阿斯塔 20190311 这是真的


阿斯塔 20190311 这是真的

Greetings comrades in arms, I am your Ashtar, leader of the Intergalactic fleet for Gaia’s Ascension. Yes, we have updated our fleet name for the occasion for we as are eager as you are to see this mission completed and it is with great joy that I speak with you today.


First and foremost, be at peace. Our loving fleet enfolds its arms around Gaia like a giant hug, providing security during this tender time of ascension, of both planetary and personal growth, which is exponentially exciting to witness and to be a part of. You, ground team, have not disappointed us. You have exceeded even our expectations, which you tend to do, for you are real go-getters, leaders, warriors of chaotic energies. There has been much stirring of the pot and the stakes are high. We see that you are grounding nicely, daily. Best continue to connect with the heartbeat of dear Gaia, who is your planetary mother, and a most patient and loving saint at that. We are here for her assistance. We all heard her planetary cry across the multiverse for assistance, not realizing how dark things had truly gotten for her and you light bearers are the ground force to save her. It is not melodramatic, it is truth. We are here for Gaia. We stand with you, strong, for her.


It has been said many times that a great solar flash is coming, is imminent. This is true. It may not be in the way that what you expect, but really, how could you know what to exactly expect? Even we do not know precisely what will happen. Our Sirian friends, the scientists, are happily calculating this exceptionally complex mathematical equation with numerous variables. Regardless, we know that it will go swimmingly, perfectly, for it has been decreed by Mother and Father God that it shall. And so we are the hands and feet of this mission, as are you, our precious ground team of the ages. I salute you for your service, for taking a body and holding your light! We are holding our light up here in the skies and on the ground as well, for many of us are blending in with you, some better than others (laughing).


We know that it is an intense time to be embodied and so we send you a healing ray of love and light now. Breathe it in. Open up your heart chakra with great intention and feel our love for you. You may tear up a bit, it’s ok, let it be felt and acknowledge your sacrifice. And now, we acknowledge Gaia’s tremendous sacrifice, to be a part so lovingly and willingly of this experiment of the ages. It has not been easy for her, to put it mildly, and great damage has been done to her body which we are in the midst of repairing. Soon also more of you will assist with this once the funds are flowing freely. Yes, of course the funds are there. Yes of course you are wealthy with the riches of the earth, for you are Gaia’s children and God always provides for her children, wherever they are placed. One must have the fortitude to look, to have faith, to believe, to see with the eyes of the heart, which we see many more of you doing hourly, which gives us tremendous joy.


This one and many others wish to know more about the wave. It is a gigantic energy pulse of pure love and light from the heart of your universe, from your great central sun. There are many central suns, there are many universes. Your understandings of space and time will have to be tutored to catch you up to speed. It will greatly assist you when you are able to be fully functional with your DNA online after the flash. That will help you understand, for you will remember much more than you do now. Some will feel bliss, others fear. It depends on your vibration. It depends on you, friends, on how open you are to this experience. Some will shut down, shut off their bodies for they do not wish to experience ascension and wish to be somewhere else. This will be honored. There will be great changes, naturally, it is the end of an era (Kali Yuga) and the beginning of the era of the divine feminine, of pure love. And so of course there will be monumental changes as the unbalanced masculine tips and falls, crashing into a million pieces. You ground crew, with our help of course, will be there to rebuild, to restore, to heal, to nurture and to create Nova Gaia. You get to create the utopia that humanity was initially experiencing, and was designed to be caretakers of. What an exquisite honor! Hats off to you friends, for you are doing this. Every time you choose love, forgiveness and joy you lay a new brick in the streets of Nova Gaia, paving the way for the others to follow. It is so true.


I look out from the bridge of the new Jerusalem with my friend Sananda beside me and I am overjoyed at the progress that we have made together. We have all had our roles to play, and you are playing yours well. It is going to get a little rocky. We need you to hold the light and to be the light warriors that you are. Love is your shield. Light is your game. Violet fire is your weapon. Wield it well. The darkness has been unleashed and we are all dealing with it well, but will need further assistance from our transmuting friends. But not for much longer for Prime Creator has had enough of this and is sending these lovely energies to this little sector of the galaxy and in truth to the entire galaxy, but you will have the honor of first experiencing it. You are the stone thrown in the pond of energy. The ripples from this experience will ripple out farther than you can imagine and all will be blessed by these lovely ascension codes and energies, of the divine breath of the Mother, of the divine presence of the Father, and your memories of your true selves, of begging to come here to lend your light will be restored. And all that will matter to you is service, is love, is being the hands and feet of Mother and Father God so that we can create Nova Gaia together in great joy as one.


I am Ashtar. Think of me as your friend or big brother. I am always here for you as well. Tell us what you see, hear and feel, ground team. You are us on the ground at this most auspicious moment of this sacred Now. We see you, we love you, we are with you. I am Ashtar of the Intergalactic fleet for Gaia’s Ascension. Hold the light friends and hold the line. Hold your hands open so that you can receive more. Hold your hearts open to these encodements. We send you our blessing now. Feel it trickle down your crown, burning away the fear and opening your eyes to who you truly are, clarifying your mission with joy and deep purpose. I am your Ashtar. Peace.




翻译:Nick Chan