Beloved Ones,


We come to speak with you about the great cleansing that continues upon the Earth and within every human upon the Earth. This is creating a great deal of confusion and chaos within many upon the Earth. And so it is that your Light is of great importance at this time. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge each and every one of you who understand how important your presence is to the Earth and humanity. You understand the importance of your daily disciplines to raise and maintain your frequency levels and that you continue to do this in the coming months. This is an act of service that is indispensable, and it is a great joy to us to be working together in unison with you in this way.


Always go within; seek within yourselves the answers that resonate within your hearts, within your God presence. Know that there is much that is not the truth that is circulating in your world at this time. It is an effort to keep the beloved people of Earth in fear. When you, the people, refuse to give power to that which was created to cause fear, then it is transmuted and nullified and those who try to bring this fear into your reality no longer have any power to control you. This is what is occurring upon the Earth.


More and more people are awakening each day, by the thousands, Dear Ones, and they are observing their world and making the choice for a better one, they are making the choice to choose that which is for the highest good of all of humanity upon the Earth. They are making a choice for all that is good for all the kingdoms of the Earth, for all of nature and of course, for Mother Earth herself.


We are all one unit working together for the highest good of all and so, as the days continue, your great radiating Lights are making a huge difference. As Lightworkers upon the Earth, you do not always see the greatness of your beings. If you but realized the powerful Creators that you truly are, you would then understand how standing in your Light and radiating it outwards makes a huge difference upon the world that you live in.  When there are many of you united in this service, changes take place with greater grace and ease for everyone.


As the great Divine feminine energies continue to stream down upon the Earth and each of you grounds that energy into the core of the Earth, there is a cleansing that occurs within the Earth. As that cleansing occurs, that which was not of the Light is being released and transmuted. In its place is a wonderful, glowing, radiating Light and this Light is growing in intensity, this Light is creating a radiant, luminous Earth and this Light cannot be denied.


This Light is ever growing and expanding and there will come a point where each of you, in unison with Mother Earth, all of humanity, the kingdoms of the Earth will become as One. There will come a point where you will FEEL that you are all One, and you will know this within your hearts. It is at that point that there will be the true turning point for the Earth and her inhabitants.


We of the Family of Light who have worked unceasingly for this through untold eons of time are so grateful to see that these days are now upon us. We are so grateful to see that Light grow within the Earth and as that Light grows within the Earth, it grows within the heart of each inhabitant and this is creating the potential for greater Lightness and joy. As this occurs, the vibration of ALL is lifted up.


In time, the world that you knew will be as though it was a dream. Each of you will be experiencing joy, peace and harmony along with a feeling of bliss, of unconditional love and unity, in Oneness with All That Is. Everything you have experienced before will seem as though it was a dream, just as dreams that you have had at times during sleep seemed so real – so shall it be when the Earth and her inhabitants are in that higher consciousness. There is much that will continue ‘behind the scenes’, there is much that will be revealed, it is only a matter of waiting for Divine timing. We love and honor each of you and our most heartfelt thoughts are ever with you.


Kwan Yin and St. Germain



通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan


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