父神 20190303 保持警觉和清醒


父神 20190303 保持警觉和清醒

The eons of time have shorten in this beautiful planet Earth, my children have accomplished all their missions and we are very proud of all of you.


The energy that reaches you today to sweep this magnificent blue planet are the rays of hope and love that Mother and I are sending with much love to all of you.


The time has arrived, get ready !


At last this earth will see the light that was stolen and its brightness will expand throughout all universes and galaxies and every creature will see Mother/Father God’s glory manifest with all its light and power over this little galaxy and this beautiful planet full of great light beings that with lots of love, sacrifice and dedication have achieve the defeat of the darkness that afflicted them.


My children I am your Father whom you call God and wish with all my heart to thank you for keeping you promise of love for me, that you would help me rescue your little brothers and sisters and bring them home.


My heart overflows with joy to see that all the Christs are awake and ready for the last face of this honorable mission. Our hearts sing in joy to see how every divine spark is lit in this planet and how your magnificent light shines every dark corner where evil had trapped the souls and brings them back to me.


I am that I am and nothing nor anyone can turn off this light of love, peace and happiness that now surrounds this planet that is being healed from its core and soon will be again the magnificent paradise that I created.


The events that are about to unfold will change life as you know it today, each and every one of those events are destined to do good even in their apparent caos. They are blessings that will change your perspective of what and who you are.


All your big brothers are here with me and Mother just waiting the holy moment in which the heaven’s curtains will be open and the truth revealed to the world as it is and then nothing will be the same for you nor us.


This moment will mark forever and eternally a change not only in this beloved planet but in all my children’s consciousness everywhere in the universe and will be marvelous. The new age has arrived and with it the peace, the light and the true and unconditional love.


My children it is important to be alert and awake to be able to live every one of the events that are to come starting this month and that will start the most marvelous transformation ever seen before by all my children here.


Because you will ascend in your live bodies along your beloved Gaia and both of your transformation will be a great show of light, love and life that I have given along my beloved, the great Mother, for the whole universe’s transformation.


We are here along you to help you and support you with our love light for the most espectacular change ever seen. This final time of transformation can be hard but I know that each and every one of you came along with all the gifts and preparation in your heart for this life moment that all of you will live. Trust in your selves, that is the same as to have trust in me and all of us, remember that we are one eternally.


The time is now, the time has come, the moment has arrived, the clock of the eras soon will stop and will mark the end of evil in this Earth and the arrival of the new era of light, abundance, peace, joy, happiness, life, love, knowledge, truth and tranquility that you so much desire.


My beautiful children we love every one of you immensely and we know that you will do it with excellence. Help your brothers and sisters that are still sleep in the illusion of the matrix and as with the young sheep lead them with love, patience and care to the light path that will open with the March 21, 2019 portal in which those who desire to do so and are ready will be able to cross over and unite with us in light and love, fill your quivers of peace, power and gifts to return to serve humanity, that may need more time to awake.


But to all of you that feel the call of my voice listen loud and clear THE TIME IS OVER!!!


I hereby finalize this era, the fifth era comes to its end, a new Earth and a new heaven are born for all my beloved children. This call is very important because it is today and it is for you my beloved.


Are you ready to come to me?


I am ready with open arms to hug you and thank you for all your service to love. Rest in my arms child of mine! I love you, thank you and honor you for everything you have done and so I ask you…


Are you ready to come back to the planet to help guide all the rest back home?


Take my hand and together we will comeback down again to be the light in the path of others that will come to you looking for answers and guidance.


And you my child will show them that: “I am the way, the truth, the life and no one gets to the Father but trough one’s self ”


Is the key that always has been within you and is the roadmap to return home!


I am with you here and now


I love you






翻译:Nick Chan