Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 May 15th


Planetary liberation alliance scores major victories as Biden Horror show taken over


Planetary liberation alliance scores major victories as Biden Horror show taken over

The planetary liberation alliance scored major victories last week in the United States, the UK, Thailand and Pakistan, while major battles rage in Europe and Turkey.


In the US, the mass awakening has reached critical mass as 70% of Americans agree fake US President Joe Biden’s foreign business dealings, bribery and influence peddling schemes are ‘very serious.’ This means the majority of the people are now close to the truth.



They now need to stop being distracted by avatars like Biden or George Soros so we can target and neutralize the true enemy. That’s why I ask readers to share the following two short videos with friends and family who realize something is wrong but still do not understand what it is.


The first is about the Rockefeller family and their evil control of the medical and other industries.


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The next identifies the BIS as the source of the problem but falls short of naming its’ Rothschild/Rockefeller etc. owners.


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If we do not target the real source of the problem, we will continue flailing about uselessly like angry blind people.


Here are some specific names of war criminals who need to be brought to justice: David Rockefeller Jr. Hillary and Bill Clinton Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller, John Podesta Rockefeller, Klaus Schwab Rothschild and the various other Rothschilds (with the possible exception of Nathaniel who has been cooperating with the liberation alliance), the Dutch Royal family, etc.


We also need to go after top servants like Victoria Nuland, Eliot Abrams, Justin Castrudeau, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Vladimir Zelensky, Alex Soros, Chrystia Freeland, Jens Stoltenberg etc.


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In just one sign pointing to the extent of their war crimes, “There are probably only 18 million people left in Ukraine at this point, there were originally 34.5 million and if you go back to the 1990’s there were over 80 million people living in that place,” according to Colonel Douglas MacGregor.


This is a deliberate and massive genocide designed to kill men and enslave women and children for the purpose of torture and slavery. This did not happen during World War II, IT IS HAPPENING NOW. Any government official expressing support for what is being done in Ukraine is a war criminal and will be dealt with as such.


This is happening. We can confirm military action against these people is underway. We were alerted by readers of rumors top Pentagon General Mark Milley was dead. We asked two Pentagon sources to confirm. One said, “General Milley has been replaced by an Avatar and CGI.” Another who knows him personally was told “he was busy” when he tried to make contact.


Other sources told us Blackhawk helicopters had converged on Washington DC.


To hide their movements, weather cameras have been shut along US coastlines.


In a sign, Donald Trump is Commander in Chief, the fake Joe Biden Avatar has suddenly taken a 180degree turn and sent troops to the Mexican border to stop hundreds of thousands of military-age “illegal immigrants,” trying to enter the country (we will report more about the US civil war below).


There is also a huge secret war being raged inside the UK now. The Khazarian mafia is trying to use the Satanic coronation of King Charles (it took place six months, six weeks and six days after the murder of Queen Elizabeth II) as an excuse to take over control of the quantum financial system. The head of MI6 (appointed by Elizabeth) is having none of this and reports he is “Under sustained cyber attack and death threat. I am in nightly contact with Richard Moore at MI6 in London and inside a closed and locked police cordon…Someone is feeling the heat after we exerted massive pressure to break up [the Rothschild grip on the Western Banking system]”.


This desperate attack is linked to the imminent bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. This is now expected to take place in June as even Rockefeller slaves like the criminal Janet Yellen admit. They may have just bought a bit of time by selling another 26 million barrels of the Strategic petroleum reserve.



but, the writing is on the wall. Yellen warned G7 criminals gathering in Japan “a default on US obligations would produce an economic and financial catastrophe.”



She is wrong, it would mean a huge increase in wealth for 99% of Americans as the funds stolen by the criminal 0.01% and their servant class 1% are returned to them via a jubilee.


Bankruptcy or not, the battle to take these criminals down is raging toward victory. On that front, the House Oversight Committee revealed the nine Biden family members that received wire transfers from foreign nationals via shell companies:


  1. Hunter Biden
  2. James Biden
  3. Sara Biden
  4. Hallie Biden
  5. Kathleen Biden
  6. Melissa Biden
  7. Niece/nephew
  8. Niece/nephew
  9. Grandchild










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They also issued a legally binding subpoena to the FBI for a key document in the Biden family criminal scheme. The FBI is refusing to comply, meaning special forces will be sent into their headquarters to arrest top officials, Pentagon sources say.


In another sign Trump is back in charge, he was allowed to speak the truth on CNN about the stolen election and many other things. See the videos below for excerpts.


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Furthermore, Trump is urging Republican legislators to trigger the first-ever US debt default. As Trump knows, default is needed to trigger the jubilee and the nationalization of the privately owned Federal Reserve.



In addition to that, there are now 413,220 Grand Jury Sealed Indictments, with California & Texas in the lead. The average number of sealed indictments before Trump & 2016 is 1,500 cases per YEAR. Since each sealed indictment can contain multiple individuals, it looks like the one million or so Satanists in the US have been identified and will soon be sent to internment camps for re-education or punishment.



We also note Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s vows to finish off the job JFK began, by completely dismantling the CIA if he becomes the next U.S. President.



Somebody needs to tell Kennedy it was David Ben Gurion who ordered the murder of his uncle and father on behalf of his Rothschild/Rockefeller masters. He also needs to figure out the CIA has a split personality and that the white hats there actually support him; especially his stance on Covid and vaccines. By the way, Kennedy’s great-grandmother was the sister to my great-grandmother McCarthy so, we are distantly related.


Meanwhile, as real politicians like Kennedy keep pushing for the truth, the CGI or avatar Biden continues the theater of the absurd by saying: “We’re gonna solve all the world’s problems.” The fake is all smiles but refuses to answer questions.


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Next watch the fake masked Biden say: “After no longer being vice president, I became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania for four years.” Biden was paid $1 million, but he never taught a single class.


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We will keep a sharp eye out to see if “Biden” shows up at this week’s G7 meeting in Japan.


A lot of people, by the way, are trying to make a big deal about the fact Japan is opening a NATO liaison office. This is just lip service and does not mean Japan will start supplying weapons to Ukraine or fighting for NATO. In other words, it is just a big PR nothing burger.


Speaking about NATO, let us look at what this criminal organization has been up to.


On that front, the Polish Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime and corruption is investigating former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeders’ role “in preparing the invasion” of Ukraine, according to Polish intelligence sources.


Also, for anyone who knows someone that wants Ukraine to ‘WIN’ the war, ask them why has the United States, not stopped buying uranium from Russia since the war started?



According to Polish intelligence, “there are many reasons the world’s elites do not want to give up Ukraine. Not only was it their center of corruption; money laundering, bioweapons labs, human trafficking, etc., it also seems to be a testing ground for Digital ID, a cashless society they want to create everywhere. Does it make sense for a country at war to invest time and money in such technological projects when the population suffers and the country needs rebuilding?”

根据波兰情报机构的消息来源说: “世界各地的阴谋集团、秘密社团、影子政府、社会精英们不想放弃乌克兰有很多原因。乌克兰不仅是他们的腐败中心;洗钱、生物武器实验室、人口贩运等,乌克兰似乎也是数字身份证的试验场,这是一个他们想在世界各地创建的无现金社会。一个人口遭受苦难、急需重建的国家,竟然花费时间和金钱研究这种高科技项目,这合理吗?”

Colonel Douglas MacGregor adds: “We know that Larry Fink at BlackRock and his friends all thought that they were going to cash in big time, buy up everything that was left in Ukraine and exploit the region and the population forever. That’s not going to happen now.”


This is the same Larry Fink who says “Behaviors are going to have to change, behaviors have to be Forced and at Blackrock, we are forcing Behaviors.”


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“We’ll see if he’ll still have the same arrogance when the military alliance force their way into his penthouse office suite and carried him away to the Tribunals,” a CIA source comments.


The same for Klaus Schwab’s “great reset” Rothschild who says “Get used to no privacy. You must behave as we tell you to behave, or else.”


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Klaus Rothschild and his family members are facing arrest because they are on the brink of losing Europe.


Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is calling for the death penalty to be reinstated because it will be disclosed very soon that there are thousands upon thousands of pedophile child torturers, Mossad sources say,



In France, the revolution is still going strong and giving the “police” hell. The French people are pushing back.


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The French people want out of the EU. They are cutting up the EU flag.


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In a sign of just how unpopular Macron is, he had to do something no other French president has had to do and seal off downtown Dunkirk so he could visit accompanied by 5 ministers, more than 1500 police officers and generators.


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Any leader so afraid of his people is doomed.


“I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for Macron in another month, I would be surprised if he is still there,” says Colonel MacGregor.


“The British will find a new leader and they will go through governments until the economy collapses,” he adds. “The real question is what happens in Berlin with Sholz who is probably the most uninteresting, unimaginative and unimpressive leader Germany has.”


The same can be said about Justin Castrudeau in Canada. Several of his avatars, and probably Castrudeau himself have already been killed and the latest one bears a poor resemblance.


Now, his Khazarian Mafia handlers have attacked the rebellious Province of Alberta.,


Here is the latest from the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service about his actions:


“Justin Castro and his cronies don’t like Alberta because they stand up to him as he wants to push electric cars. Which means he has to destroy the oil and gas industry. People were told to evacuate in some areas. Later went back home only to find their homes LOOTED and the only people guarding the place were the RCMP.”


Castrudeau and his handlers will be hunted down when the clean-up of the USA is finished, you can count on that.


Russia is helping. According to President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, if he is to be tried as a war criminal, then all US presidents who have caused dozens of wars around the world without even having the right to do so should stand in line with him. This could happen soon. We note that the Soviet Union has been de facto re-established as seven out of nine CIS leaders visited Moscow for the traditional Victory Day parade on Red Square on May 9. Only Azerbaijan and Moldova failed to show up.


Russia, working together with China and white hats in the West, has now liberated most of the planet.


Thailand is the latest country to be liberated. Thailand’s new prime minister is Ms. Paetongtarn Shinawatra, whose father Thaksin and aunt Yingluck were ousted in separate military coups. Shinawatra is a member of the white hat planetary liberation alliance. This means the country is no longer under the control of a heroin-addicted king who is being held hostage by the KM in Europe.


Russia and China are also fighting to liberate the Middle East. Russia said on Wednesday a roadmap to normalize ties between Syria and Turkey will be drafted in coordination with the defense ministers and security services of Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey in Moscow.



This has led to a serious fight over Turkey. The Khazarian Mafia tried to keep Turkey under their control by trying to steal last Sunday’s election. They were able to force a run-off by resorting to more earthquake weapons threats as this video they released shows, Mossad sources say.


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Also, take a look at the two attached photos of President Erdogan These are not the same man. The ears, age and other features are different. Oops.


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There was also a serious proxy war in Pakistan over the past week. It started when dozens of paramilitary troops pushed former Prime Minister Imran Kkan into a black SUV, while others beat back some of his supporters in a court complex.


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His supporters then set the National public broadcaster’s building on fire, torched the private residence of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, stormed Election Commission headquarters (where vote-stealing machines were located), ransacked arms stores and basically started a revolution.


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This led to serious infighting within the army that forced Pakistan’s Supreme Court to declare the former prime minister’s arrest “illegal” and order his immediate release. He was then biometrically tested to confirm it was still the original Khan.


Khan was grabbed because he promised to expose Ukrainian nuclear weapons being sold via Pakistan to China, Iran, North Korea and non-state actors. He was also going to expose KM heroin operations, child trafficking and sex trade that has been happening for decades with the Military /police/ government officials/ and ELITES……




After his release Khan said; “The military is above law; the ISI [military intelligence agency] is above law, And if you have anyone above the law, then you descend into the law of the jungle. They can pick up people, detain people, disappear people. They try and influence judges; they clamp down on the media. There’s no accountability for the institution. It’s not democratic.”



Japanese diplomats in Pakistan note as background that Pakistan is about to default and go bankrupt along with the US CORPORATION.


Given all the criminal actions of the KM-controlled US, it is understandable why Chinese President Xi Jinping still does not want to talk by phone with fake US President Joe Biden. This came after US national security adviser Jake Sullivan became the first Biden official in months to talk to his Chinese counterparts. Our sources tell us he tried to sell US military secrets to the Chinese in exchange for funding for the US CORPORATION but was turned down.


The Chinese are fully aware the US is run by two-faced hypocrites. In the latest example, “The US Vice President [Kamala Harris] traveled to Zambia: she landed at a Chinese-built airport, moved on a Chinese-built road, and spoke at a venue that is a gift from China to Zambia. And yet she told the Zambians not to cooperate with China,” notes Akende Mmembe, director of Pan-Africanism Today.


What the Chinese need to figure out next is that the UN is also not what they think it is. In the latest example, The World Health Organization and United Nations are sexualizing little children in primary education worldwide, for the purpose of normalizing pedophilia. Meanwhile, judicial organizations media outlets and political parties are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a “normal sexual orientation”.



In another sign of Western moral decay, it turns out around one-third of scientific articles are “made up or plagiarized,” according to a new paper.



Speaking about made-up, Russia’s former head of the Roscosmos space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, says an official search revealed little evidence of the Americans’ going to the moon, He noted: “Soviet cosmonauts returning from multi-day expeditions could barely stand on their feet and underwent a long recovery after such flights, and the Americans crawled out of their lunar ships like cucumbers from the garden.”


The Russians have also sent us this link to a rather dramatic video of an anomaly that took place in front of the Kremlin.


So with that, here are the SSP/Blue Beam visuals for this week:


  1. UFO flying over the road in India.
  2. 不明飞行物在印度的道路上飞行

Video Player



  1. Interdimensional plasma craft with orbs.
  2. 带着小球的跨纬度等离子体飞船

Video Player



  1. Transportation of a project Blue Beam terrestrial craft.
  2. 正在运输途中的“蓝光计划”秘密太空项目飞船。

Video Player



  1. Numerous UFOS seen in the UK.
  2. 英国数不清的不明飞行物

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  1. SSP craft over Walmart USA.
  2. 在美国沃尔玛超市上空飞过的秘密太空项目飞船。

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