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    • Playing the Word Game
    • 玩文字游戏

In early 2014 the Shanghai Daily carried an article by Cherry Cao titled “Pudong office rents outperform Puxi’s in Q4”. Its content is instructive. First, what are rising prices? Inflation. Is that good? Not usually. We certainly don’t like to see rising home prices, we don’t enjoy paying more for the fuel for our cars and few of us are happy to pay the increasing prices in the supermarkets. China’s Central Government has taken resolute action on many occasions to kill inflation, to at least stop prices increasing if not to drive them down. Inflation is bad, and harms almost everyone. But this article isn’t bemoaning rising office rents in Pudong; quite the contrary, it suggests that this is a good thing because Pudong’s rents are “outperforming” those in Puxi. What are we to think?



 If I own a shopping mall and raise the rents, 600 shop-owners will now have to raise their prices and hundreds of thousands of shoppers will have to pay more for the goods they buy. Who is supposed to be happy about this? The consumers have nothing to cheer about. Certainly the shop-owners aren’t happy. Does the city government smile at the news that rent inflation is taking its toll on smaller businesses? I don’t see why it would. The only person who is happy is me, because I am bleeding more bank accounts faster. The end result of course, is precisely the income disparity that everyone claims is a bad thing, the increasing transfer and concentration of wealth in a steadily decreasing number of hands. By raising the rents, I am transferring several RMB from each purchase by hundreds of thousands of individual consumers, through the shop-keepers, into my bank account. That is the prime source of what we call income disparity, the difference in assets between the very rich and everyone else. What we need to do is to push the rents down, make it easier for the shop-owners to stay in business and offer lower prices. And we need to increase taxes to the landlords, to reduce the profitability from their greed, and redistribute that money through civic infrastructure and social services. This is how we push incomes to the lower levels, to the smaller shops and the smallest consumer, and how we reduce the income disparity in China. And in doing this, we needn’t feel sympathy for the landlords who now have only $80 billion instead of $90 billion.


And therein lies the danger of listening to the Americans: the risk of being contaminated by their political/religious/capitalist ideology is surprisingly high because you become infected without conscious realisation. The subtle changes in definition and usage of words, the clever presentation of bad as good and, just as with the movies, we unconsciously accept the moral lesson contained in the message, in this case that “performance” is somehow a good thing, even if the thing performing is inflation. And instead of feeling concern, we are urged to feel a kind of pride that Pudong is performing so well and also a bit of pity for poor Puxi that is underperforming the market, probably being left behind because it is old-fashioned. Rising prices – bad inflation – is now reclassified as good performance, cleverly couched in terms of prestige, success, and high-class development and therefore to be praised. We are creating a myth that bad is really good and should be supported. Listen to the words, and how they are intended to push us to accept values that are against our own best interest. This choice of words is not an accident:


“Rents for Grade A offices on the Pudong side of the Huangpu River “continued to outperform” those on the Puxi side”, “strong demand” “continuing to drive rental growth”. And this was “a notable contrast” to poor Puxi that “shed” its prices and had “a flat office leasing market” because “demand from cost-conscious companies” remained weak.


What conclusions do we draw from these words? First, that Pudong is growing and expanding and doing markedly better than Puxi, with increasing demand driving growth, and attracting all the companies that have money. How can we not be in favor of that? And secondly that backward Puxi is not expanding but contracting, “shedding” its growth, and how can we be happy about that? Even worse, Puxi rents were flat because demand from “cost-conscious” companies was weak, and what does that imply? That Puxi is the location of choice for firms with no money, those who can’t afford to rent nice space because they aren’t expanding and are probably worried about paying the water bill. Not only that, but Puxi is probably on a long-term trend to failure since it is “shedding” what appears to be value. But Puxi is not shedding value; instead, it is shedding high prices, the opposite of inflation, which is what everyone really wants.


And with all of this, where will you go if you want to rent space? To Pudong with its driving growth and demand, where all the action is, or to poor shrinking backward Puxi with all the other losers who have no money? And what is the result of all this? To take advantage of clever psychological tricks to force demand in Pudong where these companies are building and leasing space, to play up Pudong at the expense of Puxi, to denigrate the real heart of Shanghai, to change social attitudes and alter society’s values to fill the pockets of parties with vested interests. For many of the above quotes we can thank Eric Xin at Jones Lang LaSalle and others at Colliers International, which are not Chinese companies and have no interest whatever in what is good for China. I would be interested to know if these people think about what they do, in terms of what is good for Shanghai, beyond promoting huge profits for an American company.


China is being contaminated by American ideology and so-called “values” in ways you can’t even imagine. It wouldn’t be so bad if these values were beneficial or neutral, but they are not. American firms, and the US government, are almost viciously anti-consumer and anti-society, this ideology reflected in their actions if not their words. Why do you suppose Monsanto is suing every state in the US that tries to pass food-labeling laws requiring identification of GM food? Why do you suppose the US has the most expensive and dysfunctional mobile phone system in the world, but some of the most profitable mobile phone companies? Why do you suppose the US government spent trillions bailing out the banks that caused 25% of Americans to lose their homes, altogether ignoring the victims of those banks? This is merely one symptom of the insanity that is the financialisation of the American economy: cheering for high prices in new home sales, office and shop rents, bank profits, a rise in the Chinese currency and more. Increasingly, portions of society that should be stable are being treated as a kind of imaginary “investment” for the benefit of the public when of course they are no such thing. In what way are excessively high home prices or property rents a good thing for society? In what way is a steadily increasing currency exchange rate good for China?


The International bankers and financiers have utilised their control of the media over decades to create an enormously dangerous public myth that price-gouging and excessively-high corporate profits are somehow good for the economy of a nation and for the people. We needn’t be very intelligent to realise this is nonsense. And yes of course corporations need profits in order to grow and remain in business, but this is not the issue; it isn’t normal or reasonable profits that are being encouraged and praised, but excessive and abnormal ones. The purpose of course is the dividends and stock values for the top 1% who control these banks and industrial companies, but they are not “society” in any sense, and their intention is not to contribute but to drain, to bleed the middle and lower classes and transfer an increasing share of national wealth to themselves. This is the cause of the large and growing income disparity in America today, precisely the situation the Americans are encouraging in China and that China is working to reduce: Capitalism is extractive by nature, never contributive, and will destroy a society if not rigidly controlled.


We read that China’s RMB is “performing well” on international markets. What does that mean? China’s currency is rising in relation to currencies of other countries, damaging China’s trade position, making Chinese goods more expensive and creating domestic employment pressure. Why is that good? Yes, it lowers the cost of imports and makes foreign travel cheaper, but most Chinese expenditures are for domestic products whose market position is damaged by their price increases relative to foreign goods. And the lower-income people suffer the most, increasing China’s income disparity. But “performance” must somehow be good, and we often fail to think beyond this.


We read the same propaganda with relation to bank profits, the US media constantly crowing about these reaching record highs, as if this were a good thing for the nation. It isn’t a good thing, not in any sense. Tens of millions of Americans have lost their homes and jobs, with many millions of these people working part-time at McDonald’s or Wal-Mart and sleeping in tents in the park, but Americans have for generations been conditioned to cheer on command when Goldman Sachs is achieving record profits. And again, of course banks need profits to stay in business, but again that isn’t the issue. The issue is that banks are achieving exorbitant profits at the expense of the nation, sucking immense sums of money from the middle and lower classes and concentrating it in a few hands. The retail fees and charges – and lack of paid interest – function as a tax on all of society, something no other industry can do, and it is these greatly-increased fees and charges to consumers that create the record profits. Why should we cheer about that? There was a time when banks earned their profits by taking deposits on which they paid 3% and lent out at 6%, and that interest rate differential was sufficient for them to survive and make a good living. But then greed activated their imagination and they discovered hundreds of ways to make customers pay extra fees, not because they did anything to earn them, but just because they could get away with it.


In the same vein we are conditioned to cheer for a firm like Apple who had more than $200 billion in excess profits sitting in China and other countries, outside the reach of the US tax man. We are supposed to be impressed at this wonderful firm with its sexy products, and cheer its good fortune. But it earned much of that good fortune in viciously anti-consumer behavior, by gouging its Chinese consumers in totally illegal ways, from gross over-pricing to cheating on warranties, charging for free services and paying Foxconn almost nothing for the wages of Chinese workers. Apple’s China executives should be in prison, but instead we are admiring them. Why?


Similarly, in October of 2014, an article in the China Daily by Zheng Yangpeng lamented the “weak” housing prices in many cities in China, saying the October figures were “the gloomiest” house pricing report since January. And Yan Yuejin, an analyst with ‘E-house China R&D Institute‘ was whining that “the road to recovery” was bumpy, complaining that developers “might have to cut prices to get more sales”. And what does all this mean? It means that too many Chinese have lost their brains while listening to the American version of capitalism and free markets.


What are ‘weak housing prices’? Evidence that finally the totally outrageous home prices in some large cities have stopped rising, maybe for the first time in a decade giving hope to millions of Chinese who want to buy their own home. But to Zheng, this is “gloomy” news and we should hope that prices “recover” to even higher levels, creating even more profit for the few owners of three or four companies while another 100 million Chinese can forget about ever buying their own home. And what a shame that developers might actually have to lower their prices. How terrible, that these few people will fail to earn yet more billions, with no apparent thought of the overall good of the nation or the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese. Who is more important to China? A few property developers, or the people? I have no particular animosity toward big business, but:


 If all the large property developers in China go bankrupt, that event would be of no consequence whatever to the nation and others would be quick to take their place. But if 300 million Chinese cannot afford to ever purchase a home, that is of enormous consequence to China and its future.


For the sake of all Chinese, we should hope for more ‘gloomy’ news on house prices, and soon. And these so-called experts need to be committed to institutions for the mentally incompetent where they can stop listening to Americans and do no more harm to their country.


    • Let the Market Decide
    • 由市场决定

This is one of the most pervasive – and most dishonest – capitalist myths promoted by virtually every part of America from the government to the average brainwashed man on the street. But what does it mean to “let the market decide”? For one thing, who is ‘the market’ that will do the deciding? The statement somehow implies that this market consists of all the consumers, designated by God as the final arbiter of choice, and that they should be presented with a more or less unrestricted selection of products, be free to choose those which they prefer, and thus determine the kind and quality of the future flow of products and services. But when dealing with American capitalism, this is precisely what does not happen. The simple truth is that people cannot buy what they prefer because they have no control over the manufacturing and supply of goods. They can choose only from what they are offered.


 General Motors does not want to build electric cars. It made one in the US that was a success, but then repossessed all those cars and had them crushed into scrap metal. GM didn’t want to build them in the US and doesn’t want to build them in China. But China’s government wants electric autos because it realises that is the only hope for a mobile China, that we cannot have 1.5 billion Chinese driving gasoline-powered cars since the resultant pollution would eventually kill everyone. GM refuses to comply with China’s wishes and needs, until recently producing only the useless Volt, badly-overpriced to ensure it wouldn’t sell. GM wants to produce only gasoline-powered autos, so how to deal with China’s government? Easy. Preach the capitalist mantra of “letting the market decide”, which in this case means permitting Chinese customers to choose from among GM’s badly-overpriced and crappy Volt and the badly overpriced and crappy regular GM autos.


 There is nothing in here about producing a wide range of gasoline and electric vehicles and then letting the consumers choose. It is all about GM using the myth of market demand to support its own manufacturing preferences. GM is focused entirely on profits and has minimal knowledge of or concern for China’s larger social or economic needs. GM was telling us there was no demand for electric autos, hardly a surprise since GM didn’t make any. But China’s government is encouraging and subsidising electric auto purchases, which meets with great displeasure from GM who, sadly, doesn’t qualify for the subsidies. We are therefore treated to the added attraction of watching GM whine about how it is morally wrong for the Chinese government to promote or subsidise the manufacture of anything GM doesn’t want to make. GM has little or no interest in either the market or in demand. It simply designs and makes whatever it believes will produce the highest profits. A “free market” means leaving GM free to do whatever it wants. And that is the entire story.


We find the same with housing construction where a relatively small number of firms control the bulk of the residential housing supply. Certainly they assume people will buy what they build, but then people can buy only what is available. Since these firms control the entire design and construction process, they will build whatever they estimate will produce the highest profits, almost entirely without regard for either consumers’ wishes or the good of society as a whole. As with autos, the land development companies use the smoke of “market demand” to justify their own building preferences based solely on profitability.


Capitalism presents its arguments on the basis of some cryptic moral code, suggesting it is tantamount to God’s will or some law of nature that choices must be left to “the market” which, in the end, consists entirely of their own preferences and driven only by their own profitability. The entire mantra of “letting the market decide” has no meaning at all. None. It is all foolish and baseless propaganda presented in terms of some kind of high morality but which, if properly examined in full daylight, would be discarded as dishonesty and nonsense.


American capitalism has pushed the envelope so far in its favor that even Western governments today are afraid to challenge this claim of “letting the market decide”. But it needs to be challenged; the entire capitalist narrative is nothing more than a presumption imposed on a nation by those who stand to gain from it. There are precious few examples where letting the market decide anything, had a beneficial result for a society. GM’s total destruction of the electric train and auto industry in the US was a perfect example of the real meaning of “letting the market decide”. (1)


On the same note, China has been overly blessed with a veritable cornucopia of foreign professors at Chinese universities, people like Patrick Chovanec, a professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management, telling us in condemnatory fashion that China’s government “doesn’t want to let the market define risk”, except that he isn’t talking about ‘defining risk’ but instead about abandoning the economy to the kind of unregulated capitalism that produced the disastrous 2008 financial debacle in the US. Chovanec complains that China “wants to channel resources” in what it deems to be the best places, and is “refusing to give up control” to the free market – as if this were a bad thing. Of course China wants to channel resources and investment into those areas most necessary for the nation. Why wouldn’t China do that? And what demon would possess China’s government that it would turn over full control of the nation’s economy to be structured and then plundered by Western multinationals? Mr. Chovanec’s ideological US preachings no doubt make their way into his classrooms, to the detriment of all students and China’s future.


 There are many such examples of Western “professors” spending their classroom time in subtle and hypocritical condemnation of China’s policies on matters ranging from social planning, censorship, democracy, human rights, infrastructure spending and financial controls, to the evils of a one-party government and the “lack of choice”. These people are dangerous and should be removed. Almost no Americans are able to separate their programmed ideological nonsense from rational fact, and I doubt any American professors would be either able or willing to eliminate their utopian blindness from their classroom responsibilities. In fact, as Americans, they deem it their responsibility to infect their Chinese students with the full gamut of US political and commercial ideologies, all of which will be detrimental to China.





During the 1980s recession, the bankers and MBA’s came to the rescue with yet another new gospel for their capitalist bible, this one dictating that “users” should be held responsible for their personal share of the costs of any public good they accessed, transferring government social costs directly to the public at large. In simple terms, ‘user pay’ means that whenever you as an individual use any service provided by any portion of the state, whether local or national, you should have to pay the cost of that service. Nothing is free any longer, on the theory that it is ‘unfair’ for those who don’t use the public library to ‘subsidise’ you who like to read. Why should my taxes contribute to the cost of public transport, when I don’t use the subway? So, if you use the subway, you pay in full.


 Everything from library cards to public swimming pools, from the use of public highways to hospitals, from airports to driving licenses, were targeted by this recessionist and tragically disingenuous philosophy promulgated by the bankers and business schools. They attacked the very foundations of society, targeting education and health care, all public utilities and transportation, and virtually all public services which had to that point been part of the universal “social good” that all governments funded through general tax revenue. In fact, the bankers and the business schools were simply extrapolating the corporate religion of greed (nominally referred to as “efficiency”) into the public sector. Unfortunately, it seemed to not occur to any Western government that these public goods, manifested in items like communications and transportation, health care, education, were not “costs” in any corporate sense, but were the very fabric of the nation, and as such were necessarily provided by a national government through general taxation.


It is frightening to me that some influential Chinese have senselessly bought into this twisted philosophy with all their hearts, failing to see that the only reason for the existence of their governments was to fulfill these same responsibilities to the people of the nation. But ‘the people’ had now become a kind of enemy, greedy abusers and exploiters of free “optional” services like ambulances or passports. These ‘cheaters’ wanted to drive on streets without paying, or graduate from elementary school at a bargain price. The bankers and business schools exposed to us the irresponsibility of the public in forming such unreasonable expectations of their government, and asked why they should expect to eat freely at the public trough, at the expense of other citizens. It doesn’t seem to occur to many governments that the reason the bankers and corporations don’t want the population ‘feeding from the public trough’ is that they wanted to feed off it themselves, and the trough wasn’t large enough for both the bankers and the people. In the end, governments were re-trained by the bankers and business schools to recognise that the true reason for their existence was not to provide for the people of the nation, but rather to plunder them for the enrichment of the top 1%. User-Pay, which became a new capitalist gospel not for reducing debt but for rapidly accelerating a nation’s income disparity, was a concoction consisting of equal parts of 50% ignorance and 50% stupidity. Privatisation was 100% stupidity.


Wal-Mart and Basketball



 There is one other item that fits neatly into the category of privatising profits and socialising losses, and usually includes big-box hypermarkets, sports venues and transportation nodes. In the US, Wal-Mart has almost always been successful in coercing a local government to pay for all the necessary infrastructure, including access roads, cloverleafs, electrical, sewer and other, when it decides to build a store many Kms. from the nearest highway. This is always justified on the basis of Wal-Mart “creating jobs” when virtually every Wal-Mart in existence has destroyed many more jobs than it has ever created – which is why Wal-Mart is illegal in some US states.


Sports venues like football and hockey stadiums and basketball courts are almost always another massive theft of public funds, the private investor usually threatening to move the stadium to another city unless local authorities pay most of the cost of the facility – without any ownership, of course – hugely increasing the profitability of a sports franchise. It is not for nothing that sports teams are so profitable they sell for hundreds of millions of dollars and yet provide no benefit to a city except foolish pride. Shanghai’s Formula One auto racetrack is one good example; there are hundreds more. Shanghai Disneyland would like a high-speed train link directly to its site; so long as Disney pays for it, I have no objection, the same as with other public facilities. This is one of the oldest scams existing, sucking billions of dollars of public funds to enrich a few private pockets, almost always Jewish-American pockets since this particular fraud was invented by them.


 The stories about professional sports teams are the stuff of legend, of naive and gullible local governments spending billions of taxpayer dollars to enrich the personal bank accounts of one or two individuals and receiving little or nothing in return. It is always astonishing to read of the extortion so openly practiced by the owners of sports teams, usually of the following nature: “If you don’t build a new stadium (or racetrack, or football field, or basketball court), we will move our team elsewhere and your city will become a wasteland.” The extortionate threats seem to almost always work. And the result? In 2015, St. Louis in the US was dismayed to learn their football team was relocating to Los Angeles, but even more dismayed to realise they still owed a major portion of the nearly $300 million they had borrowed to build a new stadium to convince the team to remain in their city in the first place. The mayor of St. Louis tried to put a brave face on the loss by claiming with the absence of the football team the city could book more conventions to help recover its losses. Perhaps things are different in America, but I don’t know many organisations that care to hold a convention on a football field. But not to lose the main point which is that none of these contracts, at least none that have come to my knowledge, contain any penalties for a renege or a default on the part of the company. Again, a one-way street. It’s actually worse than this, because in so many cases a city also incurs substantial costs for creation or upgrading of roads and utilities as well as for the facility itself. Moreover, many of these firms demand as part of the incentive for their presence that the local government embark on an intense crackdown to protect logos, copyrights and various other things loosely classified as IP, much as Disney is doing in Shanghai.


 When the financial crisis hit the US in 2008, GM filed for bankruptcy, with the US and Canadian governments injecting about $75 billion into the company to save it. The unprecedented Canadian government decision to virtually donate almost $15 billion to GM was defended on the basis that it prevented a much greater loss of Canadian auto sector jobs, a claim that is clearly nonsense. If GM had been permitted to go bankrupt and disappear as logic dictated, Chinese and German auto factories would have been fully operational in Canada within a year or less, providing Canadians with much better cars and much less whining. Canada’s $15 billion would have paid for the factories with enough left over for interim unemployment benefits. It was only extreme political pressure – bullying – that would have prompted such an extravagant waste of money, a great proportion of which was never recovered from eventual share sales. And that means Canadian taxpayers gave a gift of billions of dollars to an American company the country didn’t need and which regularly reneged on contractual commitments to invest in Canada. Dealing with the American capitalism is almost always a one-way street.


 A similar situation occurred when US Steel filed for bankruptcy in Canada while its pension plan had a deficiency of nearly $1 billion, with the company claiming Canada would be responsible for all those pensions unless the Canadian government wanted to “restructure” the pension plans, which means assuming the American company’s debts. US Steel also had other obligations in Canada totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for loans and pension obligations, not including a massive liability for environmental degradation and cleanup. Some years prior, Canada’s government lent $150 million to US Steel, at an interest rate of only 1%, to encourage the company to “invest” in Canada, but virtually all these investment agreements go sour at the end with the Americans reneging on their commitments. But not everyone was unhappy. Citibank applauded the move, saying the best plan was to “bankrupt the bad and keep the good stuff”, without specifying that this meant ‘keep the good assets for yourself, while you dump the bankruptcies and the losses onto yet another gullible foreign government’. In other words, privatise the profits and socialise the losses.


The American Dream. Just so it doesn’t go unsaid, this was the same Canadian government that gave American pharma companies exclusive patent rights extending for decades into the future, in exchange for 10% of their revenue being invested in R&D. But the only ‘research’ investment the pharma firms made was in creative accounting, where they fraudulently charged all possible operating expenses to “R&D” but still could reach only 4% of revenue, justifying the shortfall by denigrating Canada as ‘uncompetitive’. Naturally, the semi-perpetual patents remained in place. As I wrote above, doing business with the Americans is almost always a one-way street.


    • Labor Productivity
    • 劳动生产率

Labor productivity is yet another area where the Americans have cleverly re-defined a term to mask a bitterly anti-social agenda. Productivity is normally measured by volume of output in a given time or by the amount produced per person. If I can work faster and more efficiently and produce more items in a day, I am more ‘productive’, but the Americans have changed the meaning of the term from an improved performance of labor to the elimination of it. What was once a desirable social good – improving individual performance and creating more highly-skilled employment for the benefit of the long term – has now become the elimination of labor to improve profit in the short term. American capitalism has re-defined productivity as the elimination of jobs, with the consequent impoverishment and unraveling of society.


 I have detailed elsewhere that while the Europeans and Asians will utilise new technology to enhance product quality and performance, the Americans will apply it to lower their costs and maximise their profits without regard to quality or product development. This is one reason that American products, with some exceptions, have seldom been highly regarded and were most often only barely acceptable in terms of quality. It is the same with labor and productivity; when organisational efficiencies or advances in technology present an opening, the Europeans and Asians will take advantage of these to improve the skill levels of their workforce while the Americans will almost invariably apply those same advances to eliminate their workers. Both parties claim an ‘increase in productivity’, the Europeans and Asians by upgrading the skills and increasing the output of each worker, and the Americans by firing workers and claiming increased output for the unskilled remainder. You can decide which way is best.


 When a US corporation today claims it can increase productivity, it means it can make more money by firing more people and adding their salaries to the bottom line, and when it claims that government is not efficient and productive in providing social or other services, it really means that a government is sacrificing potential corporate profits by foolishly maintaining social objectives (employment, for example) as an integral part of these services. Shanghai today has many street sweepers with their little brooms and wagons, picking up litter from the city’s streets. It is true this method is not efficient by some economic measures, but it provides thousands of jobs for unskilled laborers who might have difficulty surviving otherwise, and those people are more important than efficiency, at least to me. American firms want Shanghai to purchase large numbers of street-cleaning machines that could do these jobs without the people, the theory being that huge one-time profits for a large American multi-national are more morally praiseworthy than permanent jobs for thousands of Chinese. I disagree.


On this topic, the American position totally ignores the massive capital cost of purchasing these machines as well as the large expenditure for buildings and maintenance facilities to house them, and of course the huge operating costs as well as the salaries of the operators. Finally, their position ignores entirely the problem of many thousands of suddenly unemployed workers who would either starve or fall onto the city’s welfare rolls, thereby leaving Shanghai with all its original costs in addition to all the new ones. Everybody loses, except one American firm who gains millions in profits by selling street-cleaning equipment. And, by American standards, that’s called “efficiency”. It is also known as privatising the profits and socialising the losses, in other words some privately-owned company gets all the money and the local government is left to pay all the bills.


The truth is that for many social goods, labor productivity and efficiency are not a blessing but a curse. In education, private one-on-one tutoring is the least productive and efficient of all methods, but is also by far the best and offers by far the highest social utility in the long run. We can double the ‘labor productivity’ of education by firing half the teachers, but then what do we have for quality? Yet this is precisely the approach promulgated by American capitalism that strives to eliminate or at least heavily reduce every possible labor component without regard to the larger social issues. This is one reason the US unemployment rate remains stubbornly high, with its high accompanying social and personal costs. The creation and maintenance of employment as a social good is a prime responsibility and an area of serious concern to any decent government, but one Americans shun for the sake of corporate profits. This anti-social attitude has always existed in the US but gained momentum from the early 1980s to the point where the Americans not only commoditised labor but degraded and dehumanised it. Why would China want to emulate this pathology?



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Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


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(1) The American Love Affair with the Automobile”: The Unspoken History of the Electric Car;

(1) 美国人对汽车的热爱:电动汽车的潜历史;

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Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 June 26th

Black Sun group calls for emergency world military summit after failure of first act of Wagner opera


Black Sun group calls for emergency world military summit after failure of first act of Wagner opera

The P3 Freemasons-who control the Black Sun organization, the Vatican and large parts of the Pentagon- are calling for the world’s military forces to take action because “all the politicians are corrupted by the financial system.”This call comes after the Khazarian Mafia failed in the first phase of their plan to use the Wagner mercenary group to overthrow the Christian government of Russia. Russian FSB sources say The second phase will be worse, they warn.


The recent attempt by the Wagner militia to take over Russia actually originated with an Artificial Intelligence located in Silicon Valley,both the P3 and the Russians say. The P3 say it may be necessary to destroy Silicon Valley to end the ongoing madness. The Russians say the key is to arrest the leadership of the Chabad death cult.








This is the Russian FSB analysis of the Wagner move against Russia:


It was a psy-war using an Al generated voice and story. First, they took all media data and fed it to a system like Chat GPT. They also used behavioral experts to create a psy-profile of Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin. Also, a psy-operation was done on Prigozgin, he seems to have been fed with heavy narcotics to alter his brain and behavior. Nobody has seen him for the past two days.

这是一场使用人工智能捏造的的声音和故事的心理战。首先,他们将普里戈金在社交媒体上发布的所有视频,提供给像Chat GPT这样的系统。他们还邀请心里专家为瓦格纳的首领叶夫根尼·普里戈津制作了一份心理分析档案。此外,普里戈津本人也遭到了心理战行动,他似乎服用了大量麻醉剂来改变他的大脑和行为。过去两天没人见过他。

The accounts of Wagner were hacked, then it blocked all content. All voice messages from there were recorded once at 19.45 on June 24th as an mp3 file and then released over time as a kind of scenario.


The Ukrainians were saying they had some sort of surprise in store. Everybody thought it was about blowing up a dam or pipelines or an atomic power plant and blaming it on the Russians.


Instead,they came up with an Al deep fake story in an attempt to destabilize the Russian army.Please tell the people this was a fake and secret operation using Al-generated voice and scenario.


CIA sources agree with the Russian analysis and say “It is all a psy-ops.” Basically, the CIA tried topay off the Wagner Group $6.2 billion to turn against Russia. That is what is behind this headline:


“$6.2 Billion accounting error discovered by the Pentagon last week.”



Russia and Wagner ended up shaking hands and pocketing the money. The FSB reminded us of a Russian saying “Promising to marry someone is not the same as marrying them.”


The FSB say that unlike the fake Wagner in the Western media propaganda campaign “The real Wagner is going to turn towards Fascistngton and not Moscow.”


However, the Wagner opera is not over yet and part II has begun unfolding even as this report was about to go live. The story of Prigozhin going to Belarus is meant to carry out a plotline involving him taking over Belarus, invading Poland and starting a nuclear war with NATO, the FSB sources say.


There is a lot of Western propaganda news indicating this scenario is underway.First Belarusian”opposition leader,”Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya told the military and civilians in Belarus to “wait fora signal”.


This signal has now come as Ukrainian border guards used loudspeakers to call for the overthrowof “their dictator.”


Now the Ukrainian propaganda site Pravda reports a plane used by top Belarusian officials and members of Alexander Lukashenko’s family landed in Türkiye.


Mossad sources warn this is part of an attempt by the KM to start a nuclear war with NATO.However, Russian FSB sources say the nuclear weapons in Belarus are under Russian control and will not be used. In other words, do not be fooled by any new Al-generated nuclear war story”coming out of Belarus.”


The Russians are actually more worried about some sort of “climate event.” They note an organization called the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC) is calling for a massive NATO and EU project to fight “Climate Emergencies.”


In Canada, for example, the Ministry of Climate Change is building a facility with interrogation rooms,armories, biological laboratories etc. “to fight climate change.”


Apparently, the recently set forest fires in Canada are just the initial phase of this new attempt by NATO to grab large amounts of money.


The World Health Organization is also now linking diseases with climate change.




To get this going WHO named Vanessa Kerry, daughter of former Us Secretary of State John Kerry and the US President’s Special Envoy for Climate, as”Director General for Climate Change and Health.


Meanwhile,the German Ethics Council is calling for “One Health” to combat the global”Climate Crisis.” The GEC says “Only collectives can be ‘healthy not individuals.”


Deutscher Ethikrat: „Klimakrise“ als globaler Notfall, “OneHealth” als Rettung

In Poland, the slave government there voted on “fundamental changes to the geological and mining law,which threatens the health and life of people and animals,takes away our basic rights and property,and leads our country to a complete collapse.” Polish intelligence warns.


All this comes as the World Economic Forum calls for religious scripture to be “rewritten”by artificial intelligence to create a globalized “new Bible”


Yuval Noah Harari,who serves as Klaus Schwab’s right-hand mah at the WEF,argues that the Bible is “fake news” and full of hate speech,and the elites can use Al to replace the Bible and create a unified “religion that is actually correct” According to the WEF,God,Jesus and Christianity is “fake news” that must be dismissed by humanity.


WEF Orders Govt’s To BAN The Bible and Issue ‘Fact-Checked’ Version Without God

Meanwhile,Italian fascist leader Giorgia Meloni, who came into power on an anti-immigration pledge, has allowed more than 100,0o0 illegal immigrants to land in the past 9 months, all of them military-aged men.



No wonder the Russian government is unilaterally withdrawing from a series of international bodies, including the World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization,the Russian Duma’s Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy said on Tuesday.


The Russians also point to a huge series of unnatural earthquakes from around the world in the past month. And think this may be a prelude to some sort of massive,possibly volcanic,”climate event.”




The KM are desperately trying to trigger something dramatic enough to get them a big payday because they are running out of money.


The US money supply has now fallen by $2.6 trillion (or 12.0 percent) since the peak in April 2022. Two-thirds of the money created by US since its’ founding in 1776 was created after Asians foolishly allowed them to do so in 2009 with the promise of a communist black president. This Asian money was cut off in January 2020, triggering a massive $7.4 trillion KM money laundering operation disguised as a pandemic.This was cut off in April of 2022 as the chart below illustrates.


The entire fake Biden presidency is now running on vapor as well as money earned by selling off Ukrainian organs, slaves and drugs along with obsolete weapons.


That’s why Rockefeller slave Secretary of State Anthony Blinken,European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen,Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock gathered last week to ask for $750 billion “for the reconstruction of Ukraine”


Blinken was sent to China where he said whatever he thought the Chinese wanted to hear including:”Taiwan belongs to China, the US does not want a new Cold War or to change China’s system” try to con them out of more money.


This was a quick turn-around from Biden comparing Taiwan to Ukraine recently. Take a look at the body language of Blinken next to Xi Look to confirm he is an errand boy.


The Chinese were not fooled:


“Beijing will not buy its double-dealing ploy of seeking cooperation and communication while containing China in the name of’competition.”


This prompted the fake Biden to insult China as soon as Blinken returned empty-handed by saying:


“The reason why Xi Jinping got very upset in terms of when I shot that balloon down with two box cars full of spy equipment is he didn’t know it was there.I’m serious. That was a great embarrassment for dictators when they didn’t know what happened..”


Biden equates China’s Xi with ‘dictators’ at donor reception

The KM propaganda press then started putting out stories about how”China has real economic difficulties”.


The truth is the opposite. Raytheon Chief Executive Greg Hayes admitted Beijing effectively has the US military’s supply chain by the balls thanks to its reliance on rare earths and other materials which come from or are processed in China.


With the move to suck up to China ending in failure, the KM next tried to butter up Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here is what Modi had to say to US politicians:


When I first visited the US as a PM, India was the 10th largest economy in the world. Today, India is the 5th largest economy. India will be the 3rd largest economy soon. We became the only G20 country to meet its Paris commitment. We made renewables account for over 40% of our energy sources 9 years ahead of the target of 2030.


Modi was offered all sorts of goodies when he visited the fake Biden but, he refused to promise not to share them with Russia and China. “We live by the motto of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’-the world is one family,” Modi explained. So, the attempt to induce him to join the KM failed.


The result was propaganda stories attacking him in places like Reuters.


Even worse for the fake Biden presidency than not getting money from China or India,they are about to lose their biggest existing cash cow: Japan. Last week Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako visited a cemetery dedicated to people, including Japanese military, who fought for Indonesia’s independence against the Dutch after the end of World War Il.

对于假拜登总统来说,比起没有从中国或印度获得资金,更加糟糕的是,他们即将失去现有最大的摇钱树:日本。上周,日本德仁天皇和皇后雅子参观了一座墓地,这座墓地埋葬着:二战结束后,为了争取印度尼西亚独立,而反抗荷兰的人们,这些反抗者当中也包括日本军方。 21/

Japanese right-wingers close to the emperor say the Japanese establishment used this visit to show their intent to break with the KM.


This visit comes immediately after the Dutch royals tried to extort resources from Indonesia by threatening it with earthquake weapons before being forced to back down by the BRICS alliance,CIA sources say.


The Europeans themselves are now getting ready to dump the fake Biden administration and its’ KM puppet masters.


As Geographer Manlio Dinucci notes “The recession that is rearing its head in the European Union was caused by high energy prices resulting from the [Rockefeller-ordered] sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.”


Rockefeller slave Antony Blinken called the Nord Stream blockade “a tremendous opportunity” that has made the United States the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas to Europe. As a result,Exxon,Chevron and other Rockefeller companies “have made record profits”by impoverishing the Europeans.


Polish intelligence for their part note the country was able to increase GDP by 2.5 times between 1971 and 1976 by investing $3 trillion to build 557 new enterprises. This was the sort of thing that was possible before the KM impoverished the Polish people by putting them under a regime of debt slavery. That is why Poland is turning against the KM.


France for its part has already asked to join the BRICS alliance. The rest of Europe is soon to follow, P3 Freemason sources say.


Inside the US itself:


The “Je Biden” presidency is whirling around the drain in plain sight, and with it, likely, the Globalist hopes and dreams of making everybody eat bugs while they take away everything you own.


For example, in a move that alienated many “President Biden” missed a key deadline set by a bipartisan law he signed that called for the declassification and release of intelligence on the Wuhan lab and its possible links to the origins of COVID-19.


Even the corporate propaganda media is turning against the fake Biden show now as these videos show. In the first one Biden walks about after being asked if his son was getting special treatment.


In the next,the White House National Security Council Coordinator WALKS OUT after being asked about Hunter Biden’s WhatsApp messages with China implicating President Biden.


This sort of performance has led to former establishment supporters like Lawyer and Legal Analyst Margot Cleveland to say:


“In the wake of the Hunter Biden sweetheart plea deal, calling D.C. a swamp is an insult to swamps…”


The mainstream is also now waking up to the true controllers of the Biden swamp.James O’Keefe’s new undercover media venture got a BlackRock executive to brag on tape that:


BlackRock is able to “run the world,” It’s not who is the president it’s who is controlling the wallet of the president. You could buy your candidates. senators are fuckin cheap.Got 10 grand you can buy a senator It doesn’t matter who wins they’re in my pocket.




The mass murder of children by the KM is also now being exposed for all to see. The passion of the Christ Actor Jim Caviezel exposed the institutional sex trafficking of children in his new film Sound of Freedom. It is based on a true story of a former government agent on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.


“The three-letter agencies, they’re all involved…adrenochrome is ten times more potent than heroin…A barrel of Adrenochrome and children’s body parts…it’s $77,000…which gets sent to Ukrainian Bioweapons Labs…all organized by the three-letter agencies…There are multiple Epstein Islands run by intelligence agencies/governments, Who is NATO? Who is the UN? Who are the Central Banks? They are the Rothschilds banks.”

“所有那些三个字母的机构们,他们都参与其中……肾上腺红色素的药效是海洛因的十倍…… 一小管肾上腺红色素和儿童身体部位……价值77000美元……被送往乌克兰生物武器实验室……所有这些都是由三个字母的机构组织的……情报机构/政府管理着多个爱泼斯坦群岛,北约算什么?联合国算什么?各国的中央银行算什么?他们只不过都是罗斯柴尔德家族的分支罢了。”

Watch ‘The Sound Of Freedom’: A Spotlight on the Global Movement to End the Trafficking of Minors
‘Passion of the Christ’ Actor Jim Caviezel Implicates U.S. Government Agencies in Child Sex Trafficking [VIDEO]

The Jewish lobby is also turning against the KM as their links to the holocaust and Nazis are being exposed for all to see. Last week for example, Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Brodsky referred to fascist leaders like Stepan Bandera as Ukrainian “national heroes.”


The Jewish newspaper “The Forward” in 2021 said the Ukraine had 362 monuments around the world dedicated to Nazis and Nazi collaborators. This is the most of any country.


Even though Bandera and his group presided over the death of about 1.4 million Jews”not a single organization for protecting the memory of Holocaust survivors raised an eyebrow”at Brodsky’s remarks.


The French have provided us with actionable intelligence by listing Satanists pretending to be Zionists who are working with the genocidal Ukrainian Nazi faction. These are:


Benyamin Netanyahu whose father Bension Netanyahu was a Nazi


Former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky,


Andriy Yermak, chief of staff to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.


Rabbi David Niederman, president of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg


Oligarch Boris Lozhkin, former chief of staff to President Petro Poroshenko and current president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine;


Professor Hannah Lessing,Secretary General of the General Fund for Compensation of Victims of National Socialism;


Lubavitch Rabbi Raphael Rutman, executive chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine.


Israeli Attorney General Gali Baharav Miyara and the state prosecution have already taken action by refusing to back down on the 4000 filebribery charges against crime minister Binyamin Netanyahu.


With the KM realizing they are about to face justice. Many are trying to escape. For example,they staged a media event where the submarine “Titan” imploded near the Titanic wreck. “The entire show was probably faked to allow Epstein perpetrators to escape justice by faking their deaths,” a Canadian intelligence officer says. For example, Hamish Harding a key contributor to the World Economic Forum (WEF) since its inception in 1971 is one of the people who disappeared.


Meanwhile, traitors like Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley are being promised personal security details to protect them from threats-including “embarrassment.”


Pentagon’s Secret Service Trawls Social Media for Mean Tweets About Generals

There is also increased space opera activity and “disclosure” going on. For example, a video has been released of former senator Barry Goldwater speaking about UFOs at Wright Patterson airbase.


As a part of this disclosure, the Secret Space Program has sent us an “exclusive” video of a reverse-engineered SSP craft. SSP reverse engineered craft.



They also sent us this:


  1. UFOS over Malaysia and Indonesia
  2. 马来西亚和印度尼西亚上空的不明飞行物

  1. UAP over Florida. USA 20-05-2023
  2. 2023年5月20日美国佛罗里达州上空的不明大气现象。

  1. UFO over the ocean of S. California, USA
  2. 美国南加州海洋上空的不明飞行物

4.UFO over Arizona USA 23-01-2023


As usual with this stuff, we urge readers to fully believe in flying saucers when they actually get a chance to ride one.




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 June 19th


Blinken offers control of US political theater to China


Blinken offers control of US political theater to China

US fake Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – in a desperate bid to keep his Rockefeller masters in business- offered China control of the political theater that has replaced US democracy, Asian secret society sources say. In particular, Blinken offered control of the Creative Artists Agency, the sources say. The Chinese turned it down because they already control most of it.


In case you didn’t know, CAA controls political actors like “President” Joe Biden. “Biden” has been represented by several different CAA artists.


“Biden” is just one of many such actors playing the role of politicians. “Congresswoman” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cortez, for example, was a waitress before she won a CAA audition to become a Congress actor.


This is CAA headquarters as seen from above. Note the eye. It represents a nearly successful attempt to replace Western Democracy with Babylonian political theater (CAA was not available for comment as this report went live).


For details please watch the video linked below. It is two hours long but a good introduction for people who are just waking up.


This theater is still continuing. As a recent example, corporate BS networks said they won’t televise US President Donald Trump’s remarks “because he’s a liar.” These are the same exact people who told you:

-Trump conspired with Russia

-Vaccines were safe and effective

-C19 did NOT come from a lab 

-Hunter’s Laptop was Russian disinformation






Video Player



Video Player






Video Player



Video Player



Trump is not the only politician being censored. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith took to Twitter to say she has been banned from posting on [Rockefeller-controlled] Facebook for a few days. “Big tech and government censorship is becoming a danger to free speech around the world,” Smith tweeted on Wednesday.


 “As the Premier of a province of 4.6 million Albertans- if they can prevent me from communicating with you, imagine what they can do to any one of us,” she said. Welcome to the club Premier Smith. This writer has been censored by Facebook, Google etc. for more than a decade.


In any case, the Chinese already bought control of the US political theater from the Rockefellers when they agreed to keep funding the fake US Biden regime earlier this month. That is why Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said the United States needs to give up the illusion of dealing with China “from a position of strength.”


As soon as they got the Chinese money, “Biden” sent vast amounts of money to Ukraine to be laundered back to the US as bribes to the various political actors there. To help launder the money, they dropped charges against Sam Bankman-Fried of the FTX crypto-scam fame, Mossad sources say.


The other reason the Chinese turned to the most recent Blinken offer is that they know he does not represent the United States and that his Rockefeller masters are coming down hard.


“This regime is buttressed by the destruction of U.S. election integrity and the transformation of the U.S. Justice Department into a Leninist instrument of social hygiene, aimed at suppressing or eliminating legitimate American political opposition,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor.


That is why the military is taking action. We have received multiple reports of military movements all over the US this past weekend. This appears to confirm what a Japanese military general told us about a big US move to take down the Biden show on June 18th.


Military movements have been detected in New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho, California, Kentucky, South Carolina, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ontario and Quebec. The videos below show some of this.


Video Player



Video Player



Video Player



Video Player



Video Player



We contacted the Japanese general as this report was about to go live and he said – in an uncharacteristically excited voice- the whole thing would be over by the first 10 days of July both in Japan and the US. The same source says Donald Trump will be president and John F. Kennedy Jr. will be vice president. As always, we urge our readers to believe it when they see it because so many other promises have been broken.


Nonetheless, we are also hearing the white hats have taken control of the Biden show and have been forcing him to say and do bizarre things in public to help wake up the remaining sheeple. That is why he grabs women’s breasts in front of the TV cameras. 


Video Player



The latest example was him saying “God save the queen, man.”  


Video Player



We would like to ask the white hats to confirm they control “Biden” by having him remove his jacket and shirt at his next public appearance.


We also urge the white hats never to underestimate the Khazarian Mafia. In a sign of their power even as Blinken was being given the cold shoulder, the Chinese official Xinhua News Agency posted a picture of President Xi Jinping shaking hands with the wanted mass murderer Bill Gates.


Gates was likely asking for Chinese protection in exchange for giving them control of US biological warfare technology inherited from the notorious Japanese Unit 731. This was hinted at when Gates announced a $50 million collaboration with Chinese Communist Party-controlled Tsinghua University which conducts research for the nation’s military. The “partnership” with Tsinghua, -where Xi graduated from in 2002- “involves studying potent viruses.”


It is clear from this announcement the KM want to sell their bio-weapons research to China ASAP because China is about to take over Taiwan and all the bio-weapons research there will fall into their hands anyway. 


The other thing Gates probably offered China in exchange for protection is a vast satellite network, As Robert F Kennedy Jr. (who leads Trump in opinion polls) notes “One of Bill Gates companies has 61,000 satellites that will be able to watch every square inch of the planet.” 


Video Player



Needless to say, Gates is also almost certainly offering the Chinese control of the Microsoft computer technology.


Clearly, criminal oligarchs like Gates have only communist China left to flee to now because their control of Israel, Ukraine and the US is falling apart big time.


This is especially true of Ukraine where both the fake president Vladimir Zelensky and his top general Valery Zaluzhny have gone missing. 


This is good news for the Jewish and Ukrainian people. “Zelensky is not Jewish, but a disgrace to the Jewish people…This is not a joke and not an attempt at irony, because today neo-Nazis, Hitler’s disciples, have been put on a pedestal as heroes of Ukraine,” Russian President Vladimir Putin says, quoting his Jewish friends.


The disappearance of his top lieutenants (yes they will probably produce CG to make this appear wrong) has flushed out the real leader of the genocidal government of the Ukraine: “Chief Rabbi” Moshe Reuben Azman 


Azman claims to be a Jewish rabbi but his public support of the genocidal regime in the Ukraine makes it clear he is a Satanist. He is now being actively hunted by White Hat special forces. They are most likely to find him hiding in the basement of this giant Synagogue of Satan that was built by the KM as headquarters for their planned world Satanic human animal farm.


If you doubt that is true, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has confirmed what we have previously reported and that is that the Ukrainian government is trading “the organs of its people for Western military assistance.” The Ukrainian government “passed law 5831 on “Regulating the Transplantation of Human Anatomical Materialism” which allowed them to transplant organs without “notarized consent from the living donor or his relatives,” she told the world.


More evidence the Ukrainian regime is satanic is the ongoing genocide of Ukrainian men disguised as war. So far over 350,000 Ukrainian men have been slaughtered, many by having their organs removed after being injured. Now ALL Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 to 60 are being drafted and sent to their deaths.


Since the world figured out untrained men were being killed within four hours of being sent to the front, now they are pretending to use “NATO trained troops,” using countless billions of dollars worth of Western tanks, artillery, and infantry fighting vehicles. These are all being sent into kill zones though, so it is still slaughter.


“Either General Milley is an idiot of he is purposely slaughtering Ukrainian Troops,” an Iraq war veteran notes. “I used these tactics and set up the KILL LANES myself as a Combat Engineer…In 1980 we had truck-mounted lasers punching holes in M60 tanks 7 miles away,” he says.


This military reality is why Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov says “The objective of Ukraine’s demilitarization has actually been mostly achieved.”


This “checkmate” not only marks the end of Ukraine as we have known it, but of Western domination that had staked its future on its lies.


Video Player



The multipolar world may be born this summer at several international summits. A new way of thinking which might no longer makes right, says French journalist Thierry Meyssan.


In another sign, the defeat in Ukraine means the defeat of the US Corporation, take a look at this photo of the fake US Secretary of State Blinken when he went on a failed begging mission to Saudi Arabia recently. 


Notice the Saudi Flag is behind Saudi leader Mohammed Bin Salman but the US flag is not behind Blinken. This is a sign to the world he is not considered a representative of the US people. 


Saudi Arabia has also now formed a military alliance with former arch-enemy Iran as well as with Pakistan, the Gulf States, Turkey and Egypt. China has also now come out to firmly support statehood for Palestine.


This means Israel now has no choice but to overthrow its KM leadership and make peace with its neighbors if it is to survive.


The KM have lost because the biggest instrument of their power, the control of the US dollar, is slipping out of their hands.


Saudi Arabia is just part of a growing list of countries that are quarantining any new dollars created by the US Corporations from the dollars owned by the rest of the world. Egypt, for example, has just announced they are doing the same thing.  


This is also happening in Africa as the President of Kenya, Williams Ruto, calls on African nations to dump the US dollar for intercontinental trade. 


Video Player



What is true of Africa is true of most of the rest of the world. To understand just how isolated the KM is, take a look at what just happened at last week’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)s in Russia. Despite calls for a boycott by KM G7 slave countries, 17,000 people from 130 countries showed up, Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee Anton Kobyakov told a press conference on Saturday. This included “Some 150 companies from 25 unfriendly countries,” he said. A total of $46 billion in deals was reached. 


Even within the G7 countries, the disgust of the citizens with their government is widespread. In Canada, for example, 81% of the people want puppet leader Justin Castreau removed.


This comment about Canada by Henry Makow reflects common views about government throughout the West:


Led by Justin Castreau, the government takes orders from the WEF. The Canadian Broadcasting Commission, once a national stalwart, is now the state propaganda agency. No one watches or listens. The rest of the “legacy media” is also a joke. The universities are all controlled by Communists. The medical profession is totally discredited.


Speaking about a “totally discredited medical profession” A spike in deaths corresponding to the COVID vaccine rollout has been found in peer-reviewed analysis of Japan and Germany 


With evidence like this coming up, no wonder Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD -a propaganda writer for the The Atlantic- claims that doctors should never debate “conspiracy theorists”. 


This propagandist turned down an offer of $100,000 to debate RFK Jr. about a topic the KM claim he is wrong about.


“Only a propagandist hack who knows they can’t defend their position would turn down $100,000 to debate on the most listened-to podcast on Earth,” a Mossad Doctor comments. The pot has now been raised to $1.5 million but still, he refuses…


Truth is winning.


After more than 230 million Americans were vaccinated against covid-19, which is 70% (230,637,348 total considered fully vaccinated), now all three Covid vaccines have been recalled in the US. This means war crimes trials for the vaccinators are inevitable.


However, we are dealing with cornered rats who are literally fighting for their lives.


“The next 3-6 months will be the greatest extreme, spiritual warfare against [the people] by the planet’s ruling elites. They are preparing a new pandemic, catastrophes, fires, scaring everything possible. They say what they want to do in commercials, music, fashion, etc.,” Polish intelligence sources warn.


They are also going to try something financial. The Federal Reserve staff is putting out research papers talking about “bank friction”, which means stopping people from removing their money from banks, and preventing bank runs. It means they could be preparing to seize your money.


Also, in a sign of their desperation, you can watch a recent TV broadcast by Stephen Colbert where he “sacrifices” a human infant. As a Mossad source comments. “Colbert is a Satanist. This attached video is sick, not funny. And there is laughter in the audience. Maybe it’s fake ?” The thing about these people is that it could actually be real, sacrifice included.


Video Player



In another sign of just how degenerate things are getting in the West, a man was caught having sex with a tree in Wiltshire, England. His pronouns are root and leaf


Video Player



Weird for sure


And finally, we are seeing more and more preparation for some sort of “Alien” event. Former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza warns “It’s not aliens that will be attacking us. It will be your own governments with man-made crafts.”


Video Player



Also, below you can see testimony by Eric Hecker on South Pole Station, DOMS and off-world vehicles. Notice that for some reason he only has hand-drawn illustrations as evidence.


(See attached video)


This was part of a massive press event sponsored by Lawrence Rockefeller.


We have many sources saying he is a white hat but, in my years of experience in dealing with these people I can tell you they try to discredit you by dragging you into the whole alien space opera business.


Nonetheless, we keep providing our readers with the latest UFO evidence from around the world because we know trillions of dollars have been spent over decades for some sort of space opera and think our readers need to be aware of this.


So, here are the latest UFO appearances from around the world.


  1. UFO seen over Nevada 
  2. 内华达州上空的不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. Same UFO seen by 5 different witnesses in Jalisco, Mexico 
  2. 墨西哥哈利斯科5个不同的目击证人看到的同一个不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. UFO seen over California USA
  2. 美国加利佛尼亚州上空的不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. UAP seen over Canada 2023
  2. 2023年加麻大上空的不明大气现象

Video Player



  1. Plasma energy craft over USA 01-03-2023
  2. 2023年3月1日,美国上空的等离子能量体飞船

Video Player



We will issue emergency updates this week if events warrant.




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 June 12th


The US Corporation did go bankrupt, what we are watching now is corporate BS


The US Corporation did go bankrupt, what we are watching now is corporate BS

The US Corporation really did go bankrupt earlier this month and what we have been watching on our so-called news is corporate theatrical performances. The evidence for this is clear.


The first thing to notice is that Washington DC remains a ghost town. As this news item confirms, US Government workers “are choosing to stay home, perhaps for good, leaving vast federal offices empty and the city struggling.”


The corporate excuse is that they are “teleworking.” 


The next bit of evidence is a photograph sent to us by P3 Freemasons showing the Rockefeller-owned UN Headquarters building in New York apparently shuttered. We are asking readers in New York to personally confirm if this is true.




Yet another proof is that US ports have shut down and trade is collapsing. The shutdown of ports like Seattle is being blamed on “labor disputes,” but that does not explain the collapse in demand for cardboard boxes, a mainstay of trade.



Asian secret society sources explain the attempt to use Taiwanese and Thai royal gold to keep the US Corporation going has been stopped. That is why exports to the US have been stopped. They say they will restart trade if Donald Trump is made public president again. This has been promised before July 4th, but don’t believe it until you see it. We have heard this story before, so let us see if it really happens this time.  


For more evidence that we all are watching is corporate theater, take a look at the background of the so-called White House being shown on Fox TV.


With that said, let us look at some of the latest corporate theater. The big “story” is a complete BS tale of US President Donald Trump being indicted for “keeping government documents at his home.” As many people note, Trump was indicted over something that is not illegal. See below for an example. 



The “Trump indictment” is clearly part of a sophisticated campaign -by his Rothschild/Harriman backers- to take down the Rockefeller “Joe Biden” avatar. By creating a legal precedent with trump they can now go after “Biden”. That is why corporate media widely reported Congressional hearings about how Biden accepted “$5 million in bribes.”-simultaneously with the Trump indictment.


As Representative Paulina Luna notes:


“Just left meeting for House Oversight. The FBI is afraid their informant will be killed if unmasked, based on the info he has brought forward about the Biden family.”




So who exactly does the FBI fear would be doing the killing and why can’t they defend a high-profile informant? Whatever happened to witness protection?


Maybe Jens Psaki Rockefeller should have asked former FBI head James Comey this instead of talking about fear of Trump retribution.


Video Player



Nonetheless, in a sign the US military is finally getting its’ act together and recognizing Trump as commander in chief, US armed forces radio, which until now has been 100% pro “Biden” propaganda, is now reporting the “Biden” bribery story. We also notice as this photo below shows, that Trump now has military and not secret service protection.


Regardless of the theatrics, it is clear both the Biden and the Trump factions are circling the drain of bankruptcy.


We talked to the creator of the Quantum Financial System who explained “An awful lot of people owe an awful lot of money and they want to kick the can down the road, The yield on the sovereign bonds is artificial. The T bills don’t have any value; they are money laundering. Everyone goes to the 18th floor [at BIS headquarters] in Basle [to get their fake money]. The cartel is the Rothschild family. This entire geopolitical landscape is all families refusing to give up their territory.”


The source notes the “carefully calibrated biological warfare,” by the Rockefellers is actually a sign “they are losing their grip and they know they are losing their grip.”


The Rothschilds, the head of the Jesuits and others have now surrendered, he says. “The end of the KM was the use of central banking and charging interest for money. The IT that I developed does not charge interest. They are beating a retreat. They have lost. The removal of usury has been steadily draining their swamp.”


In a sign the FRB is still trying to pretend their money is real, they used fraud to turn a recent $28.4 billion of deposit outflows (NSA) into $102.5 billion of deposit inflows.


However, the fact they can still launder fake money like this is why we are all sick of hearing talk about “draining the swamp” or more accurately sewer. We confronted the head of MI6 about this. Here was the answer:


The only viable way to install an alternative is to remove or eject those in the shadow of the US corporation who sustain it simply as a front or laundry mat for their own criminal enterprises…[this requires] a massive forensic exercise first to define the theater of war. Thereafter it would be a matter for military intelligence and armed forces…because the problem is actually (High for Monarchy) Treason.


While we are all justified in being skeptical; there does seem to be a new round of heads being chopped, prominent people going into hiding and public confessions of guilt.


Last week saw Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller admit Meta (Facebook) censored information and opinion during the COVID pandemic. This means he has publicly confessed to being a war criminal and is now subject to arrest as such. The same is true of the heads of Google etc.


We also note widespread articles in the truth media appearing now about Jane Burgermeister predicting forced vaccination in 2009. We were in contact with her at the time. She had just filed a big lawsuit against big pharma and the WHO for –among other things- sending out 72 kilograms of live bird flu virus mislabeled as a “vaccine.” Before she could complete it, she was killed and replaced by an identity theft fraudster. This fraudster was hunted down but we were unable to save Ms. Burgermeister, 


The WHO -sponsored by Bill Gates and the Rockefellers- has also been caught fraudulently sterilizing millions of Kenyan women with vaccines for “tetanus.”


This means the WHO plus Bill Gates, the Rockefellers etc. are guilty of war crimes.


We also note the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked authorization of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine for causing blood clots. This is important because it will open the floodgates for lawsuits against the vaccine manufacturers.


We also expect criminal charges to follow.


In the UK, former Prime Minister Boris “Covid” Johnson has resigned as a member of parliament, opening the way for him to face criminal charges.


Then we see former Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has been arrested for “misspending” £600,000 of donations.


Next, we notice King Charles has gone to Transylvania -the home of his ancestor Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula- “on a walking holiday” without his wife. This came immediately after he was caught forging documents to keep the KM show in Ukraine in business.


Another high-profile person to now officially vanish is George Soros. We know he has been gone for a long time but now the corporate media is acknowledging his son Alex has taken over.


This was “Just a formality. Alex has been de facto in charge for several years.” Elon Musk notes.


By the way, an op-ed by the fake George Soros put out just before his “resignation.” outlines the current thinking of the Khazarian mafia. In it “Soros” says:


1.AI “could destroy our civilization” so “globally enforceable regulations” have to be put in place by us.


2.Climate change is “going to cause a collapse of all the big biomass on planet Earth” so we must “rapidly remove excess greenhouse gases from the environment” and never mind that we are carbon-based life and more carbon means more life.


3.Ukraine’s “valiant resistance” means “paper tiger” Russia will “disintegrate and no longer pose a threat to the world.”


4.Finally, he says “Biden is not seeking regime change in China and all he wants is to re-establish the status quo in Taiwan.” Translation, please don’t take away our Taiwanese slave colony because we need to keep stealing their gold so that we can keep our fake world going.


It is clear they are living in a fantasy world that is as detached from reality just as their financial system is.


Another fake KM leader who seems to have disappeared is Canada’s Justin Castrudeau and his sidekick Chrystia Freeland. He just showed up in the Ukraine where a government official said “No one invited him here and we certainly don’t have time for PR while trying to launch our counter-offensive.”  


It is interesting that he showed up there just after a military tribunal in Quebec presented evidence he was guilty of war crimes.


We also note that Canada was hit by over 500 simultaneous wildfires immediately after the military tribunal. Many arsonists have been arrested and presumably will eventually point the finger at their Rockefeller etc. paymasters.


Video Player



We also note widely reported evidence the simultaneously erupting fires appear to have been caused by directed energy weapons. 


Video Player



Video Player



Our own sources in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service confirm DEWs have been used.


At the same time, there is plenty of evidence that Canadian government officials tried to actively sabotage efforts to put out the fires. Here, for example, you can listen to a retired veteran firefighter explain how the government prevented him and his colleagues from helping.


There was also widespread sabotage with firefighting companies reporting slashed hoses and flattened tires. “There have been instances where crews were delayed because of damage to their equipment,” said a Lieutenant who asked his name not be used.


We also note that the Algonquin and other first nations staged massive rain dance ceremonies. An Apache warrior by the name of William Twofeather once explained to me these rain dances use things like coordinated foot stomps to send specific rain-causing vibrations into the atmosphere. Maybe it was a coincidence but -right after the rain dances- massive rainfall across Canada put out most of the fires.


That did not put out the KM BS though as they flooded us with reports saying things like “New York City now has the worst air quality of any city on Earth as Canadian Wildfires Blanket Northeast States in Apocalyptic Haze.”


My brother -who lives right in the middle of the wildfire region of Quebec- says the sky right next to the fires looked like this on June 6th when the fires were at their peak.


Now he says they look like this:


So how come the sky over New York is Red? Ammonium nitrate maybe? 


Video Player



As a CIA source explains “Forest fires are another Deep State money laundering scheme of a different flavor. They create the fires, the government allocates tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in disaster relief, the money disappears, the politicians get their kickbacks, rinse, repeat.” That would explain why the Nova Scotia government refused to hire real firefighters even as they were issuing urgent appeal after urgent appeal for “firefighting money.”


The other type of firefighting money they will need is to pay for the impending avalanche of legal cases related to child trafficking.


It is now well known that child sex-trafficking hotbeds follow CIA color revolutions and US disaster relief.


Here are recent examples:


-Haiti 2010


-Libya 2011


-Ukraine 2014-2023


“What do they have in common? Missing children and heavy involvement with the Obama State Dept. (Clinton/Kerry/Nuland),” a Mossad source comments. 


Mossad now admits “there are 366 million videos of children being raped in US. That’s more than 1 video per person that lives in this country.”


In a sign this is now coming out the Wall Street Journal has given credibility to “Pizzagate.” It reports Instagram -owned by Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller- has become a sanctuary for a large network of pedophiles who use hashtags like Cheese Pizza (Child Pornography) and MAP (Minor Attracted Person).


Trading in children is not new. Did you know it used to be legal to send children through the U.S. Postal Service, (See attached 2 photos). Could this have been a legal method for child trafficking pedophiles to move children around the country back in the early 1900’s?



Now Trump retruthed this post today stating that Mel Gibson is about to expose all of them in a four-part series exposing child slavery. 






The world center for child slavery is now Ukraine. Their Ukrainian government has lost around 5000 soldiers and 100 tanks since their long-advertised offensive started last week. Again remember, this is not really a war because what we are dealing with is private corporations buying used military equipment and hiring mercenaries. The important point is they have no air defenses and tanks are sitting ducks without air defenses.


Video Player



Video Player



Another thing to note is the Ukrainians are led by war criminals. A prisoner of war captured by Russian fighters in the Zaporizhzhya region says that the Ukrainian army was conducting demining operations by sending untrained young soldiers forward into the minefields in civilian vehicles, according to Polish intelligence.


They are also killing journalists to try to prevent news of their atrocities from coming out. The Italian journalist Andrea Lucidi posted the following on her telegram channel:


A few days ago I was added to the Kill-List of the Ukrainian security services “Mirotvoretz”. As an Italian, I can’t help but remember that Andrea Rocchelli was also included on this list, killed by the Kyiv army in 2014, whose photo is still present in this database with the words “liquidated” on it.


The Ukrainians were also forced to blow up the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine to try to stop a Russian move to retake Odesa, Russian FSB sources say.


Things are going to get even worse. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently said: “Stop blaming China. China is not helping Russia, but if it decides to help, not even God will save you.”


Now, for the first time, images of Chinese military equipment supplied to Russian troops have emerged. For example, General Kadyrov demonstrated Chinese-made armored vehicles in service with the local Rosgvardiya departments.


The Russians feel God is on their side. That is why Vladimir Putin recently said: “Demons have taken over the West [and are trying to] kill everything spiritual on this planet. I know that I will succeed because I have GOD’S STRENGTH and SUPPORT,”


The KM in Israel appears to be coming clean on this sort of thing because they realize unless they make peace with God they will not be able to flee to their planned Khazaria in the Ukraine or anywhere else.


Iran now has nuclear weapons, hypersonic missiles and an alliance with all the other Muslim countries. As the Mossad-linked site Debka notes, Iran has swiftly followed up on its thaw with Saudi Arabia by offering to help the oil kingdom develop a nuclear program. Beijing which brokered the reconciliation is again stepping forward with backing


Video Player


03:47 so Israel now has no choice but to make peace.

They are also hoping peace will allow them to rebuild their temple. Israeli lawmaker Amit Halevi has proposed giving Muslims control of the southern end of the Temple Mount complex, which contains the Al Aqsa Mosque, while Jews would receive the central and northern areas where they could build their temple.


The KM, of course, is not planning to go quietly into the night. Our sources in the Secret Space Program say they are on schedule to carry out some sort of massive “UFO and alien event” in August.


Certainly the corporate news has been flooded recently with UFO-type stories. For example “Pentagon UFO whistleblower David Grusch” was widely reported as saying “UFO Reverse-Engineering Project Should Be Made Public.” 


Then we have TV news reports of 10-foot-tall aliens landing in a backyard.


Also, the Daily Mail chimed in with a story about “a crashed UFO recovered by the US military that ‘distorted space-time.’” Apparently ‘They had a guy go into it and it was the size of a football stadium, while the outside was only about 30 feet in diameter.’”


There is also a flurry of announcements by the US Space Force such as this one about “Satellites to Counter Cosmic & other Threats.” 


Here are some more of the flood of UFO sightings and reports we are seeing:


  1. A revolving flashing UAP
  2. 一个旋转闪烁的不明大气现象

Video Player



  1. Multiple UAP Orbs over Russia 18-10-2022
  2. 2022年10月18日俄罗斯上空多个不明大气现象球体

Video Player



  1. UAP Orb over Iran
  2. 伊朗上空的不明大气现象球体

Video Player



  1. A fleet of UAP Orbs over California 30-05-2023
  2. 2023年5月30日,加利福尼亚州上空的不明大气现象球体舰队

Video Player



  1. 2 UAP Orbs over Texas 27-05-2023
  2. 2023年5月27日,2不明大气现象球体飞越德克萨斯州

Video Player



We also had a former UFO, now known as a Northrop Grumman Stealth B2 bomber Airborne flying over Florida USA, in June 2023.


Video Player



While we find all this UFO stuff fascinating, the only things we are seeing are videos and unsubstantiated reports. Nonetheless, you can be sure a corporate UFO show will be appearing on a screen near you soon.


We are still waiting to actually ride on a flying saucer ourselves. We hope it is real but no proof yet.




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 June 5th


US Corporation buys time by extorting Thai gold, conning Chinese royals


US Corporation buys time by extorting Thai gold, conning Chinese royals

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION managed to avoid default by extorting gold from the Thai Royal family and conning Chinese royals to hand over some of their gold. However, this stunt is not going to go unpunished and the Corporation is still going to be liquidated, multiple intelligence agency sources say. It is a mathematical certainty. As one commentator notes “You can’t borrow 7.3% of GDP from now until eternity and get away with it.”


A member of the dragon family says Chinese royals based in Taiwan were fooled by a fake King Charles who promised “to fund massive humanitarian projects” and also offered huge kickbacks. However, the Khazarian Mafia reneged on their promises as soon as they got the money. The dragon family now says they did not sanction this deal and promised to take “certain counter-measures.”


The other thing that happened was the King of Thailand, who is being held in hostage in Germany, was forced to trade gold belonging to the people of Thailand for worthless US Treasury bills, according to Thai royal family sources. Presumably, the fact his eldest daughter has been in a medically induced coma since January had something to do with the blackmail.


In addition to this, on the day the US “debt ceiling deal” was announced official Chinese news outlets were bragging about promises they extorted from their American debt slaves.


For one thing, Xinhua proclaimed “The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement took effect on Friday…for all 15 members.”


This means the KM “handed over control” of former US allies like ASEAN, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand to the Chinese. 


This is a typical KM con job, selling stuff they do not own to gullible buyers.


On the same day, the Rockefeller-controlled Brookings Institution think tank issued a report calling for the greater integration of the US and Chinese economies. Translation: “We will hand over control of the US to China.”


We also note that -just as various defense chiefs were gathering in Singapore for a conference- an incident was staged in which a US warship blinked and made evasive maneuvers to avoid a Chinese warship blocking its path in the Taiwan Strait. This was a public sign the US was not willing to fight a war over Taiwan, Japanese military sources say.


Video Player



In light of all this, we asked various secret society sources for more of the backstory about why the US Corporation was allowed to continue.


Japanese right-wingers connected to the Emperor say they were promised President Donald Trump would officially take over from the Rockefeller Joe Biden puppet in late June or early July.


We have heard this story before. The last time we were told he would take over was in March. So, believe it when you see it.


Next, the P3 Freemasons came out with their own back story. According to them:


“Elon Musk is in China, does not call for Taiwanese independence, builds factories and businesses in the PRC, and supports cooperation on an equal footing with the Communist Party. From these actions, it can be understood that sensitive forces are preparing Musk for the presidency of the United States when the elders of Washington will die. And this could happen very soon since we are all in our eighties.”


CIA sources for their part say “Janet Yellen (the Treasury Department) is issuing up to $1 Trillion in T- Bills and will flood the market. This is nothing more than a shuffling of fake computer-generated money from one side of the ledger to the other. It will definitely backfire as this will pull liquidity out of the financial markets.”


No matter what promises these snakes made, you can be sure they will break them as soon as they get the opportunity.


For example, they are still planning to start an all-out nuclear war before the fake Biden term ends -and the new money runs out- in January 2025, according to MI6.


Next, we note that as soon as the money came through, the fake US government passed a budget that included unlimited financing for Ukraine. As Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov says: “The new US ‘security package’…effectively fuels the rotten regime in Kyiv.”


Ukraine is the world capital of money laundering, human trafficking and organ harvesting. “On April 14, 2022, the Ukrainian Parliament passed Law 5610, which allows Ukraine to export organs abroad. These laws were promoted by former acting health minister Ulyana Suprun and let hospitals, prisons, military units and orphanages use the organs of anyone in their care without their consent,” according to Polish intelligence sources.


We also note that three-quarters of the weapons being sent to Ukraine are being sold on the international black market. As an example, here you can see a Mexican cartel member carrying a US-made Javelin anti-tank missile that was traded for drugs, according to Mexican sources.


Of course, trading weapons for drugs is nothing new for the US INC.


The Chinese embassy in Mexico for their part says the fentanyl precursors it is accused of by the US of selling to Mexico actually come from the EU (i.e. Ukraine).


Needless to say, the white hats are not taking all this lying down. A series of emergency meetings were held in Canada, China, Japan, the US and elsewhere to move forward with the arrest of Khazarian mafia leaders.


For example, Google’s Mexico offices and the United Nations offices next door were evacuated last week after a “bomb threat.” Mexican government sources say this was an operation against the Rockefeller/Biden regime.


In Canada, a military tribunal held this past weekend presented extensive evidence of the vaccine and COVID-19 crimes of the KM-controlled Canadian government. The military police are now acting on this evidence, tribunal sources say.


In China, Ukrainian peace envoy Li Hui, who has just visited Kyiv, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and Brussels says “Russia is right under international law to undertake its special military operation against the Ukrainian ‘integral nationalists’.”


Also, even as the Chinese publicly refuse to meet with fake Rockefeller Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Tan Kefei, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense says “Military contact and exchanges between the two countries have never been suspended.” In other words, the Chinese military (as opposed to some CCP officials) are working with the US white hats and not the Rockefellers.


In Japan, right-wingers also held an emergency meeting to take action against the KM promise to hand over control of the country to the Chinese Communist Party. The Japanese military and police prosecutors are now fact-checking the puppet regime’s use of fraudulent PCR tests to vaccinate the populace with dangerous substances. They have already been informed Research journals have withdrawn well over 800 articles on COVID-19 because they were fraudulent.


The military is now calling for the removal of the fraudulently installed vaccine-pushing LDP puppet regime. There is much more about this we cannot talk about for operational security reasons.


However, we do note de facto North Korean leader Kim Jo Jong accused the UN of acting as a “political appendage” to the United States.


The reports of North Korea taking a seat on the board of the privately owned WHO (World Harm Organization), was just a failed attempt at appeasement, North Korean sources add.


In the US too, military white hats are taking action and are fully aware Joe Biden is “just the front man, he’s being handed the script…the real question is how long do [the American people] put up with this. They are violating the constitution, you can’t just push a button and create money,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor.


In a clear sign of white hat military action, 24 Republican governors announced deployments of National Guard troops to assist Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s border security efforts.


One reason the troops are being deployed is that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has been paying a staggering $18,000 per child to “sponsor” unaccompanied minors. The children were being placed with abusive “sponsors” and up to 85,000 “sponsored” children are missing. 


The US also needs martial law because the social order is disintegrating., For example, “retail theft has increased “tenfold in the last five years,” which is not “an understatement,” while violence has “increased exponentially.” Giant Food CEO Ira Kress says. “We have the police come to our stores … they’ll take the information, they’ll record it,”… “But there’s really nothing being done with that because they had two homicides that were a bank robbery and two shootings. So it’s like, where are they going to focus their time and attention?” said Chris Torossian, former manager in the bakery department


When the government cannot even protect retail outlets, it is no longer functioning, hence the need for the military to take action.  


Also, in case you haven’t figured it out, the various January 6th, Hunter Biden, FBI contempt of Congress and other proceedings in Washington DC are “nothing more than a circus show for the sheeple,” CIA sources note.


Video Player










To confirm it is a show here you can again see an example of Biden’s Pedo Satan mask malfunctioning. 


Video Player



Then you have a mass corporate pedophilia promotion in June disguised as “pride.” 


They aren’t even hiding it anymore. Disney has just given the green light to a new show about a girl falling in love with the devil. Lately, Disney “often pushes content with themes around witchcraft, sex, and violence,” according to the family-friendly entertainment organization MovieGuide.


Next, take a look at this map of sex offenders living in Israel. Now do you understand why so many members of Congress have Israeli citizenship?


If this is not enough to justify military action, take a look at what big pharma is still up to.


The detailed video below describes how Pfizer and its partners hijacked the governments of Brazil and Argentina. They didn’t need to hijack the US “government” because they already own it.  


Video Player



In their next move, Big Pharma and Microsoft are teaming up in something called ‘ID2020 Alliance’ which will combine vaccinations with implantable microchips to create your digital ID


They want to link this with central bank digital currencies. Take a look at this letter shared by someone who received it last week for their Coles Mastercard. If you cut through the gobbledygook you will see it will let them cut you off if you try transactions in conflict with UN Sustainable Agenda goals, which include attempting to purchase meat, more than 3 items of clothing per year, etc. “Many people still do not understand what CBDC’s really mean for the future. It is digital prison; forever,” a Mossad source comments.


To prevent people from figuring this out, the Rockefeller-owned WHO plans to use “Social Listening Surveillance Systems” to monitor public communications for “misinformation”.


People are figuring it out anyway. For example here you watch Australian Senator Alex Antic spell out the truth about the World Health Organization’s so-called “Pandemic Treaty.”  


Also, Brendan Murphy former Chief Medical Officer of Australia & the current Secretary of the Department of Health finally admitted vaccine mandates “are no longer justified”.  


Video Player



Warning about the mRNA jab


The FDA has also revoked authorization for COVID-19 vaccines.


The people of the West also need to thank the Russians for helping end the so-called “pandemic.”


Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Force (RCBD), says the US is actively setting up Biolabs near the borders of its geopolitical adversaries and studying “economically significant infections” there outside of domestic jurisdiction. That is one reason why they took action against the Ukraine.


Did you notice that the Covid variants stopped when Russia started going after the Biolabs? Omicron was declared a variant of concern on 11/26/2021.


Russia began neutralizing US Biolabs in Ukraine on 02/24/2022. No variants since. Coincidence? 


The Ukrainians are also now taking action. Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation is investigating Vladimir Zelensky for “High Treason.” This came after the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv initiated a criminal case “against Vladimir Zelenskyy himself, the head of the presidential office Andriy Yermak, his deputy Roman Mashovets, as well as the ex-chairman of the SBU Ivan Bakanov and the former deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Ruslan Demchenko. They are being charged with actions that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainians.


No wonder Zelensky’s entire body has been seen strangely twitching during a meeting with UK’s Sunak in Moldova This is probably due to fear of returning to Kiev as well as coke withdrawal symptoms.


Video Player



The Russian Christians are also fighting to expose the US pedophile government. That is why Biden sexual assault accuser ex-Senate staffer Tara Reade feels ‘safe’ in Russia after fleeing over safety concerns


Also, Channel One in Russia has reported on pedophile Hunter Biden.


Video Player



Now Hungarian and Serbian Christians are joining the Russians by going after the KM crime nexus in Kosovo. As Tass reports:


Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said on Monday that the Serbian army had been put on high alert following the escalation in Kosovo and Metohija and that army units had been deployed along the administrative border with Kosovo.


This comes as Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto at a rally in Serbia said: “Both of our countries are…being mercilessly attacked by [KM]…because we have strong leader…we want peace in Ukraine and…are committed to family values.”


Of course, none of the Western puppet leaders can appear in public now without being attacked by onlookers. In the latest example, a crowd of Germans booed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and accused him of inciting war


In Israel, the army refuses to act against people who surrounded Crime Minister Benyamin Netanyahus’ house. “Everyone with eyes can see the Khazerians traded Netanyahu out for someone very evil! He’s gone but his actor is here & the people want him gone!” an Israeli patriot tweets.


Most of the world is also acting to help liberate the KM-occupied West. “BRICS is no longer an ‘alternative,…[it] strongly supports UN Security Council reform,…to build a fairer, inclusive and open international architecture with sustainable development at its core”, External Affairs Minister of India Subrahmanyam Jaishankar says.


This is more than just talk. Iran, Russia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan and India have agreed to form a naval alliance to jointly establish security of the northern Indian Ocean, Iranian military sources say.  


That is why the United Arab Emirates decided to withdraw from the US-led international maritime force in the region.


Last week also saw a flurry of major cooperation agreements – between Iran, Iraq, Russia, and China. Iran, and Iraq, and Saudi Arabia – “They are in this new global alliance,” notes


OPEC barred Reuters, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and Dow Jones from the Vienna meeting where they announced a one million barrel per day cut in production. The ban was ordered by Saudi Arabia which considers these reporters to be nothing more than Rockefeller agents. The fact the Rothschild-controlled Financial Times was allowed speaks volumes. It is a good guess the production cuts are concentrated on Rockefeller-owned fields.


Also, last week the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders signed an agreement of mutual recognition in Moscow. This means the KM attempt to incorporate the region into their planned greater Khazaria has been stopped.


One of the key figures behind the defeat of the KM plot in the region President Recep Erdogan of Turkey (now represented by an avatar) showed who he stands with by canceling an expected attendance at a European summit. 



In spite of all this, members of the fake Biden cabinet are trying desperately to deny reality. As an example, watch Rockefeller slave Anthony Blinken tell outrageous lies about the situation in Ukraine.


Video Player



As an NSA source comments “The last NAZI broadcast in March 1945 showed the NAZIs were winning on all fronts.. sinking US Battleships, destroying Russian Tanks, etc. Six weeks later came the NAZI surrender. So here we are… bank glitches, the CBDC being hatched, dozens of things and a crumbling financial system….”


The big question, of course, is will all this force the Nazi white hat-created secret space force out of the closet?


This news item suggests it might:


“In a major move, Space Force selects Florida’s Space Coast for STARCOM training headquarters.”


Also, there are more and more signs that suppressed technology is coming out of the closet.


Japanese researchers, for example, have announced they can grow babies in the lab and select “desirable” genes for them.


Next, we see the latest example of a “Jewish space laser,” this time in Chile.


So, with that, here are the latest project Blue Beam Visuals.


  1. Cloaked UFOS over Table Moutain, Cape Town, South Africa. 
  2. 南非开普敦桌山上空的隐形不明飞行物。

  1. SSP experimental craft
  2. 秘密太空项目实验性飞船

Video Player



  1. The Aurora Program TR3B 
  2. 美军极光计划TR3B三角形飞船

Video Player



  1. A plasma energy multi-dimensional craft
  2. 一艘等离子能量体跨维度飞船

Video Player



  1. Multi-colored light UFO over Mexico 12-04-2023
  2. 2023年4月12日墨西哥上空彩色不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. Plasma energy craft over Ontario, Canada 13-02-2023
  2. 2023年2月13日加拿大安大略省上空的等离子能量体飞船

Video Player



  1. UFO over Arizona, USA 21-05-2023
  2. 2023年5月21日美国亚利桑那州上空的不明飞行物


Video Player





Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 May 29th


Why the US has to go through chapter 11 bankruptcy


Sometimes, when I write a story, it gets convoluted and loses direction. No matter what I do, I only end up digging a deeper hole. When this happens, the only option is to delete the whole thing and start all over. This is a good metaphor for what passes off as government in the United States.


The waste and corruption have gone on for so long that the privately owned UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION has about $250 trillion in unfunded liabilities (according to the St, Louis Fed and others) above and beyond the $31.5 trillion in debt that is now in the headlines. Since US GDP is $23 trillion, it is like someone earning 23,000 dollars a year having 280,000 in debt. Such a person is bankrupt because they have to go deeper into debt just to make interest payments.


Despite this, the Rockefeller family and their “Joe Biden” fake government are doing everything in their power to kick the can down the road yet again. This is exactly what the Chinese want because it will mean the US will sink deeper into debt and never again become their rival.


To understand just how dysfunctional the US government is, let us look at the Pentagon as described by Colonel Douglas MacGregor:


We have on active duty now 44 four stars for a force of less than 1.1 million. During world war 2 we had 12.2 million men and 7 four stars. The most professional people are at the lower levels, the least professional are at the top. This is part of the rot, the corruption the waste, The whole department is a catastrophe; you can’t even audit it. The money goes from the Treasury to Congress to the various defense contractors and then it shows up again in the form of donations. The US is run by donors.


Aircraft carriers are an example of how this money is being wasted. The US has 11 aircraft carrier groups. They were state-of-the-art 75 years ago, but are white elephants now. The Chinese military just ran 20 war games where they concluded they could destroy the most modern US aircraft carrier group with just 24 hypersonic missiles.


This means aircraft carrier groups are now just parasites that weaken the US by draining its’ finances to the tune of $26 billion a year.


Another parasite is NASA (Not A Space Agency) which turns out to be nothing more than a movie studio with a $32 billion a year budget.




The money could be better spent, for example, by creating submarines that can also fly (something the Germans figured out towards the end of WWII).


This sort of waste and misdirection is true right across the whole spectrum of US government. For example, the US has 50 states that each have their own bureaucracy and can obstruct the nation as a whole.


The WDS proposal is to reduce this to five administrative regions for the United States of North America:


1.West Coast hippie land from Alaska to Northern California.


2.Greater Texaco ranging from Southern California to Texas


3.Dixieland from Louisiana to Virginia.


4.The East Coast from Maryland up to Ontario (with special autonomy for French-speaking Quebec).


5.The greater mid-West starts with Arkansas and includes Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


This is just a taste of the sort of things that would become possible once the criminal, privately-owned USA INC is bankrupted and rebooted as the Republic of the United States of North America. 


There can be no doubt the American and Canadian people are sick and disgusted with their current KM puppet regimes.


Two-thirds (66%) of all Americans say a Biden (Rockefeller) victory would either be a setback or a disaster for the country according to a CNN poll


The attached video shows “Joe Biden” disappearing into the White House with two children. Nothing to see here folks. “Just ole fake masked Pedo Joe doing his thing.” 


Video Player



For the latest “Biden” mask malfunction check here:


This Biden show is run by a Rockefeller media regime that is considered “truly the enemy of the people,” by 59% of Americans.


To see why the media is the enemy of the people, take a look at this short video on Twitter.


In Canada too, the fake Castrudeau is so hated he cannot appear in public without being harangued. Hats off to this Canadian who gives Castrudeau a piece of his mind. He says it like it is. Keep it up. 


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Despite popular disgust at their rule, the Khazarian Mafia is fighting tooth and nail to keep their corporation afloat. They have called in all their blackmail and bribery cards.


For example, they seemed to have forced Al Gore to spout “Greenhouse gas emissions are the equivalent to 600,000 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs every day! & it’s boiling oceans & making us racist!” 


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More to the point, they appeared to have arm-twisted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to go along with plans to “raise the debt limit.”


Any agreement would mean that behind the scenes they used a combination of nuclear blackmail and extravagant promises to get more funding from creditors like the Chinese. For example, Rockefeller bagman Heinz Kissinger even offered to replace English with Chinese as the official language of the United States in exchange for more money, according to Asian secret society sources.  


Mass murderer Kissinger has also now played his hand and revealed the blackmail strategy he and other KM slaves came up with at their recent Bilderberg meeting.


“US speech about nuclear war is becoming louder and louder and it is somehow mixed in with talk about how aliens are here…it is like they are planning some sort of massive negative energy sacrifice,” an FSB source warns.


The FSB also said Kissinger told Russia he is planning to go to Ukraine in October in order to replace Vladimir Zelinsky with a new puppet. This puppet would then offer a North/South Korea-type solution to freeze the border and keep Western Europe under KM control.


Zelensky has to go because it is now common knowledge he worked with Evgeny Prigozhin of Russia’s Wagner private military group to murder hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men. Ukrainian soldiers died within 4 hours of arriving at Bahmut because Zelensky gave the exact artillery coordinates to his KM counterparts at Wagner, FSB sources confirm.


In a sign of the genocidal mentality of KM slave politicians, Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham called the death of Russians and Ukrainians the “best money we’ve ever spent” during a meeting with Zelensky.


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This is now being stopped. Wagner has been ordered to leave Bakhmut and transfer control to the Russian army by June 1st. This is the result of a joint Russian/Anglo agreement to stop the KM genocide in Ukraine.


The outed Prigozhin, in a hissy fit, warns Russia could face a “revolution” and lose its war in Ukraine unless the country’s “elites” fully commit to the fight and put the country “into North Korea mode,” with martial law imposed, to achieve results on the front lines. Instead, we are hearing Prigozhin is going to be taken out if he hasn’t already been.


There is also definitely something wrong with the Avatar Zelensky. He looks coked out or is malfunctioning. 


Video Player



Look at his eye. 


In any case, the so-called Ukrainian war is mostly the USA INC selling off its weapons stockpiles in order to buy more time. Three-quarters of the material sent from the West to the Ukraine was diverted to Kosovo and Albania to supply other theaters of operation, in the Middle East and the Sahel.


Serbian Christian troops are now going into Kosovo to stop the KM illegal arms, slave, and drug trade taking place there. That is why Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday his country has gone on war footing over the situation in northern Kosovo.


In any case, the war has been a PR disaster for US arms industry. The Russian Air Force has shown that the most advanced American weapon system, the Patriot, can be destroyed at any time – a serious blow to the marketing of the production company and, in general, to the military-industrial complex, Polish intelligence sources note.


Now a fire sale of F-16 fighters is likely to further confirm the bad reputation of US INC weapons. “We have SU-35s capable of shooting down more advanced airframes than F-16s [including F-35 “flying turkeys”] at long range. Furthermore, our pilots can detect them long before they are discovered. There are also effective anti-aircraft missile systems capable of shooting down enemy targets from a long distance,” a Russian arms expert notes.


As their conventional weapons flop, the KM has also been carrying out a huge fake news nuclear blackmail operation involving Belarus. To carry this out, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was hit “using the same electromagnetic weapon they did on [Turkish President Recep] Erdogan and [Mexican President Lopez] Obrador,” according to Mossad sources. There was then an attempt to use a fake Lukashenko to say things like “Countries should join the union of Belarus with Russia, that’s all: there will be nuclear weapons for everyone.” Notice the “Pravda” article where he says this appears on the Ukrainian .ua internet and is not from Russia.


This is followed by the Mossad propaganda site Debka quoting Russia’s ex-president Dmitry Medvedev as saying “If it comes to nuclear weapons, there will have to be a pre-emptive strike.”


Although they have been scrubbed from the internet, we have seen photographs of Medvedev making the Satanic hand sign. It appears he is now being ordered to try to start their long-awaited Armageddon with a KM nuclear attack to blame on “Russian-controlled Belarus.”


This is all KM disinformation and no nuclear attack is going to come from Belarus, our FSB sources confirm.


In other words, it is just nuclear blackmail aimed to extort financing for the US INC. It is just a bluff because the KM know full well if they try to start a nuclear war, the first mega bombs will hit their headquarters in Geneva, New York and Tel Aviv.


We are also hearing a major purge of the KM is taking place inside Russia. That is why Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said “Today, we are being confronted by the collective West, which, in effect, is waging an undeclared war on our countries,” 


It appears Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is the new de facto leader of that country. He just led a high-level Russian delegation to talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang.


One thing they certainly talked about was, as Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban says “there has to be a new European security accord with Russia”.


Most Europeans agree. In the latest sign of this, thousands of anti-war protests took place in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities calling for the neutrality of their country, non-participation in armed conflicts and the closure of NATO bases.


By the way, if you do not think the current EU is run by Satanists, take a look at what appears when you fold their new bills.


The battle against the Satanists is raging elsewhere too. The government of Islamic Azerbaijan, for example, has stopped a KM plot to fool them into fighting Christian Armenia. Now, their government says they will not allow the Zionist regimes to attack Iran from its territory, according to Iranian sources.


In Turkey, President Recep Erdogan has won another five years in power. It appears Turkish nationalists replaced the murdered Erdogan with an avatar who works for Turkey and not the KM. He certainly looks younger.


“Recep Erdogan’s victory is clear evidence of the Turkish people’s support for your efforts to strengthen state sovereignty and pursue an independent, foreign policy,” Russian presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin said, according to the Kremlin website.


In Israel meanwhile, tens of thousands have swarmed the streets in several cities for the 21st week in a row in protest at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right cabinet and its extremist policies.


Looking elsewhere in the world, we note South Africa is facing rolling power blackouts, organized gangs targeting rail infrastructure connecting the nation’s wealthiest province with a top container port and other problems that mean the country could become a “failed state.” 






In Pakistan, meanwhile, former Prime Minister Imran Khan is being held under house arrest by the army as the country hunkers under undeclared martial law.


Speaking about martial law, US military personnel will soon be landing in Peru where the military has carried out widespread attacks against protestors with “extrajudicial executions “and “widespread use of lethal ammunition” earlier this year, while trying to contain mass protests that started in December 2022. This is a naked Rockefeller resource grab at the expense of the Peruvian people.


Speaking about the Rockefellers, their terrorist employee Tedros of the WHO (World Harm Organization) is spreading fear porn again by threatening a disease “deadlier than Covid,” These threats are “coming from all directions now, as the KM is in panic mode,” a Mossad source notes. 


By the way, the Rockefeller Foundation has come out to say publicly they are connected to the WHO:


GENEVA, May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Rockefeller Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO) have announced a new partnership to strengthen the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence.


Here is a summary sent to us by Polish intelligence:


The masks are starting to fall! “The Chinese biology lab in Wuhan is part of GlaxoSmithKline, which (coincidentally) belongs to Pfizer!” (the one who makes a vaccine against a virus that was (accidentally) launched in the Wuhan Biological Laboratory and was (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci who (accidentally) is advertising a vaccine! “GlaxoSmithKline is (coincidentally) run by Black Rock’s finance department, which (coincidentally) manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation), which (coincidentally) runs the French AXA! Coincidentally, Soros owns the German company Winterthur which (accidentally) built a Chinese lab in Wuhan and was bought by a German alliance that (accidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder which is (accidentally) a shareholder of Black Rock which (accidentally) controls banks central and manages approximately one-third of global investment capital. Black Rock is also (actually) a major shareholder in MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder in Pfizer. (which – remember? He sells a miracle vaccine) and (coincidentally) is now WHO’s first sponsor! Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China infected the ENTIRE PLANET! “


These same sources tell us “analysis of dust from a terrace table in Berlin, after suspicious rainfall such as recently in Poland … It’s not pollen from trees; it’s metals and poisons.”


As Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić says about the WHO Plandemic treaty: “It would be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Columbian drug cartel.”


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If they dug a little deeper, they would soon uncover the web of foundations used by the Rockefellers to control this entire sh*t show.











不要签署<世界卫生组织流行病条约>! 》

They are also behind the entire LGBQ etc. etc, attempting to end reproductive sex involving males and females.


In the latest example, the Rockefeller-controlled American Medical Association states that the sex of a child should be omitted from Birth-Certificates because they don’t know what the sex is until the child later chooses it.


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In any case, the Russians and Middle Eastern countries are working to cut the Rockefellers off from their control of oil and energy markets. That is why Saudi Arabia is snapping up millions of barrels of Russian diesel that Europe no longer allows, while simultaneously sending its own supplies back to buyers in Europe.


The Europeans are also turning a blind eye to India reselling them Russian oil.


In another sign of how much Rockefeller control of energy has sent back human progress, a jet has just been unveiled that can travel at Mach 5 just by grabbing hydrogen from the air.


With that, let us look at the latest operation blue beam information.


The first was sent by a contact in Russia who said: “Take this for what it’s worth to you.” 


A special way to transport a plane


Next, we have:


  1. UFO over Thailand 
  2. 泰国上空的不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. UFO over Roswell, New Mexico USA 2023
  2. 2023年美国新墨西哥州罗斯威尔上空的不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. UFO over and airport 
  2. 机场上空的不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. UFO decloaking over Russia
  2. 俄罗斯上空解除隐身状态的不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. UFO over the mountains of California USA 
  2. 美国加利佛尼亚州山脉上空的不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. Several plasma energy ships over France 01-04-2023
  2. 2023年4月1日法国上空的几台等离子能量体飞船

Video Player

Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found


Download File:




  1. Numerous plasma energy ships over Oregon USA 12-05-2023
  2. 2023年5月12日美国俄勒冈州上空数不清的等离子能量体飞船

Video Player

Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found


Download File:




  1. Red sun over Calgary due to the massive fires in Alberta
  2. 加麻大阿尔伯塔省大火导致卡尔加里上空红日

Video Player



  1. Similar red sun in New York.
  2. 纽约上空相似的红日
  1. Mendenhall Glacier Alaska anomaly from 2019
  2. 2019年阿拉斯加门登霍尔冰川异常

If the US finally does go bankrupt next week, maybe the truth about all this will come out. Keep your fingers crossed that USA INC finally goes bankrupt and your powder dry in case it does not.


Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 May 22nd

Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 May 22nd 本杰明·富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2023年5月22日   G7 nations trying to surrender despite bluster 7国集团正在一边咆哮恐吓,一边试图投降   The G7 group of Khazarian mafia slave countries just finished their love fest in Japan with a false show of confidence. In reality, they are trying to surrender, Asian secret society sources say. 由高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党控制的国家所组成的7国集团,刚刚结束了在日本的聚众淫乱,表现出了虚假的自信。亚洲秘密社团的消息来源称,事实上,他们正试图投降。   To understand why the G7 has to surrender, let us look at their reality: 为了理解7国集团为什么不得不投降,那就让我们来看看他们现在所面对的现实:   When the G7 started in 1976 they controlled 70% of world GDP. They also represented democracy, human rights, the rule of law etc. Now they just control 27% of GDP and are under the most horrific form of Babylonian totalitarianism. 1976年7国集团成立时,他们控制了世界GDP的70%。他们还代表了民主、人权、法治等。现在,他们只控制了世界GDP的27%,而且还处于巴比伦极权主义最可怕的政治形式下。   The “leader” of the once free world is a dead pedophile human trafficker by the name of Joe Biden who was placed in power by a stolen election and is now represented by an actor. 而“领导”这个已经不在自由的世界的人,是一个本人真身早已死亡的人,他名字叫“乔·拜登”,一个打扮成他的模样的替身演员,窃取了一场美国大选从而掌权,可事实上,他背后的那一群团队,其实是一群人贩子。   The “president” of France, Emanuelle Macron, was a teenage male prostitute who married his older male client. He is a Rothschild family servant who was also placed in power via a stolen election. 法国“总统”埃曼纽埃尔·马克龙,在十几岁的时候,是一名男妓,他娶了比他的年长的男性女装大佬客户为妻。他是罗斯柴尔德家族的仆人,也是通过一次被窃取的选举而掌权的。   Then we have Justin Castrudeau of Canada who almost certainly murdered his brother and was also placed in power via election fraud. His father Pierre Trudeau -who was cuckolded by Fidel Castro- handed over control of the Bank of Canada to the KM. 然后是加麻大的贾斯汀·特鲁多·卡斯特罗,几乎可以肯定他谋杀了他的兄弟,并通过选举舞弊掌权。他的妈妈跟古巴领导人菲德尔·卡斯特罗出轨了,而特鲁多本人又将加麻大银行的控制权,移交给了高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党。   Next, we have Olaf Scholz of Germany who has been described as the worst leader in 1000 years of German history by German expert Colonel Douglas MacGregor. Scholz has devastated German industry by shutting down nuclear power plants and raising energy prices by 45% in order to serve his Rockefeller masters. 接下来,我们有德国的奥拉夫·朔尔茨,他被德国专家道格拉斯·麦格雷格上校描述为德国1000年历史上最糟糕的领导人。朔尔茨为了服务洛克菲勒家族的主人,关闭了核电站,并将能源价格提高了45%,从而摧毁了德国工业。   Then we have the World Economic Forum slave Rishi Sunak of the UK who has been using public money to enrich his wife’s company. Mossad sources allege that in order to become Prime Minister, Sunak was forced to allow himself to be videotaped having homosexual sex with Macron and Castrudeau so that he could be blackmailed. 然后是世界经济论坛的奴才——英国的里希·苏纳克,他一直在用公款充实他妻子的公司。以色列摩萨德的消息来源称,为了成为英国首相,苏纳克被迫与马克龙和特鲁多发生同性性行为,并且被录像,以确保阴谋集团可以利用这一弱点来控制他。   Following this, we have Gioria Meloni of Italy. She is a fascist who takes orders from Satanists and who supports the ongoing genocide of the Ukrainian people. 接下来是意大利的焦尔吉娅·梅洛尼。她是一个法西斯分子,听命于撒旦教,她支持正在进行的对乌克兰人民的种族灭绝。   Finally, we have Japanese host PM Fumio Kishida, a KM slave actor who reads scripts handed to him by his Satanist handlers and who, like the other G7 leaders, presided over the poisoning of his people with toxic vaccines. 最后,我们有日本奴才首相岸田文雄,他是高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党的一名奴才演员,直接按照撒旦教交给他的剧本照本宣科,他和其他7国集团领导人一样,用《圣经·启示录》“兽的印记”氧化石墨烯微芯片转基因绝育“疫苗”毒害了他的人民。   This is coming out in public now. Professor Yoshinori Murakami of Tokyo University discovered Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoters, associated with human cancer development, in Pfizer vials. He asks why a sequence derived from a cancer virus is present in Pfizer’s vaccine. 这件事现在已经公开了。东京大学的村上义人教授,在辉瑞药瓶中发现了猿猴病毒40(SV40)的启动子,这种启动子与人类癌症的发展有关。他愤怒地询问为什么辉瑞公司的疫苗中存在来自癌症病毒的序列。   Video Player 00:00 02:16   Also, the Japanese public broadcaster NHK was forced to apologize on Twitter on May 16 for editing a news program to make it look like some people had died of COVID-19 when in fact the comments used in the show were by people claiming that their family members had died after receiving the coronavirus vaccine. 此外,2023年5月16日,日本公共广播公司NHK被迫在推特上道歉,因为该公司编辑了一个新闻节目,让人觉得有些人死于新冠肺炎,而事实上,节目中使用的评论是,一些人声称他们的家人在接种《圣经·启示录》“兽的印记”氧化石墨烯微芯片转基因绝育“疫苗”后死亡。   The Japanese are also outraged that the G7 cynically held their meeting in the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima. 7国集团玩世不恭地在被原子弹轰炸的广岛市举行会议,日本人对此也感到愤怒。   In a clear sign the G7 is a morally bankrupt instrument of the Satanic KM, their communique called for freedoms for LGBTQIA+ people (their 8 “genders”) around the world. All this while simultaneously expressing support for continuing their genocide of the Ukrainian people. 有一个明显的迹象,显示出7国集团其实是高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党的工具,目的是为了使全世界道德破产,他们的公报呼吁世界各地的LGBTQIA+人群(他们的8种“性别”)享有自由。7国集团峰会同时表示,他们继续支持对乌克兰人民进行种族灭绝。   In any case, facing bankruptcy, the G7 nations were forced to suck up to China by saying “Our policy approaches are not designed to harm China nor do we seek to thwart China’s economic progress and development.” In private the KM are offering world domination to China in exchange for continued financing of their puppet regimes, Asian secret society sources say. 无论如何,在面对破产的情况下,7国集团被迫讨好中国,称“我们的政策方针既不是为了伤害中国,也不是为了阻碍中国的经济进步和发展。”亚洲秘密社团消息来源称,高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党,在私下里希望能够向中国提供世界统治权,以换取中国持续资助他们的傀儡政权。   Of course, the Chinese, -who have suffered mass murder via 5G electromagnetic and bio-weapons at the hand of the G7 puppet masters- are in no mood to finance these criminally hijacked countries. 当然,中国人——已经充分领教了5G电磁脉冲和新冠病毒生物武器所造成的大规模谋杀——而这些杀人科技掌握在7国集团傀儡国家背后的主人手中——中国现在没有心情资助这些被罪犯劫持的国家。   The Group of Seven, with significantly weakening economic heft… unable to represent the world…is again hyping up their so-called “law and order,” whereas political observers have precisely debunked the essence of their lies — a scheme to play small-clique politics and dictate to the rest of the world, the state media notes 7国集团的经济影响力已经明显减弱……无法代表世界再次炒作他们所谓的“法律与秩序”……而政治观察家们恰恰揭穿了他们谎言的本质——官方媒体指出,这是一个玩弄小集团政治并对世界其他地区发号施令的计划。   China’s government has also exposed US plans to deploy genetically engineered weapons’ against ‘European Aryans’ and other races 中国政府还曝光了美国计划部署针对“欧洲雅利安人”和其他种族的基因工程武器。   《据报道,五角大楼已经制定了用基因工程武器打击对手的计划。美国军方将手机亚洲华人、欧洲雅利安人和中东阿拉伯人的基因组数据。》   The rest of the world is also onto to these criminals and nobody is going to support their bankrupt genocidal UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. 世界其他地方也在关注这些罪犯,没有人会支持他们的那个——想搞种族灭绝却又已经破产的美利坚合众国企业公司。   Over 81 nations have renounced the US dollar and that now includes oil-producing nations like Iraq, Venezuela, Nigeria, the UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. That is why the US is finishing off the last of its strategic petroleum reserve. 超过81个国家已经放弃使用美元,其中包括伊拉克、委内瑞拉、尼日利亚、阿联酋、伊朗、沙特阿拉伯等产油国。这就是为什么美国正在耗尽其最后一滴战略石油储备的原因。   To understand that this time they really and truly are bankrupt take a look at the following charts. 我们为了使读者朋友们能够理解,这一次他们真的破产了,请看下面的图表。   The first one shows US cash reserves will run out on June 5th. 第一张图表显示美国的现金储备将在2023年6月5日耗尽。     The second one shows market expectations of US bankruptcy. (The other smaller spikes in the graph are things like the Lehman shock). 第二张图表显示市场对美国破产的预期。(图表中其它较小的峰值的高度,显示的是市场在雷曼兄弟银行破产时的悲观程度)。     The third one shows they have looted the Social Security Trust Fund which they are not legally supposed to do. 第三张图表显示的是,美利坚合众国企业公司掠夺了社会保障信托基金,而这在法律上是禁止的。   Finally, we see the corporation has to borrow just to pay interest on its debts. 最后,我们看到美利坚合众国企业公司不得不借贷来支付债务利息。     When a government has to borrow just to pay interest on its debt, it is bankrupt. 当一个政府仅仅为了支付利息而不得不借贷时,它就已经破产了。   So the 200 trillion dollar question is: what will happen when the US goes bankrupt? 因此,200万亿美元的债务问题其实应该是:当美国破产时会发生什么?   If it is an uncontrolled bankruptcy, US soldiers at 800 bases around the world will not get paid and will have to resort to armed robbery or go out on the street with begging bowls. 如果这是一场失控的破产,驻扎在世界各地800个基地的美国士兵将得不到军饷,他们将不得不走上街头进行武装抢劫,或拿着乞讨碗走上街头。   Inside the US, government services will collapse and law and order will disintegrate. There will be a bloody period of anarchy and probably the break up of the US into various countries before the situation stabilizes. Think of the collapse of the Soviet Union times ten. 在美国国内,政府服务将崩溃,法律和秩序将瓦解。在局势稳定之前,将有一段血腥的无政府时期,美国可能会分裂成不同的国家。想象一下,比苏联崩溃还要惨十倍是一个什么样的景象。   The attached video shows about 750 migrants being held at a Border Patrol Processing Center in El Paso, Texas, more than six times the facility’s normal capacity. Every single person there is male aged 25 – 35 (Military age) 以下这个视频显示,约750名移民被关押在德克萨斯州埃尔帕索的边境巡逻处理中心,是该中心正常容量的六倍多。每个人都是25-35岁的男性(参军年龄)   Military age men all refugees 参军年龄的男人都是难民   These are not refugees. They are sent here to infiltrate and start real problems for Americans. How about a civil war? 事实上这些人并不是难民。他们被派到这里,是为了渗透美国,并给美国人民带来真正的麻烦。比如一场内战?   The White Dragon Society and its white hat allies in the West and around the world have negotiated an alternative that would restore democracy, the rule of law and freedom of the press. It would involve the unification of Canada and the United States into the United States of North America. 白龙会及其在西方和世界各地的白帽子地球解放军事盟友,已经对关于恢复民主、法治和新闻自由的替代方案进行了谈判。这将涉及加麻大和美国统一为北美合众国。   The WDS has proposed putting Colonel Douglas MacGregor in charge of the military in such a scenario. Under the KM, only visibly moronic sycophants like Mark Milley and David Petraeus were allowed to rise to the top. That is why it will be up to the colonels like MacGregor to clean up the military. 白龙会提议在这种情况下让道格拉斯·麦克格雷格上校负责美军。在高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党的掌控下,只有像马克·米利和大卫·彼得雷乌斯这样明显愚蠢的阿谀奉承者,才能掌握最高军事指挥权。这就是为什么要由像麦格雷格这样的上校来清理军队的原因。   To initiate these changes, martial law would have to go into effect. This would allow for a jubilee to take place. This will involve a one-time-only write-off of all debts public and private and a redistribution of assets stolen from the people via central bank fraud. At the end of this, all North Americans will own their principal residence, have money in the bank and have no debt. 为了启动这些变革,戒严令必须生效。这将允许举行天下大赦喜年运动。这将涉及一笔勾销所有公共和私人债务,并重新分配通过中央银行欺诈从人民手中窃取的资产。最终,所有北美人民都将拥有自己的主要居所,银行账户里有钱,没有债务。   Only then would free and fair democratic elections be possible so that the military can return to their barracks where they belong. 只有到那时,才有可能举行自由和公平的民主选举,戒严令才能取消,军队才能够返回他们所属的军营。   It will also be necessary to act on the over 400,000 sealed indictments to bring into custody the estimated one million Satanists in the US. They will be placed in the FEMA camps they built for Christians and patriots until proper trials can be arranged. If you think that is drastic, remember, they almost succeeded in turning the rest of us into human farm animals. 还需要对40多万份密封起诉书采取行动,以拘留美国约100万撒旦教徒。这100万撒旦教徒将被安置在美国联邦应急管理局营地里,直到安排适当的审判,美国联邦应急管理局营地原本是他们为基督徒和爱国者建造的囚室。如果你认为这场拨乱反正很过激,请记住,他们几乎成功地把我们所有人变成了人类农场动物《约定的梦幻岛》。   In case you don’t believe they planned to imprison Christians, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch noted that, during the fake pandemic (“the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country”), “They surveilled church parking lots and recorded license plates.” They also shuttered businesses, schools and churches “even as they allowed casinos and other favored businesses to carry on.” 如果你不相信他们计划监禁基督徒,美国最高法院大法官尼尔·戈萨奇指出,在虚假新冠疫情大流行期间(“这个国家进行了和平时期历史上对公民自由的最大侵犯”),“他们监视了教堂停车场,并记录了车牌。”他们还关闭了企业,学校和教堂“即使他们允许赌场和其他受欢迎的企业继续经营。”   “This was possible because all the politicians and celebrities currently waging war on humanity via the WEF have been blackmailed. Should any one of them not do as they’re told – they will be accused of horrific crimes against children. Epsteins’ list needs to be revealed and the pedophiles prosecuted. Then it’s over for them. This should be the most important thing for the WH Alliance to apply pressure on,” a Mossad source says. 以色列摩萨德的一位消息来源表示:“这是可能的,因为目前通过世界经济论坛向人类发动战争的所有政治家和名人都被勒索了。如果他们中的任何一个人,不按照高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党的指示行事,他们将被指控对儿童犯下可怕的罪行。爱泼斯坦恋童癖性奴岛的名单需要公布,恋童癖者需要被起诉。然后对他们来说游戏就结束了。这应该是白帽子地球解放军事联盟最重要的事情。”   《她是人类历史上唯一一个,在没有证据证明有任何买家的情况下,被判决为拐卖儿童罪名成立的人》   It turns out Florida Governor Ron De Santis may be one of these blackmailed people judging by his recent appeasement of the genocidal Chabad cult. 事实证明,从佛罗里达州州长罗恩·德桑蒂斯最近对种族灭绝的查巴德邪教的安抚来看,他自己可能就是这些被勒索的人之一。     No wonder US President Donald Trump has a 45-point lead over DeSantis 难怪美国总统候选人唐纳德·川普领先德桑蒂斯45个百分点     The Christians and patriots have run out of cheeks to turn so, now justice will be served. 基督徒和爱国者已经没有脸可以转了,现在正义将得到伸张。   On Wednesday, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced impeachment articles against United States Attorney General Merrick Garland. “He’s targeted parents who are concerned about their children’s education, targeted Christians and pro-life activists & raided the home of a President,” she says. 周三,众议员玛乔丽·泰勒·格林提出了针对美国司法部长梅里克·加兰德的弹劾条款。她说:“他把关注孩子教育的父母作为目标,把基督徒和反堕胎活动家作为目标,并袭击了一位总统的家。”   Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has suggested that the FBI should be defunded and its agents criminally indicted after special counsel John Durham found them guilty of multiple crimes. For example, “three separate FBI field offices said, wait a minute, the Clinton Foundation is a foreign money laundering scam. We should probably look into that. But Andy McCabe, remember Andy, the guy who married Clinton’s donor. He calls everyone and says the Clinton Foundation is off-limits,” a CIA source notes. 佛罗里达州共和党众议员马特·盖茨建议,在特别检察官约翰·达勒姆认定美国联邦调查局特工犯有多项罪行后,联邦调查局应该被切断资金,并对其特工进行刑事起诉。例如,美国中央情报局的一位消息来源指出:“三个独立的联邦调查局外地办事处说,等一下,克林顿基金会是一个外国洗钱骗局。我们可能应该调查一下。但安迪·麦凯布,记住这个跟克林顿家族的捐款者结婚的人。他给每个人打电话,说克林顿基金会禁止进入。”   In a sign the KM is losing control, Fox Television thought they could silence Tucker Carlson by cutting him off from his 2.5 million nightly viewers. Now Carlson appeared on Twitter before 84.6 million viewers to say “Both political parties and their donors have reached a consensus on what benefits them and they actively collude to shut down any conversation about it. Suddenly the United States looks very much like a one-party state…Our current orthodoxies are brain dead, nobody actually believes them,” 有一个迹象显示出高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党正在失去控制权,福克斯电视台认为他们可以通过切断塔克·卡尔森与250万夜间观众的联系来让他沉默。现在,卡尔森出现在推特上,面对8460万观众说:“美国民主、共和两党和他们的捐助者已经就什么对他们有利达成了共识,他们积极串通,关闭了任何关于这一点的对话。突然间,美国看起来很像一个一党制国家……我们目前的正统观念已经脑死亡,没有人真正相信它们。”   Afraid to lose the last of their dwindling audience, the corporate propaganda media has also now turned. CNN’s Jake Tapper says the Durham report is devastating to the FBI & exonerates Trump. It seems the white hats have captured CNN. 由于害怕失去最后一批日渐减少的观众,企业宣传媒体现在也转向了。美国有线电视新闻网的杰克·塔珀表示,达勒姆的报告对美国联邦调查局来说是毁灭性的,为川普开脱了罪责。白帽子地球解放军事联盟的成员似乎已经占领了美国有线电视新闻网。   Video Player 00:00 00:12   Next, we see Glenn Beck say: 接下来,我们看到格伦·贝克说:   “The Deep State knowingly interfered in Federal elections. Our vote was deemed irrelevant by the FBI/CIA/DOJ/DNC/MSM etc. Meaning this is NOT a free country, it’s a dictatorship. You best start believing in Orwellian dystopias. You’re in one.” “深层国家派系故意干预联邦选举。美国联邦调查局/美国中央情报局/美国司法部/民主党全国委员会/主流媒体等机构,认为我们的投票无关紧要。这意味着美国不是一个自由的国家,而是一个独裁政权。你最好开始相信乔治·奥威尔在他的作品中所描绘的反乌托邦。你就在其中一个里边。”   Video Player 00:00 02:14   Now Fox News has also been forced to report: 现在福克斯电视台新闻也被迫报道:   “The theory was that the FBI/DOJ/CIA/MSM/DNC/Tech/Pharma etc., were all working together to stop Trump. Is that not what happened? “理论上,美国联邦调查局/美国司法部/美国中央情报局/主流媒体/民主党全国委员会/科技公司/制药公司等,都在共同努力阻止川普。事情不是这样吗?   Video Player 00:00 01:33   This sort of revolt is happening across the Western world. 这种反抗正在整个西方世界发生。   “What happens when the masses wake up, and they are exposing the media’s lies? That’s exactly what is happening in Denmark right now. the Danish media is trolled by 90-95% on Twitter and their lies are ridiculed,” notes a Danish correspondent. 一位丹麦记者指出:“当人民大众醒来,揭露媒体的谎言时,会发生什么?这正是丹麦目前正在发生的事情。丹麦媒体在推特上受到90-95%的抵制,他们的谎言受到了嘲笑。”   On Saturday 20th May, people in over 190 cities around the world gathered to voice a clear message to the globalist not-so-elite: 2023年5月20日星期六,全球190多个城市的人们聚集在一起,向不那么精英的全球化主义者发出了明确的信息:   “You overplayed your hand. We see you. We know your plans… And guess what? We are MANY, we are UNITED and we are READY.” “你们玩过头了。我们看到你们了。我们知道你们的计划……你猜怎么着?我们是世界上绝大多数,我们已经联合起来了,我们已经准备好了。”   Video Player 00:00 02:09   In another sign of regime change On Thursday the Guardian met the European head of Bilderberg, Victor Halberstadt, coming out of a pharmacy in Lisbon, clutching a packet of barrier skin cream. Halberstadt didn’t just ignore a polite media approach he flat-out denied that he was Victor Halberstadt and then hopped into a Mercedes which whisked him off through the security cordon. 另一个政权更迭的迹象是,周四,英国《卫报》的记者,偶然撞见了比德伯格俱乐部的欧洲负责人维克托·哈尔伯施塔特,他从里斯本的一家药店出来,手里拿着一包屏障护肤霜。维克托·哈尔伯施塔特不仅摆出一副无视媒体的态度,他断然否认自己是维克托·哈尔伯施塔特,然后跳上一辆奔驰车,奔驰车将他迅速带过安全警戒线。   Legal battles have also begun. Deutsche Bank AG will pay $75 million to settle a proposed class-action lawsuit claiming it aided Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday night. 法律斗争也已经开始。跟据《华尔街日报》周三晚间报道,德意志银行将支付7500万美元,以解决一项正处在庭外调解的集体诉讼,该诉讼声称德意志银行帮助了杰弗里·爱泼斯坦的性交易团伙。   JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM, still faces two lawsuits related to its dealings with Epstein. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 摩根大通仍面临与爱泼斯坦交易有关的两起诉讼。这只是冰山一角。   Of course, the Satanists have not given up yet and are still trying to go after our food supply and force us to accept their mark of the beast control system in order to survive. 当然,撒旦教徒还没有放弃,他们仍然试图掐断和控制人民大众的食物供应,迫使我们接受他们的《圣经·启示录》“兽的印记”植入人体的微芯片,以便使那些反抗的人无法用体内的芯片买到食物,而那些撒旦教徒们得以继续生存下去。   So for example, Bill Gates says farmers are your enemy, whilst becoming the largest private owner of farmland in America. 例如,最近,比尔·盖茨说农民是你们的敌人,同时,他自己却成为美国最大的私人农田所有者。   Video Player 00:00 00:32   At the same time hypocrite avatar John Kerry declares war on US farmers by threatening government farm confiscations. 与此同时,伪君子约翰·克里的阿凡达替身威胁政府,让政府没收农场,这意味着向美国农民宣战。   Dutch farmers are committing suicide because they are “completely desperate as a result of the criminal policies of our government.” 荷兰农民正在自杀,他们表示“由于我们政府的犯罪政策而使我们完全绝望。”   Video Player 00:00 01:46   Also at the 76th World Health Assembly, there is a lot of talk about “One Health”. This would aim to control people, animals and the environment, i.e. climate and CO2 emissions. If you can prove you do not pose an “epidemiological risk”, you can go abroad, get on a plane, visit a sick child in the hospital or relatives in a nursing home and go to an inn. 同样,在第76届世界卫生大会上,有很多关于“一个健康”的讨论。这将旨在控制人、动物和环境,即气候和二氧化碳排放。如果你能证明自己没有“流行病学风险”,你可以出国,坐飞机,去医院看望生病的孩子,或者去疗养院看望亲戚,然后去客栈。   This sort of thing is being presided over by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the head of WHO. Before running the WHO, Tedros was designated as a terrorist for presiding over the “razing entire villages, carrying out public executions, raping and harassing women and girls, arbitrarily arresting, torturing and sometimes killing suspects in military custody and forcing thousands to flee their homes.” 这类事情由世界卫生组织主席谭德塞主持。在执掌世界卫生组织之前,谭德塞被指认为恐怖分子,因为他主持了“夷平整个村庄、公开处决、强奸和骚扰妇女和女孩、任意逮捕、折磨、有时杀害军事拘留,并迫使数千人逃离家园的嫌疑人。”   With actions like these, it is understandable why the “rules-based world order people” have lost support. The CIA, for example, is now so desperate for new minions they resort to Telegram. 既然他干的出这种行为,那么就不难理解为什么“基于规则的世界秩序派系”会失去支持了。例如,美国中央情报局现在迫切需要新的小黄人,他们开始使用俄罗斯加密手机通讯软件“电报”来招募新成员。   Here is a Russian response to the US open recruitment of saboteurs among Russians. 以下是俄罗斯对美国在俄罗斯人中公开招募破坏者的回应。   Video Player 00:00 00:41   We also found out from the CIA about skullduggery involving the Secret Service in Bulgaria. “It seems that a Secret Service agent in Bill Clinton’s protective detail was involved in a sexual encounter with a hotel staff member and got busted. The agent was off duty at the time. It may have been a ‘honey trap’ set up in order to obtain classified information”. 我们还从美国中央情报局了解到保加利亚特勤局的欺诈行为:“看起来,比尔·克林顿保护下的一名特勤局特工,与一名酒店工作人员发生了性关系,并被抓获。该特工当时正在下班。这可能是为了获取机密信息而设置的‘美人计’。”   The source added, “The Bill Clinton that showed up in Bulgaria was 100% an avatar.” 消息来源补充道:“出现在保加利亚的比尔·克林顿,百分之百是阿凡达替身。”   Speaking about avatars, multiple sources say Ukrainian war criminal Vladimir Zelensky knows he is dead if he returns to Ukraine. 谈到阿凡达替身,多位消息来源表示,乌克兰战犯弗拉基米尔·泽连斯基知道,如果他回到乌克兰,他就死定了。   As Bakhmut falls and Ukraine’s air defenses are depleted, you’ll notice Zelensky is STILL not in Ukraine. “Since May 3rd, he has been in Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and now Japan for the G7 Summit. He’s hiding,” a Mossad source notes 随着巴赫穆特的沦陷和乌克兰防空系统的耗尽,你会注意到泽连斯基仍然不在乌克兰。以色列摩萨德的一位消息来源指出:“自从2023年5月3日以来,他一直在芬兰、荷兰、意大利、德国、法国、沙特阿拉伯,现在还有日本参加七国集团峰会。他一直在躲藏。”   Eastern European allies led by Poland are secretly urging Zelensky to end the Ukraine conflict, even by resigning himself. 以波兰为首的东欧盟友,正在秘密敦促泽连斯基结束乌克兰冲突,甚至辞职。   This call comes as the latest US and NATO weaponry is being totally trashed by Russia. For example, prior to its destruction, a Patriot missile battery fired all 32 guided missiles, which cost $5.275 million per unit. The cost of the battery itself is $500 million to $1.5 billion, depending on the complexity of the equipment. 这一呼吁发出之际,美国和北约的最新武器正在被俄罗斯彻底摧毁。例如,在被摧毁之前,爱国者导弹连续发射了全部32枚防空导弹,每枚导弹耗资527.5万美元。电池本身的成本为5亿至15亿美元,具体取决于设备的复杂性。   Seeing this, Turkey’s government won’t wait for US F-35 jets and wants $1.4 billion back “We want the money now. We want the money we paid back,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told the media, adding that Ankara he doesn’t want the situation to “turn into a snake story, like with the Patriot defense system.” 再看到这一点之后,土耳其政府不再等待美国的F-35战斗机,并希望归还14亿美元。土耳其外交部长梅夫吕特·卡武索格鲁对媒体说:“我们现在就想要回这笔钱。”他补充说,安卡拉不希望局势“像爱国者防御系统那样变成一个农夫与蛇的故事。”   Colonel MacGregor notes “Russia has depleted Ukrainian air defense capabilities, hypersonic Kinzhal missiles are destroying US-supplied Patriot systems, and Russian Intelligence is excellent. They know where all the weaponry is located. 麦克格雷格上校指出:“俄罗斯已经耗尽了乌克兰的防空能力,‘匕首’高超音速导弹正在摧毁美国提供的爱国者系统,俄罗斯情报部门非常出色。他们知道所有武器的位置。”   Video Player 00:00 03:02   “I think this narrative, we are on the verge of victory just give us a bit more and we can fight our way through is going to continue until it can’t. There is no change in the fundamental truth that their position is pretty hopeless…If anyone doesn’t have a strategy it is us…There is no one sensible at the national level in Berlin, Paris, London, forget it, they’ve lost their minds. The same thing is sadly true in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo. They are out of touch with reality,” he comments. 他评论道:“我认为有一种说法是对的,直到有一天这个说法不再正确。这个说法就是,我们正在取得胜利,只要给我们一点更多的支持和时间,我们就能杀出一条血路。这里边的根本事实并没有什么变化,那就是他们的处境相当绝望……如果说这个世界上有任何人还没有一套行之有效的战略的话,那就是我们了……无论是在柏林、巴黎还是伦敦,在国家层面上都找不到一个明智的人,忘了这些吧,他们已经失去了理智。赫尔辛基、斯德哥尔摩、奥斯陆也是同样的情况。他们已经脱离了现实。”   Video Player 00:00 00:16   Now Zelensky -having run out of men to slaughter- is preparing children for battle. 现在,泽连斯基已经没有可供送到战场绞肉机中的人了,他正在为童子军参战做准备。   We are also getting reports some sort of radiation-dirty bomb has been set off in Ukraine. The IAEA says depleted uranium is a cover story and that radiation levels are 10 to 20 times higher than announced and that areas of Poland can expect soaring cancer rates 我们还收到报告称,乌克兰境内引爆了某种放射性脏弹。国际原子能机构表示,贫铀弹只是一个封面故事,真实的辐射水平比公布出来的辐射水平高出10至20倍,而波兰地区的癌症发病率有望飙升。   Just in time for this radiation scare, the NIH has started phase I trials of an “Oral Drug to Remove Radioactive Contamination from the Human Body (Monday, May 15, 2023).” This is typical KM; “Spread radiation and then make a killing by selling anti-radiation drugs.” 当这场辐射恐慌爆发出来的时候,美国国立卫生研究院已经开始了“口服药物去除人体放射性污染(2023年5月15日,星期一)”的一期试验。这是高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党的典型伎俩;“先传播辐射,然后通过销售抗辐射药物来杀人。”   Speaking about radiation, we are now getting scientific confirmation that 5G electromagnetic radiation can be used for mind control as this MIT report notes: 说到辐射,正如麻省理工学院的这份报告所指出的,我们现在得到了科学证实,5G电磁辐射可以用于精神控制:   Moral judgments can be changed… by magnets By disrupting brain activity in a given region, neuroscientists can influence people’s views on moral situations. 通过扰乱大脑特定区域的活动,道德判断可以通过磁场来改变。神经科学家可以影响人们对道德标准的看法。   With that, we conclude as usual with the most recent UFO sightings from around the world. 根据这一点,我们像往常一样总结了世界各地最近的不明飞行物目击事件。  
  1. Plasma Energy Craft over Oklahoma 4-14-2023
  2. 2023年4月14日,俄克拉何马市上空的等离子能量体飞船
  Video Player 00:00 01:27  
  1. UFO over Arizona 04-01-2023
  2. 2023年4月1日,亚利桑那州上空的不明飞行物
  Video Player 00:00 00:35  
  1. UFO over Norway May 3, 2023
  2. 2023年5月3日,挪威上空的不明飞行物
  Video Player 00:00 00:24  
  1. SSP Delta Terrestrial Craft
  2. 秘密太空项目三角形飞船
  Video Player 00:00 00:12  
  1. Light Energy Craft over Iran
  2. 伊朗上空的光能量飞船
  Video Player 00:00 00:30  
  1. A fleet of off world spheres
  2. 外星球体舰队
  Video Player 00:00 00:36   7: Various Polish UFOs
  1. 波兰的各种不明飞行物
  P9   P10   P11   P12


Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 May 15th


Planetary liberation alliance scores major victories as Biden Horror show taken over


Planetary liberation alliance scores major victories as Biden Horror show taken over

The planetary liberation alliance scored major victories last week in the United States, the UK, Thailand and Pakistan, while major battles rage in Europe and Turkey.


In the US, the mass awakening has reached critical mass as 70% of Americans agree fake US President Joe Biden’s foreign business dealings, bribery and influence peddling schemes are ‘very serious.’ This means the majority of the people are now close to the truth.


They now need to stop being distracted by avatars like Biden or George Soros so we can target and neutralize the true enemy. That’s why I ask readers to share the following two short videos with friends and family who realize something is wrong but still do not understand what it is.


The first is about the Rockefeller family and their evil control of the medical and other industries.


Video Player



The next identifies the BIS as the source of the problem but falls short of naming its’ Rothschild/Rockefeller etc. owners.


Video Player



If we do not target the real source of the problem, we will continue flailing about uselessly like angry blind people.


Here are some specific names of war criminals who need to be brought to justice: David Rockefeller Jr. Hillary and Bill Clinton Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller, John Podesta Rockefeller, Klaus Schwab Rothschild and the various other Rothschilds (with the possible exception of Nathaniel who has been cooperating with the liberation alliance), the Dutch Royal family, etc.


We also need to go after top servants like Victoria Nuland, Eliot Abrams, Justin Castrudeau, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Vladimir Zelensky, Alex Soros, Chrystia Freeland, Jens Stoltenberg etc.


Video Player



In just one sign pointing to the extent of their war crimes, “There are probably only 18 million people left in Ukraine at this point, there were originally 34.5 million and if you go back to the 1990’s there were over 80 million people living in that place,” according to Colonel Douglas MacGregor.


This is a deliberate and massive genocide designed to kill men and enslave women and children for the purpose of torture and slavery. This did not happen during World War II, IT IS HAPPENING NOW. Any government official expressing support for what is being done in Ukraine is a war criminal and will be dealt with as such.


This is happening. We can confirm military action against these people is underway. We were alerted by readers of rumors top Pentagon General Mark Milley was dead. We asked two Pentagon sources to confirm. One said, “General Milley has been replaced by an Avatar and CGI.” Another who knows him personally was told “he was busy” when he tried to make contact.


Other sources told us Blackhawk helicopters had converged on Washington DC.


To hide their movements, weather cameras have been shut along US coastlines.


In a sign, Donald Trump is Commander in Chief, the fake Joe Biden Avatar has suddenly taken a 180degree turn and sent troops to the Mexican border to stop hundreds of thousands of military-age “illegal immigrants,” trying to enter the country (we will report more about the US civil war below).


There is also a huge secret war being raged inside the UK now. The Khazarian mafia is trying to use the Satanic coronation of King Charles (it took place six months, six weeks and six days after the murder of Queen Elizabeth II) as an excuse to take over control of the quantum financial system. The head of MI6 (appointed by Elizabeth) is having none of this and reports he is “Under sustained cyber attack and death threat. I am in nightly contact with Richard Moore at MI6 in London and inside a closed and locked police cordon…Someone is feeling the heat after we exerted massive pressure to break up [the Rothschild grip on the Western Banking system]”.


This desperate attack is linked to the imminent bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. This is now expected to take place in June as even Rockefeller slaves like the criminal Janet Yellen admit. They may have just bought a bit of time by selling another 26 million barrels of the Strategic petroleum reserve.


but, the writing is on the wall. Yellen warned G7 criminals gathering in Japan “a default on US obligations would produce an economic and financial catastrophe.”


She is wrong, it would mean a huge increase in wealth for 99% of Americans as the funds stolen by the criminal 0.01% and their servant class 1% are returned to them via a jubilee.


Bankruptcy or not, the battle to take these criminals down is raging toward victory. On that front, the House Oversight Committee revealed the nine Biden family members that received wire transfers from foreign nationals via shell companies:


  1. Hunter Biden
  2. James Biden
  3. Sara Biden
  4. Hallie Biden
  5. Kathleen Biden
  6. Melissa Biden
  7. Niece/nephew
  8. Niece/nephew
  9. Grandchild










Video Player



They also issued a legally binding subpoena to the FBI for a key document in the Biden family criminal scheme. The FBI is refusing to comply, meaning special forces will be sent into their headquarters to arrest top officials, Pentagon sources say.


In another sign Trump is back in charge, he was allowed to speak the truth on CNN about the stolen election and many other things. See the videos below for excerpts.


Video Player



Video Player



Video Player



Furthermore, Trump is urging Republican legislators to trigger the first-ever US debt default. As Trump knows, default is needed to trigger the jubilee and the nationalization of the privately owned Federal Reserve.


In addition to that, there are now 413,220 Grand Jury Sealed Indictments, with California & Texas in the lead. The average number of sealed indictments before Trump & 2016 is 1,500 cases per YEAR. Since each sealed indictment can contain multiple individuals, it looks like the one million or so Satanists in the US have been identified and will soon be sent to internment camps for re-education or punishment.



We also note Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s vows to finish off the job JFK began, by completely dismantling the CIA if he becomes the next U.S. President.


Somebody needs to tell Kennedy it was David Ben Gurion who ordered the murder of his uncle and father on behalf of his Rothschild/Rockefeller masters. He also needs to figure out the CIA has a split personality and that the white hats there actually support him; especially his stance on Covid and vaccines. By the way, Kennedy’s great-grandmother was the sister to my great-grandmother McCarthy so, we are distantly related.


Meanwhile, as real politicians like Kennedy keep pushing for the truth, the CGI or avatar Biden continues the theater of the absurd by saying: “We’re gonna solve all the world’s problems.” The fake is all smiles but refuses to answer questions.


Video Player



Next watch the fake masked Biden say: “After no longer being vice president, I became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania for four years.” Biden was paid $1 million, but he never taught a single class.


Video Player



We will keep a sharp eye out to see if “Biden” shows up at this week’s G7 meeting in Japan.


A lot of people, by the way, are trying to make a big deal about the fact Japan is opening a NATO liaison office. This is just lip service and does not mean Japan will start supplying weapons to Ukraine or fighting for NATO. In other words, it is just a big PR nothing burger.


Speaking about NATO, let us look at what this criminal organization has been up to.


On that front, the Polish Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime and corruption is investigating former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeders’ role “in preparing the invasion” of Ukraine, according to Polish intelligence sources.


Also, for anyone who knows someone that wants Ukraine to ‘WIN’ the war, ask them why has the United States, not stopped buying uranium from Russia since the war started?


According to Polish intelligence, “there are many reasons the world’s elites do not want to give up Ukraine. Not only was it their center of corruption; money laundering, bioweapons labs, human trafficking, etc., it also seems to be a testing ground for Digital ID, a cashless society they want to create everywhere. Does it make sense for a country at war to invest time and money in such technological projects when the population suffers and the country needs rebuilding?”

根据波兰情报机构的消息来源说: “世界各地的阴谋集团、秘密社团、影子政府、社会精英们不想放弃乌克兰有很多原因。乌克兰不仅是他们的腐败中心;洗钱、生物武器实验室、人口贩运等,乌克兰似乎也是数字身份证的试验场,这是一个他们想在世界各地创建的无现金社会。一个人口遭受苦难、急需重建的国家,竟然花费时间和金钱研究这种高科技项目,这合理吗?”

Colonel Douglas MacGregor adds: “We know that Larry Fink at BlackRock and his friends all thought that they were going to cash in big time, buy up everything that was left in Ukraine and exploit the region and the population forever. That’s not going to happen now.”


This is the same Larry Fink who says “Behaviors are going to have to change, behaviors have to be Forced and at Blackrock, we are forcing Behaviors.”


Video Player



“We’ll see if he’ll still have the same arrogance when the military alliance force their way into his penthouse office suite and carried him away to the Tribunals,” a CIA source comments.


The same for Klaus Schwab’s “great reset” Rothschild who says “Get used to no privacy. You must behave as we tell you to behave, or else.”


Video Player



Klaus Rothschild and his family members are facing arrest because they are on the brink of losing Europe.


Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is calling for the death penalty to be reinstated because it will be disclosed very soon that there are thousands upon thousands of pedophile child torturers, Mossad sources say,


In France, the revolution is still going strong and giving the “police” hell. The French people are pushing back.


Video Player



Video Player



The French people want out of the EU. They are cutting up the EU flag.


Video Player



In a sign of just how unpopular Macron is, he had to do something no other French president has had to do and seal off downtown Dunkirk so he could visit accompanied by 5 ministers, more than 1500 police officers and generators.


Video Player





Any leader so afraid of his people is doomed.


“I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for Macron in another month, I would be surprised if he is still there,” says Colonel MacGregor.


“The British will find a new leader and they will go through governments until the economy collapses,” he adds. “The real question is what happens in Berlin with Sholz who is probably the most uninteresting, unimaginative and unimpressive leader Germany has.”


The same can be said about Justin Castrudeau in Canada. Several of his avatars, and probably Castrudeau himself have already been killed and the latest one bears a poor resemblance.


Now, his Khazarian Mafia handlers have attacked the rebellious Province of Alberta.,


Here is the latest from the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service about his actions:


“Justin Castro and his cronies don’t like Alberta because they stand up to him as he wants to push electric cars. Which means he has to destroy the oil and gas industry. People were told to evacuate in some areas. Later went back home only to find their homes LOOTED and the only people guarding the place were the RCMP.”


Castrudeau and his handlers will be hunted down when the clean-up of the USA is finished, you can count on that.


Russia is helping. According to President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, if he is to be tried as a war criminal, then all US presidents who have caused dozens of wars around the world without even having the right to do so should stand in line with him. This could happen soon. We note that the Soviet Union has been de facto re-established as seven out of nine CIS leaders visited Moscow for the traditional Victory Day parade on Red Square on May 9. Only Azerbaijan and Moldova failed to show up.


Russia, working together with China and white hats in the West, has now liberated most of the planet.


Thailand is the latest country to be liberated. Thailand’s new prime minister is Ms. Paetongtarn Shinawatra, whose father Thaksin and aunt Yingluck were ousted in separate military coups. Shinawatra is a member of the white hat planetary liberation alliance. This means the country is no longer under the control of a heroin-addicted king who is being held hostage by the KM in Europe.


Russia and China are also fighting to liberate the Middle East. Russia said on Wednesday a roadmap to normalize ties between Syria and Turkey will be drafted in coordination with the defense ministers and security services of Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey in Moscow.


This has led to a serious fight over Turkey. The Khazarian Mafia tried to keep Turkey under their control by trying to steal last Sunday’s election. They were able to force a run-off by resorting to more earthquake weapons threats as this video they released shows, Mossad sources say.


Video Player



Also, take a look at the two attached photos of President Erdogan These are not the same man. The ears, age and other features are different. Oops.


Video Player



There was also a serious proxy war in Pakistan over the past week. It started when dozens of paramilitary troops pushed former Prime Minister Imran Kkan into a black SUV, while others beat back some of his supporters in a court complex.


Video Player



His supporters then set the National public broadcaster’s building on fire, torched the private residence of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, stormed Election Commission headquarters (where vote-stealing machines were located), ransacked arms stores and basically started a revolution.


Video Player



Video Player



Video Player



This led to serious infighting within the army that forced Pakistan’s Supreme Court to declare the former prime minister’s arrest “illegal” and order his immediate release. He was then biometrically tested to confirm it was still the original Khan.


Khan was grabbed because he promised to expose Ukrainian nuclear weapons being sold via Pakistan to China, Iran, North Korea and non-state actors. He was also going to expose KM heroin operations, child trafficking and sex trade that has been happening for decades with the Military /police/ government officials/ and ELITES……


After his release Khan said; “The military is above law; the ISI [military intelligence agency] is above law, And if you have anyone above the law, then you descend into the law of the jungle. They can pick up people, detain people, disappear people. They try and influence judges; they clamp down on the media. There’s no accountability for the institution. It’s not democratic.”


Japanese diplomats in Pakistan note as background that Pakistan is about to default and go bankrupt along with the US CORPORATION.


Given all the criminal actions of the KM-controlled US, it is understandable why Chinese President Xi Jinping still does not want to talk by phone with fake US President Joe Biden. This came after US national security adviser Jake Sullivan became the first Biden official in months to talk to his Chinese counterparts. Our sources tell us he tried to sell US military secrets to the Chinese in exchange for funding for the US CORPORATION but was turned down.


The Chinese are fully aware the US is run by two-faced hypocrites. In the latest example, “The US Vice President [Kamala Harris] traveled to Zambia: she landed at a Chinese-built airport, moved on a Chinese-built road, and spoke at a venue that is a gift from China to Zambia. And yet she told the Zambians not to cooperate with China,” notes Akende Mmembe, director of Pan-Africanism Today.


What the Chinese need to figure out next is that the UN is also not what they think it is. In the latest example, The World Health Organization and United Nations are sexualizing little children in primary education worldwide, for the purpose of normalizing pedophilia. Meanwhile, judicial organizations media outlets and political parties are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a “normal sexual orientation”.


In another sign of Western moral decay, it turns out around one-third of scientific articles are “made up or plagiarized,” according to a new paper.


Speaking about made-up, Russia’s former head of the Roscosmos space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, says an official search revealed little evidence of the Americans’ going to the moon, He noted: “Soviet cosmonauts returning from multi-day expeditions could barely stand on their feet and underwent a long recovery after such flights, and the Americans crawled out of their lunar ships like cucumbers from the garden.”


The Russians have also sent us this link to a rather dramatic video of an anomaly that took place in front of the Kremlin.


So with that, here are the SSP/Blue Beam visuals for this week:


  1. UFO flying over the road in India.
  2. 不明飞行物在印度的道路上飞行

Video Player



  1. Interdimensional plasma craft with orbs.
  2. 带着小球的跨纬度等离子体飞船

Video Player



  1. Transportation of a project Blue Beam terrestrial craft.
  2. 正在运输途中的“蓝光计划”秘密太空项目飞船。

Video Player



  1. Numerous UFOS seen in the UK.
  2. 英国数不清的不明飞行物

Video Player



  1. SSP craft over Walmart USA.
  2. 在美国沃尔玛超市上空飞过的秘密太空项目飞船。

Video Player

本杰明·富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2023年, 5月8日


Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 May 8th


Enough is enough, it is time to hunt the bastards down and bring them to justice


Enough is enough, it is time to hunt the bastards down and bring them to justice

And that appears to be what is finally happening. Of course, we have all heard this story before, but there are many signs this time the long-awaited mass arrests really are happening. Various sources say the coronation of King Charles was the trigger event people were waiting for. Regardless of what you think of this unpopular King, he is the head of the Anglo-Saxon armed forces and he has promised to unleash a “vast military-style campaign,” His official inauguration was needed so military action against the cabal could be ordered, MI6 sources confirm.


Needless to say, if Charles turns out to be a Khazarian Mafia stooge, he will be killed by his own bodyguards, according to these sources. In what may have been a warning, the Grim Reaper walked by as Charles was crowned the new King of Great Britain.


By the way, King Charles is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, as well as Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) according to Burke’s Peerage,


No matter what happens vis a vis King Charles though, “We are entering a period where a lot of people at the top of a lot of governments who have been pursuing policies that are antithetical to their people are going to be very worried about surviving in office,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor


“Here in the United States, I do not expect a lot to change until the financial system implodes and the economy tanks. I think we are getting closer,” he adds.


Col. Douglas Macgregor: Putin’s Bloody Missile Attack Is Horrifying

MacGregor -who is close to US President Donald Trump- only got as far as Colonel because he was too smart and un-corruptible to be promoted to general. In the current decadent Pentagon system, the common saying “it is above your paygrade,” really means “you have not accepted a bribe so we cannot tell you.”


In any case, the imminent financial implosion of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION clearly is forcing change through the system.


The biggest sign something is happening is the traitor Mark Milley resigning as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and being replaced by Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr., the Air Force’s current top officer.


“See Q” Brown was put in his current position by Commander In Chief Trump. At the time Trump said “Charles Q — I like that. Charles Q Brown, Jr. Charles was confirmed 98 to nothing! That makes me a little concerned. I’ve never heard that before.”


Now the Biden avatar has been ordered to put Charles Q in charge of all US armed forces.


All though news reports say this will happen in the summer, something has already started.


A CIA source says “Something happened in Washington DC Wednesday afternoon that I cannot talk about.” That “something” according to a Pentagon General was “numerous stealth Blackhawks have landed at the White House. Think of certain high-level politicians being arrested.”


Other sources, both Russian and US, would only say “they cannot confirm or deny” reports of arrests. In my experience, if nothing was happening these sources would say “nothing was happening” and not “no comment.”


This huge increase in military aircraft flights is another sign some big military activity is underway both in the US and Europe.


There are other signs something may finally break the logjam in Washington DC. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has given the FBI until May 10th to produce documents related to human trafficking and other crimes by the fake President Joe Biden. “You are looking at potential money laundering… He was essentially an unregistered foreign agent for China. Those are serious crimes. You got possible racketeering. The list goes on and on,” Comer says.


Readers of this newsletter are fully aware the original Biden is long gone but going after his avatar will flush out the Rockefellers and other higher-level criminals hiding behind his image.


There is also movement on the pedophile front. FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz have received subpoenas regarding their “failure to seriously investigate” Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and their ring of pedophile VIPs.


Other people being subpoenaed about the pedophile ring are Google co-founder Sergey Brin, former Disney executive Michael Ovitz, Hyatt Hotels executive chairman Thomas Pritzker, Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire real estate investor, and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon.


The dragnet is also closing in on former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Apollo Global Management co-founder Leon Black, Woody Allen and many others.


Billionaire buys Jeffrey Epstein’s private islands for new luxury resort

While we and many others in the truth media have reported on all the criminals going to Epstein’s pedophile island for years, the difference this time is that corporate media reports are talking about it. This is a sign that actual law enforcement action is imminent.


However, never underestimate the KM. Stephen Deckoff, founder of the private equity firm Black Diamond Capital Management, has just purchased the Epstein Islands for $60 million. “Deckoff is a Zionist and Chabad member,” according to Mossad sources. This means it is a good bet he will be trying to bury evidence of child torture and human sacrifice that many witnesses say regularly took place on the island.


However, the implosion of the financial system makes it likely the KM and their fronts will soon no longer have the money to buy their way out of trouble.


Even corporate news outlets are starting to report most US banks are insolvent. For example, the Telegraph, citing a group of banking experts, says almost half of the 4,800 banks in the US are “nearly insolvent.”


“Let’s not pretend that this is just about Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic,” Professor Amit Seru, a banking expert at Stanford University told the paper “A lot of the US banking system is potentially insolvent.”


Over 2,000 US banks are insolvent – Telegraph

What is happening is that banks are pretending to be solvent by using an accounting trick that was common in Japan after their real estate bubble burst. This means keeping things on their books at the purchase price instead of the current price.


For example, if Charles Schwab reported its’ assets at market prices its’ capital would be $23 billion or half the $56 billion it reported in 2021. So in theory it would only be able to lend half of what it did in 2021 to keep it’s capital adequacy ratio.


Multiply that by the entire $23 trillion banking system and you can see a historic implosion is inevitable.


No wonder depositors took out another $360 billion – at an accelerating rate – in the first three weeks of April alone, meaning total withdrawals are closing in on the $2 trillion mark.


Since the banks own the Federal Reserve Board -which owns the US CORPORATION- you can see the real reason Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says federal government could run out of money and default on debts as early as June 1.


White House says ‘will not negotiate’ on debt ceiling extension

This would lead to eight million job losses and a six percent plunge in GDP warns the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.


This collapse is coming because, as Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan mistakenly said in 2011: “The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.”


This hubris came from thinking the US dollar had value in and of itself, -which it does not- and so now default is imminent.


A default by these criminals would be a good thing for the average American.


“Defaulting on the national debt would pave the way for the reinstitution of sound, redeemable, commodity-based money. People would have to concentrate more on real wealth than phony financial wealth, actual engineering, as opposed to financial and social engineering” says Doug Casey


Doug Casey on the Debt Ceiling Farce and Why the US Should Declare Bankruptcy

“The farms, factories, technologies, and the skills of the workers, will still exist. But on a sound foundation. And with some new owners,” he ads.


Texas is leading the way. On May 2, a Texas House committee passed a bill to create 100% reserve gold and silver-backed transactional currencies. Enactment of this legislation would create an option for people to conduct business in sound money, set the stage to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money, and possibly create a viable alternative to a central bank digital currency (CBDC).


Bankrupting these criminals would also take away power from unelected technocrats like the Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres. Below you can watch him tell the World Economic Forum politicians need to make unpopular decisions in order to shape public opinion. In other words, be a tyrant and work against the people until they fall in line.


Now watch WEF top advisor Yuval Noah Harari, suggest the totalitarian restrictions implemented in response to the scamdemic, including stopping all flights and locking down entire countries, will make people “more open to radical ideas about how to deal with climate change.”


This is exactly what they tried to do with Covid 19 and it is now blowing up in their faces.


For example, take a look at this article about a landmark Covid-19 vaccine injury class action lawsuit has been filed against the Australian government and the medicines regulator.


It prompted us to do a “Covid lawsuit” web search that came back with over 112 million links. A quick scan showed a legal feeding frenzy has just begun. You can be sure that it will lead to the bankruptcy of all the hospitals, pharmacidical companies and others involved in this entire scamdemic.


War crimes tribunals are also a certainty.


The first high-profile arrest has already taken place according to CIA sources. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CDC has been captured and will be tried at Nuremberg 2 for Crimes against humanity and attempted genocide.


Corporate news reports are trying to pretend her disappearance came because she “resigned.”


In Canada, expert witness Catherine Christensen rhetorically asked a tribunal:


“How was Canada’s Prime Minister capable of mandating the COVID-19 injections when he has no authority or control over the Canadian forces?”


It turns out Castrudeau had to fire four generals on “sexual harassment charges” before he could get his way.


Plus this on Twitter:


Castrudeaus days are numbered for sure.


His demise will be echoed in many other countries controlled by KM puppets. For example, if you thought an end to reports about troubles in France meant Emanuelle Macron had weathered the storm, take a look at the videos below.


With the US corporate government on its last legs, international vultures are circling and not waiting for its death.


In the Middle East for example, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq joined their Syrian counterparts in demanding the restoration of the Assad government’s sovereignty in all of Syria, strengthening Syrian government institutions, and ending operations by armed groups and militant organizations on Syrian soil….that means U.S.-backed armed Kurdish groups, jihadists, Turkish-backed militants in northern Syria, and Turkish and U.S. forces


Assad plays a strong hand in diplomatic poker with Arab neighbors

This comes as the Arab league mends its ties with Iran and brings Syria back into the fold.


Russia is helping by organizing talks between the Turkish and Syrian Presidents, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bashar Assad with the Iranian foreign minister.


Any attempts to install a KM puppet in Turkey are doomed to fail, Russian FSB and other sources warn. Israel must now sue for peace if it is to survive.


In Africa, meanwhile, the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo became the latest leader to say NATO must leave Africa. At the end of his speech, he also noted that he would “entrust only Russia” with the security of his country.


The Russians are also finally figuring out the UN is a Rockefeller-owned private corporation and not an actual world organization. Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said “We are witnessing a certain degradation of trust in the organization, which is called to represent interests of all member states, to be an example of impartiality and integrity, and its employees must act in strict compliance with Article 100 of the United Nations Charter.”


He was referring of course to the widespread use of threats, bribes and other methods to twist UN debate on Ukraine.


Why, for example, does the UN not discuss a mission on April 26 in the Ukraine in which 74 underground tunnels were destroyed, 678 child traffickers were killed, 3,876 human traffickers were arrested and over 10,000 caged children were rescued, according to Polish intelligence sources.


While she doesn’t mention the Biden role in human trafficking, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says “The Kiev regime has confirmed that the administration of US President Joe Biden is a sponsor of terrorism,”


Also, why doesn’t the UN talk about reports from Polish farmers who say animals die after eating fodder with Ukrainian grain? That is why some countries prohibit the import of Ukrainian flour while across the EU stores remove and burn the flour. In Poland, farmers block roads so that companies of unknown origin do not import poisoned chemicals and untested products, the Polish sources say.


This attempt at mass poisoning seems to be a desperate reaction to military defeat. On that front, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, “is not even needed for signing an instrument of unconditional surrender” according to Dmitry Medvedev who adds “There are no options left other than the physical elimination of Zelensky and his clique.”


The West and Russia will eventually sit down to discuss their differences, but this dialogue should be held not with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky but with those using him as a stooge, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said for his part.


Maybe that is why BlackRock suddenly called for a meeting with the Avatar Zelensky?


Speaking about BlackRock. Did you know Blackrock made brain chips? Of course, they would…


Credit: HarrisonHillSmith, Info Wars


Also, check out these patents. One is for “Interfaces for syringe-injectable electronics Interfaces for syringe-injected electronics.”


The other is for “Method and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness.”

另一个是“用人体内的电子设备诱导人类的意识。” GWEN Towers – US5356368A

So it is clear somebody or some group really is trying to turn us into remote-controlled automatons. The question is who? Many claim the ultimate control goes beyond people like the Rockefellers.


This brings us to the topic of potential alien interference in our affairs.


On that front, decorated Russian General Gen. Nikolai T. Antoshkin says more advanced civilizations are keeping an eye on planet earth to make sure we don’t completely destroy the planet. He also emphasized that UFOs are commonly observed near facilities where the situation is “unstable.” These include nuclear and chemical weapons facilities.


This brings us to truly bizarre happenings at the Kremlin last week.


First, GPS failures affected all services and devices in general, from navigation apps to fitness trackers in Moscow for reasons the Russian government could not explain.


Then an FSB source -who we have known for years and who never once talked about UFOs or aliens- sent us the following photograph of a giant triangular object that appeared above the Kremlin.


We told them we thought it was a hologram but our secret space force sources assure us it was not.


So, with that x-files type event, we conclude with the latest visuals from the project Bluebeam people.


  1. Real UFO or not, you decide
  2. 不明飞行物是真是假,由你决定
  1. UFO over Seattle, Washington USA 03-03-23
  2. 不明飞行物飞越美国华盛顿州西雅图2023年3月3日
  1. UFOS over Atlanta, USA June 4, 2012
  2. 2012年6月4日,美国亚特兰大上空的不明飞行物
  1. Ebani worm, an intelligent life form
  2. 埃巴尼蠕虫,一种智能生命形式
  1. Ancient wall paintings.
  2. 古代壁画。

Maybe the bankruptcy of the US CORPORATION will bring all this out. We shall see.


本杰明·富尔福德每周地缘政治与分析的新闻通讯2023年, 5月1日


Rats abandon Biden ship as US financial implosion accelerates


First, before we start, we would like to warn readers about a pirate site on Telegram that steals our material. They are also pretending to be me in order to sell fraudulent crypto-currency. We appreciate that telegram has been a source of freedom of information in this age of heavy internet censorship. However, there is a difference between freedom of the press and identity theft and fraud. This is not limited to me but is widespread. So, we are telling Pavel and Nikolai Durov, the people behind Telegram, to CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY. This is the only warning you will get. Next time it will be special forces kicking down your door in the middle of the night.


Ok with that out of the way, let us look at what is happening around the world. There the biggest story remains the ongoing implosion of the fake Joe Biden administration. This has reached the point where Hillary Clinton Rockefeller was forced to write a warning on the Khazarian Mafia Propaganda New York Times that a financial system collapse was imminent. Remember when Killary introduced her friend George Soros and he mentioned his interest wanting to get involved in US elections? The Internet sure doesn’t.




Because it has been scrubbed from the internet for the most part. Here is a copy of the file archived years ago.


Video Player



This is not a financial system collapse, it is the end of Babylonian debt slavery.


The most visible sign of this was the de facto bankruptcy of First Republic Bank. They were taken under control of the FDIC last weekend after depositors withdrew $100 billion or over 60% of deposits in the month of March alone. This is part of a general revolt by the American people against their criminal and fraudulent banking system that has taken enough money out of the system (at least $1.5 trillion) in the past month to bankrupt all of the banks and not just First Republic. The FDIC has already used up its’ war chest so any announcements of “bailouts” or purchases by the likes of JP Morgan will be lies and fraud.


The Rockefeller-owned UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION has stolen people’s tax refunds and thus given itself enough money to last until July but the rats are bailing out of the sinking ship. The announcement by Susan Rice that she was leaving the fake regime means the communist faction around Barack Obama has split with the Rockefellers. Overall over 47% of Biden’s “A team” have now resigned.


Tracking turnover in the Biden administration

This is why they are bailing out:


The investigation into the Biden family crimes has now revealed that at least 9 members of the family were involved in the family’s money laundering schemes. At least 9 Biden family members sold access for profit around the world. They are the definition of a crime family.


“How Could We Not Impeach Biden?” – GOP Rep. Tim Burchett Says Joe Biden’s Impeachment Is Likely – Corruption Involves Prostitution Rings

This isn’t just about bribes for influence, this is about trafficking children for the purpose of being sold into sexual slavery and tortured.


There is also a revolt taking place inside the corporate propaganda media. The firing of Tucker Carlson by Rupert Murdoch is a case in point. In the past, firing people from corporate media and putting them on a blacklist meant poverty and the end of careers for most corporate media slaves. Carlson alluded to this with these comments made after he was fired:


“If you told me…the Department of Justice would’ve indicted [decent Americans] them for criticizing the…the Biden administration… and charged them with felonies for which they’re each facing 10 years in prison, if you told me that could happen here, I would’ve laughed at you. And you…you see people you know become quislings… saying things they don’t believe because they want to keep their jobs.”


Read Tucker Carlson’s Speech Delivered After Last Fox News Show

Fear of job loss is why corporate media whores have all been going along with the obvious lies. Now, however, thanks to the NSA and the internet, genuine journalists can earn money and get the truth out without the corporate media. This is what happened with Carlson who suddenly got a way bigger audience than he ever had with Murdoch. That is why Fox was forced to say Tucker Carlson is still working for them. It is obvious they are trying to get him to accept a huge bribe to sign a “non-disclosure agreement.”


Video Player



Video Player



Even if Tucker takes the bribe and succumbs to whatever threats are being made against him, it is too late. Take a look at the video below of the heads of the New York Times, Washington Post and other corporate propaganda news outlets resorting to goons to avoid answering a legitimate and important question. This is what the end of the regime looks like.


Video Player



The rest of the world is also treating the fake Biden and his group as pariahs. It has reached the point where the US Corporation has had to murder the Presidents of Mexico and Turkey, two former close allies, in an attempt to stay in control. Both President Recep Erdogan of Turkey and Lopeza Obrador of Mexico suddenly vanished from public view last week (“testing positive for COVID-19”) after criticizing the US administration.


Our sources in the CIA say they were killed with energy weapons. However, the situation has reached the point where disgust against the US regime is so widespread that killing a top leader and replacing him with a slave is not working. Both Erdogan and Obrador reappeared looking younger as a result of the uproar. However, if these replacements start reading US propaganda, they will be removed immediately, Turkish and Mexican sources warn.


Video Player



Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu spoke for many when he said the “American empire” is losing its reputation. “Europeans are Washington’s assassins in Africa. That is why Africans hate them. In the end, it is the whole world that hates America”.


Mexican cartel sources say the fentanyl excuse used by the Americans to murder their president is wrong because fentanyl comes from China and all Americans need to do to prevent deaths is legalize and regulate it. They promise to avenge Obrador by targeting the people behind “Biden.” This is a real threat because “20 million or more Mexicans live in the US, mostly in the Southwest. Believe it or not, many of them talk about a Reconquista.”


Doug Casey on the US Government Declaring War on Mexican Drug Cartels

As things stand over 85% of the world’s people and nations have now revolted against the Rockefeller “rules-based world order.” As we have mentioned in previous reports, even Europe has also already de facto revolted.


Now it looks like the last true Rockefeller slave states are Korea, Japan and Taiwan. This is about to change. Last week a representative of the White Dragon Society met a representative of North Korea and the Japanese underground to discuss the future of the region.


The North Koreans explained the Japanese military was about to stage a full-scale revolt against the slave regime of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.


Japan should learn the lessons of the past, from its “unreasonable and cruel economic suppression” by the US in the late 1980s, Chinese ambassador to Japan Wu Jianghao told the Japanese press last week, He was preaching to the choir. There is a consensus among the Japanese military and intellectual leadership that the vaccine-pushing Kishida and his entire government will be removed, the source explained.


The North Koreans also said they now had over 100 nuclear weapons ranging from “small to very large.” They said they were going to put their population into underground shelters or disperse them into the countryside. They would then target New York, Silicon Valley and Geneva with these weapons in order to force the reunification of the Korean Peninsula. The WDS said they would prevail because the US military would not be willing to trade New York and Greater Los Angeles for Pyongyang. This is especially true because the US cannot put its people into underground shelters.


However, the WDS asked the North Koreans to wait for a few months until the collapse of the US Corporation because then the situation could be resolved peacefully. This would include regime change in Japan and the peaceful reunification of Taiwan with China.


This tension in East Asia was seen in public with comments by the fake masked Biden about North Korea. (Notice the fake presidential seal on the front of the podium).


Video Player



De facto North Korean leader Kim Yo-jong dismissed this North Korean “end of the regime” comment by the fake Biden as “a nonsensical remark from the person in his dotage who is not at all capable of taking the responsibility for security and the future of the US, an old man with no future, as it is too much for him to serve out the two-year remainder of his office term,”


In addition to financial collapse, a legal dragnet is closing on “Biden” and the entire Khazarian Mafia leadership.


As Archbishop Carlo Vigano wrote in a letter to President Donald Trump:


The investigations already underway will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the COVID emergency not only in the area of healthcare but also in politics, the economy and the media. We will probably find out that in this colossal operation of social engineering, there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating to themselves the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations,


Also in the US, the Brunson brothers are continuing their legal attack on the corrupt Supreme Court by filing charges against three of their judges. This has forced them to hire lawyers who argue “they are just too important to be sued, that they should be immune to such things, and that (in so many words) are above the Law.” The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to dust, soon these judges will be going to jail.


Justice will be coming not just to the US but also Australia, Canada and the UK.


As Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts says:


“We know, and we knew that it was all Bullshit and we’ve been had. But we are gonna hunt you down and hold you accountable, We will expose your global agenda.”


Video Player



It is pretty much the same story as with Castrudeau in Canada. Multiple investigations are zeroing in on this criminal traitor. The people of Taiwan, for example, have pointed out Castrudeau was paid by China for access & who knows else what. The video below tells the story. Be sure to read the subtitles.


Video Player





Castrudeau is also repeatedly spotted cavorting with Alexander Soros. Also, check out the photo of Soros’ boyfriend.


Since this information was sent by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, you know it is only a matter of time before the Canadian military takes action.


In a desperate battle to stay in control, the Castrudeau government (put in power through Soros election fraud) has passed a government internet censorship law but that won’t help their case as this news item shows:





The head of the BBC has resigned over his failure to disclose an alleged financial favor he did two years ago for then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson – the man who appointed him.


In the UK, multiple corruption probes are closing in on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. It turns out he spent Millions of taxpayer’s money on the UK national ‘Emergency’ ALARM system, contracted to Fujitsu who subcontracted it out to INFOsys ( started by Rishi Sunak’s Father in Law N. R. Narayana Murthy, currently managed by Sunak’s millionairess wife).




We thought having a UK Prime Minister of Indian descent would be a good move for the UK in geopolitical terms but, a corrupt WEF slave is not good.


Of course, the rest of the world is not going to wait passively for the Anglos to clean up their act.


A move against the US dollar -their main source of power- is gaining momentum. Since China is now in de facto control of the US dollar outside of the United States, India is leading this move.


Asia’s richest banker and chief executive of Kotak Mahindra Bank Uday Kotak says the US dollar is the “biggest financial terrorist in the world” later adding “What I meant was that a reserve currency has disproportionate power,”


Over 18 countries are now trading directly with India in Rupees. Now Argentina and Indonesia are joining this move away from the Chinese/US dollar.  


Indonesia Follows Suit In BRICS’s Dedollarization Move

The KM is now desperately trying to replace the US dollar and Euro with a “digital Euro” they hope to impose by “before mid-June [i.e. before the USA Corporation goes bankrupt].” This is a doomed last-ditch effort to save the Babylonian debt slavery financial system.


As analyst John Rubino says: “The current global financial system is a Ponzi scheme and the new money spigot has been turned off. Excitement is about to ensue. You can’t taper a Ponzi scheme.”


The collapse of the Ponzi scheme will lead to the collapse of all the institutions of the matrix including NATO, the WHO and the International Criminal Court.


South African President Ramaphosa is joining many other countries by declaring his country will exit the ICC after they issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin.


South African President Ramaphosa declares ruling party’s decision to exit ICC after Putin’s arrest warrant

The WHO is also headed for hell and then oblivion.


Dr. Tess Lawrie says the WHO wants to introduce 500 vaccinations by 2030. If the WHO reaches its goal, each of us, from birth to death, is to receive 500 vaccinations in our lifetime. “We would have to call the WHO, the World Vaccine Organization.”


This is one of many reasons why Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Alex Azar, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Drosten, Albert Bourla, Stéphane Bancel, Klaus Schwab, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the DOD are accused of war crimes involving the injection of biological weapons.,


The latest evidence of their crimes comes from the holy warriors in Sudan. They seized a bio-lab there containing dangerous viruses, which was funded by Fauci, Bill Gates, DOD & CDC.


As these documents show these bioweapons were being financed by a Hunter Biden company known as “Metiabiota,” with 10% “going for the big guy.”,


“That’s why they are freaking out like this, all their dirty secrets are out in the open,” a CIA source comments.



We also note the holy warriors in Sudan closed off the Rothschild-owned and controlled Central Bank Of Sudan thus closing off a major human trafficking outlet.


Video.. A fire devoured a branch of the Central Bank of Sudan

Video Player



The Rothschilds are trying to get out of this by sucking up to China. That is why Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke to their agent Vladimir Zelensky Wednesday. “We discussed a full range of topical issues of bilateral relations. Particular attention was paid to the ways of possible cooperation to establish a just and sustainable peace for Ukraine,” Zelensky said in a statement.


Video Player



What our sources say is that a decision has been made to wind down the genocide disguised as the Ukraine war and start a “Ukraine reconstruction” feeding frenzy instead.


That may be why the Russian Wagner group is getting its supplies cut off as this news item hints:


When asked if perhaps the military didn’t want to provide weapons to Wagner out of a fear that the mercenary group “might storm the Kremlin” and seize power, Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin conceded that the idea is “interesting” but said he wasn’t focused on staging a coup.


If the Russians don’t stage a coup, the Polish might. As Polish intelligence sources explain “The Minister of Agriculture rewards large foreign corporations with a large income, but they buy from farmers below their production costs. The government is consciously trying to get city dwellers to quarrel with the countryside.” The added the latest Polish joke (as in a joke told by Polish people) is “They say that in Poland inflation is 17% and prices are 253.57% higher.”


In any case, all this is about to change because, as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the UN security council: “No one has allowed the Western minority to speak for all of humanity.”


In a sign of what will be possible once this minority is removed, scientists have figured out a way to increase human lifespans by 82%. The scientists behind this discovery say “ethics” is the main obstacle to making this discovery available to the common person.


By “ethics” he was referring to these unidentified gatekeepers who have been suppressing any and all science that allows humans to genetically improve themselves.


These are the same people, by the way, who are trying to pacify us by creating a fake space exploration program as this latest exposure of NASA fraud shows.




With that, we will end as usual with the latest from the Bluebeam people.


We start with a video of alien-looking statues and carvings from the Mayan civilization.


Video Player



Then we have;


  1. A white Orb Washington State, USA
  2. 美国华盛顿州上空的一个白色球体

Video Player



  1. Multiple flashing lights on a UFO
  2. 一台不明飞行物身上的多道闪光

Video Player



  1. UFO Orb
  2. 不明飞行物球体

Video Player



  1. Multicolored inter-dimensional energy craft over Nurindhoo, Queensland Australia December 22, 2022
  2. 2022年12月22日,澳大利亚昆士兰努林多上空的彩色跨维度能量体飞船

Video Player



  1. Multiple light energy drones over Colorado, USA 05-04-2023
  2. 2023年5月4日多架光能无人机飞越美国科罗拉多州

Video Player



  1. Seen all over Hawaii
  2. 以下这种景象,在夏威夷当地已经见怪不怪了

Video Player



With that, we beam out until next week.