Benjamin Fulford The Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2023 January 2nd


Military fireworks expected to usher in Year of the Rabbit



Some h uge military moves worldwide are expected to usher in the Year of The Rabbit which begins on January 22nd on the Chinese calendar. “A new, formidable military year is coming, which will change the world and every person,” an Asian Secret society source promises. Pentagon sources predict a simultaneous massive offensive by China on Taiwan and Russia on Ukraine. However, we are hearing from Russian, Asian secret societies and other sources that there could be a simultaneous offensive by Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Iran, Serbia, Belarus and the secret space force to overwhelm all Khazarian Mafia-controlled military forces. Western Europe would fall within a matter of weeks while Taiwan is certain to surrender without putting up much of a fight. It is doubtful the South Korean military will fight much either against their compatriots from the North. Israel will also have to cut a deal before it is too late. We also hear from Secret Space Force sources that nuclear weapons will not be allowed to detonate during this conflict.


The Year of the Rabbit is supposed to be one of fecundity and reproduction so why war? The situation reminds me of a Jaguar I saw on a National Geographic documentary; it grabbed, killed and ate a large Cayman (Amazonian crocodile) to get ready to go off to mate. In this case, we need to remove the reptilian predators from the body politic before the world can start a prosperous new age.


This is happening beyond any doubt. Latin American sources tell us the death of Pope Maledict XVI on December 31st was a game changer. Maledict was one of the chief architects of the March 11, 2011, Fukushima mass murder event. He also orchestrated the murder of Pope Francis and his replacement with a rubber-masked impostor. The fact only Vatican City and the United States voted against an international move to protect the environment means he also pulled the strings for the Biden horror show in the US.


Vatican sources say that on his death bed Maledict said “Quite soon, I shall find myself before the final judge of my life…as I look back on my long life, I should have great reason for fear and trembling.” The source says Maledict was hoping a last-minute recant would be his get-out of Hell for free card but, Karma does not work that way. Mass murder and child rape is not something that you can get away with just by saying “sorry.” By the way, most of us do not have “great reason for fear and trembling,” about our actions. I know that when I go to meet my maker, if he tells me to “go to hell,” I will tell him to “go to hell,” because my conscience is clear (Okay except maybe for a few awkward and embarrassing incidents).


In any case, with the Pope dead and the Rothschilds trying to negotiate a surrender, it may be possible for the KM-controlled West to throw off its’ shackles and reach a deal with the world liberation alliance before the military fireworks go off. 


Speaking about military fireworks, CIA sources in South America explain that President Jair Bolsonaro submitted to election theft by the Satanist Lula because his wife and family were being held hostage. Certainly, Bolsonaro arrived in Florida without his wife and children. Also, an out-of-control magistrate called Moraes is BLACKMAILING the defense minister and threatening his son, Brazilian journalists say.


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This is typical of how the KM terrorize the top ranks of society to seize power.


Of course, these Satanists will not get away with this sort of thing much longer and it is doubtful the convicted criminal Lula, nor the Brazilian supreme court nor treasonous generals etc. will be long of this earth.


These KM idiots think their old plot of blackmailing/bribing/killing leaders in order to install a lackey is still working. The world is aware of their tricks now and military payback is coming.


Let us look at what sort of people we are removing from power. One top leader, Klaus Schwab Rothschild, inherited a fortune made from concentration camp slave labor, according to Polish intelligence. On a typical morning, Klaus goes to the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland where his friends finance grants for the future. “The trail of the last 100 years of wars and dictatorships always leads to the quiet offices of this bank,” they say. In 2020, four months after his Ethiopian terrorist buddy the head of WHO declared a global pandemic, he publishes COVID-19 – THE GREAT RESET. It says directly the pandemic was launched to start “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” This is a nightmarish vision of a world filled with genetically modified corporate slaves who will “own nothing and be happy.”



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They will be “happy” because their brains will be genetically modified to increase dopamine. That is exactly what parasitic wasps do to cockroaches so they happily will accept eggs being laid into their bodies to devour them from the inside out. In the case of the West, the equivalent is to bribe the top leaders of the ruling class in order to allow society as a whole to be parasitized.


Schwabs’ World Economic Forum started out as a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger, who of course was chief hatchet man for David Rockefeller and now his son David Rockefeller Jr.


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Another of their leaders, Benyamin Netanyahu -who is installing a Satanic theocracy in Israel- says he has “a database, 98% medical, 98% population, digitized medical records” going back 20 years. He says he wants to put everyone’s genetic information in the database. While these criminals claim it is for benevolent reasons, you can be sure it will be used to ensure only people genetically modified to absolute submission will get access to their planned digital one-world currency.


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Needless to say, they have long ago subverted any sort of oversight of their activities. As Elon Musk notes:


“Almost no one seems to realize that the head of bioethics at NIH – the person who is supposed to make sure that Fauci behaves ethically – is his wife”




The world has been provided with plenty of proof these people are trying to murder the rest of humanity.


Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces says:


The West blocked all proposals put forth by Russia to amend the Biological Weapons Convention, in order to hold thirty laboratory personnel and seven executives from the US defense establishment accountable for their actions in Ukraine.


We have previously presented materials confirming the involvement of Hunter Biden and his Rosemont Seneca Foundation, as well as other US Democratic Party-controlled entities, in funding the Pentagon’s main contractors operating in Ukraine.



US Attorney Tom Renz adds his bit by telling the press:


DARPA Unclassified documents confirm SARS-CoV-2 was created by EcoHealth Alliance at the Wuhan Institute of Virology coordinated by Peter Daszak. 


It was designed to be deliberately virulent and humanized resulting in 6.5 million deaths. Anthony Fauci was involved.


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In Canada, Premier Danielle Smith has fired the entire Alberta Health Services Board of Directors. Look at the salaries and bonuses they were getting and keep in mind these positions were PART-TIME.  (See attached photo with positions and salaries)



Here are the photos of some of these mass murdering war criminals who are now being actively hunted down by the white hats.


These are the real Nazis –aka radical Zionists- who still dream of turning the planet into a giant animal farm controlled by them. I call them Satanists to distinguish them from the breakaway German-led civilization that created the secret space force.


Here is what MI6 says about their leadership:


Masterminds are in panic, they need terrorism to remain in power, their master Netanyahu is back, and he aims at mass killing either inside the main stations, night clubs, and tourist places. We were told that active shooters from Eastern Europe were allowed inside the UK this summer, from France and illegally. This added to suicide bombers trained in India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Bulgaria! All the suspects working within the Home office, secret branches of the police, all police forces in the biggest cities, MI5/MI6, MOD, and members of the extremely radicalized talmudic branches are under close watch, especially those liars, racists, nazis, white Jewish supremacists. We want these people neutralized by any means necessary… Before they kill innocents.”


Russia is on the case as it mobilizes a 1.5 million-man army. “Russia’s proposals on demilitarization and denazification…should be accepted in an ‘amicable way’ or the Russian Army will deal with this issue,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says. “The actions of the countries of the collective West and Vladimir Zelensky, who is controlled by them, confirm the global nature of the Ukraine crisis,” he adds.



Polish intelligence sources for their part say that after returning from Washington, Zelensky visited Poland to ensure Poland’s direct participation in the war with Russia.







Even if the KM get NATO-allied Polish troops to fight Russia, the US military is not going to be manipulated into starting WW3 with Russia.


“The US conveyed via diplomatic channels that it does not want and will not fight with Russia directly,” Russia’s Lavrov confirms.


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Without US military backing, Germany will fall in two days and France in a week, military sources in both countries admit.


In fact, Western Europe has already surrendered and that is why they are not freezing this winter. As confirmation of this, the European Commission passed rules letting importers circumvent sanctions against Russian gas.



Since gas has started to flow again from Russia, the price of gas in Europe fell by 48% in December 2022 versus the previous month



So if the war is over in Europe, Asia is likely to be next, according to Pentagon and Asian Secret Society sources. “I think there will be military action, especially in Asia, next year,” an Asian Secret Society source says. The source noted that with Russia already victorious in the Ukraine “East Asia will be the focus of attention in the Year of the Rabbit.”


There are other hints of a massive joint Russian, Chinese and North Korean move. For example last year, “for the first time in the history of bilateral relations, permanent automobile and railway bridges appeared on the Amur border river [between Russia and China]” notes Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. She also hints at a military motive for the bridge construction by noting “Military and military-technical cooperation of the two countries contributes NOT ONLY to ensuring their own security.”



Another hint came as Kim Jong Un announced North Korea has passed a law, officially declaring itself as a nuclear-weapons state. This means US nuclear blackmail can no longer prevent it from taking over South Korea. Our North Korean sources confirm they expect some big military moves this year. 


If you take all of these movements together it is easy to predict a massive joint Russian Chinese offensive in East Asia.



However, the Pentagon is probably wrong if they predict military action in Taiwan. The Hongmen and the Taiwan-based Red and Green are close to reaching a deal on peaceful reunification, Asian secret society sources say. “Taiwan compatriots are highly principled, they will not be put up as cannon fodder by Taiwan independence separatist forces,” says Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.



So the best guess is in South Korea. However, something may happen in Thailand too because their heroin-addicted king is being held hostage in Europe while the next in line to the throne was recently assassinated. The murder of Princess Bajrakitayabha is not going to go unpunished.


There are many signs the countries of the Middle East are also likely to see big military moves coordinated with the Asian moves.


We note the defense ministers of Turkey, Syria and Russia met recently for the first time since 2011. Our sources say the Turks and Syrians asked for Russian air support as they take action against KM-backed oil thieves in Syria and Iraq.



The Iranians are also likely to move. Iranian military leader, Maj. Gen. Gholamali Rashid was quoted by the official IRNA as declaring, “Any country which collaborates with the Zionist regime in order to threaten Iran’s national security and provides bases and facilities for the Zionist regime will have those bases and places, as well as the origin of aggression and attacks… targeted by our armed forces.” The news agency discloses that the warning was addressed to Azerbaijan, the semi-autonomous Kurdistan in northern Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. Iran has hitherto never openly threatened those nations.



The big question is will big military moves bring the Secret Space Program people out of the closet?


In a hint at this, the recently signed 2023 National Defense Authorization Act in the US gives whistleblowers protection from any Non-Disclosure Agreements when it comes to UAPs/UFOs. “This is going to bring out the previous hidden intel by various government sources who had gag orders,” a CIA source says. 


And with that, let us look at the latest strange appearances over our skies.


1)   A Gigantic sphere appeared for 5 hours over Colorado

1) 一个巨大的球体在科罗拉多州上空出现了5个小时


2 UAP over Columbia 2022

2 2022年哥伦比亚省的2个不明大气现象

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3 UAP over Wales, UK 2022

3 2022年英国威尔士上空的3个不明大气现象

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4 Compilation of UAPS seen globally 


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Finally, as the Antarctic summer goes into full swing, we are seeing movement near the South Pole. Check this Google earth zoom-in on unusual objects at Nelson Island, South Shetlands. In our own search of the island, we confirmed the presence of large buildings that appeared to have no runway or port access. UFO Hangars?


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