神圣之母 20190222 周期的完结时刻正在快速接近


神圣之母 20190222 周期的完结时刻正在快速接近

My Beloved Children,


The time of coming full circle is approaching with haste.  The moment when you will return to the lived knowingness of the grandeur of your spiritual heritage, your true Self, your Higher Self, is almost upon you.  


I know that you crave and fear this message because time in your 3D realm is not a concept that is echoed throughout the Multiverse, therefore what for us is short, can feel extremely long for you.  


And yet, take heart, for that is our purpose.  Most of you reading this message will indeed witness the end of time, of old time, of 3D time.  


Indeed, 3D time has passed and you will all have noticed that 4D time has a more light, plasmatic quality to it.  It is malleable to you and your needs at any given moment.  Yes, there are still 24 hours in a day, but the experience of those hours is vastly different.


I invite you to become time travelers, time experimenters: dialogue with time.  When you are short of time, instead of panicking, rushing and racy, slow down.  Become conscious of your mastery over time and request time to work with you to support you in achieving all that matters to you at an appropriate pace.


Your emotions determine your experience of time.  The higher a vibration you can bring to time, the greater the love you can feel for what you are doing and the more harmonious the experience of time will be.  


Time is an illusion, it is a vehicle, a carrier of your social norms and expressions, and it is a direct reflection of your emotional state.  The more awareness you can bring to it, the greater the qualitative change you will notice in your experience of time.


Slowly, you will notice that what we are inviting you to do is to come into the present.  Your conscious awareness of this now moment, reading these words, breathing this breath, is what gives you access to quantum changes and unimaginable transformations in the blink of an eye.  


Your calm, focused, loving awareness of the Now moment is the embodiment of the divine in human form.  There is nothing more we can ask of you.


I also invite you to become aware of how you fill your time, on what you spend your time.  If time were money, would you consider your activities to be an investment worthy of You?


Your human journey is the sum total of your emotional journey through life, a shopping basket of moments.  When you come to the cashier, are you happy with what you find in your shopping basket?  Is it a true representation of the person you choose to be?  Or have you been side-tracked?  Are there emotions, moments and experiences in your basket that you would rather not have?


This is an invitation my beloved children, to examine your basket and decide what you really want to invest your time in.  


If there are experiences, moments and perhaps duties that you feel are unavoidable or burdensome, then I ask you to transform your emotional relationship with those moments.  Instead of buying flour, buy a cake!  Instead of buying frustration, buy patience.  Instead of bringing anger to the cashier, bring forgiveness.


You are powerful creative beings of light.  You are just beginning in the journey of remembering those divine powers and abilities.  Become the alchemists I know you to be, as you birthed from me.


What is in me, is YOU. What is in you, is ME



通灵:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan