造物能量 20190304 细胞淤泥正在离开


造物能量 20190304 细胞淤泥正在离开

Dear Ones,


The next Brenda’s Blog will be March 19, 2019. For the first time in ten years that I can remember (!), I’m taking a week off to play in the sunshine with lifelong friends. All previous Brenda’s Blog channels are posted at LifeTapestryCreations.com.


Perhaps you are a bit foggy or will be in the days ahead as you clear your cellular memories of all that has disturbed you for 3D eons.


Many of you cry that you have cleared and cleared. So you have. In truth, you have cleared more than you or we thought possible before your entrance to earth in this lifetime.


This is a physical clearing to help you better know yourself. Imagine your cells sparkling beneath layers of muck and mud – much as would be true of a diamond in nature. For a diamond is a diamond whether it is covered in muck or polished to a brilliant shine.


So it has been for your cells for eons. As one cell completed its work, your new cells landed in the same muck until your interior became a gray/brown mass with a sparkle here and there when you allowed yourself to be fully of the light.


En masse, you decided to clear one more level of your being – your interior cells. So it is that your being is or will be in a resting stage for the next few days or weeks. During this time, you will likely forget dates, actions, and motives as you move through your day. That is not to say you will be accident prone or cause accidents, but that you will catch your mind wondering during times you are usually focussed. You will forget names, dates, places, and yet find doing so somewhat humorous.


Your diamond being in all it’s brilliance inside and out is claiming it’s being. Something you have longed for, but were not certain how to obtain. For how could you mine your personal diamond cells if you did not know they existed beneath the muck?


So it is you are finalizing pieces of new you within your physical realm. Something you could not do while of 3D or before now as the Universes needed to send energies to correspond with your en masse request.


The result will be more rapid physical healing than was true before because you will receive clear messages of your cellular being whenever you wish. Most importantly for this Universal transition, your being will sparkle inside and out.


Many months ago, we informed you that you had a glow about you that was either attractive or frightening to those with whom you interacted. Now your glow will be both inside and out. No longer will you have to plead with your cells to note their needs or status. No longer will you fear that your inner workings are beyond your abilities.


Even though it was possible for you to be of 5D and beyond despite your cellular muck, you, en masse, requested a thorough cleaning. So it is your fearful memories are either of the past or diminishing. And so it will be that your interior workings will no longer be a mystery to you for you are soon to become a clear radio signal, if you will, inside and out.


You have worked diligently to clear your emotional and spiritual beings. Opening you to vistas you never thought possible. So it will be for your inner cellular structure. The difference is that this clearing will be gentle, even fun.


You will likely forget this and that and laugh at yourself as you do so. For you are not at the beginning of your clearings, but instead the end. And your prior clearings will be buffers during this clearing.


You might wish to judge yourself for not being as clear-headed as you would like, but doing so will likely be meaningless as you automatically sense the humor in the situation.


If you had cleared your cellular structure at the beginning or even months ago, your 3D judgment would have jumped into the fray creating fear or anger within you. Now that you are fully enmeshed in self-love, even if you try to dislike yourself for your fogginess, you will find it difficult. Just as it is difficult to dislike a toddler for being themselves. You might find yourself amused and surprised, but not wrong or bad.


So it is this cellular clearing allows you open communication with all parts of your being.


A side effect of this cellular clearing will be an even greater light. A light that combines your outer being, emotional knowingness, spiritual joy, and now, diamond cellular structure.


You are indeed the light of the Universes.


Some of you reading this message claim you are not yet of 5D or beyond. Such is your right. You can pout, cry, or self-judge as much as you like. Even so, your brilliance will show through despite your 3D need to hide, to run for cover whenever someone approaches you in awe or love.


You can hide no longer. You have been outed by yourself. It is time for you to fully accept you and your powers. Because not daring to claim yourself will not change your shining, loving brilliance. So be it. Amen.



通灵:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan