盖亚 20190205 改变之风


盖亚 20190205 改变之风

Greetings beloved children.


I have happily nominated, or, volunteered myself to give you all with this energy/ascension update today.


It is with great joy for me to reveal to you that February will be a month of massive movements. Each and every one of you will be moving, more rapidly, down the unique ascension path that has been especially prepared for you. Doors will be opened, paths revealed, clarity readily provided – as we need our light-workers to start positioning themselves at the front lines; as leaders and not as followers.


Please do not misunderstand this by thinking that you no longer need the support of your fellow light-workers, or, that it is time to ‘walk the path’ alone. That is not what we are saying here. Staying in the company of like-minded souls strengthens your path, resolution, motivation and of course, it is also fun to do!


Just how people gather together within groups to ‘talk shop’, e.g. doctors with other fellow doctors, writers with other writers, artists with other artists, etc., you staying together with fellow travelers will help you, especially during the times when the going gets tough. The saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is very true, in many ways. Sometimes you just simply need a listening ear, or two, from people who can deeply understand the things you are going through.


2019 will be the year when we need you more than ever, loved ones.


We need your Light; we need your courage; your willingness and readiness to step up into the roles that you were born to do.All of you are holding unique Ascension ‘Codes of Light’. Ascension ‘Keys’ that will activate different doors/portals to Creation.


Different people will be ‘triggered’ or ‘activated’ by different light-workers – due to the similarities of past lives/current life’s challenges that they, and you, had gone through. And thus, you will be uniquely situated to help these people because of what you had learnt/experienced. The people who will come to you for assistance, will be those who know (instinctively, on a higher level) that you are the best person to help them move forward.


You are all perfectly stationed around the world right now, wherever you are is exactly where you are meant to be, in this NOW moment in time. Each one of you holds different frequencies of God; signature frequencies that cannot be duplicated by any other light-worker, or any other living being. You are each as unique as your DNA, and as such, your contributions to the world and to the entire Ascension process, will be equally as unique. Equally as important & crucial to the whole.


Father Mother God is in the middle of drawing a grand, massive-sized, beautiful, amazing painting titled: ‘Heaven on Earth’. And now, imagine this painting split into many different pieces. The number of pieces will be an exact match to the number of light-workers currently physically embodied on-planet.


Each one of you here is a super precious, important, and extremely valuable ‘jigsaw puzzle piece’ of this painting.


Knowing how precious you are, please start to recognize the value that you bring into the world. You don’t even have to specifically ‘do something’ to be contributing to the whole ascension process. The process is automatic. When your overall LQL (Light Quotient Level) is at a high enough level – coming from a high level of integration of your four bodies: physical, emotional, mental & etheric, with Higher Self – this is when you will be called into greater service. A service like what most of you have been called to do, subconsciously, especially in the last 12 months.


This service to the Light that you have been doing includes the following, but not exclusively just this: your Higher Self has been ‘using’ your physical body as a powerful receiver and transmitter of the Purest, Highest Frequencies of Light. Christ Consciousness Energies. Mahatma Energies. Omega Light Energies. Pure Source Energies the scale that I (your Mother Earth) and you have never experienced before.


Your physical bodies can be compared to a huge, powerful satellite dish; or more accurately, to a crystal-based energy transmitter/receiver. Yes, this means that your body is a living, breathing, vibrating crystalline transmitter and receiver of the highest degree.


A spiritually awakened person who is very close to full integration with Higher Self, is operating as this ‘satellite dish’ at the highest, most powerful capacity. This person – like a sponge dipped in water –  ‘absorbs’ these higher-dimensional energies into his four-body-system;  keeps some of the energies for his own individual transformation into a 5D Light Being, and then proceeds to distribute/disperse the remainder, for myself (Mother Earth) and for all members of the Human Collective. This is automatically done, every single second of every single day, ever since you have reached the required LQL.


If you are wondering why I am sharing all this information with you, my children, the reason is quite simple. As the average LQL of all of you here, have reached 70% and above, you will be called into greater service now, more than ever. And if you are wondering how, dear one, it is also quite simple.


Simply take the time to tune in every morning, before you begin your day, to your Higher Self and to Me, and simply ask us this question:


‘How may I be of service for us all today?‘ Here, the word‘us’ refers to yourself, to myself Gaia, and to all within the Kingdom of God, especially those currently on Earth. And we will give you the answers to that question with something that only you can do for us that day. And that something will be unique; it will be related to your soul’s purpose, mission and contribution to the creation of new Earth.


Now let’s go back to the topic at hand.


In February you will all be in the middle of building momentum. Every moment you are creating anew; every day we will be sending you the perfect inspiration and guidance to help you, help us, create new Earth in a way that is perfectly suited to your innate abilities.


For those of you who are energetically sensitive, please be aware that February will be the beginning of The New. We have all passed a marker, at the end of last month.


Your sensitivity will remain the same for some of you, whilst for others, it will be on the rise. And this is all happening by design. The spiritual gifts that some of you have been praying for, will soon be activated.


Spiritual gifts such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, these and many more, are on their way to you right now, as we speak.


And now in terms of Ascension physical symptoms, most of you here will not be as heavily affected as you had been last month. Things are getting better, loved ones. Ascension is getting easier in terms of how the higher energies you have been absorbing, are actually affecting your bodies – the physical vessels of your spirit.


This is now the time for all of you to expand; it is time for all of you to embrace your creativity and actually start creating.


And obviously, for you to be able to start creating, you need to be able to daily function with a high degree of ease and grace. There may still be days, for example closer to the new moon/full moon cycles, when you may be feeling slightly under the weather, however it will not be as physically or emotionally, as demanding/consuming like what had regularly occurred in the last 6 to 7 months.


It is time for you to celebrate loved ones. It is time for you to start your co-creation process with me; with your Higher Self and spirit team; with Father Mother God, to bring about the kind of world that you want to be living in – the kind of world that you want your children to live in.


Anything Is Possible.


You are an unlimited being with unlimited powers.


It is time for you to start discovering what those powers are.


It is time for you to go beyond your normal boundaries, to test your limits, and stretch your wings. You are no longer 5th dimensional newborns. In fact you are no longer 5th dimensional teenagers.


Where you are right now can perhaps be compared to a young adult turning 21; a young adult who has just received the keys to his first car. The young adult who received this birthday gift from his parents to celebrate his adulthood. The car represents his new found freedom in life.


The freedom to do as he pleases with life; the freedom to go wherever he wants to go; the freedom to decide how fast or, how slow, he wants to get to his destination. This freedom is essentially the freedom to create what he wants to create with his life. The freedom to do what he wants to do for a living; the freedom to look after his own finances, and the freedom to have what he wants when he wants it. Without strict parental controls continuously limiting his choices in life.


And this is exactly what is happening to you as well, my beloved.


You have learnt everything that you are meant to learn with your many lifetimes here on planet Earth, dear Old Soul, and you have successfully healed, released and purged many discordant memories/experiences stored in the gigantic warehouse of your DNA. Discordant to your Higher Self’s True Nature.


If we were to compare your clearing and purging process to the removal of the many different layers of an onion, then most of you here have reached the inner core of your onion.


And that inner core is where your Higher Self can be found. This is the powerful aspect of your Self that is God-like in nature.


Now that you have been given the keys to your car, i.e. to Unlimited Freedom, it is time for you to set your GPS with the coordinates of where you wish to go from now on.


The options are endless. For those of you who have ever driven a car with the GPS on, whenever you press ‘start’, you will see that your car’s GPS will automatically create a route to take you to your destination. And when you follow that route,  there is not a single doubt in your mind that you will reach your destination by following the mostly-verbal instructions coming from the GPS of your car.


And in much the same way my beloved, you need to start trusting your higher self, your heart, your spirit team, absolutely. Without any fear or doubt interfering in the process of your creation and manifestation. Trust us, like you would, the GPS of your own car. The more often you do this; the more practice you do, the better you get at doing this.


Your expansion and growth will move along at an exponential rate, especially within the next six months, so much so that by the end of the year when you look back to what has been happening in 2019, you will be filled with so much joy, awe, wonder and gratitude for everything that has come to pass.


This is our promise to you loved ones. However we do need your cooperation; your collaboration in order for us to help you, to turn your life around.


Do not spend a second more staying in the vibrations of fear, no matter what is happening around you. Simply focus, always, on where you wish to go, and have the mindset that you will not fail to get there.


Just like the GPS in your car will not fail to guide your way, whenever you are constantly in tune with with your feelings, with your Higher Self, with God, then the route/way/path to get to your destination will constantly be revealed just at the perfect timing. Always when you are ready for the next lane, the next street, the next road, the next express freeway.


We love you so much, beloved friends. All of us here in the company of Heaven, we thank you for your service to me, Gaia, and to the Human Collective. And we wish to do everything we can, to help you achieve what you want to achieve.


Trusting us, and trusting your Higher Self, also means: to trust your heart, your feelings, your intuition a lot more than what you have been doing so far. Start listening more to the guidance coming from Within.


The answers to all of your questions; to all of your problems; to all your dilemmas/challenges that you are currently facing in life, are all within you.


And the moment you realize that, is the moment when you have become full partners in this Divine Act of Co-Creation.


God is creating Itself anew, through you, and this is exactly how it is meant to be.


Once again we would like to remind you that, you are God and God is you.


The moment you understand and fully believe in the meaning of that statement, without doubts, fears or feelings of unworthiness interfering in this co-creative process, is the moment when you will finally discover how easy it is to create and manifest everything that you hold dear.


It will be the moment, you will know yourself, experientially, As God.


Love is truly the only thing that matters. It is the driving engine of Creation.


Feel yourself up with so much love; imagine your car is filled up with love as its only fuel.


When you fill up your car with Divine Love energies as its gasoline, you are in fact filling up your car (your life) with THE most powerful driving force; able to propel you into unimaginable heights. Whenever your car runs out of energy/fuel, all you have to do is recharge; do a little TLC, and reconnect with the Bright Flame of Love shining within the inner GPS that is your heart. And when you set the intention to do this often, you will be able to get your car/life to move at greater speed as it will always be in constant alignment with the creative energies of Source.


We are here with you every step of the way,  as you venture out into the world as a fifth dimensional adult who are now ready to be our 5D leaders; creating a new generation.


A generation of super-humans who will no longer behave the way a 3D human behaves.


As you break out of your self-imposed third dimensional prison that you have been living in for so long, you will find that the world out there, outside of that prison, is wondrous beyond your current imaginations.


You are our pioneers, our 3D Rule-Breakers. You are at the front lines of change.


You are those who are bringing, creating and easily riding the Winds of Change.


Staying completely unafraid; unwavering in your faith. Trust that the winds of change will carry you to magnificent places filled with everything that you have ever wanted in life. Never fear change, my beloved. Change is the only constant in life.


Change is the name of God. Change is God, and God is change. And since God is in a constant state of expansion, always creating Itself anew, then Its name is synonymous with Change.


You only need to spend more time outdoors; breathing in fresh air; connecting with Nature – with the trees, flowers and the animals around you – for you to easily reconnect with your Inner, Higher Self. The more often you do this, the better your life gets.


We hope that this message has served to help you in an empowering way; to encourage and reassure you, that all is well.


Things will continue to be well this month and in the many months ahead.


Yes, change is definitely in the air, but it is the type of change of your own choosing; one that will truly be for your higher good and the higher good of ALL.


Call upon me whenever you need my assistance, whenever you are perhaps feeling out of balance. Dizzy, perhaps even fearful with the many changes happening to you and to all around you.


I will hold you tight in my arms and infuse you with the energies of unconditional love, calm and peace; giving you the assurances you need and the tidings of all good things to come.


We are loving you beyond measure.


Your Mother Earth



通灵:Adele Arini

翻译:Nick Chan