Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2024 January 22nd



The Satanic group mind is about to be defeated





Many monotheists think we are facing end times. The reality is we are facing beginning times. An ancient group mind or cult, known in folklore as Satan, is about to be defeated and humanity is about to be liberated. This will mark the beginning of a new Golden Age for humanity.



As background for new readers, I will start by summarizing my personal involvement in this war. Having been brought up as an atheist focused on science, logic and materialism, it took decades of meeting and reporting on the people who run the planet to conclude they took orders from Satan. That is why I decided to fight this entity by convincing the Asians to cut off their money. The Satanists responded by offering me the job of Finance Minister of Japan along with great wealth and power. All I had to do was go along with their plan to kill 90% of humanity. They threatened to kill me if I refused. I have this on tape. Then I encountered groups who offered me protection but only for the greater good. We decided to fight the Satanists.



This is how I became directly involved in a massive war that has literally been raging for thousands of years. The Satanists I met told me they had arrived on this planet 26,000 years ago to seize control of human destiny. These are the fallen angels of Biblical lore. They ride humans the way we ride bicycles. Just like we keep buying new computers and downloading our software into them, they ride humans from generation to generation, downloading their group think into their minds. They are parasitical in nature and need to murder and plunder in order to stay alive. As an illustration, take a look at what is behind the fake Pope Francis in the pictures below. This is what we are fighting against.


This statue of a pedovore eating children was built in 1546 in Bern, Switzerland, indicating this has been going on for a long time. It is still going on as you can confirm with pedophile cannibal art on display at EU headquarters. 





Their long-term plan was to turn humans into farm animals ruled by them and their god-king Satan.



With that big picture in mind, let us look at how the war against Satan is now raging. The biggest and most unreported news of the past week was that King Charles had abdicated the throne of England. The story being put out is that he is undergoing prostate surgery (just like US “Defense Secretary” Lloyd Austin). It also turns out Crown Prince William will not be taking over because his wife Kate Middleton underwent a “planned abdominal surgery.”





Remember, Charles claimed the throne exactly 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days after his mother Queen Elizabeth II was murdered, according to MI6. This means he openly declared his allegiance to Satan. He had to because those loyal to Satan must have horrific crimes on record so that they can be blackmailed into obedience.



MI6 sources say Charles and Lloyd Austin etc. were removed because they had been planning a horrific false flag event designed to usher in a Satanic dictatorship. This black swan event has thus been averted.



However, we are getting more and more signs that other black swan events are headed our way.



US military sources close to US President Donald Trump say a ten-day shutdown of the internet, ATMs, etc. is coming soon. The US can do this worldwide. North Korean sources tell us a single Aegis destroyer has the technical capability to shut down all wireless communications on the planet.



During this shutdown, the emergency broadcast system is set to tell the horrific truth of our current leadership to the people. “The truth is going to shock the world,” the Trump Q people say. If their Q clock is to be believed, this process will start on January 27th.




In a hint at what is going to be revealed, the former president of the Club of Rome Calin Giorgescu – a high-level insider- says the world’s public leaders (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors etc.) are controlled by oligarchs who practice “transhumanism” by murdering over 8 million children every year.

罗马俱乐部前主席卡林·乔吉斯库,是一位高级内部人士。他暗示:在断网期间,将要披露的内容是,世界公共领导人(总统、总理、财政大臣等)受寡头控制,他们通过每年谋杀 800 多万儿童,来试图获得超自然力量,并计划建立一个高科技反乌托邦,在每个人民大众的大脑内,都植入脑控芯片。



So, the trusting sheeple are about to find out their shepherd is slaughtering and eating their children.



In Japan, the government is issuing a new 10,000 yen bill, the equivalent of a US $100 bill in July. This means they will be gathering up and destroying all the old bills. Our sources say the same is happening to the no longer American US dollar bills. They apparently have decided to end the pretense it is a “US” dollar by replacing the US-themed paper currently in use. The sources warn though that because of logistical problems involved with all the various paper dollars in circulation, the process could take longer than planned. A source claims to have successfully tested one of the new bills at an ATM.



There is evidence to back these claims of a financial black swan event in March.



The Feds’ $161BN Bank Bailout Facility (BTFP) and the Reverse Repo bank bailout both end in March. This means the big banks cannot survive in their current form after March.



The US government also passed a new spending bill that ends in March. It only funds essential government services until then. No money for Ukraine or Israel is in the bill.





US President Donald Trump hinted at his involvement by promising “to protect Americans from government tyranny” by never allowing the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency.





By the way, the Club of Rome’s Giorgescu helped answer questions about what exactly has been going on with President Trump. He says the “plandemic and all those lies was supposed to be in 2016” but was delayed until 2020 by Trump’s “accidental election.” In 2020 they forced the real Trump to go to the US military base in Mt. Cheyenne while they trotted out a fake Trump to carry out the pandemic. He says their next plan is to engineer “a disaster regarding food and water,” which was originally scheduled for 2020 but is not set for 2025. “Of course, they will not succeed, this is very clear, the system is almost done,” he says.



Nonetheless, we can now get a clear picture of what the Davos WEF criminals had planned for us.



The MSM, WEF, WHO, etc., are ALL openly talking about an upcoming pandemic. WHO Director Dr. Tedros says they are preparing for “Disease X” and plan to use it to justify a totalitarian power grab. 





For his part, Bill Gates says Next-Gen COVID vaccines will have ‘longer duration’ and use patches instead of needles 



Meanwhile, Putin and the Russian military warn the fake Biden administration plans to manufacture ANOTHER biological crisis and use mail-in voting to rig elections.






Then we see news reports about “Chinese scientists” experimenting with a “mutant coronavirus strain” that attacks the brain and is 100 percent lethal in “humanized” mice.


Don’t worry though, you can “trust the science” brought to you by the WEF as the illustration below shows.


We are also seeing efforts to seize total information control before the release of the next plandemic. UNESCO plans to implement a dangerous plan for “dealing with dis- and misinformation, hate speech, and conspiracy theories,” on the Internet. This is the same organization seeking a global pandemic agreement to control decisions about your health. They also emphasize religious freedom is less important than promoting LGBT ideology.






This brings us to why they are pushing LGBT so hard: They are trying to sexualize children in order to make it easier for them to get victims to torture for adrenochrome.



In Berlin a children’s shopping fair for men “Men having babies” will take place in April. Here single men will be able to buy babies without any verification of buyers, German intelligence sources say.





Cosmopolitan magazine, which is printed in 23 languages, meanwhile published instructions on how to perform a “satanic abortion ceremony.”





The Oscar award people for their part banned 56 films the 2024 awards ceremony because they “did not meet the criteria for inclusivity women, racial minorities, LGBTQ+ people, people with physical or intellectual disabilities, etc.”



Netflix is doing its bit by putting LGBT themes into animated series for young children, including preschoolers. The popular fairy tales “CoComelon Street” and “Ada Bambini, Scientist” present two LGBT “fathers” and a gay wedding. The producers of these cartoons are Barack and Michelle Obama!





This ties in with the huge amounts of illegal immigrants being systematically shipped into the US and Europe by WEF-connected organizations like the Red Cross.



Now US airlines like United and Delta will make sure 50% of pilots will be women and people of color. Forget meritocracy. My advice, avoid United Airlines and Delta at all costs. Watch for accidents. 





German intelligence sources say this is the reboot of a plan to “Breed War Strain Out of Germans” with “miscegenation” in order to “destroy German nationalism and ideology” by uniting German women with non-German men. In this plan, German men would be forcibly detained outside Germany, with non-German women.





They are now trying to do this to all Europeans.



It also turns out that corporations are deliberately trying to force people into poverty by stealing their money. The Groundwork Collaborative thinktank found corporate profits accounted for about 53% of inflation.





Overall, as Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts says “The great reset is nothing more than a lifetime subscription to slavery where billionaire corporations own everything and everyday citizens rent what they need if their social credit score allows.”






Fortunately for us, a critical mass of people is putting a stop to all of these plans.



Kevin Roberts, President of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation told the WEF “The agenda that every single person member of the [future Republican] administration needs to have, is to compile a list of everything that’s ever been proposed at the [WEF], and object all of them wholesale.”





Hungary’s Viktor Orbán says “Hungary cannot be blackmailed! There is not enough money in the world to force us to accept mass migration and to put our children in the hands of LGBTQ activists. This is impossible!”





The State of Texas is also stopping the mass importation of military-aged male migrants and unaccompanied minors.



President Donald Trump of the US Republic (as opposed to the fake president “Biden” of the US corporation) vows to “use Title 42 to end the child trafficking crisis.” Trump has led the charge on the global human trafficking crisis since January 2017. Check the Executive Orders.





Also, in the US white hats seem to have taken over CNBC as this article by Pascal Najadi shows: 



Pascal Najadi “Global US Military Operation STORM reality in 2024” 



The Current Wartime President Trump is our Retribution for High Treason and Democide by corrupt rogue government element, WHO – This is the total Obliteration of the globalist Deep State.



In the year 2023, it has become evident that the COVID PsyOp was meticulously planned and executed long before its implementation. From 2020 until the present day, influential Traitors and Demociders such as Fauci, Biden, the WHO, the WEF, Gavi, Bill Gates, Swiss Health Minister and President Alain Berset, Emmanuel Macron, Lula of Brasil, Von der Leyen, Lauterbach, Drosten, Trudeau, and numerous other individuals in positions of power within governments, supranational organizations, NGOs, military factions, and the medical field, have actively worked against the welfare of humanity. They have committed a Democide and High Treason of unprecedented proportions, surpassing even the most devastating events described in biblical texts.





KM WEF puppet Yuval Harari speaks their biggest Fear saying it’s very likely that Donald Trump will win the 2024 election and will likely be “the death blow to what remains of the global order.”

高加索可萨突厥撒旦教锡安犹太复国主义阴谋集团黑手党、世界经济论坛的傀儡——尤瓦尔· 哈拉里,说出了他们最大的恐惧,他说唐纳德·川普很可能会赢得2024年的选举,并很可能会“对全球秩序的残余造成致命打击”。


We were also able to confirm Alex Soros, who took over from his executed father George Soros, is both scared and dumber than dirt as he said in Davos: “One man, Donald Trump, literally came in and just took that, took that, took that all away. Uhm, you know so, uhm, you know so, uhm, you know.”





Also if you read between the words of what Klaus Schwab Rothschild said at Davos he basically admitted the people’s reaction to their plans is forcing the WEF into short-term crisis management instead of carrying out their long-term plans.



One crisis is that European farmers are still on the warpath and are refusing to let the WEF force them out of business in order to engineer their planned food crisis. Last week thousands of farmers dumped more than a hundred trailers’ worth of manure and waste on Government grounds.








Following the example of France and Germany, farmers in Belgium are also starting to turn over road signs, condemning the government’s agricultural policies and the crisis in the industry. The movement has already spread throughout the Flemish region.



They will not stop until all WEF puppet governments in Europe are removed.



The KM stronghold of Israel is also in deep trouble. The South African charges of genocide filed with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) are a game changer. The ICJ should not be confused with the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC is an instrument of Western imperialism designed to punish disobedient third-world rulers. The ICJ actually enforces international law. Since Israel signed a treaty against genocide, if Israel is found guilty its’ government will have to arrest leaders like Benyamin Netanyahu who have probably carried out Genocide in Gaza.





Also, politicians who are blindly supporting the Gaza Genocide are also going to face justice. For example, a Britain-based advocacy group has filed a lawsuit against senior UK politicians for their complicity in Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.



Iran meanwhile destroyed ISIS (Israeli Satanic Intelligence Service) headquarters in the Kurdish region of Iraq as well as destroying “terrorist operations,” in Syria and Pakistan. Since Israel officially denies any connection to ISIS, Iran was able to get revenge for the terrorist attacks against them without giving USrael an excuse to start World War III. They also issue the following wanted poster:





“All leaders in our region believe that without US support, the war would stop today. In 10 minutes [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu would fall, unable to continue the war,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian told the WEF. “We have never considered war [as the right] solution to [this] problem,” the foreign minister said.



The US is now forcing Israel to make peace. Israeli media report a major regional deal that would put an end to the war in Gaza and include the release of Israeli detainees and the establishment of peace between Israel and the Arab world is in the works.


Our sources tell us the Judeans (misleadingly called Palestinians) will be given Israeli citizenship and full rights as part of this deal.



Once the KM surrenders in its’ last strongholds of Switzerland and Israel, then finally, world peace and a golden era can begin. There is still turbulence ahead but there is no way on or off the Earth that the KM will succeed in their plans to turn the planet Earth into a giant animal farm controlled by them. The sheeple are being set free. The meek shall inherit the earth.