Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2022 August 15th


Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2022 August 15th



This is not an economic or political crisis, it is a crisis of monotheism



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The crisis that is unfolding around the world, or more accurately, in the West, is not an ordinary or even extra-ordinary political/economic crisis. This is not merely a crisis affecting the United States, the G7 and the UN, etc. What we are dealing with is a crisis affecting the very foundations of monotheism. This is why it is not an exaggeration to say what we are going through is biblical.



What years of reporting on about the very tip top of world power has revealed is that the monotheistic faiths are mostly controlled by groups of people who themselves do not believe in God. Instead, these families think of monotheism as a tool for controlling their subject peoples. These are the people who are facing a loss of power. That is also why people who think in monotheistic terms believe we are facing end-times.



This is something I learned first-hand when I went to Italy to negotiate with representatives of these families on behalf of Asian secret societies. They told me “there is no God, we are God.”



These families are from an ancient cult of slavers who first appeared in the history books as the Hyksos. These people worshipped a goat-faced god with a forked tail that is known to us as Set, Satan etc.



The origin of these people dates back to the ancient Middle East when humans stopped being hunter-gatherers and either became pastoralists or farmers.



Archeological evidence shows there was a huge increase in the human population of the Middle East after agriculture began. However, these people were small and malnourished compared to their hunter-gatherer ancestors. However, the pastoralists -who subsisted mainly on milk and meat- were powerfully built compared to the farmers. These people figured out over the years how to herd agriculturalists as if they were so many sheep or cattle.



These people appeared in the history books as the Hyksos who briefly ruled Egypt 1638 BC to 1530 BC. When the Egyptians kicked them out they took a large group of slaves with them. These are the people we know of today as the Jews.



To understand who and what we are dealing with let us look at the Old Testament of the bible aka the Torah.



First, let’s see what happens before Moses (Thutmoses) is given the 10 commandments. First, note that if anyone other than Moses or Aaron went to see “God” they would be “stoned to death or killed with arrows.” (Exodus 19:13) You would think the entity that created the universe could at least come up with a lightning bolt.



Then we find in Exodus 18 that:



Now Mount Sinai was completely enveloped in smoke because the LORD had come down upon it in fire. The smoke rose from it as though from a kiln



So they used only smoke and did not get around to mirrors later it seems.



Next, we see the commandments “God” imposes on his “chosen people:”



You shall not have other gods beside me.*



You shall not make for yourself an idol or a likeness of anything* in the heavens above or on the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth;



You shall not bow down before them or serve them.d For I, the LORD, your God, am a jealous God, inflicting punishment for their ancestors’ wickedness on the children of those who hate me, down to the third and fourth generation*;



You shall not invoke the name of the LORD, your God, in vain.* e For the LORD will not leave unpunished anyone who invokes his name in vain.

不可徒然求告耶和华你神的名。* e因为凡妄称耶和华名的,耶和华必不撇下他不受惩罚。


So this jealous “God” -who carries out multi-generational punishment- does not want a likeness made. Presumably, that is because people would then figure out it was a person pretending to be “God.”



Then we notice the “God” who created everything that exists wanted contributions of:



 “gold, silver, and bronze;b violet, purple, and scarlet yarn; fine linen and goat hair;



rams’ skins dyed red, and tahash* skins; acacia wood; oil for the light; spices for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense; onyx stones and other gems for mounting on the ephod and the breastpiece.



Exodus 25:3-7



Again you would think the creator of the universe including the sun does not need lamp oil, goat hair etc.



In other words, this section of the bible describes the enslavement of the Hebrews using a system where hidden people pretend to be god and enforce their control with multi-generational campaigns of murder against dissidents.



We fast forward now through thousands of years of history and we find that the “people of the book” have been enslaved for so long that they do not even realize they are slaves anymore.



It was only after years of negotiating with and fighting to overthrow the families controlling Monotheism I concluded we are dealing with descendants of the Hyksos pharaohs. They took a group of slaves with them after the Egyptians kicked their leader Akhenaten out of his garden palace. The garden of aten (eden). They used smoke and murder to hide their identity from their slaves so that they could live amongst them.



When I went to Italy to meet the representatives of the P2 -who control the Catholic or Roman version of monotheistic sheeple herding- I learned they consider control of information and food the keys to power. These days this takes the form of the “mainstream media” and the central banks.



These people also told me they trained the Prophet, Mohammed. However, they say he went rogue and started a competing version of monotheism. The split between Shia and Sunni Islam, by the way, started out as an inheritance dispute between cousins.



So basically the families that use “monotheism” to herd sheeple split into various factions over the millennia.



In any case, when dealing with the current world situation, multiple trails of evidence point to a group of Pharanoic families based in Switzerland as being the control center of the ongoing attempt to unify all of humanity under a single leader. They wish to unify all the competing branches of monotheism under a single world religion controlled by a single God-like ruler.



It is also worth noting these people themselves do not believe in God. They are megalomaniacs who want to overthrow the creator and become God themselves.



Some of them worship Satan and look upon the rest of humanity with contempt. The more idealistic members of this ancient inbred clan of god rulers want to be “good shepherds.” The problem is even a “good shepherd,” slaughters and eats his herd.



The reason these families are losing power is manifold but economics is certainly a major driving force. According to the IMF, the world GDP is $160 trillion. However, the countries directly controlled by the ancient Babylonian/Egyptian ruling families only control about a third of that. The rest of the world is claiming that since they control two-thirds of world GDP and seven out of the worlds’ eight or so billion people, it is time for the West to hand over control of the planet.



For monotheists, this would mean the end of their millennia-old project to place the entire planet under the control of a single king or “Messiah.” Their answer is to kill the 90% of people who do not follow this agenda.



That is the big picture behind news events like the spread of bio-weapons, attempts to start WWIII, attempts to create a food crisis etc. The Asians responded by threatening to kill off the Western elite families who are behind these plans.



This writer was sent in 2009 as a representative of the Asian secret societies to try to come to some sort of agreement and it was them who told me I needed to talk to the P2 freemasons.



From an Asian perspective, the idea that the world will end is, in itself, the main problem with monotheism. For example, James G, Watt, Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior, justified opening federal lands for logging and ranching by saying:

从亚洲的角度来看,世界末日的观念本身就是一神论的主要问题。例如,罗纳德·里根(Ronald Reagan)的内政部长詹姆斯·瓦特(James G,Watt)为开放联邦土地用于伐木和牧场辩护,他说:


“I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns,”



In other words, if the world is about to end, we do not need to protect the environment.



What set them on the warpath though was clear evidence of the planned genocide of 90% of humanity.



Fortunately, the Western world is also heir to the democratic, scientific, rational and legal traditions of Greece, Rome and England. It is the heirs to this tradition who have aligned themselves with the Asians and the rest of the world to put an end to the rule of these monotheistic slave-driving families.



In concrete terms, the British Commonwealth, the Russians, Pentagon and agency white hats along with the truth-seeking movement in the West are the Western members of the earth liberation alliance.



So, as we prepare for an autumn offensive against the ongoing attempt to turn this planet into a giant animal farm, we need to look at how truly powerful the Satanists still are. They control the mega-corporations, most Western politicians and the central banks.



A famous Swiss study shows that 700 people control 90% of transnational corporations. They found this out by looking at the names of the top executives of these corporations. A single individual will typically sit on the board of several corporations but they are all part of the same family group.



We also know they have been on a multi-generational year project to undermine democracy, rule of law and freedom of the press in order to replace Graeco/Roman/Anglo-Saxon democracy and rule of law with Babylonian totalitarianism. The flaw in their plan was their failure to take full control of the meritocratically staffed military and intelligence agencies of the West. This is reflected in a fight between Roman influenced military establishment and the Babylonian/Egyptian financial/medical establishment.



The reason the military white hats are having so much trouble liberating the West is manifold. One is that many top commanders have been compromised by bribes/blackmail and propaganda.



Another is that a fundamental agreement needed to be made with the rest of the world and that has been time-consuming.



Nonetheless, it is clear that an ancient system of turning people into domestic animals is being overthrown. When this happens we know the history books will all have to be rewritten. We also know that we have been kept in the dark about many things such as the secret space program, contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations and even the very nature of reality itself.



What we can be sure of is that we as a species are heading into uncharted waters and a new age or new era of history.



We hope this big picture background helps as we return next week to reporting events unfolding in real time around the planet as a part of this great human awakening. Thank you for your patience during my annual sabbatical.



CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 美国竞争优势的神话 — 2022年8月13日


The Myth of American Competitive Supremacy



By Larry Romanoff, August 13, 2022

通过 拉里·罗曼诺夫,2022年8月13日




Americans boast incessantly about their competitiveness and the miracles of their predatory capitalist system, but on examination these claims appear to be mostly thoughtless jingoism that transmutes historical accidents into religion. If we examine the record, US companies have seldom been notably competitive. There is more than abundant evidence that their efforts are mostly directed to ensure an asymmetric playing field that permitted them to avoid confronting real competition. And, in very large part, major US corporations have succeeded not because of any competitive advantage but by pressure and threats emanating from the State Department and military. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman stated the truth quite accurately when he wrote, “The hidden hand of the market will never work without the hidden fist. McDonald’s cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas.”

 美国人不断吹嘘自己的竞争力和掠夺性资本主义制度的奇迹,但经过审查,这些说法似乎大多是轻率的沙文主义,将历史偶然事件转化为宗教。如果我们审视一下记录,美国公司很少表现出明显的竞争力。有大量证据表明,他们的努力主要是为了确保一个不对称的竞争环境,使他们能够避免面对真正的竞争。而且,在很大程度上,美国大公司的成功不是因为任何竞争优势,而是来自国务院和军方的压力和威胁。《纽约时报》专栏作家托马斯·弗里德曼(Thomas Friedman)写道:“没有隐藏的拳头,市场的隐藏之手永远不会起作用。没有麦克唐纳·道格拉斯,麦当劳就无法繁荣。”

Xerox was once almost the only manufacturer of photocopiers in the world. Kodak was once almost the world’s only maker of cameras and photo film; Where are Xerox and Kodak today? More recently, Motorola was the leading manufacturer of mobile phones; Where is Motorola today? US-based RCA Victor was one of the largest producers of TV sets in the world. Where can you buy an RCA TV set today? Where are the great Pan Am World Airways and Continental Airlines? Where are E.F. Hutton, General Foods, RCA, DEC, Compaq? Where are American Motors, Bethlehem Steel, Polaroid cameras, and so many more? Gone, because they couldn’t deal with effective competition.

 乐曾经几乎是世界上唯一的复印机制造商。柯达曾经几乎是世界上唯一的照相机和摄影胶片制造商;施乐和柯达今天在哪里?最近,摩托罗拉是移动电话的领先制造商;摩托罗拉今天在哪里?总部位于美国的RCA Victor是世界上最大的电视机生产商之一。今天在哪里可以买到RCA电视机伟大的泛美世界航空公司和大陆航空公司在哪里E.F.Hutton、通用食品、RCADEC、康柏在哪里美国汽车公司、伯利恒钢铁公司、宝丽来相机等等都在哪里因为他们无法应对有效的竞争而消失。

Boeing Aircraft would be gone today if not for the extensive subsidies it receives from the US government. It’s true that Airbus receives subsidies too, but Boeing is supported by billions in US military research grants against which it can apply much of its current expenses. Not so many years ago, IBM was the only manufacturer of office and home computers. Where can you buy an IBM computer today? GE was once the largest manufacturer of electric home appliances, lights and lighting fixtures. Where is GE today? Transformed into a financial company, beaten out of all consumer markets because it couldn’t compete. IBM defenders will tell you that the company willingly abandoned the PC market to focus on mainframe computers and information services, but no company abandons a profitable market. The truth is that IBM faced manufacturers who could produce PCs for a quarter of the cost, and were forced out of the business. GE defenders would make a similar claim, but GE couldn’t compete in the vast consumer markets and was driven out too.


The three major US auto manufacturers are in the same position. Chrysler has been bankrupt three times already, and survives today only because of Fiat having taken it over. The great General Motors went bankrupt, and was saved only by $60 billion of cash injections from the US and Canadian governments – money which will never be recovered. And in spite of that, GM would have anyway disappeared from the earth if not for its sales in China – which are now three times GM’s sales in its own country; even Americans are refusing to purchase GM’s tired and dying brands. Only Ford has been able to keep its head above water, and then only just. We could produce a list of hundreds of US companies who thought they were great until they faced some real “competition”, and then rapidly disappeared. It’s true there are business failures in every country, but other countries don’t boast about their God-given omnipotence and their world-beating competitive supremacy.


Along similar lines, the Americans have never forgiven the Europeans and Russians for producing supersonic passenger aircraft after all US attempts failed. And they are unlikely to forgive China and Russia for the deployment of working hypersonic missiles when all domestic attempts have failed.


And then we have the genuine mythology of Alexander Graham Bell who didn’t invent the telephone, Thomas Edison who, by his own admission, never invented anything – including the light bulb, the Wright Brothers who were never the first to have powered flight, and the great Albert Einstein who plagiarized everything he published. The list is very long.

 还有亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔(Alexander Graham Bell)没有发明电话,托马斯·爱迪生(Thomas Edison)自己也承认从未发明过任何东西——包括灯泡,莱特兄弟(Wright Brothers)从来都不是第一个为飞行提供动力,伟大的阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦(Albert Einstein)剽窃了他发表的所有东西。名单很长。

Descriptions of American ingenuity and competitiveness were never accurate or valid, but mere jingoism fabricated by Bernays’ adherents to further promote the self-serving mythology of virtuous American capitalism. The truth is that the large US companies thrived on only brute force, heavily supported by their own government to limit competition both domestically and abroad. The US government and military have always existed primarily to browbeat other nations and economies into submission, to help US corporations obtain unfair trade deals, exclusive access to resources and markets, effectively colonising and subjugating much of the world. American business has seldom been able to compete when placed on an equal footing with other competitors because the US business model works only on a “take it by force” basis. Kodak, Xerox, and so many other American icons disappeared when the playing field did indeed become level.


We need only look at the US domestic market to see the truth of this. When Japanese and German automobiles were finally permitted into the US market on equal terms, the American auto firms mostly entered a long slide to bankruptcy – because they couldn’t compete. Almost every computer and electronic device sold in the US today is a foreign brand because Americans couldn’t compete when the playing field was level. Motorola’s crappy phones were a great success until Nokia and others entered the US market. Harley-Davidson exists only because of a 50% import tax on competing motorcycles; Ford Motors would also be in bankruptcy if not for the heavy protectionist tax on light trucks. The American mobile phone companies and ISPs would disappear into the bankruptcy courts within a year if foreign firms were permitted into the market. Cisco Systems, the grand American Internet infrastructure champion, would within three months be reduced to assembling Playstations for Sony if Huawei were given free access to the US market. The story is the same for countless American firms that were once dominant in their home market but quickly disappeared when protectionist trade tariffs and duties were eliminated and foreign products could enter the US on fair or equal terms. The dominant US firms surviving today are able to do so due mostly to rampant protectionism and oligopolies created by the US government to ensure their survival.

 我们只需看看美国国内市场,就能看到这一点的真相。当日本和德国的汽车最终被允许以平等的条件进入美国市场时,美国的汽车公司大多陷入了长期的破产——因为它们无法竞争。今天在美国销售的几乎每一台电脑和电子设备都是外国品牌,因为在公平的竞争环境下,美国人无法竞争。在诺基亚和其他公司进入美国市场之前,摩托罗拉的劣质手机取得了巨大成功。哈雷戴维森的存在只是因为对竞争对手的摩托车征收50%的进口税;如果不是对轻型卡车征收高额保护主义税,福特汽车也将破产。如果允许外国公司进入市场,美国移动电话公司和ISP将在一年内消失在破产法庭。如果华为能够免费进入美国市场,美国互联网基础设施巨头思科系统(Cisco Systems)将在三个月内为索尼组装游戏机。无数美国公司的情况也是如此,这些公司曾在本国市场占据主导地位,但在取消保护主义贸易关税和关税,外国产品可以公平或平等的条件进入美国后,很快就消失了。今天幸存下来的占主导地位的美国公司之所以能够做到这一点,主要是因为美国政府为了确保它们的生存而制造了猖獗的保护主义和寡头垄断。

The same is true in foreign markets. Few American companies have been able to survive in other countries, other than the fast-food chains. Most recently, Domino’s Pizza is leaving Italy with its tail between its legs after ten years of failure, blaming the bankruptcy on COVID. But there is a long string of American failures preceding this; E-Bay and Home Depot left China in tears a few years ago. Uber’s China business was taken over by Didi, and there are many more. Those American firms that have survived, have done so primarily by purchasing domestic brands and using that distribution system to support their foreign market entries, and most of those have succeeded only due to astonishing criminality in their foreign joint ventures.


And it is an axiom in the auto business that nowhere in the world can you buy an American car except in North America and China, and the China market may soon disappear in spite of what seemed an initial success.


At one time, US banks, radio and TV companies, print publishers and others were heavily restricted from mergers and takeovers on the sound basis that society needed to be protected from the predatory nature of concentrated ownership. But for the past 50 years the elites who control the large US corporations have exerted enormous influence on the government to remove domestic restrictions on monopolies, and eventually their political influence succeeded to the point where today the entire nation has only a few media firms, auto manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, oil companies, telecommunications firms and major banks. In each case, companies were bought, merged, swallowed or bankrupted until only a few very large survivors remained.


American banking corporations were once permitted to operate only within a single state, in part to sensibly ensure that local deposits were converted to local development loans rather than being siphoned off to develop other richer regions. But the powerful East-Coast bankers, heavily supported by the FED, convinced the government that all those small regional banks needed “competition” to make them “more efficient” and to bring them into the big leagues of the modern financial world. And of course, once approval was received, most of the local banks were purchased, enticed into a merger, bankrupted or forced out of business, and now a small number of banks controls most of the US economy. And, as we would expect, the new mega-banks did indeed siphon off local deposits to richer centers, thereby vastly increasing the nation’s income disparity and relieving the government of its control of regional development. All the claims about the need for, and benefits of, competition were false. The purpose of these mergers and purchases was never to foster competition but to eliminate it. Today, a few major US banks control the bulk of the nation’s business, and instead of competing with each other in some meaningful way they generally conspire together to plunder their customers. Where there is real competition consumers have choices, but what are the choices with the banks? You can leave one bank that offers poor service while cheating you to go to another bank that will offer poor service while cheating you.


The US mobile phone system, an oligopoly, is the most expensive and dysfunctional in the world. An Internet-enabled smart phone that can be managed well in China for less than 100 yuan a month ($15.00) will cost $200 per month in the US. Until recently, SIM cards could not be removed, to prevent customers from changing suppliers; unlocking the phone to enable its use with another phone company or in another location, would lead to a $500,000 fine and a ten-year prison sentence, thereby protecting the oligopoly from competition. Like all American systems, communication was designed by and for the benefit of private enterprise, meant to hold consumers captive and milk them for every dollar they have. It was never considered as infrastructure nor designed with any thought of what was best for either the consumers or the nation.


This pattern prevailed in banking, transportation, telecommunications, the media, the petroleum industry and others, to create a situation where these giant firms could totally dominate an industry to control not only prices and production levels, but also the rates of both future investment and technological innovation in these industry sectors. Those innovations escaping this capitalist net were soon either driven out of business or were purchased and killed. These are precisely the same arguments American companies and the US government utilise today in China to pressure China’s government to open industry sectors to US multi-nationals, claiming the benefits of competition and the need for efficiency as necessary credentials to enter the modern world. These claims are equally as much a lie in China as they were in the US.


In fashion similar to their mythical inventiveness and entrepreneurship, nostalgic and misinformed Americans today pine for “the returning of pride once again to what was once the global standard of creativity, quality and style in manufactured products – the mark on all our goods saying ‘Made in the USA'”.


 But this is just one more foolish American myth. The US was never a world standard of anything except weapons and maybe pornography, and even then they stole most of that from Germany and Japan. Mostly, American products, like their automobiles, have always been crappy. It is true there have been some products of acceptable quality emerging from the US, but these have always been much in the minority and the few examples used as evidence of this claim are virtually the only examples. The Americans have never been able to produce machines or tools that could match those of Germany, or shoes and clothing as fine as those of Italy, or wines and food products as good as those of Europe.


We are constantly reminded that the Americans, being so creative and innovative, spend huge amounts of money on R&D, but these claims are short on detail and therefore disguise the objectives of corporate R&D in America. Companies in most countries invest in research to produce products of higher quality and greater reliability or durability, but US firms typically have interest only in finding ways to produce more cheaply so as to enhance profitability. Large American firms focus at least 60% of their entire R&D budgets on ways to lower costs, with product quality inevitably being the loser. American investment in R&D is merely a kind of race to the bottom, with every firm competing to discover new ways to substitute substandard materials and produce a more cheaply-made product that can be sold at the same price. Many components are internal where the materials quality is not obvious to consumers, but for those which are external and subject to consumer evaluation we see superficial America at its best. Manufacturers conduct consumer tests of their R&D ‘innovations’ to determine if the public are able to detect the cheap substitutions, the goal being to degrade product quality and cost as much as possible in a way that will not be apparent to the consumer. Lawrence Mishel, President of the Economic Policy Institute, wrote that “the US is a country interested only in finding the shortest route to the cheapest product”.

 我们经常被提醒,美国人如此富有创造力和创新精神,在研发上花费了巨额资金,但这些说法缺乏细节,因此掩盖了美国企业研发的目标。大多数国家的公司投资于研究,以生产质量更高、可靠性或耐用性更高的产品,但美国公司通常只对找到更便宜的生产方式以提高盈利能力感兴趣。美国大公司将其全部研发预算的至少60%用于降低成本,产品质量不可避免地成为输家。美国在研发方面的投资只是一种向底部的竞争,每家公司都在竞相寻找新的方法来替代不合格的材料,生产出更便宜的产品,并以同样的价格出售。许多组件都是内部的,其材料质量对消费者来说并不明显,但对于那些外部的组件,我们可以看到表面的美国处于最佳状态。制造商对其研发“创新”进行消费者测试,以确定公众是否能够检测到廉价替代品,目标是以消费者看不到的方式尽可能降低产品质量和成本。经济政策研究所(Economic Policy Institute)主席劳伦斯·米谢尔(Lawrence Mishel)写道,“美国是一个只对寻找最短路径以获得最便宜产品感兴趣的国家”。

Despite all the mythical propaganda, the Americans have never placed much value on a skilled work force, and the quality of American goods has reflected this for 200 years. Neither American people nor their corporations have ever valued product quality, the people having for generations been programmed to value superficiality and appearance over substance, eventually resulting in the almost universally low quality throwaway society we see today. One of the main results of this low-class attitude is the American use of technology. Companies in Germany, Japan, China, and much of Europe, will take advantage of new technologies to produce better and higher-quality products but the Americans almost invariably use it to lower their cost of production and raise their profits. Product quality is always the loser. Even today, a German Volkswagen that requires repairs after a year is an anomaly; an American Buick that doesn’t, is a miracle.


The American Entrepreneurial Spirit



Americans have a bad habit of sloppiness with their vocabulary, an unthinking and simple-minded tendency to contaminate definitions by exaggerating them beyond the bounds of all good sense, mostly to fabricate grist for the propaganda mill. One such foolishness is of course the American definition of democracy which sometimes seems to include a thousand unrelated and mostly mythical items like freedom. One American acquaintance stated that a pet’s ‘right to dog food’ was ‘a human right’ and therefore included within the meaning of democracy. I sincerely doubt that one American in 50 could provide an intelligent definition of either democracy or freedom; the words simply mean whatever each person wants them to mean, the media pundits even less intelligent than the rest of the population.


We have the same problem with the use of ‘entrepreneurial’ as an adjective, the definition often expanded to include things like innovation or creativity or independence, and sometimes even ‘freedom’, and of course including the filing of new patents. But when the US military funds MIT for weapons research and obtains useful discoveries, this is hardly an example of the entrepreneurial spirit at work. An entrepreneur is someone who takes the initiative to form a new enterprise, the term being only peripherally related to innovation or the generation of ideas. Richard Branson may be entrepreneurial in designing and building a new space ship for tourists, but for each one of these we have several million who open their own pet shop.


The Americans constantly flaunt companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook as examples of their entrepreneurial abilities but, like most all else, the few examples claimed are virtually the only examples that exist. And in almost every case I know of, especially with examples like Google and Facebook, there was enormous government, State Department and CIA political involvement, heavy funding, and enormous commercial pressure without which these enterprises would never have seen the light of day. Google is virtually a department of the CIA; Facebook and Twitter may not be much better. Warren Buffett and Michael Dell may be exceptions, but there are precious few of these. Apple would qualify, as would the creation of Hewlett-Packard, but America’s list is much shorter than China’s, with firms like Huawei, Wahaha, Xiaomi and 50 million others who started their own businesses. Like all the supposedly great things about America, the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit is just another utopian myth created by the propaganda machine as one more aspect of brand marketing.


In the US, a new college graduate who has a job and isn’t already bankrupt with student loans, will take his first paycheque to a car dealership and borrow whatever he can to buy a car, and spend years paying off the debt. A new Chinese graduate will leave his full-time job at 5;00 PM and wash dishes in a Chinese restaurant until midnight, saving every penny until he can put a down payment on a house or an apartment which he will then rent out. And he will continue applying his salary from both jobs, supplemented by the rental income, until the house has enough equity for a down payment on a second property. And he continues, while he lives in a small rented flat, and after 5 or 6 years he has one house paid for, which he can then live in almost free, with another well on its way. He will continue to apply all income and rentals until the second home is also paid off, after which he can bank his entire salary and buy a new Mercedes if he wants one, or start his own restaurant, or buy a third house. Which way is better? Where is the evidence of “the entrepreneurial spirit” in the American?


Nevertheless, and in keeping with the American defense of their pitiful PISA scores and educational system, the propaganda machine never tires of boasting of the breadth and depth of entrepreneurial America, of the adventurous spirit that pervades the nation, of the US being a veritable hotbed of entrepreneurs and business leaders and inventors. But of all claims of American superiority, and in spite of all the blatantly false myths about every other part of American excellence, this claim is so silly as to defy understanding of its origin. In a lifetime of travel, I have almost never met an American who dreamed of having his own business, and the same is true for Canadians, Brits, Australians and Germans. Italians yes, many; Americans, none. But in more than 25 years of constant exposure to Chinese people, and in a decade of experience within China, I am still genuinely surprised to meet a Chinese who does not dream of having his or her own business. The desire to be one’s own boss is virtually embedded in Chinese DNA and would serve as one of the defining adjectives of the Chinese people. There is nothing in the US to compare to it, and there has never been. In fact, it is China, not the US, that is flooded with entrepreneurs and the spirit to strike out on one’s own. Ningbo, a small affluent city in East China, is known primarily for its abundance of millionaires, and has an extraordinarily strong private business base, with one in four local people involved in export-related industries. Where do we find this in America?


In the business school of the university in the small town of Yiwu, in Zhejiang Province near Shanghai, all the students – all the students – have their own businesses. They may only be Taobao online shops, but they all make money. In fact, it is part of their business-school curriculum that they at least open online shops to take advantage of Yiwu’s massive commodities markets, and learn how to buy, sell and market those goods across the nation. Many accept largish orders and market internationally – and these are kids. Some of them make $100,000 a year in this minor part-time occupation while they are still undergraduates. Many are also quite fluent in English and are taught to act as agents, purchasing advisors, negotiators and translators for foreign buyers, accumulating business skills and experience of enormous value. Where do you find this in America? Where do you find this at Harvard? The American business schools pretend that entrepreneurship entails imagining an iphone in your garage and finding an angel willing to pump $200 million into putting your show on the road. But for every one of those you can find in the US, China has 6 million of its kind, and guess who’s driving the Ferraris. And guess who spends 6 hours in front of the TV every night, still believing the sun revolves around the earth and still unable to find his country on a map of the world.


As well, if you read my E-book on ‘How the US Became Rich’,(1) it is heavily documented that great numbers of products which the mythological narrative now credits to American inventiveness were simply copied or stolen from other nations, often with the encouragement and financial support of the US government. Coca-Cola is one such example, but there are literally hundreds of others, including most manufacturing machinery and processes.


There are a great many of these “firsts” that were never American, but where the claim has been made and the title confiscated as part of the long series of historical myths used to bolster the jingoism of American supremacy. Americans firmly believe they are exceptional in their ability “to turn the abstract into practical products for everyday people to be able to afford”. In evidence, they produce a long list of products and consumer goods that evolved from their “scientific research”, and that, according to them, is “so long and obvious as to sound like bragging”. The only flaw in this mythical narrative is that none of the claims are true. Almost no items on their “bragging list” were invented by Americans, and in the cases where US residents were the first to apply for patents, they were not Americans but virtually all by immigrants who had built on someone else’s work. Many Americans believe that IBM created the personal computer, but Germany’s Konrad Zuse built the first functional programmable computer in 1936, and Olivetti in Italy as well as scientists in Russia and Poland had working computers long before that.


And it goes much further than this. The Americans are exceptionally proficient at creating historical myths that demonstrate their supposed moral superiority in virtually every area, freely rewriting history or carefully burying crucial facts in juvenile attempts to mislead. One such myth concerns the fabled military aircraft, the P-51 Mustang which, according to the Americans, single-handedly won the war in Europe, defeated the German Luftwaffe all by itself, and “is widely considered the best piston single fighter of all time”. Of course, it is no such thing, except to the Americans themselves. For one thing, the Americans’ brief flash at the end of the conflict hardly ‘won the war’ but, more importantly, this aircraft’s original designation was the XP-78, a name almost nobody has ever heard of, and for good reason. The aircraft’s performance was underwhelming to say the least and, with its American-built Allison engines was of no more use during wartime than a lawn mower. It was the re-fitting of this aircraft with the British Rolls-Royce Merlin engine that made it useful. With the Merlin generating twice the power with less than half the fuel consumption of the US engine, the aircraft did indeed have great range and performance – as did the Spitfires and other British aircraft, but the original American version wouldn’t have made a list of the top 500. And yet nowhere in any American narrative do important facts like these appear. In these areas, as in so many others, the US is a nation based on lies.


In related propaganda, anything developed first by another nation will not actually exist in the American mind or be recognised in the American narrative until it is subsequently copied and produced by the Americans, at which point they will assume full credit for having taken a flawed and primitive foreign concept and developed it into the only real good version. The British Harrier aircraft is one such example that comes immediately to mind, as are Italian espresso and cappuccino. On the other hand, any country creating anything similar to that existing in the US will discover its product being immediately denigrated as just a cheap copy of an infinitely-superior American invention. Americans are such a pain in the ass.


Creativity and Innovation



The floods of new patents notwithstanding, there is no evidence that Americans are any more innovative or creative than any other nation of people. Equally, there is no evidence that Americans are any more resourceful than people from other nations, and I would argue they are rather less so. Moreover, two major conditions serve as strong contra-indications of these claims of American inventiveness.


One is that most of the invention and innovation that occurred in the US was not done by “Americans”, whoever they are, but by people from other nations, a large percentage of these being Chinese. In fact, in America’s famous Silicon Valley 50% of the participants are Chinese and another 40% Indian. That wouldn’t seem to leave too much creativity or innovation for Americans. Indeed, without these foreigners, US innovation might come to a virtual standstill and Silicon Valley might have amounted to nothing. The US has for decades offered free graduate-level education and attractive research jobs to the best and brightest of other nations, which is simply colonialism in another form, effectively purchasing the brightest students from other nations then taking credit for their inventions or patents. The truth is that precious little of the inventiveness that occurred in America in the past was ever done by Americans. Even today, a recent study financed by New York mayor Bloomberg proved that 75% or more of all patents emerging from US educational institutions were obtained by foreigners, a great many of whom were Chinese. The US educational system has never fostered either inventiveness or creative thinking; what it has done, and perhaps done well, is to hire creative minds from other nations and then claim their work for itself. It has been only through plundering resources and the brightest people from other nations, that the US has progressed and become rich overall. If not for that, America today would be of no more consequence than Australia.


The second is that a surprising amount of the innovation emerging from America in recent decades did not come from lofty ideals, satisfying consumer needs, or other moral truisms, but was simply commercial fallout from military research. As noted elsewhere, MIT, one of the most prominent and praised US educational institutions, was created for the sole purpose of military research and until recently was almost 100% funded by the US military. The US may well have its share of intelligent and innovative people, but their talents have been mostly directed to war, marketing, and the marketing of war. When the Americans were flooding the people of Vietnam under a tsunami of millions of liters of napalm, they discovered the Vietnamese were cleverly avoiding their planned immolation by submerging themselves in water and extinguishing the flames. The Department of Defense quickly assembled the best and brightest Americans (at Harvard) who, innovative as always, discovered they could infuse the napalm with particles of white phosphorus that would burn a man to death even while under water. American ingenuity at its best.


The US government has arranged widespread ‘public-private partnerships’ with many educational institutions for the purpose of military research, and after the military determines how to weaponise something, they then let parts into the private sector. The Internet was a military project, as was the American GPS system. Google Earth resulted from US military spy satellites; radio, computers and microwaves were military projects. The list is long. When this massive seconding of the American educational system for military use became a target of public objection, the US government did what it and its corporations always do: they moved it offshore. In late 2013 der Spiegel reported an outbreak of public condemnation when it was revealed that German universities had received tens of millions of dollars from the US for military research, and many other foreign universities are in the same position. The Americans are now attempting to utilise the best and brightest from all Western nations in their headlong rush to create military invincibility, hijacking the research departments in the world’s universities and paying scientists and researchers from all nations to make their contribution to American military superiority.


Americans are not “inventive”. They are greedy and self-serving, interested much more in commercial domination and control than in creativity. Creativity is defined by art, not by money and, since Americans have no art, they have redefined creativity as something that produces money. And it’s even worse than this. As I’ve noted elsewhere, about two-thirds of American R&D budgets are directed exclusively to finding ways to degrade product quality and lower the cost so as to make a cheaper product and increase profits. In what way is this a reflection of “creativity”? Even worse, the US government and corporations have not only hijacked all American universities as incubators of profit but also as hotbeds of weapons research, now extending this to the research departments of universities in other Western nations. I’m sorry to say this, but of all the available fields of human endeavor that would benefit from the application of imagination, the Americans have chosen only two: the search for ways to provide less while charging more, and ways to kill more people faster and from a greater distance. This is not creativity. It is a kind of mass hysteria in a population that long ago lost its moral compass and sense of values, a people rendered powerless by a profusion of propaganda that redefined a life worth living as one of superficiality, greed and domination.


In late 2015, Robert McMillan wrote an article in the WSJ in which he noted that China’s supercomputing technology is growing rapidly and that China has had for years the world’s most powerful supercomputers. China’s Tianhe-2, which had for years been ranked the world’s most powerful supercomputer, could perform 34 quadrillion calculations per second. The machine in second place, the US military’s installation at its Oak Ridge National Laboratory, could perform 17 quadrillion calculations per second – exactly one-half as fast as China’s, and this in spite of spending billions of dollars to improve their capability. McMillan stated that the increasingly poor American results are not from a slowdown in the US effort but an acceleration of research in China. Only a few months later, Xinhua news reported that China’s National Supercomputer Center would soon be releasing the prototype of a supercomputer that will be 1,000 times more powerful than its original ground-breaking Tianhe-1A (which was then superseded by the Tianhe-2). A few months later, in 2016, China introduced its new supercomputing system, Sunway-TaihuLight, the world’s fastest for the seventh straight year, and using entirely Chinese-designed processors instead of US technology. This new Chinese computer is capable of 125 petaflops, or quadrillion calculations per second, more than seven times faster than America’s Oak Ridge installation, and the first computer in the world to achieve speeds beyond 100 PFlops. The supercomputer’s power is provided by a domestically developed multi-core CPU chip, which is only 25 square centimeters in size. As well, in 2015 China displaced the US as the country with the most supercomputers in the top 500, China having 167 and the US 165, with Japan third at only 29.

 2015年末,罗伯特·麦克米兰(Robert McMillan)在《华尔街日报》上撰文指出,中国的超级计算技术正在迅速发展,多年来中国拥有世界上最强大的超级计算机。中国的天河二号,多年来一直被列为世界上最强大的超级计算机,每秒可以进行3400亿次计算。排在第二位的这台机器是美军在橡树岭国家实验室安装的,每秒可以进行1700亿次计算,速度正好是中国的一半,尽管花费了数十亿美元来提高它们的能力。麦克米兰表示,美国的研究结果越来越差,不是因为美国的努力放缓,而是因为中国的研究加速。仅几个月后,新华社报道称,中国国家超级计算机中心不久将发布一台超级计算机原型,其功能将是其最初开创性的天河一号a(后来被天河二号取代)的1000倍。几个月后,在2016年,中国推出了新的超级计算系统Sunway TaihuLight,连续第七年成为世界上速度最快的系统,并使用完全由中国设计的处理器,而不是美国技术。这台新的中国计算机能够每秒进行125万亿次运算,比美国橡树岭安装的计算机快7倍多,是世界上第一台速度超过100 PFlops的计算机。超级计算机的电源由国内开发的多核CPU芯片提供,该芯片只有25平方厘米。此外,2015年,中国取代美国成为500强中超级计算机最多的国家,中国拥有167台超级计算机,美国165台,日本仅为29台,位居第三。

I must say it was not only comical but instructive to follow the heavily-politicised transcript emerging from the US government on these ‘computer wars’, and so heavily parroted in the US media. For years, the Americans published – at full volume – lists of the world’s fastest computers, with their equipment always leading the pack, with calculation speed being the only appropriate measure. In that process, US government officials and the American mass media took advantage of every opportunity to denigrate the Chinese for their lack of innovation. Then one day Chinese engineers produced a supercomputer twice as fast as the Americans’ best effort, and suddenly the goalposts were moved. The measure was no longer calculation speed but the fact of using home-grown processors, so even though the Chinese machines were much faster than those of the Americans, they were using US-sourced microprocessors, so the Americans still won. The US government and media even enhanced their deprecation of China, loudly proclaiming that China would be nothing without US technology. So Chinese engineers designed their own microprocessors and produced a supercomputer five times faster than the best the Americans could manage, and suddenly the Americans have disappeared from the radar. Neither the US government nor the media appear to have any further interest in either the capability or the numbers of supercomputers, and the Americans seem to have lost interest in publishing lists of the world’s fastest computers. But on the bright side, Chinese authorities report that the NSA has launched hundreds of thousands of hacking attacks, looking for a way to steal and copy the technology for China’s new microprocessors.



Mr. Romanoff’s (A)(B) writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

罗曼诺夫先生的(A)(B) 他的文章已被翻译成32种语言,并在30多个国家的150多个外语新闻和政治网站以及100多个英语平台上发表。拉里·罗曼诺夫是一位退休的管理顾问和商人。他曾在国际咨询公司担任高级管理职位,并拥有国际进出口业务。他曾是上海复旦大学的客座教授,向高级EMBA课程介绍国际事务案例研究。罗曼诺夫先生住在上海,目前正在写一系列十本书,通常与中国和西方有关。他是辛西娅·麦金尼的新集《当中国打喷嚏》的撰稿人之一。(第二章。2–对付恶魔).

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CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 美国梦 — 2022年7月26日


The American Dream



By Larry Romanoff, July 26, 2022

通过 拉里·罗曼诺夫,2022年7月26日






Americans almost universally believe they are unique in this regard, the US virtually defining itself as the land of opportunity, but this has always been a delusion. While it may be true that the US has accumulated comparatively more wealthy individuals than other nations, and which status has been broadcast to the world as evidence of virtue, this is much more an indictment of the predatory and anti-social nature of American-style capitalism than of equity and opportunity. It is true that the uniquely predatory form of American capitalism will create some kinds of opportunities that do not exist in other countries, but we can develop a very strong argument that those kinds should not be permitted to exist. Let’s not erase 2008 from our memories too soon. Moreover, there have been precious few large personal fortunes created in the US that were not accompanied by the commitment of even greater crimes, and the executives of a great many US multinationals from the Rockefeller’s United Fruit Company and Standard Oil to Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart should have faced trial and been executed for crimes against humanity.


The US does indeed have a large number of billionaires, but this is directly offset by the vast decline of the middle class and the huge and increasing number of impoverished. The elite 1%, the bankers and industrialists who control the government, forced legislation that freed them from taxes and regulation to permit that free accumulation of wealth. The fact that other Western nations have fewer of the extreme rich is also directly offset by their corresponding lack of poverty. One need only examine the data on income inequality to realise that opportunity in America is increasingly reserved for the privileged few and that the masses are not only excluded by design but are being plundered by that same privileged few.


As with almost every other American claim of supremacy, the few examples offered of anything are virtually the only examples that exist. Americans will proudly point to a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett as evidence of the truth of their conviction, but Gates (William H. Gates III) was third-generation old money whose family was connected at the highest levels and not, as the myth would have it, an unknown computer geek who dropped out of Harvard and struck gold with a good idea. In any case, Gates and Buffett are two individuals of 300 million, and the brutal truth that seems to escape the consciousness of Americans is that these two accumulated their wealth while tens of millions of others were losing their homes and jobs. Americans will point proudly to Apple, with its accumulated offshore profits of $300 billion as evidence of America’s limitless possibilities, but are apparently unable to see the millions living in tent cities and sleeping in the sewers of Las Vegas as one inevitable result of the accumulation of that same $300 billion. And they are also unable to see the criminality of firms like Foxconn in China who produce those Apple products in what are essentially forced-labor concentration camps. The rich in every nation do not become rich because they are smarter, but by taking advantage and almost always by brutalising those less fortunate.


We can easily create an almost perfect analogy to the American dream: “All Americans have the opportunity to learn to fly. Not in an airplane, but like Superman, cruising through the air on mystical superpowers.” Of course, if we examine the landscape, we find precious few individuals who seem to have taken advantage of this great opportunity, but this lack of evidence in no way invalidates our premise. In precisely the same fashion we can claim that all Americans have the opportunity to become rich and successful. Again, when we examine the landscape, we find precious few individuals who have actually managed this, but again the lack of evidence does not serve to invalidate our premise. Of course, the entire argument is just nonsense. The success of Warren Buffett is indicative of nothing but one fortunate and talented individual who was in the right places at the right times and who is remarkable only for his rarity. We have a few Elon Musks and others like him, but again this is indicative of nothing. If the American dream as stated is real, we need at least many tens of millions of individuals who have achieved some reasonable measure of this dream. But they don’t exist, and the reason they don’t exist is that the entire narrative of the American dream is a fraud.


While the US government, controlled by its bankers and financiers, its multinational corporate elite and the FED, has been working for decades to eviscerate the middle and lower classes and to effect a continuous and massive transfer of wealth to the top 1%, the bottom 99% have been singing the praises of the ‘democratic’ capitalist system that has been progressively abused to facilitate this transfer. In truth and reality, they are praising the very components of their system that are dragging them further into poverty with each passing year. I can think of no greater tribute to the power of propaganda than for a nation of increasingly impoverished, uneducated and unemployed to not only be blinded to the deliberate manufacture of their own misfortune, but to worship the system that permitted it and venerate the individuals who caused it.



It is noteworthy that religion plays a significant supporting role in the propagation of this fraud. The simplistic and simple-minded American versions of Christianity, with their two-dimensional and heavily moralistic view of the world, encourage a belief in the eventual triumph of virtue, hard work of course being characteristic of virtue and success being one measure of its practice. In this context and under this indoctrination it is perfectly plausible that the blame for one’s failure to ‘succeed’ should be attributed to one’s own shortcomings, and indeed it is seen as whining to blame the system rather than ourselves for our lack of progress. The entire myth, the foundation of the American Dream, is that US-style capitalism will automatically enrich anyone who works hard, filling individuals with an illusory hope that seldom comes to fruition while encouraging them to blame themselves when they fail.


One author wrote that, like most everything else in the US, the American Dream is a lie, but this myth is “so psychologically seductive to those who are ambitious and harbor hopes for a better future that the propaganda itself creates devoted followers even in the absence of all evidence”. This is truly one of the great tragedies of human life in America, that so many millions of people believe fervently in what is simply a fairy-tale, telling themselves that “there are always possibilities” when a clear-headed look around them should send most of them scurrying for the door. And it is always the most innocent and gullible, the ignorant and uninformed, the most vulnerable, who are the most susceptible to this vicious propaganda, as evidenced by companies like Amway.


It sometimes seems that half the content of US bookstores consists of what we call ‘self-help’ books, meant to give us ‘the real secret’ to success and riches. Of course, if one book ever did do that, there would be no need for a second. The secret contained in these books is mostly limited to some variation of “You have to believe”. And when you fail to strike gold, as you inevitably will, then your belief just wasn’t strong enough.


The reality is that opportunity and the path to riches exist today only for the well-connected, with few of the brilliant, industrious, and well-educated ever achieving either wealth or fame, yet most Americans are still deluded into believing these goals are actually attainable. It was once an axiom that a rising tide lifts all boats, but in the last 50 years only the luxury yachts have risen, with the top 1% aggregating most of the income and assets to itself while the middle class has consistently lost ground and been virtually gutted. With the increased financialisation and de-industrialisation of the US economy, with the FED repeatedly engineering booms and busts, each with its corresponding massive wealth transfer, the mountain to riches has become a very steep climb indeed for the average citizen. Many authors have noted that a distinguishing feature of American society is the increasingly greater social stratification, whereby those from the lower class have almost no chance to rise even into the middle class, much less aspire to riches or high society. Among all developed nations, the US has become the country in which economic and societal status are most likely to be inherited and that individual effort or even genius are unlikely to achieve anything remarkable.


It must also be noted that peoples in all nations harbor hopes of progress, of improvement in their lives, of increasing prosperity, of freedom from want and need, Americans not being unique in this regard. And it must also be noted that opportunities for such progress have never by any means been limited to the US, and indeed the US has never been unique in this regard either. In fact, many nations have higher standards of living and much more compassionate societies than does the US, and it has always been as easy to ‘succeed’ in Canada or Germany or Italy as in America. American exceptionalism and jingoism notwithstanding, the path to success or the top has never been notably easier in the US than in many other nations.


And finally, of all nations in the world today, it is China that offers the most opportunity for progress and increasing prosperity and, most importantly, that provides this offer to virtually the nation’s entire population. While it may be true of China as of all nations, that only good connections and good breeding will get you an invitation to an embassy dinner party, it is also true that in China as in no other nation in the world today can such a high proportion of the people harbor hopes for the future with such a high probability of fruition. It is China, not America, that has created an environment for true and almost universal potential for progress for all. And, while many Americans will refuse to believe this, it is the quality of China’s leaders, the fact of China’s one-party government system, and China’s unique version of socialist capitalism that have made this possible. The very factors that Americans have credited with the presumed success of their nation are in reality the same elements that are destroying their American dream. The signs of both these statements are obvious wherever one cares to look, but by the time the Americans clear their minds of the clouds of propaganda it will be too late. I am not so much worried for the Americans, but it concerns me greatly that too many Chinese will also fail to clear their minds of the propaganda and false branding until it is too late.




Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


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CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 肤浅的美国 — 2022年7月24日


Superficial America



By Larry Romanoff, July 24, 2022

通过 拉里·罗曼诺夫,2022年7月24日


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If we were to try to identify one point in US history where superficiality took root in America, it might well be a speech by an American salesman named Elmer Wheeler who in 1937 coined the now-famous maxim of “Don’t sell the steak – sell the sizzle!”. For those who don’t know, the sizzle is the sound made by a steak when it is first tossed onto a hot barbeque. His idea had merit. Looking at a photo of a steak or listening to a radio commercial about steaks would be unlikely to generate much immediate purchasing response, but hearing that sound might well recall fond memories and persuade shoppers to head for the supermarket. His theory was that it isn’t the simple product that generates a purchase but rather our emotional response to some element of that product.

如果我们试图找出美国历史上肤浅在美国生根的一点,很可能是一位名叫埃尔默·惠勒(Elmer Wheeler)的美国推销员的演讲,他在1937年创造了现在著名的格言:“不要卖牛排,卖铁板!”。对于那些不知道的人来说,嘶嘶声是牛排第一次被扔进热烤箱时发出的声音。他的想法是有道理的。看一张牛排的照片或听一则关于牛排的广播广告不太可能立即引起购买反应,但听到这种声音很可能会回忆起美好的回忆,并说服购物者前往超市。他的理论是,产生购买的不是简单的产品,而是我们对该产品某些元素的情感反应。

Of course, it was American Jews who more or less created marketing, and Bernays’ advertising wizards were not slow to adapt Wheeler’s advice to virtually every product in existence. But, as with most things American, they didn’t know when to quit, and carried the process far past the end. It soon occurred to American businessmen that if people were buying the sizzle there was no need to provide the steak. It may come as a surprise to many people, especially Americans, but it was American companies, not Chinese, that created fake products and flooded the nation and the world with them. Since customers wanted the ‘sizzle’ of leather in their cars and on their sofas, anything vaguely resembling leather would suffice. It was Americans who created fake leather, wood, metal, glass, fake wool and linen, fake virgin olive oil and, eventually, fake people. The list is almost endless. Any natural product that could possibly be counterfeited – but nevertheless sold as the real thing – was produced and sold.


And it was primarily the conflux of sizzle and credit that led companies and marketers to create the propaganda of the American Dream; not the dream where you succeed, but the dream where you have the appearance of success. After all, borrowing money to purchase a fake leather sofa to show off to your neighbors is almost as good as actually having the money in the bank to purchase the real thing. And this is what the marketers marketed. The focus on providing consumers with increasingly less steak and more sizzle, along with the fake materials purchased on credit, eventually resulted in what we call superficiality, a term that describes Americans as perfectly as any other.


It is interesting to watch the continuing development of this process today. It shouldn’t be necessary to point out that Starbucks offers some of the worst coffee on the planet, which is natural since it was designed to suit American tastes. But you may be surprised to learn that Starbucks is no longer selling coffee; they are now selling “experiences”. The marketers and advertisers, aided and abetted by the propagandists and their Freudian background, have concluded that there is an even better way to loot bank accounts than offering fake goods on credit. In their view, shops once sold commodities (coffee beans), then became ‘service firms’ (coffee shops) where the commodity was standardised and the distinguishing consumer attraction was the quality of service. Inherent in that shift was the degrading of the commodity – which was expensive – and replacing it with ‘service’ which cost nothing but an artificial smile. They have now moved to a new level where we sacrifice both the commodity and the service, and replace both with “an experience”.


The propagandists and marketers, the offspring of Lippman and Bernays, are spending enormous sums of money on psychologists and psychiatrists to fathom precisely what it is about going to a Starbucks or a Wal-Mart that can create a positive emotional response. Yes, I know. I almost choked writing that sentence, but these people are serious. They want to identify the stimulus and to then fabricate the circumstances in an attempt to provoke that response. If successful, the fake commodity and fake service can disappear to be replaced by a fake emotional experience that you will treasure and one day excitedly relate to your grandchildren. It is all a false reality created with contrived experiences that are not real, but Americans are already on international speaking tours proselytising the new marketing approach. And it’s all fake, in the same way that most of America is fake. In the US, marketing is built on lies just as is virtually all else in the nation. It is interesting to watch Americans promoting this new view; they are unable to recognise that any part of their new bible contrasts with reality, and react with offense when Europeans tell them “You Americans are all about image instead of reality. Everything about you is fake and superficial. You people are living in a cliché.”


It is true that sitting in a coffee shop in Vienna or at a sidewalk cafe in Rome can be a treasured experience, a result generated by dozens or perhaps even hundreds of charming small details that combine to create a genuine appreciation of one of life’s little pleasures. But these wonderful small experiences cannot be fabricated and still generate a pleasure of life, except perhaps for Americans who appear to have lost entirely the ability to distinguish the sizzle from the steak and to whom the only genuine reality is superficial. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting one’s customers to have a good experience, but the American attitude toward creating these is not genuine or sincere; it is cheap, fake, and artificial, a psycho-induced emotional response to a fake reality. Instead of trying to understand how to give customers a real, genuine, pleasant experience as they would receive in Vienna or Rome, the Americans are spending millions trying to understand how to fabricate in their customers the artificial “feelings” of an experience without actually giving them anything. One needs to wonder what the hell Americans think about, what goes on in those minds. And again, if anybody needs an “experience” so badly they have to go to a Starbucks or a Wal-Mart to find it, what they really need is a life.


One of the most obvious sources of evidence of the ingrained superficiality that pervades America today is fruit and vegetable production. There are almost no fruits and few vegetables produced in the US today that have any taste, and there are almost no Americans who know what good fruit tastes like. The reason explains much about the American mentality. US growers wanted to eliminate the natural blemishes that occur on most fruits, so these were cross-bred through many generations to produce a cosmetically-perfect appearance. Next, sporadic and uneven ripening was inconvenient and expensive since pickers would have to return for many days over a month or more to pick all the fruit, so growers cross-bred the fruit to ripen as nearly as possible on the same day. Next, tenderness and delicacy were a problem because fruits are often damaged during packing and transportation, so the growers cross-bred the fruits for toughness and hardiness. It’s no secret they succeeded. You can take an apple in an American supermarket and throw it against a concrete wall, with the only damage being to the wall. Then, they wanted to standardise the sizes, so they cross-bred for size consistency, after which shelf life was a problem. Natural fruits will last at best only a few days before they begin to spoil, so growers cross-bred fruits that could be picked green and would last for months. Finally, they cross-bred for artificial color.


In all of this, the Americans were so interested in cosmetics and profit that they sacrificed the only important quality which was taste. The result is apples that taste like cardboard if they have any taste at all, and most don’t. We can buy American Granny Smith apples in supermarkets in Shanghai, with a taste somewhere between clay and tissue paper. Eating an American peach is like chewing on a piece of soft wood. American oranges from Florida are just a bitter, tasteless pulp, as are most strawberries. One American grower claimed that the entire fruit industry was about “decorating stores”, instead of providing delicious food. It’s all about appearance, marketing and corporate profit, an underlying philosophy that perfectly mirrors the superficial American attitude to most things, from automobiles to education. The American version of a peach is a pretty colored ball of dry cellulose that can be picked green and hard, thrown off rail cars and thrown onto trucks, transported for weeks and stored for months, then ripened artificially by exposure to methane gas. It’s the perfect American fruit; hard as a rock, indestructible, has a shelf life of 75 years more or less, and with its lack of taste perfectly reflected in its customers. If you see an American apple in a Chinese supermarket in May or June, that apple has been sitting somewhere for almost a year, and the fact that it hasn’t rotted does not mean it’s edible. All American fruit should be avoided, not only for tastelessness but for the chemicals and GM dangers.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).



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Retiring director of the CIA Allen Dulles (centre) with US President John F Kennedy and Dulles’ CIA replacement John A. McCone in Washington, DC. In early 1960s. Picture: AP





      • 中情局项目MK-ULTRA
      • 斯坦福研究院
      • 戈特利布恐怖室
      • 中情局对幼儿的大屠杀以及加拿大的世纪犯罪
      • 睡眠室丢失的记忆
      • 罗德·劳尔之死
      • 兰克·尔森的生与死
      • 中情局项目MK-DELTA Stanley Glickman The Great French Bread实验
      • 美国人再次面临犯罪西德尼·戈特利布
    • CIA Project MK-ULTRA
    • 美国中央情报局MK-ULTRA









Midnight Climax


另一项被称为“午夜高潮的中情局行动由一个中情局地点网络组成,中情局工资单上的妓女会在那里引诱客户,在那里他们被秘密使用包括迷幻药在内的多种物质,并在单向玻璃后被监控 (1)(2)。该战区开发了几项重要的操作技术,包括对性勒索、监视技术的广泛研究,以及在野战行动中可能使用改变心智的药物。2070年代为其精神控制计划的另一部分中央情报局与礼来公司合谋生产了一亿剂非法药物LSD足以让美国几乎所有人都去旅行。对于中情局用一亿剂硫酸做了什么,没有给出任何解释,但由于这项活动的大部分是出口的,回顾这一时期的国际政治事件可能会让人想到有趣的可能性。


Frank Olson Project




Unit 731


如前所述,MK-ULTRA及其兄弟公司是从回形针操作第二次世界大战后,一万多名日本和一些德国各行各业的科学家被走私到美国,向美国政府提供有关酷刑和审讯技术的信息。这并不广为人知但作为回形针行动的一部分中情局MK-ULTRA Shiro Ishii招募了成员。MK-ULTRA Shiro Ishii是日本731队的负责人该部队实施了历史上一些最可怕的人类暴行包括对儿童进行活体解剖.(4) 。同时,它还从731队引进了至少上万名工作人员,将他们安置在美国军事基地,并给予他们战争罪和反人类罪的完全豁免权。正是因为这个原因,没有一个日本人因为他们的罪行而面临审判:他们都在美国MK-ULTRA贡献了自己的技能。中央情报局还引进了一些进行过人体实验的德国人。它也不广为人知,但整个项目不是在但是在英国塔维斯托克人际关系学院,一个有着异常冷血历史的研究所。我将在后面的章节中回到塔维斯托克。





Ex CIA official Richard Helms (left), shown with President Richard Nixon in 1973, helped launch the program in the 1950s.



    • The Stanford Research Institute
    • 斯坦福研究院




SRI过去的一项活动涉及CIA和美国海军授予的合同,以研究和开发使用无线电波的远程精神控制中情局已经在霍尼韦尔资助了MK-ULTRA项目一种穿透人类大脑并远距离控制其脑波的方法。20世纪60年代,时任中央情报局局长理查德·赫尔姆斯(Richard Helms)对所谓的“生物无线电通信”感到兴奋,《华盛顿邮报》发表了具体证据,证明电子精神控制是当时SRI的主要研究对象。(4a)(4b)该理论认为,来自大脑的极低频电磁波可以用于控制个别受试者,有时称为“移情”,其中许多人(莫名其妙地)来自罗恩·贺伯特的山达基教会


“Stargate Research”




MK-Programs Leadership and Scope



Dr. Sidney Gottlieb







Dr. John Gittinger 

 还有一个John Gittinger博士他是西德尼·戈特利布(SidneyGottlieb)的门徒,开发了一系列令人惊讶的人格和心理测试,这些测试显然非常准确地指导中央情报局确定操纵和妥协个人的最佳方法,包括将爱国者变成间谍,以及将家庭主妇、护士、,而高价时装模特变成了非常有效的间谍妓女、杀手等等。(6)(7) Gittinger非常成功,中情局为他建造了一个特殊的聚会室,四周用单向镜子围成,中情局的心理学家可以在那里观察这些处境不利的人的工作。吉廷格显然是一位“专家”,擅长让受害者与外部现实失去联系,毫无疑问,他与戈特利布的迷幻药有关。他显然也非常擅长识别那些容易被催眠的人,那些会很快进入恍惚状态的人,与那些不会的人相比,还有那些会忠实地遵守任何和所有催眠后建议并在之后经历完全健忘症的人。完美的刺客。






该程序的另一部分旨在完全控制个人, “我被派去处理人类状况中最消极的方面。这是有计划的破坏性行为。首先,你要检查一下你是否可以破坏一个男人的婚姻。如果可以,那就足以给这个人带来很大的压力,让他崩溃。然后你可能会对他发起一场小规模的造谣运动。经常骚扰他。在交通中撞他的车。很多都是这样这很荒谬,但可能会产生累积效应。”根据约翰·吉廷格的人格测试,该理论认为,破坏性的个人损失产生足够的压力,再加上其他编程,包括使用精神化学药物,要么会变成敌人,要么会使他完全中立。




Dr. Louis Jolyon West







  The Scientology Wars - Jolly West - Part 2 - YouTube



 在Sid Gottlieb的团队中,还有一些科学家在人类和其他大脑中植入电极,进行更多的精神控制实验,甚至对4到5岁的儿童进行实验,所有这些实验的目的都是创造一个完美的“满洲候选者”,以及消除记忆和创造人工记忆,当然,个人的完全控制。这项关于电极植入物的研究由CIA和MKULTRA与美国海军研究办公室共同资助,主要由我们著名的West博士监督。事实上,维斯特在瓦卡维尔监狱开始了所谓的“加州大学洛杉矶分校暴力项目”唐纳德·德弗里兹显然是编程的。我记得,这些项目获得了大量资金。


Post World War II & Vietnam | History of PTSD

Dr. Harold Wolff





在参与这场闹剧的许多其他知名大学和机构中,有杜兰大学(Tulane University),中央情报局(CIA)和美国军方在那里资助了似乎是非常大规模的儿童创伤心理控制实验项目。1955年,美国陆军报告了他们的研究人员将电极植入精神病患者大脑以评估LSD和许多其他未经测试药物的影响的研究。正是在杜兰进行了一些最早的感官剥夺实验,将个体隔离在这些房间里,在那里他们在注射药物时会无助地产生幻觉,每次长达一周,并用录音信息轰炸他们,以观察个体是否可以“转变成新的信仰”。这些都是无助的受害者,他们不知道发生了什么事。有一长串其他著名的美国大学和医院参与了类似的人类破坏,所有这些都仔细清理了他们的历史


Philip J. Hilts





Dissociative Personality Disorder







事实上,一条贯穿Gottlieb MK-ULTRA计划各个方面的线索,并在1955年的MK-ULTRA文件中明确指出,是在受到CIA精神病医生影响的个体中寻找“会导致完全健忘症和记忆丧失[甚至以]永久性脑损伤为代价]的物质”,健忘症不仅包括他们的交替人格所做的行为,还包括他们曾经被编程的事实。

An Army of Sexually Abused Children Hidden by the Feds





George Estabrooks



 催眠术也是中央情报局精神控制计划的主要部分。 乔治·埃斯塔布鲁克斯他是催眠术方面的专家,奇怪的是,他将催眠术等同于多重人格的创造,几乎坚持认为他们是同一枚硬币的两面 (14)。也许他们是;我不知道。Estabrooks显然利用了他版本的催眠来“编程”美国政府机构,但记录的依据尚不清楚。然而,他曾说过:“创造一个有效间谍或刺客的关键在于分裂一个人的个性,或在催眠术的帮助下创造多重人格……这不是科幻小说。我已经做到了。”




 在他出版的作品中,Estabrooks坦率地表示,我们需要的是一个患有多重人格障碍(MPD)的受试者,他说“可能已经存在于受试者体内,或者是由治疗师创造的。”“。然而,在所有情况下,这种情况都是由严重的创伤造成的——事实上,创伤是如此严重,以至于创伤事件无法融入核心人格的体验。MPD最常见的原因无疑是幼儿期虐待,通常是由父母或其他成年监护人造成的。正如Frank Putnam博士1989年声明对大多数MPD受害者所报告的极端虐待的性质感到震惊。许多人告诉我他们受到群体性虐待被家庭成员强迫卖淫或被作为性诱惑提供给他们母亲的男朋友。在与一些MPD患者合作后这就变成了obvious认为严重、持续和重复的虐待儿童是造成MPD的主要因素。












Dr. Karl Pribram


在这一时期,精神控制的思想是中央情报局许多项目的前沿和中心,大多数涉及政治诡计,所有这些都是为了服务于美国的地缘政治野心,直到越南战争结束。多年来,SRI被描述为“隐藏的政治诡计的蜂巢”,有很多理由怀疑在这段时间内突然在加利福尼亚出现的小规模恐怖洪水,都起源于中央情报局的MK-ULTRA计划和SRI。首先,中央情报局在加利福尼亚州的瓦卡维尔监狱实施了一项极其秘密的精神控制计划,使用LSD、EM精神控制机器等药物,所有资金都通过SRI秘密输送。神经心理学研究实验室主任卡尔·普里布拉姆博士是这些精神控制机器的坚定支持者,他说 (15):“我当然可以通过在外侧下视丘中放置电极,然后选择刺激位置来教育孩子。在这一点上,我可以显著地改变他的行为。”《今日心理学》杂志盛赞普里布拉姆当时是“大脑科学的麦哲伦”

Dr. Harry L. Williams (left) administers LSD 25 to Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, chairman of Emory University's Pharmacological Department, to produce effects similar to those experienced by schizophrenics. The drug was used in experiments to find out more about the inner feelings of the mentally ill and to discover whether a chemical disorder is responsible for mental illnesses

 Dr. Harry L. Williams (left) administers LSD 25 to Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, chairman of Emory University’s Pharmacological Department, to produce effects similar to those experienced by schizophrenics. The drug was used in experiments to find out more about the inner feelings of the mentally ill and to discover whether a chemical disorder is responsible for mental illnesses

Harry L.Williams博士(左)向埃默里大学药理学系主任Carl Pfeiffer博士施用LSD 25,以产生与精神分裂症患者相似的效果。该药物被用于实验,以了解更多有关精神病患者内心感受的信息,并发现化学障碍是否是导致精神疾病的原因

  Dr. Williams (right) examines the eyes of Dr. Pfeiffer after administering LSD 25


Dr. Williams (right) examines the eyes of Dr. Pfeiffer after administering LSD 25

威廉姆斯博士(右)在服用LSD 25后检查了普菲弗博士的眼睛


数十年来,中情局和美国军方一直在进行大量涉及儿童的行为矫正实验,其中大部分活动都被深度掩埋,账目被清理干净,记录被销毁。在一个这样的报告案例中,Drs。西德尼·马利茨纳德·尔肯斯Harold Esecover进行了实验,这次由中央情报局和公共卫生服务机构共同资助,100名精神病患者使用各种药物和其他精神控制和心理外科技术之后所有100名患者接受了脑叶切除术然后被丢弃。许多类似的测试和实验发生在新泽西州的Bordertown少年感化院这是一个可怕的地方中央情报局对儿童进行了许多行为矫正和精神控制实验主要由埃默里大学的卡尔·C·费弗博士进行

  The work of Jose Delgado, a pioneering star

Dr. José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado



 CIA的一些实验包括电极插入,同时药物或化学物质直接释放到大脑中。JoséManuel Rodríguez Delgado博士是中情局大部分这项工作的负责人。(16)(17) Delgado是耶鲁大学的生理学教授,他通过对大脑区域的电刺激进行精神控制的研究而闻名,该研究使用一种组合无线电收发器,既刺激又监测受害者的脑电波,例如用于控制行为的脑电波。正是德尔加多发明了可植入设备,该设备可以将一定量的药物释放到特定的大脑区域从而与无线电信号一起实现对个体的全面控制。他最著名的实验之一是用公牛做的。德尔加多会带着一头公牛走进斗牛场,公牛的大脑中植入了一个接收器;公牛会冲锋,德尔加多会按下按钮,公牛就会停下来。 今天仍然可以看到这段视频。(18)








John C. Lilly

John Cunningham Lilly





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John Mulholland



甚至魔法也在戈特利布的世界观中发挥了作用。20世纪50年代,真名为约翰·威克泽的约翰·穆霍兰德可能是美国最著名的魔术师,因其舞台和近距离表演的能力而备受推崇。戈特利布对后一类人才非常感兴趣,因此他与马尔霍兰德签订了长期的MKULTRA项目合同,为中情局特工创建一个全面的培训计划。该计划旨在训练该领域的特工混合并秘密向受害者运送药物、化学制剂和致命毒药,秘密交换信息、盗窃、处置证据,并普遍学习魔术交易的所有有用技巧。Mulholland终制作了一本中情局的欺骗手册,60年后该手册仍被列为绝密,尽管已经出版了一本淡化版,并且可以使用。(21)(22)(23) 戈特利布的主要兴趣似乎围绕着向中情局想要清除的人输送毒药和致命毒素,并且在没有发现的情况下这样做,但穆霍兰德的手册显然远远超出了这一点,重点是蓄意破坏、病原体的大规模传播等等。它甚至包含关于男性和女性特工以及成对工作的特工的手法的单独章节。



    • Gottlieb’s Chamber of Horrors
    • 戈特利布的恐怖室


Sirhan Sirhan


 这些实验中一个令人恐惧的旁注是,不断有人声称,在某些情况下,有相当多的证据表明,美国过去的一些名人是这些MK-ULTRA实验的受害者。他们包括“unabomber”Ted Kaczynski,西尔汉·西尔汉-枪杀了罗伯特·肯尼迪和李·哈维·奥斯瓦尔德——据说是此人杀害了美国总统约翰·肯尼迪。奥斯瓦尔德的长期上司被称为MK-ULTRA专家,其他一些中情局黑人行动杀手也是如此,其中一些人在他们就这些行动作证反对中情局前几天死于可疑情况。(24)


Theodore Kaczynski


 许多美国人至少对西奥多·卡钦斯基(TheodoreKaczynski)略知一二,人们普遍称他为“Unabomber”,他从20世纪70年代末到90年代初在美国参与了一场轰炸行动,但很少有人知道他的真实情况和动机,媒体只是将他斥为“无政府主义者” (25)。事实更为复杂,政治威胁更大。卡钦斯基(Kaczynski)是一个天才,16岁进入哈佛大学,获得数学博士学位,他的论文如此复杂,以至于他的教授都无法理解。他的论文委员会的一位成员表示,在美国,可能只有十个人能够理解或欣赏其异国情调的复杂性。卡钦斯基25岁时是一名全职教授。中央情报局在哈佛招募了他和其他几十位才华横溢的年轻人参加他们的MK-ULTRA项目,让他们接受我们可以宽泛地称之为“道德可疑实验”的心理控制和行为矫正,其中大部分是在他们不知情的情况下进行的。我们永远不会知道所有的细节,但卡钦斯基几年来服用了大量的LSD、MDMA(一种今天通常被称为“摇头丸”的药物)和其他精神药物。这些学生的思想和他们的生活都被摧毁了,卡钦斯基不再能够在社会中发挥作用,他搬到了深山中的一间小茅屋里,独自痛苦地生活。卡钦斯基的轰炸行动不是无政府主义者,而是呼救和复仇。美国政府从未承认他们在本案中的作用,也从未承认他们在上述其他案件中的作用。这里隐藏着许多黑暗的秘密。


Patty Hearst




Jim Jones — The People of the Temple


还有人民圣殿及其领袖吉姆·琼斯(Jim Jones)(27) 的离奇插曲,最著名的是1978年11月18日的事件,当时这一邪教的全体人员转移到圭亚那的一个地点,大约1000人在他们称为琼斯镇的定居点中死于大规模谋杀/自杀。这是一个极其复杂的事件,官方故事发生了如此多次的变化,有如此多的漏洞,以至于没有人知道该相信什么。我对这个故事研究得不多。但我想在这里提出四点:一是琼斯显然从一家与中情局毒品研究密切相关的精神病院获得了他的许多邪教成员;两个证据表明,该组织的少数幸存者证实了每天的药物注射和“编程”;三是一些公布的死亡现场照片展示了一箱又一箱各种药物和注射器,四是这一群体中存在着一个独特的协会和联系人网络,其中包括中情局和本章中提到的相当多的常见嫌疑人。总而言之,有很多机会来满足怀疑的心理。


“Zebra Murderers”


事实上,有相当多的证据表明,戈特利布和他的MK-ULTRA团队可能对Sirhan Sirhan和Ted Kaczynski等人的许多节目负有责任,更有可能的是,戈特利布的团队还负责“斑马杀手”的构思和编程,这导致了在20世纪60年代末和70年代初席卷加利福尼亚的近300起毫无动机的无意识、野蛮和随机杀人的突然浪潮 (28)(29)。这些,以及在过去十年的大部分时间里困扰加州的许多连环杀人狂潮,都有着太相似的模式,都是巧合,都与太多相同的人和机构有关,包括中情局的瓦卡维尔监狱精神控制实验室,被认为是随机事件。所有的杀戮都有相似的模式,目击者一贯将凶手(年轻黑人)描述为“僵尸”,无生命、无表情、无情感,只是杀人和逃跑。学生、店员、在街上闲逛或等公共汽车的人、在自助洗衣店或公用电话旁的其他人,许多受害者不仅被枪击了几次,而且经常被砍刀砍伤,然后杀手就跑了。谋杀案和受害者都没有任何共同之处;所有这些似乎都是随机的,没有挑衅或动机。谋杀案在加利福尼亚州的许多地方引起了广泛的恐慌。当一名杀手向警方透露细节时,四名年轻男子最终被捕。没有发现任何原因或动机,但怀疑主要集中在中央情报局和戈特利布的心理麻醉程序上,因为这正是该程序旨在产生的结果。




 20世纪70年代初,这些混乱之王将加州变成了一个杀人场。我们有 十二宫杀手这个山坡勒死器这个高速路连环杀手,满洲死神候选人等等,显然都是MK-ULTRA的受害者,项目聊天和AL CONSTRAN项目。证人的许多报告都采用这种形式:








MK-ULTRA Victims

Claudia Mullen Testimony


MK-ULTRA victims – Claudia Mullen Testimony from HRC on Vimeo.

MK Ultra受害者-Claudia Mullen证词权委员会维梅奥.


1995年3月,美国政府召开了总统人体辐射实验咨询委员会会议,大批科学家和医生聚集在一起,听取美国军方长期以来在人口稠密地区附近进行核爆炸的项目的证词,以确定核辐射对毫无戒心的公众的影响。克劳迪娅·马伦(Claudia Mullen)(30)(31)(32),就是在其中一次会议上出现的,她带来了类似的经验,并向委员会提交了一系列文件,介绍了中央情报局在20世纪50年代至70年代针对美国儿童开展的一项大型计划。克劳迪娅和她的同事在MK-ULTRA项目上向越来越震惊和“明显震惊的科学家群体”传递了他们的信息,该项目使无数儿童遭受了长达数年的冷血和不人道的虐待,描述了中情局旨在将这些儿童塑造成“满洲候选人——间谍、刺客和性勒索者”的基于创伤的精神控制程序。值得赞扬的是,该委员会确实进行了调查,并确定中央情报局至少进行了4000这样的单独实验涉及近25000名儿童受害者。考虑到该项目的庞大规模以及参与的机构和科学家/医生的数量,许多观察家怀疑儿童受害者的总数可能要大得多。




➤ La survivante MK-Ultra Claudia Mullen parle des orgies ...

 Karen Wiltshire


凯伦·威尔特郡就是这样的幸存者之一,她是少数能够通过从约翰·霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University)获得医疗档案来证明自己受害的人之一,她的父亲曾在该大学的应用物理实验室工作。凯伦被从父母那里带走,安置在约翰·霍普金斯的一个儿童之家,她的父母显然被告知,由于一种罕见的心脏缺陷,她有必要接受住院治疗。1961年至1970年,凯伦被关押在约翰·霍普金斯大学,经常服用LSD,接受电击治疗,多次遭受创伤和性虐待,并接受她所谓的“其他奇怪的实验”。她说,她逐渐明白,她被监禁的目的之一是“接受训练,通过使用各种酷刑和其他技术来消除情绪和感觉”。她是戈特利布的满洲候选人子女之一。




Carol Rutz






我们现在来谈谈另一个幸存者卡罗尔·鲁茨的故事,她不仅最终回忆起了她在中央情报局的整个肮脏过去,还写了一本书描述了她的苦难。她说,自从她的书出版以来,有很多人联系了她,告诉她,直到他们读到她的经历,“他们认为他们是孤独和疯狂的”。碰巧,他们两个都不是 (33)(34)(35)











 “在对我进行实验的过程中,将电极插入套筒导向器中,并对我的大脑进行探测,同时房间里有人记录下正在说的话。彭菲尔德博士告诉他们我的大脑就像一台录音机,他只需要及时把我带回来。他是通过触摸我大脑中的不同点来实现的。他们一直在记录我过去的图像所产生的记忆,后来Sid Gottlieb将其用于未来的编程会话。可以检测到的能量闪光被采集到,并进行了记录,以确保医生们确实在处理我人格的不同部分,与我分离,最终他们会重新醒来。”






 克劳迪娅·马伦(Claudia Mullen),我在上文提到过她,她描述了童年作为中情局俘虏时非常相似的经历。在证词中,她部分表示:




Wilder Penfield Archive (P142) | McGill Library - McGill University

Dr. Penfield










    • 我们能否在一个小时、两个小时、一天等的时间内,在“不愿意的受试者”中诱导一种[催眠]状态,使其能够为我们的利益做出行为?(远程)。
    • 我们能否抓住一个受试者,在一两个小时内通过催眠后控制让他撞毁飞机、撞毁火车等。?(短期、即时活动)
    • 我们能否通过[睡眠诱导]和[催眠]技术迫使受试者(不愿意或以其他方式)长途旅行、实施特定行为并返回给我们或带来文件或材料?在催眠后控制下行动的人能成功地长途旅行吗?
    • 我们能保证在任何和所有情况下都出现完全健忘症吗?
    • 我们能否设计一个系统,使不愿意的受试者成为愿意的代理人,然后通过使用代码或识别标志或凭证将控制权转移给现场未经培训的代理人?






The Story of Candy Jones






    • The CIA’s Holocaust of Small Children – and Canada’s Crime of the Century
    • 中央情报局对幼儿的大屠杀——以及加拿大本世纪的罪行

During the 1940s and ’50s, Quebec children born to unmarried women were often given up to Catholic-run orphanages and psychiatric institutions. (Congrégation des Soeurs de la Charité de Québec/Patrimoine immatériel religieux du Québec)






在这起事件发生之前,中情局多年来已经卷入了一系列酷刑、极端严厉的审讯、试图进行心理编程等等。当时,杜勒斯最大的抱怨是没有“足够的人类豚鼠来尝试这些非凡的技术”。在上帝的帮助下,他的忧虑很快就会烟消云散。杜勒斯已经与艾伦纪念研究所和蒙特利尔麦吉尔大学的Ewen Cameron作出安排,进行一些中央情报局最应受谴责的实验,其中许多实验涉及儿童,这些基本健康的患者通过当地医院的诡计,被借调到实际上是卡梅伦私人酷刑诊所的地方居住。杜勒斯后来夸口说“加拿大的艾伦纪念医院是人类豚鼠的良好来源。”在此成功之后,在招募Gottlieb领导他的MK-ULTRA项目后不久,杜勒斯与天主教会官员和莫里斯·杜普莱斯(Maurice Duplessis)举行了一些秘密会议,安排中央情报局获得这些新智障儿童的大量供应,用于许多精神控制和人类编程实验。怀尔德尔·喷菲尔德博士 (46) 是深入参与这些暴行的人之一,但麦吉尔大学对怀尔德尔·喷菲尔德进行了惊人的粉饰,没有提到他广泛参与MK-ULTRA的暴行。在那个些日子里,麦吉尔大学似乎已经腐败到了极点,不仅卷入了卡梅隆的卧室,而且几乎可以肯定的是,它还卷入了双性恋孤儿的悲剧。


 直到20世纪80年代末和90年代初,中情局赞助的这场长达数十年的闹剧中的一些儿童受害者才开始曝光,公众的愤怒显而易见。自然,上帝不会受到琐事般的侵权或诉讼,在任何情况下,教会很快就包围了马车,直到今天否认任何事情和一切。加拿大政府没有这么幸运,最终支付了数千万美元——与大量受害者和他们遭受的不人道待遇的漫长时期相比,这实际上是微不足道的。中情局也被起诉,但总体上归咎于加拿大政府,在很大程度上,中情局特工利用性视频的力量,巧妙地将加拿大政府和教会官员与许多同样的儿童进行了多次性行为 (47)。因此,加拿大不得不自己买单。不仅如此,与加拿大联邦政府相比,杜普莱斯与中央情报局建立了更好的关系,因此中央情报局基本上免除了魁北克省的全部责任,让该国的国家政府支付所有账单并承担大部分热量。这件事做得很巧妙。当然,加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多对所有证据发出了全面禁言令,并尽可能长时间推迟听证会和赔偿。(48)(49)










事实上,至少有一些“回形针行动”的实施者,那些由杜勒斯从日本和德国进口到美国的战犯,被插入了戈特利布MK-ULTRA项目的这些部分,重复的故事甚至一些照片似乎证实了孟格尔本人参加了其中一些会议。(50) 然而,没有人对此负责。一位消息人士指出,魁北克的圣米歇尔大天使医院是一个臭名昭著的地方,在那里许多双性恋孤儿在戈特利布的中央情报局秘密实验中失踪。该机构1949年的年鉴中有一张与约瑟夫·门格尔惊人相似的照片,这可能并不完全令人惊讶,因为正是在梵蒂冈“老鼠线”的帮助下,门格尔逃离了德国,来到了美国——在那里,他显然自由地漫游了相当长的一段时间,然后媒体和公众让他对中情局来说太热而无法处理,他在美国政府的资助下被转移到了中美洲。奇怪的是,记者与蒙特利尔犹太大屠杀纪念中心的官员讨论了这张照片,结果被驳回,并发表评论:“如果是孟格尔呢?”我想这取决于谁的牛被刺伤了。

Duplessis orphans. Spine Online



    • The Sleep Room’s Missing Memories
    • 睡眠室缺失的记忆

Dr. Ewan Cameron 








Psychiatric mind control Admiral Jeremy “Mike” Boorda Navy ...









中央情报局还负责在加拿大韦伯恩的一家精神病院进行的许多迷幻药实验,(60) 这也是“迷幻药”一词的由来。据前工作人员说,中央情报局向医院提供了大量的迷幻药,因为它想了解这种药物的大剂量和重复剂量对个人的影响。此后,该医院已关闭,所有记录似乎都已被销毁,但医院工作人员和患者都经常被用于这些实验,随着时间的推移,韦伯恩医院获得了极为险恶的声誉。在我年轻的时候,我个人就知道那家医院的存在,我们中的许多人也是如此,他们都只是默默地讲述着有时从那家医院泄露出来的恐怖故事。今天有一个网站为所有在韦伯恩医院“治疗过程”中死亡的人提供墓地,(61),但唯一剩下的记录是死亡的姓名和日期。其他一切都被政府摧毁了,这是有原因的。


在加拿大麦吉尔大学,一名科学家在一系列非常无辜的实验中发现了感官剥夺的影响Donald Hebb(62)博士他花钱让一群自己的心理学学生在一个房间里与世隔绝一整天,剥夺所有感官,试图确定感官剥夺与认知能力脆弱性之间的联系。赫布被描述为“一个天才,他的聪明才智彻底改变了心理学作为一门科学”,他被提名诺贝尔奖,尽管我不确定这个奖是否是对他的工作的适当认可。2012年9月6日,《麦吉尔日报》发表了一篇胡安·卡米洛·贝拉斯克斯标题为MK-ULTRA暴力”,(63) 这证实了1951年6月1日“在丽思卡尔顿酒店(Ritz Carlton Hotel)举行了一次秘密会议……以发起由中央情报局(CIA)牵头的资助感官剥夺研究的努力”,这是一次由Hebb参加的会议,他必须了解发生了什么,这些“研究”将不可避免地导致“心理折磨和审问技术”,几年后,Ewen Cameron博士完成了Hebb开始的研究。文章接着说:




在麦吉尔进行的实验是中情局西德尼·戈特利布领导的大型MK-ULTRA项目的一部分。。。将所有研究编入一本酷刑手册,名为库巴克反情报审讯手册.是的,一本“酷刑手册”最终将定义该机构在整个发展中国家的审讯方法和培训计划 (64)。Kubark现在已经面世,它引用了在麦吉尔进行的实验作为其感官剥夺技术的主要来源之一。《中央情报局审讯人员须知》的一段摘录写道:“只有在普通牢房里被监禁数周或数月后才能产生的结果,可以在没有灯光、隔音、消除气味等的牢房里在数小时或数天内复制。”。质上如果没有HebbCameron对感官剥夺和心理驱动的研究中情局采取的心理学范式是不可能的。


The Outsourcing of Child Sexual Abuse


Dr Kenneth Milner ran the hospital for nearly 40 years

Dr. Kenneth Milner









此外,就在最近,意大利警方破获了一个30多年来对儿童实施性虐待的主要“心理教派”。(68)最近,德国希尔德斯海姆大学的一份谴责性报告显示,柏林参议院策划了一项计划,将弱势儿童置于已知的恋童癖者手中长达数十年。(69)事实上,这是MK-ULTRA的大部分工作,虽然该项目可能已经正式终止,但由于被外包,该项目仍在继续。2018年,秘鲁圣马科斯国立市长大学医学院的一位博士发表了一篇题为《美国精神控制武器的秘密计划:它在拉丁美洲发展吗?》的文章?(70)(71)(72) 这名男子似乎知道自己在说什么,通过向中央情报局提交各种步骤,从英国罗斯柴尔德的塔维斯托克研究所追踪对精神控制的兴趣,列出了项目的许多细节,并追踪了从纳粹到国防高级研究计划局(DARPA)的精神控制。


    • The Death of Harold Blauer
    • 罗德·劳尔之

Harold Blauer




其中一件事可能是戈特利布的第一桩谋杀案,一位名叫哈罗德·布劳尔(Harold Blauer)的著名美国网球职业选手在离婚后因抑郁症去看私人精神病医生(73)(74)(75)(76)。戈特利布在美国军方的支持下,与许多此类私人精神病医生签订了高度机密的合同,在患者不知情的情况下进行药物研究,正在部分检查所涉及的化学品作为大规模生物战武器对军队的价值,以及它们在中央情报局的更狭隘潜力。在布劳尔的案例中,他被注射了越来越大剂量的剧毒甲司卡林衍生物,最后一次注射是惊人的过量,几乎立即导致他死亡。当然,掩盖行为在一段时间内是极端和成功的,他的医疗记录不仅被篡改,而且被完全重写,以描述布劳尔患有精神分裂症和精神错乱,并将他的死亡归因于“一颗虚弱的心脏”。直到30年后,真相才泄露出去,法院判决布劳尔的家人为其死亡支付约70万美元的赔偿金,中情局和军方一直否认并抗议,直到机密文件的泄露暴露了事实。


这是Gottlieb的一个模板,中情局将遵循几十年,对未知但肯定非常多的人造成死亡,这些事件总是精心策划,没有松散的结局,并有合理的否认。Gottlieb和他的团队在美国和世界各地至少20年来,至少有数百人,很可能有数千人,好奇、可疑和无法解释的死亡。一个是弗兰克·奥尔森(Frank Olson)之死,在这起谋杀案中,戈特利布(Gottlieb)扮演了更积极的角色,他个人服用过量的LSD,然后开始精神治疗,最后奥尔森被拉什布鲁克(Lashbrook)谋杀,这是另一个阴谋,在几十年的否认之后才最终被揭露。由于赫尔姆斯几乎摧毁了所有的MK-ULTRA记录,世界将永远不会知道戈特利布可怕的不人道行为的总和。

    • The Life and Death of Frank Olson
    • 弗兰克·奥尔森的生死




奥尔森的良心开始出现严重问题,并一直对自己的工作表示道德上的担忧。他告诉同事们,他对中情局在德国的酷刑致死审讯以及对朝鲜使用细菌战感到不安。他对这些项目的批评声音越来越大,正是这一点决定了他的命运。中央情报局局长艾伦·杜勒斯认为奥尔森是一个危险的告密者,也是一个安全隐患。在那一刻,奥尔森辞去了他的工作,几天后他去世了。戈特利布亲自给奥尔森服用了大量过量的迷幻剂,然后安排他的得力助手拉什布鲁克进行“精神病学”咨询。奥尔森当时和拉什布鲁克在一间酒店房间里,拉什布鲁克声称自己是在房间里跑着穿过一扇平板玻璃窗,然后从十层楼摔下来摔死的 (77)。中情局最初的说法是,奥尔森的死只是一个悲伤的个人的悲剧“意外”,22年来,他的家人一直相信官方的说法。然后,在美国国会对中情局暴行和犯罪的调查中,一份解密文件包含了一名中情局特工的信息,他在不知情的情况下服用了迷幻剂,然后在另一名特工的陪同下被押送到纽约,在那里他从窗户跳楼自杀。他的家人立即意识到了父亲的死亡情况,并开始了详细调查。最终,中情局承认了责任,奥尔森一家被邀请到白宫与约翰逊总统会面,约翰逊总统道歉并同意向奥尔森一家支付75万美元的赔偿金,条件是他们停止所有进一步调查,绝不试图确定有关奥尔森死亡的任何进一步事实。(78)(79)(80)




William Colby.jpg

William Colby





中情局的生物实验不仅包括他们在德特里克营地的设施,该营地是美国进行化学和生物战的主要设施,还包括在英国波顿唐的一个类似生物武器设施进行的大量工作,波顿唐是一个拥有涉及两国间谍的秘密的地方。英国招募了一名 Basson (84)博士来自南非和弗拉基米·帕切尼克谁曾领导苏联在俄罗斯的生物武器项目以及英国科学家拉里·福特博士 (85)。这些人与中央情报局合作,正在开发基因改变的疾病,只会影响具有类似DNA特征的群体们的武器研究包括黑死病、炭疽和其他致命病原体。另一位科学家是哈佛大学的博士·威利,世卫组织是美国著名的艾滋病毒研究人员之一,直到那时,世卫组织才确定了使其具有传染性的艾滋病毒的特性,以及它如何避免被人类免疫系统中的抗原破坏。威利对自己的成功感到不安,因为正如他所指出的那样,这一发现的阴暗面是,同样的信息可以用来将相对良性的病毒转变为大规模杀伤性病毒。



    • CIA Project MK-DELTA
    • 美国中央情报局MK-DELTA


MK-ULTRA还有一个代号为的外来组件 MK-DELTA这是一个有着相似意图的类似计划,但却暗中对其他国家的不知情公民实施恐怖袭击。通常,中央情报局特工会在欧洲某个地方的一家路边咖啡馆与陌生人交谈,主动为此人买一杯饮料,并在饮料中加入大剂量的迷幻药,作为在未来秘密行动中使外国外交官或国家元首致残的做法。许多人的生活就这样被毁掉了,其中许多人都是戈特利布个人造成的。不仅仅是个人;戈特利布和美国军方也对大规模部署毒品及其伴随的疯狂行为感兴趣。这里有两个故事:


Stanley Glickman








The Secret of Pont-Saint-Esprit





正如我之前所写,到1950年,美国军方和中央情报局已经制定了完善的计划,将各种病原体的现场测试“外包”给其他国家,无论是朋友还是敌人,欧洲和亚洲在代号为“第三次机会计划”和“德比帽计划”的情况下进行了许多迷幻剂和其他迷幻剂的秘密测试。对于Pont St.Esprit,中央情报局从迷幻药供应商Sandoz派遣了科学家,编造了一个关于病因的似是而非的故事。中央情报局策划并执行了许多这样的计划,用多种病原体感染美国和外国的许多地方。上面提到的记者当时正在调查我们已经见过的中情局生物化学家弗兰克·奥尔森的死亡,他发现了一名中情局特工和一名桑多兹制药官员之间的谈话记录,该官员提到了“圣埃斯普里特桥的秘密”,解释说这不是由霉菌引起的,而是由LSD引起的。奥尔森的两名同事进一步证实,圣埃斯普里特桥事件是中央情报局和美国军队进行的精神控制实验的一部分,该实验向全镇空气中喷洒了LSD,并污染了当地面包和其他食品。最后的证据是白宫在洛克菲勒委员会调查中情局滥用权力期间发给该委员会成员的一份文件。这份文件包含了中情局为这项工作雇用的人员的姓名,并直接提到了“圣埃斯普里特桥事件”,而肇事者当然不是别人,正是戈特利布。

    • Americans Once Again Facing Their Crimes
    • 美国人再次面临犯罪

关于美国的一个更持久的宣传神话是关于揭露和面对罪恶,不像其他国家掩盖一切。《波士顿环球报》发表了斯蒂芬·金泽(Stephen Kinzer,(94)的一篇文章,其中部分写道:“美国参议院关于中情局虐待行为的报告迟迟没有公布,这应该让美国人感到自豪……”,称“美国人在阅读这份报告时感到自豪是合理的,因为其他国家虐待人民并对其撒谎,但只有美国才公布其罪行的报告。参议院的报告将“成为其他国家应对过去挑战的榜样”,承认自己的不当行为“是力量和成熟的标志”,并“与其让责任问题永远悬而未决,不如坦白交代”。

Torture report shows CIA followed White House’s lead





然后,《华盛顿邮报》在2005年6月发表了一篇文章,远在MK-ULTRA的真相广为人知之后,仅重复这一总结 (96): “在国会证词中,戈特利布承认,该机构对多达40名不知情的受试者施用了LSD,其中包括监狱囚犯和该机构开办和经营的妓院的顾客。至少有一名参与者从一家酒店10楼的窗户跳下身亡。”




Scientist Sidney Gottlieb (left), supervisor of CIA experiments during Cold War that included use of LSD and other mind-altering drugs, during a Select Committee on US Intelligence to explain some of his research in 1977.

    Sidney Gottlieb


 西德尼·戈特利布(Sidney Gottlieb)(97)是一名犹太裔美国化学家,30出头就加入了中央情报局。两年内,他被艾伦·杜勒斯(AllenDulles)任命为该局庞大的绝密MK-ULTRA项目的设计者和负责人,该项目旨在探索精神控制、人类编程、暗杀等等。戈特利布是毒药方面的专家,尤其是那些具有精神活性作用的毒药,他很快被称为“黑巫师”和“肮脏的骗子”。戈特利布拥有几乎无限的中央情报局资金,他发起了一个真正大规模的项目,涉及精神活性药物、精神驾驶、精神病学和心理学中最邪恶的部分,以及大量致命毒药,以研究和开发“能够粉碎人的心理,使其接受任何东西的技术”。酷刑、“终极审问”和一系列令人作呕的非人折磨,都是戈特利布统治下的MK-ULTRA的一部分。






是戈特利布在另一次暗杀行动中安排将伊拉克将军阿卜杜勒·卡里姆·卡西姆的手帕沾染肉毒杆菌。(106) 他为埃及的贾马尔·阿卜杜·阿纳西尔研制了有毒香烟。(107) 他经常带着装有中情局开发的生物毒素的外交包旅行,这些生物毒素旨在模拟该地区特有的疾病,或带有专门培养的致命病毒


正是戈特利布策划并资助了博士的活动。埃温·卡梅隆博士在加拿大进行了所谓的精神驾驶实验,彻底摧毁了这么多人的生命,最终导致加拿大政府支付了数千万美元的赔偿。是戈特利布造成了数千名双性恋儿童遭受酷刑和杀害,并资助了哈里斯·伊斯贝尔博士在人类精神病学编程方面的研究实验。伊斯贝尔最为人所知的是,他曾连续77天给一群男性服用大剂量的迷幻药,并为戈特利布在俘虏受害者身上“测试”了800多种有毒化合物。戈特利布与国防部长罗伯特·麦克纳马拉(Robert McNamara)合作,帮助构思和执行了越南的大规模酷刑和人体实验计划,称为凤凰计划(108)和他的种族灭绝“100000计划”(109),中情局特工团队执行了戈特利卜的各种酷刑和其他实验,随后执行了处决。Gottlieb还计划并资助了Lauretta Bender(110)、Albert Kligman(111)、Eugene Saenger(112)和Chester Southam(113)的大部分人体实验,无疑还有更多。






Gottlieb或他的团队负责Sirhan Sirhan和Ted Kaczynski等人的大部分编程,Gottlieb的团队很可能还负责“斑马谋杀”的构思和编程,这导致了突然发生的近100起毫无动机的毫无意义的随机谋杀,这在20世纪60年代末和70年代初席卷了加州。这些,以及在过去十年的大部分时间里困扰加利福尼亚州的许多连环杀人狂潮,都有着太相似的模式,都是巧合,都与太多相同的人和机构联系在一起,被认为是随机事件。



















他的完整档案可在 +



Important References

Download “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” John Marks


List of 149 MKULTRA Subprojects. Brief description, downloadable .pdf files on each.


MKULTRA Briefing Book – Brief summaries of each of the 149 MKULTRA subprojects




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这包含了寻找满洲候选人的全文(可在章节中下载):中情局和精神控制——约翰·马克斯(c)1979;由《泰晤士报》出版,ISBN 0-8129-0773-6

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual; CIA Human Resources Exploitation Training Manual – 1983


This CIA interrogation manual, “Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual” [1983] is an updated version of KUBARK manual [1963] incorporating sections of KUBARK. The 1983 CIA training manual allocates considerable space to the subject of “coercive questioning” and psychological and physical techniques and recommends: “manipulate the subject’s environment to …”


Mind Control Cover-up – The Secrets of Mind Control


This summary is based on excerpts from three books: Bluebird by Colin Ross, MD; Mind Controllers by Armen Victorian; and A Nation Betrayed by Carol Rutz. The books contain hundreds of supporting footnotes, the information derived largely from 18,000 pages of declassified CIA mind control documents.

本摘要摘自三本书:医学博士科林·罗斯的《蓝鸟》;Armen Victorian的精神控制器;一个被卡罗尔·鲁兹背叛的国家。这些书包含数百个支持性脚注,这些信息主要来自于18000页解密的中央情报局精神控制文件。

The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists by Colin A. Ross


This contains the full record of the Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, Washington, DC, Wednesday, August 3, 1977


CIA Papers Link Harvard To Mind-Control Project


Extract from John Marks’ The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, Chapter 10. The Gittinger Assessment System (PAS)


Richard Helms – The Most Dangerous CIA Director


Project MKUltra; Declassified MKUltra documents


June 15, 1999; US Official Poisoner Dies; by Jeffrey St. Clair – Alexander Cockburn


The CIA, They Make Monsters of Men, Manchurian Candidates


The secret program of US. mind control weapons: is it developing in Latin America?


1984 CBS 60 Minutes Interview with Ed Bradley


    • CIA-RDP88-01070R000301530003-5.pdf

Project MKULTRA and the Search for Mind Control: Clandestine Use of LSD Within the CIA







































    • A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other Innocent People An interview with Carol Rutz





(37) Bluebird – a 10-page summary蓝鸟–10页的摘要:


(39) The CIA’s Control of Candy Jones: Bain, Donald;中情局对坎迪·琼斯的控制:贝恩,唐纳德;









(48) Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims; (48)中央情报局洗脑案中的特鲁多政府禁令使受害者沉默;














(62)  (Dr. Hebb)

(63)  (Velasquez)

(64)  (Kubark)







(71)  (515 Kb)













(84)  (Dr. Basson)








Kimba M. Wood, (Judge) granting summary judgment in favor of defendants

吉姆巴 M.伍德,(法官)作出有利于被告的即决判决




















(111)  (Albert Kligman)






(117) A Khazarian terrorist who deserved to be hanged; (117)一名高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党恐怖分子,理应被绞死;



Copyright © Larry Romanoff, Blue Moon of Shanghai, Moon of Shanghai, 2022




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2022 August 1st



The war for the planet earth will lead to a new Cambrian explosion



Notice to readers: The next three reports will be pre-written so that I may take my annual digital detox and fast in Canada. Barring some unexpected black swan event regular reports will resume on August 22nd. Your understanding and support is appreciated.



Sometimes it is important to step back from the day to day struggle for the planet earth and look at the big picture. Here the evidence is clear. The planet earth is headed for some sort of Cambrian explosion type event and dark forces are trying to prevent this from happening. In other words, we are dealing with something far more important than just a 21st century political struggle.



To understand what is at stake, let us look again at the Cambrian explosion. For about 3.5 billion years, life on earth was microscopic in scale. What we would have been able to see with the naked eye would have been brown scum or maybe mats of algae. Then suddenly, about 530 million years ago, macro-life exploded into being. The oceans were filled with a dazzling variety of life forms that were trillions of times larger than anything that existed before. It was the evolutionary equivalent of a big bang.




We are now facing a similar type of evolutionary big bang. The reason is that humans have learned how to control and channel the life force. We now have the technology to use the basic genetic building blocks of life to create new forms of life. We are also close to attaining immortality and super powers.



For example, we can now take an ordinary chicken and turn it into a T Rex like creature weighing many tons with just a few genetic tweaks. Whether or not we want to create hunting reserves filled with mutant T rex chickens is another question; the point is we now have the power to do such things.



We can also alter our own genes so that we could have the strength of an ant, the eyes of an eagle, radar like bats, sonar like dolphins, electro-senses from eels etc. We can also become virtually immortal. So, we could all become immortal super-beings. This is not science fiction, it is now actually possible. This means we need an open debate on what to do about this new found god like power that we have. At the very least, I believe most of us would rather live a lot longer than we do now. 



The standard argument that we hear against immortality is that “the planet would become overcrowded. That is a lie. First of all, at present, if we gave each person a Chinese style subsistence farm, we could fit the entire population of the earth in the State of Texas. Also, with energy technology that has been suppressed, we could create entire new eco-systems in the deserts, the frozen wastelands and underground. We do not even have to invoke “free energy.” This can be done with hydrogen taken from water using solar power, for example. This means we could support many times more people –living in harmony with nature- than we have now, even if we are prevented from colonizing space



However, something, or someone, is trying to prevent this from happening. When we look at what has happened to us, especially in the West, over the past two years, we can see that a powerful group has been trying to alter our genes with vaccines designed to turn us into domesticated animals. As Henry Kissinger once famously boasted: “In the future it will be as impossible for the ordinary people to rebel against us as it is for a sheep to rebel against a farmer.” We are fighting against a tribal group that wants to monopolize the ability to become superhuman. They want the rest of us to have short, ignorant lives of inescapable and permanent slavery.



In other words, humanity is at a cross roads. Either we go down the path of permanent enslavement or we rise to a whole new level of existence. Nobody I know wants to become a farm animal living in inhuman conditions so, we have a fight on our hands.



In order to defeat the high level psychopaths who control us, let us look at what a forensic, fact-based investigation can tell us about who, or what, is trying to prevent the new Cambrian explosion.



That is why I want share my own direct experiences (for the benefit of many new readers who may not have heard the story) with this malevolent entity that is trying to keep humanity from developing.



My entry into the secret battle for the planet earth started when I read UN reports from the 1990’s that said poverty and environmental destruction could be stopped by the year 2000. All that was needed was $200 billion a year to end poverty and $400 billion a year to stop environmental destruction, the reports said.



I realized this could be accomplished by convincing the Japanese to act. Japan was sitting on $ 7 trillion it had earned from exporting cars, TVs etc. to the rest of the world since then end of World War II. That meant they could end poverty, stop environmental destruction and still have $6.4 trillion in change to spend on colonizing the universe or whatever.



This was why I began trying to convince the Japanese people to spend their money for this purpose. As Asia Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine, I used to be a regular on prime time Japanese TV. However, when I started talking about Japan deciding to spend its own money to save the planet, I was put on a blacklist. TV producers told me they wanted me on but that they had been ordered not to.



In Japan, the blacklist was created by the government of Junichiro Koizumi, his henchmen Isao Iijima of Japanese intelligence and Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka. As I started exposing these high level criminals in the Japanese government, many Japanese journalists told me that if a Japanese person had reported the sort of things I did, I would have been killed long ago. It is well documented that the occupiers of Japan since world war II used Japanese organized crime gangs to murder dissident journalists, politicians etc.



By this point to try to understand what was really happening, I had cultivated sources in Japanese ninkyo organizations (they are typically called yakuza but that is a derogative). They, told they were only allowed to kill Japanese and that they sub-contracted for the CIA and Mossad.



In any case, the real trip into the rabbit hole began after I started reporting that Takenaka had handed over control of all of Japan’s listed companies to foreign “vulture funds.” A forensic investigation showed these funds were controlled -via foundations- by people like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. At the time, time (around 2004-6) there was literally not a single world about the real power of these controllers on the entire internet. The closest thing I could find was a single sentence on an Israeli chat board saying “there was a rumour the Rothschilds contributed to the creation of Israel.”



When I got a chance to interview Takenaka (he thought it was to promote his book), I confronted him with the fact he had handed over control of all of Japan’s listed corporations to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.



That is when I opened a Pandora’s box. Takenaka (who recently was at Davos) later sent a self-described Ninja assassin to meet me. He told me I would be given the job of Finance Minister of Japan but, only if I agreed to a plan to kill 90% of the worlds’ population. He explained this was necessary to “protect the environment” and that since war did not kill enough people, this time they were going to use disease and starvation (I have it on tape). If I did not go along, I would be killed, he added. This self-described assassin later -at great personal risk- handed me a tape recording that said the people behind this plot to kill 90% of humanity were “the elders of Zion.”



At around this time Kaoru Nakamura, a cousin of the Emperor Hirohito, also approached me and gave me a video tape showing evidence 911 was an inside job. At the time, I thought “this is the ‘anti-semitic’ conspiracy theory I had read about in the New York Times.”



However, when I was finally convinced to look at the evidence, it became obvious that 911 was an inside job. As a trained journalist I began to follow the evidence trail to its source.



Anyway, to cut a long story short, the investigation led me via Heizo Takenaka and his handler Henry Kissinger straight to David Rockefeller. When Rockefeller came to Japan to promote a Japanese language translation of his auto-biography, I was able to get an interview. He apparently thought it was arranged by his people to publicize his book.



After interviewing Rockefeller, a whole parade of secret societies and groups popped out of the woodwork. The Gnostic Illuminati sent Sasha Zarik aka Alexander Romanov to meet me. Zarik said he had been recruited by the former chess champion Bobby Fischer. This group recruits 6,000 influential people form each generation who are not part of the ancient ruling bloodline elite. He said their group was responsible for the American, French and Russian revolutions. What these revolutions had in common was an attack on the bloodline aristocracy. They are especially influential in meritocratic organizations like the US military and among self-made billionaires. That is why it is good guess people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are members. The gnostic illuminati told me they were going to stage a world revolution this time,  Then I was approached by the P2 Freemasons via Leo Zagami. They told me they had been ruling the planet for the past 26,000 years based on a plot given to them by extra-terrestrial beings. The plot was calibrated according to the motions of the moon and the planets, he said. Zagami said the plot ran out in 2012 but the controllers decided to ad lib on their own after that date in order to cling to power. This group claims to control the Vatican, the mafia and world communism. They told me they would get rid of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Pope Ratzinger and they did.



The P2 also made a deal with Asian secret societies. They promised to put a black communist in power in the United States in 2008 in exchange for continued funding from Asia. This led to a deal to use 700 tons of Asian gold to create 750,000 tons worth of gold backed bonds. This led to the creation of $23 trillion that kept the US Corporate government afloat until 2020 when the funds ran out.



Here you can watch Lord Blackheath talk about port of this in the British Parliament.



The P2 also took credit for the Fukushima attack against Japan on March 11, 2011. This was used to force Japan to hand over the $7 trillion it had earned since WWII.



Over the years there was a whole long list of other groups that appeared including: the Dragon Family, the Japanese three legged crow society. Mossad, the CIA, the NSA, the Russian FSB, MI6 the Red Swastika, various Chinese secret societies, the Red Dragon (communist China), the Blue Dragon (the ancient Middle Easter guild of assassins) the US secret space force etc.



In each case I actually met in person with representatives of these groups who provided clear proof they were real and powerful.



These groups have now formed an alliance to liberate the planet earth and initiate the new Cambrian explosion. The group known as the Khazarian mafia that wants to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest is now fighting for its survival.



So now the KM is desperately trying to carry out its agenda to kill 90% of humanity with events like the pandemic, the vaccine campaign, the engineered food crisis, the war in the Ukraine etc.



The alliance is fighting back by hunting down KM operatives and staging an international boycott of the United States and other countries still under KM rule. .



Next week we will take a deep dive into the x-files aspect of this war.


Translator: Pearl 译者:珍珠




Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2022 July 25th



Secret UK, Russia peace deal means Ukraine war being wound down



Last week a secret deal was reached between the Russian and UK governments to wind down the Ukraine war. This is part of a broader settlement agreement that will lead to a complete overhaul of existing international institutions this autumn, MI6 and Russian FSB sources say.



However, in a desperate attempt to impose medical martial law on the planet, the Khazarian Mafia is mounting a fierce counter-offensive by rolling out a massive bio-weapons attack. This means an international manhunt against top Khazarian Mafia agents will continue throughout the summer in order to prevent this from happening, multiple sources agree.



OK, let us start with the visible signs that some sort of peace treaty has been agreed to. The most obvious sign was the announcement that the “fully vaccinated and twice boosted,” so-called President Joe Biden “tested positive” for COVID last Thursday and has gone into isolation.


Video Player




Mossad sources say Saudi Arabian leader Mohammed bin Sultan (MBS) “bump fisted pedo Biden right into testing positive for Covid and sent the wimp home empty-handed.”



CIA sources, for their part, asked “How can it be that Pedo Joe has tested positive? He must be getting an AI upgrade or worse. The Alliance doesn’t need to interrogate this worn-out puppet…”



There is a lot of speculation that “Biden” will not re-emerge and will either be replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris or by Donald Trump, depending on who you talk to. The fact is, it does not matter if the Biden show resumes or if a new “president” is installed because the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION is bankrupt and will be dismantled, CIA sources say.



MI6 sources for their part had the following to say “We ceased the American president on election fraud. We have installed a new government in London albeit under full military martial law.”



In any case, another sign that something fundamental has changed is that Russia has resumed sending gas to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline following a ten-day “maintenance break.”



According to P3 Freemason sources, what happened was the leadership of Western Europe decided to ignore orders “coming from Rabbis in New York who think they are involved in a holy war against Russia.”



The other big sign that something fundamental changed was this news item:



Representatives from Ukraine and Russia signed Friday an agreement to resume grain exports in a meeting mediated by the United Nations, as fears mount over a food crisis triggered by soaring commodity prices.



The deal, reached in Istanbul during a four-way meeting also including the United Nations and Turkey, will guarantee safe sea routes after passage through the Black Sea was blocked due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.



This means the Western starvation blackmail card has been removed. This was one of the strongest cards held by the people who control the G7 group of countries so, its removal from the table is yet another sign a peace treaty has been reached.



It is in these circumstances that MI6 chief Richard Moore made a rare public appearance at a security conference in Aspen, Colorado where he hinted a temporary cease-fire agreement has been made in Ukraine by saying: “Our assessment is that the Russians will increasingly find it difficult to find manpower and materiel over the next few weeks.”



He then revealed the real situation by admitting “We are in for a tough time,” and need to help the Ukrainians “at least negotiate from a position of significant strength”, because China’s leader Xi Jinping was “watching like a hawk”.



Behind the scenes, MI6 informed the Asian Secret Societies “If Zug, Switzerland, the root cause of all world terrorism, is not vaporized and indeed all of Switzerland and all connected with it either now or in the near future, we will end all East-West contact.” The source further warned, “If the so-called White Dragon Society cannot terminate a global filth column KM, we will take matters into our hands and that will be thermonuclear.”







There are a lot of people who are wondering why the area around Lake Geneva, Switzerland has not been hit already with a nuclear weapon. There are over 200 organizations there that hand out passports that give people immunity from prosecution anywhere on earth. Who gave them that right?



Their Davos World Economic Forum and their leader Klaus Schwab Rothschild want to vaccinate all humans on earth with gene altering substances that are designed to turn them into domesticated animals. Those who accept this regime will be given food rations. Those who don’t will be eliminated.



Take a look at their agenda below:







































Now listen to this monster speak.  



Video Player




These international criminals of course are not planning to go quietly into the night. The Swiss-based World Harm Organization (WHO) has decided against all scientific evidence to declare an unprecedented “global health emergency,” based on “Monkeypox.” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus overruled the decision of the expert committee who voted against the declaration.”


Video Player




Tedros is not a doctor and is a member of the “Tigray People’s Liberation Front” which was declared a terrorist organization by the US government in the 1990s and is to this day cataloged as part of the Global Terror Database.


 Here you can watch the Russian Ministry of Defense talk about the Bio Labs and Bioweapons the Russians found in Ukraine. Many of them were under the control of the so-called President’s son Hunter Biden.



Video Player




The fact their massive Covid vaccine program has now been shown beyond any doubt to have done far more harm than good is blowing up in their faces. Trying again with “monkeypox” is not going to save them. “They are so busted. This charade cannot go on much longer,” a Mossad source comments. 



The governments of the world have been given irrefutable evidence that the so-called United Nations infrastructure in Switzerland is a cover for high-level criminals who have seized most of the civilian governments in the West.



For example, in a sign of just how corrupt the so-called Biden regime in the US is, last week the Democratic Party voted unanimously to allow the US Department of Energy to sell oil from the strategic petroleum reserve at a discount to a Chinese company that Hunter Biden has a stake in.



Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock and puppet for the KM puppet masters, says “markets like totalitarian governments and don’t like democracies” like in America. He says it openly. 



Video Player




Black Rock, for those of you who still don’t know this, controls, along with Vanguard and State Street and Banking most of the world’s transnational corporations. They are fronts for the real controllers such as the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.



The removal of Prime Minister Mario Draghi from power in Italy is a sign the P3 freemasons are finally taking action. Goldman Sachs scion Draghi is the former head of the European Central Bank and one of the last remaining KM leaders in Western Europe. When Emmanuelle Macron, the Rothschild slave president of France is removed, then it really will be game over for the cabal in Europe.


These people, realizing they were in danger of losing control of the West, have been trying to hand everything over to China in exchange for protection. Listen to Klaus Schwab Rothschild below. His real meaning is, “let’s bow down to China and give them a major boost on the world stage and weaken and destroy the United States from within.”



Video Player




Of course, the Chinese are not stupid and realize that taking these people into their trust would be like a caterpillar taking in eggs from a parasitic wasp.



Already there are signs China has been eaten from the inside out by the Babylonian debt slavery system the KM uses to control societies.



The Chinese communist party, which was created by the KM, has been at the forefront of pushing a nationwide system of face recognition cameras. These allow authorities to identify any individual within seconds. They can then pull up their social credit score and other data. Those who are not obedient are prevented from using public transport etc.



This system is now blowing up in their faces. In Henan Province demonstrators who began approaching a bank, after their savings had been stolen, had their mobile devices set off to make it seem they had “Covid” and had to be isolated. This obvious misuse of something that was meant to protect people made them so angry, that the government was forced to deploy tanks on the street.



The problem is that it is not just one bank. The entire Chinese financial system is now imploding. This is likely to bring down the Chinese government. Here is why:



Real estate accounts for close to 80% of all Chinese savings. When the price was rising, people felt rich and contented. However, prices got so high that in some towns average workers would have to spend their entire income for 44 years and go without food or clothing in order to buy a place to live. At the same time, close to 30% of all apartments were uninhabited because their rich owners did not want to rent them and thus see them become devaluated “second hand,” properties.



Now, as prices begin to fall all over China, individuals and corporations are refusing to pay their housing loans. At the last account, this was affecting over 600 properties in 50 cities.



This November Chinese President Xi Jinping was supposed to be anointed as dictator for life. That is looking increasingly unlikely.



An Asian secret society source based in South East Asia says China is “very close to a full-blown rise up of the people. The banks taking the peoples’ money is the final straw after the Covid BS had already left them seething.” The government in Beijing was already forced to cancel mandatory vaccines within 48 hours after a massive backlash.



Also, the government was forced to back off after it tried to force residents to wear electronic monitoring wristbands, worn 24 hours a day. The wristband is connected to the internet and monitors body temperature every five minutes. The corresponding app has access to phone location, camera, and microphone, said state-sponsored media China Daily.



The international planetary liberation alliance has told the Chinese communist party to back off. “Watch the water and watch the 3 Gorges Dam,” a secret space program source warns.   



In any case, the entire world is waking up to the fact the Western-dominated unipolar world order is “becoming a brake on the development of our civilization,” says Russian presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin.



The ruling classes of the Western countries, which are supranational and globalist in nature, realised that their policies are increasingly detached from reality, common sense and the truth, and they have started resorting to openly despotic methods.



The West, which once declared such principles of democracy as freedom of speech, pluralism and respect for dissenting opinions, has now degenerated into the opposite: totalitarianism. This includes censorship, media bans, and the arbitrary treatment of journalists and public figures.



Now, with the attempt to use the pandemic to turn the planet into a giant animal farm blowing up, we need to keep an eye on their next big move, the long-planned “alien invasion.”



On this front, the US Department of Defense has set up an “All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), to detect, identify and attribute…anomalous, unidentified space, airborne, submerged and transmedium objects.”



So as is our recent practice we will conclude with the latest unusual sightings from around the world, including one filmed personally by a colleague of mine in Texas:



Video Player




Video Player




Video Player




Just remember, we must not let any space opera fool us into accepting slavery. Planetary liberation is not going to be stopped.


CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 美国战俘营 — 2020年6月1日

Prisoner of War Camps in America



By Larry Romanoff, June 01, 2020



Note to Readers: Given the immense importance of this topic, please forward this article to your email lists and crosspost on your blog site, internet forums, etc., asking that anyone with knowledge of any details, or any family stories that might shed light on these events, please kindly forward them directly to the author at



德国  英语  西班牙人 意大利语  荷兰  葡萄牙语  斯文斯卡


This story has all the requirements to qualify for a conspiracy theory, and may not make sense to you without some background for context.


Prior to the US entering WWI, an enormous years-long anti-German propaganda campaign was unleashed by the Creel Commission, headed by Walter Lippman and Edward Bernays, the latter being a nephew of Sigmund Freud. (1) (2) Public literature attacked everything German in America, including schools and churches. In many schools the German language was forbidden to be taught to “pure Americans”, and administrators were urged to fire “all disloyal teachers”, meaning any Germans. The names of countless towns and cities were changed to eliminate their German origin: Berlin, Iowa became Lincoln, Iowa. German foods and food names were purged from restaurants; sauerkraut became ‘liberty cabbage’; dachshunds became ‘liberty dogs’ and German Shepherds became ‘Alsatians’.

在美国加入第一次世界大战之前,由沃尔特·利普曼(Walter Lippman)和爱德华·伯奈斯(Edward Bernays)领导的克里尔委员会(Creel Commission)发起了长达数年的反德宣传运动,后者是西格蒙德·弗洛伊德(Sigmund Freud)的侄子。 (1) (2)公共文学攻击了美国的一切德国人,包括学校和教堂。许多学校禁止向“纯正的美国人”教授德语,并敦促管理人员解雇“所有不忠的教师”,即任何德国人。无数城镇的名称被更改,以消除其德国血统:爱荷华州的柏林成为爱荷华州的林肯。德国食品和食品名称从餐馆中清除;泡菜变成了“自由卷心菜”;腊肠犬成为“自由犬”,德国牧羊犬成为“阿尔萨斯人”。

All American orchestras were ordered to eliminate from their performances any music by classic German composers like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. Public libraries removed and (most often) burned all books by German authors, philosophers and historians. In some states, the use of the German language was prohibited in public and on the telephone. German professors were fired from their universities, German-language or German-owned local newspapers were denied advertising revenue, constantly harassed, and often forced out of business. The patriotic Boy Scouts of America contributed to the effort by regularly burning bundles of German newspapers that were on sale, and Germans were regularly insulted and spat upon by other citizens. Germans were forced to gather in public meetings and denounce Germany and its leaders, forced to purchase war bonds and publicly declare their allegiance to the US flag.


As the rhetoric reached dangerous levels, the anti-German hysteria and violence increased proportionately. Many Germans were forcibly removed from their homes, often torn from their beds during the night, taken out into the street and stripped naked, beaten and whipped, then forced to kneel and kiss the American flag. Many were tarred and feathered, then forced to leave their cities or towns. Some were lynched from trees. Priests and pastors were dragged out of their churches and beaten for giving sermons in German.


Newspaper editors were screaming that all Germans were spies poisoning American water supplies or infecting hospital medical shipments, and that most “ought to be taken out at sunrise and shot for treason”. Congressmen recommended hanging or otherwise executing all Germans in America, State Governors urging the use of firing squads to eliminate “the disloyal element” from the entire state. The US Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels stated that Americans would “put the fear of God into the hearts” of these people. Most Americans are aware that during the national hysteria of the Second World War the US government forced more than 100,000 US-born Japanese into concentration camps, but history has deleted the fact that many more Germans were interned in concentration camps in the US prior to and during the First War, and in all cases had all their assets seized.


With all of this and much more, America was a hotbed of hatred for the entire German population. After the Second World War, Germany was widely accused of using propaganda against the Jews, while our history books have airbrushed out the massive and unspeakably evil storm of hate propaganda in America against Germans prior to and during WWII. There were thousands of posters and articles containing lurid descriptions of fake atrocities, newspaper articles, cartoons and so much more, but the historical record of this years-long tapestry of lies and hate has been quite well buried. It is possible to find copies on the internet of many wartime posters, but this collection has been well sanitised with virtually all of the genuinely evil and dirty productions apparently lost to history. The narrative today in the history books casually dismisses all of this as “an innovative use of graphic arts to stir patriotism”, but it was hatred rather than patriotism that was being stirred.


The propaganda incited an intense hatred for everything German, to ease US entry into the First World War. It was not different during the Second World War, and the propaganda/hate campaign was not limited to the US. In 1940, the UK government initiated what it called an “anger campaign” with the stated cause of “instilling personal hatred against the German people and Germany”, the authorities pleased that the original 6% of the British population that ‘hated Germany’ increased to over 50% by the end of the campaign. The radio waves were full of descriptions of the “cruelty and blackness of the German soul”. There were articles in the British newspapers advocating the “systematic extermination of the entire German nation” to be carried out after the war ended. Thus, after victory over Germany, every person of German extraction was to be executed and the nation of Germany itself to disappear forever. (3)


It wasn’t only the US and UK where this hatred of Germans was being propagated. Germans in every nation were vehemently portrayed as evil incarnate, this nature stemming simply from the fact of their being of German origin. In countries all around the world, the media spread the same message of hatred against Germany and the Germans. In Brazil, anti-German demonstrations and riots consumed the country, with German businesses being destroyed and Germans being assaulted and killed. In almost every nation, the German-language press and use of the German language completely disappeared during the war from fear of reprisal, as did all German schools and most businesses. None re-opened.


Throughout the world, as in the US, false wartime propaganda was used as during both World Wars to incite entire populations into an irrational hatred of everything German, even to the extent of powerful media recommendations that the entire German race be exterminated after the war. The American public in particular was as full of hatred for things German during the Second World War as they were during the First World War; on both occasions to the extent there was a significant movement to exterminate all those of German descent in the US.


It was in this context that Eisenhower so famously said, “God, how I hate Germans”, and it was in this context that 12 million Germans died in American concentration camps in Germany AFTER the war. As James Bacque discovered, the Americans killed between 8 million and 12 million Germans in American concentration camps in Germany. Perhaps two million were executed, and the rest died by starvation, it being a capital offense to even attempt to bring food to the prisoners. (4) (5) (6)

正是在这种背景下,艾森豪威尔(Eisenhower)有句名言:“上帝,我多么恨德国人”,正是在这种背景下,1200万德国人在战后死于美国在德国的集中营。詹姆斯·巴克发现,美国人在德国的美国集中营杀害了800万至1200万德国人。可能有200万人被处决,其余的人死于饥饿,甚至试图给囚犯带食物都是死罪。(4) (5) (6)

The US was a hotbed of hatred for everything German during the Second World War as well as during the first. Germany and Germans had been so reviled in the US for decades that most Americans possessed an instinctive fear and hatred of them. Those memories so fervently instilled by the propaganda machine, did not dissipate quickly but lingered for many years, so much so that even after the war it was actually dangerous for an American to say anything positive or complimentary toward either Germany or German people. Anyone expressing even tolerance or sympathy for Germans was very liable to find himself in prison. The above forms the context for what follows. We can now fast-forward to the end of World War II and the American concentration camps in Germany.


Concentration Camps in America



It was in this context that the US military established around 700 concentration camps for Germans in the US, prisons which housed nearly 500,000 German so-called “Prisoners Of War” who were forcibly shipped from the concentration camps in Germany to the US during the later stages and also after the war ended. The official reasons given for this enterprise were varied and conflicting. The original government claim stated an insufficiency of food in Germany so the US military shipped these prisoners to America to better feed them. A later claim was of insufficient space remaining in Germany for more American concentration camps, so these civilians were relocated to the US. Another was that the prisoners filled the country’s need for extra farm labor. (7) (8)

正是在这种背景下,美国军方在美国为德国人建立了约700个集中营,这些监狱关押着近50万名德国所谓的“战俘”,他们在后期以及战争结束后被强行从德国集中营运到美国。官方为这项事业给出的理由多种多样,相互矛盾。最初的政府声明称德国食物不足,因此美国军方将这些囚犯运往美国,以便更好地为他们提供食物。后来有人声称,德国没有足够的空间容纳更多的美国集中营,因此这些平民被重新安置到美国。另一个原因是这些囚犯满足了国家对额外农业劳动力的需求。(7) (8)

This topic has understandably received little attention from the US media, and the pages in the history book are mostly blank. My first impression on reading the few articles that exist was, given the more or less uniform commentary and context, that an official template had been followed, though I have been unable to locate it. Wikipedia claims that “Newspaper coverage of the camps and public knowledge [of them] were intentionally limited until the end of the war, in part to comply with the Geneva Convention.” Maybe, but I am aware of no stipulation in any convention, Geneva or otherwise, prohibiting public knowledge of concentration camps. Let’s begin by taking a brief look at the lives of these German prisoners while encamped in the USA.


Several of the published articles present what is purported to be quotations from letters written by German prisoners to their families, letters apparently mailed to Germany. From the September 2009 issue of the Atlantic magazine, (from a letter purportedly mailed to Germany in 1944): “All in all, our life here is very orderly. We sleep in beds which have white covers and we eat with knives and forks. Up till now, we were treated excellently.” Another quoted in the Atlantic: “I am really in a golden cage.” And another: “When I was taken prisoner, I visualized a life of horror but it is quite different.”

几篇发表的文章引用了德国囚犯写给家人的信,这些信显然是寄给德国的。从2009年9月的《大西洋杂志》(Atlantic magazine)中,(从一封据称于1944年寄往德国的信中):“总之,我们在这里的生活非常有序。我们睡在白色被子的床上,用刀叉吃饭。到目前为止,我们受到了很好的对待。”另一条引述《大西洋月刊》的话说:“我真的在一个金色的笼子里。”另一个:“当我被俘时,我想象了一种恐怖的生活,但这完全不同。”

The Atlantic article tells us: “The POWs were overwhelmed by the excellent conditions in the camps and the abundance of food and other articles”, further claiming the existence of “countless letters” from Americans resenting the fact that “there are German prisoners here and they live better than we do.” Texas A&M history professor Arnold Krammer tells us “German POWs were treated very well. … they were given wine and beer with every meal.” Wikipedia tells us, “Many prisoners found that their living conditions as prisoners were better than as civilians in Germany”, and that some prisoners were sent to a camp, where “each had his own bungalow with garden.” Also according to Wikipedia, they received wine with all their meals, had special meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, and in fact received too much food: “Unable to eat all their food, prisoners at first burned leftover food fearing that their rations would be reduced.” (9)


Loren Horton confirms that the German prisoners “got more rationed items – like cigarettes – than the civilians in the area could get”, and that many Americans believed “the prisoners had more luxuries than the average citizen”. Wikipedia claims further that “Groups of prisoners pooled their daily beer coupons to take turns drinking several at a time. They also received two packs of cigarettes a day and frequently meat”, noting as have others that meat and cigarettes were strongly rationed at the time, and unavailable to most American civilians. Wikipedia further tells us that for these German prisoners, “their good treatment began with the substantial meals served aboard (the ships carrying them to the US)”, and that upon arriving in America they were amazed to travel in unusual comfort on “sleek, comfortable passenger trains” that carried them to their prison camps.

洛伦·霍顿(Loren Horton)证实,德国囚犯“得到的定量配给物品(如香烟)比该地区的平民所能得到的要多”,许多美国人认为“囚犯比普通公民拥有更多奢侈品”。维基百科进一步声称,“几组囚犯将他们的每日啤酒券集中起来,轮流一次喝几杯。他们还每天收到两包烟,经常是肉”,与其他人一样,指出当时肉和烟是严格定量供应的,大多数美国平民无法获得。维基百科进一步告诉我们,对于这些德国囚犯来说,“他们受到的良好待遇始于船上提供的丰盛食物(运送他们到美国的船只)”,而当他们抵达美国时,他们惊讶地发现,乘坐“时尚舒适的客运列车”前往他们的监狱营地,旅途异常舒适。

Someone named John Ray Skates wrote an article claiming “The high ranking generals had special housing [while] lower ranking officers had to content themselves with small apartments”, some officers having not only a private home but furnished also with a car and driver. He also tells us that at least some officers often went to movie theaters because they were “the only air-conditioned place in town”. Skates tells us further that these prison camps “had most of the facilities and services that could be found in a small town – dentists, doctors, libraries, movies, educational facilities”. And not only educational facilities. Horton tells us “the prisoners formed their own orchestras”, and that “a massive nativity scene was constructed at Christmas time” by the prisoners who “paid for the materials from their 80 cents per day credits. They had more than $8,000!” They even had sports teams, and printed their own newspapers. Wikipedia tells us that “nobody could become bored” as a prisoner since these German prisoners “held frequent theatrical and musical performances attended by hundreds and even thousands” of people, including the entire local citizenry and all their American guards, and that movies were shown four times each week. (10)

一位名叫约翰·雷·斯考茨(John Ray Skates)的人写了一篇文章,声称“高级将领拥有特殊的住房,[而]低级军官不得不满足于小公寓”,一些军官不仅拥有私人住宅,还配备了汽车和司机。他还告诉我们,至少有些警察经常去电影院,因为电影院是“镇上唯一有空调的地方”。Skates进一步告诉我们,这些监狱营地“拥有小镇上可以找到的大部分设施和服务——牙医、医生、图书馆、电影、教育设施”。不仅仅是教育设施。霍顿告诉我们,“囚犯们组成了他们自己的管弦乐队”,“一个巨大的耶稣诞生场景是在圣诞节时由囚犯们建造的”,他们“每天从80美分的信用卡中支付材料的费用。他们有8000多美元!”他们甚至有运动队,并印刷自己的报纸。维基百科告诉我们,作为一名囚犯,“没有人会感到无聊”,因为这些德国囚犯“经常举行戏剧和音乐表演,有数百甚至数千人参加”,其中包括整个当地公民和他们的所有美国警卫,并且每周放映四次电影。(10)

According to the Smithsonian magazine, the prisoners to a man claimed such excellent treatment that their only complaint was the lack of sufficient girl friends. (11) But then the men in many camps held “social receptions” with local American girls, this “unauthorized fraternization between American women and German prisoners” being so common as to often be a problem. Apparently this wasn’t all bad because in this way many German soldiers met their future wives. Part of the problem appears to have been the natural attractiveness of German men, at least to American women. The Atlantic magazine article claimed these men were often described as “magnificent physical specimens, physically supreme, muscular types”, and “fine specimens of physical manhood.”


As well, “typical Americans” described these German prisoners as “just the best bunch of boys you ever saw”, “uniformly neat, excessively polite, splendidly disciplined, these young men are – frankly – hard to dislike.” The Atlantic also tells us that “grateful Americans” (no idea why they were grateful) “often showed their appreciation by inviting the German prisoners to restaurants and even their homes for dinner.” These warm feelings apparently prevailed to such an extent the Inspector General wrote that Americans were too “apt to become overly friendly and solicitous of the prisoner’s welfare.” All articles claim the prisoners were more or less free to come and go as they pleased and, while a few tried to escape, this was never a concern, the prison camps having little to no security so as to permit the Germans to leave the camp for their day jobs.


A Ronald H. Bailey informs us that the Germans adjusted wonderfully to prison life, where the “guards marveled at the changes” in the men, keeping their compounds so neat, and where “The prisoners appeared in high spirits. They spent hours creating large and well-tended flower beds.” Wikipedia tells us that the Germans were “pleased to be captured” by the Americans, and stated Krammer as reporting that “I’ve yet to meet a German prisoner who doesn’t tell me that it was the time of their lives”. Krammer claims the Germans left the US “with positive feelings about the country”, the men stating, “We all were positively impressed by the USA … We all had been won over to friendly relations with the USA.”

罗纳德·H·贝利(Ronald H.Bailey)告诉我们,德国人很好地适应了监狱生活,在那里,“狱警们对男人的变化感到惊讶”,保持他们的院子如此整洁,“囚犯们兴高采烈地出现了。他们花了数小时建造了大型且精心照料的花坛。”维基百科告诉我们,德国人“很高兴被美国人抓获”,并称克拉默在报告中说,“我还没有遇到一个德国囚犯,他不告诉我这是他们生命中的时刻”。克莱默声称,德国人离开美国时“对这个国家有着积极的感情”,他们说,“我们都对美国印象深刻……我们都被美国赢得了友好关系。”

It seems that the wonderful treatment by the Americans “inadvertently defanged” any Nazi sentiment and created half a million “Little Ambassadors” for America. This was true in part because the Germans realised that the “rabid, anti-American propaganda” they had received, “didn’t fit what they saw in America”. But, and much more importantly, “all German POWs learned by example what democracy looked like on a daily, personal basis.” Krammer tells us further that due to these and other factors, “thousands returned to Germany fluent in English and “having a new love and respect for the United States”, having formed “decades long friendships with the enemy”.” Skates tells us that over the years since the war, many German prisoners have returned to the US for the purpose of seeing the camps they lived in as young men, and were uniformly “sad” to learn the camps had all been torn down after the war. He tells us these men are now “very old” but they still return to the US “to remember their experience” as prisoners. (12)


We even apparently have documented evidence of all this. In 2001 and 2002, a research team from a group named TRACES claims to have filmed over 75 hours of interviews with former German prisoners or their family members, and have apparently seen copies of cheques issued by the US Military and payable to German prisoners returning home, and Krammer has apparently written several books on the matter. Not only that, but the US government held a kind of memorial celebration in 2004, to “salute the hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war taken to camps in the United States during World War II.”


That’s a good story, but there are a few chinks in the armor.



None of the official statements establish a reason for incarcerating German civilians in the US for years after the end of the war. To suggest that Germany had no space for more prisons is ridiculous nonsense since the US military simply established them in fenced open fields without shelter or protection of any kind. The claim about the shortage of food is true, but that was because the Americans refused to permit food imports to postwar Germany, the stated aim being to starve Germany to death, and Eisenhower ordered the immediate execution of anyone attempting to smuggle food to the prisoners. If Eisenhower was deliberately starving millions to death in Germany, and it is beyond dispute that he was, why would he want to bring them to the US so as “to better feed them”?


What reason could the US government have, to incur the expense of transporting half a million Germans across the Atlantic, then feeding and housing them for years? Why not simply let them die with the others? General Eisenhower, the same man who had made no secret in telling the country, “God, how I hate Germans”, and who had organised and supervised the extermination of more than 12 million of them, had now moved from the battlefields into the White House and built 700 “Golden cages” for these same people, with rations, privileges, and girlfriends that apparently far exceeded those available to ordinary Americans. In what way does this story make sense?


The official narrative is that the last shipment of German prisoners left the US on July 22, 1946, that the men were returned to Germany, but I have been unable to locate any confirmation of these prisoners actually having left the US. Certainly it is possible that official and public records exist which I have not discovered, but the export of half a million prisoners in a short space of time from only two or three possible locations on the US Eastern seaboard is more than nothing in terms of public events since it would have required at least 100 to 150 ships, yet I have been unable to locate any media or other public evidence of this. The only real facts I could uncover were brief stories about camps being emptied in the middle of the night, the locals being told the prisoners had been ‘transferred’, and to not ask questions.


Recognising the difficulty in proving that something didn’t happen, I turned my attention to a search for evidence that the Germans did indeed arrive in Germany as the US narrative claims, but I could find not a shred of evidence that such a transfer occurred. Neither Germany nor the Red Cross (who would have been involved in all such transfers) appear to have any record of any transfer of personnel from the US after the war. And as James Bacque pointed out, the German ports had all been bombed to rubble and would have been unable to accept such transfers. As well, in my conversations with Bacque, he claimed an examination of all military records and troop movements and had seen no transfers of Germans from the US to anywhere.


The Atlantic magazine contradicted the official version and claimed they were instead turned over to the UK and France for what would have been years of punishing forced labor almost certainly ending in death, claiming that for the prisoners, this was a “modern slave trade on the grandest scale” (not a nice way to treat “the best bunch of boys you ever saw”). But from the detailed research by James Bacque and other sources of information, there appears no record of prisoners arriving from the US anywhere in either the UK or Europe after the war. Further, of all my media, historical, university, and other contacts in Germany, only one person was even aware of the existence of German concentration camps in the USA. I was unable to find anyone with any knowledge of half a million Germans arriving from the US after the war, and absolutely no record or evidence of such a transfer.





The US military, led by General Eisenhower, established enormous concentration camps throughout Germany, some containing more than one million soldiers and civilians each, and executed or starved to death around 12 million, most deaths occurring long after the war had ended. Eisenhower had forbidden food to be delivered to the camps, issuing orders to shoot and kill anyone attempting to smuggle food to the prisoners. Coincidentally, the US military transported to the US some 500,000 German soldiers (from these same camps) to be interned in concentration camps where they would join large numbers of German-Americans and their families who were imprisoned and had their assets confiscated, also for the sin of being German. All this done under the command of Eisenhower who, as noted above, had now transferred to the White House.


But now something strange happens. These same Germans living under the same watchful eye of Eisenhower and still in the atmosphere of seemingly limitless hatred for Germans, were now suddenly living “in a golden cage”, in private bungalows, with cars and drivers, “social receptions” with local American girls, all the beer they could drink and movies at least four days a week. Instead of being worked and starved to death, they had so much food they would burn it for fear of having their rations reduced. And rather than being treated poorly, they had “more luxuries than the average American citizen”, especially for items that were heavily rationed. These wonderful “physical specimens” were cavorting with American girls and meeting their future wives, beloved by all Americans while discovering the blessings of democracy. They had their own orchestras and put on performances attended by “thousands of people”, this while all German music, composers and authors were banned by the US government in all other parts of the country. And they printed their own newspapers in German while German books and newspapers were also banned in the entire US.


Every part of the official narrative begs to be disbelieved. I do not have all the facts, but a hatred stoked continuously among the American population from at least 1914, and shared by the President and military, would not be expected to lend itself to keeping Germans in a golden cage. Roughly 500,000 Germans were indeed shipped to the US but I can find no record of them having left and there is no record of them arriving anywhere else. German Americans had their assets confiscated and were imprisoned in these same camps with their families and none permitted to leave, yet our German physical specimens were apparently free to come and go as they pleased, often to have dinner at the homes of loving Americans, and accumulating substantial assets in the interim.


I would point out that the “one small group” of prisoners who accumulated “$8,000” in cash would have to be fictitious since the median annual income for Americans at the time was only about $1,400. Moreover, the German-Americans interned in these camps were not being paid while their assets were being confiscated, and those in the concentration camps in Germany certainly weren’t being paid, so why were these men given daily prisoner stipends? As well, why would the Atlantic contradict the official narrative of a return to Germany, claiming instead they were sent to France to be worked to death as slaves and, if that were the case, how could they return to the US to be filled with joy at seeing their former prisons?


As documented by several sources, in 1943, the US military initiated a “formal reeducation program” for German prisoners, led by university professors, psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as those who would later form the CIA. Wikipedia tells us “the program was kept secret because it probably violated the Geneva Convention’s ban on exposing prisoners to propaganda”, but the prisoners may have been exposed to more than propaganda. You will need to study the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA to have a proper appreciation of this. It would seem reasonable to conclude these re-educated Germans did not consider their time in America to be “the best time of their lives”, and also likely that these “fine specimens of physical manhood” were introduced to more than the wonders of democracy.


I can only speculate at this point but without substantial – and credible – official documentation, as well as media coverage, of the shipment of nearly 500,000 men from an American port, I am reluctant to accept claims that these men actually left the US. And with the lack of any evidence from official military records and the International Red Cross, it is pointless to assume they arrived anywhere else.


There are two other items which appear a necessary part of this puzzle. First, the events described above coincide perfectly in time with the US military’s explosive interest in human experimentation. Readers may be aware of Shiro Ishii and his Unit 731 in Harbin, China, where his group performed the most hideous human experiments imaginable, including live vivisections. (13)  (14) Few seem to know that the reason there were no war crimes trials for the Japanese is that General Douglas MacArthur made a deal with Ishii that they would all be immune from prosecution if all documents and records on human experimentation were turned over to the US and Ishii and his entire troop of thousands would be relocated to America. This is what transpired, with the Japanese given new identities and housed on US military bases, Ishii himself being a professor and a supervisor of biological research at the University of Maryland until his death decades later. Second, these activities coincide perfectly with the creation of the CIA’s horrendous MK-ULTRA program which was nothing if not “human experimentation” of the worst kind imaginable. (15)(15a) (15b) There isn’t room to dwell further on these two aspects here.

还有另外两个项目似乎是这个谜题的必要部分。首先,上述事件与美国军方对人体实验的强烈兴趣完全吻合。读者可能知道石井史郎和他的731部队在中国哈尔滨,在那里他的团队进行了最可怕的人体实验,包括活体解剖。(13) (14)似乎很少有人知道,日本没有战争罪审判的原因是,道格拉斯·麦克阿瑟将军与石井达成协议,如果所有人体实验的文件和记录都移交给美国,石井及其数千人的全部部队将被调到美国,那么他们都将免于起诉。这就是事情的真相,日本人被赋予了新的身份并被安置在美国军事基地,石井本人在马里兰大学担任教授和生物研究主管,直到几十年后去世。第二,这些活动与中情局可怕的MK-ULTRA计划的创建完全吻合,这是一种最糟糕的“人体实验”。(15)(15a) (15b)这里没有空间进一步讨论这两个方面。

When we add together the killing of about 12 million Germans in American concentration camps after the war, then Shiro Ishii and his Unit 731 troop, the US military’s sudden and vast interest in human experimentation, and the CIA MK-ULTRA project, and add in the intense hatred of Germans throughout America, stoked almost continuously for more than 30 years, with prominent politicians calling for the execution of all Germans in the US, this is the atmosphere and environment into which the 500,000 German prisoners were forcibly transferred to the US, and it is their “Golden cages” which were so often mysteriously emptied during a night. There is also the question of the German-Americans interned in the same camps. Their internment is documented, and the natural assumption has been made that they were all released at some point, but I have seen no evidence to substantiate this assumption and, given the existing sentiment that all those of German extract in the country should be executed, we may be forgiven for wondering about their well-being.


I find myself coming away from this story with an unshakable feeling that this is a very black chapter in American history which has been fearfully buried and whose interment is being protected by powerful people and fabricated mythology. To date, I cannot conclusively prove or disprove the thesis that the 500,000 German prisoners incarcerated in the US were used as subjects in the vast array of human experiments being performed at that time. However, from everything I know, negating all the circumstantial evidence would be a daunting task. And, at the risk of sounding foolishly trite, if it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck and it makes noises like a duck, it’s probably a duck.




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