昴宿星议会的米拉 20190322 只期待美好的事物


昴宿星议会的米拉 20190322 只期待美好的事物

Hello dear family, this is Mira of the Pleiadian Council here offering joyous news. The tipping point has been reached. We Pleiadians have indeed been offering our highest and best energies and redirecting energies from the Great Central Sun so that they most optimally bathe you and Gaia in the most pristine beauty of intergalactic love and light. For that is what is occurring now in this time of ascension. You are in the time of ascension as you have heard ad nauseam. But do you really know what this means? To start with, it means you are coming home. It is difficult to ascertain, truly assimilate and understand this while within the human form, which is why it is such a special and unique challenge to become embodied. For home feels far away as new lessons are learned and new karma is created to be later cleared.


You, our grounded ones, have cleared much. The karma that you have created and experimented with has been cleared by and large and you are tackling ever more, day by day. It is an arduous task and we of the Pleiadian light forces offer our love, eternal support and friendship to you. This one saw a Pleiadian a few days ago. You will know us by our eyes, more specifically by our gaze. For our gaze is filled with love and light and we look at you with a deep knowing, for we do know you! This is yet one more thing to look forward to. I, Mira, am eager to connect with you, our ground team and family, as well. We all are! We are eager for a magnificent party of light and love and delightful reunion, for many of us are you in human suits, experiencing, cleansing, clearing, doing the heavy lifting for the others. Those of us who are not (embodied on Gaia) are serving in a myriad of other capacities, for we are all serving, sleeves rolled up as Mother likes to say, it is true.


We are eager and ready for our intergalactic reunion. We see this in the near future of your now and we say this with eyes bright with tears for we know how much you have suffered and how hard you have been serving in the process. Much change is going on underneath the surface. Many ugly truths will come to light. Hold the light. Be the love. Transmute all that is not light and love and ground team, we see you are doing this. I, Mira, am swelling with love and pride for you, pride in a job well done, with so many billions (and trillions!) of hands holding the light, serving each other. It is brilliant to witness and to be a part of. It is my pleasure and deep honor to serve our grounded ones in my own way. You all will find your own unique way to serve. And then you will realize you have been doing it all along. Your ways of service will develop, become enriched as new tools will be made available to you. Call them forth. Call forth the abundance that you seek. Call forth your reunions with us. Say hello to our ships in the skies and watch us bob and weave in friendly greeting. Many of us Pleiadians are incognito on the ground, blending in. Many others are also serving in this benevolent way, altering the energies to a higher perspective, cleansing and clearing, just as you, our transmuters, create space and yet more love wherever you go, as your vacuum up and transform into light all that is not light.


Humanity is at an energetic crossroads but at this time all roads that intersect this point lead to light filled paths. The human collective has chosen the light, has chosen ascension in the most meaningful way possible, such that whatever road you take, every path in your most probable timelines are favorable. The Arcutrians are always careful, and they should be for your are powerful creators who have forgotten up until now, they are cautious to tell you anything for they don’t want to take your power away, or remove the joy of creating for you. For if you have a certain idea of what to expect, of what you will see, then of course you are more likely to experience this. And so with great respect, and to avoid stepping on any fingers and toes of your creative freedom, we would say with great love – to expect love, to expect light, and to expect more light and love and bliss, and joy to be heading your way. And then however they come to you, embrace them. That is a lovely lesson of creative power. State your intention for more good things and wait with joyful expectation as the universe delivers! Only expect good things. Be open to the wave in however it will show itself to you. There are myriads of involvements and possibilities. The next few days are energetically rich as well. Best to ground into Gaia and be the light for the others. Not much longer. I am Mira of the Pleiadian Council and I hold you all with high esteem. We love you. We honor you for your service to Gaia and to each other. I am Mira.




翻译:Nick Chan