大天使麦克 20190225 为就要发生的做好充分的准备


大天使麦克 20190225 为就要发生的做好充分的准备

Dear Ones,


You are the brave, courageous Souls stepping out into the unknown, fully prepared for what is to unfold. Numerous lifetimes of preparation are now coming into play.


You have Mastered the skills, knowledge and fortitude to step forward.


What is now unfolding on your Planet has been eons in the making.


You are witnessing the dismantling of the old guard, (albeit, not without a fight!!!) Governments, banking, religious institutions, anything of the old world will be replaced and regenerated and you are the Architects of the New Earth.


History is to be re-written.


The lives that were lived in the past are now unraveling at such a speed there is chaos and confusion for those still watching the “old news.” For some it will be just all too much, when they see what they have always believed and known to be true – exposed for the lies and corruption it truly is.


Those still holding tight to the old belief systems, old structures, may become traumatised with all that is about to unfold.


This is where YOU step into your role of Way-Showers. YOU have spent many years preparing for this time, you will begin to see that you needed firm grounding to be stabilised and ready to hold the Light for those still coming out of the darkness of a reality they believed to be true.


Those of you reading these words, and sharing these words KNOW it is perfect timing for you to step up and no longer down play your roles. You are reclaiming your power and teaching others to do the same.


You CAME to Earth for this time.


So many of the challenges you have experienced were designed to assist you to be in this place. Because of YOU it will be easy now to show Love, Compassion and Empathy to those coming out from the old world spell.


You have endured life changing transformation within yourselves, your families, with friends and co-workers. All in preparation for you to KNOW there is nothing you cannot transcend.


Your personal trials have led you to this time – you have found the beauty within the chaos of transforming your tears and heartache – even within the greatest trauma -into JOY.


You have seen the “gift” in the trauma and you acknowledge your growth – as do we.


You are now seeing the “Blessings” in each and every challenge placed before you and through these challenges you have built resilience, strength and perfect accomplishment. You have discovered the LOVE that you are and are able to transcend from Victim to Victorious – not an easy path and not all see what you see. That is not important.


Each Soul is on their own journey and in this lifetime YOU knew you could overcome all obstacles placed on your path and turn them into cherished Crystals – and that is exactly what you have achieved Dear Hearts.


Take this wisdom, understanding and blessings from this old worn out timeline you have transitioned, and turn it into the beauty of what awaits.


As the chrysalis process completes its transformation, abundant Glory awaits all. Are you ready to fly free Dear Ones?


What you are dreaming into your NEW reality awaits you Now. Old memories will fade, as New adventures begin, as the New Earth is rapidly unfolding before your senses.


Open you eyes wide, open your Hearts even wider. Be the Christed Light you came to Be, shine so bright that others will radiate to you and together walk hand in hand on your New Earth.


And so it is.





通灵:Leslie-Ann Menzies

翻译:Nick Chan