耶稣萨南达 20190309 一切都结束了


耶稣萨南达 20190309 一切都结束了

A new dawn is about to happen in your planet and with it the most marvelous brightness of the light will be seen by your eyes. This experience is going to be monumentally enormous and overwhelming for all because you have never seen such spectacle of light, love and brightness; The new earth all dressed up with all her glory and splendor.


Dear brothers and sisters we tell you that you are ready to live such experience along with us. It is really a moment that we have waited for a long time and my heart is jumping with joy. Brothers and sisters finally the moment has arrived, finally we will all see each other again, hug each other and cry, laugh and sing with joy.


Finally my beloved Gaia has been set free and therefore my brethren your light eyes shall be opened so that you may see us next to you, next to you where we always have been, where Mother/Father have never stopped vigil over your dreams and caring for you with all their love.


The time is now, the eras clock will stop so marking the end of the 5th era of the 5th race that has been in this planet and with it the marking the beginning of the new era, the 6th, the Golden Era of light and love. The era of the Gods, the era of the Revelation, the era of the Light of Knowledge, the era of the embodied Christs that accomplished their mission and now are coming home with us.


Dear brethren I am Yeshu’a, I am here with you my heart galloping in my chest with the emotion I am feeling to be able to see you all, welcome you with open arms and honor you for your valor and courage of never giving up. You make me proud of all and each of you and I feel honored to be your brother, I know you all feel the same.


We are entering the last stage of this great ending and now is where I ask you to please keep your calm and trust in yourselves. You are ready, more than ready to face this last step. But is of the upmost importance to keep calm amid the things that may arise this last days of this era. There has been other era endings but none as this one and that is why I am communicating with all of you my beloved light workers.


You must stay in high frequencies so you can receive our instructions clearly to what we will need you to do. Everything is being overseen 100% the 24 hours of your days and we have total control of everything, the only thing we ask you is that you do not disconnect your selves as only YOU your selves could do that.


Be in peace and confident that we will help you through this. First, all of you will be coming to the light and once you are with us we will be able to talk and talk, sing, laugh and clear all your doubts so that we can plan the next step together as the great team that we are. Only that this time we will come down with you in your own vehicle/body as one, totally completely joined and in communion to help all our little ones that still are a sleep in the illusion.


I just wanted to share this moment we are living in our ship the “New Jerusalem” at this now and tell you that we are ready to act as soon as the eras clock stops in a few days.


I am Yeshu’a Ben Joseph best known as Jesus the Christ and I tell you my beloved brethren that ALL IS FINISHED, the light has arrived to this beautiful planet and Mother/Father’s blessings are pouring in over abundance unto you.

我是Yeshu’a Ben Joseph,被熟知为耶稣基督,我告诉你,我亲爱的弟兄们,一切都结束了,光已经到达这个美丽的星球,母亲/父亲的祝福正大量地倾泻于你

With all my love and light


I am Jesus




翻译:Nick Chan