【Rick Jewers】3月4日《仁慈的银河干预迫在眉睫》


Rick Jewers34日《仁慈的银河干预迫在眉睫》

Benevolent intervention under Universal Law is in effect in this Space


Our intent is benevolent. There is no choice for those upon the Surface that have a malevolent intent, they must comply. All leaders of the highest form upon the Surface are in complete submission, all of their planetary resources used to control this World have been benevolently compromised and those leaders no longer control the short term outcome upon the Surface.


All off world malevolent intervention has been subdued for some linear and dimensional time now.


All technology upon the Surface is now controlled by us in such a way, that it can be switched off in the blink of an eye, it has been for several years of Earth time. We have foiled several attempts at a nuclear holocaust by simply taking launched missiles out of existence in mid-air. We have, on several occasions shut-down specific military equipment and units, rendering them immediately inoperable. These demonstrations delivered to certain Leaders the confirmation of Our abilities and they have surrendered and agreed to advance the Human Community to its rightful place in accordance with Universal Law. Those who did not surrender were removed. Several resistances are temporarily allowed to remain for steering purposes and will be eliminated in accordance.


Our operations now will begin to marginally cut off the access to the malevolent wealthy and their wealth. The only wealth allowed to flow will be the wealth that is shared voluntarily and in conjunction with a temporary wealth equality transition. Your Elitists and governments are now powerless and must obey this planetary transition.


We have complete control over the digital monetary system and some of Your technical devices are being integrated into a temporary unlimited supply of monies to be utilized with good intent. We also have the ability to saturate the digital monetary system with a full influx of monies which would also devaluate currencies and the requirement to work for money, this would make the wealthy then equal to what was the poorest. When We make money worthless, then the control by money, no longer exists, and thus erases a disparity between individuals, making all equal.


There are also many of us upon the Surface and We operate at rates of speed that cannot be captured by the naked eye because of our multi-dimensional abilities, where We transcend all space and time. We can not be killed nor taken out of existence and Our mission is ascertained.


There may be temporary transitions involving power outages, technical shut-downs, internet access, mechanical shutdowns, etc, in the next few weeks of Your time. You may wish to prepare for some extended periods by having supplies on hand as well as physical cash. For some of You, Your communication devices will continue to work on an isolated scale. For some of You, Your devices have ALREADY been upgraded and prepared for this time. Your full safety is assured and anything You require will be provided.



翻译:Nick Chan