母神和萨南达 20190313 黑暗逃离,光包围


母神和萨南达 20190313 黑暗逃离,光包围

Hello dear children, this is your Mother God speaking. I enwrap you in my warm embrace in this moment of peace, of connection. Feel my loving arms around you and lay your burdens, your worries, your fears aside. Let us start a new day together with lighter shoulders for you were not meant to carry the weight of the world, you were meant to simply transmute and walk with me. There is a difference. Many of you feel you are carrying the weight of the world and are feeling almost crushed by it. This isn’t necessary, children. Martyrdom is something that you are used to feeling, embodying, reliving. This is not the lifetime for that. You have been there and done that in many ways already. No, this is the lifetime to fly, to find your wings of eternal love again, the angel previously trapped inside you, and fly home to me. Fly home to me my children of love, of grace, of pure Christ consciousness. It is your destiny. In many ways reading these words and others, you are already doing it for when you think of me, you are already home, for your realize, or begin to, that home is inside you. And when you realize this you are home, for I am within you. You are a microcosm of the whole. Line up your chakras and give them a good shake, a good wake up and cleaning. Allow me to infuse you with yet more love. Become a river of love, of light. Become all that you already are. I see you as my divine children who are warriors, but yes, you will always be my precious children.


Crawl up into my lap now and let me sing you a lullaby of pure peace. Feel the inner stars of your dreams light up within you, sparkling, bright, singing yet another melody of love, of hope, of divine purpose within you. Your codes are sparkling now, coming online. Your DNA spins and twists like divine strands of diamonds. You are my greatest treasure. Together, you, with us the COH, have come so far. For you see, we have all evolved a bit in this process, and we are all learning from this vast interchange of experience, of renewal of ascension within the physical. And so children no wonder you are tired! You have every reason to be. Many of you are working nightly in your dreams after a long day of hard toil. You never stop loving, pushing, thriving, being, and this gives me great joy! You are my great joy! You are my dream realized. The nightmare is over now on the earth plane. It is time for pleasant happy dreams, memories, visions, hopes, to be created with great joy and sheer will. I believe Sananda wishes to say a few words. I do so love you, children. I am your mother God and you are my precious children, my greatest treasure. Open your hearts wide to me and let us become one in this space now, this space of meditation that you carry with you throughout your day, a day that is best renewed by chatting with me through it. I love hearing how you are doing through the day. I am always here for you children. I am you, remember? We are one, darling. Remember home is within your heart-space. It never left you. I breathe my peace upon your crown. Feel the sparkling rose petals of grace and beauty cascade around you in a vortex of light. See the butterflies from the heavens spin and fly all around you, further rencodements to unlock. I am your Mother God. Be at peace and rest in me. I am always with you.


Hello Friends! I am your Sananda! I look at you ground team with wonderment and eyes full of love. I see the universe within your eyes, I see the Creator looking back at me when I see your bright faces. We have done it friends! Mission Ascension Gaia has been a tremendous success, much more arduous than anticipated and true, we are not quite over yet, but friends we are soooooo close! And of course this brings tremendous excitement up in the skies, on the ground, in the ground. The whole universe is watching this little corner of space, where there has been so much pain and suffering, explode into light! Aha! The Christ consciousness seeds that I sowed within the hearts of humanity have grown deep roots, up into strong trees whose branches reach up to the heavens with strong purpose. Your (light-worker) roots have long been interconnected with one another. It is time friends to find these connections, these roots and realize that your branches have been touching the other light-workers the whole time.


Mother has spoken. It is time for these reconnections to resurface and to be made plain to you. You all see new manifestations of interconnection within the light-worker realm. New groups, teams, relationships blossom on the branches of the Christed consciousness. Roots reach deeply into the heart of Gaia’s planetary core. They have traveled such that Gaia herself is morphing into crystalline, in fact she is really just waiting for you and for humanity to catch up so that the least amount of damage is done. She is such a caring mother, always looking out for her children. It is time that her children look out for her. It is our hopes that these new light-worker teams will roll up their sleeves a bit more and tangibly assist her with cleaning her up. Picking up trash, forming associations to change environmental laws – there are many things that need to be done. But know that we will help you, however it must be instigated by you, as the New Gaians that you are, for she is your current home planet. Many of you are and have been longing for home. Perhaps when the energies continue to rise a bit you will realize that you have been home the whole time. You have had many many lives in many many planetary systems. The universe is your home. Mother and Father God are your home. We the COH are your home. 


For we are all one. Let that sink in a bit. Perhaps the loneliness is more of your imagination run wild? It is time to understand, to feel, to breath in this connection of wholeness. You are whole. We are with you. You are home, just having a new experience in a new body, but your spirit is home, for it is still a connection to your higher self, your oversoul, your galactic and spiritual family. Rest in this and be at peace. These times of meditation and quiet are so tremendously important. In the breath we find this connection, we feel this closeness. In the breath you connect with the divine within you, to all of us, to your deepest self. Find comfort in this friends, knowing that you are so tremendously supported, loved, valued for your contribution to this tremendous project and treasured for the beings that you are.


I am your Sananda. I see Gaia glowing brighter hourly. You will see some shakeups, which is good. As change swirls all around you know that we are in the calm of the storm in your innermost heart space, with you, walking with you, holding the light and the line with you, being fortified with this promise that the great change is here, is coming, is all around you.


I am your Sananda. Yes, the great flash is coming, the great love wave in many ways is already here. See, we are together! The increasing energies will only bring more union and reunion. Seek out the other light workers. Form alliances against the dark and fortify your lives with further connection of friendship with others of the light. It is time to stand strong together and find joy in each other’s light. But never forget to cultivate your own inner light with daily prayer and meditation, daily self care and love yourselves as we do so love you. I am your Sananda. If you’re wanting a news report I would say “The Light has Won on planet Gaia; ground team of the ages partners with previously unseen COH who is now made fully visible with divine friendships. New alliances form, further fortifying the light. The dark flees, the light surrounds.” I am always with you. Call upon me anytime. I am your friend, Sananda.




翻译:Nick Chan