大天使麦克 20190204 剥落


大天使麦克 20190204 剥落

Dear Ones,


Welcome back.


As we celebrate a New Moon this evening, it heralds a time of so many New Beginnings. January, on your New Earth was exhilarating!!!! These new energies of Transformation have made the start to this year challenging, and exciting for many. You now know beyond any doubt“everything” is transmuting.


As you become more aware and in tune with the many aspects of your Multi-Dimensional Self you will begin to KNOW there are so many more layers to the “Human Genome” that for so long, was believed, was all there was to you.


Dear Ones, from this time forward you will begin to“meet” many of the layers of your “true-self.” You and all humanity have been shedding for years now, all that no longer serves you, in preparation for ALL you truly are. You are beginning once again to experience the magnificent gifts and virtues you possess and always have, which have been “hidden” from you for eons of time.

亲爱的一们, 从现在起,你会开始“遇见”你“真实自我”的许多层面。你和所有人剥落所有不再服务于你的东西很多年了,以便为你真正的所是做好准备。你在开始再一次地体验你拥有的,总是拥有的但被“隐藏”了恒久的宏伟天赋与美德。

As you move more fully into this transformational time the many aspects/layers of YOU are being revealed like the layers of an onion being peeled.


Your “Higher Self” and the three fold aspect of you, connecting with the God-Self, assisted by The Violet Flame of Transformation that St. Germain governs, is fully available to be utilised to assist you fully into connecting with these aspects allowing you to truly KNOW YOURSELF.


You have worked tirelessly these many years to bring yourself to this exact point of Evolution.


Another aspect of you – your Body Elemental has great wisdom to share – all you need do is“ask” and the assistance is given.


You are also noticing instant abundance and manifestation and once again all you need do is“ask” and you shall receive. Practice and have fun with this element of your giftedness!!!


You are now witnessing these gifts as you have shed so many old beliefs of doubts and fears and you now see with new eyes and you believe like never before.


As your LOVE vibration is rising to its strongest, highest expression, you have taught yourselves to go to this place first, instead of your old exhausted friend – fear!!!!


You are learning to embrace LOVE of self and others and found the rewards so beneficial you will not be reuniting to that old friend (fear) – you may slip back from time to time but your awareness is such that the change will now become one of only LOVE.


Dear Masters this New Year 2019 is abundant with all good things, watch as the year unfolds and everything else will fade and be forgotten.


As the Light Quotient continues to affect all aspects of You and your Earth – appreciate how far you have travelled in a very short space of your Earth years. Have gratitude for all you are becoming.


Your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, All Beings of Light and your Star Sisters and Brothers have stood beside you through all this Transformation and Evolution and witnessed the incredible Beings you are and always have been. As the veil thins more rapidly you will once again see yourselves for the Beings you are.


Dear Ones, we have always been your cheer squad, holding your hands, heart to heart, as the LOVE you are, and the LIGHT you are, now shines so brightly it is a joy to witness.


You are so loved and honoured for the role you chose to accept at this most auspicious moment on Planet Earth.


You are so loved.





通灵:Leslie-Anne Menzies

翻译:Nick Chan