Dearest Earth Team, I Am Master Hilarion and I wish to come forward today with a message of healing.


It is time to heal many ancestral wounds, that have been buried deep in the collective. It is time to bring to light what has been hidden in the dark and these will be the deepest wounds. For far too long, there has been a great imbalance hiding in the shadows. This dark force has been undermining the efforts of light forces for far too long, and this healing will help bring about the needed change, to propel the planet forward in yet another leap of consciousness.


For as many of you who are reading these words, are well aware of what atrocities have been occurring behind the scenes, or in the shadows I will say. It is in the shadows that the negative forces think they can hide, but that is to now change dear ones. It is time to let out that sigh of relief and know that a healing of grand proportions can now commence. What is to now filter out into public awareness, is what will bring these wounds to the surface to heal. For you cannot move forward without healing that which is out of balance. It must be brought to the attention of the entire collective for a proper healing to take place. It is through this revealing of darkness, an opening of the shadows, that will cause many disturbances in the unaware, for this must occur for a healing shift to take place.


There will be many who are shocked by what they will hear, and many will be in denial of these truths, as it is in these truths they will find people that they once held as “heroes” or they admired as someone to “look up to”. But what they will eventually realise, as many of you have already, is that these imposer “heroes” are nothing but wolves in sheep clothing. They dress to impress, they dress to hide their dark secrets, secrets they thought could so cleverly hide under the guise of being “celebrities” or “money moguls” parading around as if they are ones to be looked up to and worshipped, when, under the fake persona they have created, lies dark truths that are to shock many. But dear ones, do not be worried by these truths, instead see them as a grand opportunity to finally rid this planet of all that is out of alignment with higher truth, higher consciousness.


It is through the unveiling of these wounds, these secrets that have been well hidden until now, that Mother Earth and the Human Collective can finally release these wounds. So dear ones, I, Master Hilarion, am here at this time to assist with the healing of the heart, the healing of Mother Earths heart and the hearts of Humanity. It may be a rough experience for those just finding these truths, just as many of you went through the same process, as you too unravelled the lies and deceit. But know, that is why you have already done the hard work, of choosing to go head first into this darkness and being the ones who have helped to reveal this for what it is.


It is through my presence, upon the Earth, that I will be greatly assisting with this healing, I Am here to help you release these wounds, once and for all. It is with great honour I thank all of you who read this message, I thank all of you who said “no more” and set forth on a search of truth and understanding, being the ones to help uncover what was trying to hide in the shadows, but hide no more. So, as this process occurs, as these truths now begin to be displayed for all to see, know in your hearts that you are here for this task, to help release this planet from all that is not in alignment with love and light. The darkness has taught you all many lessons and will continue to teach more as it is revealed, but it is time for it to no longer have an effect on the outcome of this reality, to no longer be able to influence what occurs on the planet. This is the time dear ones, this is the time you have all be waiting for, this is the time you have come here for.


So, as dear KaRa has said, wait no more! Stand in your truth and let your light shine bright and let the wounds of the past be just that, a distant memory soon to be forgotten. But before it is forgotten, it must be revealed and released. I say to you now children, be ready, be ready to assist those hit with these truths, but do it with compassion and love, know in your heart that this person or people you are assisting, was once you. Many of you had no rope thrown to you, you did not have many, if anyone, there to throw the rope down to you, you went head first into the abyss with no one in front to guide you, except for your various guides and angels. You did not have the physical person there to assist you in understanding the shadows, but that is why you have done this on your own. It is through doing this on your own, that you have developed a great capacity to now assist the others in understanding what is occurring. This will be a great deed you are to all now carry out, because without having you go headfirst into the darkness, with no guidance beside the Spirit within, then things would turn ugly very quickly if the truth was to be revealed.


We and Mother Earth needed you at the forefront of this healing, so you are capable of assisting the majority.


Welcome to the final healing journey for Humanity and Mother Earth, this is the stage that once released will ultimately shift your reality into a totally new experience. Be ready dear ones, it is your time to shine bright and we are here to help assist in whatever way we can. I AM Master Hilarion and I leave you with my Green Ray that will cleanse and purify the hearts of all.




翻译:Nick Chan