺取谷歌、苹果、微软等公司的总部,造成的附带损害将远远小于使用地震或电磁武器。

There is also the possibility of shutting down the entire internet, and talk of a “massive solar flare” shows this is being planned as this headline says: 整个互联网也有可能被关闭,关于“大规模太阳耀斑”的讨论表明,正如标题所述,这正在计划中:

NASA preparing for ‘internet apocalypse’ as huge solar storm could hit Earth by 2025 美国宇航局准备应对“互联网末日”,因为到2025年,巨大的太阳风暴可能会袭击地球

What they mean is they will blame a solar storm on the electrical grid going down. 他们的意思是,他们会把全球断网事件归咎于太阳风暴。

The KM is also hiring foreign mercenaries to try to stop the American people from rebelling. 高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,现在也在雇佣外国雇佣军,试图阻止美国人民造反。

A hint of this was found in the most recent US jobs report. As Zerohedge reports: Last month we thought that the January jobs report was the “most ridiculous in recent history” but, boy, were we wrong because this morning the Biden Department of goalseeked propaganda (aka BLS) published the February jobs report, and holy crap was that something else. Even Goebbels would blush. 在最近的美国就业报告中,发现了这一迹象。正如零对冲金融杂志所报道的那样:上个月我们认为1月份的就业报告是“最近历史上最荒谬的”,但是,天哪,我们错了,因为今天早上拜登目标宣传部(又名BLS)发布了2月份的就业报告,天哪,还有别的谎言。就连纳粹德国的宣传部长戈培尔也会脸红。

The key takeaway for me was a near-record 2.4 million native-born workers lost their jobs in just the past 3 months. At the same time a record 1.2 million (mostly illegal) immigrant workers were added just in February. You can be sure most of those were government jobs as mercenaries hired to fight against the American people. 对我来说,关键的一点是,在过去的三个月里,有近240万本土出生的美国工人失业。与此同时,仅在2月份,就有创纪录的120万(主要是非法)移民工人加入美国就业大军。你可以肯定,其中大多数是政府雇佣的雇佣兵,为的是对抗美国人民。

This is the kind of people they are hiring: “The brother of the migrant accused of murdering nursing student Laken Riley is in court for possessing a fake ID and…he has ties with a vicious Venezuelan gang behind a terrifying wave of violence…” 这就是他们雇佣的人:“被指控谋杀护理专业学生莱肯•莱利的移民,因持有假身份证而出庭……他与可怕的暴力浪潮背后的一个恶毒的委内瑞拉帮派有联系……”

It looks like they are also hiring whores. Florida Sheriff Grady Judd tells us illegal sex workers are being given ID and paper work by the Department of Homeland Security that allows them to fly around the US for free on the taxpayers’ dime. All they have to do is pay a weekly fee of $3000 to their DHS pimps. 看起来他们也在雇佣妓女。佛罗里达州治安官格雷迪•尤德告诉我们,美国国土安全部为非法的性工作者提供身份证和坐办公室的工作,允许他们用纳税人的钱免费在美国各地飞行。他们所要做的就是每周向国土安全部的皮条客支付3000美元的费用。

Alex Jones predicts “They’re planning to torch the country when [Trump] is president-elect before he’s in and try to intimidate everyone…So, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and all of this Hezbollah, Hamas protests…to burn the country down…Thinking they can terrorize the American people and the establishment into removing Trump somehow during that period.” 亚历克斯•琼斯预测“他们计划在[川普]当选总统之前,在他入主白宫之前,就烧毁这个国家,并试图恐吓所有人……所以,‘黑命贵’运动、反法运动,以及所有这些真主党、哈马斯抗议活动……要烧毁这个国家……以为他们可以恐吓美国人民和川普派系当权者,从而在那段时间以某种方式让川普下台。”

The US is mired down in impunity, corruption and civil strife. Endless flows of migrants storm the southern borders of the United States. And many of them aren’t Latin Americans at all; they come from regions that fell victim to the neo-imperialist wars unleashed by Washington. 美国深陷有法不依、腐败和内乱之中。无休止的移民潮席卷美国南部边境。其中许多人根本不是拉丁美洲人;他们来自华盛顿发动的新帝国主义战争的受害地区。

Just like it was at the feast at Babylonian King Belshazzar’s house “God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it. You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting.”4 (Daniel 5: 25-27) says Russian FSB Lieutenant General L Reshetnikov. 正如巴比伦王伯沙撒家的宴会一样,俄罗斯联邦安全局中将雷谢•特尼科夫说:“上帝已经计算了你的王国,并完成了它。你在天平上称过,发现少了东西。”(但以理书5:25-27)

He adds “The blossoming diversity of the world is substituted with a conflict of two models of governance existent only in American fantasies.” 他补充说:“世界百花齐放的多彩局面,被仅存在于美国幻想中的两种治理模式的冲突所取代。”

The head of MI6 agrees saying the mutual Russian and Anglo goal is “The ultimate final defeat of world fascism [government controlled by corporations] and that the people are sovereign.” 英国军情六处负责人也对此表示同意,他说俄罗斯和英国的共同目标,是“最终彻底击败世界法西斯主义(公司控制的政府),人民拥有主权”。

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador to Moscow Lynne Tracy on Thursday to say “attempts to interfere in Russia’s domestic affairs, including acts of sabotage and the spread of disinformation…would be severely suppressed.” 俄罗斯外交部周四召见美国驻莫斯科大使林恩•特雷西,称“干涉俄罗斯内政的企图,包括破坏行为和散布虚假信息……将受到严厉后果”。

Too bad they didn’t demand they do the same for the US. As Field Marshal Douglas MacGregor says: 很遗憾,他们没有要求美国也这样做。正如美国上将道格拉斯•麦克格雷格所说的那样:

“When I listen to the comments coming out of the Senate or the House let alone from the White House I am reminded of that famous statement in Vietnam ‘in order to save the village we had to destroy it,” I get the impression that’s the plan in Washington ‘we have to destroy the country in order to save it.,’” “当我听到参议院或众议院,更不用说白宫的评论时,我想起了越南那句著名的声明‘为了拯救村庄,我们不得不摧毁它’,我得到的印象是:华盛顿的计划是‘为了拯救国家,我们必须摧毁它’。”

The KM is also trying very hard to starve us all to death or at least into submission. 高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,也正在努力让我们所有人饿死,或者至少让我们屈服。

The EU has just confirmed former Club of Rome President Calin Georgescu’s claim they KM are planning a food crisis for 2025. Last month “some 60 European Union and government officials, food security experts, industry representatives and a few journalists gathered to confront the possibility of something barely on the radar a few years ago: a full-blown food crisis.” The conference envisions a food shortage in Europe from 2024 to 2025. 欧盟刚刚证实了罗马俱乐部前主席卡林•乔治斯库的说法,那就是,他们正在计划一场2025年的粮食危机。上个月,“大约60名欧盟和政府官员、粮食安全专家、行业代表和一些记者聚集在一起,应对几年前几乎未被关注到的情况:一场全面的粮食危机。”会议预计,欧洲将从2024年到2025年出现粮食短缺。

Remember, they had similar exercises just before the pandemic was staged in 2020. In other words, they are trying to bankrupt farmers in Europe in order to orchestrate a food crisis. 请记住,在2020年疫情爆发之前,他们就进行了类似的演习。换句话说,他们正试图让欧洲农民破产,以策划一场粮食危机。

In the US a DEW attack on Texas just destroyed 80% of the grazing land for cattle. 在美国,德克萨斯州的一场定向能武器袭击,摧毁了80%的牧场。

Now the utility provider Xcel Energy says its facilities appeared have played a role in igniting a massive wildfire in the Texas Panhandle that grew to the largest blaze in state history. 现在,公用事业提供商Xcel Energy表示,在德克萨斯州狭长地带引发的大规模野火中,他们的设施似乎发挥了重要作用,这场野火已经发展成为该州历史上最大的火灾。

Look who owns Xcel: BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard. The usual suspects. 看看谁拥有Xcel:黑石贝莱德、道富银行和先锋集团。这些常见的嫌疑人。

A document from another of their subsidiaries, the UN, explains why they want to starve us: 他们另一个子公司——联合国的一份文件解释了他们为什么要让我们挨饿:

“Starvation is essential for the economy because it creates cheap labor” a 2008 UN article entitled “The Benefits of World Hunger” says. “No one works harder than hungry people,” the report says. 2008年联合国一篇题为《世界饥饿的益处》的文章称,“饥饿对经济至关重要,因为它创造了廉价劳动力”。报告称,“没有什么比饥饿的人更努力工作”。

The European farmers are not going to let that happen. Here is the latest from their war on the WEF Satanists: 欧洲农民不会让这种情况发生。以下是他们与世界经济论坛撒旦主义者之间战争的最新消息:

Czech farmers dump manure outside government offices 捷克农民在政府办公室外倾倒粪便

Belgian farmers spray police with wastewater 比利时农民向警察喷洒废水

The Largest army in Europe now is the farmers 现在欧洲最大的军队是农民

It says it all 它说明了一切

Russia will also make sure there is enough food. President Vladimir Putin says Russia’s “Food of the future” is not bugs and moths, as in the West 俄罗斯还将确保有足够的食物。弗拉基米尔•普京总统表示,俄罗斯的“未来食品”不是像西方那样是虫子或飞蛾。

The White hats are also taking down more KM operatives. Here are some examples: 白帽子们也在拿下更多的可萨黑手党特工。这里有一些例子:

The rapper P Diddy is now being accused of sex trafficking akin to Jeffrey Epstein, eliciting underage sex workers, RICO racketeering, and grooming men for sex. Britney Spears and Justin Bieber may have been victims. 说唱歌手吹牛老爹现在被指控性交易,类似于杰弗里•爱泼斯坦,诱使未成年性工作者、参与 RICO 敲诈勒索和诱骗男性进行性交易。布兰妮•斯皮尔斯和贾斯汀•比伯可能也是受害者。

Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is being taken down over nursing home deaths so that he will sing like a canary implicating his KM puppet masters. 前纽约州州长安德鲁•科莫,因疗养院死亡事件被撤职,这样他就会像金丝雀一样招供,供出他的可萨黑手党傀儡主人。

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has become the “first leader of a Western nation to be referred to the [International Criminal Court] under Article 15 of the Rome Statute,” as an “accessory to genocide” in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza. 澳大利亚总理安东尼•阿尔巴尼斯已成为“根据《罗马规约》第15条被国际刑事法院起诉的第一位西方国家领导人”,是巴勒斯坦加沙飞地“种族灭绝的帮凶”。

“This is the real deal,” Pentagon sources say. 五角大楼的消息来源说:“这是真的。”

Birchgrove Legal Files Case for Complicity to Genocide to the Hague- International Criminal Court [Media Release]

The Canadian police are also finally going after Justin Castrudeau. The final straw was this: 加麻大警方也终于开始追捕贾斯汀•特鲁多•卡斯特罗。以下是压垮他的最后一根稻草:

‘Project Brisa’ led to 182 charges, 20 arrests and drugs seized with an estimated value of roughly $61M. However, according to Canadian intelligence sources, Castrudeau ordered the gangsters freed and their drugs returned to them. “Brisa项目”导致182项指控、20人被捕,查获毒品估计价值约6100万美元。然而,根据加麻大情报部门的消息来源说,特鲁多•卡斯特罗下令释放歹徒,并将毒品归还给他们。

“Is Castrudeau a criminal? “卡斯特鲁多是个罪犯吗?”

Duh 傻瓜

Looks like the RCMP thinks he may be. Obviously, he is being investigated with a little push from the WH Alliance,” a Mossad source comments. 以色列摩萨德的消息来源评论说:“看起来加麻大皇家骑警认为他可能是。显然,他正在接受白帽子地球解放军事联盟的调查。”

We also note the white hats now appear to control the masked avatar pretending to be Pope Francis. This “Pope” caused a hysterical reaction among KM puppet politicians (who self-identified by calling for the war to continue) when he urged Ukraine to “have the courage to fly the white flag”. 我们还注意到,现在似乎是白帽子地球解放军事联盟控制着假装教皇弗朗西斯的面具替身。这位“教皇”敦促乌克兰“有勇气举白旗”,这在那些(呼吁继续战争的)可萨黑手党傀儡政客中,引起了歇斯底里的反应。

We also have an anti-globalist revolt in the UK Parliament with MP Andrew Bridgen asking: 英国议会也爆发了反全球化的抗议活动,议员安德鲁•布里根问道:

“Why is the UK giving sovereign powers away to an unelected, unaccountable, diplomatically immune organization; WHO’s Director General was appointed from an unholy alliance of Bill Gates & the Chinese Communist Party…The petition calling for a debate on this issue hasn’t been granted despite easily reaching 100,000 signature threshold.” “为什么英国要把主权权力交给一个未经选举、不负责任、外交豁免权的组织;世界卫生组织总干事是从比尔•盖茨和中国共产党的邪恶联盟中任命的……尽管轻松达到了10万人的签名门槛,但呼吁就这个问题进行辩论的请愿书却没有得到批准。”

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene did her part when she told Parasite Media BBC News Anchor Emily Maitlis to “fuck off” after she tried to label her as a conspiracy theorist. Notice it was the BBC that mentioned “Jewish space lasers.” 当《寄生虫》的媒体BBC新闻主播艾米丽•梅特利斯,试图将众议员玛乔丽•泰勒•格林贴上阴谋论者的标签时,她用“滚开”回应了她。注意,是BBC提到了“犹太太空激光”。

We also note top KM Satanist general Netanyahu is soon going to be leaving this world. 我们还注意到,撒旦主义高级领导人内塔尼亚胡很快将离开这个世界。

French journalist Thierry Meyssan reports “Netanyahu, son of Vladimir Jabotinsky’s private secretary, has not hesitated to compare the Palestinians to the ancient Amalekites. The implication is that they must all be exterminated.” 法国记者蒂埃里•梅桑报道称,“弗拉基米尔•亚博廷斯基的私人秘书的儿子——内塔尼亚胡,毫不犹豫地将巴勒斯坦人与古代的亚玛力人相提并论。言下之意是他们必须全部被消灭。”

Jabotinsky’s revisionist Zionists are the ones who claim sovereignty over all the territories from the “Nile to the Euphrates”. 雅博廷斯基的修正主义犹太复国主义者,声称对“尼罗河到幼发拉底河”的所有领土拥有主权。

Netanyahu is angered by the War Cabinet minister Benny Gantz’s trip to Washington, telling him that “there is only one prime minister.” 内塔尼亚胡对战争内阁部长本尼•甘茨前往华盛顿感到愤怒,并告诉他“以色列只有一位总理”。

“Oops, the avatar Bibi is really nervous. It looks like a deal is being made with the KM Deep State in DC, to toss him under the bus. I smell division in the Israeli ranks,” a Mossad source comments. 一名摩萨德消息人士评论道:“哎呀,哔哔叨的内塔尼亚胡的阿凡达替身真的很紧张。看起来似乎与华盛顿特区的可萨黑手党深层国家派系达成了一项协议,要将他赶下台。我的政治嗅觉敏锐地感觉到了以色列军队中的分歧。”

The rest of the world is forcing action. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called the war in Gaza a “disgrace for civilization”. 其余的国际社会正在采取强制行动。中国外交部长王毅,把加沙正在发生的战争称为“文明的耻辱”。

Chinese FM blasts US ‘suppression’, defends Russia ties

He was speaking at a big annual Chinese political gathering. To confirm China has purged the KM from its politics, notice nobody is wearing masks, unlike at the previous such gathering. 他在中国一年一度的政治盛会上发表讲话。为了证实中国已经将可萨黑手党从内部清除,与之前的此类聚会不同,没有人戴口罩。

Also, with the removal of KM agent Ayatollah Khameini, Iran is now taking an effective stance instead of trying to promote Armageddon. 此外,随着哈梅内伊的撤职,伊朗现在采取了有效的立场,而不是试图推动世界末日。

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei has called on Muslim countries to sever their relations with Israel and sue the occupying regime at international courts over its crimes against Palestinians. 伊朗司法部长穆赫辛尼-埃杰伊,呼吁穆斯林国家切断与以色列的关系,并在国际法庭上起诉以色列占领政权对巴勒斯坦人的罪行。

This is an example of a war criminal who will be facing the death penalty: 以下是一个面临死刑的战争罪犯的例子:

Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, director of Yeshiva Shirat Moshe (religious school) in the occupied city of Jaffa, called the Israeli army to kill everyone in Gaza, including children. 被占领的雅法市(宗教学校)的拉比•埃利亚胡•马里,呼吁以色列军队杀死加沙的所有人,包括儿童。

Of course, the KM is still fighting to the bitter end. For example, they are still trying to vaccinate us all to death. 当然,可萨黑手党仍在拼死一搏。例如,他们仍在试图给我们所有人接种《圣经•启示录》“兽的印迹”氧化石墨烯微芯片转基因绝育“疫苗”。

“We need to see everyone get an updated flu shot and an updated Covid vaccine,” Mandy Cohen CDC KM puppet director says while spreading fear porn to promote vax poisoning., 可萨黑手党傀儡兼美国疾病预防控制中心主任曼迪•科恩,在传播恐惧色情以促进vax毒疫苗时说:“我们需要看到每个人都接种最新的流感疫苗和最新的新冠肺炎疫苗。”

They are also trying to suppress free speech. Eduard Pröls, Director of CitizenGO in Germany was found guilty for sharing this image on his Facebook page. 他们也在试图压制言论自由。德国公民组织的主任爱德华•普罗尔斯被判有罪,因为他将以下这张照片分享到了他的脸书页面上。

He now has a criminal record and has been order to pay a fine of 6,000 Euros. It is the judge who needs to go to jail in this case, and in due time he will. 他现在有犯罪记录,并被勒令支付6000欧元的罚款。在这种情况下,需要入狱的是法官,他将在适当的时候入狱。

It also appears the KM is now trying to use Moldova to start their long-planned World War III. 看来,可萨黑手党现在正试图利用摩尔多瓦,发动他们计划已久的第三次世界大战。

Moldova signed a defense cooperation agreement with France. Just as this happened Polish intelligence informs us “Pro-Russian rebels in Moldova’s separatist Transnistria region appealed to Russia for ‘protection’ on Wednesday, fearing the territory could become a new flashpoint in Moscow’s conflict with neighboring Ukraine,” 摩尔多瓦与法国签署了防务合作协议。就在此事发生之际,波兰情报部门通知我们:“摩尔多瓦分裂主义德涅斯特河沿岸地区的亲俄叛乱分子,周三向俄罗斯寻求‘保护’,担心该领土可能成为莫斯科与邻国乌克兰冲突的新爆发点。”

One cue the fake Biden compared the current situation regarding the war in Ukraine to 1941 and himself to Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt of course, brought a reluctant US population into WWII. 其中一个线索是,假拜登将乌克兰战争的当前形势与1941年相比,并将他自己比作罗斯福总统。当然,罗斯福让不情愿的美国民众加入了第二次世界大战。

As Polish intelligence tells us: 正如波兰情报部门告诉我们的那样:

“There are very few Poles in the Polish government, and no Russians in the Russian one. Facts are facts.” They might have added there are no Americans in the US Corporate government. “波兰政府中很少有波兰人,俄罗斯政府中没有俄罗斯人。事实就是事实。”他们可能补充说,美国企业政府中没有美国人。

The Germans appear to have had enough. This came after NATO’s recent “staunch defender” exercise was literally paralyzed because the Russians disabled all their high-tech GPS-controlled weapons, according to German intelligence sources. 德国情报机构的消息来源称,北约最近的“坚定捍卫者”演习,实际上已经瘫痪,因为俄罗斯人干扰了他们所有的高科技GPS精确制导武器,德国人似乎已经受够了。

They inform us: 他们告诉我们:

The German Government has made a radical decision regarding energy production in Germany. Hydrogen power plants are now set to write history and finally solve the problem of high electricity costs and lack of security of supply. If this gigantic plan succeeds, Germany will be able to produce and even export electricity at cent rates, even without natural gas, coal and nuclear power! They would then no longer be dependent on other countries for electricity supplies. The upcoming hydrogen power plant technology is unique on a global scale. Germany is considered a global pioneer and driving force of innovation in this field. The new technology is baseload capable, environmentally friendly, flexible, controllable, inexhaustible and inexpensive. The perfect solution for our electrical network. 德国政府就德国的能源生产做出了一个激进的决定。氢能发电厂现在将创造历史,并最终解决高昂的电力成本和供应安全问题。如果这个巨大的计划成功,德国将能够以百分之一的价格生产、甚至出口电力,即使没有天然气、煤炭和核电!他们将不再依赖其他国家提供电力。即将到来的氢能发电厂技术,在全球范围内是独一无二的。德国被认为是该领域全球创新的先驱和推动力。新技术具有基载能力、环保、灵活、可控、取之不尽、用之不竭和廉价的特点。我们电网的完美解决方案。

If the Germans unleash hydrogen power, that is the end of the road for environmentally harmful EVs. 如果德国人使用氢动力,那么对环境有害的电动汽车将走投无路。

The German magazine “Stern” reports that since March 2023, Tesla has already been warned five times that it exceeds the permitted amount of wastewater released into the environment. 德国《明镜周刊》报道称,自2023年3月以来,特斯拉已被警告五次,因为它超过了允许排放到环境中的废水量。

The move to hydrogen would also put a big dent in Chinese plans to monopolize the batteries essential for EVs. 向氢能源型,也将对中国垄断电动汽车关键电池的计划,造成重大打击。

China has 70 thousand workers on Sulawesi Island working in the nickel mining industry. China controls the industry. Since nickel is essential for battery production it means China is about to get complete control over all the batteries used in electric vehicles etc. 中国在苏拉威西岛,有7万名工人从事镍矿开采行业。中国控制着该行业。由于镍对电池生产至关重要,这意味着中国即将完全控制电动汽车等使用的所有电池。

Japan could have the last laugh along with Germany though. Listen to why Toyota doesn’t believe EVs will save the environment, 不过,日本可能会和德国一起笑到最后。听听丰田为什么不相信电动汽车会拯救环境,

Toyota also has all the technology needed to start the hydrogen age. 丰田还拥有开启氢能时代所需的所有技术。

To conclude let us post an anonymous statement sent to us: ”Today we have no choice but to face the truth… That our governments lie That our education is indoctrinated That our doctors are misinformed That our viruses are patented That our diseases are created That our medicines are poisons That our media is propaganda That our elections are rigged That our water is toxic That our banks are dishonest That our taxes are illegal That our wars are planned in advance That our countries are corporations That our history was hidden That our religions are hypocritical That our children were sacrificed That our division is being incited That our opinions are being manipulated That our cancers can be cured That our energy can be free That everything in our external world is not what we have been told it is…. that is why we are determined to find the truth, which we do every day and will continue to do until it is revealed.” The truth shall set us free. 最后,让我们发布一份匿名声明: 今天,我们别无选择,只能面对现实…… 我们的政府撒谎 我们的教育是灌输式的 我们的医生受到了误导 我们的病毒是有专利的 我们的疾病是创造出来的 我们的药物是毒药 我们的媒体是宣传工具 我们的选举被操纵了 我们的水有毒 我们的银行是不诚实的 我们的税是违法的 我们的战争是提前计划好的 我们的国家都是公司 我们的历史被隐藏了 我们的宗教是虚伪的 我们的孩子被献祭了 我们的部门正在被煽动 我们的意见被操纵了 我们的癌症可以被治愈 我们的能源可以自由 我们外部世界的一切都不是我们被告知的那样……这就是为什么我们决心寻找真理,我们每天都在这样做,并将继续这样做,直到它被揭示出来。 真理会让我们自由。

CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 — 第四章——美国海外部署


生物战在行动 — Biological Warfare in Action 

        • 第1章—— 引言Chapter 1  — Introduction                                                                     
        • 第2章——美国国内项目和实验Chapter 2 — US Domestic Projects and Experiments                       
        • 第3章——美国可疑疫情Chapter 3 — US Suspicious Outbreaks                                               
        • 第4章——美国海外部署Chapter 4 — US Foreign Deployment                                                  
        • 第5章-世界卫生组织-人口减少是现实 — Chapter 5 — The WHO – Depopulation is Reality                             
        • 第6章——辉瑞公司对流行病把握的恰到好处 — Chapter 6 — Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic                                 
        • 第7章——美国禽流感 — Chapter 7 — US Bird flu                                                                           
        • 第8章——英国口蹄疫 — Chapter 8 — UK Foot and Mouth Disease                                           
        • 第9章——意大利的橄榄树 — Chapter 9 —  Italy’s Olive Trees                                                               
        • 第10章——最近的生物武器袭击 — Chapter 10 – Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks                                         
        • 第11章——艾滋病 — Chapter 11 – AIDS                                                                                     
        • 第12章——非典型肺炎 — Chapter 12 – SARS                                                                                     
        • 第13章——中东呼吸综合征 — Chapter 13 – MERS                                                                                   
        • 第14章——埃博拉病毒 — Chapter 14 – EBOLA                                                                                 
        • 第15 寨——卡病毒 — Chapter 15 –  ZIKA                                                                                     
        • 第16章——新冠肺炎疫苗和Oxitec的“飞行注射器” — Chapter 16 – COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes” 
        • 第17章——尾声 — Chapter 17 – Epilogue  
生物战在行动  — 第四章——美国海外部署
Biological Warfare in Action — 4. Chapter 4US Foreign Deployment

By Larry Romanoff — 拉里·罗曼诺夫

翻译: 珍珠

1931 — Fort Detrick Named for Maryland Flight Surgeon. Source  1931 — 年 — 德特里克堡以马里兰飞行外科医生命名。来源

As seen in the 1988 USGS aerial photo, the site of Fort Detrick no longer has any recognizable traces as a former airfield. Source 正如1988年美国地质调查局航拍照片所示,德特里克堡的旧址已经找不到任何可以辨认的机场痕迹。来源

本文 pdf 版本



4.1. 行动保密 — 4. 1. Secrecy of Operation 4.2. 美国生化战争——国外应用 — 4. 2. US Bio-Chemical Warfare – Foreign Applications  4.3. 朝鲜战争 — 4. 3. The Korean War  4. 4美国对古巴和美洲的生物战 — 4. 4. US Biowarfare on Cuba and The Americas 4. 5. 越南与橙剂 — 4. 5. Vietnam and Agent Orange 4. 6. 俄罗斯和中国的格鲁吉亚猪流感 — 4. 6. Georgian Swine Flu in Russia and China 4. 7. 亚洲的蝙蝠传播疾病 — 4. 7. Bat-Borne Diseases in Asia 4. 8. 圣埃斯普里特桥的秘密 — 4. 8. The Secret of Pont-Saint-Esprit 4. 9. 第三次机会行动 — 4. 9. Operation Third Chance 4. 10. 德比帽行动(中国和亚洲的生物实验)4. 10. Operation Derby Hat (Biological experiments in China and Asia) 4. 10. 1. 冲绳 — 4. 10. 1. Okinawa 4. 10. 2. 阿富汗 — 4. 10. 2. Afghanistan  4.11. 针对特定种族的生物武器 — 4. 11. Ethnic-specific bioweapons  4. 12. 美国政府更多秘密项目– 4. 12. More Secret US Government Projects   

4.1. 行动保密 4.1. Secrecy of Operation




There is one important item to understand about the biological/chemical warfare trials, tests, and experiments. As I mentioned earlier, the US consistently either refused to sign protocols on biological weapons, or reneged on them once signed. The stumbling block is a refusal to be party to any agreement that requires external monitoring. The government wanted at all costs to prevent any such inspections, and the US Senate passed a law permitting the President to deny inspection requests on the purely fictitious grounds of national security. [1][2][3][4][5][6]The American solution to avoid oversight and monitoring was to outsource its chemical and bio-weapons experiments to Third World Countries under the guise of medical research, which labs are off-limits to even the local governments and the American staff granted full immunity from all domestic laws.

关于生物/化学战争试验、测试和实验,有一个重要的问题需要理解。正如我之前提到的,美国一贯拒绝签署生物武器协议,或者一旦签署就违反协议。绊脚石是拒绝加入任何需要外部监督的协议。政府不惜一切代价阻止任何此类检查,美国参议院通过了一项法律,允许总统以纯粹的国家安全为借口拒绝检查请求。[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]美国避免监督和监测的解决方案是将化学和生物武器实验外包给第三世界国家,以医学研究的名义进行,这些实验室甚至地方政府和美国工作人员都完全不受国内法律限制


4.2. 美国生化战争——国外应用 —4.2. US Bio-Chemical Warfare – Foreign Applications


Just as with its predilection for torture, the US has been engaged in the development, testing, and use of biological weapons for well over 100 years. It is well-documented that during its colonisation of the Philippines, US military doctors were infecting civilians with biological toxins that included malaria, beriberi and the plague. And huge numbers of civilians in both the Philippines and Puerto Rico were flooded with clouds of mustard gas during their protests against American occupation and colonisation. Nothing has changed since then. The number of nations subjected to American biowarfare now includes (at least) the Philippines, Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba and Haiti, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. And of course, the list includes the USA and Canada, where the US government and military subjected millions of unaware and foolishly-trusting citizens to biological pathogens and toxic chemicals.[7][8]



A supervisor inspects mustard gas warheads at an unidentified arsenal, circa 1943. Source/来源



Mustard gas was heavily used on many occasions by the Americans during both world wars, the government’s strident denials notwithstanding. One of the more interesting occurrences was on December 2, 1943, when the German Luftwaffe launched a surprise attack on the Italian port of Bari, sinking about 30 ships and destroying crucial supplies of ammunition as well as much of the harbor. However, soon after the attack, reports were flooding in from the area of unusual medical symptoms in many hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of civilians. The source was eventually traced to a single blown-up ship in the port, with mustard gas confirmed as the responsible agent. The US military had, in a renege of their promises, secretly brought thousands of tons of mustard-gas explosives to the European war party and, in their desperation to cover their crime, refused to inform attending physicians of the cause of the massive casualties among the civilian population, leaving the doctors to eventually figure it out for themselves by which time it was too late for many of the victims. Countless (and uncounted) hundreds or thousands died, and many more suffered debilitating injuries.[9][10][11][12]

美国人在两次世界大战期间多次大量使用芥子气,尽管政府强烈否认。 1943年12月2日发生的一起更有趣的事件是,德国空军对意大利巴里港发动突然袭击,击沉了大约30艘船只,摧毁了关键的弹药供应以及大部分港口。 然而,袭击发生后不久,报告如潮水般涌来,数百名、数千名、数万名平民出现异常的医疗症状。 最终追查到港口内一艘爆炸的船只,证实芥子气是造成这一结果的罪魁祸首。 美国军方背弃承诺,秘密向欧洲战争党运送了数千吨芥子气炸药,并在绝望中掩盖罪行,拒绝告知医生平民大规模伤亡的原因,最终医生们不得不自己找出原因,但此时许多受害者已经为时已晚。无数(不计其数)数百或数千人死亡,更多人遭受了致残的伤害。[9][10][11][12]

Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill in Tunisia, 25 Dec 1943; Churchill was in a robe in this photo because he was recovering from pneumonia. World War II Database

德怀特·艾森豪威尔和温斯顿·丘吉尔于1943年12月25日在突尼斯;丘吉尔在这张照片中穿着长袍,因为他正在从肺炎中恢复。 第二次世界大战数据库


The Americans made astonishing, if vain and inhuman, attempts to conceal the disaster entirely, but there were far too many witnesses and victims to enable keeping this secret. The Americans did their best at damage control by issuing statements intended for German ears that these chemical weapons would never have been used except as retaliation in kind, though German ears were not reported as especially gullible at the time. Even more interesting was the damage control meant for American and British ears; Eisenhower and Churchill concocted a plot to (1) destroy all incriminating documents and (2) list all fatalities and other casualties as “burns due to enemy action”.



The US military appears desperate not only to find biological ways to kill nations of people, but is equally interested in methods of destroying their food supply. Accordingly, it also confessed to another several dozen (at least) occasions where devastating crop and plant disease agents had been released, in experiments to test methods of destroying the entire food plant life of an enemy nation. In 2012, Japanese media revealed that the United States government had tested specific, DNA-engineered crop-killing bioweapons in Okinawa and Taiwan during the 1960s and early 1970s, and that the US military tested some of these within the continental US as well. They were also applied in Vietnam. [13][14][15]The purpose of Agent Orange was never as a defoliant as claimed, but developed instead to destroy Vietnam’s entire rice crops and to sufficiently contaminate the soil to prevent re-growth.



4.3. 朝鲜战争 —4.3. The Korean War


PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – SEPTEMBER 09: Statue of a soldier with a grenade in the mouth at the entrance to the victorious fatherland liberation war museum, Pyongan Province, Pyongyang, North Korea on September 9, 2012 in Pyongyang, North Korea. (Photo by Eric Lafforgue/Art In All Of Us/Corbis via Getty Images). Source

朝鲜平壤——9月9日:2012年9月9日,朝鲜平壤平安南道胜利祖国解放战争博物馆入口处,一名嘴含手榴弹的士兵雕像。(照片由Eric Lafforgue/Art In All Of Us/Corbis via Getty Images提供)。来源


The accumulated evidence of the American use of biological weapons in China and North Korea [16] is beyond dispute, but the US government has lied about it for 70 years. A full report was produced after an investigation by the International Scientific Commission on the use of biological warfare against both Korea and China. You can access a summary here, [17] and the full report here. [18]

美国在中国和朝鲜使用生物武器的证据无可争议 [16],但美国政府对此撒了70年的谎。国际科学委员会对朝鲜和中国使用生物武器进行了调查,并制作了一份完整的报告[17] 。您可以在此处访问摘要,[17] 并在此处访问完整报告。[18]


The report was produced in 1952 at the request of the North Korean and Chinese governments by a commission that included prominent scientists from Sweden, Brazil, France, and Italy,  and was headed by Sir Joseph Needham, one of the most prominent and respected British scientists ever. Source


During and after the Korean War, China produced considerable evidence that the US military was employing biological pathogens against both the Chinese and the North Koreans. More than 25 US POWs supported Chinese claims – and provided further, and very detailed, corroborating evidence  of anthrax, various insects such as mosquitoes and fleas carrying Yellow Fever, and even propaganda leaflets infected with cholera, over the entire North-East of China and virtually all of North Korea. [19]The US government immediately filed charges of sedition against the soldiers who told their stories of these illegal activities, applying enormous pressure to silence them, even threatening defending lawyers with unspecified retribution.






Global Research published an article on September 07, 2015 by David Swanson[20] which provided some detail on American attempts to flood North Korea with the Bubonic Plague, beginning with the statement, “This happened some 63 years ago, but as the U.S. government has never stopped lying about it, and it’s generally known only outside the United States, I’m going to treat it as news.” Correct on all counts. Curtis LeMay not only conducted his sincere attempts to exterminate the entire civilian population of North Korea by bombing virtually every house in the country, but there is now a huge and still emerging volume of indisputable evidence the Americans dropped on both North Korea and China insects and materials carrying anthrax, cholera, encephalitis, and bubonic plague.



Then on September 10, 2012, the Los Angeles Times ran an article discussing the topic of doctors “still trying to diagnose mysteries of the Hantavirus” more than 20 years after this deadly pathogen was first identified in the US in 1993. In this case, the virus appeared to attack only native Indians – the infections concentrated in a four-state area – who developed sudden respiratory problems and were often dead within hours. Most victims reported “not feeling well” one day, and were dead the next, from what appeared as a very mysterious pathogen with an undeterminable source. But then, “a lucky clue” arose from a television viewer, a physician who stated this illness seemed very similar to that caused by a virus he had observed the US military using in Korea in the 1950s.And sure enough, tests proved the illness to be caused by a variation of the same Hantavirus that attacked troops in Korea. [21][22]

2012年9月10日,《洛杉矶时报》发表了一篇文章,讨论了医生在1993年美国首次发现这种致命病原体20多年后“仍在试图诊断汉坦病毒的奥秘”的话题 在这种情况下,病毒似乎只攻击了土著印第安人——感染集中在四个州——他们突然出现呼吸问题,经常在几个小时内死亡。 大多数受害者报告说,有一天“感觉不舒服”,第二天就死了,这似乎是一种来源不明的非常神秘的病原体。 但是后来,一位电视观众提供了一条“幸运线索”,他是一名医生,他说这种疾病似乎与他观察到美国军方在20世纪50年代在韩国使用的病毒非常相似 果然,测试证明这种疾病是由袭击韩国军队的同一汉坦病毒的变种引起的。[21][22]


Due to the mutation, some of the symptoms were different in that this version attacked the respiratory system instead of the renal system, but all else appeared to be the same. This was almost certainly a US military bio-warfare test. Experts are unanimous in stating that when you have a very unusual disease appearing out of nowhere, with no apparent source or transmission system, and especially if it is ethnic-specific, the odds are virtually 100% that this is a deliberate release. You may harbor doubts that the US military might do such things, but in another E-book in this series there is a Section titled “The US government declares war on America”, which documents literally tens or even hundreds of thousands of precisely such biological and chemical “experiments” conducted on US citizens.



The virus attracted attention because some American troops were accidentally exposed to it in Korea, most of whom died very suddenly. Two facts that were eliminated from the public reports of the time: (1) the virus attacked North Koreans and Chinese in greater numbers, and (2) this Hantavirus was one item in the treasure trove of biological weapons the Americans inherited from Dr. Ishii and his Unit 731. The Japanese were light-years ahead of the Americans and the Western Allies in virus research and had isolated the lethal Hantavirus by the late 1930s, with much evidence it was used against China by the Japanese and later against both China and North Korea by the Americans. From the documentation available, it would appear the Americans employed not only anthrax and the other listed pathogens but also attempted to use Dr. Ishii’s weaponised hantavirus in their biological war against North Korea – and against China as well. It seems that some of this weaponised material escaped containment and exposed American and South Korean soldiers to their own handiwork.



When captured Americans confessed to these crimes in detail, the US government launched a massive damage-control propaganda campaign that blamed the confessions on “brainwashing”. Of course, it was all lies. Swanson referred to the movie ‘The Manchurian Candidate’, which attempted to create a credible brainwashing narrative, but which was complete nonsense. Upon returning home after their release from China, the same American POWs discussed openly the details of their participation in their country’s bio-warfare attempts but the mass media were surprisingly reluctant to publish the accounts. In an attempt to discourage any attempts at improper use of the microphone, the US government immediately filed charges of sedition against the soldiers who told their stories of these illegal activities.



  1. Air Force lieutenants Kenneth Enoch (left) and John Quinn (right) shown signing germ warfare “confessions”, circa April 1952, photos released by the former Soviet Union. Source
  2. 美国空军中尉肯尼斯·伊诺克(左)和约翰·奎因(右)签署细菌战“供词”,约1952年4月,前苏联发布的照片。来源

The US military launched strident propaganda attempts to lessen the fallout from revelations of its use of biological pathogens in North Korea, not least from the lingering testimony of these returning American soldiers who repeatedly confirmed such usage. The US government applied enormous pressure to silence these individuals, even going so far as to threaten defending lawyers with unspecified retribution if they didn’t back off. As a final desperate attempt to silence these former POWs, the US military relied on the CIA to subject them to extensive treatments with a newly-discovered and dangerous drug called Metrazol, in attempts to totally erase all memories of their activities in Korea, apparently destroying the mens’ minds in the process.



Swanson referred to a book published by Dave Chaddock, titled, This Must Be the Place, [23][24] which presented considerable evidence that the US indeed determinedly tried to kill tens of millions of Chinese and North Koreans with deadly diseases, and Canadian researchers have produced substantial and irrefutable evidence of the same in more than one recent historical study. The Western mass media have ignored all of these, effectively censoring this entire portion of history. Once again, freedom of speech depends entirely on who controls the microphone.


Free PDF of Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (2007). Source = 来源



In the textbook titled, Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (2007), published by the US military’s Surgeon-General, was some commentary on the Korean war stating, not entirely accurately, that the US began “an expansion” of its biological warfare program from “concerns” that the North Koreans, Chinese, or Russians might resort to biological warfare, conveniently omitting mention of the treasure trove recently obtained from the Japanese. In any case, it does admit to the establishment of “a large-scale production facility in Pine Bluff, Arkansas”, with the new plant featuring “advanced laboratory … measures enabling large-scale fermentation, concentration, storage, and weaponization of microorganisms”.And it does also admit that by 1951, the US had produced its first biological weapons, anti-crop bombs, and “antipersonnel” munitions, having “weaponised and stockpiled” all these. It adds that the CIA had independently “developed weapons using toxins including cobra venom and saxitoxin for covert operations”, but that unfortunately “all records regarding their development and deployment were destroyed in 1972” when the information became public. We are then hastily assured that the US “has never used biological weapons”, this by the same people who were simultaneously tendering contracts for the production of anthrax and other “pathogens” in multiple batches of 3,000 liters. Dissembling propaganda is impossible to avoid in America, even in official military medical textbooks.



In the textbook titled, Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (2007), published by the US military’s Surgeon-General, was some commentary on the Korean war stating, not entirely accurately, that the US began “an expansion” of its biological warfare program from “concerns” that the North Koreans, Chinese, or Russians might resort to biological warfare, conveniently omitting mention of the treasure trove recently obtained from the Japanese. In any case, it does admit to the establishment of “a large-scale production facility in Pine Bluff, Arkansas”, with the new plant featuring “advanced laboratory … measures enabling large-scale fermentation, concentration, storage, and weaponization of microorganisms”.And it does also admit that by 1951, the US had produced its first biological weapons, anti-crop bombs, and “antipersonnel” munitions, having “weaponised and stockpiled” all these. It adds that the CIA had independently “developed weapons using toxins including cobra venom and saxitoxin for covert operations”, but that unfortunately “all records regarding their development and deployment were destroyed in 1972” when the information became public. We are then hastily assured that the US “has never used biological weapons”, this by the same people who were simultaneously tendering contracts for the production of anthrax and other “pathogens” in multiple batches of 3,000 liters. Dissembling propaganda is impossible to avoid in America, even in official military medical textbooks.

美国军方外科医生出版的教科书《生物战的医学方面》(2007 年)中有一些关于朝鲜战争的评论,其中不完全准确地指出,美国开始 “扩大 “其生物战计划,是因为 “担心 “朝鲜、中国或俄罗斯可能会诉诸生物战,但却没有提及最近从日本人那里获得的宝藏。无论如何,它确实承认 “在阿肯色州派恩布拉夫建立了大规模生产设施”,新工厂拥有 “先进的实验室……措施,能够大规模发酵、浓缩、储存微生物并将其武器化”。报告还承认,到 1951 年,美国已经生产出第一批生物武器、反作物炸弹和 “杀伤人员 “弹药,并将所有这些武器 “武器化和储存起来”。报告还补充说,中央情报局曾独立 “为秘密行动开发了使用毒素的武器,包括眼镜蛇毒液和沙西毒素”,但遗憾的是,”有关这些武器的开发和部署的所有记录都在 1972 年被销毁”,当时这些信息已经公开。然后,他们又匆忙向我们保证,美国 “从未使用过生物武器”,而正是这些人同时在为生产炭疽和其他 “病原体”(每批 3000 升)的合同招标。在美国,甚至在官方的军事医学教科书中也无法避免宣传。


We are further informed by the Surgeon-General that accusations of American usage of bio-warfare pathogens are just “based on anecdotal accounts of patients”, and that these allegations “were not supported by scientific evidence” and had “dubious scientific plausibility” since, even though “The United States admitted to having biological weapons [it] denied using them”. The Surgeon-General opines that the stories “appear to be based on Chinese experiences” with field-testing done by the Japanese, the Chinese apparently unable to differentiate between Japanese invaders in 1935 and American invaders in 1953. However, our Surgeon-General does admit “The credibility of the United States may have been undermined by the knowledge of its biological weapons program and its failure to ratify the 1925 Geneva Protocol until 1975.” – i.e., 50 years after everyone else, and that these “unsubstantiated accusations” may have resulted in “a loss of international goodwill toward the United States” while simultaneously demonstrating “the propaganda value of biological warfare allegations, regardless of veracity.” It didn’t seem to occur to him that the loss in good will might have stemmed in part not from “unsubstantiated accusations”, but from the fact that the US refused to ratify the protocols against the use of bio-weapons until long after the Korean and Vietnam wars were over and there was no other war in sight. He finishes with the conclusion that “Reviews of documents from former Soviet archives published by a Japanese newspaper in 1998 provide evidence that the allegations were deliberate and fictitious propaganda.”

我们进一步从卫生局局长处获悉,美国使用生物战病原体的指控只是“基于患者的传闻”,这些指控“没有科学证据的支持”,并且“科学合理性值得怀疑”,因为尽管“美国承认拥有生物武器[它]否认使用过它们”。卫生局局长认为,这些故事“似乎是基于中国人的经历”,由日本人进行实地测试,中国人显然无法区分1935年的日本侵略者和1953年的美国侵略者。然而,我们的卫生局局长确实承认“美国的可信度可能因其生物武器计划的知识及其在1975年之前没有批准1925年日内瓦议定书而受到损害。” – 即,在其他所有人之后50年,这些“未经证实的指控”可能导致“国际社会对美国的善意丧失”,同时证明“生物战指控的宣传价值,无论真实性如何”。他似乎没有想到,善意的丧失可能部分不是因为“未经证实的指控”,而是因为美国拒绝批准反对使用生物武器的议定书,直到朝鲜战争和越南战争结束很久之后,而且没有其他战争。他总结道,“1998年日本报纸发表的前苏联档案文件的审查提供了证据,证明这些指控是蓄意和虚构的宣传。”


In 2006, someone named Robert Neff published a typically American, historically-bankrupt article on the subject of the hantavirus, beginning with the statement:



“One of the most persistent accusations from the Korean War that continues to dog the American government is the alleged use of germ warfare in North Korea and China. Although the United States has patently denied the charges, and recently published documents from the Soviet archives seem to indicate the charges were concocted by the North Koreans and Chinese, there are still many that believe there is some truth to the charges. One particular allegation is the deliberate introduction of hemorrhagic fever into Korea by the United States.”



Of course, Mr. Neff conveniently ignores all the damning evidence that has been uncovered during the past 20 or so years, evidence which makes the claims of US bio-warfare indisputable. According to him a few “members of the United Nations forces” fell ill from a mysterious disease. (Note that the partitioning of, and genocide in, North Korea is now attributed to ‘the United Nations’ rather than US meddling.) Mr. Neff does admit the disease that struck his “United Nations forces” did indeed resemble the hemorrhagic fever which the Japanese (note this) “had encountered” in Manchuria. It’s hardly a surprise the Japanese encountered it, since they created it, and Ness would surely be aware of this damning fact. However, he does also admit the following:



“An investigation was conducted by the Army and it was discovered that … the Japanese had … experimented with (the hantavirus) in their Unit 731 … Biological Weapons program. After Japan’s defeat in World War II, the commander of Unit 731, Ishii Shiro, and other officers were given immunity from war crimes prosecution by the U.S. in exchange for data from their experiments.”



Precisely correct on all counts, but Mr. Neff, in his rush to exonerate the US from culpability, fails to make the obvious connection that was made by every other medical researcher – namely that the US put to almost immediate use Ishii’s weaponisation of the hantavirus. Many reputable medical researchers have stated this disease did not originate in Korea but was introduced by the Americans as a biological weapon, although another apologist named George J. Hoffman gave us this beautifully-written – and completely dishonest – rendition, in September 1997 in USA Today:



“Not differentiating friend from foe, this enemy of both enemies first attracted international attention after it struck U.S. troops during the Korean War. No stranger in a part of the world where it had been active for centuries, it blindly attacked opposing sides and civilians with equal intensity and was irrefutably responsible for the demise of untold numbers on and off the battlefields.”



Mr. Hoffman is correct in stating the disease attracted attention only when it attacked American troops (or “United Nations” troops, if you prefer to believe Mr. Neff), while all the other deaths among the Chinese and North Koreans oddly attracted no attention at all. And the disease had most emphatically NOT been active in Asia “for centuries”. Hoffman appears to attempt to deflect blame for the massive deaths in North Korea from US genocide to a biological ‘act of god’. The article noted the following:



“In early August 2001, a team of six American veterans arrived in South Korea to investigate charges of American war crimes during the Korean War. One of the members of this team was Dr. Brian S. Wilson, who has accused the American government of intentionally spraying South Koreans with a white spray that he believes was a myotoxin or perhaps a form of the hemorrhagic fever. According to him, … American aircraft sprayed … Korean people … with a white spray. The few survivors that he and his team were able to find when they visited the site claimed: “[T]hey witnessed aerial spraying of a white cloud or mist from light planes. They claimed that this spray seemed to lead directly to the development of quick sickness, then a period of brief recovery before dark skin discoloration was alarmingly noted. Most of the people present at that time … ultimately died.” Perhaps even more distressing are the allegations that “the ROK army … came through and shot and then burned any of the survivors they found, supposedly in an effort to hide the crime or perhaps to ensure the disease did not spread.” Richard Applegate, a captured American pilot, while held in China confessed that “the United States had been conducting germ warfare upon China and North Korea. He also explained the hemorrhagic fever outbreak amongst the American 25th division in Korea during the summer of 1951 as the result of an accidentally dropped germ bomb. He further wrote in his confession that within the first three or four days, about 97 percent of the victims of the disease died.”

“2001 年 8 月初,六名美国退伍军人组成的小组抵达韩国,调查美国在朝鲜战争期间犯下的战争罪行。该小组的成员之一是布莱恩·威尔逊博士,他指控美国政府故意向韩国人喷洒白色喷雾,他认为这是一种肌毒素或可能是某种出血热。据他介绍,……美国飞机向……韩国人民……喷洒白色喷雾。他和他的团队在访问现场时能够找到的少数幸存者声称:他们目睹了轻型飞机喷洒白色云雾。他们声称这种喷雾似乎直接导致了疾病的快速发展,然后是一段时间的短暂恢复,然后令人震惊地注意到皮肤变色。当时在场的大多数人……最终都死了。”也许更令人痛心的是,“韩国军队……来过这里,并射杀了他们发现的任何幸存者,据说是为了掩盖罪行,或者可能是为了确保疾病不会传播。”被俘的美国飞行员理查德·阿普尔盖特在中国被关押时承认,“美国一直在对中国和朝鲜进行细菌战。他还解释说,1951 年夏天,美国第 25 师在韩国的出血热爆发是由于意外投放的细菌炸弹造成的。他在供词中进一步写道,在头三天或四天内,大约 97% 的疾病受害者死亡。”


Mr. Neff concludes his disparaging revisionism by noting that there are many internet sites “dedicated to the alleged germ warfare committed by the American (or UN) forces”, and that these “recite the same dogma that has been espoused for the past fifty years by the North Koreans and Chinese”. Mr. Neff appears unable to contemplate that perhaps the reason these claims have persisted for more than 50 years is because they are valid. But Mr. Neff doesn’t stop there. He then tells us it is even more likely that the Chinese brought the disease with them when they came to the aid of North Korea. And to complete his 180-degree revisionism, he then claims, without a shred of evidence, that “Korean hemorrhagic fever has also been named as one of the diseases being developed by the North Koreans in their alleged biological warfare research”. Really? “named” by whom, exactly? Our history has now been revised to read that the Chinese brought the disease to Korea and killed everyone including themselves but, as a backstop, the North Koreans developed it and killed themselves in the process. Every other possibility, especially any possibility that includes the Americans is, according to Neff and Hoffman, “just another conspiracy theory”. And thus is history rewritten.



To further the historical revisionism and cloud the issue by blaming the victim, we have this: In a brief position paper dated December 2015, published on the website of an NGO operating under the name of Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), it was stated that North Korea “is suspected” of maintaining an ongoing biological weapons program. It states that estimates of North Korea’s capability in this area range from almost non-existent to being a world leader. Though admitting “there is no reliable information”, it informs us that various parties (all Western enemies of North Korea) “assess”, or “provide a wide range of estimates”, or “it is believed that”, or “has a biotechnology infrastructure that could support the production of”, or “likely has the capability to develop”, or “may possess significant expertise”, or “production is believed to have begun”, or “is suspected of having researched”.


We are then informed that these ‘assessments’ “suggest” the North Koreans “might” have in their inventory anthrax, smallpox, tularensis, hantavirus, botulism, cholera, the plague, typhoid and yellow fever. And one of our favorite warmongers whom you will know as the pathologically-deformed John R. Bolton, America’s Ambassador of Killing Everybody, testified to the US Congress that North Korea had developed, produced, and “likely weaponised”, bio-warfare agents, had the capability to “produce military quantities within weeks”, and had “a variety of means to deliver these deadly weapons”, his testimony all derived from documents certified as containing “no reliable information”. We are also informed that North Korea “has proven resourceful in securing materials from abroad”, as an example, the DPRK had obtained a freeze dryer – normally used for foods but which “could be used to freeze-dry pathogens”.



The paper does note that the Americans “have frequently asserted that the DPRK possesses significant biological weapons capabilities”, then tells us the US estimates are seldom consistent and most often have to be “downgraded”. In other words, the Americans lie and exaggerate to paint North Korea in the worst possible light. And that is how we go about trashing a country we don’t happen to like. Claims made without evidence, fatuous allegations, unjustified suspicion presented as accomplished fact, accusations lacking even a shred of supporting documentation, with the merest physical possibility masquerading as accomplishment – and of course justifying immediate regime change. The American way.



Even assuming all the accusations are true, my response would be to say, “So what?”. So the North Koreans are developing biological weapons. Are they the only ones? Does Israel have any? What about the UK, France or Germany? And what about the US? Why is it okay for the Americans to have the greatest bio-weapons development program in history, by orders of magnitude compared to others, but not okay for anyone else?Is it the North Koreans or the Americans who are advertising for pharma companies to produce anthrax and other bio-warfare pathogens in “batches of thousands of liters”? Is it North Korea or the US that has employed biological, chemical, and radioactive weapons in dozens of nations around the world? Who dropped tens of millions of liters of dioxins on Vietnam? The North Koreans? Who dispersed tens of thousands of tons of depleted uranium in Iraq, resulting in hundreds of thousands of hideous malformed births that doctors describe as “unidentifiable lumps of flesh”? Was that the North Koreans or the Americans?



Instead of focusing on the multitude of “maybes” in North Korea, why aren’t we focusing on the multitude of certainties in the US and Israel? The reason is simple:free speech is not what you think it is.I have stated this before, and I will re-state it another hundred times in this series of books: The only value in freedom of speech depends entirely on who controls the microphone, and the Americans and the Jewish-owned media control the microphone.That is why the media are burdened every single day with condemnations of Iran, Russia, China, but never a negative word about Israel or the US, at least not negative where it counts. That is why Palestinians, Muslims, Syrians, are daily berated and denigrated, but never Americans or Jews. The only value in freedom of speech depends on who controls the microphone, and those who have it will tell you only what they want you to hear or know, and will delete or censor whatever they don’t want you to hear or know. And you will never know what they have not told you.Think about that.



4.4 美国对古巴和美洲的生物战4.4. US Biowarfare on Cuba and The Americas


Zika Was Soaring Across Cuba. Few Outside the Country Knew. Source/来源



One of the commonly-known (outside the US) biological warfare programs conducted by the US, remarkable for its longevity, is the decades-long offensive attack on Cuba.The US military and CIA conducted so many of these biological assaults that there is a museum in Havana that provides substantial evidence of the many years of biological warfare against this small country.Jeffrey St. Clair noted in an article a few of these events, as follows: [25]



“CIA Denies Link to Cuban Swine Fever”, Newsday, January 15, 1977. Source/来源



“In 1971 the first documented cases of swine fever in the western hemisphere showed up in Cuba, resulting in the deaths of more than 500,000 hogs. Cuba accused the US of importing that virus into the country, and a CIA agent later admitted that he delivered the virus to Cuban exiles in Panama, who carried the virus into Cuba. The news was public, but the US media ignored it. In 1981, Fidel Castro blamed an outbreak of dengue fever in Cuba on the CIA. The fever killed 188 people, including 88 children. In 1988, a Cuban exile leader named Eduardo Arocena admitted bringing some germs into Cuba in 1980. Another occasion involved an outbreak of thrips palmi, an insect that kills potato crops, palm trees and other vegetation. Thrips first showed up in Cuba on December 12, 1996, following low-level flights over the island by US government spray planes. The US was able to quash a United Nations investigation of the incident.”



But this was only a small part of America’s biological aggression against Cuba. In 1979, the Washington Post published reports on a long-standing American bio-warfare program against Cuban agriculture that had existed at least since 1962, including much involvement by the CIA’s biological warfare section. And in 1980, the US believed it had discovered a biological agent that would target ethnic Russians, and sent a ship from Florida to Cuba on a mission to “carry some germs to Cuba to be used against the Soviets”. And as recently as 1996 and 1997, the Cuban government was again accusing the US of engaging in biological warfare by spraying Cuban crops with biological pathogens during illegal “reconnaissance flights”. It was also definitively reported that during the Cuban missile crisis, large numbers of chemical and biological weapons were loaded on American military aircraft in preparation for use on Cuba.



It is also documented beyond dispute that the US conducted a decades-long campaign [26] of biological warfare against little Cuba, [27] including the distribution of hemorrhagic fever, and the swine flu that caused Cuba to kill all 500,000 pigs in the country. The Americans not only lied about this for 70 years but accused Cuba of being “a pariah state” with a biological warfare program. And not only Cuba. [28] The US has deployed Chemical and Biological weapons on Canada,[29]the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Colombia,[30]Brazil,[31]Vietnam, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and more.[32]

此外,无可争议地记载,美国对小古巴进行了长达数十年的生物战运动[26],包括散布出血热和猪流感,导致古巴杀死了该国所有50万头猪。 美国人不仅对此撒了70年的谎还指责古巴是一个拥有生物战计划的贱民国家”。而且不仅是古巴[28] 美国在加拿大、菲律宾、波多黎各、哥伦比亚、巴西、越南、中国、朝鲜、越南、老挝、柬埔寨等国家部署了化学和生物武器。[32]

American bio-warfare efforts have also been launched on at least several other nations in Central and South America, involving a number of viral pathogens, cancers and chemicals. In his article, St. Clair referred to an epidemic of dengue fever that erupted in Managua, Nicaragua, where about 50,000 people became seriously ill and many died. The attack occurred during the CIA’s war against the Sandinista government, where the outbreak immediately followed a series of low-level so-called “reconnaissance flights” conducted by the Americans over Managua.



It has also been reliably reported by several sources that the US military has used Haiti as a kind of “open season” biological lab, exposing the local population to almost everything imaginable, with the US media keeping a very tight lid on information leakage. Even more reprehensible was the treatment awarded to those Haitians who made the serious mistake of becoming “boat people”, i.e., escaping their American pathology lab by emigrating in small boats to the US.The US government deported most to Puerto Rico to be used as guinea pigs and lab rats, where they would be out of view of Congress and the media and, according to reports, having contained them in concentration camps to inflict upon them whatever ‘scientific tests’ they avoided at home. In one case as recently as 1980, hundreds of Haitian men in these detention camps developed full-size female breasts after being injected repeatedly with unknown hormones by US military physicians. The historical record tells us the same was done to the same people in a publicly off-limits military base in Florida.



From the very earliest days of America’s bio-warfare experiments, US political and military leaders, as well as CIA officials, made no effort to hide their interest in developing methods of infecting individuals with cancer as a method of ridding themselves of national leaders they didn’t like, a method with perfect deniability. There are the strange cases of the more or less simultaneous occurrence of cancers among the leaders of South American countries, coincidentally in each case, the infection of a national leader the US despised and had tried to remove by several other means. We had Hugo Chávez, the President of Venezuela, Argentina’s president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo, and Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. A former Brazilian President, speaking of these cancers, said in an interview,“It is very hard to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some leaders in Latin America. It’s at the very least strange, very strange.”



The US media will no doubt classify this as yet another ‘conspiracy theory’, but you have already read of Cuba’s Fidel Castro having entered the Guinness Book of Records for surviving murder attempts against him – 638 in total – all by the US, and all unsuccessful, and of the BBC having made a documentary film titled “638 Ways to Kill Castro”[33][34] And of course, we have the CIA’s record of having assassinated by various means about 150 political leaders in other nations, so denials by either Americans or their media of murderous intent become rather pointless.



4.5. 越南与橙剂 — 4.5. Vietnam and Agent Orange



Agent Orange is a highly toxic herbicide, defoliant and carcinogen consisting of equal parts of two herbicides, 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, intermixed with another especially lethal dioxin named TCDD. The chemical was the creation of joint efforts between the British and the Americans to design a bio-weapon that would totally exterminate an enemy’s food crops. Some of the chemical’s components proved useful as commercial herbicides and later entered the mass markets, though eventually proving too destructive to the environment for continued use. The US military was testing was testing Agent Orange as a bio-weapon in the early 1940s, especially for rice crops, and began full-scale production for use against Japan before the end of the war. And yes, they did. The US tested well over 1,000 similar compounds and conducted field trials of “the more promising ones”,especially in Tanganyika and Kenya to assess the value of millions of liters of carcinogenic herbicides in the eradication of (1) trees and bushes concealing terrorists and (2) socialist governments.



Arthur Galston, TCDD’s developer, cited it as “perhaps the most toxic molecule ever synthesized by man” but, according to Photoshop and Mr. Sanitise, its insertion into Agent Orange was a mistake, an unintended manufacturing side effect, and present in only “vanishingly small quantities”. Wikipedia informs us unspecified but no doubt fictitious “internal memoranda” revealed that Monsanto, exercising its legendary prudence, caution, and concern for human life, immediately informed the US military of the contamination. Other, less fictitious, internal memoranda revealed that the US military replied, “So what? That was the plan.”



Finally revealing the real truth of the Vietnam war, Wikipedia tells us President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam asked the United States to conduct aerial herbicide spraying in his country”, his request launching a frantic policy debate in the White House and the State and Defense Departments, who were very much against this kind of thing. But, to help a friend, they reluctantly relented –and then dropped almost 100 million liters, rendering half the country’s agricultural land and water unusable while killing half the population and genetically deforming the offspring off the survivors.The Americans will do anything to help a friend, but the Vietnamese should maybe think more carefully about their requests.



The reason for pouring the extravagant amount of 100 million liters of Agent Orange onto little Vietnam is that the Rand Corporation, in a competitive bid to oust Monsanto from their title of Humanitarian of the Year, stated in a memo (5446-ISA/ARPA), “if [the VC] are to be hampered by the crop destruction program, it will be necessary to destroy large portions of the rural economy – probably 50% or more“. My research has to date not uncovered any internal memoranda from the Vietnamese government requesting this result. One other point needs to be made. Using the RAND memo above as a reference, the officially-stated purpose of Agent Orange as a defoliant to eliminate hiding places for Viet Cong soldiers was always a lie; the only purpose of the chemical was to destroy Vietnam’s entire food supply and force a military surrender from starvation.Of the millions of Vietnamese living in the contaminated areas, many hundreds of thousands were reported suffering from severe malnutrition and there is little doubt many or most of those died, but the Western media have completely censored this topic, maintaining the fiction of Agent Orange and other lethal herbicides as ‘defoliants’ to ‘deter snipers’.

向小越南倾倒1亿升橙剂的原因是,兰德公司在一份备忘录(5446-ISA/ARPA)中表示,为了将孟山都公司从年度人道主义奖中赶下台,他们进行了竞争性投标,“如果[越共]受到作物破坏计划的阻碍,将有必要摧毁大部分农村经济 – 可能达到50%或更多”。到目前为止,我的研究还没有发现越南政府有任何内部备忘录要求取得这样的结果。还有一点需要说明。以兰德公司的备忘录为参考,官方声称橙剂作为落叶剂以消除越共士兵藏身之处的目的始终是谎言;这种化学品的唯一目的是摧毁越南的整个粮食供应,迫使饥饿的军队投降。在受污染地区的数百万越南人中,据报道有数十万人患有严重营养不良,毫无疑问,其中许多人或大多数人都死了,但西方媒体完全审查了这一话题,将橙剂和其他致命除草剂作为“落叶剂”的虚构维持“威慑狙击手”。


The Vietnamese government of course filed claims in US courts for compensation and damages for the irreparable environmental and human carnage resulting from those 100 million liters of dioxins poured on their country and its people. But, following the well-established principles of rule of law, those US courts dismissed the claims. In their rulings, they cited the principle of sovereign immunity, but they could just as well have applied the doctrine of ‘self-inflicted injury’, since the Vietnamese government did, after all, ask the United States to conduct aerial herbicide spraying in the country. So, it was really their own fault anyway. And yes, that is sarcasm.



The Devastating Use of Agent Orange By the United States In Vietnam.Source/来源



Just so it doesn’t go unsaid, some people promote the myth that dioxin has a short ‘half-life’ and degrades quickly, and that is not true. The lethal dioxin components can remain stable – and lethal – for 100 years or more, especially in underground aquifers, resulting in health problems and birth defects for generations, either through ingesting the contaminated water or from high concentrations in the plant life.In many areas of the country, these dioxins are still at levels many hundreds of times higher than the maximum ‘safe limits’ stated by medical experts. The Vietnamese government estimates that nearly 500,000 people have died from Agent Orange poisoning to date, and that more than half a million children have been born with birth defects. The Red Cross of Vietnam estimates that perhaps 1 million people are currently disabled or suffering serious health problems from Agent Orange contamination. The US government of course refutes all these figures and claims on the basis that “Vietnamese statistics are notoriously unreliable”, as are those of all other nations presenting evidence of American military-flavored democracy.

为了不留下遗憾,有些人宣扬了二恶英具有短暂的“半衰期”并迅速降解的神话,但事实并非如此。致命的二恶英成分可以保持稳定 – 并且致命 – 100年或更长时间,特别是在地下含水层中,通过摄入受污染的水或植物中的高浓度,导致几代人的健康问题和出生缺陷在该国的许多地区,这些二恶英的含量仍然比医学专家规定的最高“安全限值”高出数百倍。越南政府估计,迄今为止,近50万人死于橙剂中毒,超过50万名儿童出生时患有先天缺陷。越南红十字会估计,目前可能有100万人因橙剂污染而致残或患有严重的健康问题。美国政府当然驳斥了所有这些数字,并声称“越南统计数据是出了名的不可靠”,就像所有其他国家提供美国军事民主证据一样。


4.6. 俄罗斯和中国的格鲁吉亚猪流感 — 4.6. Georgian Swine Flu in Russia and China


Can Pigs Fly? Georgian Swine Flu Now Spreading to Europe and China. Source/来源



Serious outbreaks of swine flu have appeared in Russia, parts of Eastern Europe, and China, [35] with strong evidence the pathogen emerged from and was distributed from the US-funded Lugar biological warfare lab in Georgia. [36] Russia was convinced, and with good reason, that this was another US biological warfare attack. [37] Top scientists are saying that the current swine flu outbreak came from a vaccine lab, but you won’t hear that in the controlled corporate media. [38] I will cover this in detail in a later Chapter. The H1N1 swine flu pandemic in the US in 2009 appears to have been caused by a leak from a US military biological lab, which was almost certainly why the CDC refused for 6 months to even identify the pathogen or warn the citizenry, silently permitting it to spread worldwide.This appears to have been the same pathogen that hit Russia in 2016 from the US military’s Lugar bioweapons lab in Georgia.

俄罗斯、东欧部分地区和中国爆发了严重的猪流感疫情,有强有力的证据表明,这种病原体来自美国资助的格鲁吉亚卢格生物战实验室,并从该实验室传播出去。[36] 俄罗斯有充分理由相信这是美国的又一次生物战袭击。[37] 顶尖科学家表示,目前的猪流感爆发来自一个疫苗实验室,但你在受控的商业媒体上听不到这些。[38] 我将在以后的章节中详细介绍。2009年美国发生的H1N1猪流感大流行似乎是由美国军方生物实验室泄漏引起的,这几乎可以肯定是疾病预防控制中心(CDC)拒绝确认病原体或警告公民的原因,从而默许其在全球范围内传播。这似乎与2016年美国军方在格鲁吉亚卢格生物武器实验室袭击俄罗斯的病原体相同。


4.7 亚洲的蝙蝠传播疾病 — 4.7. Bat-Borne Diseases in Asia


A health worker wearing protective gear disposes biohazard waste from a Nipah virus isolation centre at a government hospital in Kozikode after an outbreak. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images. Source/来源



As noted earlier, the US developed a rather sudden and extensive interest in bat-borne viruses, especially coronaviruses, and in the transmission methods between bats and humans. [39] Some of these studied involved the Lugar lab in Georgia while others were conducted in China with the Wuhan lab. These studies and research include not only the US military and the usual collaborators,but the US CDC and in this case Duke University, some of which were conducted in cooperation with the government in Kazakhstan.



4.8. 格鲁纳德岛 – 苏格兰 — 4.8. Gruinard Island – Scotland


Gruinard Island – Fire on island used for Anthrax experiments in Scotland, via BBC. Source/来源


  The official Government text, Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (2007), [40] makes several interesting admissions. One is that the US tested explosive anti-personnel munitions containing anthrax on Gruinard Island near the coast of Scotland in 1942. [41] It notes that “These experiments successfully produced anthrax among targeted sheep”. In fact, the experiment was so successful the island was quarantined for almost 50 years, and was finally partially decontaminated only in 1986, using “2,000 tons of seawater and 280 tons of formaldehyde”.[42]Decontaminated or not, the island still boasts neither sheep nor humans as residents. No word on whether Scotland provided informed consent. (You can download the full .pdf file at the reference above).

政府官方文本《生物战争的医学方面》(2007) [40] 承认了几件有趣的事情。其中一件是,美国于 1942 年在苏格兰海岸附近的格鲁纳德岛 (Gruinard Island) 测试了含有炭疽的爆炸性杀伤性弹药。[41] 它指出,“这些实验成功地在目标绵羊身上产生了炭疽”。事实上这项实验非常成功,该岛被隔离了近 50 年,直到 1986 年才使用“2000 吨海水和 280 吨甲醛”进行了部分净化。[42]无论是否净化,该岛仍然没有绵羊和人类居住。没有关于苏格兰是否提供知情同意的消息。(您可以在上述参考中下载完整的 .pdf 文件)。


4.9. 圣埃斯普里特桥的秘密 — 4.9. The Secret of Pont-Saint-Esprit



A 65-year-old mystery was finally solved by investigative journalists. In 1951, almost the entire population of the town of Pont-Saint-Esprit in Southern France were driven to mass hysteria and insanity, hallucinations and suicide. [43][44] A great many people died and dozens were put into strait jackets and sent to mental asylums, in one of the world’s most bizarre mysteries. Many people tried to fly out of windows or from roofs of buildings. One man shouted “I am a plane” before jumping out of a second-floor window and breaking his legs. One man tried to drown himself, screaming that his belly was being eaten by snakes. An 11-year-old boy tried to strangle his grandmother. Another saw his heart escaping through his feet and begged a doctor to put it back. Time magazine wrote at the time: “Among the stricken, delirium rose: patients thrashed wildly on their beds, screaming that red flowers were blossoming from their bodies, that their heads had turned to molten lead”. In the end, most everyone either died or was committed to a mental institution. For decades it was assumed that the local bread had been unwittingly poisoned with a psychedelic compound, speculating that the largest local baker had unwittingly contaminated his flour with ergot, a hallucinogenic mold that sometimes infects rye grain.But a journalist uncovered evidence that the tragic event resulted from a covert experiment by the CIA and the US Army’s top-secret Special Operations Division, where CIA operatives peppered local food with massive amounts of LSD as part of a mind control experiment.

一名65岁的谜团终于被调查记者揭开。1951年,法国南部圣埃斯皮里图庞特镇几乎所有人都被驱使到集体歇斯底里和疯狂、幻觉和自杀中。[43][44] 许多人死亡,数十人被送入精神病院,这是世界上最离奇的谜团之一。许多人试图从窗户或建筑物的屋顶飞出。一名男子在从二楼窗户跳下并摔断腿之前大喊“我是飞机”。一名男子试图自杀,尖叫着他的肚子被蛇吃掉了。一名11岁的男孩试图掐死他的祖母。另一人看到他的心脏从脚上逃脱,并请求医生把它放回去。《时代》杂志当时写道:“在受灾者中,谵妄症发作:患者躺在床上猛烈地抽打,尖叫着身体上开出了红花,他们的头已经变成了熔铅。”最后,大多数人都死了或被送进了精神病院。几十年来,人们一直认为当地的面包被一种迷幻化合物无意中毒害了,推测当地最大的面包师无意中用麦角菌污染了他的面粉,麦角菌是一种致幻霉菌,有时会感染黑麦谷物。但一名记者发现了证据,证明这一悲剧事件是由中央情报局和美国陆军最高机密特种作战部门进行的秘密实验造成的,中央情报局特工在当地食物中大量添加了迷幻剂,作为精神控制实验的一部分。


For Pont St. Esprit, the CIA sent scientists from Sandoz, the supplier of the LSD, to concoct a plausible story as to the cause. The CIA concocted and executed many such plans to infect many locations both in the US and in foreign countries with a wide variety of pathogens. The journalist referred to above, was investigating the death of Frank Olson, the CIA biochemist we have already met, and discovered transcripts of a conversation between a CIA agent and a Sandoz pharmaceutical official who mentioned the “secret of Pont-Saint-Esprit”, explaining that it was not caused by mold but by LSD.Two colleagues of Olson further confirmed that that the Pont-Saint-Esprit incident was part of a mind control experiment run by the CIA and US army, having sprayed LSD into the air throughout the town as well as contaminating local bread and other food products. The final proof was in a White House document sent to members of the Rockefeller Commission during its investigation of CIA abuses. The document contained the names of those employed by the CIA for this job, and made direct reference to the “Pont St. Esprit incident”, and the culprit was of course none other than Sidney Gottlieb.



By 1950 the US military and CIA had already produced well-developed plans to ‘outsource’ the field testing of various pathogens to other nations, friend and enemy alike, with much of the surreptitious testing of LSD and other hallucinogens conducted in Europe and Asia under the code names of “Project Third Chance” and “Project Derby Hat”. The first Project was targeting countries in Europe while the second was directed at Asia but China in particular. You may care to read “Operation Delerium” by the New Yorker Magazine. [45]



4.10. 第三次机会操作 — 4.10. Operation Third Chance


The “ego dissolution” that comes along with taking LSD: Your sense of self is altered, in that your consciousness expands beyond yourself. Source/来源



This was part of an extensive operation to affect individuals (in other countries) with various biological pathogens and chemical substances and to assess their reactions. In this instance, team members flew to Europe for a three-month mission called Operation THIRD CHANCE, which was to dose unwitting people with LSD and measure the results. In each country, the team joined with local operatives and methodically rehearsed scenarios to lure subjects to a spot where they could be given the chemical. [46]

这是用各种生物病原体和化学物质影响(其他国家)个人并评估其反应的广泛行动的一部分。 在这种情况下,团队成员飞往欧洲,执行名为“第三次机会”的为期三个月的任务,该任务是给不知情的人服用迷幻药并测量结果。在每个国家,团队与当地特工合作,有条不紊地排练场景,以引诱受试者到可以给他们服用化学物质的地方。[46]


From official documents of 1960: The Army Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) authorizes field testing of LSD in Europe and the Far East. [47]Testing of the European population is code named Project THIRD CHANCE; testing of the Asian population is code named Project DERBY HAT.



4.10.1. 德比帽操作(中国和亚洲的生物实验 — 4.10.1. Operation Derby Hat (Biological experiments in China and Asia)



This Operation must have been considered especially politically-dangerous since the Internet appears to have been scrubbed totally clean of any information on this US military project in Asia. One website made repeated requests under the FOIA for information: “This is a [repeated] request under the Freedom of Information Act. I hereby request the following records: All records pertaining to “Operation Derby Hat” between the years 1960 – 1965.” Despite the repeated requests, there was no response. Finally, a response did come: From: U.S. Army Medical Department, Tripler Army Medical Center: No Responsive Documents. [48] In other words, either the information law is being flouted, or all the documents have been destroyed.

由于互联网上似乎已经完全删除了有关美国在亚洲的军事项目的任何信息,因此这次行动必须被视为特别具有政治危险性。一个网站根据《信息自由法》一再要求提供信息:“这是根据《信息自由法》提出的[重复]要求。我特此要求提供以下记录:1960年至1965年间所有与“德比帽行动”有关的记录。”尽管一再要求,但没有得到回应。最后,确实收到了回复:来自:美国陆军医疗部,特里普勒陆军医疗中心:没有回应的文件。[48] 换句话说,要么信息法被蔑视,要么所有文件都被销毁。


4.10.2. 冲绳 — 4.10.2. Okinawa


Okinawan women hold placards reading ‘Remove poison gas’ at a Japan Mothers Association meeting in 1969 in Tokyo, just weeks after a poison gas accident at a U.S. installation on the island. | KYODO

1969 年,冲绳岛美国设施发生毒气事故几周后,冲绳妇女在日本母亲协会东京会议上举着“清除毒气”的标语牌。


There is still much controversy over the biological and chemical tests conducted by the US military in Okinawa and Taiwan, as part of Project 112, to which I have referred in an earlier essay. One of the incriminating documents is “An Organizational History of the 267th Chemical company”. According to the document, the 267th Chemical Company was activated on Okinawa on December 1, 1962 as the 267th Chemical Platoon. During this deployment, “Unit personnel were actively engaged in preparing RED HAT area, site 2 for the receipt and storage of first increment items, [shipment] “YBA”, DOD Project 112.” The company received further shipments, code named YBB and YBF, which according to declassified documents also included sarin, VX, and mustard gas. [49][50]

作为112项目的一部分,美军在冲绳和台湾进行的生物和化学测试仍然存在很多争议,我在早些时候的文章中提到了这一点。其中一份指控文件是“第267化学公司的组织历史”。根据该文件,第267化学连于1962年12月1日在冲绳启动,成为第267化学排。在这次部署期间,“部队人员积极参与准备红帽地区,地点2,用于接收和储存第一批增量物品,[装运]“YBA”,国防部项目112。”该公司收到了代号为YBB和YBF的进一步装运,根据解密文件,这些装运还包括沙林、VX和芥子气。 [49] [50]


The late author Sheldon H. Harris in his book “Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932–1945, and the American cover up” wrote about Project 112:The test program was considered by the Chemical Corps to be “an ambitious one”, with tests were designed to cover “not only trials at sea, but Arctic and tropical environmental tests as well.” The tests were conducted at what were termed “satellite sites”, some located in the US but many in foreign countries, and were aimed at humans, animals, and plants. It is known that tests were undertaken in Egypt, Liberia, South Korea, and in Japan’s satellite province of Okinawa. Biological warfare experts conducted “field tests” for wheat rust and rice blast disease in Okinawa and other locations, apparently meeting with success and a significant increase in funding.  The money was devoted largely to developing “technical advice on the conduct of defoliation and anti-crop activities in Southeast Asia”. Early in this program, the Chemical Corps were apparently negotiating contracts for over 1,000 chemical and biological toxins and defoliants, largely based on their success in Okinawa. New documents have disclosed that the U.S. military tested biological weapons in Okinawa in the early 1960s, when the prefecture was still under US rule. Many dozens of these tests were conducted in both Okinawa and Taiwan.

已故作家Sheldon H.Harris在其著作《死亡工厂:1932-1945年的日本生物战和美国的掩盖》中写到了112项目:化学队认为该测试项目是“一个雄心勃勃的项目”,测试旨在“不仅涵盖海上试验,还涵盖北极和热带环境试验”这些测试是在所谓的“卫星站点”进行的,其中一些位于美国,但许多位于外国,针对的是人类、动物和植物。众所周知,测试是在埃及、利比里亚、韩国和日本的卫星省冲绳进行的。生物战专家在冲绳和其他地方对小麦锈病和稻瘟病进行了“实地测试”,显然取得了成功,资金大幅增加。这笔钱主要用于制定“关于东南亚落叶和反作物活动的技术建议”。在该项目的早期,化学部队显然正在谈判1000多种化学和生物毒素以及落叶剂的合同,这主要是基于他们在冲绳的成功。新的文件披露,美国军方于20世纪60年代初在冲绳测试了生物武器,当时该县仍处于美国统治之下。其中许多测试是在冲绳和台湾进行的。


4.10.3 阿富汗 — 4.10.3 Afghanistan


President Donald Trump speaks at a meeting with the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in the Oval Office on July 22, 2019.  Mark Wilson/Getty Images. Source/资料来源

2019年7月22日,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普在椭圆形办公室与巴基斯坦总理伊姆兰·汗会晤时发表讲话。 Mark Wilson/Getty Images。


When Donald Trump was US President, he claimed[51]he could kill the entire population of Afghanistan within days.[52]“Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth. It would be gone and this is not using nuclear. It would be over in – literally, in 10 days.” Biological weapons would seem the only alternative. Hemorrhagic Fever and Hantavirus worked for the US in North Korea; perhaps also Afghanistan. Mr. Trump later denied intention to carry out his threat, but let’s dispense with the fiction of the US having no biological weapons, of Fort Detrick and the 400 foreign bio-labs performing only benevolent “peace medicine” functions.



“We could win that war so fast if I wanted to kill 10 million people … which I don’t. I’m not looking to kill a big portion of that country [Afghanistan],” “I have plans on Afghanistan that, if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth. It would be gone,” “It would be over in — literally, in 10 days. And I don’t want to do — I don’t want to go that route.” (ABC July 24.2019) “As I’ve said, and I’ll say it any number of times – and this is not using nuclear – we could win that war in a week if we wanted to fight it, but I’m not looking to kill 10 million people,” (quoted by Press TV, Aug 21.2019) You can also watch the video at this link: [53]

“如果我想杀死1000万人,我们可以如此迅速地赢得这场战争……但我不想这么做。我不想杀死阿富汗的大部分人。”“我对阿富汗的计划是,如果我想赢得这场战争,阿富汗将从地球上消失。它将会消失。” “战争将在10天内结束。我不想这样做——我不想走这条路。”(美国广播公司2019年7月24日)“正如我所说,我会多次说——这不是使用核武器——如果我们想打仗,我们可以在一周内赢得这场战争,但我不想杀死1000万人。”(新闻电视台2019年8月21日引用)您也可以通过以下链接观看视频:[53]


4.11. 针对特定种族的生物武器 — 4.11. Ethnic-specific bioweapons


President George W. Bush signs S.15-Project Bioshield Act of 2004, in the Rose Garden Wednesday, July 21, 2004. Source



It appears increasingly true that much of the almost hysterical attention suddenly being paid by the US military to the “global fight against contagious diseases” is related to the production of ethnic-specific bioweapons, a thought that has been in the mind of the US Department of Defense for many decades now. One author noted that Then-President Bush’s “Project BioShield” [54][55][56] was presented as part of the War on Terrorism but was instead almost entirely an offensive biological weapons program. This was the main reason that the entire field of microbiology – civilian as well as military – relating to diseases of all kinds – was reclassified by the Pentagon as “biological warfare” and transferred to the US Army Medical Research Institute at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md., location of the military’s Walter Reed Hospital and research division.

美国军方突然对“全球抗击传染病”的歇斯底里的关注,似乎越来越真实,这与种族特异性生物武器的生产有关,几十年来,美国国防部一直在考虑这一想法。一位作者指出,时任总统布什的“生物盾计划”[54][55][56] 是作为反恐战争的一部分提出的,但实际上几乎完全是进攻性生物武器计划。这是整个微生物学领域——民用和军用——与各种疾病有关的主要原因——被五角大楼重新分类为“生物战”,并转移到马里兰州德特里克堡的美国陆军医学研究所和马里兰州贝塞斯达的国家过敏和传染病研究所,即军方的沃尔特里德医院和研究部门所在地。


4.12. 美国政府更多秘密项目 — 4.12. More Secret US Government Projects



Information on these US government programs is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. There must be an army of officers scouring the Internet to delete any reference to these projects, and increasingly any data obtained under FOIA request is so heavily blacked out (redacted) as to be useless.In prior essays I have listed many of these secret Projects, Operations, and Programs, but there are many hundreds more that have not been openly discussed and, with the extreme censorship existing today, it is unlikely that further information will appear in the public realm.Nevertheless, here a brief listing, from one source, of some Projects that may be of interest. [57] Not all are related to biological pathogens and warfare, but many are.



Project Avalon (Directed Energy Weapons): Microwave, Laser, Sonic, Scalar weapons;  Agent Blue (toxic herbicide and defoliant); Agent Orange (toxic herbicide and defoliant); Project Artichoke, interrogation methods, mind control; Project Bluebird, interrogation methods, mind control; Project AVIARY, non-lethal mind control; Operation Pique, non-lethal mind control; Project Blue Beam, involve people as in a “rapture”; Project Camelot, mind control; Project CASTIGATE, trauma-based mind control; Project Monarch, trauma-based mind control; Project CHAOS, mind control; Project Chatter, biological mind control; Project MKCHICKWIT, chemical and biological mind control; Project Cloverleaf, Stealth Genocide Program; COINTELPRO, Counterintelligence Program conducted by the FBI to discredit and neutralize political dissention; Project Echelon, commercial espionage; Project FUBELT, military coup; PROJECT GRILL FLAME, CIA use of psychics; Operation StargateOperation Gondola WishProject L.U.C.I.D.MK Delta, Mind Control; MK Naomi, Mind Control; Project  MK Often, toxicological effects of biotics and drugs on humans; Project Monarch mind control; Phoenix Project Part 2, mass mind control; Project Pegasus, mind control; Project Prism, espionage; Operation CONDOROperation DoormouseOperation GladioOperation JeffersonOperation Dirty TrickOperation Keelhaul, genocide; Operation Garden PotterOperation Garden PlotOperation MILABSOperation Midnight ClimaxOperation Mind ControlOperation NorthwoodsOperation Pique (CIA); Operation Red RockOperation REX 84Project MannequinProject MontaukProject Soul CatcherOperation Starfish Prime; Operation Tailwind.

阿瓦隆项目(定向能武器):微波、激光、声波、标量武器;蓝色代理(有毒除草剂和脱叶剂);橙色代理(有毒除草剂和脱叶剂);洋蓟项目,审讯方法,精神控制;蓝鸟项目,审讯方法,精神控制;鸟笼项目,非致命的精神控制;皮克行动,非致命的精神控制;蓝光束项目,涉及“狂喜”的人;卡米洛特项目,精神控制;惩罚项目,基于创伤的精神控制;君主项目,基于创伤的精神控制;混沌项目,精神控制;喋喋不休项目,生物精神控制;MKCHICKWIT项目,化学和生物精神控制;苜蓿叶项目,隐形种族灭绝计划;反间谍计划,联邦调查局为抹黑和压制政治异议而进行的反间谍计划;梯队项目,商业间谍;FUBELT项目,军事政变;GRILL FLAME项目,中央情报局使用通灵术;星门行动;Gondola Wish行动,L.U.C.I.D.项目MK Delta,精神控制;MK Naomi,精神控制;MK Often项目,生物和药物对人类的毒理学影响;君主项目精神控制;凤凰项目第2部分,大规模精神控制;天马座项目,精神控制;棱镜项目,间谍活动;秃鹰行动,门鼠行动;格拉迪奥行动,杰斐逊行动;肮脏伎俩行动,基尔哈鲁行动,种族灭绝行动;花园波特行动,花园阴谋行动;米尔实验室行动,午夜高潮行动;精神控制行动;诺斯伍德行动;皮克行动(中央情报局);红岩行动;雷克斯84行动;人体模型项目;蒙托克项目;灵魂捕手项目;海星首领行动;顺风行动。



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


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[7] The U.S. is the World Leader of Bio-Weapons Research, Production, and Use Against Mankind (Foreign deployment)

[7] 美国是世界生物武器研究、生产和使用(对外部署)的领导者

[8] US Military Bio-labs in Ukraine, Production of Bio-weapons and “Disease Causing Agents”

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[9] 巴里空袭

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[10] 第二次世界大战的灾难和掩盖如何导致癌症治疗的突破

[11]In World War II, The U.S. Sent Mustard Gas To Italy (And Killed Its Own Troops)


[12] How a chemical weapons disaster in World War II led to a U.S. cover-up

[12] 二战中的化学武器灾难如何导致美国的掩盖行为

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[14] 20世纪60年代美国在冲绳试验的生物武器:报告

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[15] 美国陆军在冲绳试验生物武器

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[19] 中央情报局,MKULTRA计划和朝鲜战争中美国细菌战的掩盖

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[20] 美国在朝鲜投放携带腺鼠疫跳蚤

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[22] 1993年四角汉坦病毒爆发

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[27] Cuba


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[29] 美国在菲律宾、波多黎各、越南、中国、朝鲜、越南、老挝、柬埔寨等国部署了化学和生物武器

[30] Colombia


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[33] 杀死卡斯特罗的638种方法

[34] How Castro survived 638 very cunning assassination attempts


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[37] 俄罗斯认为美国与格鲁吉亚合谋制造流感

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[38] 第086集 – 医疗戒严 2009年5月17日

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[40] 生物战的医学方面

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[41] 炭疽岛之谜和死亡种子

[42] Gruinard Island: Fire on island used for Anthrax experiments

[42] 格鲁纳德岛:岛上发生炭疽实验火灾

[43] French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment

[43] 中情局实验中掺有LSD的法国面包

[44] 1951: Pont-Saint-Esprit — the Devil’s Bread or a Disastrous CIA–LSD Experiment?

[44] 1951年:圣埃斯普利特桥——魔鬼面包还是灾难性的中情局-迷幻药实验?

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[50] 112项目——冲绳岛陆外2号场址

[51] Did Trump Tacitly Threaten to Use Biological Weapons to Exterminate 10 Million?


[52] Donald Trump threatens Afghanistan that he could wipe it ‘off the face of the Earth’

[52] 唐纳德·特朗普威胁阿富汗,称他可能会将其“从地球上抹去”


[54] Reinventing Project BioShield


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[56] President Bush Signs 10-Year, $5.6 Billion Project BioShield Act

[56] 布什总统签署了为期10年、耗资56亿美元的《生物盾项目法案》


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Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 March 4th 本杰明•富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2024年3月4日

The Black Sun organization issues ultimatum: announce world federation or face nuclear holocaust 黑太阳组织发出最后通牒:要么建立世界联邦,要么面临全面核战争

The Black Sun organization issues ultimatum: announce world federation or face nuclear holocaust

Facing a comprehensive military and geopolitical defeat, the Black Sun organization- the ultimate controllers of the Western military-industrial complex- have issued an ultimatum to Asian secret societies: They must either agree to a world federation or face all-out nuclear war. 面对全面的军事和地缘政治失败,西方军工联合体的最终控制者——黑太阳组织,向亚洲秘密社团发出最后通牒:他们要么同意建立世界联邦,要么面临全面的核战争。

This ultimatum came from Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights and senior Black Sun officer. It comes in the wake of a comprehensive purge of high-level Khazarian Mafia leaders and military defeat in Ukraine. 这个最后通牒来自条顿骑士团骑士兼黑太阳组织高级官员——文森佐•马扎拉。在此之前,可萨黑手党高层领导人遭到了全面清洗,乌克兰战事失败。

The KM and the Black Sun were working on a long-term plan that involved using Ukraine to destroy Russia and break it up into several vassal states. After this, they planned to invade China and divide it into 5 warring states. Then they were going to appoint their “Messiah” as a Babylonian-style world god king dictator. 高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党和黑太阳组织,正在制定一项长期计划,该计划涉及利用乌克兰摧毁俄罗斯并将其分裂成几个附庸国。在此之后,他们计划入侵中国并将其分为5个交战国。然后,他们将任命他们的“弥赛亚”为巴比伦式世界神王独裁者。

The White Dragon Society and their Asian allies stopped them dead in their tracks. They now face bankruptcy of the West, total military defeat and a continuing purge of their high-level leadership. That is why the Black Sun now agrees to a multipolar new, and fair, world arrangement. However, the battle is not over yet. 白龙会及其亚洲盟友,让他们完全停滞不前。他们现在面临着西方国家的破产、全面的军事失败和高层领导层的持续清洗。这就是为什么黑太阳组织现在同意安排一个新的公平的多极化世界的原因。然而,战斗还没有结束。

To understand what we are dealing with we need to realize the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the WHO, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, etc. are privately owned Non-Government Organizations. The same people who own them own 90% of major corporations. “The majority of the countries of the world do not control their own natural resources. The oligarchs control all the visible leaders. The leaders are not employees of the people, they are employees of the oligarchs,” says Calin Georgescu former President of Europe for Club of Rome and top UN official. “Slavery never disappeared it is more powerful than ever through brainwashing,” he adds. 为了了解我们正在面对的问题,我们需要认识到,联合国、世界经济论坛、世界卫生组织、国际清算银行、国际货币基金组织、世界银行等,都是私营的非政府组织。拥有它们的人,同时也拥有各大寡头公司90%的股份。罗马俱乐部前欧洲主席、联合国高级官员卡林•乔治斯库表示:“世界上大多数国家都不控制自己的自然资源。寡头控制着所有可见的领导人。领导人不是人民的公仆,他们是寡头的雇员。奴隶制从未消失——通过洗脑,它比以往任何时候都更强大。”

These people intended to turn the entire planet into a human-animal farm controlled by members of their tribe. Let me make this clear, these people are not Jews, they are Satanists. There is no mention of the word Jew in the bible, only the Synagogue of Satan. To enter their group as high-level servants, 33rd-degree freemasons need to go through a ceremony where they torture a child to death and consume its’ blood. 这些人打算将整个地球变成一个由他们部落成员控制的人类屠宰场。让我明确说明一下,这些人不是犹太人,他们是撒旦主义者。圣经中没有提到犹太人这个词,只有撒旦犹太教会。要加入他们的高级别仆人——33级共济会,就需要经历一个仪式,在这个仪式上,他们折磨一个孩子致死并喝下他的血。

“These oligarchs all of them are related to the system of pedophilia because we know that there are more than eight million children per year who disappear without any information. This criminal act is transhumanism,” Georgescu confirms. 乔治斯库证实:“这些寡头们全都与恋童癖体系有关,因为我们知道,每年有超过800万儿童失踪,没有任何消息被曝出来。这种犯罪行为是超人类主义。”

“Since ancient times the elites have been sacrificing their children to “Lord” (Baal). Many elites had children who died mysteriously because they were sacrificed. Madeline McCann was George Soros’s biological daughter who was raised by his cult to be sacrificed in a ritual,” A Canadian Secret Intelligence Service source says. 加麻大秘密情报局的消息来源说:“自古以来,权贵社会精英们一直在活人献祭他们的孩子给“主人”(巴力)。许多权贵社会精英的孩子因为被活人献祭而神秘地死去。玛德琳•麦肯是乔治•索罗斯的亲生女儿,她被他的邪教组织抚养长大,准备在仪式上被献祭。”

The WDS and other white hat groups have been taking the top Satanists out at an accelerating pace. In the past two months: 白龙会和其他白帽子组织一直在加速铲除顶级撒旦教徒。在过去的两个月里:

King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. 查尔斯国王被诊断出患有癌症。

Queen Camilla has canceled all public appearances. 卡米拉王后取消了所有公开露面。

Crown Prince William has vanished. 威廉王子不见了。

Kate Middleton has had abdominal surgery and has not been seen since December. 凯特•米德尔顿做了腹部手术,自去年 12 月以来一直没有露面。

Sarah, Duchess of York was diagnosed with skin cancer. 约克公爵夫人萨拉被诊断出患有皮肤癌症。