大角星委员会 20190308 请求协助,你不需要独自一人去做


大角星委员会 20190308 请求协助,你不需要独自一人去做

Greetings dear friends, we are the Arcturian Council. We wish to share a message of support and encouragement with you today.


We see so many of you currently struggling, with the stage of your journey that is to take you to the final stretch of your ascension process, as an individual. Please know that we speak of the individuals ascension and not planetary ascension, for that still has some work to go. We speak now about personal, soul ascension, as there will be many to ascend before the final push to planetary ascension occurs.


It is those of you that go in the first wave that we speak to now. You are the torch bearers, the way showers and the teachers. As it is, that as you go through your personal ascension in the first wave, then you will act as teachers and assist the next wave, which then assists the third wave and once the third wave is ascended, then the planet will be ascended.


And so, we wish to give you some words of support, as many of you struggle to push past these last few hurdles of your journey. You struggle with letting go of the old and any attachments you have. You see, to cling to things or be attached to a person, place or situation does not serve your journey, it only slows it. But, the thing a lot of you struggle with is, thinking that you must do this on your own, that you must be in charge of this otherwise it will not happen. And dear ones, that is not the case at all, quite the contrary we would say.


We would like you to reach out more, to ask us of the Arcturians, of your many other Star Brothers and Sisters, the Company of Heaven and all the Angels and Archangels that now stand by you ready to assist. There are so many of you, that believe, you must do this on your own and you must be the conquerer of these things, that is not true.


We want you to reach out to us and ask for assistance, because, you must ask and give permission for us to be able to assist you, as much as we wish to, for we do not intrude on your free will beloveds. And what exactly have you done by asking those of us for assistance? You have stepped up and acknowledged that you are ready to move on, you have acknowledged what it is that you seek help with and by doing that you have claimed responsibility for these things, but know that they are not you. Yes, they may be a part of your life and you may have helped create them, but most of these situations, have been created on a false belief system of lack, limitation and structures that are of an illusuroy nature.


So please, we tell you now to stand up and own these things you have created, seek out assistance from those in the higher realms but then also acknowledge that these things are NOT you. You are pure Love dear ones, Divine fractals being expressed in Human and physical form. You chose to experience and create these situations, beliefs and habits so you could then claim responsibility for them and shift and move beyond them.


Ask for assistance, to receive clarity as to why, you have created or been a part of these things, then acknowledge them and begin to move on. Anything that is no longer part of your journey, only seeks to distract and halt your process and movement back to the higher realms. Take responsibility for what you have created, but know that they are not part of you, detach from them completely and release their power over you.


You are so powerful dear ones and with the help from all of us in the higher realms, the things we can all achieve are and will be astounding. But you must ask for assistance and then know within you hearts, you will be assisted in any way, that does not hinder your lessons and your journey.


We are the Arcturian Council and we stand by ready to serve all our fellow brothers and sisters who would but ask.




翻译:Nick Chan