Benjamin Fulford The Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis 2022 December 5th



Lost tribes of Israel and space Nazis come out of closet as Satanic rule collapses



There can be no doubt the planet earth is going through changes that are beyond biblical in proportion. That is why an ancient secret society -with roots going back to the biblical Jacob in Egypt- as well as space Nazis on flying saucers are coming out of the closet. This is happening because an esoteric war that has been raging for thousands of years is coming to an end. What we are witnessing is an end to millennia of Satanic rule on this planet.



This is visible in huge changes taking place in governments around the world, most notably last week in China, the United States, Israel and Brazil.



Let us start with events in China because they hold the key to so much else that is happening and is about to happen.



China was touted by top Satanist Klaus Schwab Rothschild (Rothschild=red shield of satan) as the model for their digital human animal farm New World Order. 



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The plan the Satanists had for this planet was to genetically modify every human into farm animal-type obedience, microchip their brains and control every aspect of their lives through constant, intrusive digital surveillance. In other words, literally, turn the planet into a giant human farm.



Communist China had gone the furthest toward that goal. All Chinese were given digital IDs and the entire country was covered with cameras that could immediately identify every individual in the country. Those that failed to obey would not be able to ride trains, access bank accounts, buy food etc.



Bio-weapons and electromagnetic death rays (5G) were then used as an excuse to enforce total obedience on the population. We have all seen these images of white-suited AI-controlled humans enforcing the system.



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Well, the Satanists underestimated the Chinese. Chinese history shows that people will put up with a lot, but, when a certain point is reached, they simultaneously explode into rebellion.



That is exactly what happened last week after Asian secret societies mobilized. First, top enforcer and former Chinese President Jiang Zemin died suddenly “after a long illness.” Following that, police and soldiers moved in and started dismantling PCR testing facilities and arresting the white-suited zombie enforcers. 




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The Asian secret societies are also aware the so-called pandemic was a combination of a 5G electromagnetic attack with the release of viruses by Rothschild-controlled laboratories in China.



It is no coincidence that Klaus Schwab Rothschild was spotted at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Washington DC last week. 



Shortly after that appearance, reports came out Schwab had died. 






This is what a White Dragon Society source had to say:



“This rumor is being circulated as Schwab has been apprehended by the White Hat Military Alliance. This Schwab may not be seen again. There is an avatar being prepared now. Not to worry as the Alliance is aware as well”. 



The WDS also sent a representative last week to meet the head of an ancient Japanese society known as the Yatagarasu or three-legged crow. This is the group who claim they founded the Shinto religion after a three-legged crow led them to Japan in ancient times. The members of this group claim to be descended from the ancient lost Israeli tribe of Ephraim as well as from members of the priestly tribe of Levi. They claim they can recite their ancestry back over a hundred generations to the biblical Jacob in Egypt.



It is interesting in this context to note Shinto is very similar to ancient Egyptian religion featuring worship of the sun god and the annual parading of shrines.



The mysterious Octagon group in Switzerland also claims ancient Egyptian origins.



It is probably no coincidence then that the meeting with the WDS was called because the Yatagarasu say that -under the supervision of the Red Cross in Switzerland- they had in their possession about $5 trillion worth of the gold of the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan. The reason they had the gold, they say, is that the Shogunate was always run by them. They claim the so-called battle of Sekigahara, when the Shoguns’ allegedly unified Japan, never took place. Instead, the last Tokugawa shogun was killed at “the battle of Yamanaka” and replaced by an avatar under their control.



In any case, the signatory for the gold is the Empress Michiko. She was willing to offer it as collateral for the founding of a world future planning agency, the Yatagarasu representative said.



To lend gravitas to the situation, this individual had in his possession a solid gold and very ornate throne he claimed belonged to the Ming Emperors. It was so heavy that another man and myself could not make it budge even a fraction. We were not allowed to photograph it.



What is interesting about this throne being there is that the Red and Green Asian secret society uses the date of the death of the last Ming Emperor as their secret code. Their long-term plan is to restore Ming rule to China. Thus, the reappearance of this throne would be of great significance to them, Keep in mind that most of the Chinese politburo as well as the top leaders of Taiwan are probably members of this society.



The Asian secret society is currently fact-checking the Yatagarasu claims with inquiries being made in Switzerland and elsewhere.



This offer may have been made at this time because the Russians are preparing a 700,000-man army that could over-run most of Western Europe, including Switzerland, this winter.



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There are plenty of signs Europe is about to fall.



For example, Sergei Naryshkin the Director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has come out publicly to say the Polish government is planning to hold referendums to absorb parts of Ukraine into Poland. However, Polish intelligence sources say the government is also planning to evacuate to London in the event of a Russian invasion.



The Europeans don’t want to fight Russia on behalf of NATO anyway. Irish Member of the European Parliament Clare Daly spoke for many when she said “terror, death, lawlessness, rape, poverty, starvation… that’s NATO’s legacy.”



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Also, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin admitted last Friday that Europe was “not strong enough,” to stand up to Moscow without Anglo-Saxon help.



However, the Anglo-Saxon military is not going to fight on behalf of the fascist KM-controlled EU, multiple sources agree.



The Americans in particular are too tied up with the undeclared civil war in the US and the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings of the United States of America Corporation to be interested in World War III with Russia.



The Corporation’s owners are now desperately trying to get survival money by asking the world for $ 1 trillion to help “reconstruct Ukraine.”



Of course, just like most of the money that already supposedly went to Ukraine, they plan to launder it back to themselves via cryptocurrency exchanges. This time, they won’t get a dime.



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Certainly the Chinese aren’t going to fork over any more money. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian last week publicly accused the United States of “coercive diplomacy from the threat of force to political isolation, from economic sanction to technological blockade” and of “a long record of propagating disinformation. From Operation Mockingbird which bribed and manipulated news media for propaganda purposes…to a vial with white powder and a staged video of the ‘White Helmets’ cited as evidence to wage wars in Iraq and Syria…and then to the lie of the century made up to smear China’s Xinjiang policy.” He also notes the US was “not at war only for 16 years throughout its nearly 250 years of history.”



It is not just China but the rest of the world that is now refusing to finance this criminal regime.



This is what an Iranian government source had to say about the American Corporate regime: “The entire planet has had enough of you Satanists and is determined to sweep you into the dustpan of history.”



The inevitable disintegration of the US Corporation is likely to be financial.



The famous economist Nouriel Roubini expects the end will come in the form of an avalanche of bankruptcies:



He says years of zero-interest money kept masses of inefficient companies afloat but now, inflation – fed by the same ultra-loose fiscal, monetary, and credit policies – has ended this financial Dawn of the Dead. With central banks forced to increase interest rates in an effort to restore price stability, zombies are experiencing sharp increases in their debt-servicing costs.



Others say it is the $2.5 quadrillion in derivatives held by the banks that will cause the financial system to collapse first. “It has already started to crack It cannot be stopped,” a Mossad source says. 




排名 金融衍生品规模    银行名称

1     57万亿美元      摩根大通

2     50万亿美元        高盛

3     46万亿美元      花旗银行

4     23万亿美元      美国银行

5     11万亿美元      富国银行

6      2万亿美元      道富银行

7    1.5万亿美元      汇丰银行(美国分行)

8    1.3万亿美元    纽约梅隆银行

9     8000亿美元      全美银行

10    6000亿美元   匹兹堡国家银行


There are also signs the owners of the US corporation hiding away in Switzerland are experiencing problems. A field source from the next WEF event in Davos at the end of January says “apparently they are trying to save money on every aspect of the event (technical,catering etc…).”



The source has two guesses as to why:

Local Swiss companies started to boycott the WEF

The WEF has no money anymore





In any case, this homeless camp near the White House symbolizes the current state of their US corporate colony. It wouldn’t surprise me if the actor playing “Joe Biden” was living in one of those tents.



When the bankruptcy comes; so will justice, CIA sources promise. One person long overdue for justice is Killary Clinton Rockefeller. Here you can watch her brag about how big tech is going to shut down the voting machines.



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Then there is the whole Hunter Biden business. Here’s a text message Hunter sent to Hallie Biden in 2018 saying that he was involved in “brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin,” and China had arrested “CIA operatives in China” in retaliation for the U.S. government arresting his “client the chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China.”



This was found on the Hunter Biden Laptop:
















In Canada too, Justin Castrudeau is overdue for his date with justice. The Russia-baiting government of Justin Castrudeau is now the dysfunctional laughingstock of the entire world.



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It is only a matter of time now before the hypocritical mass murderer via vaccine Castrudeau is hung. Of course, the original is long gone anyway, and it will be the people manipulating his young avatar who will be hung, Canadian Secret Intelligence Service sources promise.



These people will not be able to flee to Israel either. There, would be Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the actions of outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Friday, claiming he is trying to convince army officers to rise up against the government.



Mossad sources say the Israeli Military, like their counterparts in the US and Brazil, are taking action against the Satanists.



In Brazil, the military is being deployed around the nation as record-sized demonstrations take place daily against Satanist designated president Lula. Things are expected to come to a head there on December 12th, when power is supposed to be handed over, CIA sources say. Brazilian military sources promise mass arrests of Satanists.



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《Avi Yemini:











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With Israel, Ukraine, the US and other strongholds falling, it looks like soon the Satanists will have nowhere to hide. Maybe they can go stay at the “illuminati” hotel in the United Arab Emirates.



Okay, let us turn now to space Nazis we alluded to at the top of this report. Our secret space program sources say the day when anti-gravity and other futuristic technology is shared with the world is coming soon.





As a part of this “opening up”, a newly formed U.S. Space Force Central Command was activated on December 2nd and will be based at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida



To show off the sort of technology these people possess they sent us the following videos. We had an expert study them frame by frame and say they appear genuine.



  1. A project Blue Beam creation over Compania, Italy
  2. 一艘“蓝光计划”设计建造的飞船,悬停在意大利坎帕尼亚上空


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  1. Off world plasma energy drone over Brazil



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  1. SSP anti-gravity craft 
  2. 秘密太空项目反重力飞船


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As always, we will only believe 100% when we actually get to ride one of these things ourselves. Hopefully, that day will be soon.