委员会 20190212 沉长的问题与简短的答案


委员会 20190212 沉长的问题与简短的答案

Today we shall answer some long questions with short answers. The questions are good ones, but we find that long explanations are not needed.


Let us begin.


“HOW does one truly let go and trust in higher wisdom/connection and guidance when we have those constant negative thoughts/voices that seem so loud at times, it makes it very difficult to hear, feel, trust in anything benevolent trying to come through? With years of trying mediation, being in nature, using candles and crystals, praying, listening to high vibrational music…….I still feel disconnected and abandoned.”


We have asked for general questions, and therefore we will give general answers. Many find themselves at this juncture. And it wonderful that it has engendered a frustration.


“What is wonderful about that?” you ask. It has caused you to ask. In the consciousness of most, energy will build behind a blockage until a breakthrough is made. The caveat is that one cannot simply give up. That does not mean that one would never overcome, just that one will need to try again later.


We will say two things about the impasse. First, most common is a deep feeling that it cannot be done, or that it is not possible for the one trying. Second, and just as common, is the feeling that one does not deserve it.


We have addressed these issues before many times. Short answer: You did not come here to find problems that you were unable to solve. Believe it! There is nothing that any divine son or daughter of the ALL does not deserve. Period.


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“As I understand it, many of us have gone through planetary ascensions before in other systems in our galaxy (Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius). It’s “what we do” and we (our greater selves) anticipate very long-range evolution based on those experiences. My question is, why the repeats? Why essentially the same process with essentially the same souls rather than new groups experiencing it and the repeat groups going off to something new?”


It is not considered fair to answer a question with a question. Nevertheless, we shall do so. Why do you assume that all of those possibilities are not occurring? Repeat groups volunteer. New groups decide to ty new things. No one is being made to do anything. In an infinite universe, there are infinite possibilities.


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“Why are they so many people with health issues ? Amongst these are Bone issues, like Osteoporosis which leads to fractures. Has it maybe something to do with the activation of the Light-Body ? I myself bben diagnosed with this and I find it strange that so many others are having the same issues. I would appreciate it very much if the Council could elaborate on these Health issues. It seems to be world wide amongst the Lightworker community.”


We do not usually address issues of this nature. For us it is “off message”. However, we will say this: There is a mountain of information available that will answer this. You must decide to look for it, however, because you will not find the answers on your televisions or in your newspapers. It does not affect only the lightworker community. You will eventually need to know what has been done to your air, your water, your food, and your medicine.


We will say that, should you not be so inclined, then holding the intention that those who are will be successful in changing things will be of great help.


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“Is it possible to “miss out” on opportunities or“accomplish” “less than” what we came here to be? How do I lessen thinking/feeling in this manner? How can I differentiate between being (too much in) the comfort zone and (doing much vital) self care?”


We have answered the question of purpose recently. Let us add, however, that you judge yourselves and are too ready to think you can “get it wrong”. You cannot. You may make unforeseen choices. These will lead to a myriad of possibilities. It is a fun game. But nothing you can ever do will be wasted. Live a joyful life and know, and know, that it is always going ton be for your everlasting benefit.


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“After over 25 years studying — and vetting, and practicing, and living — Fundamental Spiritual Principles, I am still at a loss as to why the Duality Consciousness meme of “Service to self vs. service to others” still persists among most self-labeled‘spiritual’ people?? From my perspective, there is no REAL dichotomy, only a difference in identity: Ego-human-body self ‘versus’ Spirit or Soul Self. Therefore, would it not be more accurate to state the Choice as “Service to self vs. service to ALL”, with one’s human (ego, body, individual) self INCLUDED (naturally, no?) in the ALL?? If we are truly ALL ONE, truly part of ALL THAT IS, then why should there be a conceptual *separation* of one’s own individuated human self *from* that ALL, which results in an obvious ‘conflict’ set up between the two, and an equally obvious push towards ‘self-sacrifice’, or ‘martyrdom’ for the‘benefit of the collective’? For what benefits the All ALSO BENEFITS THE INDIVIDUAL that is part of that All, correct? I choose Service to ALL (versus service to ‘others’) — knowing that my self AND my Self, AS WELL AS ALL PERCEIVED ‘OTHERS’, are all equally included in that ALL! :-)”


Short answer: Very astute. We have said as much more than once. We would only say that humans learn over time and concepts that may seem too simple now may very well have been out on the edge for their time. What you know, you know. THAT is Truth. Congratulations on where this has led you.



通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan