Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 December 18th



The “rules based world order” has lost





It is almost game over. The so-called “rules-based world order” has lost internationally. All that is left now is to finish them off in their last strongholds in Europe, Israel and the United States.



The clearest sign of their defeat was a UN vote on December 13th calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. Only 8 countries supported the USrael’s opposition to the ceasefire. These were Austria, Czechia, Guatemala, Liberia, Micronesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay. Another way to look at this is to see these as the last countries controlled by the Nazi faction of the Khazarian Mafia.





This is down from 60 countries that attended a Knights of Malta meeting calling for a continuation of the Ukraine war last summer. Significantly, none of the other G7 countries now support USrael.



The loss of Japan was probably the biggest blow to the Nazis. Last week a dozen senior Japanese politicians, including four cabinet ministers, were arrested in Japan. These included Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, Chairman of the Policy Research Council Koichi Hagiuda, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yasutoshi Nishimura, Agriculture Minister Ichiro Miyashita and Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Junji Suzuki.



They were all affiliated with the Unification Church or Moonies. Japan is now in the midst of a major political clean-up that will remove the system of KM bribery that turned the Parliament into a giant acting troupe.



The next move in the clean-up will be to remove all the second and third-generation politicians who were turning the country into a feudal dictatorship. When the purge is finished, Japan will once again be controlled by meritocratically selected public servants and democratically elected politicians.



The arrest of the Moonie politicians means the Nazis have lost control of Taiwan, Japan and North Korea. These countries are now planning to deepen ties with ASEAN in order to create an East Asian counter-balance to communist China, Asian royal family sources say.



Former Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations Chairman Richard Haas hinted at these fundamental changes when he told the Wall Street Journal last week about “a dramatic shift in U.S. ability or willingness to come to Taiwan’s aid.”



Now that their “good friend” uber-Nazi Heinz Kissinger is gone, China, for its part, will be deepening its integration with India to form the economic center of gravity for the post-Western world, the Asian royals say.



By the way, the recent UN votes suggest the remaining Nazi submarine bases are located in Guatemala, Liberia, Micronesia, Nauru and Papua New Guinea.



Land-locked Paraguay is where the Moonies had a ranch next to the one owned by Adolf Hitler (see attached FBI report on Hitler) that was subsequently taken over by George Bush Sr. They used Japanese and German submarines to create an international drug mafia smuggling cocaine from South America, amphetamines from North Korea and Heroin from Southeast Asia. This group was also engaged in large-scale human trafficking and arms sales.



They made their big move on September 11, 2001, and managed to turn the USrael into a Nazi state along with Japan. That is why Japan and the West began a massive bio-weapons research and dispersal project after 911.



Now that Japan has been liberated, the battle is on to remove the Nazi strongholds in Austria, Czechia, Israel and the US.



The battle to liberate the US took a dramatic turn on December 15th. The “Q” people set up a countdown clock that said a power outage would occur. A power station in New York was blown up at midnight on December 15th, -exactly when they predicted- causing widespread power shortages in New York. 





It is a good guess that power was cut off in the big KM stronghold of New York in order to turn off alarm systems and let special operations troops grab high-profile individuals. Time will tell if this was the case.



The Q people are now saying “Y2K3: The world as you know it…is over with. Ten days of total chaos…Merry Christmas.”





The Q movement, of course, is closely related to US President Donald Trump. We have now heard from the Trump people and found out that there are two different Donald Trumps. The fake one working for the KM is based at Mar a Largo while the real one splits his time between military bases in Mt. Cheyenne and Greenland, Pentagon sources say. These are photos of the two different Trumps.



Real Trump


 Fake Trump


It is clear the Rockefeller family in particular is scared of the real Trump. Their media has been issuing hysterical warnings. They are saying things like “Canada will be annexed to America” and “he will make himself into the Fuhrer” who will use “martial law against the American people” etc. 



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However, Archbishop Carlo Vigano talks about who is the real target: Hillary Clinton [Rockefeller], John Podesta [Rockefeller] etc. Vigano says the arrest of Slade Sohmer for pedophilia and child pornography exposed a network of “horrendous crimes against minors that revolves around the international deep state.” He says Israel’s Mossad gathered evidence of world leaders participating in “heinous ritual crimes against minors.” Vigano adds that blackmail videos must be the reason why members of the World Economic Forum and heads of state in the UN went along with the “fake pandemic” and do not protest against massacres in Gaza and the “farce in Ukraine.” 



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The movie director Stanly Kubrick tried to warn us of this in 1999 with the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.” Kubrick was killed for putting out this movie. An insider is now telling us the movie was based on real events and censored to remove a scene where a young girl was stabbed to death and had her face ripped off in front of an elite crowd. We now know from videos of Hillary Clinton doing the same thing -as well as from many whistleblowers- that this ritual type of murder to harvest adrenochrome is common practice among the ruling elite.



In a hint of the sort of horrors that are about to be exposed; in the video linked below a Rabbi claims human/child meat was sold to fast food outlets and McDonald’s was the number one buyer.





As evidence, in 2015 children’s teeth were found in McDonald’s hamburgers, sausages and hash potatoes in various parts of Japan.









At the time McDonald’s Japan held press conferences, though they did not mention why human remains that were traced to children’s teeth were found, they said the meat came from their headquarters in the US and even tried to shift responsibility onto their customers.



Let us see if US special forces now hunt down and bring these people to justice. In a sign this may finally be happening, Military helicopters were spotted flying low throughout Dallas, Texas last week as the Department of Defense conducted “military training operations.” 



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The other thing that has happened is a hidden deep-state puppet master by the name of Brett McGurk has been flushed out. He is one of the masterminds behind the Gaza genocide and is trying to get the US to invade Saudi Arabia, CIA sources say, Now that he has been exposed, he will be removed, they say.





We also see that US rebel leader John McAfee is still alive. He is directing rebellion from a room that is a Faraday cage and is also using a scrambler to guard his location. “Why am I doing this, because I am an escaped slave and I have a loud voice,” he says. He is urging corporate slaves to escape their 9 to 5 existence.





Possibly he is behind this video of “Joe Biden” saying: “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”





We also saw a big political move as Jack Smith, the Special Prosecutor pursuing Donald Trump, was exposed for running an extortion scheme while working at the [Rockefeller-controlled] International Court of Justice. This means the legal witch hunt against Trump will end soon.





A good sign of change will be if the fake Trump at Mar-a-Largo and his handler Leo Zagami are arrested in public.



In a sign the KM do fear arrest, Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller has fled or is planning to flee to a Hawaii compound with an escape hatch, ‘blind doors,’ and an underground bunker.



 Meanwhile, WEF- puppet master Klaus Schwab Rothschild admits “There is an anti-system movement. What we are seeing is a revolution against the system”



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He can see the pitchforks and nooses coming for him, which is why he has not been seen in public since September. Our Mossad sources say he is now hiding in a hospital in an underground bunker inside the Rothschild family complex in Zug, Switzerland.



Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Schwab is a legitimate military target, so we presume their special forces will be heading to Zug if they have not been there already.



The Russian FSB contacted us last week to say “There will be no US elections in 2024 and [Joe] Biden will be the last president.” Also, “the US and Israel will cease to exist as countries.”



In a sign Russia means business, the source adds Russia is assembling a large army on the Syrian border with Israel. The Israelis stopped the genocide in Gaza for several days after Russia planted its flag on the border there as a warning. However, since the genocide has now resumed, Russia will have to move in, the FSB says.



The Christian Russians are moving in part because they have been warned the KM are planning to destroy the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The KM fanatics believe they can bring on their “end times” if they destroy the presumed birthplace of Jesus Christ.



Another sign it is not business as usual came on Monday of last week when a top Iranian military commander said Iran will soon expel U.S. aircraft carriers from the region as “they have come to incite sedition.” Iranian media subsequently reported Iran’s navy had forced the USS aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower out of the Persian Gulf.





The Eisenhower had to flee because the fact is while US aircraft carriers were state of the art military technology 80 years ago, they are now useless white elephants. They can be sunk with a single hypersonic missile.



The Iranian threats against the US Navy were followed by Iran-linked Houthi militia firing missiles at Western commercial vessels in the Red Sea. This has forced four major shipping companies to avoid the Suez Canal and ship around South Africa instead for their trade with Asia. 


The US and British Navies are considering military action against the Houthi militia. However, since many top Iranian government officials work for the KM wiser heads realize this is just another attempt to start World War III.



The cooler heads realize it is better to wait for the KM to implode completely and their leaders to be arrested rather than let them try to use WWIII as a get-out-of-jail-free card.



The KM are imploding. Their vaccine campaign is now blowing up in their faces. Pfizer says it expects sales for its Covid products to drop about 90% in 2024.





The CDC reports only 16% of adults and 7% of children have received the updated vaccine.



A drop in sales is the least of the pharmacidical companies’ worries. The huge spike in deaths from vaccines means it is only a matter of time before hundreds of Western government, pharmaceutical and medical establishment officials are brought before war crimes tribunals.



Here you can watch WHO whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger explain the plan was to keep vaccinating people forever.



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Lawsuits and prosecutions are already snowballing. Roberto Speranza, the Italian government’s Health Minister during the time of COVID measures, is now being investigated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s office. He was responsible for the vaccination campaign.





Also in Italy Cardinal Becciu, the most senior Catholic Church official ever to stand trial before a Vatican criminal court, was found guilty of fraud and embezzlement. P2 Freemasons say Becciu was ensnared by a honey trap named Cecilia Marogna, a 46-year-old self-styled security analyst. She got 575,000 euros from Becciu and spent much of the money on luxury clothing and health spas.



The P2 says Becciu was the victim of a severe power struggle in the Vatican between “Kabbalistic Jews” and the P2. They say Rome is no longer under their control but that the rubber-masked fake Pope Francis “is near to death.”



France too is in a political crisis after French President Emmanuel Macron Rothschild has been humiliated after a long-sought deal on immigration reform was immediately struck down in a surprise move by the National Assembly without even being debated. Traditionally, when a legislative effort of this magnitude fails so absolutely, the members of government involved in its drafting are expected to resign. 



The French are up in arms along with the rest of Western Europe over the huge spike in crime caused by an influx of military-aged males from the Middle East and Africa. In a rare admission, the Ministerial Statistical Department for Internal Security (SSMSI), reported that 69% of violent robberies and other violent crimes, which include sexual assaults, occurring on public transport in the greater Paris region of Île-de-France were committed by individuals who are foreign nationals.





There is also a huge struggle underway in Poland. Last week we reported German agent and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk had joined the white hats. This was because our previously skeptical Polish sources were appeased by his recent conciliatory talk.

波兰也在进行一场巨大的斗争。上周我们报道了德国特工兼波兰总理唐纳德·图斯克加入了白帽子地球解放军事联盟。这是因为我们之前持怀疑态度的波兰消息来源,对他最近的 和解言论 感到满意。


Now Jerzy Kwaśniewski – President of the Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture- warns the Tusk government is passing legislation intended to allow adrenochrome harvesting. Regulations being passed will allow “hiring women from Ukraine, Georgia or Thailand by same-sex couples to give birth and sell a child – like an object. This is not only child trafficking, but also the objectification of women, who are treated as living incubators.”



He also warns Radosław Sikorski, the new Polish Foreign Minister is part of the EU’s Spinelli Group. “Spinelli wrote directly about the need to introduce a dictatorship in Europe, which would allow the liquidation of nation-states.”



So it looks like Poland, along with Ukraine, will be subsumed into a revived German empire.



By the way, in the latest sign it is over for Ukraine, the sons of the Mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko have been spotted partying in Europe while their countrymen are forbidden from leaving the country and being dragged off the streets and sent to their deaths. 


All of this shows the KM is still strong and must never be underestimated. It looks like a cyber-attack is their next big move. “The Covid-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber-attack,” says Klaus Schwab Rothschild



Just on cue, a Netflix movie (which was funded in part by none other than KM puppet Barack Obama) foreshadows a coming cyber-attack false flag event that will likely take down electrical, banking and telecommunications infrastructure across the USA (by the way Malik Obama has gone completely silent since he was to go on Tucker Carlson show back on September 19)



Now a Joint Committee on National Security Strategy report warns UK could be brought to a halt ‘at any moment’ by a large-scale cyber attack.





Next, Warren Buffet chimes in saying: “The cyber threat… we’ve just started”



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Then we have this which ties right into the script. 



US alarmed as China hacks critical systems



“The US is alarmed as China hacks critical systems. China has infiltrated key American cyber infrastructure without detection for over a year.



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So folks, make sure you have enough cash and food on hand just in case the KM stage one last horror show before they are put down for good. It is not over until it is really over. However, rest assured THEY ARE BEING HUNTED DOWN.