圣哲曼 20190714 为什么能量保护是很重要的


圣哲曼 20190714 为什么能量保护是很重要的

Does love need protection?


JJK: “Only those who are afraid must protect themselves.” I often encounter this belief. Is that correct?


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: I embrace all the people who follow this conversation with my love.


Anyone who is scared of whatever, tends to protect themselves, however. This is not at first objectionable, but owed to this perception. Now it’s about whether the fears are justified or imaginary. This is to be considered first for the individual.


For imaginary fears it is important to recognize them, to face them and to solve them. Justified fears, on the other hand, occur so that a person takes protective measures. This is about wisdom and the understanding that every level of being has its own laws.


God comes to the rescue after man has exhausted all the possibilities offered by this plane.


That is the essence of this game, because only then can man experience himself.


Fear of parachute jump and rain


Nobody in his right mind would jump out of the plane without a parachute. In this case, it is fear that makes the right arrangements for a jump – a fear that protects people from recklessness and stupidity.


However, if a person is afraid of rain, then it is important to consider and redeem this fear. Because even though the rain is wet, fears of it are unfounded. Nevertheless, every person who does not want to get wet will be protected from the rain. That is, even if someone is not afraid of something, protection is often necessary or simply desired to keep out unpleasant things.


In this sense, the statement or belief that “only those who are afraid must protect themselves” is a misconception and a misconception. This belief requires a precise and differentiated review.


JJK: To open your heart and into the adventure of love, to love, not to be afraid of nothing or of anyone, that is the way, many think. Hence my question: how does this relate to the energetic level?


Do I have to protect myself from energy vampires, for example, or is it enough if I simply openly go into an encounter and radiate love and light, joy and warmth of heart?


From my experience, I know that this is often not ideal, because there are simply energies that do not respond and interpret this either as an invitation or as a weakness.


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: There is a lot of confusion about this topic and mistakes are spreading. Let us shed light on this matter.


What love needs:


Unconditional love needs a foundation on which it can emerge and conditions that allow it.


This means having a good energetic base and wisdom – so that the right assignments can be made. A good energetic base is given to all who have healed their aura and whose energy field vibrates at the original frequency.


This is achieved through healing work. Once a person is ready, he has the free choice of how to deal with or respond to energetic attacks.


I tell you, every master knows what protection to build in which situation to make his light shine, so that his love can reach the human heart.


Unconditional love includes the careful handling of people and the environment and not from.


That is, it is necessary to know at what level something happens. Overriding the 3D level, it is important to first meet with the tools of this level.


Whoever leaves the house in rainy weather and thinks that God would keep him from getting wet, will soon discover that he can not get by without rain.


Unconditional love has many faces and can also have the face of rejection.


That is, all true masters know which method to use in a particular case to move a person or change a situation. Sometimes the love of masters is barely recognizable, then again it outshines everything and everyone.


He who is able to see behind the obvious the true, the real, is blessed.


JJK: I do not want to compare myself to the Masters, that’s just not me, knowing that I still have plenty of work to do myself. In addition, I find every comparison wrong, after all, every person is unique and unique and with no one and nothing to compare.


But sometimes “cold-heartedness” is also attested to me. Especially when I’m on the lookout for energy cleaners and pay attention to my protective walls or if I even act rude, so that certain attacks can not take place from the outset. Is it possible to counter attacks with pure love?


Energetic protection is the basis for love


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: What is “pure love?” Does this love include the stupidity of not being able to protect oneself or to be wary of foreseeable damages?


When Jesus was tempted by Satan, he was inwardly the heart of love itself, but at all levels of his being to the outermost level of the body an impenetrable energetic protection acted to withstand Satan’s force field.


To protect oneself means not to be cold-hearted, but to stay with oneself and thereby retain the ability to be mindful of each situation and its demands.


In this area, it comes with pleasure to unripe assumptions and many people like to use their own healing patterns.


I tell you, love has many faces and it reaches each person in a different way. For love to flow, it must be addressed by whatever means that could interrupt this flow.


The light-and-love illusion also has many faces. Those who recognize them unravel their lives and know how to protect themselves well from both imagined and legitimate fears. Be aware:


Good energetic protection is today the basis on which you can develop your love ability.


So go and take care of the necessary, so that the desired result can be set – the unconditional love.





通灵:Jahn J Kassl

翻译:Nick Chan