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The Hidden History Taught by Secret Societies


The Hidden History Taught by Secret Societies

As a reporter, my job is to get information first-hand directly from sources whenever possible. What I did not realize is that first-hand reporting on secret societies takes you to places and mysteries that do not fit into our current scientific framework.


That does not mean they are not real. Thomas Jefferson, when told of a theory about meteorites coming from space, once famously said “I would rather believe that two gentleman scholars from Harvard would tell a lie than that rocks would fall from the sky.”


So with that in mind this week let us look at some of the very otherworldly experiences I have had in dealing with the top levels of world power and the various secret groupings found there.


The first esoteric contact I had came from studying under a Shipibo Shaman in the Amazon. The Shipibo would use the drug Ayahuasca to communicate with the spirits of the Amazon. As I participated in these ceremonies, inside the hollow trunk of a giant tree deep in the virgin rainforest, the impression I got was that the Amazon itself was sentient. The trees were all part of a worldwide psychic network that connected all the plants and could observe the minds of the various animals. The Amazon rainforest itself seemed to be a sentient being. The spirit of the Amazon told me it was under attack and that I needed to head to Asia to get help. That is one of the reasons I went to Asia. Now, 40 years later, this venture is bearing fruit as Asian secret societies have agreed to help the planet. 


The connection with the Asian secret societies (which I have written about extensively previously) led to the Pentagon contacting me via their “men who stare at goats,” psychic warfare division. The person they sent was Paul Laine. At the time I met him, his cover was that he worked for the Oracle Corporation owned by tech billionaire Larry Ellison. Laine provided information about fantastic inventions from the past that had since been suppressed. One example was all the telegraph cables you see in the old Western movies. They were powered by electricity harvested from the ground. This technology is now lost to us.


Another and more esoteric suppressed ancient technology was the harvesting of a mysterious form of moon energy People known as lunatics were often especially sensitive to this form of energy. It is supposed to open windows to alternative realities and long-distance viewing of places and events in this reality. It was this remote viewing capability the Pentagon was interested in.


Among the many things I learned from this group was that NASA stood for Not A Space Agency. It turns out NASA is just a giant movie studio stealing vast amounts of taxpayer money to create the illusion we are exploring space.


The Pentagon pointed out that all manned space exploration had mysteriously stopped in the 1970s and that someone, or something, was preventing us from leaving this planet. That appears to be why all of Elon Musk’s spaceships on missions to Mars get blown up when they try to leave the planet. The conclusion they have reached is that our planet is under some form of quarantine.


The Pentagon people also said their research indicated advanced civilization was destroyed at least twice on this planet. They claim they have seen evidence atomic weapons were used in these events. For example, there is very convincing evidence of a devastating nuclear war in ancient India, including radioactive skeletons, molten glass, etc. This seems to be an event at the date of 26,000 years ago whose survivors created many of the secret societies existing today. For background please read the information at the following link.



Also, there is evidence of a mysterious genetic bottleneck indicating humanity was nearly wiped out 74,000 years ago supposedly “by a massive volcano.”



Then there is clear evidence that the sea level was 122 meters lower during the last ice age about 14,000 years ago.



Not only that, data from ice cores indicate this ice age ended extremely abruptly 11,600 years ago. This caused a sudden rise in sea levels around the world that put entire continents and coastal plains under water.



This is why cultures around the world have legends and memories of a giant flood. For example, in Asia, there is plenty of talk of the lost continent of Lemuria. What we know of as the various Island countries of East Asia like Indonesia and the Philippines were part of a large land mass that got flooded at the end of the ice age.


The point I wish to make though, is that I was told about these events by very powerful secret societies that control much of our civilization to this day. In particular, the Gnostic Illuminati and the Black Sun groups hold such beliefs. They both claim to be founded by survivors of pre-flood civilizations.


Let us start with the Gnostic Illuminati version of history. They say their group was founded by the mathematician Pythagoras who lived from 570 to 490 B.C. Pythagoras taught his disciples:


(1) that at its deepest level, the reality is mathematical in nature,

(1) 在最深层次上,现实本质上就是数学,

(2) that philosophy can be used for spiritual purification,

(2) 哲学可以用于精神净化,

(3) that the soul can rise to union with the divine,

(3) 灵魂可以与神圣的源头结合,

(4) that certain symbols have a mystical significance, and

(4) 某些符号具有神秘的意义

(5) that all brothers of the order should observe strict loyalty and secrecy.

(5) 骑士团的所有兄弟都应该遵守严格的忠诚和秘密。

However, the Gnostic Illuminati I ran into say Pythagoras -who was trained by Egyptian Priests and Babylonian Maggi- was the heir to a much older pre-flood body of knowledge. For example, according to them, the Mediterranean Sea was a giant river valley that was suddenly flooded and became an ocean.


The survivors of this massive destruction came to the conclusion the entity that caused this flood was evil and had to be overthrown. To this end, they recruit 3000 geniuses of each generation to carry on their traditions and their dedication to overthrowing the creator. They are opposed to bloodline rule because the bloodline rulers claim a divine right to rule through this “evil god” of theirs.


So why does this matter today? Well, the Gnostic Illuminati claim to have started the American, French and Russian revolutions. More the point, they claim they are now undertaking the first-ever world revolution.


The signal to start their now unfolding world revolution was 911. Their Grand Master Sasha Zaric aka Alexander Romanov said former world Chess Champion Bobby Fischer planned this event to overthrow the secret rulers of the planet. Fischer’s idea was to convince the bloodline rulers to go along with a plot that would backfire and expose their existence. This is why they deliberately sabotaged the 911 show by doing things like deliberately placing a BBC reporter in front of Building 7 and having her report it collapsed before it actually did.


Their plot appears to be succeeding because it was the truth about 911 that woke many people –including myself- to the existence of some secret group that was manipulating history by staging horrific events. The gnostic Illuminati also warned me in advance of the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear mass murder attack of March 11, 2011. They did not know all the details but did warn that a nuclear device had been smuggled into Japan for this purpose and even told the authorities where this device could be found. The Japanese authorities who tried to stop this attack were removed from power by the Federal Reserve Board. The FRB itself is controlled by the Octagon group in Switzerland. It is headed by people who claim descent from the Egyptian Pharaohs.


This brings me to another secret society, the three-legged crow. As reported last week, they say they are from the lost Israeli tribe of Ephraim. They are linked to the Japanese imperial family who also say they are descended from Egyptian pharaohs.


They sent Kaoru Nakamaru, a cousin of Emperor Hirohito, to warn me of the existence of a secret evil group running the planet. She was the first person to provide me with convincing evidence that 911 was an inside job. So in effect, one of the most ancient bloodline ruling families pointed me towards 911 as evidence of evil, while the perpetrators of 911 claimed they did it to overthrow evil being perpetrated by ancient bloodlines.


It turns out that this was not a simple story of bloodline versus meritocracy because the ancient bloodlines and the meritocratic groups were divided into two huge factions. To make a long story short, I found myself stuck between two ancient groups who have been fighting each other literally for thousands of years. They each described the other as evil and needing to be overthrown.


My involvement with these groups led to yet another group involved in this ancient esoteric battle, the Black Sun worshipers. The first person they sent was Leo Zagami who claimed also claimed he was Illuminati. However, this group, unlike Romanov’s, was linked to ancient Roman bloodlines of the Caesars.


The story they told was they were descended from an advanced civilization that was destroyed 26,000 years ago. They claim to be heirs to scientific knowledge from this civilization that allows them to contact demons, djins, angels and other entities that we now refer to as extra-terrestrials.


Again, this is relevant because they claim to control both the Vatican and the Italian mafia. They proved it by telling me they were going to fire Pope Benedict XVI and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy and then doing just that.


When I went to Italy to visit them, he introduced me to Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights, as his highest contact. Mazzara claimed to belong to the Black Sun group. He told me his group took orders that were sent to them via gamma rays from the Black Sun, an ancient alien who resides at the center of the galaxy.


Yes, I know this is weird stuff but the same Mazzara was caught with a gun and a sophisticated lock-picking device near the house of a senior Bank of International Settlements (BIS) banker who was working with the Asian secret societies. It was also these people who took credit for the March 11, 2011, Tsunami and Nuclear attack against Japan (known in Japan as 311).


Immediately after the 311 attack on Japan, the Island of La Palma in the South Atlantic was hit by hundreds of earthquakes. There is a crack running through the center of that island and geologists say it is only a matter of time before an earthquake sends half the island into the ocean, causing a 100-meter tsunami to hit Southern Europe and the US East Coast. This series of earthquakes combined with threats to retaliate for 311 with a tsunami counterattack stopped Black Sun’s plans to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt and led to a fragile truce between the battling secret societies that continues to this day.


It also led to yet another mysterious group popping out of the woodwork: the dragon family. Again, as a reporter, I will write about what I learned from first-hand contact with this group, not what others have written. My meeting with the dragon family was set up by the head of MI6. He arranged the meeting via a descendant of Puyi, the famous “last emperor.” I was told, “If you want to talk to China, this is as high as it gets.”


The dragon family envoy said his group was also in contact with extra-terrestrial entities. Their message was that if humans did not get their act together and achieve world peace, the planet would be put under an extremely strict dictatorial regime. They say that when they asked their alien contacts why they cared about such a tiny speck of a planet like Earth they were told: “You had better really, really know what you are doing if you want to mess with the planet Earth. Your galaxies are like are like molecules in a teacup to the entities that watch over it. They care about this tiny speck because they think it is their home of origin.”


Again, the reason why all this weird talk matters is because the forensic trail following the financial system and world power to its ultimate source leads to these groups. The main rival to the FRB in the ongoing global financial war is this mysterious dragon family. It is the dragon family that controls most of the world’s gold and precious metals. They trace their own history back 6000 years to maritime trading networks of Asia. This means they are relatively young compared to Western secret societies which claim to go back 26,000 years or more. Nonetheless, they seem to be winning the battle for control of the world’s financial system because they are focused on real here-and-now physical and economic reality. They cut off the FRB’s gold supply in the early 1970s and are now cutting off their supply of oil, minerals and other physical commodities so it is only a matter of time before they finish them off.


To be sure I have only barely scratched the surface on this topic but the conclusion I have reached from direct contact with these and other secret societies is that they all value the planet Earth and do not want to see it destroyed. That is why they have all agreed to stop the Khazarian Mafia’s plan to yet again subject this planet and humanity to a near-death experience by unleashing Armageddon. The KM work against the life force. The other secret societies have agreed to increase the amount and variety of life. They have all pledged to never again let humanity go through a near-death experience. Hopefully, this will lead to world peace soon.  


Note to readers: The following two weekly reports will cover non-time-sensitive but important topics so that your correspondent may take his annual sabbatical in the Canadian wilderness.


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