大角星集体 20190311 关于通灵


大角星集体 20190311 关于通灵

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective. It has come to our attention that many of you hesitate when reading these words or other channeled messages, for you wonder how this could be a real interchange of energies, of ideas, for you cannot see it. Seeing with the physical vessel is much different than seeing with your heart space, your ever expanding connection to Source. We assure you that you are not crazy, you are not delusional and that yes indeed our energy signatures are encoded within these words. For they are our thoughts and messages offered up to the collective of humanity in this Now.


Channelers can feel the energy and can tell who is speaking, in that if it is someone they love and recognize or a new voice that they must discern. Discerning is key. It is an integral part of your ascension process for it will serve you well in the remainder of this 4D earthly experience. Within the realm of 4D, especially in a free will sector of the universe, one must be wary. For if you picture a large body of water and the sky above it, 4D is like the surface of the water, the interface, where all beings can connect a bit more easily. (I’m seeing beings in the water reaching their hands up through the water above the surface and sky beings reaching their hands down through the water). And so you must be wary, alert, wise, shrewd, when you consider beginning to channel for it is a vast field of interplay.


Be very clear about what you want, and what type of vibration you are willing to accept as a channeled message. Set your standards high, may we suggest. For you may be very easily deceived in 4D. For in the beginning when someone tries to open up to channel, they may be excited about hearing anything. We suggest this is not the wisest approach. You must be grounded in light first. Set strict protocols, ground your space in light, in the love, in the Christed Consciousness. Invite your favorite ascended masters to hold space with you. And then set your intention to only connect with beings of the highest vibrational 5D and above energy flow who seek to benefit and serve humanity, and can withstand the violet flame and fire. Something like that. You must decide for yourself what your own mantra or space should look like. But we ask that you be careful. For although the astral realm is much cleaner there are still unpleasantries.


And so we lovingly give you this message today for we see many more in your collective opening up more to the thought of what a channeled message could be, and because of the rise in the energies we see many more attempting this, which is excellent for we and many other higher beings are delighted to connect to the ground team of the ages. But so are many others who are masters of deceit. And so please be careful, be thoughtful. This entire process will serve you very well for other aspects of your ever-evolving earthly experience.


Be discerning in your interactions with people, with ideas. When ideas and thoughts float in, don’t let them stick. Discern them as well. For there are many floating thought forms within the 4D realm. Many empaths are in the process of figuring this out very very well. For example, you may be feeling great, grounded, you may have just had one excellent yoga or self care time and feel centered. Suddenly you have to got to the store and get something. You go in, you see the hurriedness of the others, you feel their anxiety, their sadness, their lostness, and suddenly you’re in a funk. Do not accept their energies as your reality! It is not true! You are simply processing, transmuting them. And so we see that this is a lesson that is aptly learned this day. You have been processing, transmuting, the weight of the human collective, empaths of the grounded team, for so very long and it has been very intense lately. Send it love and let it go. Do not let it stick to you. The violet flame and fire will serve you very well for these times of intense transmutative purging, which is exactly what is occurring in this now.


So, although this may feel as a disjointed message – channeling, shopping – really it is the same. For you are now becoming so much more attuned to the fine energy signatures of the thoughts, the people, and the other non-physical beings that are within your sphere, that it is critical that you stand up in your power and declare to the universe what is acceptable to you. May we suggest that you only take on unconditional love, and transmute the rest with great respect and violet fire? No sense getting angry and depressed by others’ energies. Enough of this. You have the job (and joy!) of ascension. That is your job; to hold the light and be a vessel of unconditional love and joy – that is your mission, should you choose to accept it. You cannot get all tied up in the mess of the others’ energies. That is their mess. That is their lifestream to process. It is not yours. You have transmuted so much of your own pain and anxiety, your own losses and wins. You may simply enjoy holding the space, holding the love, holding the light. And do try to enjoy this stage of the journey. We see many of you rolling your eyes at this expression, but we see you pressing on full steam ahead with great tenacity and purpose – and this is such an honorable thing. You humankind are so fiercely loyal, so tremendously brave, which is why you are so thoroughly loved and respected throughout this space quadrant and beyond, by non-physical beings like us, who so enjoy our interactions with you.


Be at peace, be discerning, you are well loved. We of course encourage you to stretch your wings, to try listening and channeling, but to be wise in the process. For not every voice you hear will be one you wish to dialogue with. When an unsavory presence pops in, whether into your quiet time or into your day for that matter, send it to the great central sun for repurposing. Send it love and light and watch it melt away from you. There, we see you are perhaps a bit more confident now and we do so look forward to our new channeling friends.We look forward to many happy dialogues with you. We love you. We are the Arcturian Collective.That is all for now. Have an excellent day on ascending earth.




翻译:Nick Chan