昴宿星 20190208 揭露和第一次接触


昴宿星 20190208 揭露和第一次接触

great ones,


current inside space agency intel suggests that approximately 100,000 light-weight plasma rainbow-colored, benevolent, extra-terrestrial craft have been spotted and counted using hi-resolution solar telescopes! these ships are currently docked around the earth’s sun!


these rainbow plasma ships have already fully de-cloaked and are being witnessed, photographed and filmed by many beings on the surface!


these elite forces of light have entered this solar system through a massive multi-dimensional central sun portal!


channeled intel indicates these celestial ships are primarily from the pleiades star cluster in the 5th dimension!


the primary mission of these light forces is to deflect enough akashic-gamma-light-data from the central sun, off the earth’s sun, on towards the earth where it enters human-body cells and recodes and enhances dna to a more advanced state of functionality!


for 6 months straight now these pleiadian light forces have been performing super-intense master level dna upgrades all across planet earth!


upgrades are targeted to the 40 hertz, 5d, gamma/bliss state of consciousness.


if a being resonates too far below this level they will not be affected in any way by this light frequency!


some of these upgrades involve a complete shut-off of the physical vessel for a period of 1 hour or so!


if you have experienced one of these upgrades you know it can be super intense for a moment!


the good news is, your layered bodies come back on-line within few hours afterwards and you begin to operate as a much more powerful being in all areas!


after one of these master-level dna activations you become more intelligent, much more loving, more healed and more advanced in every area of life!


decoded light transmissions directly from these benevolent beings to earth alliance members indicate that these angelic forces are in a green light go situation to perform a full disclosure to the beings of earth!


operation update as of 2-2-2019:


an all-out effort by the powers that were to block this arrival and disclosure is currently underway!


in a weak effort to hide these immensely advanced angelic forces from public eyes, govt. space agencies have been ordered not to let humanity see what is really transpiring all around this planet! 


the reason for this cosmic cover-up is to avoid panic and so the powers that were do not lose control of their faithful human servants!


below are the primary ways this cosmic cover-up is being executed:


starship presence cover-up#1: i-phone and android video cameras are being monitored and censored all around the planet!


when you upgrade your phone’s operating system a back-end program is executed that will shut off the video functionality of your phone when aimed it at the sky or when you attempt to film certain scenes!


a surround sensor and voice sensor switch is activated when it detects certain camera angles or when it hears certain keywords and phrases such as: video sun, sky, film, ufo, clouds. etc…


this sounds fairly crazy but we have fully confirmed many recent instances of these occurrences with both android and i-phones!


starship presence cover-up#2: space weather agencies are under-reporting or not reporting the intense electron waves that are bombarding the planet! these waves are being intently sent to planet earth by benevolent light forces to the physical bodies here for the purpose of activating dna to the 5th strand!


live feeds have been cut to magnetometers and many primary space weather consoles are hidden in hard to find places or are non-existent now!


starship presence cover up#3: intense chem-trail efforts over the last two weeks on a planetary basis!


starship presence cover-up#4: social media censoring of ufo, cloud-ship, images! many of these images will not show automatically now and have a warning posted where the image is normally displayed that says: “may contain images of the sky, clouds or outdoors.” facebook has been using this feature for a few years and it rarely was seen but now it’s popping up every where, mainly on photos of cloud ship photos!


recent transmissions from pleiadian guides says, “be assured, we are going to blast through every man-made barrier that keeps us from connecting to and assisting the starseeds and humans on the surface of the planet!”


furthermore guides say, “we are already making contact with key earth alliance ground crew members who are leading the way in helping humanity in their ascension and evolution!”


dear ones, 


since 9-11-2019,you have been experiencing powerful and frequent influxes of exotic energy on this planet, one massive wave after another!


your auric fields are being bathed in steady, mild doses of gamma light to quickly activate your dna to the 5th frequency!


we are charging the sun like a cosmic super capacitor preparing to release a charge of photon light onto the earth that has never been seen!


this grand energy wave of light is building up at this moment and is set to be fully discharged at the spring equinox, 2019!


this is the culmination of the grand event which moved into high gear in the fall of 2018!


at the 3-21 equinox portal, the final tipping point of consciousness among starseeds stationed on earth will be achieved!


the central sun will shine through on the grand day as heavenly rainbow colored light waves that will be visible to all!


be assured that this ascension is now approaching its apex as celestial light forces are showing up en-masse in their grand arrival to earth!


we the pleiadians are here to assist you in this great hour and we will stand by you until all things are fulfilled!


we ask you to take your spiritual evolution serious and do all you can to clear out all low-vibrational energies from your being and begin to vibrate higher!


you must now start fully living as a divine-being on earth!


finish up your inner work and begin now loving yourself at the highest level! when you do this, the whole universe will bow down to you!


this is your grand hour and we are here to witness the closing of your incredible mission across the cosmos! 


thank you for coming to earth at this time and for your great service to all of humanity! 


i am michael, the blue ray pleiadian ambassador to earth and i am here with you all! 


the kingdom of heaven on earth is at hand! 






翻译:Nick Chan