大天使麦克 20190210 相信你心的知晓


大天使麦克 20190210 相信你心的知晓

Greetings dear and brave ones! Greetings! I AM Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Love and Light, Warrior of the Peace, your brother and protector, your companion on this journey of transformation.


I am saying to thee that I am your protector, and indeed I am also your close family and friend, walking with you and giving you insights, ideas, and strategies for keeping yourselves safe from the low and dense energies that are coming your way. But dear hearts, no one can protect you from yourselves! Period! It’s as simple as that! When you feel overwhelmed, when you feel that they’re way too many negative experiences occurring, and it seems that you have been left unattended, just stop for a few moments and think again! Feel where you need more readjustments and course corrections, and allow me and my legions of light to assist you!


We have said, and I am to reiterate this truth, that the light and the love have won! And there is plenty to celebrate, to live in joy, to dance, and to sing! So, if you do not live completely anchored in this vibration of freedom, it just means that there are still a few slight adjustments, perhaps a few more remnants of the core issues to be addressed and brushed away, or parts of yourselves that are tugging at your hearts and require you to dive deep into the darkness to cut them free.


Do not allow petty distractions to scatter you and take your focus away from your journey! The time when your mental bodies were flooded with intrusive and diverse thoughts is over because their vibrations have changed. The only thoughts that can interfere with your journey are your own, some remnants of the old programming, which can be easily observed and recognized as such and then quickly discarded. There is so much light within yourselves that you absolutely cannot fail to see the truth.


Trust yourselves, and trust your heart’s knowing, that are telling you in so many beautiful ways about your power, and about ways to let go! When you let go of these specks of the old there will be no place for the same type of energies to attach to thee. Therefore there will be no need to fear and worry about outside interferences. Your full force, your loving energy, and your high vibration will be the only armor and weapons you will be needing!


There is, and there will be a return of your full brilliance, of that gentle warmth and genuine light of yours that shines and greets everyone in the same way.


Allow this light to come forth continuously, send unconditional love to all, and then observe the shift and metamorphosis in the most stubborn and recalcitrant beings that come to you. Rejoice and congratulate yourselves for these victories, for they are happening in every moment! Yes, love changes everything, and you are making this happen at the ground level so that it ripples out embracing the entire world and beyond.


You are loved and cherished and you know it!


Farewell, though I am always with you!



通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan