I come on the wings of love! You are, each of you, doing a wonderful job of holding the Light. We see your Light from the inner realms and we are joyful and proud at how proficient you have become at this, no matter what comes up for your Earthly attention. This is the mark of mastery and you are well on your way to attaining yours. By remaining steadfast in your daily disciplines, you have recognized the immense good that is now manifesting in your daily life and in the seeming miracles that are manifesting in your world.


The fact that you are all uniting and working together for the common good of all, the highest good of all, is a sure sign that your efforts are beginning to take root. It is in unity that the power of the Lightworkers creates magical miracles, and so many of you are now working together in harmony and respect. The days of competition are now over, and in the world around you, you are witnessing the collapse of the old system. As you unite to work together for the greatest good of all, you become the Wayshowers, the pattern makers, and the templates, for others to follow. I say now, the others who are just beginning to awaken are following, for those who blaze a trail leave a wider path to walk upon for those who follow. Your efforts create an easier path for them to follow in your footsteps.


Everywhere around you are the signs that the times are changing. Your friends and neighbors are beginning to question long held beliefs and are seeing them as illusions that have been holding them back. People around the world are so very ready for peace upon planet Earth. It has become a song within each heart, a joyful hope in a better way, coming to an understanding that it is in unity wherein strength lies. This will continue to unfold and blossom into manifestation in the coming days. You are discovering how joyful it is to call forth the great cosmic Light substance into your being and into your world. It is all being accomplished without harm to anyone, it is simply a raising of consciousness where a better, more effective way unfolds, and the answers to your questions seem so simple.


Your calm, peaceful and determined ways are setting the pace for the people of the Earth. Those who have lived in fear are in the process of letting it go, much is being transmuted and released. The Earth is transforming before your very eyes. Please continue to remember your sisters and brothers of the oceans in your daily prayers, for they are holding the Light too. Many kingdoms are returning to the Earth in consciousness now, for the higher vibratory levels are drawing them back. All is being restored to the original Divine Blueprint and all that was lost is returning to be re-integrated into a new wholeness of being.


Continue, Beloved Lightworkers, to believe in yourself, to radiate your peaceful, loving Light in the forthcoming days. Take action when necessary and when guided. You who follow the path of Light walk in illumined equilibrium. You know deep within what is the right way for you and you walk your path knowing that there is no one and no thing that can deter you. There is no longer a need to prove anything to anyone, you simply KNOW and move steadily forward. Well done! We stand beside you in love and support. Continue to ask for our assistance each day for we are ever ready to serve.


I AM Babaji Nagaraj



通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan