梅林 20190217 春分门户


梅林 20190217 春分门户

Greetings Young Ones,


We the Collective would like to tell you about the current situation above your planet. We told you that Gaia will Ascend. She is almost ready for her final burst of Energy. The Energies is also affecting many on your planet. Have you noticed that you may require more sleeping time? It is normal. Your DNA is getting inline gradually. Dear Ones, know that the latest burst of Energy was meant to be soft and gradual.


Also, as you know, we are all around your planet at the present moment. Special teams were sent to land on your planet. They are on the surface since a while. Many official contacts were made. But for security reasons, the special teams are highly protected. We know that some of you can feel our presence on the surface of your planet. The Light forces are making progress removing the Cab·al.


Dear Ones, in the following days, you may feel something strange with the 3D timeline. You might notice some timeline jumping. This may result in losing time or gaining time. This will depend on your sensitivity. Enjoy the experience, as it will happen more frequently. Please note that your 3 Density world is failing. We would like to recommend to ground yourself and enjoy the soft transition. Many of you think that you will jump from one dimension to another overnight. That is not how it is meant. Your spiritual Journey brings you to a gradual shift from your 3D world to the 5th Density. Most of you wouldn’t be able to withstand a sudden shift. Remember grounding and meditation are a must in order to gradually go through the transition.


The spring equinox gate will soon open. There will be a burst of Energy to allow you to step into the 5th Density. This burst will be the first of many to allow you. To many of you on the surface, the Energies coming from the Central Sun will brighten everything around you. The Energies may be seen as a strong Pure Light, but it is not designed to blind anyone. The Energies will activate your DNA, all your Energy points will be activated.


Dear Young Ones, it is important not to be discouraged if you are not feeling anything. Each and every one of you is standing in line to Ascend. You must understand that each of you has learned different aspects and lessons. Therefore your body and soul will be triggered at a different moment in time. We recommend that you take some time for yourself. Some of you may feel like floating. Remember the basic lessons.


As we are talking right now, know that several beings are coming out in the open. The Elementals, the animal kingdom, and many others are about to make their First Contact with the Humans. It is important to continue your Spiritual work. Your higher vibrations will open the door to a world never been imagined before.



通灵:Bernard Lariviere

翻译:Nick Chan