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    生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action 

    第1章—— 引言 — Chapter 1  — Introduction

    生物战在行动 — Biological Warfare in Action

    11——艾滋病 — Chapter 11 – AIDS

    By Larry Romanoff




    Biological Warfare in Action


    目录 — Contents

    11. 1. 一些背景 — Some Background
    11. 2. Fredrick
    癌症研究中心——美国中央情报局、NIH、美国疾病预防控制中心/Fredrick Cancer Research Center – CIA, NIH, CDC
    11. 3. 
    罗伯特·斯特雷克尔博士 — Dr. Robert Strecker
    11. 4. 
    莱昂纳多·霍洛维茨博士 — Dr. Leonard Horowitz
    11. 5. 
    霍洛维茨博士谈雅各布·西格尔教授 — Dr. Horowitz on Professor Jakob Segal
    11. 6. 
    博伊德·格雷伍斯博士 — Dr. Boyd Graves
    11. 7.
     阿兰·坎特威尔博士 — Dr. Alan Cantwell
    11. 8. 世界卫生组织 — The WHO
    11.9 . 世界卫生组织的疫苗接种计划 — The WHO Vaccination Programs
    11.10. 在美国散播艾滋病 — Spread of AIDS in the US
    11.11. 后记 — Epilogue

    US President George W. Bush (R) announces a new $500-million USD International Mother and Child HIV Prevention Initiative as US Secretary of State Colin Powell (L) looks on 19 June 2002 at the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC. Through a combination of improving care and drug treatment the program seeks to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to infants and to improve health care delivery in Africa and the Caribbean. AFP PHOTO/Paul J. RICHARDS (Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP) (Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

    2002年6月19日,美国国务卿科林·鲍威尔(左)在华盛顿特区白宫玫瑰园观看时,美国总统乔治·W·布什(右)宣布了一项新的5亿美元的国际母婴艾滋病毒预防倡议。通过改善护理和药物治疗相结合,该方案力求防止艾滋病毒/艾滋病从母亲传染给婴儿,并改善非洲和加勒比地区的医疗保健服务。法新社照片/Paul J.RICHARDS(Paul J.RICHARDS/AFP拍摄)(Paul J.Richard/法新社通过盖蒂图片社拍摄)

    If we want to engage ourselves in a conspiracy theory worthy of the name, what would it take to convince us that HIV was a man-made virus developed as a biological weapon by the US Defense Department? What kind of proof would we want?


    Would it help if we had evidence that a medical researcher from the Defense Department appeared before the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee, where he requested (and received) $10 million to fund the research and development of a human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV)?


    Conveniently for us, this is precisely what we have. On Tuesday, July 1, 1969, a Dr. Donald MacArthur, representing the US Department of Defense, did indeed appear before the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee, and made precisely such a request. The context was a presentation to Congress on the creation and development of “Synthetic Biological Agents”, i.e., man-made biological weapons.


    The full title of the Session was: Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970. Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations; House of Representatives, 91st Congress, First Session, Subcommittee on Department of Defense Appropriations; Part 5: Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (of synthetic biological agents). The Session was chaired by Rep. George H. Mahon. [1]


    Another document of value is this one: From the Official U.S. Govt. Documents House of Rep. Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970; H.B. 15090; “The transcript that follows is taken from the June 9, 1969 Senate testimony of Dr. Donald MacArthur, a high-level Defense Department biological research administrator. Funding was approved in 1970 – $10 million to the DOD.” [3]


    Following is a summary of the official transcript for House Bill 15090 that approved the funding. Dr. MacArthur was waxing eloquent about the development of biological weapons:


    “There are two things about the biological agent field I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing very rapidly and eminent biologists believe that within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.”


    Committee member Rep. Robert L.F. Sikes asked, Are we doing any work in that field?, to which Dr. MacArthur replied, “We are not.” Mr. Sikes asked whether this were due to “Lack of money or lack of interest?, to which Dr. MacArthur replied, “Certainly not lack of interest.” Upon request from Mr. Sikes as to the “advantages of such a program”, the time frame and cost, Dr. MacArthur stated the US military had been examining this attractive possibility for years, and provided the following information:

    委员会成员、众议员罗伯特·L·F·赛克斯(Robert L.F.Sikes)问道:我们在这方面做什么工作吗?麦克阿瑟博士回答说:“我们没有。”赛克斯先生问到:“这是否是因为缺乏资金或缺乏利益驱动?”麦克阿瑟博士回答说:“当然不缺乏利益驱动。”应赛克斯先生关于“此类计划的优势”、时间框架和成本的要求,麦克阿瑟博士表示,美国军方多年来一直在研究这种有吸引力的可能性,并提供了以下信息:

    “We will be very happy to (provide this information). The dramatic progress being made in the field of molecular biology led us to investigate the relevance of this field of science to biological warfare. A small group of experts considered this matter and provided the following observations: Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory [i.e. resistant and immune to cures, and will not respond to treatment] to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease. A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years at a total cost of $10 million.” His testimony was clearly about the potential development of an AIDS-like-virus as a biological weapon, especially with this pathogen being “a synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired”.


    MacArthur then decried the lack of resources and enthusiasm for this biological weapons program, stating “There are not many highly competent scientists in the field, almost all are in university laboratories, and they are generally adequately supported from sources other than DOD.” He also wasn’t blind to the human and ethical implications of such a program. He confided to the Congressional committee the “growing criticism” in scientific circles of the military’s “tentative plans” for such a program, noting also that It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations.” However, Dr. MacArthur dismissed these humanitarian concerns by informing the Committee that this matter of developing an immuno-deficiency biological weapon was an important area of potential military technological inferiority on the part of the US.


    MacArthur continued to testify about the disappointing lack of enthusiasm for this bio-warfare program, informing the Congressional Committee that “… it was considered possible to initiate an adequate program through the National Academy of Sciences – National Research Council (NAS-NRC). The matter was discussed with the NAS-NRC and tentative plans were made to initiate the program. However, … growing criticism of the CB program, and our [resulting subsequent] reluctance to involve the NAS-NRC in such a controversial endeavor have led us to postpone it for the last 2 years.”


    MacArthur was informing Congress that neither the National Academy of Sciences nor the National Research Council could be trusted to participate enthusiastically or in secrecy, and the DOD therefore considered them undependable collaborators. Dr. MacArthur ended with the observation that without full knowledge of how to construct such a biological weapon, there was “little that can be done to devise defensive measures”. Some observers have used this last comment as proof that the US military’s intent in this field was entirely defensive in nature. However, I wouldn’t put too much stock in such a claim since, as we have seen, the US military’s bio-warfare research has been far from ‘defensive’.


    Nevertheless, an appropriation was made by the Committee, the money granted, and ten years later the first cases of AIDS emerged. The theory that the AIDS virus arose from US Defense Department experiments became difficult to refute.


    11.1. 一些背景 — Some Background


    While hosting Defense Secretary Robert McNamara at the LBJ Ranch on 22 Dec 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson reacts to news of new problems in Vietnam. (Corbis). Source


    It is not news that the US military had for many decades been pursuing the development of biological pathogens for use against mass populations, including race-specific pathogens. It is also not news that HIV had been strongly suspected from the beginning as originating from this source. Here is a brief summary of the evidence.


    The story begins in earnest when Robert McNamara was the US Secretary of Defense. McNamara was the man who engineered the extensive biological weapons programs in the US[4] and the North Korean genocide[5] the biological warfare on China and North Korea, the vast Project Phoenix death-torture program in Vietnam, the man who approved sending about 500,000 retarded young men to battle in Vietnam[6] then poured millions of liters of dioxins on the country’s agricultural land. [7]


    Immediately prior to the time of our HIV story, McNamara engineered what must surely have been the largest program of biological weapons development and testing that has ever existed, an umbrella scheme consisting of more than 150 separate projects involving every branch of the US military and many other government agencies and Departments, all of which were secretly conducted on a massive scale and which were intended to destroy all plant, animal and human life in any region the US chose to attack. I covered this in a 3-part series titled “The US Government Declares War on America.” [8][9][10] Even reading those few references above, which provide an incomplete catalogue of McNamara’s sins, it is almost impossible to avoid the conclusion that McNamara was criminally insane.


    McNamara ordered the military Joint Chiefs of Staff “to consider all possible applications” of these agents to produce a “total biological and chemical deterrent capability”, the plan approved by then-President Kennedy in National Security Action Memorandum 235 (NSAM 235)which meant it was a secret and highly-classified program directed to total biological and chemical warfare against humans, animals, and plants. You can find this evidence in the JFK Presidential library[11] among other places. [12]

    麦克纳马拉命令军事参谋长联席会议“考虑所有可能的应用”这些制剂,以产生“全面的生物和化学威慑能力”,这是时任总统肯尼迪在《国家安全行动备忘录235》(NSAM 235)中批准的计划,这意味着这是一个秘密和高度机密的计划,旨在针对人类、动物和植物的全面生物和化学战。你可以在肯尼迪总统图书馆等地找到这些证据[12]

    It is also relevant that McNamara had always been active as a staunch supporter of population control, a eugenicist taken with the prospect of exterminating large portions of the world’s peoples and propagating sterility to prevent their re-breedingThis applied especially to blacks, and generally to the world’s surplus poor. When he later became President of the World Bank, one of his first speeches was to a group of international bankers in which he deplored the world’s increasing population and in which he stated, “Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way.” His statements, clearly referring to genocide and sterilisation, were so outrageous that even his own staff believed he was crazy, but his convictions were couched in humanitarian terms, McNamara making the extraordinary statement that “(those) who were dying were fortunate, for the millions of those who lived languidly on were stunted in their bodies and cripples in their minds.” (See Epilogue)


    Our HIV story begins immediately prior to McNamara leaving his position as US Secretary of Defense to move to the World Bank in 1968, since one of his last acts before leaving was to put into motion the funding and development of a human immuno-deficiency virus, the plague we would later come to know as HIV. The thoughts of this plague, and its planning and basic research, had been in his mind and in the minds of the US military for some time, and which culminated in the public request by Dr. Donald MacArthur for Congressional funding to develop precisely this pathogen.


    But let’s go back a few steps. This was by no means the first time the US government and military had held such attitudes or conceived such notions. You will recall that in 1948, George Kennan, Director of the US State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, published a then top-secret document (PPS 23, February 24, 1948), [13] in which he outlined America’s need to dispense with the “luxuries of altruism and world-benefaction” and “unreal objectives such as human rights” in its quest for world domination. Kennan’s philosophy has been one of America’s guiding principles ever since.

    但让我们回到前几步。这绝不是美国政府和军方第一次持有这样的态度或构想这样的概念。你会记得,1948年,美国国务院政策规划办公室主任乔治·凯南发表了一份当时的绝密文件(PPS 232948年2月24日),[13]在其中他概述了美国在寻求统治世界的过程中需要摒弃“利他主义和世界慈善的奢侈品”和“人权等不真实的目标”。从那以后,凯南的哲学一直是美国的指导原则之一。

    We can go back even farther than this, and refer to an approving article about the prospect of deadly biological weapons in Time magazine from June 3, 1946, titled “Better Than The Bomb”[14] reporting on the details of the US Senate Military Appropriation Hearings of May 1946where the discussion is on the allocation of funds for the creation of a secret biological warfare agent.


    And what were they discussing? Well, it would appear that the US military, courtesy of George Merck, the President of the pharma company then known as Merck, Sharp & Dohme, had succeeded in “a very significant discovery” which was the crystallisation of the disease agent mycoplasma – which we know today as the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome that infects hundreds of thousands of US military servicemen and millions of Iraqis. This was a milestone in bio-weapons research because it meant the pathogen could now be indefinitely “stored, transported and deployed without deteriorating” and could be “be delivered by other vectors such as insects, aerosol or the food chain”.


    Donald W. Scott wrote an excellent and authoritative article on mycoplasma [15] in which he stated that “Researchers extracted this mycoplasma from the Brucella bacterium and actually reduced the disease to a crystalline form that was now effectively a useful battlefield weapon.” I would note it was researchers at Rockefeller University who first resolved that virus particles were protein crystals, among many other bio-warfare and battlefield-useful discoveries. The US military isolated and weaponised their Gulf War mycoplasma more than 40 years before they had an opportunity to use it on a wholesale basis, unless of course they applied it in Korea and Vietnam – which they may have done. According to Dr. Scott, “Brucella is a disease agent that doesn’t kill people; it disables them.

    唐纳德·W·斯科特(Donald W.Scott)写了一篇关于支原体的优秀而权威的文章[15]他在文章中表示,“研究人员从布鲁氏菌中提取了这种支原体,并实际上将疾病还原为晶体形式,现在它实际上是一种有用的战场武器。”。40多年前,美国军方隔离并武器化了他们的海湾战争支原体,才有机会大规模使用它,当然,除非他们在韩国和越南应用它——他们可能已经这样做了。斯科特博士说:“布鲁氏菌是一种不会杀死人的病原体,它会使人致残。

    Dr. Donald MacArthur, referred to above, made his own valuable contribution to this development, as also discussed in his appearance before the Congressional Committee in 1969. MacArthur testified that researchers had “found that if they had mycoplasma at a certain strength … it would develop into an incurable disease for which the body has no natural immunity [like AIDS], and the person would die … because it could bypass the natural human defenses.” He claimed that researchers discovered that if the pathogen were weaker (less concentrated), the person would manifest with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. He further testified that if the pathogen were weaker, the victims would not die but would become severely disabled and lose all interest in living, that Brucella (the source of the original mycoplasma) was “a disease agent that doesn’t kill people; it disables them”. They would present as wasting; they wouldn’t die and they wouldn’t be disabled, but they would not be very interested in life; they would waste away.” [16] But his proposal before Congress was that he and his scientists could re-work this disabling pathogen and weaponise it so it would quickly kill.

    如上所述,唐纳德·麦克阿瑟博士为这一发展做出了自己的宝贵贡献,1969年他在国会委员会露面时也谈到了这一点。麦克阿瑟作证说,研究人员“发现,如果他们的支原体达到一定的浓度……它会发展成一种不治之症,身体对这种疾病没有自然免疫力[如艾滋病],这个人就会死亡……因为它可以绕过人类的自然防御。”他声称,研究人员发现,如果病原体较弱(浓度较低),这个人会表现为慢性疲劳综合征或纤维肌痛。他进一步证实,如果病原体较弱,受害者不会死亡,而是会严重残疾,并失去所有生活兴趣,布鲁氏菌(原始支原体的来源)是“一种不会杀死人的病原体;它会使人残疾”。他们会表现为浪费;他们不会死,也不会残疾,但他们对生活不太感兴趣;他们会浪费掉。”[16] 但他向国会提出的建议是,他和他的科学家可以重新研究这种致残病原体,并将其武器化,使其迅速死亡。

    And of course, from Dr. MacArthur’s stellar testimony, the US Congress eagerly allocated the requested $10 million and indeed “a disease-causing organism … refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease” (HIV) appeared within the stated “5 to 10 years”, then found itself suddenly dispersed into the human population simultaneously on three different continents.


    MacArthur not only received his Congressional funding and succeeded in creating the HIV virus, but the US government obtained a patent for “a method of (the) continuous production of retroviruses (HIV) …”. The patent number was 4647773, patent application number 06/602,946, filed on April 23, 1984 and issued on March 3, 1987. The creators were listed as Drs. Robert C. Gallo and Mikulas Popovic, both of Bethesda, MD, and assigned to “the Government of the United States of America as represented by the Department of Health (Washington, DC)”. We might ask ourselves why the US military would be interested in creating and patenting a method for producing HIV in large continuous volumes.

    麦克阿瑟不仅获得了国会的资助,成功地制造了艾滋病毒,而且美国政府还获得了“一种连续生产逆转录病毒的方法……”的专利。专利号为464773,专利申请号为06/60946,于1984年4月23日提交并于1987年3月3日发布。创作者被列为医学博士贝塞斯达的Robert C.GalloMikulas Popovic博士,并被分配到“以卫生部(华盛顿特区)为代表的美利坚合众国政府”。我们可能会问自己,为什么美国军方会有兴趣创造一种连续大量生产艾滋病毒的方法并申请专利。

    It was at about the same time, in the late 1960s, that a group of bio-warfare experts testified to a UN panel that “large-scale killing operations of a general population” would cost $2,000 per square kilometer with conventional weapons, $800 with nuclear weapons, and $1.00 with biological weapons. As Dr. Alan Cantwell wrote, “Governments are always seeking new biological warfare agents, just as they are always seeking more powerful military weapons. Bioweapons are indeed the cheapest form of warfare. They kill yet they maintain the infrastructure …

    大约在同一时间,在20世纪60年代末,一群生物战专家向联合国小组作证称,“对普通民众的大规模杀伤行动”使用常规武器每平方公里将花费2000美元,使用核武器将花费800美元,使用生物武器将花费1.00美元正如Alan Cantwell博士所写,“政府总是在寻找新的生物战剂,就像他们总是在寻找更强大的军事武器一样生物武器确实是最便宜的战争形式。它们杀人,但维护基础设施……”…

    11.2. Fredrick癌症研究中心——CIANIHCDC – Fredrick Cancer Research Center – CIA, NIH, CDC



    As noted, Congressional funding was approved for the development of an HIV virus, under H.R. 15090. Interestingly, the project was under the supervision of the CIA, while being developed by the military in its top-secret biological weapons facility, the Army’s Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick. But both the science and politics were rather more complicated. For one, it was necessary to combine the best of American innovative ability and criminal ingenuity in one place and, for another, the HIV was actually a cancer-causing virus that had been under simultaneous development by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI). In fact, it was at the NCI that a special program had already been initiated by the US Navy to develop cancer-causing viruses which included the precursor to HIV. We normally imagine that a National Cancer Institute would be involved in searching for a cure for the disease, but this is America and things are different here.


    This was why, on October 19, 1971, then-President Nixon issued an order to merge the US military’s biological warfare facilities at Fort Detrick with the cancer research branch of the National Health Service and the facilities and functioning of the National Cancer Institute into a new unit named the ‘Fredrick Cancer Research Facilities’. So most everything was then at Fort Detrick, but pretending to involve itself in research on the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer, and was publicised in the media as the country’s “War on Cancer”. If that doesn’t qualify as a “false-flag operation”, I can’t imagine what would. Of course, since the US military launched its war on cancer, the number of annual cancer deaths has more than doubled.


    “One of the cooperative activities at Fort Detrick’s Biological Warfare Division since early 1962 had been a top-secret project named the “US Special Virus program“, one in which the US military had been researching what was called a “virus particle” into which they could splice DNA from another virus, and which would then work to destroy the natural defense mechanisms of the human immune system. In particular, the researchers had been attempting to modify the genome of an HIV-related animal disease called Visna that appeared also to have been man-made but that existed only in sheep to that point. Many observers, including many prominent medical authorities, believed that this “declaration of war on cancer” was merely a cover for a new biological weapons program, and several researchers have claimed this effort was an integral part of what was known as the military’s Project MK-NAOMI.”


    “The 1971 annual report of Nixon’s so-called War on Cancer noted that one of the primary tasks of the now jointly connected National Cancer Institute-Frederick Cancer Research Center was “the large-scale production of oncogenic (cancer-causing) and suspected oncogenic viruses to meet research needs on a continuing basis.” Special attention was given to primate viruses and “The successful propagation of significant amounts of human candidate viruses.” In simpler terms, this new “research center” was tasked with the “large-scale production” of cancer-causing viruses with special attention to primate viruses that could be adapted to human cells. This Special Virus Cancer Project (SCVP) was the birthplace of genetic engineering, molecular biology, and the human genome project. This was essentially a new field of species-jumping immuno-suppressive animal retrovirology, and pioneering the field of genetic engineering which allows scientists to insert genes into bacteria and viruses, infect bacteria with viruses, and to efficiently transfer genes in both directions among animals, humans, and plants, and between animals, humans and plants.”


    “When the explosive content of this SCVP program was revealed, the CIA immediately destroyed most of the records; the first seven volumes were apparently shredded in their entirety but a few copies of volumes 8 and 9 survived, and it was these that contained the flow chart discovered by Dr. Boyd Graves. The surviving documents also provided solid evidence that US military scientists had been working on pathogenic retroviruses as early as the 1960s.”


    In Peter Grose‘s 1994 book, “Gentleman Spy, The Life of Allen Dulles“, [17] he wrote:


    “Helms sought Allen’s approval for a major project ‘to develop a capability in the covert use of biological and chemical materials, . . . . From the start . . . CIA officers made no pretense that this project would be an innocuous matter of pure science. The research would have to proceed ‘without the establishment of formal contractual relations,’ Helms advised Allen; the existence of signed contracts would reveal the government’s sponsorship. Moreover, the scientists qualified to do research in this field ‘are most reluctant to enter into signed agreements of any sort which connect them with this activity, since such a connection would jeopardize their professional reputations.”


    “. . . five years later a CIA audit justified the extraordinary secrecy of the project: ‘Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. The knowledge that the Agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles.’ For years to come CIA auditors defended the absence of normal accountability on grounds of professional discretion within the scientific community, dubious legality, and the dangers of public disclosure. Neither Congress nor the president was informed. . .



    There was more. At the same time, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) entered a long-term contract with this new Harry Potter Cancer Institute, to participate fully in the new Special Virus Cancer Program. MIT’s Project Director for this program was Dr. David Baltimore[18] touted as “the nation’s leading expert in biological warfare using immune suppressive viruses”, with many medical experts stating the MIT studies were mostly done with AIDS-like viruses.

    还有更多。与此同时,麻省理工学院(MIT)与这家新的哈利波特癌症研究所签订了长期合同,全面参与新的特殊病毒癌症计划。麻省理工学院该项目的项目主任是David Baltimore博士,[18]吹捧为“使用免疫抑制病毒的生物战方面的全国领先专家”,许多医学专家表示,麻省理工大学的研究大多是针对艾滋病样病毒进行的。

    Then we have a firm named Litton Bionetics Research Laboratories[19] who, during the 1960s, conducted “fourteen biological-weapons-testing contracts” for the DOD. The firm later signed another long-term contract with the NIH to supply “Support Services for the Special Virus Cancer Program”. Also, at around the same time, Litton were conducting what they called “Primate Inoculation and Disease Induction Studies”, which involved the mass propagation of various infectious agents and recombinant lab-created viruses. It is of more than minor importance that Litton’s research involved the methods of “causing diseases by inoculation”, i.e. injection or vaccination. And in 1972, Litton Bionetics entered into another six-year contract with the NCI to develop and test AIDS-like-viruses under the direction of NCI’s Project Officer, Dr. Robert Gallowho would later be credited for the discovery (and the patent) of HIV.

    然后我们有一家名为Litton Bionetics Research Laboratories[19]的公司,在20世纪60年代,该公司为国防部签订了“14份生物武器测试合同”该公司后来与美国国立卫生研究院签署了另一份长期合同,提供“特殊病毒癌症计划支持服务”。此外,大约在同一时间,利顿正在进行他们所称的“灵长类动物接种和疾病诱导研究”,该研究涉及各种传染源和实验室制造的重组病毒的大规模传播。重要的是,利顿的研究涉及“通过接种引起疾病”的方法,即注射或接种疫苗。1972年,Litton Bionetics与NCI签订了另一份为期六年的合同,在NCI项目官Robert Gallo博士的指导下开发和测试类似艾滋病病毒,Robert Gallo后来被认为是HIV的发现(和专利)者。

    During this period as well (late 1970s), Pfizer PharmaceuticalOver “28,000 liters of virus harvest fluids” were produced in 1977, and which were apparently shipped to “approximately 140 laboratories throughout the world”. There were also many American universities involved in the overall HIV development process, most of whom have deleted this participation from their official histories. The New York University Medical Center was named several times in the New England Journal of Medicine reports on the vaccine trials, as a biological weapons contractor to the US Army, and included in a list of approved contractors to a Congressional Appropriations Subcommittee.



    11.3.罗伯特·斯崔克博士 — Dr. Robert Strecker



    Dr. Robert Strecker, a practicing gastroenterologist with a Ph.D. in pharmacology, studied this issue and stated “I don’t think there is any doubt that AIDS is a man-made problem. The question is whether it was created either accidentally or intentionally. I believe the AIDS virus was requested, predicted, produced, and deployed.” According to one detailed report:

    拥有药理学博士学位的执业胃肠病学家Robert Strecker士研究了这个问题,并表示“我认为毫无疑问,艾滋病是一个人为的问题。问题是它是意外还是故意产生的。我相信艾滋病病毒是被请求、预测、产生和部署的。”根据一份详细报告:

    “Strecker’s research indicated the AIDS virus was developed by the National Cancer Institute, in cooperation with the WHO, in their laboratories at Fort Detrick, in the US Army’s germ warfare unit, known as the Army Infectious Disease Unit, by combining bovine leukemia virus and Visna sheep virus, and injecting them into human tissue cultures. The Bovine Leukemia virus is lethal to cows but not to humans; the Visna virus is deadly to sheep but not to man. However, when combined, they produce a retro-virus that can change the genetic composition of the cells they enter. He said, “If one analyses the genes to the human AIDS virus and the genes of the Bovine Leukemia virus of cattle and the Visna virus of sheep, and compares them, the genes appear related.” He asked how it was possible that this combined virus that produced an AIDS-like disease in 1971 or 1972 was never analysed until 1987, when it was so closely related to AIDS that it must almost have been its precursor.” [20][21][22]


    11.4. LeonardHorowitz博士 — Dr. Leonard Horowitz

    Documentary: Emerging Viruses and Vaccines by Dr. Leonard Horowitz


    Dr. Horowitz has written extensively on this topic, providing much additional and circumstantial detail to the story. Two of his articles can be accessed here [23] and here [24] He writes, “Claims that these “emerging viruses” naturally evolved and then jumped species from monkey to man seem grossly unfounded in light of the compelling evidence … Alternatively, the possibility that these bizarre germs were laboratory creations, accidentally or intentionally transmitted via tainted vaccines in the U.S. and Africa-as numerous authorities have alleged – is investigated herein.” Dr. Horowitz is the author of “Emerging viruses : AIDS and Ebola : nature, accident, or intentional?“, which examines the emergence of these two biological elements and the role played by vaccines in their distribution. His book can be accessed at [25]


    Another longer article published in August of 2000 on this matter of engineered bio-weapons that was titled, “The CIA and the West Nile Virus“, [26] had a section by Dr. Horowitz on the possibility of AIDS having been made in a lab. According to Dr. Horowitz:


    “The theory that AIDS originated in the laboratory has been circulating in Europe, particularly in West Germany, since late 1986The theory hinges on the claim that the AIDS virus (HIV) is virtually identical to two other viruses: Visna, which causes a fatal disease in sheep but does not infect humans, and HTLV-I (Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus), which infects humans but is seldom fatal.”5.


    11.5. Horowitz博士谈Jakob Segal教授 — Dr. Horowitz on Professor Jakob Segal

    Professor Jakob Segal

    Jakob Segal教授

    Prof. Jakob Segal[27] the author of the [above] theory, says that structural analysis using genome mapping proves that HIV is more similar to Visna than to any other retrovirus. The portion (about three percent) of the HIV genome which does not correspond structurally to Visna corresponds exactly to part of the HTLV-I genome. This similarity, says Segal, cannot be explained by a natural process of evolution and mutation. It can only have resulted from an artificial combination of the two viruses.”

    上述理论的作者Jakob Segal教授[27]说,使用基因组图谱进行的结构分析证明,HIV与Visna比任何其他逆转录病毒都更相似。HIV基因组中在结构上与Visna不对应的部分(约3%)正好对应于HTLV-I基因组的一部分。Segal说,这种相似性不能用进化和突变的自然过程来解释。它只能由这两种病毒的人工组合产生。”

    “He notes that the symptoms of AIDS are consistent with the complementary effects of two different viruses. AIDS patients who do not die of the consequences of immune deficiency show the same damage to the brain, lungs, intestines, and kidneys that occurs in sheep affected with Visna. Combining Visna with HTLV-I would allow the virus to enter not only the macrophages of the inner organs but also the T4 lymphocytes and thus cause immune deficiency, which is exactly what AIDS does. As further evidence that HIV is a construct of Visna and HTLV- I, Segal cites studies which show that the reverse transcription process in HIV has two discrete points of peak activity which correspond, respectively, to those of Visna and HTLV-I. Thus, according to Segal, AIDS is essentially a variety of Visna.” “Scientific journals, Segal says, have refused to publish or discuss his theory. This is difficult to understand. If he is wrong, he should certainly be refuted. The cornerstone of the theory is that HIV is a combination of Visna and HTLV-I. Segal claims that any trained laboratory technician could produce AIDS from these components, today, in less than two weeks. If this is true, it should be demonstrable by experiment.


    In fact, Segal’s position was quite simple. “He concluded that since Visna was already known and understood, military scientists needed to find a human retrovirus which, when combined with Visna, would enable it to infect humans. Segal says scrutiny of the literature revealed that Dr. Robert Gallo isolated such a virus, HTLV-I, by 1975.” In 1985, Science Magazine published an article stating that Visna and HTLV-1 were “very similar, indicating a close taxonomic and evolutionary relationship”. And according to the National Academy of Sciences, HIV and VISNA are highly similar and share all structural elements except for a small segment which is nearly identical to HTLV-1, all of which naturally led to speculation that HTLV and VISNA were combined to produce a new retrovirus to which no natural immunity existed. And in 1987, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a paper concluding that HIV/AIDS had indeed evolved from Visna.

    事实上,西格尔的立场很简单。“他得出的结论是,由于Visna已经为人所知和了解,军事科学家需要找到一种人类逆转录病毒,当它与Visna结合时,将使其能够感染人类。Segal说,对文献的审查表明,Robert Gallo博士在1975年分离出了这样一种病毒,HTLV-I。”1985年,《科学》杂志发表了一篇文章,称Visna和HTLV-1“非常相似,表明了密切的分类学和进化关系”。根据美国国家科学院的说法,HIV和VISNA高度相似,除了一个与HTLV-1几乎相同的小片段外,其他所有结构元素都相同,所有这些自然导致了人们的猜测,即HTLV和VISNA结合产生了一种新的逆转录病毒,而这种病毒不存在天然免疫力。1987年,《美国医学会杂志》发表了一篇论文,得出结论认为艾滋病毒/艾滋病确实是由Visna进化而来的。

    In researching Segal’s position, Michael Morrissey made some interesting observations and, in a long article, details some of the difficulty in approaching the issue, since contradictory claims of almost every nature are seemingly not in short supply. The true origin of AIDS is not a topic by which we win friends.


    According to Morrissey: “The theory of the African origin of AIDS, that it developed in African monkeys and was transferred to man, has been abandoned by most researchers.  All of the known varieties of SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) are structurally so dissimilar to HIV (much less similar than HIV and Visna) that a common origin is out of the question.  Furthermore, even if such a development by natural mutation were possible, it would not explain the sudden outbreak of AIDS in the early 1980s, since monkeys and men have been living together in Africa since the beginning of human history. The “Africa Legend,” as it is called in a 1988 West German (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) television documentary, is further debunked by the epidemiological history of AIDS. There is no solid evidence of AIDS in Africa before 1983. The earliest documented cases of AIDS date from 1979 in New York. It would not be surprising if the government wanted to keep this quiet, but what about the press?  I could find only two references to MacArthur’s testimony, in a book by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman (A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story of Chemical & Biological Warfare_, NY: Hill & Wang, 1982), [27a] and in a couple of articles by Robert Lederer and Nathaniel S. Lehrman in _Covert Action Information Bulletin (28, summer 1987, and 29, winter 1988).” [28]

    莫里西说:“艾滋病起源于非洲的理论,即它是在非洲猴子身上发展并传播给人类的,已经被大多数研究人员抛弃了。所有已知的SIV变种(猿猴免疫缺陷病毒)在结构上都与HIV非常不同(远不如HIV和Visna相似),因此不可能有共同的起源。此外,即使这种自然突变的发展是可能的,也无法解释20世纪80年代初艾滋病的突然爆发,因为自人类历史开始以来,猴子和人类就一直生活在非洲。1988年西德电视纪录片《非洲传奇》称之为进一步被艾滋病的流行病学史所揭穿。在1983年之前,非洲没有艾滋病的确凿证据。最早记录在案的艾滋病病例发生在1979年的纽约。如果政府想保持沉默,这并不奇怪,但媒体呢?我只能在Robert Harris和Jeremy Paxman的一本书中找到两篇关于麦克阿瑟证词的参考文献(a Higher Form of Killing:The Secret Story of Chemical&Biological Warfare_,NY:Hill&Wang,1982),[27a]以及Robert LedererNathaniel s.Lehrman_Covert Action Information Bulletin上的几篇文章(1987年夏天28日和1988年冬天29日)。”[28]

    Even the WHO appears to confirm the relationship. This from a WHO article in 2021: “HTLV-1 is a retrovirus which causes a chronic lifelong infection in humans. Its transmission happens through breast feeding, sexual contact and blood transfusions and is similar to the HIV virus.” [29]



    11.6. Boyd Graves博士 — Boyd Graves

    See it in normal size by clicking ref. [30]


    One of the more prominent, and perhaps the most damaging, discoveries was by Dr. Boyd Graves, who obtained a copy of the now-famous flow chart of the entire development process for HIV, in fact the blueprint for its creation. Dr. Boyd Graves was a virologist, and a graduate of the Annapolis US Naval Academy and law school, who became suspicious of the nature of the origin and apparently simultaneous distribution of the HIV virus on several continents and for years diligently researched the matter, repeatedly using the US courts to pressure the government to release various documents on military viral research activity. In most instances he was stonewalled by the government in his search for several tens of thousands of documents he believed could reveal important truths. One of the documents he did obtain, very likely by accident, contained a five-page fold-out flow chart that appeared to completely document all the steps and stages of the engineering of the HIV virus, a document he claims (as do others) “provides absolute proof of the true laboratory origin of HIV, as a ‘synthetic biological agent‘”. This flow chart is a very large document, consisting of five full pages. You can download it here. [30]

    博伊德·格雷夫斯博士的一个更突出的发现,也许也是最具破坏性的发现,他获得了一份现在著名的艾滋病毒整个发展过程的流程图,事实上是其产生的蓝图。Boyd Graves博士是一名病毒学家,毕业于安纳波利斯美国海军学院和法学院,他对艾滋病毒的起源性质以及在几个大洲的同时传播产生了怀疑,多年来一直在努力研究此事,多次利用美国法院向政府施压,要求其公布有关军事病毒研究活动的各种文件。在大多数情况下,他在寻找数万份他认为可以揭示重要真相的文件时受到了政府的阻挠。他获得的一份文件很可能是偶然获得的,其中包含份五页的折叠流程图,似乎完全记录了艾滋病毒工程的所有步骤和阶段,他声称(和其他人一样)这份文件“提供了艾滋病毒作为一种‘合成生物制剂’的真实实验室来源的绝对证据”。这个流程图是一个很大的文件,由五整页组成。你可以在这里下载。[30]

    He says the flow chart proves that HIV was not an accident but resulted from the intentional development of a military pathogen, and further that the continuing “progress reports” issued by the developers detail each step taken and the results. Graves claims the evidence is compelling that HIV arose as a “designer by-product” of the US military’s Special Virus Program. He notes that the flow chart – which remained “missing” until 1999 – “links every scientific paper, medical experiment and military contract”. This flow chart was contained in “Progress Report #8”, the first 60 pages of which detail the progress to date and the specific goals of the entire HIV program, and of which Page 61 contains the flow chart itself.


    Phase V of the flowchart documents that this new pathogen would soon be used in “clinical trials” by vaccinationwhich Graves claims is proof that the vaccines were “complemented, not contaminated”, that the HIV was added by Merck to the experimental hepatitis B vaccines given to gay men in New York City, Los Angeles and San Fransisco, and to the smallpox vaccines administered on a massive scale – by the WHO – to blacks in central Africa, during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Graves claims that by 1977 the Special Virus Program had succeeded in producing 15,000 gallons of HIV fluid, which was then added to vaccines in Africa and the US.


    In one of his legal cases seeking a court order for the release of further documentation, Graves apparently presented the court not only with the flow chart but with a letter dated May 15, 2000, from Dr. Victoria Cargill who was the medical officer of the Office of AIDS Research at the National Institute of Health. In that letter, Dr. Cargill apparently declared that the flowchart was indeed the flowchart of the HIV virus – which would appear to be an official document from the US government admitting to the creation of HIV. The evidence is that Dr. Cargill “located the flowchart, as well as some of the Progress Reports of the Special Virus Program from the archives of the National Cancer Institute and wrote a letter to that effect.” Graves claims she referred all this evidence to Dr. Allen S. Rabsona Director at the National Cancer Institute, who immediately destroyed all of it. According to Graves, the reason was that Rabson was on the 1971 HIV/AIDS developmental committee and his name appeared in the Progress Reports.

    在他的一个寻求法院命令公布进一步文件的法律案件中,格雷夫斯显然不仅向法院提交了流程图,还提交了2000年5月15日维多利亚·卡吉尔医生的一封信,她是国家卫生研究所艾滋病研究室的医务官。在那封信中,Cargill博士显然宣称,该流程图确实是HIV病毒的流程图——这似乎是美国政府承认HIV病毒产生的官方文件。有证据表明,Cargill博士“找到了流程图,以及国家癌症研究所档案中的一些特殊病毒计划的进展报告,并为此写了一封信。”Graves声称,她将所有这些证据交给了国家癌症研究所所长Allen S.Rabson博士,后者立即销毁了所有证据。Graves,原因是Rabson是1971年艾滋病毒/艾滋病发展委员会的成员,他的名字出现在了进展报告中。

    11.7. Alan Cantwell

    Dr. Cantwell has written extensively about the manufacture and distribution of HIV. He is the author of Queer blood : the secret AIDS genocide plot[31] as well as a book titled “AIDS and the Doctors of Death”, which can be accessed at [32] There are also two videos available. ; Part 1 [33] and Part 2. [34] Here are a few of his observations:


    There is no proof that AIDS, which first appeared exclusively in young, primarily white, gay men in Manhattan, came from Africa. This is yet another myth about AIDS. How could a supposed black heterosexual African epidemic transform itself into an exclusively white young gay men’s disease in Manhattan? In my opinion this is biologically impossible. Furthermore, there was no “incubation period” for HIV in America. As soon as the government-sponsored gay hepatitis B experiment (1978-1981) ended in Manhattan in 1981 the epidemic became official. The first cases of AIDS in gay men appeared in Manhattan in 1979, soon after the vaccination experiment began.”


    Before the U.S. government took an interest in the health of gay men, there were no “strange fatal diseases” of obscure origin found in homosexuals. As soon as they signed up for government-sponsored gay vaccine experiments, the community was doomed and ravaged with the AIDS epidemic and the concomitant Karposis sarcoma epidemic. And recall that for the first few years the U.S. government basically ignored the disease, except to gather statistics. I honestly believe the release of HIV via vaccine programs was an experiment using gays and African blacks as testers, and that the disease was allowed to spread intentionally.” [35]


    He also states there were no proven cases of AIDS in Africa prior to 1979, and that from the very beginning the standard narrative was that HIV originated with primates in Africa and the entire thrust of the media and government-paid investigation consisted of an attempt to “prove” this origin. Cantwell claims correctly that this is not at all the same as a sincere search for the true origin. To quote Cantwell: “There has never been a serious discussion of man-made AIDS in the New York Times or in any other major media outlet, except to refer to the theory as paranoia and conspiracy theory. As I said, the man-made theory of AIDS has remained taboo for more than a quarter-century, and it is likely to remain in the closet because the true history of AIDS is so incriminating.”


    “Cantwell further made the substantial point that the extremely high statistical correlation between the locations of vaccinations in both Africa and the US and the locations of outbreaks of HIV, were dismissed entirely by the media and US authorities as “insufficient evidence” and perhaps a minor “contamination problem”, whereas a questionable test on a dried-up blood sample taken from an unknown person in the Congo in 1959 constituted “absolute proof” that human HIV existed prior to the US military’s research. Another medical researcher, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has advanced essentially the same theory of the true origin of HIV in two books he has written that question the accidental appearance of both HIV and Ebola.

    坎特威尔进一步提出了实质性的观点,即非洲和美国的疫苗接种地点与艾滋病毒爆发地点之间极高的统计相关性,被媒体和美国当局完全认为是“证据不足”可能是一个轻微的“污染问题”,而1959年对刚果一名未知人员的干血样本进行的一项可疑测试构成了“绝对证据”证明在美军进行研究之前,人类艾滋病毒就已经存在。另一位医学研究人员Leonard Horowitz博士在他写的两本书中提出了基本上相同的关于艾滋病毒真正起源的理论,这两本书都质疑艾滋病毒和埃博拉病毒的意外出现。

    11.8. 世界卫生组织 — The WHO

    Geneva, Switzerland. Source


    To further our conspiracy theory, what would it take to convince us that the WHO was not only an interested partner in the development of HIV but knowingly distributed hundreds of millions of vaccine doses that were contaminated with HIV and was responsible for the rapid spread of HIV in Africa? What kind of evidence would we want?


    Would it help if we had documentation of the WHO’s declared interest in developing an HIV virus, and overwhelming circumstantial evidence that the distribution of AIDS in Africa closely matched various WHO vaccination campaigns? Again, fortunately for us, this is precisely what we have.


    It is important to our story that it wasn’t only the US military that was interested in the potential of an immuno-deficient retro-virus. Another criminal conspirator, the UN’s World Health Organisation –the WHO – also exhibited a drooling fascination with the possibilities, perhaps as a population control measure. From the WHO, we have the following: “An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the inflicting virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the virus.”[36][37] This is certainly a clear reference to an HIV-type pathogen, and we need to ask ourselves why the WHO would have such an interest in viruses designed to kill the human immune system.


    As Dr. Alan Cantwell noted, this was a rather “diabolical experiment” for the WHO to conceive:


    “The [UN] report indicates that infection with certain retroviruses could result in “selective damage” to the immune system, particularly to white blood cells known as “T-cells”This immune system damage could also lead to cancer. The WHO recommended a “systematic evaluation” of these immunosuppressive retroviruses. Part Two of the memorandum reviews the results of previous animal experiments which have “serious implications for human disease and clinical research”. In the same year (1972) a document published in the Federation Proceedings proposed the further study of bacterial and virus “antigens” that selectively kill T-cells in the blood. The scientific committee “visualized” human vaccination experiments conducted on [siblings] “during preventive vaccination”. In plainer English, the word … refers to children of the same family; “during preventive vaccination” means children would be covertly given “experimental” infectious agents (i.e., “bacterial and viral antigens”) at the time of routine vaccinations. The WHO officials stressed the need for the proper “choice of an appropriate control population”. Within a few years of these suggested experiments, a new and mysterious immunosuppressive disease began killing millions of African Blacks.”


    If this isn’t clear, the WHO was recommending the development of a retrovirus, HIV or similar,  that would kill the human immune system, then to test it on “an appropriate control population” (i.e., poor blacks) during routine vaccination programs. Absent from these reports is any mention that these experiments would be done with either the knowledge or the consent of those vaccinated.


    Life expectancy in South Africa is no more than 45 years. Many people do not see or know their grandparents. Source


    Dr. William Campbell Douglass wrote a well-known report titled “W. H .O. Murdered Africa“. [38] In that report, he states that HIV was finally produced (genetically engineered) in 1974, after having been predicted and requested. He states that the AIDS virus distribution by the WHO, was not just a diabolical scientific exercise that got out of hand; it was a cold-blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. African AIDS was the result of the smallpox eradication vaccine program conducted by the World Health Organization during the 1970s. It was not an accident. It was deliberate!

    William Campbell Douglass博士撰写了一份著名的报告,题为“W.H.O.谋杀非洲”[38]在该报告中,他指出在预测和要求之后艾滋病毒终于在1974年产生(基因工程)。他说,艾滋病毒被世界卫生组织散播,这不仅仅是一场失控的科学实验;这是一场非常冷血的尝试,去创造出一种杀手病毒,用来在非洲成功地进行实验。非洲的艾滋病,是世界卫生组织在1970年在非洲进行根除天花疫苗项目的结果。这不是一场医疗事故。这是故意的!

    11.9. 世界卫生组织疫苗接种计划 — The WHO Vaccination Programs

    In 1975, a man named Nathan Gordon, who had been Chief of the CIA’s Chemistry Branch, testified before a US Congressional Committee on the “Unauthorized Stockpiling of Toxic Agents”, and stated that in his view the only certain method of killing large numbers of people would be to vaccinate themto “put some of them in one long line and inoculate each and every one”. Here is some of his testimony: [39]

    1975年,曾任中央情报局化学处处长的Nathan Gordon在美国国会“未经授权储存有毒制剂”委员会作证,并表示在他看来,杀死大量人的唯一确定方法是为他们接种疫苗,“把他们中的一些人排成一长队,每一个人都接种”。以下是他的一些证词:[39]

    Africa was the center of several ambitious campaigns to rid that part of the world of various diseases. Two of these campaigns which are of interest include massive polio vaccination in the 1950s and 1960s, and a similar one for smallpox that began in the late 1970s and ended in the late 1980s. More than 20 African nations were included, but the vaccination programs were also conducted in South America and other areas, all under the jurisdiction and planning of the WHO but included participation and support from USAID, the CDC, the NCI and, of course, from Merck who manufactured the vaccines. Records indicate that in the early years of the program, 200 to 250 million doses of vaccine were administered annually, and that these same nations participating in the WHO’s vaccination campaigns were almost exclusively those experiencing the massive outbreaks of HIVBrazil, the only South American country covered in the eradication campaign, had the highest incidence of Aids in that region.



    In South Africa, the number of people living with AIDS and HIV has increased by almost 4 million in 17 years. Source


    It is not for nothing that many prominent scientific groups, scientists, and researchers have independently concluded that HIV was deliberately created in a US military lab as a biological weapon and a tool of population control. Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, made an outright claim that the AIDS virus was a deliberately created biological agent. The UK Guardian seemed to agree with her. [40]

    许多著名的科学团体、科学家和研究人员独立得出结论,认为艾滋病毒是在美国军事实验室故意制造的,是作为一种生物武器和人口控制工具肯尼亚生态学家Wangari Maathai是第一位获得诺贝尔和平奖的非洲女性,她直截了当地宣称艾滋病病毒是一种故意制造的生物制剂。英国《卫报》似乎同意她的观点。[40]

    There is a great deal of history and detail attached to this topic but, for the cynics, the most startling circumstantial proof of not only the military development of the AIDS virus but of its almost-certainly deliberate release into the world, emerged from the activity of the WHO. The WHO were conducting large-scale smallpox vaccination programs in Africa and South America, these activities highly correlated with the places and times when the HIV virus emerged in the populations. The concern is that one such occasion would be a coincidence, but this would be neither the first nor the last time the WHO would be implicated in a deliberate outbreak of disease and epidemics.


    The London Times linked these WHO vaccine programs to the outbreak of AIDS, claiming the AIDS epidemics were likely “triggered by the mass vaccination campaign”. It was a WHO advisor who disclosed the linkage. In an article on May 11, 1987, the London Times[41][42][43] confirmed the linkage of the WHO vaccines to the outbreak of AIDS, writing that “The Aids epidemic may have been triggered by the [WHO] mass [smallpox] vaccination campaign.” The impetus for the article was an adviser to the WHO, who disclosed the correlation between the vaccination locations and the outbreaks of HIV. The Times quoted him as saying:


    “I thought it was just a coincidence until we studied the latest findings about the reactions which can be caused by vaccinia. Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation to the explosion of Aids. The greatest spread of HIV infection coincides with the most intense [WHO] immunization programmes”.



    Immediately after this Smallpox-HIV vaccine story appeared on the front-page of The London Times, it was killed and never appeared again in any of the world major media.


    11.10. 艾滋病在美国的传播 — Spread of AIDS in the US

    ACT UP members march in the Gay Pride Parade, New York, June 1989. Source

    1989年6月,纽约,ACT UP成员在同性恋骄傲游行中游行。来源

    The same was true in the US where HIV exploded suddenly in the precise locations where the military and the CDC conducted their experimental Hepatitis B vaccination program. Let’s look at some of the details.


    In 1978, the US military, fronted by the CDC, began what it called “experimental Hepatitis B vaccine trials” in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The advertisements for participants in these trials, specifically requested only homosexual men who were “not monogamous”, and only sexually “promiscuous males between the ages of 20 and 40”. The participants were all white, well-educated and perfectly healthy but, as Dr. Alan Cantwell wrote, “As soon as homosexuals signed up as guinea pigs for the government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments, they began to die with a strange virus of unknown origin. The hepatitis B experiments began in Manhattan in the fall of 1978; the first few cases of AIDS (all young gays from Manhattan) were reported to the CDC in 1979. My research clearly supports the outbreak of AIDS cases in Los Angeles and San Francisco shortly after the experiment began in those cities. Not surprisingly, the government has refused to release data on the number of AIDS deaths that have occurred in the large group of gay men who initially volunteered for the vaccine experiment.”

    1978年,美国军方在疾病预防控制中心的领导下,在纽约、洛杉矶和旧金山开始了所谓的“实验性乙型肝炎疫苗试验”。这些试验参与者的广告专门要求“非一夫一妻制”的同性恋男性,以及“20至40岁的滥交男性”参与者都是白人,受过良好教育,非常健康,但正如Alan Cantwell博士所写,“同性恋者一报名成为政府资助的乙型肝炎疫苗实验的豚鼠,他们就开始死于一种来源不明的奇怪病毒。乙型肝炎实验于1978年秋天在曼哈顿开始;1979年,美国疾病控制与预防中心报告了首批艾滋病病例(均为来自曼哈顿的年轻同性恋)我的研究清楚地支持了在洛杉矶和旧金山实验开始后不久艾滋病病例的爆发。毫不奇怪,政府拒绝公布最初自愿参加疫苗实验的一大群男同性恋中艾滋病死亡人数的数据。

    “It appears that hesitant, small-scale trials with this “experimental Hepatitis vaccine” were begun in 1970 and lasted for about four years, but the US military refuses to disclose where these trials were conducted or to provide information about the number of participants. And in 1974, Saul Krugman published statements from Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman that “4 lots of [experimental hepatitis B] vaccine”, approximately 200,000 doses, were ready for “initial limited clinical tests“, begging the important question of who were to be the 200,000 victims of a “limited initial” test. Again, the authorities have stonewalled all investigations into these human experiments, refusing to release any documentation on the makeup of the vaccine or the fate of all those unwitting victims.


    And it was yet another two years later, in 1976, that “Phase I and II” of the administration of this experimental hepatitis B vaccine were conducted on homosexual men in New York City, by the above-referenced Saul Krugman and his colleagues, the results of which apparently led to the widespread full-blown campaign in 1978. The later trials in New York City were apparently under the direction of a Dr. Wolf Szmuness, involving some 1,100 gay men. In any case, shortly after the initiation of these experimental trials, the first cases of HIV were confirmed in homosexual men in the three cities and the precise locations where the Hepatitis B vaccine was administered.

    又过了两年,也就是1976年,索尔·克鲁格曼和他的同事在纽约市对同性恋男性进行了这种实验性乙型肝炎疫苗的“第一阶段和第二阶段”给药,其结果显然导致了1978年广泛而全面的运动。后来在纽约市进行的审判显然是在Wolf Szmuness博士的指导下进行的,涉及大约1100名男同性恋。无论如何,在这些实验试验开始后不久,在三个城市和接种乙肝疫苗的确切地点,同性恋男性中确诊了第一例艾滋病毒病例。


    Dr. Cantwell says there is no question that HIV was introduced into the homosexual communities via the Hepatitis vaccine “experiment”. And, given the circumstances and extraordinary secrecy surrounding all of this, and the fact that it was entirely a military endeavor, that “introduction” of HIV was unlikely to have been accidental. It seems especially incriminating that the US military and the entire US government apparatus have refused for more than 40 years to disclose the data on the thousands of gay men subjected to the so-called Hepatitis vaccine, and the numbers of those who contracted HIV.


    There were many articles in the popular media and in respected medical journals that were desperately (I would say ‘too desperately’) devoted to creating an official narrative “proving” that HIV originated with monkeys in Africa and that its rapid and widespread transmission throughout Africa and transfer to other countries and continents was simply an accident of fate. Numerous researchers and commentators, many of dubious credentials, claimed HIV “probably” originated in the 1940s, and many repeated a claim (since proved false) that proof was found in 1959 of man dying of HIV, his blood samples having been conveniently preserved for 50 years in a hut in Africa. One of the main difficulties was in accounting for the species jump from primates to humans, but the wordsmiths at the CIA were nothing if not creative.


    One of my favorite stories, heavily promulgated by CNN and much of the Western media, attributed the transfer of HIV (from African primates to North American whites) to a homosexual Air Canada flight attendant named Gaëtan Dugas, who has been catalogued by AIDS researchers as “patient zero”. The story is that Dugas was on a “long layover” in Africa and apparently spent all his free time having sex with monkeys, thereby contracting the HIV virus and bringing it to North America. There was no mention of Dugas infecting anyone in his home town of Montreal, but CNN told us “The Canadian flight attendant was linked sexually to dozens of the first AIDS cases identified among gay men in the United States.”

    我最喜欢的一个故事由美国有线电视新闻网和许多西方媒体大量报道,它将艾滋病毒(从非洲灵长类动物传播到北美白人)的传播归因于一位名叫Gaëtan Dugas的同性恋加拿大航空公司乘务员,他被艾滋病研究人员列为“零号病人”故事是这样的,Dugas在非洲“长时间停留”,显然他把所有的空闲时间都花在了与猴子发生性关系上,从而感染了艾滋病毒并将其带到了北美。没有提到杜加斯在他的家乡蒙特利尔感染了任何人,但美国有线电视新闻网告诉我们:“这名加拿大空姐与美国第一批在男同性恋中发现的数十例艾滋病病例有性关系。

    If true, that would constitute promiscuity with a capital “P”, but for many reasons the tale is on the cusp of unbelievable and impossible. First, if the story were true and the man were real, and he was as promiscuous as we are told, he would almost certainly have infected half of Montreal before reaching San Francisco and New York. For another, for the man to be personally linked to dozens of the first HIV cases, would indicate a single source which the facts clearly refute. Also, since even CNN admitted Dugas was by no means linked to all initial HIV cases, there had to be another source or sources. As well, nobody promulgating this tale cared to deal with the virtual impossibility of the species jump and consequent mutations of such a virus necessary to infect humans. However, after more sane people brought the facts to light, even Wikipedia has admitted the claims against Dugas were false[44] while CNN now purports to tell us “The truth about ‘patient zero’ and HIV’s origins” [45] and Canada’s CBC claims the man has been “exonerated”. [46]


    But in any case, to suggest a man would want to run around Africa having sex with monkeys is merely stupid, though the potential risk might form a cautionary tale for sheep ranchers in Australia.


    As well, many publications produced a version of “Scientists have pinpointed what is believed to be the earliest known case of AIDS …”, all differing in facts and details, but all attempting to prove the virus crossed from African monkeys to humans of its own accord. Another CNN version told us that “Researchers at the University of Alabama report they have traced the source of HIV to a type of chimpanzee in West Central Africa.” Some imaginative British researchers even discovered a sailor from Manchester who also died in 1959 and whose blood samples – also conveniently preserved for 50 years – proved that he died of HIV. Unfortunately, it was quickly discovered that his supposed blood sample had been only recently contaminated with HIV, either accidentally or deliberately. Nevertheless, all these stories, and there were many, were claimed by authorities to definitively refute the various “conspiracy theories” about the origin of HIV.


    Dr. Alan Cantwell related the story of Dr. David Heymann, who was the Executive Director of the WHO’s Communicable Disease Program and who, in a 1992 interview on the topic of HIV having been spread through contaminated experimental polio vaccines, was quoted as having said, “The origin of the AIDS virus is of no importance to science today. Any speculation on how it arose is of no importance.” Dr. Cantwell asked how this could possibly not be of vast importance when it might suggest a deliberate mass culling of human populations and genocide. For a man in Dr. Heymann’s position to make such a statement borders on being bizarre, and with the strong smell of a man saying, “Don’t go there.” As a point of interest, Heymann, “led the WHO’s global response to the SARS epidemic.” [47] I don’t find that comforting. And the Rothschild’s Chatham House calls Heymann “a distinguished fellow” and “one of our people”[48] I find that even less comforting.


    Cantwell added further that:


    “Government health agencies have little interest in uncovering possible man-made origins of any emerging disease because such an investigation could compromise covert biowarfare activities. The WHO is no exception. In reality, the WHO (according to its own mission statement) “cooperates” with government agencies like the US Department of Defense, which funds the US biological warfare program. It is easy to understand why researchers might want to obscure the man-made origin for AIDS and blame primates. It is now apparent that most of the major researchers promoting the African primate origin of AIDS were connected with the largely secret Special Virus Cancer Program, or are scientists involved in the transfer of viruses in animal research, particularly primate research.”


    I would add that the Western media and a great many writers and columnists, to say nothing of a virtual flood of pseudo-scientists, made an immense effort to bury the average reader in an avalanche of irrelevancies and trivia, listing all the kinds of monkeys or primates that might have been involved, all the possible transmission media imaginable, interminable if questionable genetic “facts” and theories, sufficient to render it almost impossible to focus on the core issues. One of those issues of course is the simultaneous emergence of HIV in Africa, North America, and South America, with North America experiencing simultaneity in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and that of Africa in more than 20 nations.


    I will repeat here an extract from the Chapters on Biological Weapons, where Leonard Horowitz and Zygmunt Dembek identified some signs of a bio-warfare agent:

    我将在这里重复《生物武器章节》的摘录,Leonard Horowitz和Zygmunt Dembek在其中发现了一些生物战剂的迹象

    Disease caused by an uncommon agent, with lack of an epidemiological explanation. i.e. no clear idea of source.



    An unusual, rare, (probably) genetically engineered strain of an agent.



    Unusual manifestation and/or geographic distribution.



    Multiple epidemics. If simultaneous epidemics occur at different locations with the same organism, it is highly suspect.


    And again, recent disease outbreaks that would seem to properly qualify as potential bio-warfare agents are AIDS, SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Hantavirus, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Ebola, Polio (Syria), Foot and Mouth Disease, the Gulf War Syndrome and ZIKA. And in fact thousands of prominent scientists, physicians, virologists and epidemiologists on many continents have concurred that all these viruses were lab-created and their release deliberate.


    In March of 1996, Scientific American published an article titled, “The African AIDS Epidemic”, in which they stated “One frequently mentioned explanation for the severe epidemic in the AIDS belt is that the virus originated here and continues to move outward from an epicenter of disease. But AIDS cases appeared in hospitals in Uganda and Rwanda at the same time they did in the West, and no stored human-tissue samples taken from Africans during the 1970s are HIV-positive.” A further issue, which the article also addressed, was that “HIV in Africa was entirely a heterosexual disease, affecting everyone equally. Prior to 1978, there was no sign of the AIDS virus, yet it struck [only] the US gay community with a vengeance.” None of the articles adhering to the standard monkey narrative were able to satisfactorily explain these latter points, and indeed for such simultaneous events to occur in places so far distant, and to infect very different kinds of individuals, would of necessity suggest deliberation and planning rather than randomness.


    “The most common theory that appears to explain the outbreaks of HIV in Africa relates to vaccine contamination, which has been a persistent concern almost since the beginning of the process. Today, many vaccines are prepared from common bases, all of which appear to contain contaminants and which have managed in turn to contaminate the entire blood supply of the Western world and, according to virologists, have altered human DNA in ways not understood.” I have mentioned elsewhere that a common monkey virus, SV40, found its way into the US blood supply and into the national vaccine base, and that more than 100 million Americans were infected with SV40, the eventual results being still unknown but probably including increased rates of cancer.


    Perhaps the most important issue is that it was the WHO’s smallpox vaccination campaigns in the 1970s and 1980 that appear to have triggered the vast outbreaks of HIV. The relationship between the WHO smallpox campaigns and the sudden appearance of HIV appears irrefutable, simply from the coincidence of location as revealed in the London Times article, where it appears evident that every place subjected to smallpox vaccines also quickly developed an HIV epidemic. The questions then revolved around the content of these later vaccines and whether the HIV infections were accidental or deliberate. This portion of the debate rages on even today, with strong convictions on both sides of the argument.


    The portion of the argument made by the prosecution against the WHO that claims the use of infected vaccines is probably very strong and is supported by a great deal of practical and circumstantial evidence. The second portion of the argument, the ‘conspiracy’ part, that proposes deliberate intent on the part of the WHO to infect populations with a pathogen is the one creating all the heat. It would be easier to dismiss the conspiracy portion of this theory if there were not such an abundance of evidence that the WHO really is a criminal organisation dedicated to world population reduction and the sales of billions of doses of vaccines manufactured by its masters. Even a quick glance at the historical record will indicate a surprising correlation between most, or even all, of the WHO vaccination campaigns and the outbreak of yet another disease epidemic. As with most other kinds of repeated events, one is unfortunate, two is bad luck, three might be carelessness, but twenty-five is a plan. Even worse, the WHO has been caught in circumstances of astonishing deceit and enormous criminal intent in some of its vaccination programs, as you have already seen, the massive sterilization campaign masked as tetanus vaccinations being one example.


    On June 5, 1981, the CDC published the first documentation of AIDS. Source


    It is this weight of evidence that bears so heavily on the HIV epidemics. And of course, the outbreaks of HIV in the US correlated almost perfectly with the Hepatitis B vaccination campaigns conducted by the NHS. When you launch a Hepatitis vaccination campaign involving thousands of healthy homosexual men and most of those are quickly discovered to have contracted HIV, simple denials are insufficient and, when the official story clearly does not make sense and does not serve to explain the phenomena we witness, our instinctive conclusion is that someone is lying to us.That conclusion becomes conviction when the authorities adamantly refuse to release details of the vaccination campaigns.


    And, just as with the WHO, the authorities, the pharma companies, and vaccine makers, have been caught lying to us too many times in the past for us to accept their stories this time. This is where the matter rests today, with a great many people deeply suspicious of both the WHO and the health authorities. And of course, it is of no help that the volume of evidence appears to strongly support the theory that HIV was indeed created by the US military as a biological weapon, and also that active population reduction has in fact for many decades now been one of the pillars of existence of some very influential institutions, the Rockefeller group and various UN segments including our favorite WHO among these, and including our perhaps too-active philanthropist Bill Gates and his Foundation. Given all the factual and circumstantial evidence, it is not at all difficult to imagine the deliberate creation and dispersal of lethal pathogens by those who believe the world is theirs to control.


    11.10 . 后记 — Epilogue

    …and logic would seem to indicate that the planning for all these travesties emanates from The City of London.


    I have not conclusively proven the thesis proposed at the beginning of this article. We have voluminous (and powerful) circumstantial evidence, but the remainder lies in the sphere of conjecture and hypothesis. The facts presented are still facts, and they definitely justify suspicionbut they are not of themselves proof of the US government and military involved in a massive conspiracy with the WHO, and all orchestrated by the European Khazar mafia in The City of London. Nevertheless, this essay may provide food for thought and perhaps provoke other minds to contribute to the process. The object is to uncover and document the whole truth, whatever that might be. And perhaps a caution to avoid both the WHO and vaccines.


    It may not be so difficult for us to concede that the US government and military have indeed done all the evil deeds these articles have exposedbut it may be more difficult for us to accept that the United Nations and its various organisations like the WHOUNICEFUNFPA, the IMF, the World Bankand many more, are all cut from the same cloth. And yet the evidence is irrefutable.


    Surprising as it may seem, Robert McNamara‘s efforts described earlier, were merely one small part of an American program of human experimentation, torture, sterilisation and much more, an overall program staggering in its enormity, its depravity, and its callous disregard for human life. The CIA’s MK-ULTRA program was almost infinitely larger than MacNamara’s programs. I discussed it in detail in an earlier essay which you can access here. [49] I also provided summaries of some of the fiendish human experimentation conducted by the US authorities over decades, in an earlier essay titled “The Dark Side of America: Human Experimentation”. You can access it here. [50]


    The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Poisoner in Chief” on Sidney Gottlieb, the mastermind behind MK-ULTRA[51], and the New York Times published an article where William Colby of the CIA describes the CIA’s “poison work”[52] and the NYT also published an article on a Congressional Hearing where Senators were informed (as one example) of how the CIA prepared a poison to kill Patrice Lumumba, the Congolese Prime Minister who was becoming troublesome to the US. [53] All of these, and very much more, are pieces of a gigantic worldwide network of atrocities.

    《华尔街日报》发表了一篇关于MK-ULTRA幕后主谋西德尼·戈特利布(Sidney Gottlieb)的题为《毒枭》的文章[51],《纽约时报》发表了中央情报局的威廉·科尔比(William Colby)描述中央情报局“毒枭工作”的文章[52],《纽约邮报》也在国会听证会上发表了一文章,参议员们在听证会上获悉(作为一个例子)中央情报局如何准备毒药杀死刚果总理帕特里斯·卢蒙巴(Patrice Lumunba),后者正成为美国的麻烦[53所有这些,以及更多,都是庞大的全球暴行网络的一部分。

    And, surprising as it may seem, those activities above form only a small part of the entire worldwide picture of planned travesties that include human experimentation, torture, sterilisation, biological warfare, impoverishment, and depopulation. The US may be the largest and most visible participant in this picture, but Americans are by no means the only players in this game, and logic would seem to indicate that the planning for all these travesties emanates from The City of London. Nothing is what it appears to be. These groups are criminal organisations following an agenda that is in no way in the best interest of the peoples of the world.



    Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


    His full archive can be seen at

    他的完整档案可以在 +

    He can be contacted at:



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    [34] Dr. Alan Cantwell – AIDS and the Doctors of Death – Part 2

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