造物能量 20190208 所以,你的角色是什么?


造物能量 20190208 所以,你的角色是什么?

Dear Ones,


Many of you believe that all is not well in your world. That the fear boogeyman continues to hold the earth in its hands. That you are not in control of your life or your livelihood. That someone outside of you continues to pull strings making you dance to fear.


Even though the Universes have informed you over and over that such is no longer true, you see or sense little information to the contrary. So it is you wait for the earth to change from fear to love so you can understand your role.


What you have neglected to notice is that you are different from before initiating your transition in this lifetime. Likely, you are more self-confident or comfortable with your being than was true previously.


Most of you have attributed those differences to age or your freedoms from certain social interactions such as work, school, or parenting. Your changes are not about a natural relaxing once you no longer need to generate money through paid employment, completing school coursework or relief that your children are now self-sustaining adults.


This channel is about you accepting you without concerns about outside forces. A difficult concept for you to understand because you believe a different job, more money, etc. is all that is required for you to display your full strength.


What you have forgotten is you are evolving from the inside out. Your true being is not attached to your job, financial security, relationships, or parenting skills. You are evolving despite those outside elements.


Hense, you believe little is changing in your world.


Yes, there are many promoting and acting upon 3D fear. But there are more tired of that game but do not yet understand how to unravel the ball of fear they depend upon to tie them to others and more importantly, themselves.


They sense 3D fear is no longer fun or even acceptable, but they do not have the wherewithal to understand what they can do about their new feelings.


It is your role to display your joy of life in whatever form that takes. For that display more than counteracts the fear that is old and tired for the majority of earth beings.


Eons ago at the beginning of this fear phase, finding and displaying fear was fun with thoughts of, “I am a powerful Universal being playing with fear.” Much as many of you watch a scary movie or ski down a steep slope – creating fear playtime if you will.


The difference for most is that fear no longer brings a sense of accomplishment, but instead dread of a continuing soap opera with no end. Even though horror movies continue to be produced and mountains are available for the most adventuresome skier, what most earthlings are starting to crave is a sense of peace and goodwill.


This sense is dormant within most of those with whom you interact waiting to flower given the right soil (allowing them to be) and sunshine (your joy). Your encouragement for all is your ongoing need to be yourself.


So it is you are clamoring for your unique being both in thought and deed.


You are the light beacon of joy as a result of claiming your new being. No matter how diligently you try to hide your power, your being, it squeezes out of every pore of your being. It is that joyful power that others are starting to notice and wish to know more about.


You are not changing earth one person at a time. Instead, you are changing earth by knowing you are powerful and creative.


Accept your power and then allow yourself to display that power. You will not be harmed or scorned as was likely true in past earth lives. For your time has come to be yourself in all your truth– a far more powerful reason to be than any fear of discovery you can imagine or remember.


Come out of your shell for the world is waiting. More importantly, you are waiting for you to become as one in your power and glory.


You are changing the earth and thereby the Universes. You are not a weak entity waiting for the next fear to disturb your being. You are a powerful Universal being who accepted this responsibility to be in all your glory.


Stop pretending you are weak or that you must answer to others. Stop pretending that the rules of past lives or even this life have anything to do with new you. You are a destroyer and creator in one. Destroying the earth of fear and creating a new joyful earth.


Your need to have someone define you is a waste of your time and our time. You define you.


When you discover your joy, you will discover your role. And when others observe that display of joy whether it is a smile or new creation, they too will dare to become. Your role and only role is to follow your joy, and everything else will fall into place.


Most of you believe you must have some grandiose plan of creation to be a viable new you. Which is little different from the old dictate that you are important if you have the right income, job, skin color, sex, etc. All 3D fear control factors that have nothing to do with you.


You are as powerful smiling at a small child as someone who creates a new social environment. The size and weight of your joy has nothing to do with your role or your activities. Such measurements are merely a throwback to 3D better than. Follow your joy, and you will change the world.


If you follow the dictates of fear such as “I’m not good enough or someone might laugh at me,” you are following 3D guidelines in a beyond 3D world. And you are denying the creative skills you have worked eons to hone.


You are not like what you used to be, and neither is the earth. Claim yourself in all your glory through your joys, and you claim your role. Wait for someone to tell you who you are or should be and you return with a thud to 3D being. So be it. Amen.



通灵:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan